State Dept. Warning Memo -Outlining Sketchy Steele Info- Was Delivered to Peter Strzok a Week Prior to FISA Submission…

The exit door begins to close.  According to the latest leak provided to John Solomon the State Department information -deconstructing Chris Steele- was presented to FBI Agent Peter Strzok a week before they used Steele’s sketchy dossier to prop up the FBI FISA application on Carter Page.

John Solomon – […] The officials declined to say what the FBI did with the information about Steele after it reached Strzok’s team, or what the email specifically revealed. A publicly disclosed version of the email has been heavily redacted in the name of national security.
While much remains to be answered, the email exchange means FBI supervisors knew Steele had contact with State and had reason to inquire what he was saying before they sought the warrant. If they had inquired, agents would have learned Steele had admitted to Kavalec he had been leaking to the news media, had a political deadline of Election Day to get his information public and had provided demonstrably false intelligence in one case, as I reported last week. (read more)

It’s almost guaranteed the reason Kavelec’s email to the FBI was redacted is specifically because Ms. Kavelec used her State Dept. portal to check on travel records and noted the “Michael Cohen in Prague” story was false.  Kavalec would have easy access to State Dept. travel records.

Chris Steele told Ms. Kavalec about Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen traveling to Prague to communicate/coordinate with the Russians.  Kavalec made note of the claim:

(Page #11, pdf link)

Michael Cohen has denied ever traveling to Prague.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller has supported Cohen on this issue; passport records show Cohen has never traveled to Prague. It appears Ms. Kavalec checked her State Dept. travel records and confirmed the same.
However, the CURRENT FBI wants to hide Ms. Kavalec’s warning/notification that Steele was delivering false information about Cohen traveling to Prague:

(Page #2, pdf source – Kavalec email)

So put it all together.  Chris Steele was producing the dossier for the FBI to use.  Steele told State Dept. official Kavalec about the same information in his dossier.  The State Dept. checked, and found out the information was false. The State Dept. warned the FBI.  However, the FBI ignored the warning; and a week later used the dossier in the application for a retroactive Title-1 surveillance warrant against U.S. Person Carter Page.
To cover themselves; and because the claim was so central to the purpose of the Steele Dossier; the FBI then redacted the State Dept. warning about Michael Cohen traveling to Prague in the public email from the State Department.
Worse yet, in the application itself the FBI said the information proving Carter Page was an agent of a foreign power came from the State Dept:

(Page #2 Carter Page FISA Application – pdf source)

The false claim about Cohen’s travel to Prague has been discussed here for well over a year. [January 2018]
So, the question is:  Why is the FBI so damned committed to this Steele Dossier?
That answer is simple.  In October 2016, they needed the dossier to get the FISA warrant.  They needed the 2016 FISA warrant to cover-up for all of the unauthorized and illegal surveillance activity that was already underway throughout 2016.
The Russian election interference narrative; the use of Joseph Mifsud, Stefan Halper, the London and Australian embassy personnel; Erika Thompson, Alexander Downer, U.S. DIA officials; everything around Crossfire Hurricane; and everything after to include the construct of the Steele Dossier; all of it was needed for the creation of an ‘after-the-fact‘  plausible justification to cover-up what Mike Rogers discovered in early 2016, AND the downstream unmasked records that existed in the Obama White House SCIF.
Fusion GPS was not hired in April 2016 to research Donald Trump.  The intelligence community was already doing surveillance and spy operations. They already knew everything about the Trump campaign.
The Obama intelligence community needed Fusion GPS to give them a justification for pre-existing surveillance operations.  Fusion fulfilled that objective by contracting for the Steele Dossier.
That’s why the FBI, and later the Mueller team, were/are so strongly committed to, and defending, the formation of the Steele Dossier and its dubious content.  Once they had the dossier in hand the FBI proceeded forward for an ex post facto FISA warrant.
The goal was retroactive surveillance authority. The FBI used the Carter Page FISA application. The FBI already knew Carter Page; essentially Carter Page was irrelevant, what they needed was the dossier in the system, and the FISA authority as justification.

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357 Responses to State Dept. Warning Memo -Outlining Sketchy Steele Info- Was Delivered to Peter Strzok a Week Prior to FISA Submission…

  1. CNN_sucks says:

    Hope all who were victimized with these russian collusion delusion can now file a civil lawsuit with these conspirators.

    • nimrodman says:

      Russia might have a bone to pick:
      … the two top diplomats traded warnings against election meddling and interference in their respective countries — though we might add that Lavrov’s message was packed with more sarcasm following the Mueller report clearing Trump of “collusion”.
      In response to Pompeo’s reportedly warning Russia to never interfere in what he described as America’s “sacred” elections, specifically warning against any 2020 presidential election interference, Lavrov shot back with: “We can discuss this topic forever, but until we have cold hard facts on the table, we cannot have a grown-up discussion about it,” according to Russia’s RT.
      Speaking to reporters afterward, Lavrov said proudly that he had handed Pompeo a “memorandum” on US interference in Russia but didn’t reveal its precise contents, only saying, “we’re prepared to talk on this topic.”

      • Jederman says:

        Jeez Pompeo save yourself the aggravation and don’t go there unless you have something not covered in the weiseman report. It makes you look like a deep stater.
        But then I’ve read you being accused of that on more than one occasion.

    • chipin8511 says:

      They Will Muller has been sued many times for millions and the govt pays this time I remember seeing all members of his team purchased E&O insurance. Herr Mueller is the one I want taken down he must be court martialed and he can be he was a former military officer.Per Doug Gabriel former NSA

  2. Carson Napier says:

    We may well have the most corrupt and criminal State Police and “Intelligence Community” on the planet. This is not the best way to be Number One.

