NEC Director Larry Kudlow -vs- U.S. CoC President Tom Dohonue…

With President Trump announcing an additional ten percent tariff on $300 billion of Chinese products, the Chamber of Commerce worm, Tom Donohue, comes out to oppose.

An interesting juxtaposition between two interviews.  The first with National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow, and the counter point by CoC President Dohohue:


In the next interview Donohue surfaces… he has no choice.  Tom Donohue is paid tens of millions by the Wall Street multinationals to retain the current exploitative system of global trade.  Donohue has no influence over President Trump.

In the Clinton/Clinton, Bush/Bush, Obama/Obama terms, Tom Donohue was allowed to purchase control, and write the trade language that perpetuated the benefit to those who paid him for trade policy.   Three administration’s sub-contracted the work to the CoC.

As a consequence, over the past 25 years the Chamber of Commerce actually wrote the rules, regulations, language and details within the trade deals.  That language was written by the CoC to the benefit of those who paid for the terms (Wall Street Corporations) regardless of impact to the U.S. economy or worker.

President Trump stopped this process.

President Trump’s economic team (USTR and Commerce) took back control over the trade negotiation process, and only the U.S. economic team writes the trade language.  Wall Street has been cut out of the process.  This is the reason for so much of the anger directed toward President Trump and the global trade reset.


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72 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow -vs- U.S. CoC President Tom Dohonue…

  1. Minuteman says:

    Where’s Mickey with his salute to Tom? Tom’s worked hard for that salute.

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    • Fubu says:

      I was in international trade for over 20 years and there were always opportunities to exploit the system for “excess” profit by working around the trade rules. The Asians were always 2 steps ahead when it came to gaming the system.

      The main reason tariffs aren’t having the same effect of yesterday (It’s gonna cause inflation and subsequent recession and ultimately depression, i.e. Hoover days) is that the world we live in moves and adapts at lightening speed compared to yesterday and companies are (1) using offshore (from China) facilities to ramp up production, (2) trans-shipping and mislabeling goods manufactured from China, and (3) moving operations out of China and setting up or increasing capacity at other facilities in other low cost countries. Plus the Chinese government is doing their share by subsidizing companies with free money and a manipulated depreciated (cheap) currency.

      These things allow producers to retain market share by holding prices down but the long term effect on China is extremely negative and the effect of price increases for American consumers (so far) is negligible.

      President Trump has used tariffs brilliantly as a tool to hammer countries into submission (economically as well as politically). There are so many moving parts to this equation you can never predict the outcome but so far so good. His trade team is the best ever. It’s like when we had Michael Jordan and group on the U.S. team in the Olympics, there wasn’t any doubt who would win, it was just how much we would win by. Carry on Mr. President.


  2. USTerminator says:

    I don’t care about CoC or China. Tariff the heck out of them until they accept the terms

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    • Joshua2415 says:

      They will NEVER except President Trump’s terms and that’s GOOD! After 6 years of 25% tariffs the global supply chain will be back in balance. VSGPDJT will repair the damage done to this country over the last 30 years, and he’ll get it done in less than 8.

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    • vikingmom says:

      I care about China as much as China cares about us…which is NOT AT ALL!!

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    • Dutchman says:

      Disagree with words, not necesarily attitude.
      Tariff the he!! Out of China, until we get back as much as possible, of the $ they stole from us, before bankrupting them, causing CCP to be removed from power.

      They CAN NOT ‘accept’our very reasonable and fair terms, which can be summed up as “Don’t CHEAT!”

      If they don’t CHEAT, they can’t COMPETE!

      Put another way, Conmunism stops working when they run out of Other Peoples Money.

      Its our money, and they are running out, cause PDJT is taking it back, bit by bit.

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    • Thank you Mr.President for well controlled slow demolishing state/communist Chinese economy . Flow of their $$$$ to universities, colleges,CoC,HOLLYWOOD,MSM and Congress to undermines “fabric” of US society must be shut off ..

