Glenn Beck: “Justin Amash is the man I have been waiting for my whole life”….

Today is a sunlight day… Remember the axiom: ‘Never Trust a Never Trumper’, because today’s exhibit is a case study in axiom accuracy. Despite small moments of brilliance, Glenn Beck has been a character of generally unstable, illogical and intemperate disposition during his political life.

Minstrel Glenn Beck claims to respect a nationalist constitution yet advocated for mass illegal immigration during the 2014 first central American migration with his ‘soccer balls and teddy bear tour’.  The same man who said Ted Cruz is the “Mormon prophecy” sent to save the world from the “end of days”, was also the same man suspended from SiriusXM after he and Brad Thor called for the assassination of Donald Trump.  Oh, there are a multitude of examples of instability….

Today Glenn Beck lays his snake-oil worship upon the alter of Justin Amash:

Keep in mind, facing catastrophic financial collapse somehow minstrel Glenn Beck convinced a group of conservatives, including Mark Levin, to join him in creating a newly rebranded “Blaze Media Empire“…. those investors are likely apoplectic as bi-polar Beck returns to his traditional pattern of illogical self-destruction.

Instead of using Cheetos, this time Beck uses Twitter…

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338 Responses to Glenn Beck: “Justin Amash is the man I have been waiting for my whole life”….

  1. Daniel says:

    Beck was unknown to me before he became a never Trumper. I never became political before Trump and CTH. So it’s not hard to me to say that Beck was history to me after the first time I had heard of him — that was my first impression.

    I’m also disappointed in other fake conservatives who claim to have principles like Shapiro. But he’s always easy to peg for what he is. When he has a genuine argument, he spells it out in lawyerly fashion and he’s really very good at it. But when he’s simply taking a political opinion, his arguments become as solid as oatmeal. His positions on Trump early on were somewhat forgiveable — many people were still on the fence trying to understand the candidate and the president. The scam he engaged in with that Breitbart female reporter? It was disproven very early on with surprise video recordings which absolutely proved she was a liar trying to stage this hit on the Trump campaign. But then Shapiro had to pile on with the political hit job and resigned out of some principled position? (Was he actually forced out?) But I think people are allowed to be ignorant of the facts and blinded by belief and remain solid on principle — we all work with the facts we have available. But then Roy Moore ran for office. Shapiro stated repeatedly and without clear reasons that the claims against him were credible. And it was during that time we learned just now NOT credible the claims against him actually were. Yet Shapiro remained with his inexplicable position. He was toast to me along with people under his brand which I like — such as Andrew Klavan… great guy by all appearances but sad he would continue to work with Shapiro. Very sad about that.

    He’s [Klavan] a brilliant entertainer and we need him and people like him to make the right side of politics about more than defense, righting wrongs and getting justice. Like Joe Dan Gorman, we need people the left can’t say “We are not those people!” Because let’s face it, even though the ugliness of the left is more than apparent to us, they have among them an army of entertainers which keep the Democrat voters enchanted and believing in crap they clearly do not understand. We need good people in the culture war. Did I mention how much it saddens about Klavan’s association with Shapiro? If I didn’t then let me make that clear.

    Anyway, the character of some are incredibly easy to determine during these polarizing times. I hate it so much when the people I loved in entertainment felt the need to trash their fans by going political. Can’t we love the music and all of the rest without their real life political displays forever tarnishing how we hear and see them? James Taylor was a really big one for me. And more recently, Luke Skywalker did it to me and so many other old fans. I hate the Disney Star Wars and so does Hammil and on those things we agreed entirely. But then he comes out with stupidity. Just one more idol for the fire I suppose — another bit of my childhood.

    But for me, Glenn Beck was garbage to me from the first time I heard of him and so nothing of value was lost.

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  2. CA M says:

    It is encouraging to realize that everyone here has had the same response to GB as I had. The Never Trumpers turned out to be illogical, irrational, and just plain stupid, But I think that they all get paid by donors who hate Trump like the Koch Brothers.


    • Daniel says:

      It’s hard to imagine being paid to be stupid but that may simply be correct. I can only imagine how I would handle being paid to be stupid. I think I’d do my level best to find good reasons for my paid-for positions. And if I couldn’t, I would probably do something like “I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I just don’t trust what I’m seeing here.” I think that approach would be surprisingly effective for many if, you know, I had followers influenced by my views which I don’t. I certainly wouldn’t pull a Shapiro where there sharp contrast between logic/reason and pure hatred are clear and plain for all to see. After all, if I were paid to trash Trump, I wouldn’t do it by sacrificing my credibility so much. After all, the most effective trashing comes from people who are trusted.