    • C says:

      well the irony (or hubris or even tragedy) is that our #1 position as most corrupt police state failed in its own mission to stop Trump from getting into the White House.
      So no matter what happens moving forward…the genie is out of the bottle. Theoretically it can only get better from here. It’s just a question of how long will that take…as well as how bad things may get moving forward.

      • matthewpmusson says:

        Anyone else notice point number three?
        “3. The Russians have succeeded in placing an agent with the DNC.”

        • dd_sc says:

          And none of these pundits bring it up during these interviews.

        • farrier105 says:

          The FBI has been in on hurry to investigate the mole the Russians allegedly placed in the DNC, nor have they been in any hurry to investigate the blackmail file Putin has on Hillary which was also described in the Fraud Steele’s “dossier.”

    • doohmax says:

      It all starts at the top. Obama, Holder, Comey, Lynch, Brennan, Clapper all allowed/encouraged the weaponization of the intelligence services. The goal was to make sure Clinton was elected to continue the dismantling of the US as we knew it.

    • doohmax says:

      It all starts at the top. Obama, Holder, Comey, Lynch, Brennan, Clapper all allowed/encouraged the weaponization of the intelligence services. The goal was to make sure Clinton was elected to continue the dismantling of the US as we knew it.

  3. Carson Napier says:

    First, Satan created the Mafia. That was just for practice. Then he created the FBI and declared he had achieved perfection.

    • WSB says:

      Then he created the Clintons.

      • chipin8511 says:

        Trump how stupid you have become brainwashed since kindergarten
        Classrooms and campuses provide physical control over students for nearly two decades of their lives. That control was initially used for simple dogmatic preaching. Then it escalated to cult behavior with classroom role-playing rituals encouraging mass expressions of love and hate, transformations of sexual and gender identity, detachment from friends and family, and violent displays of pain and rage.
        The modern American identity politics campus looks a whole lot like Jonestown or a Hitler Youth rally.
        Exploiting sexuality, triggering guilt and shame in children, to transform their identity was usually the work of the lowest savage tribes and the vilest cults. It’s now the American education system.
        You can blame American Education I do.they failed 28 of 30 and we pay the most and 43% of my property tax are for schools I want my money back.They want to also take our history away sick bastards.

        • WSB says:

          President Trump is not stupid. His schooling was not a Cloward Piven mess.
          My generation (20 years behind PT) got out with our skin intact. Colleges were just beginning to radicalize. Thank goodness for Reagan.
          However, we all went to sleep and allowed this to happen.

      • Jederman says:

        I always viewed the clintons as the corrupt by-product of a corrupt media and corrupt FBI.
        They wouldn’t be where they are now without the reliable corruption of the other two parties.

  4. Mike says:

    A third participant at the meeting with Kavelec and Steele was Jonathan Winer. Check out the top of the handwritten notes. The Daily Caller and others have written articles about the creation of another dossier he did with Cody Shearer.

  5. waicool says:

    judicial watch interviews john solomon (5/6/19)

  6. Sammy Hains says:

    FBI FISA database abuse
    DOJ hacking of Sharyl Attkisson’s computer
    CIA spying on Senate Intel Committee
    Crossfire Hurricane
    All of these events are part of the same bigger story about the 0bama years just waiting for some reporter to expose. It is the news story of the century.

    • WSB says:

      I just heard that James Rosen resurfaced after taking an abrupt ‘retirement’. Will be interesting.

      • jupitercomm says:

        General Petreaus resurfaced to praise Trump last week

        • WSB says:

          Petraeus has his own problems.

          • Carson Napier says:

            Almost as many as Imelda Marcos had shoes.
            iOTW- What do you think of General Petreus and his assertion that inciting Islam puts our soldiers in harm’s way?
            Ann Barnhardt – I have an offer for General Petreus. I’ll GIVE him one of my balls. Then I’d still have two, and he would have one. He is a politicking coward who cares only about his pension and cashing in on his rank after he retires. The suicidal, defeatist Rules of Engagement he oversees are the unequivocal proof of that. He should resign in disgrace – yesterday, and then present himself to each and every family of our war dead and BEG their forgiveness for failing in his duty as their son or daughter’s commanding officer.
            Petraeus flat out lied to the House Intelligence Committee three days after Benghazi when he testified to them that it was a “spontaneous” protest over a YouTube video, made by the soon to be jailed scapegoat, that was responsible for Benghazi. When committed knowingly, as former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy, pointed out quite some time ago, such deception (otherwise known as bald faced lying) which even if not under oath, when before congress, is a felony.
            Blaming the YouTube video for the violence was also, in effect, blaming free speech, which was already an established Petraeus hallmark when Muslims “act out”. And I will lay you odds it was not Hillary Clinton who said “Hey I know, let’s blame that video!’, but more likely Petraeus himself as it is his very MO, and the gun running to shariah loving and Christian kidnapping, raping, torturing and murdering was apparently know as “Operation Petraeus” named after you-know-who, that he was running with the damn Turks. And his big fat Army retirement should be totally forfeit as he is an utter disgrace to the uniform.
            As Diana West said, an American leader who will betray the First Amendment (which is part of the Constitution that all military officers take a sacred oath to) will betray anything (and anyone).
            Douglas Macgregor (retired Army colonel and author of “Breaking the Phalanx” and someone Trump should talk to):”Petraeus is a remarkable piece of fiction created and promoted by neocons in government, the media and academia, How does an officer with no personal experience of direct fire combat in Panama or Desert Storm become a division CDR in 2003, a man who for 35 years shamelessly reinforced whatever dumb idea his superiors advanced regardless of its impact on soldiers, let alone the nation, a man who served repeatedly as a sycophantic aide-de-camp,military assistant and executive officer to four stars get so far?
            How does the same man who balked at closing with and destroying the enemy in 2003 in front of Baghdad agree to sacrifice more than a thousand American lives and destroy thousands of others installing Iranian national power in Baghdad with a surge that many in and out of uniform warned against? Then, how does this same man repeat the self-defeating tactics one more time in Afghanistan? The answer is simple: Petraeus was always a useful fool in the Leninist sense for his political superiors and that is precisely how history will judge him.“
            If ever there was a disgrace to the uniform, Petraeus is it.

