Listen Carefully – Senator Lindsey Graham Outlines Deep State Exit…

Those who participated in the 2015/2016 surveillance and spy operations, which evolved into the 2017 (through today) soft-coup effort, are relying on a defense that Russia ‘hacked’ the 2016 election. This false narrative is how the corrupt administrative state will defend themselves.

Pay close attention to this interview and note how Senator Graham supports that narrative saying: “the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s e-mails, the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate for President. The Russians hacked into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the candidate for the Democratic Party.”

This ‘Russia-hacking narrative’ is the DC ‘chaff and countermeasures‘; when combined with their ‘by-the-book‘ justifications, it becomes their unified defense. Once you accept their baseline, it becomes much more difficult to expose their unlawful conduct.

[Transcript] MARGARET BRENNAN: We just heard about this tragic shooting. It was an AR-15-style semi-automatic weapon. Hate crimes seem to be on the rise–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –in this country. What do we need to do to combat this, prevent it?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, I think somebody interdicted the shooter, thank God, and it could have been worse, but in– I think in California you can’t buy a gun until you’re twenty-one. So let’s find out how this guy got the gun, what his motives were and I’m a big supporter of protective orders, allowing local law enforcement to go to a judge if there’s ample evidence somebody is becoming a danger to themselves or others. About fifteen states have such laws. I’m trying to get a national grant program to incentivize states to pass laws to allow local law enforcement to go to judges to take guns out of hands of people that are showing really disturbing signs or danger signs. And I think in Parkland that would have made a big difference, here I don’t know.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, we’ll continue to follow the details as we learn more about what happened there, but I want to talk about what you are preparing for this week.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Attorney General Barr will be answering questions for the first time really in detail about the Mueller Report. I know you’ve said you’re done with it.


MARGARET BRENNAN: But what is it that you’re going to try to focus in on with this hearing?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, he gave a four-page summary. Does the report support his summary? Does the report actually indicate there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians? I think the idea that this President obstructed justice is absurd. He turned over a million documents to the special counsel. Almost everybody around him testified. I can’t think of one thing that President Trump did to stop Mueller from doing his job. He never claimed executive privilege. From my point of view I’ve heard all I need to really know. Now I want to look at it and find out how all this happened.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But on that point of attempting to obstruct justice or not–


MARGARET BRENNAN: the President seems to want to continue to litigate this because he came out this week and said–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –and denied that he had ever thought or told anyone–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –to fire Don McGahn, the White House counsel. But that directly contradicts sworn testimony–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –that was in the Mueller Report, where Don McGahn said he almost quit–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –he was so pressured to fire the special counsel.


MARGARET BRENNAN: Who do you believe?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I– I think it’s just all theater. It doesn’t matter. I don’t care what he said to Don McGahn. It’s what he did. And the President never obstructed–

MARGARET BRENNAN: It doesn’t matter to you–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –that the President is changing a version of events that perhaps some would say, lying.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: If you’re going to– if you’re going to look at every President who pops off at his staff and, you know, ask him to do something that’s maybe crazy, then we won’t have any Presidents.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But in terms of the firing this was Don McGahn, the White House counsel, being pressured to fire the special counsel.





SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I don’t care what they talked about. He didn’t do anything. The point is the President did not impede Mueller from doing his investigation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: And it doesn’t–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –trouble you that the President is changing his version of events?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I don’t– I don’t care what happened between him and Don McGahn. Here’s what I care about. Did Mueller– was Mueller allowed to do his job? And the answer is yes. Name one thing that they did to stop Mueller from doing his job, and if you can’t then there’s no obstruction.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Will you call McGahn to testify?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Not me? No. No, I’m– I’m done.

MARGARET BRENNAN: What about the special counsel?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I’m not going to re-litigate it. I don’t know how clear I can be, Margaret. It’s over for me. He didn’t collude with the Russians, obstruction of justice in this situation is absurd. I fought hard as hell to make sure Mueller could do his job; I introduced legislation to make sure he couldn’t be fired. It’s over.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But in terms of this report it was not just the obstruction of justice that you seem to be saying you’re over. All the details in here about Russia and what they tried to do, what they did succeed at doing in terms of–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –accessing computer systems.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: –different conversation.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Isn’t that worth–

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: A hundred percent.