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      • Carrie2 says:

        sej, I and many agree no more of our tax monies to already rich universities, no more using our tax money for idiotic such as this one which still makes me think that this swamp congress definitely needs to be removed and that is teaching shrimp how to walk on a treadmill! No more money to other countries where nothing ever changes, no more to cities like Baltimore from us and just use their own state’s money because apparently the billions sent here (and probably other cities) disappears and nothing done. Time to stop the Christmas ongoing spending our money on anything but our borders, our infra- structure, repealing any legislation that is more for those in congress and friends and only legal laws for our Republic and people, ie, #14, 17 etc. We have way too many congresses taking care of themselves and ignoring we the people WHO ARE THE GOVERNMENT AND POWER and they are our hired help supposedly to work and represent us. Contention with China bothers them more than all the murders we are seeing here brought on by allowing these crimes to happen and today by young men and women because of the DNC owning our educational systems?

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    • GGHD says:

      There’s also the ~moral aspect of Economic Slavery in China. The workers in China do NOT have the working conditions, pay and benefits of the workers in the USA. … Unfortunately, many people in the USA >oppose Trump and his tariffs; both the Chamber of Commerce/Tom Donahue group and many Americans wanting the ‘cheap stuff’ from China.

      Similar situations have happened in history. According to Wikipedia: “United Kingdom and the American Civil War” (1861-1865)
      “The British elite tended to support the Confederacy, but ordinary people tended to support the United States,” … “The British working-class population, most notably the British cotton workers who suffered the >Lancashire Cotton Famine, remained consistently opposed to the Confederacy. A resolution of support was passed by the inhabitants of Manchester and sent to Lincoln. His letter of reply has become famous:”

      ‘I know and deeply deplore the sufferings which the working people of Manchester and in all Europe are called to endure in this crisis. It has been often and studiously represented that the attempt to overthrow this Government which was built on the foundation of human rights, and to substitute for it one which should rest exclusively on the basis of slavery, …”

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Why is the group even in existence when it is obvious they are pushing against us and for the businesses themselves. Glad to see a real President taking control and bringing back reality. On top of that why so many truly elderly men and women trying to rule in today’s new world? I have seen since the late 1930s how mostly “elders” want to run the show for themselves and friend. By the way, is he a NYer as it sounds like it. Heck, I don’t even like local CofC and rarely now go to their meetings. Just a group of groupies and the fee keeping getting higher and nada that’s good for many businesses.

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  3. Tall Texan says:

    US Chamber or Chinese Commerce President Tom Donohue

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  4. WSB says:

    Dottering fool,
    Tom Donahue.

    Wow, it rhymes!

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  5. starfcker says:

    Tom Donahue is slowing down quite a bit. Gone Biden, let’s call it. That was white noise, he talked in circles and never really made any good points.

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    • TheWanderingStar says:

      No specifics. Generalities and innuendo.

      Donahue is such a weak player and is only effective as a subversive backed by China and globalists. The USA would do well to outlaw lobbying.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Donahue completely equivocated on the host’s request to offer an alternative strategy to bring China to the table to agree to stop the IP Theft and forced technology transfer.

      The octogenarian con artist looked right into the camera and merely repeated his “sky will fall and the economy will collapse” fear mongering without addressing the question at all.

      Donahue is a totally transparent fraud. That latter few minutes of the video ought to be played frequently and everywhere to show his obvious inability to comprehend and /or his real apathy towards and failure to acknowledge the severity of the problem.

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  6. SKYJACKER says:



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  7. Diana Allocco says:

    Great Kudlow interview. Ran rings around his little twit Brit interrogator, as he always does.

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  8. Elric VIII says:

    It appears that the Chinese bribes still work on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and members of both houses of Congress, but they do not work on the Trump Administration. Good! Tell the Chinese and the aforementioned entities to pound sand.

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    • Elric VIII says:

      Just as an afterthought, since Congress has allowed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to be intimately involved in enacting U.S. trade laws for the past several administrations, have any members of Congress or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce been investigated for accepting contributions from foreign entities? If any of them have, wouldn’t that require them to file a Foreign Agents Registration Act form? Well, have any of them filed?

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      • Maquis says:

        Many have fled.

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      • Good Question but ask yourself this one…”Why are the dems still screeching for impeachment, even though it will not fly?”…HMMM!!!

        I believe that a lot of congcritters are about to find out that PDJT is going to clean house in a big way…getting the attention on the cities with the worst local/state govs is just the first round…

        Hate to see what the second round brings!!!

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        • CountryDoc says:

          I think it is because it is the only feeble defense they have left. They know their goose is cooked, and sunlight has been shone on their evil slithering schemes, which are drying up from several angles: Voters, money, lobbyists, media, organized crime and labor unions — all drying up, or unable to move because they are no longer in the dark shadows.