      Then again, look at the long list of those who had some degree of trust and lost it by opposing Trump. Heard from Ann Coulter lately? Me neither. Care to guess why? You don’t have to guess.


  3. D3F1ANT says:

    Toward the end of his time on FNC, Beck began breaking into tears for one reason or another during EVERY episode. It got irritating, fake, and silly. He was always more interested in thanking God and talking about his alcoholism all the time. I tuned out. Let the kooks who love him and his anti-Trump nonsense pay his premium to hear his schlock.

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    • Ken Lawson says:

      Beck was good on Fox, but he has always been questionable (at best). My brother-in-law was a pundit and on talk shows all over the country during the Obama administration and he was the first pundit to predict Trump would run and then that Trump would win (that was in December 2014, 6 months before Trump even announced his run). He was on most major talk shows, although he refused requests to go on some shows, including Beck’s. He told me one time about talk show host Vinnie Penn in Connecticut. Penn used to do a morning drive time show with Beck and said that Beck would get all emotional over some issue, often to raise money for something, and start crying and bellowing on-air and then go to a break. The second the they were off-air Beck’s demeanor would change back to perfectly normal but as soon as the commercial was over and they’d be back on-air Beck would be crying again as if it hadn’t stopped. He said Beck is nothing but an act and that he’s emotionally very unbalanced. He’s not genuine.

      He seems to be a charlatan that can’t be trusted. I think you’re right when you refer to those who love him as kooks. No logical thinking person could accept or embrace what he does.

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      • Moe Grimm says:

        “….that he’s emotionally very unbalanced. He’s not genuine.”

        +1. Easy to say here, but this the impression Beck left me with. More too, the mysterious illness he said he always suffered from.

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  4. jayniemarie says:

    When GB analyzes the back stories of marxism, leftism, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, he is absolute genius. He shines light on some densely nasty stuff which the MSM should, but fails to, expose in its current corrupt state. This is where he excels. The chalkboard diagram exposures and take downs, GB is the only guy out there doing this stuff.

    He swerves out to tangents that do not seem to be on track. Wildly swinging. I thought I had seen him interviewed saying where he had become a trump supporter.

    Funny, I rather would have expected GB to be profiling JA’s businesses’ connections with China as the financially corrupt motive for JA’s call to impeach POTUS. Save JA’s business versus tear the country apart. Hmmm. Tough choice.


    • hanna693 says:

      This is because he secretly hates our president. And the one repub who calls for his impeachment, who just happens , to be a muslim, is the one the twisted perverted, lunatic Beck raves about. Beck is one of those men that are jealous of Trump as a man. He’s just a never Trumper that probably voted for Hillary. Loser!

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  5. Phillip says:

    Like most fervent drunks Beck will end up back in the bottle for good. With his integrity shot his family and friends will have no choice but to back away from his destructive life for their own protection.

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  6. Bill Dumanch says:

    Why I left the Blaze family and made mewe/MOJO50 my home…


  7. askandgettruth says:

    he fell off the loonie wagon a while back. you need to get back on your meds that goes for both of you. what ever happened to sanity ???

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  8. Aeyrie says:

    You could almost feel sorry for a guy like that. Almost. When a person precesses like a toy top its best to keep a safe distance.

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  9. Kevin O'Mara says:

    I thought he made amends with Trump 6 months or so ago. He must have memory problems along with all his other problems.


  10. PVCDroid says:

    Glenn is mentally ill and has been for a long time. His business has been ruined by his stupidity and one tweet is all that was needed to destroy the rest of it. Does he really think he’ll gain listeners with this tweet?

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  11. archie says:

    I’ll believe you care when you stop watching Fox and Limbaugh. It’s easy to stop watching a lunatic but will you stop watching people that have been consistently wrong for 25 years?


  12. Chris Kwitek says:

    In regards to Justin Amash and his mislabeling of made in the USA tools. If we suspect noncompliance we may file a online complaint with the FTC Complaint Assistant at or send an email to


  13. Mad Celt says:

    Beck lost his marbles a loooong time ago.

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  14. BSR says:

    I’d love to examine Glenn’s medicine cabinet to see exactly what we’re dealing with…


  15. BSR says:

    Full of cheetoh dust I bet.


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