          • WSB says:

            Petraeus once said he was a Rockefeller Republican…well, there is no such thing.
            And living across the river from one of the many beautiful towns Rockefeller ruined, I know what I am talking about.

          • Deacon says:

            Need to find out what the Kenyan’s illegal 702 About queries found on the General! We’d be gobsmacked to know who and how many Americans were being EXTORTED and BLACKMAILED by that little Moose Limb!

          • Mr. T. says:

            And how much information was sent by Valarie Jarrett to Iran and to the Muslim Brotherhood.

          • WSB says:

            So true, Deaxon. That is really at the crux of the matter. How many lives, how many counts.

          • Dayvz says:

            Thank you very much for elucidating this. There was always something off about this guy and last week I heard him on the Brian Kilmeade radio show stating flat out that an increase in global temperatures were a direct result of man-made activity. Once I heard that I didn’t listen to anything else he had to say.

      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        WSB, so glad you mentioned him…I was always a fan of his. He is much much smarter than the average bear we get these days. A life turned upside down. I cannot even fathom what he must have endured when he found out the Obama machine obliterated his civil rights. I consider it a form of rape. The ultimate violation of the most basic of our rights against unlawful search and seizure as well as privacy.
        I hope there is some justice out there for him, too

        • WSB says:

          From what I have seen in videos, some of the retired NSA men, I believe it was Binney, said the CIA got to him, hence his immediate retirement a couple of years back. I hope James and his parents get a bit of justice as well.

    • WSB says:

      PS If James Rosen is resurfacing, that may mean some heat is off him. The last time we heard from him. he was supposed to appear on Judge Jeanine’s show, after President Trump tweeted to watch it, and last minute dissappeared.
      Judge Jeanine had to change her script.
      Maybe some day we will find out who leaned on James.

      • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

        Well, he certainly deserves justice.
        Maybe it’s on the way.

      • Sandra-VA says:

        That was Carl Cameron, not James Rosen. Campaign Carl had shot a few hours of tape with Arpaio and Klayman on the 47 hard drives…
        The segment never appeared and neither did Carl… never heard from again.

        • WSB says:

          Both! Yes, and confusing.
          James Rosen has been hiding as well. Neither have been anywhere for a long time. Binney did refer to Rosen, though, in a round table, but yes the tapes are with Carl. My mistake And no, we have not heard from him.

    • chipin8511 says:

      The big one was called the MAMMER written by William Montgomery turned whistleblower and they shut him up per Dr.Dave Janda

      • chipin8511 says:


        • chipin8511 says:

          Whistleblower: Obama-era Deep State Surveillance Program Spied on …
          Jan 12, 2019 – When Montgomery walked away from his NSA/CIA contract in 2015 with … But — as Klayman wrote in the above-cited op-ed piece, “when Montgomery came … FBI Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett — Montgomery “laid out … Brennan oversaw a secret computer system known as ‘The Hammer.’”.

          • chipin8511 says:

            Exclusive: Obama’s coup d’etat docs prove illegal surveillance coverup
            written by Mary Fanning and Alan JonesJan 2, 2019 … Now Montgomery asserts that the FBI, under Mueller, was the supplier of the … a court date for author Jerome Corsi’s $350 million lawsuit against Robert Mueller, the DOJ, CIA, FBI, and NSA. … Montgomery and the secret surveillance system known as “The Hammer.” …

          • chipin8511 says:

            Trump Wiretapped “A Zillion Times” By ‘The Hammer … – 1776 Channel
   › U.S.
            Mar 17, 2017 – THE HAMMER was installed on federal property in Fort Washington, Maryland at a … by statements made this week by William Binney, a former NSA Technical Director of the World … Computer expert Dennis Montgomery developed software programs that could breach …. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.
            Missing: wrote ‎| ‎Must include: ‎wrote

          • chipin8511 says:

            ‘The Hammer’ Surveillance Program – Big League Politics
            May 13, 2017 – Klayman wrote: “As I explained in the below embedded radio appearance … of Dennis Montgomery, a NSA/CIA whistleblower who came forward over two … sworn testimony to FBI Agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett, …

  7. SR says:

    This is my understanding that Steele did not write or investigate anything but got paid just by signing dossiers. Clinton folks and DNC wrote everything. Steele is a bad man but Clinton used him more than he realized. This whole thing happened and Obama and Valarie J have no idea ? We have not seen any tweet or lecture from Obama from long time. This illegal spying without fisa is going for long time to Americans and world leaders. This information is sold for favor, cash and deals.

  8. Hmmm... says:

    In light of this then I think it is even more likely the DOJ was playing games with Nunes about the date of the FISA. The Cohen to Prague Steele memo was dated Oct 20 (I think but I’m pretty sure after the 19th). They were claiming the FISA was issued on Oct 19th. It actually was Oct 21. I don’t think the date change was a leak trace.

  9. Everett Miller says:

    So, AG Barr, who are you going to arrest today? Tomorrow?