MARGARET BRENNAN: –a– a conversation? I mean, Senator Marco Rubio came out and said this week he went as far as to say that they had the ability; they were in a position to alter Florida voter rolls back in 2016.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I– I think that– that’s the point. There’s two things I’m going to look at: what did they do, and are they trying to do it again, and how do we stop them. I think that’s something we all need to focus on. And how did this start. How could–

MARGARET BRENNAN: Is the President focused on that enough, on that–

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Yeah. He’s got a good team around him–

MARGARET BRENNAN: –doing it again, the threat?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Yeah. No, he’s got a good team around him to make sure we harden our infrastructure. But what Marco said was a bit stunning I’ve never heard that before. So what I want to do is make sure that Intel and Judiciary and Homeland Security, the three committees are working together to harden the infrastructure against Russia or anybody else interfering in 2020. And Russia is still up to it. So the takeaway for me is that they were very involved in the 2016 election. They’re coming at us again. I’d like to stop them. And one way to stop them is to make them pay a price.

MARGARET BRENNAN: You’re talking about this with a level of seriousness that we did not hear from Jared Kushner, senior adviser to the President. I want to play for you some sound when he was speaking this week about the Russia probe when he said it was actually more damaging to have the Mueller investigation. Listen to what he said.

JARED KUSHNER (Tuesday/TIME): Quite frankly, the whole thing’s just a big distraction for the country. And you look at, you know, what Russia did–you know, buying some Facebook ads to try to sow dissent and do it, and it’s a terrible thing. But I think the investigations, and– and all of the– the speculation that’s happened for the last two years, has had a much harsher impact on our democracy than a couple of Facebook ads. Now if you look at the magnitude of what they did and what they accomplished I think the ensuing investigations have been way more harmful to our country.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Is he minimizing the threat to national security?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, I like Jared a lot, but he is leaving out a big detail: the Russians hacked into John Podesta’s e-mails, the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate for President. The Russians hacked into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails, the candidate for the Democratic Party. Can you imagine what we would be saying if the Russians or the Iranians hacked into the presidential team of the Republican Party? So, no, this is a big deal. It’s not just a few Facebook ads. They were very successful in pitting one American against the other during the 2016 campaign by manipulating social media and they actually got into the campaign e-mail system of the Democratic Party. An attack on one party should be an attack on all. The Russians are up to it again. And here’s what I tell President Trump: Everything we’ve done with the Russians is not working. We need more sanctions not less.

MARGARET BRENNAN: More sanctions, now?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Now. Before 2020. Because, clearly, they don’t have the message.

MARGARET BRENNAN: I also want to ask you about some of the remarks you have made in the past because we know as Democrats start talking about the details of the Mueller Report, combing through it and already calling for impeachment proceedings to begin against the President of the United States. Here’s what you said back in January of 1999 when you were helping to lead the impeachment of President Clinton.

REPRESENTATIVE LINDSEY GRAHAM (January 16, 1999): The point I am trying to make is you don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic, if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role. Thank God you did that because impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.


SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I was a lot younger.

MARGARET BRENNAN: But it sounds like some of what you are characterizing here, saying everything in the Mueller report, it may not be great but it doesn’t reach the level of being able to prosecute.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well a high crime–

MARGARET BRENNAN: That’s different from what you described there, which was to say behavior of a President–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –the cleansing of an office–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –is important.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: It’s got to be a higher crime a misdemeanor not defined by the prosecution team but by a political body called the House of Representatives approved by the Senate. So there was an article of impeachment against President Clinton for lying under oath about having sex with Monica Lewinsky. I voted against that because I believe a lot of people would lie to protect their family if they were blindsided about an affair. So I didn’t want that to become a higher crime or misdemeanor. What President Clinton did was interfere in a lawsuit against him by Paula Jones and others; hide the evidence; encourage people to lie. So to me he took the legal system and turned it upside down. But it doesn’t have to technically be a crime. What President Trump did here was completely cooperate in an investigation, a million documents, let everybody that the special counsel wanted to talk to be interviewed. Don McGahn was interviewed for thirty hours. I believe the President did nothing wrong. Whether you like him or not I’ll leave that up to you but this–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But even the pressuring Don McGahn–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –to fire the special counsel. He may not have done it.

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: See that– Okay, if you’re going to let that be the standard of impeachment, that you have an interaction between a White House counsel and a president that– that you find uncomfortable then we’ll have nobody served. So here’s the deal for me: you actually have to do something. Bill Clinton lost his law– law license five years because he did something. But to my Democratic friends, if you agree with the 1999 statement I made–


SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: –you think this office needs to be cleansed, impeach him. It’s up to you. If you think Donald Trump deserves to be impeached then impeach him. I don’t.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Quickly, before you go, I want to ask you about your old friend Joe Biden–


MARGARET BRENNAN: –the vice president throwing his hat into the ring, President Trump seeming to suggest he’s too old. What do you think?

SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Well, yeah, that’s up to the voters to decide. I think President Trump is very vibrant. And I know Joe– Joe Biden. If you travel with Joe Biden, you won’t think he’s too old. Here’s the problem for Joe. Does he fit into the Democratic Party of 2020? I don’t know; he’s a good man. I like him a lot. I disagree with him on– on policy. I hope he doesn’t apologize for the life he’s led because he’s led a good life. But if he starts apologizing for all the policy positions and decisions he’s made throughout his life that will be disappointing. I don’t know how he fits in this party but I do know this:


SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: He’s a good man and he would be a strong candidate.

MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator Graham, thank you.


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336 Responses to Listen Carefully – Senator Lindsey Graham Outlines Deep State Exit…

  1. Retired IG says:

    I love the CTH. Am most likely not the sharpest knife in the drawer to read/watch Lindsey
    Graham and read most of the comments when I need to get some sleep. No sheeple commenting here. Thank the goddess for that!
    Tried to watch the interview, but when the word Russia came out of Senator Graham’s mouth wish I had been warned that I would need a barf bag.
    Senator Lindsey claims he is “done” with the Mueller investigation. REALLY? Then why continue spouting the Russia bullshit crap? I am continually flummoxed by the words that come out of his mouth. Sad thing is, he will most likely be reelected. Just “because.” of “whatever” people choose to do in the polling booth. Would love to read ANYTHING he has done for he people in his state who pull the YES lever for him in the election booth. Much like Arizona with John McCain. So sad that people don’t think about the people the are voting for.
    To me, Senator Graham is nothing other than a Peacock preening his feathers in front of the TV as a purported know it all about everything. What a greasy SPOON. As in the movie Ghostbusters, I feel SLIMED every time I hear the words he uses to interpret his views of “reality” coming out of his mouth .The saddest thing for me tonight is to accept the reality that this slimeball, greasy spoon will be supported by US taxpayer dollars forever and a day with his pension. Just wish he would shut up and slither off ALREADY.

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    • ms doodlebug says:

      Too many people vote for the devil they know or the name that sounds familiar. It’s easier than taking the time to evaluate newcomers or taking a chance on a new name they may not know. As shocking as it is to those who pay attention …


  2. farrier105 says:

    “This ‘Russia-hacking narrative’ is the DC ‘chaff and countermeasures‘; when combined with their ‘by-the-book‘ justifications, it becomes their unified defense. Once you accept their baseline, it becomes much more difficult to expose their unlawful conduct.”

    1. People say the Mueller indictment of the 12 Russian names proves the narrative. They claim it is evidence of the DNC hack. It has to be pounded in that the indictment is nothing but ALLEGATIONS and no one can use allegations to prove an allegation. Indictments are, by their very definition, nothing but the documentation of PROBABLE CAUSE. Probable cause is NOT PROOF BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT. If an indictment was PROOF, every indictment would lead to conviction, and, in fact, trials would not be necessary. With an indictment, you get automatic search warrants and arrest warrants as the indictment IS Probable Cause. That is all it is.

    2. The content of the indictment has been under sustained attack over the past few months, with Forensicator being the most recent. References to the Russians KNOWING CROWDSTRIKE–BY NAME–had them under surveillance on the network but continuing to attempt to operate on the DNC network is ABSURD. The references to the system logs, and how the Russians neglected to erase the forensic evidence in them by erasing them, but tried to erase them after detecting Crowdstrike’s presence on the network anyway, is just absurd.

    There is a lot more.

    Please add the records of the National Security Council meeting, called by Comey, about the list of Trump’s foreign policy advisors, circa March 2016, to the list of documents needed.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      The earliest mention of connecting Trump and Russia was
      from a Podesta e-mail to Hillary. The idea behind it was to
      deflect heat away from Russia related Hillary doings, and
      make Trump look unpatriotic.

      A 2015 time line would be useful in fighting the Russia
      menace narrative. I’ve tended to dwell on Crowdstrike,
      but think that maybe something’s been overlooked in
      how the narrative was prepared.