          The presidents tweets are like laser beams, precisely timed and aimed. You never see the person tweeted about fight back, because they don’t want the exposure. The targets of PDJT’s tweets have to rely on others to scream loudly, “Racism! prejudice! Unpresidential!”

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  9. TheWanderingStar says:

    I’d love to hear this exchange:

    Fake News: Mr. President, Mr. President! What do you think about what Tom Donahue said?

    President Trump: F#ck Tom. Next.

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  10. Jonesy says:

    Thanks for posting this Sundance, I was just trying to explain to my 78 yr old mother Trump’s Trade and Commerce Team negotiations and their goals with China, USMCA, EU & rest of the world and the corrupt bought US politicians tethered to their lobbyist$$$ She only watches CNN. She did vote for Trump, but her friends in her active living are tainting her from the corrupt media reporting without citing sources. She asked for information I cited and you and I were on the same wave length tonight. God Bless You!

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    • John Good says:

      We have the same problem up here in Socialist Canada! Almost everyone I know watches CNN to get their “NEWS” about what’s happening in the States!
      There are very few Trump Supporters here in London ON!
      Myself, I know that I could “kick-ass” and turn this Country around for the better, BUT a guy like me could never get elected here in “Brainwashed Canada”!
      Besides, I have no-where as thick a skin as your President Donald J Trump!


  11. covfefe999 says:

    lol @ “Chamber of Commerce worm”

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  12. mtk says:

    This is the reason for so much of the anger directed toward President Trump and the global trade reset.

    Sundance has written to great extent about the disconnect visa Wall Street and Main Street. A disconnect that exist only within Wall Street talking media suits.

    So, here is a visiable disconnect…

    For many years these talking heads presented the strength of economy (growth) was measured by the number and size of mergers and capital take overs, ie the profits gain by underwriting the sellout was the only solid measure of capitalism.
    Over the years, it seemed like every four to six weeks, the lastest takeover deal and vig that flowed to the underwriters of the deals were the only thing that drove the economy.
    How many times in that time period, did wall steet claim a failure to underwrite was a sign of a slowing economy? Hmm…

    So here a disconnect, Where has that market analysis eacaped too. It has been months, many months since CNBC and their likes have stood on that soap box.

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    • jmarshs says:

      The “talking heads” also said that manufacturing was not important to the economic health of a country. We were “transitioning” to an “information economy”.

      Yeah, right….

      What ended up happening is we transitioned to a “Do you want fries with that?” economy….

      Ross Perot, RIP.

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  13. JoeMeek says:

    The Chamber of Commerce is of the spices vampyroteuthis Infernalis, lit. “Vampire Squid from Hell” sending its tentacles out to any and everything that even looks like freedom or smells like money and won’t be satisfied until it sucks America dry of both..

    They have no country. The mere spot upon which they stand does not constitute nearly as strong a loyalty as that from which they draw their gains.
    – Thomas Jefferson

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    • underwhelmingposter says:

      And Obama gave the big ones a bailout, “too big to fail” while the beneficiaries of the bailout were only big Wall Street.
      When they were bailed out, they also stiffed the people/businesses.
      We lost out business due to Wells Fargo, then lost our home due to Wells Fargo. All under Obama’s years.
      We approached the SBA (Small Business Administration) fo help in 2011 and they laughed. They said there is no help for small businesses. They suggested a few “outside” providers, but it was too late.

      Complaining did no good. They kept the bailout moneys and squeezed small businesses until they had to fold.
      All under the Obama legacy years!

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  14. Tomahawk says:

    Rather than impress me, the figures in the table suggest how much can be bought with relatively little. That’s scary.

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  15. Cinnamongirl says:

    What are the Realtors up to? They’re not far behind the CoC as far as spending money for lobbying. The third organization, Open Society (Soros?) spends significantly less than CoC and Realtors.

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  16. Informative post and comments. Thanks SD and contributors.

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  17. alliwantissometruth says:

    In my opinion, nothing shows the absolute corruption, along with the utter contempt of the people, better than our own “leaders” working in tandem with foreigners to carve up, suck the life out of and profit from the economic engine the American people built

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  18. MD says:

    Trump recently tweeted we will hold off on a deal until after the elections or maybe “NO DEAL AT ALL”. I think the whole purpose is to get us away from trade with China and always has been. Companies will move elsewhere. We shouldn’t be trading heavily with a communist country in the first place.