  10. deplorable says:

    My theory on Carter Page is that he is CIA. He was a plant into the Trump campaign in order to facilitate the FISA surveillance warrant. He is the only one of the four (Manafort, Papadopoulos, Flynn and Page) who was not indicted for something. He was never at risk as he was part of the plot.
    Additionally, let’s not forget about how Steele informed the State department that the Russians were hacking from their embassy in Florida- which the DoS knew was false since Russia doesn’t have an embassy or consulate there.

    • TarsTarkas says:

      That’s a case of Steele trying to baffle with BS. He assumed Kavalec would swallow his crap whole, and she immediately knew from the embassy in Miami statement that something stunk, checked on it and other stuff, and relayed a warning to the FBI saying ‘don’t use his stuff for the coup, it’s untrustworthy’. But that was all they had, so they had to go with it and assume that Her Odiousness would win as expected and any sloppiness would get covered up. They also assumed that in the unlikely case she didn’t win that the media and their allies would be able to cover for them. It almost worked.
      The Pee-Pee Tapes are the accusation in the Dossier that made it so completely suspicious. Most everything else is spin, innuendo, and look, squirrel! But the Pee-Pee? C’mon, man! It’s something a thirteen-year-old would dream up!

      • How old is Ben Rhodes?

      • Dr.Jay says:

        Pee-pee was something that Cody Shearer would and DID dream up.

        Steele’s information didn’t only flow in one direction. In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johantan Winer and Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers and email system documents authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘second Trump-Russia dossier’. This document consisted of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the second “FSB Interview”.
        The reports are almost identical in terms of content and layout to the Steele dossier but references unnamed Turkish businessman with “excellent contacts within the FSB” as the source. The reports echo the same salacious claims and alleged corruption and collusion. Cody Shearer’s mysterious ‘one-eyed man from Istanbul’ source claims that Trump was “filmed in Moscow in November 2013, during the Miss Universe pageant in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel”. He also said that there was a copy of the video somewhere in Bulgaria but that he couldn’t get it.
        Strobe Talbott is Cody Shearer’s brother in law and was Cody’s brother Derek’s roommate in Yale. Talbott is a State Department Russian expert who served as Deputy Secretary of State in the Clinton Administration. Talbott’s wife Brooke Shearer was Hillary Clinton’s personal aide and the lead investigator (nicknamed “The Dumpster Diver”) responsible for digging-up dirt on Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct accusers. Strobe Talbott and his wife Brooke Shearer knew and worked with Mary Jacoby, Glenn Simpson, Peter Fritsch, Neil King, and Shailagh Murray since the mid 1990s. Talbott knew Steele since at least 2006.

      • Mr. T. says:

        It almost worked.
        They aren’t done yet.

    • chipin8511 says:

      That what George Webb has said for almost 2 years Page a plant Popp-D also Caputo. truthleaks he is really good 99% of what he has been saying for 2 years is coming true. He is amazing he should be daily listening he has done almost 3800 videos over the past 2 years he is amazing research team . Doug Gabriel former NSA is very good daily listening for me.

    • lfhbrave says:

      The fact that both sides are careful not suspecting openly on Page being a CIA could be indicative that Page is a career CIA just following orders, or exposing his CIA status may have serious consequences to CIA assets in Russia.

  11. chojun says:

    The lines are redacted because it is evidence of a crime. Kavalec warned the FBI that Steele was not telling the truth and they proceeded with the FISA anyway. They defrauded the FISC. This is a smoking gun.

    • WSB says:

      Or Kathleen wrote this posto facto to cover all of the respective asses in the Atate Department.
      I am beginning to believe the tribes have declared war on each other.
      DOS against FBI against CIA, and so on…and so on…

  12. Republicanvet91 says:

    “all of it was needed for the creation of an ‘after-the-fact‘ plausible justification to cover-up what Mike Rogers discovered in early 2016, AND the downstream unmasked records that existed in the Obama White House SCIF.”
    One would think they went overboard if they were just trying to cover up their spying on Trump, but if Rogers found they were spying on many more, far beyond Presidential candidates, it helps explain why they are so desperate to cover it up.

  13. Rgt says:

    When is the narrative going to change from spying on Trump to the Obama Administration using the agencies of the Federal government to illegally gather information on and punish citizens of the US. It goes all the way back to Hillary rifling threw fbi background files in the White House in the 90’s.

  14. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    Am i wrong to think with all the texts between the lovers when did they have time for actual work? If you work at sears but never handle craftsman tools and text your lover all day long arent you stealing time? Our local grocery store hyvee actually sets up stings to fire & sometimes prosecute their employees for illegally padding their timecards. Plus maintaining a double affair arent page & struck, stroke, smirk also subject to blackmail? Hmmm

  15. letty bromenschenkel says:

    FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS, NSC, Democrat led congress etc were not developed, & staffed to TRAP innocent citizens after 40 hours of stupid con questions, to strip them of their lives, livelyhoods and put into prison for being conned into “lying” about a fabrication and rigged election for HILLARY

  16. letty bromenschenkel says:

    NEVER in the history of the USA were Federal agencies authorized to engage in fraud, forgery, collusion, conspiracy to overturn an election to benefit democrats, their rigged election and their criminal media.

  17. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    How did Steele get a high level meeting with the State department to peddle his Clinton Campaign oppo research in the 1st place? Who organized it?

      • Dr.Jay says:

        LOL. Winer is a liar and a buddy of Steele.
        I always have to grin when I see that title of his op-ed:

        In an op-ed for the Washington Post titled “Devin Nunes is investigating me: Here’s the Truth,” former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Jonathan Winer says Steele and Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal approached him with separate dossiers claiming malfeasance between Trump and Russia.