      Trump comes down the escalator June 16, 2015.
      On July 13 , 2015 Google invests 100 million in
      Crowdstrike. Google/ Alphabet would be Eric
      Schmidt. Eric Schmidt had offerred any and all
      help to Hillary, and had been to the White House
      100s of times.

      By Google’s large investment in Crowdstrike, the
      firm instantly gained prestige, credibility. Many
      would think that Crowdstrike MUST be a stellar
      firm for Google to invest 100 million in them.

      Also occurring in July 2015 was a supposed
      hack of the DNC network. The hack was supposed
      to allow access for a year. When it was discovered
      ( by Crowdstrike, natch) it was attributed to having
      came from Cozy Bear ( which was supported by

      Sooo… What might be of interest here is White
      House visitors logs between mid June 2015
      until Crowdstrike made their allegations in 2016.

      Look for Eric Schmidt during that time frame. Look
      for persons connected to Perkins Coie. Look for
      visits from Hillary and Podesta.

      Look for the timing for payouts from Perkins Coie
      to Crowdstrike. Were they conveniently close to
      when Crowdstrike made major revelations tying
      activity to Russia? Services rendered to the

      Podesta mentions “Russia” to Hillary. Hillary
      tweets it, out of nowhere. Her tweeting it
      translated to “make it be so”. Eric Schmidt
      would have been more then willing to pick
      up the ball and run with it.

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      • farrier105 says:

        Actually, the Russians might have been in the DNC network, BRIEFLY, in the last half of 2015. Look at what they might have found:

        No one hired by DNC could find forensics of any hackers in 2015, let alone Russians. That sounds more like the work of Russian agents than the hot mess of 2016 and Guccifer 2.0. No tradecraft there at all.

        If Crowdstrike report had been widely questioned EFFECTIVELY starting in 2016, we might not be where we are today. After dossier got discovered as Hillary opposition research, Crowdstrike was all that was left, and they violated BEST PRACTICES IN INCIDENT RESPONSE and lied to the Washington Post or in their own report or both.

        Where are the media people friendly to Trump that all we get is “They didn’t look at the server!”?

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    • sturandot13 says:

      Then I’m sure you might enjoy this article:

      “The Russia Collusion Suspect Nobody’s Talking About: CrowdStrike’s Dmitri Alperovitch”
      2/28/19 by William F. Jasper


      • farrier105 says:

        It is interesting that Alperovitch is Russian, his people permitted the emails and other documents to be stolen, and bad information was given the Washington Post that was contradicted by the Crowdstrike final report, but Alperovitch was never suspected as colluding with Russia. He’s the only Russian for which DNC does not have any kind of hysterical reaction.


  3. Elle says:

    While completely agreeing with the premise laid out by Sundance that they want to deflect from the predicate and that the point of the interview was to further that goal, I’m not sure that. Lindsey knowingly went on this show with the intent to further that purpose. Rather, I think that his god friend Joe Biden was the bait to get him on the show so they could ask the questions they wanted to ask . Notice Brennan’s VERY LAST QUESTION OF THE INTERVIEW:

    MARGARET BRENNAN: Quickly, before you go, I want to ask you about your old friend Joe Biden– [snip)
    SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: He’s a good man and he would be a strong candidate.
    MARGARET BRENNAN: Senator Graham, thank you.
    As as for Lindsey’s comments on Russia, I saw Lindsey’s comments on Russia as more of a warning to Russia that if they start messing with 2020, Trump will use sanctions. Note How Brennan seems surprised by his response and immediately pivots to another subject:

    LINDSEY: We need more sanctions not less.

    MARGARET BRENNAN: More sanctions, now?

    SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: Now. Before 2020. Because, clearly, they don’t have the message
    BRENNAN: I also want to ask you about ….Subject Changed
    I don’t have time to type it all up the sequence, but it seems to me that Brennan lured Lindsey in with the promise of allowing him to say nice things about his long time creepster friend,and that while LIndsey did support their Russia Did SomethingTM narrative by agreeing that they did something (and I do agree THAT was the reason the Deep State invited Lindsey, I don’t think that Lindsey went to the show for that purpose. (Note: he was surprised by the Rubio comment).

    I just got the feeling he was sitting through and deflecting until he got to say he thinks Joe’s a good guy. Not a cheer leader for Lindsey, but also not ready to throw Lindsey out with the DC bathwater just yet.


    • WDS says:

      After nearly 2 decades of happily wallowing in the “DC bathwater”, is that all it takes to absolve a RINO hack, a few good soundbites?