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  19. Corporate types keep telling us how mobile capital is these days. It’s time to use USA’s tariffs to shift some of that capital away from China to elsewhere, including back to the good old USA.

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  20. A2 says:

    Tom #GreatChinaPayroll Donahue sounds just like several PRC propaganda articles I read today.

    One, that is so precious that I am having an extended laugh. It argues that the US is on the brink of collapse like the Soviet Union.


    The other is on weixin by a Renmin Daxue Professor, quite lengthy, but also quite looney.
    ( one of his statements is that the American people thought the Chinese were smarter than them, but now they are blustering the opposite). He then says that the US will make a deal by November, which was qualified by his recognition that China’s economy was suffering. He was all over the place with his rationalisations, but is considered a US ‘expert’. Sort of like our addlepated China experts who think that China is our friend’.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Secret Weapon: How Economic Terrorism Brought Down the U.S. Stock Market and Why It can Happen Again – Author: Kevin D. Freeman

      Communist China figures heavily in it.


    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      That won’t make CoC Tom happy either.
      Sure sign of the death of the Globalists.


  21. Sentient says:

    In case anyone ever forgets why we elected him …

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    • GB Bari says:

      Thats merely slop hog Michael Moore’s crudity and proactive sour grapes in advance of the election he knew that Trump would win.
      But That’s not at all why I or anyone I know voted for him. It certainly was a side benefit but wasn’t the prime motivation. DJT’s stated objectives and MAGA policies should have motivated at least 90% of the electorate to vote R (especially if they’d all been aware of the DemoncRAT attempted interference).

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  22. G S says:

    Germany is deporting now, the immigrants they accepted as “asylum seekers” in 2015. I’d link the article but it is in NYSlime.

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  23. Mike in a Truck says:

    The real problem is the bought and paid for political class.Its the only reason lobbyists exist.

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  24. Daniel says:

    I have to say I’m severely disappointed in Tom Donohue. This is the first time I’ve heard him talk. I thought “uh oh, he has come from out of the shadows! he has something big to say!” Nope! All he said was the same nonsense the other pundits say. “It’s costing the American consumer!” Really? Where? I don’t disagree that it will, eventually because China will either fail or behave and when they do, there will be no more dumping (“Super-dumping if you want a word for it — China has responded to tariffs by lowering the prices further which is preventing the US consumer from feeling any of this).

    It’s going to be an adjustment for the US, addicted to dumped Chinese materials and goods. I would call it a correction and some might call it ‘withdrawals.’ The way I see it, the US needs to reduce or even remove its dependency on international trade in terms of production of goods and materials. (The crap the media tried to stir up over avocados? Really?)

    This is the slow ramping up to potential war… trade war or even actual war. Either way, we need strong production capacity. We need to negotiate from a position of superior strength and that’s where Trump is moving.

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    • James Carpenter says:

      Production capacity has always been a predictor of outcomes in time of war.
      Who doesn’t understand that relying on supply chains connnected or residing with an adversary is a death sentence to victory?


  25. scrap1ron says:

    The rats in the Chamber of Commerce need to be aborted.

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  26. lettruthspeak says:

    Throughout history nearly all war has been over commerce. Consumerism is the dirty little secret behind all the evil that is spewed at our population, actually every population. the desperate need of corporations to get people to buy tons of crap they don’t really need, It gets hidden behind religious zealotry, dictatorships, and other scapegoats, but the real instigator is who gets to sell what to who, and how much. When people understand what is truly behind the destruction of war things will certainly change.

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  27. TradeBait says:

    PDT goes macro fixes first. You can’t fine-tune until you fix what broke the instrument. All of the trade deals with the scum of the earth broke our instrument. However, the underlying structure and design of the instrument is still the best – along with the American workforce. The rebuild is well underway and it is up to We the People to keep it that way.

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  28. Larry says:

    China treats the Chamber of Commerce like sheep being led to the slaughter. Is China the ewe? Is the Chamber of Commerce the Lamb?


  29. Ralph Kramden says:

    It’s ALWAYS the USCofC, a subversive organization if there ever was one. They had their way under the unenlightened CC/BB/OO era, but PDJT has their number.


  30. Ralph Kramden says:

    It’s ALWAYS the USCofC, a subversive organization if there ever was one. They had their way under the unenlightened CC/BB/OO era, but PDJT has their number.


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