        Yeah right. The truth. And nothing but the truth & the whole truth? Actually, as far as we can tell at this time, his op-ed is none of them.
        And then there is this:

        When questioned about Steele’s relationship with Jonathan Winer, Victoria Nuland said:
        “During the Ukraine crisis in 2014-15, Chris Steele had a number of commercial clients who were asking him for reports on what was going on in Russia, what was going on in Ukraine, what was going on between them. Chris had a friend [Jonathan Winer] at the State Department and he offered us that reporting free so that we could also benefit from it.”
        In June 2018, Nuland also confirmed that Steele was invited to the State Department on October 2016 (just two weeks before the elections) to give a dossier briefing. The meeting lasted over 3 hours, and included a presentation, handouts, a Q&A, and representatives form several federal agencies.

        Now as to timelines (at least as far as we now know ‘officially’):
        A) Mid July 2016 – Steele gives dossier 2-4 page summary to State Department who pass it on to FBI [Nuland Senate & Nuland FTN interview]
        B) Late July 2016 (26th?) – Downer contacts Elizabeth Dibble at US embassy London and passes on the Papadopoulos tip. Elizabeth passes this on to Nuland, her mentor. This is then passed to FBI on July 26th. [various sources]
        C) one or more meetings between Winer and Steele. Winer claims September 2016. Winer does not say that there was another meeting in October (11th) 2016 at the State Department. [ See about that one above, see kavalec email and notes and see that Winer’s name is in those notes at the top.]
        Two SD officials (Winer & Talbot) have multiple communications in 2016 with Steele. The earliest seems to be in January 2016 (there would be others in 2015 no doubt, LOL).

        Steele’s information didn’t only flow in one direction. In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johantan Winer and Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers and email system documents authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘second Trump-Russia dossier’. This document consisted of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the second “FSB Interview”.

        D) The meeting at State on Oct 11, 2016.
        Was 3 hrs long and had multiple people present from Orbis, State and several other agencies. [” The meeting lasted over 3 hours, and included a presentation, handouts, a Q&A, and representatives form several federal agencies.” ]

        Orbis hired US nationals that previously held US government positions. For example, Tatianna (Tatyana) Duran, an Orbis Senior Intelligence Analyst, previously worked for the US State Department and had a US government “Secret” security clearance. On October 11, 2016, Duran accompanied Steele to a senior State department ‘urgent’ dossier meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Kavalec. Duran and Nigal Inkster worked together at PS21 and with Ilya Zaslavskiy at the Chatham House.

  18. Johnny Dollar says:

    Hillary Clinton and the FBI did not agree on how to use the dossier during the last few months of the 2016 campaign.
    HRC was desperate to get Wikileaks off the front page. To do that, she wanted the FBI to formally accept the dossier and start a formal investigation of it. She wanted leaks to come out of that formal investigation before election day. Dossier content leaks which would go immediately to front pages everywhere. Leaks which would publicly slander Trump and affect his standing among his voters, particularly evangelical voters. In the months before the election, she wanted to bury Trump using the dossier; but, she needed the FBI to help her.
    She tried like hell to get to get that done. Using proxies, she pitched the dossier to the FBI in different directions. From State, (Nuland/Kavelec/Ohr/), to McCain and Harry Reid.
    But, Comey wasn’t buying what HRC was trying to sell him.
    Why? FISA.
    The dossier was the Comey ticket to a FISA warrant on Trump.
    Comey had known about the dossier for a long time. He did not want a public political conversation about a dossier he knew was a POS. That would have threatened its authenticity to the FISA judge.
    Secondly, and more importantly, Comey wanted to be able to go after Trump in case Trump won the election. An insurance policy, you might say. FISA was the way to do it.

  19. Robster says:

    State Dept and Bruce Ohr weren’t the only ones to let Comey know the Steele dossier was full of crap.
    SHARYL ATTKISSON: When you felt you were being targeted or became aware of this, you wrote a letter to then FBI director James Comey. Tell me about that.
    CARTER PAGE: Literally that weekend, so this outrageous Yahoo News article came out on Friday September 23rd, 2016-
    SHARYL ATTKISSON: About the opposition research dossier that implicated Donald Trump and you in all types of outrageous behavior?
    CARTER PAGE: Yeah. And so I sent a letter to Director Comey over that weekend and just explaining, telling him reality, just how absolutely outrageous this whole thing is. And I mentioned in there, again that’s why I brought up the fact that I had helped CIA and FBI over many years, and I said we’ve had long conversations with the intelligence community, if you have any questions, I mean this is just so implausible on the face, but if you have any questions about it whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact me. And that’s essentially the message. And what’s interesting is over the next two months, both the next month in October 2016 and then again January 2017 they put in these FISA warrants.

  20. I have a very strong feeling all the ‘after the fact’ butt covering was to do with Brennan and Clapper’s secret unconstitutional surveillance system known as HAMMER. What we know about it has come from whistleblower Montgomery who set it up for Brennan and Clapper. They wanted their own NSA, free from constitutional checks and balances. Montgomery gave it to them.
    I think there is a very controlled public disclosure operation happening right now. The drips of information will slowly build the picture that certain individuals across several administrations have enabled unlawful, unconstitutional surveillance and info gathering on everyone. They used it to smear, blackmail, hack and steal. Ranging from personal info to trade secrets and patents.
    When it’s revealed what took place, there will be anger and outrage. Which is why the information release is being tightly controlled. Trump will come out of this as a great patriot and defender of the people and the constitution. Few others would have dared take on this vast dark network.
    A lot of well known individuals across the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations will face justice and will need to explain why they willingly violated the constitution in the many steps it took to result in HAMMER.
    The deep state, she’s coming down folks. Take that to the bank.