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      • Elle says:

        No. I get that Lindsey is blowing in the wind. But the answer, my friend, is not to start looking at everything through one particular lens. People are complicated.

        I just saw something different in the interview. I did see Brennan using Lindsey to further the Russia Did SomethingTM narrative.

        But the question in my mind, is, “How many roads can a man walk down before you call him a man? No just kidding. What I did not, see, and it’s just my take, was Lindsey going full dark side. I just saw him getting though an interview, not really all that committed to it, for the sole purpose of being able to say this about his decade’s old creepster friend, ” He’s a good man and he would be a strong candidate.”

        Just my take.


        • Newhere says:

          He’s not going to display full dark side, because he’s playing the role of handler. That is, attempting to handle/manage Trump. Control and mitigate damage to the deep state. He is not a friend of the truth.

          And why would he go on a Sunday show to compliment an “old friend,” Joe Biden the democrat? You know who’s not an old friend of Graham? Trump. Trump is an existential threat to Graham’s way of life and perhaps his freedom. And why would that purpose explain away the interview, anyway? Biden is a grifter of the highest order — much like McCain, and likely in the same circles — and it strains credulity that Graham isn’t also. Especially given all his “old friends.”

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          • Elle says:

            Here is another example that goes to my point(From Politico) today.

            The click bate on the Politico site says, :[Republican] Senator Ron Johnson
            I am ‘concerned’ about Russian interference. Oh dear! That sounds dire!

            But wait! Why the quotes just around “concerned” and not the entire quote…hmmmm.
            If you read the article, you see that, despite the writers best efforts to spin and jive, Johnson says NOTHING of substance.

            So what’s happening is that the Deep State lackeys were tasked with getting Republicans on record to say something, anything, that could be spun into making it sound like they think that Russia Did SomethingTM.

            Don’t fall for it.


            • Newhere says:

              But what is the point. Not to read the tea leaves from public comments? OK. But there’s absolutely no reason to think Lindsay Graham is actually interested in exposing the Deep State, as opposed to controlling or mitigating the fall out. What we know is that until the moment Trump was elected, Graham was as vocally anti-Trump as anyone; probably voted for Clinton; was right beside McCain, in lockstep, during decades of corruption; and was involved in trying to get the dossier to the FBI.

              Of course no one will know what happens until it happens. But there’s very little credible reason to think any of these longtime Congress Members, left or right, is interested in exposing the deep state. You don’t have to fall for anything to expect longtime DC political insiders to act as they always have. Of course we could always be surprised; that’s different than expecting a different outcome without evidence.

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            • Elle says:

              “But there’s very little credible reason to think any of these longtime Congress Members, left or right, is interested in exposing the deep state.”

              Okay. That’s fair. My point was a fairly narrow one and it was… that it did not seem to me, based on the way the conversation went down, that Lindsey’s purpose for being there was to hype the Russia narrative. However, I do believe the purpose he was INVITED on the show was for the Deep State to get a quote to hype the Russia narrative. I know it’s a narrow distinction, but I think it really matters because we are in a different place if Lindsey is actively looking to hype the narrative versus just being used by Brennan to get the quote.

              Really what upsets me the most is that no one seemed to appreciate my very funny ” How many roads must a man walk down, before you can call him a man” quip. Sigh.


        • WDS says:

          Graham is anything but complicated and never has tried to cover up what he really is. Gang of Eight amnesty tool, pandering to LaRaza and calling those opposing amnesty “Bigots”, voting for the NDA and continually seeing to its expansion, attending the Bilderberg conference, happily voting to confirm Eric Holder, Sotomayor, Kagen. But that’s our Lindsey. My favorite quote of his is the “I’m not in D.C. to represent my constituents, I’m here to do what’s right.” Sadly, we’ve seen what that means. You don’t have to call it the dark side but just recognize this hack for what he is.

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          • Elle says:

            Okay. I read it again in the light of all that fits into your paragraph above. You are 100% right. I guess I was holding out hope that after McCain died, perhaps Trump was holding some of Lindsey’s cards.

            SENATOR LINDSEY GRAHAM: I don’t– I don’t care what happened between him and Don McGahn. Here’s what I care about. Did Mueller– was Mueller allowed to do his job? And the answer is yes. Name one thing that they did to stop Mueller from doing his job, and if you can’t then there’s no obstruction.

            He’s outraged! NO COLLUSION! I DON”T CARE and he got all of the Deep State talking points in. I don’t usually fall for weasel wording. I guess I wanted it to be true.

            Oh and I’ll have a second helping of crow pie, because I noticed he actually dogged Biden. will make a strong “candidate”.. not president..haha.


    • ms doodlebug says:

      According to Lindsey everyone is a really good guy. So he must be a really good guy because he gets along with everyone. To keep up the facade, he bounces back and forth. Today he’s going to get to the bottom of ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ may be. Tomorrow he’s done with ‘it’.

      He isn’t going to go after anyone voluntarily. If and when he does he will go kicking and screaming.


  4. TomA says:

    LIndsey Graham is John McCain redux. He is not to be trusted, and he is very cleaver. For the past three months, he has carefully performed public acts of piety with respect to exposing the coup conspiracy, and he did so solely as a head fake in order to obtain some street cred with conservative voters. Like McCain and Sessions, he is a Deep State mole and he has been tasked with the assignment of enabling a whitewash of the capital crime of sedition by senior Obama Administration officials and CIA/DOJ/FBI co-conspirators. Sessions failed in his efforts to lock-in and implement an amnesty/plea bargain for all the principals; so now they must fall back on Plan B. This will largely be a media campaign to rehabilitate the coup conspirators as heroes who protected the country from the evil clutches of Putin and his puppet dupe Trump. Barr can preempt this new counterattack simply by indicting a few of them and getting the dominoes to start falling. This will leave Lindsey with egg on his face, and in true treacherous fashion, he will then flip sides once again.

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    • TJ says:

      Graham was in Ukraine on stage with Mccain and the neo-nazi Right Sektor(“Banderites”) promoting anti-Russian hysteria before the coup in 2014.

      After the Clinton/Nuland/Pratt “cookie” coup, Hunter Biden got a job with a Ukrainian energy company(Burisma), due to being thrown out of the Navy for testing positive for cocaine(news blackout).

      The FBI interviewed Manafort in 2014 about whether he received undeclared payments from the party of ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and whether he engaged in improper foreign lobbying.

      The FBI shut down the case without charging Manafort in 2014, but it became the focus to frame Trump in 2016 when documents(“black ledger”) from 2014 were leaked to the press.

      DOJ emails show Nellie Ohr on May 30, 2016, directly alerted her husband and two DOJ prosecutors specializing in international crimes to the discovery of the “black ledger” documents that led to Manafort’s prosecution.

      Senior Ukrainian official says he’s opened probe into US election interference

      UPDATE: Publication of Manafort payments violated law, interfered in US election, Kyiv court rules

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      • Elle says:

        Just for the record, I am not arguing that Lindsey is a friend of Trump. As they say, if you want a friend, get a dog. Yes. Lindsey is a RINO and talks out of both sides of his mouth. He’d have happily come out with a smiling justification as to why it was in our best interests to be rounded up in cattle cars had Hillary won.

        I’m just questioning if it is a direct line from the fact that Brennan asked him to the show so she could get a quote to hype the Russia! hysteria – to Lindsey appearing on the show to specifically and knowingly hype the Russia! hysteria . Because if he did, he did a poor job of it. Now, maybe, the goal was to give her the quote buried in the other “Good Lindsey” BS. That’s possible. It just doesn’t flow that way to me.

        The question in my mind is, now that McCain is dead and Trump is winning, who is Lindsey going to be most useful to.

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      • Elle says:

        btw..thanks for the good links. I feel a sense of frustration that this is all known, and yet normal, good people on the left, with nothing to personally profit are still willing to look away. It’s getting too deep and crazy for me. I can’t keep up. Thank God there are those of you who can.

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    NO, what happened is the DNC left their firewalls down, repeatedly. Their security was CRAP. That is how Bernie’s campaign team got in, numerous people, numerous times.

    They need to look at all the docs, discovery and court transcripts for both of Bernie’s lawsuits.

    The suit against the DNC when they axed his campaign’s access to the DNC servers. And the class action lawsuit by Bernie’s supporters, that they were duped into believing the system wasn’t rigged, that the DNC would be fair and unbiased. The judge gave that one to the DNC. He said fair and unbiased is a political promise, not worth anything. The DNC can play by any rules they want, including picking their candidate in a smoke filled back room, if they want. It’s their club and you ain’t in it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. SharkFL says:

    When Lindsey’s crimes are declassified, I sincerely hope he receives the same punishment as his buddy No Name.


  7. nofreelunch says:

    Solve Seth Rich’s murder and the whole narrative of Russian involvement falls apart.


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