  21. Lee Moore says:

    sundance : In October 2016, they needed the dossier to get the FISA warrant. They needed the 2016 FISA warrant to cover-up for all of the unauthorized and illegal surveillance activity that was already underway throughout 2016.
    But how does that actually work ? If there’s evidence – on files, emails, computer logs, whatever – that demonstrate illegal pre FISA warrant surveillance activity, how does getting a FISA warrant on Carter Page get rid of that evidence ? And if there isn’t evidence, what’s to cover up ?
    I understand that an October FISA warrant allows the FBI to look at Carter Page’s comms (and two hops from him) retrospectvely but that still doesn’t get rid of the existing evidence of earlier illegal surveillance.
    Or does it ? And if so how ?
    It’s not like they illegally found a smoking gun to use against Trump, and then had to fabricate a legal reason to go and search for the smoking gun they already knew they would find. Cos we know they never found a smoking gun …..there wasn’t a smoking gun to find. So how does the FISA warrant cover up past illegal spyng ?

    • wcmcgirt says:

      The FISA warrant on Carter Page was a retroactive get-out-of-jail-free card. It made legal the prior spying which had occurred. As Sundance had pointed out repeatedly, Page was the vehicle which facilitated the FISA warrant and legalized their previous spying.

      • Lee Moore says:

        I don’t believe that. I am happy to be corrected by an actual lawyer who is familiar with the relevant law, but my (entirely amateur) understanding is that a FISA warrant granted on 21 October 2016 allows the FBI on to 2 November 2016 to go and look at Carter Page emails sent or received in say August 2016; ie the warrant permits current surveiilance of past communications (and of course current communcations.) It doesn’t expunge the illegality of past illegal surveillance. But as I say, I’m happy to be corrected.
        In any event even if the FISA warrant does in fact expunge the lillegality of past illegal surveillance, the past illegal surveillance would still be a BFD with all sorts of ghastly political consequences for the FBI and their Dem chums.
        Since it seems to me to be unlikely that a FISA warrant is legally a retrospective Get Out Of Jail Free card, the question remains – why did they feel the need to get one, and such a weakly supported one, all in a rush in late October ? It implies they REALLY REALLY wanted it. But why ?
        Candidates – assuming there is no Get Out of Jail Free Card to be had – are :
        1. it somehow enables them to delete actual evidence of past illegal surveillance, but I have no idea how.
        2. they were more interested in current , ie Octoberr 2016 and post October 2016 spying on the Trump campaign, maybe in the hope of catching sight of a last minute October surprise smoking gun. And so the rush was partly the election itself, and partly the need to get to the FISA court ahead of Mike Rogers’ taxi.)

        • Hmmm... says:

          I think McCarthy did a great job of explaining it in an interview with Hemmer. He was basically saying that as soon as President Trump is sworn in then he will have access to the counter intelligence files and would see that they were spying on him and/or the campaign. We are pretty sure that there were other failed FISA applications (one of which was on the Trump tower server) and we now know they had used National Security Letters as well as spies plus whatever else hasn’t been uncovered yet. They had a choice to either hope he wouldn’t be pissed about it or ramp up the investigation to include the President so they could hide it from him. McCarthy was referring to the period after the election but I think the same principle applies before the election (maybe like an insurance policy?).
          To add to that they were just in the process of finding out they weren’t going to be able to run the clock down on the Weiner laptop and knew that would likely significantly boost the chances that Trump would win the election.

          • Dr.Jay says:

            >> We are pretty sure that there were other failed FISA applications (one of which was on the Trump tower server)
            We do not actually know that they failed.
            See one bit that has been bothering me is the Two Hop rule.
            We discussed this on twitter with some people who know a lot of people (such a lot of the main researchers but also Binney).
            I pointed out that contrary to what some people seem to indicate, a Title I FISA warrant does NOT always limit itself to the target (0) and his/her communcations with other people (1 hop), whose names then need to be ‘minimized’. The moment that they can prove/indicate a CONSPIRACY, then in order to get a better picture of that conspiracy they can in fact go beyond that. Not to be confused with the other two-hop rule as it relates to related NSA surveillance.
            Then one of the people I talked to said that he asked Binney and that he confirmed the two-hop rule. [was still unclear to me what the respondent meant, confirmed as in “yes the Carter Page could be used to spy on more people than just him”?]
            So as to other FISA’s (or similar surveillance warrants) the issue is two-fold (one unrelated to the above):
            – as to FISA’s on other people: the moment that they had a valid FISA warrant for anyone else on the Trump campaign (say PapaD or Manafort) then they could claim a conspiracy and widen the net MUCH further. IMHO it is at that time they COULD use the Two Hop rule and essentially spy on the whole team. Whether they actually did IDK.
            So IF (IF) the Carter Page was not the 1st but the 2nd successful FISA application (and the 1st on another person, not Carter Page) then that might be the reason to get one on Carter Page (who had left the campaign).
            – as to FISA or other warrant on a buillding: that seems easier, may be needed if target is simply renting space in the office, may be granted based upon the (debunked) Alfa Bank server which was supposed to communicate to a Trump server (which was not even in NYC, but who cares). Probably doesn’t need to be a FISA warrant, just something more common.
            Also remember 17/18 Nov 2016, Rogers meets the Trump transition team and the very next day they move their entire operation to Florida

          • Lee Moore says:

            Still doesn’t explain how this gets the toothpaste back in the tube.
            McCarthy was referring to the period after the election but I think the same principle applies before the election
            The same principle perhaps but very different facts. On October 21 2016, a landing by the Martians is a higher risk problem for the FBI than a Trump Presidency. Post election the Martians have actually landed.
            I don’t think they would have been overworried by the Weiner laptop. Comey dealt with it just fine from their point of view. Announce the find and then announce there’s nothing to see. Incidentally, it’s been shown that the much hyped Trump-bump in the polls after the Comey announcement of the existence of the Weiner laptop ia a myth. In fact the polls showing a Trump bump were published post Comey’s announcement, but actually taken pre Comey’s announcement. So the voting public greeted the Weiner lap top story with a giant “meh.”
            Also, they’d been doing a lot of work trying to get this FISA long before Comey announced the Weiner thing. They’d been really keen to get it for a while. The October urgency I can credit as being related to the risk of the FISA court having a hissy fit when Admiral Rogers went round to explain all the abuse, so they’d have wanted to get in ahead of that.
            But the question of WHY they’re so desperate to get a FISA in the first place, and producing such a pile of c**p to get it, I can’t get my head round. I don’t think it can really be a legal get-out-of-jail-free card. Maybe Horowitz has figured it out, but I sure haven’t.

  22. Gary Lacey says:

    If, if, if, if, if, if(Obama stutter)Trump hadn’t won, the American public would have never known how deceitful and corrupt the DOJ, FBI, are!

    • WRB says:

      On the other hand, the public would have learned that Donald Trump was in a conspiracy with the Russians, and the plot was uncovered by the diligence of the FBI and CIA, who thankfully have saved the US once again.

  23. Bulldog84 says:

    The information in the FISA application about “the status of the target” (Carter Page) being confirmed by the State Department is now very intriguing. What could be in the redacted sentence shortly thereafter? It must be pretty damning indeed.

    • Dr.Jay says:

      It says that the status was determined (by ?) based upon information from the US State Department. AND ONLY the State Department. Yet NONE of this information came from State Department. All came from Steele, via various routes.
      Note that this is about establishing that Carter Page *IS* a Russian Agent, and the sentence seems quite clear: it does not say MOSTLY from State, or AMONG OTHERS from State.
      Hence I think that the next sentence is a reference to where the details of this determination is explained. I doubt that this is something like: ” As also confirmed by … X on or about D”
      2.([?]) Identity of the Target The target of this application is Carter W. Page, a U.S. person, and an agent of a foreign power, described in detail below. The status of the target was determined in or about October 2016 from information provided by the U.S. Department of State.
      [ REDACTED one sentence ] bI – I b3-1 — b7A- l b7E- I, 2, 3, 6

  24. Dr.Jay says:

    While she almost certainly checks Cohen – Prague shortly before she checks the Russians incoming and outgoing in summer 2018 (see note below Cohen – Prague, it is about Flying, August etc, then see email point #2), it is not certain that underneath that redaction she discusses Cohen. That can be elsewhere in the redacted parts of the email.
    This (point#2) is where we see a remaining redaction code B3 INA, that means (B3) a statutory exemption based upon another statue, in this case it is about INA (Immigration & Naturalization Act) and the only valid reason for B3 INA is information about entry/exit VISA for people.
    So that tells me that this is not (just) the check for Cohen – Prague (that was earlier in her manual notes), it should be something about a person who got a (special) Visa to enter the US in the summer 2016 (so not a diplomat).
    Maybe it is two short sentences, but it seems more likely just one sentence. If just one sentence it should be about a person who needed a visa to enter the USA (say a Russian female lawyer?).
    It still can also be about Cohen, when it was a short note and the total redacted part is two sentences. Or just one sentence about Cohen. Either way, if so, then the redaction reason is misleading as this does not apply (US citizens do not need to apply for a visa to visit EU Schengen area, US citizens obviously do not need a visa in order to re-enter the USA).

    • Dr.Jay says:

      Actually the Cohen note is after Kalugin note and before the Flying & July/August note.
      So sandwiched in between. That seems similar to the redaction in the email at point #2.
      But if that redaction is just ONE sentence about Cohen, then the redaction reason is wrong & false.
      If there are TWO sentences, one about Cohen, the other about a person who needs a visa, then the redaction is misleading (and inappropriate for the Cohen part…).
      A third option is that she put that whopper (that Cohen was never in Prague) in the earlier MAIN part of the email which is still redacted, as that is such a major thing.
      Steele’s entire Cohen – Prague – Collusion story depends on a secret meeting in Prague.

    • Dr.Jay says:

      By the way B3 INA is a FOIA redaction reason.
      If this is a FBI redaction/classification reason code then B3 can mean encryption/signals intelligence reasons, but then INA does not make sense to me.

  25. namberak says:

    “… passport records show Cohen has never traveled to Prague.” Every time I read this … and btw, I’m not saying it’s not accurate! … I have to wonder. I’ve traveled out of the country a number of times, for stretches as long as six weeks, particularly since 2014. Any time you’re in the EU, you could easily have cruised to Prague from wherever you happened to have entered the EU and never have had your passport looked at; I’d say you’re more likely to leave a credit card paper trail. In fact, I once boarded a flight from Copenhagen to Paris and never had an ID of any sort looked at. I’ve also used my US driver’s license as an ID boarding flights within the EU. ‘Passport records’ may not mean a great deal as I see it.

    • Dr.Jay says:

      That is true within the Schengen area of the EU. No internal controls. But you do have to pass passport control when entering the area.
      And Cohen wasn’t in Prague in that month or period.
      He had been in Italy in the Spring I think, but 3 months (+) later he was in USA (mainland and Hawaii I think).
      Going to EU he would be registered in the US on exit, then EU on entry, then EU on exit and then US on entry. So they would know his comings & goings to & from EU in that time-period. They would not know based upon passport checks where he was in EU, certainly not when he traveled in EU by car or train.

  26. TradeBait says:

    They thought she would not lose. Even the leftist sheep are huddling and growing more quiet. They know. PDT has made it very clear that this can never happen again to another POTUS. When it happened to him it happened to all of us who voted for him, our families, our nation. He just needs to make sure the leftist media collaborators are taken down with them.
    We Deplorables and Hillbillies want to see our style of justice exacted on the evil doers. It starts with public embarrassment and perp walks. The degree of punishment is the maximum of what is stated in the law. Are there two scales of justice, or one? We will soon learn the truth.

    • Mr. T. says:

      Can I also get some smugness wiped off the faces of the Democrats in Congress and the leftist media that have pushed this hoax?

  27. 335blues says:

    FBI didn’t ask if the Steele dossier was false
    because they already knew it was false.
    People rarely ask questions they already know the answer to.
    Kavelec stumbling across the truth was a matter to be hidden.
    Her documentation was to be hidden in a drawer somewhere and forgotten.
    Which is what the FBI did.
    Until it was found.
    It makes me believe there is much, much more information
    still hidden, and still to be found.
    And perpetrators who participated in the coup, still to be found out.

    • Lost says:

      You can see this line of thinking in the way that things are phrased in the FISA, as well. It’s actually surprised me that Sundance hasn’t hammered on that harder. Take for instance the footnote that ostensibly indicates that Steele didn’t know the political motivations of his customer. The footnote states that Source 1 (Steele) wasn’t told by his boss, Simpson, what the political motivation of their client was. But it doesn’t actually indicate anything about what Steele knew. It doesn’t say he didn’t know. Which seems like as good as a statement that they know he knew, but they didn’t want to say so in the FISA. So they give a non-sequitur to imply things.
      I mean, Steele himself is their source. Why do they care what his boss tells him, rather than just what he knew? Surely they asked him, unless they didn’t want to know (which is it’s own consciousness of guilt marker).

    • Lee Moore says:

      Kavelec stumbling across the truth was a matter to be hidden.
      Was it really stumbling ? There was an email from Kavelec to Winer the following day, thanking him for introducing her to “his friend.” That looks like Kavalec was inserted into the chain deliberately, so that what what came from the State Dept didn’t come from Winer.
      And what came from the State Dept was hardly trivial. From the FISA warrant itself “The status of the target was determined in or about October 2016 from information provided by the Department of State.” That was presumbaly the Kavelec memo. And presumably the point of using her was because she wasn’t already in on the story. But the downside of using someone who wasn’t already in on the story is that she might write too full a note. Which she did.
      But my guess is that sticking Kavelec in the story’s official path to the FBI wasn’t a stumble. It was the plan.

  28. Tparty says:

    It is patently obvious now that the classification system mostly serves to maintain power and control of self interested non-state actors … ie. The security of ‘their’ national superstate not ‘our’ national security.

  29. lfhbrave says:

    “That answer is simple. In October 2016, they needed the dossier to get the FISA warrant. They needed the 2016 FISA warrant to cover-up for all of the unauthorized and illegal surveillance activity that was already underway throughout 2016.”
    Does this line of reasoning imply that to those conspirators, covering up for the unauthorized and illegal surveillance predated the 2016 general election was worthwhile for them to carry out a coup after the election and all the way to this date?
    What was the conspirators’ calculation? Illegal surveillance v. a coup? or $ trillions v. a coup?

  30. BigTalkers says:

    Here’s a Question…
    How would Steele have known a “Michael Cohen visited Prague” unless someone with access to the NSA/FBI database TOLD HIM?

    • BigTalkers says:

      (My own suspicion is the most likely culprit would have been Nellie Ohr, who spoke fluent Russian and spent a lot more time in Moscow than anyone associated with Donald Trump.)

  31. Here is a little reported fact to bring a smile…
    Halper came to the party very late, in fact there are questions as whether Halper, as an asset, was used to find out what the hell was going on with London, Russia and all the weird intel coming into the FBI.But at this stage, that is conjecture.
    Something that isn’t conjecture is that Halper sought out and made contact with Carter Page from the date of his first FISA right through until his last FISA expired, at which point he said bye bye.
    Think about that. Stefan Halper spy, with connections going back to the Reagan administration made contact with Carter Page for the exact period he was under FISA surveillance.Using the FISA two hop rule that made anyone in Halpers contact book a legitimate target for FISA surveillance.
    Of course Stefan Halper has connections to EVERYONE. Cheney’s, Bushes, Rumsfeld, everyone.
    All of whom fell under the FISA net. Now, either Stefan is the stupidist spy ever or was part of some kind of pushback on the illegalities going on. One thing is for certain all Halpers contacts and all the media networks Carter Page appeared on, will have fallen under FISA surveillance.
    Given Carter Page was innocent bait used expressly to obtain retroactive surveillance legality of Trump and campaign, it takes some kind of genius to keep using Page, but in reverse, by ensuring he connects with suspects who may be fuelling this extraordinary domestic coup. Imagine the trove of evidence they will have through the media networks and Halper alone.
    Oh yea the swamps draining fast.

    • Lee Moore says:

      Good point and it gels with a thought I had a while back. Which was that you don’t need to be passive about the two hop rule – ie you don’t need to wait and see who happens to be wthin two hops of your FISA bait. You can pick anyone you like and put them within the two hop rule.
      First you get a FISA on your Stooge
      Then someone working at your direction, who we’ll call Tom, sends Stooge an email
      Tom is now one hop from Stooge.
      Now you can spy on anyone on the planet. All you have to do is tell Tom to send your target and email. Wanna spy on a NYT reporter ? Just have Tom send her an email.
      Bingo ! She’s now two hops from Stooge.

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