Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows Discuss Mueller Report…

Representative Jim Jordan and Representative Mark Meadows appear on Fox News to discuss the Mueller report.

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152 Responses to Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows Discuss Mueller Report…

  1. sundance says:

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    • lftpm says:

      I suspect that something close to the following will eventually come out:

      SOMEBODY hatched a proposal to do a dirty tricks campaign against Trump, to help Hil.
      Then the same person, or a confederate proposed creating a false, but hard to quickly debunk fairytale that Trump conspired with Russia to tamper with the election. If successfully sold to the public, this would sink Trump’s run for the Presidency.

      Then, maybe there were some Saturday night parties, with contests encouraging inebriated people to suggest allegations that could be made, and methods to get the allegations into the public sphere, without immediate identification of the “gang members” attending these parties, and fatal blowback. Things like, “How about him consorting with prostitutes in Moscow? Wait, Wait, prostitutes peeing on a bed! ” “His personal lawyer went to Prague to hold secret talks with Russian agents.”

      “I know a British ex-spy, we can channel the allegations to him to compile in British English, and then he can pass them back to FBI, CIA, politicians and the press. Nobody will ever find out that WE just invented these allegations here tonight.”

      “We can really mess Trump up. He won’t ever try to horn in on our town again. This is GREAAT! [emulating Animal House’s “Flounder”]

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      • lftpm says:

        I bring this up, because, under this scenario, Trump COULD NOT HAVE COMMITTED CRIMINAL OBSTRUCTION. Obstructing a political dirty tricks campaign is not unlawful.

        It does not matter if people who fraudulently investigated him had FBI badges and DOJ appointments. These power stations were outrageously illegally applied.

        To wit, take the hypothetical bank robbery scenario, and an investigated innocent did not cooperate with investigators. The investigated person could, potentially commit obstruction of justice.

        But what if THERE NEVER WAS ANY BANK ROBBERY: the investigators FABRICATED A FAIRYTALE OF A ROBBERY. If investigators fabricated the predicate crime themselves, and then harried someone, knowing no robbery occurred, then they were acting far outside the scope of their law enforcement authority, and thus, there was no legal matter that their target victim could conceivably obstruct.

        Finally, there MAY have been some Mueller team members who were not privy to the scam, who honestly believed Trump seemed to commit obstruction, after being egged on by people who were party to the scam. Hopefully when they testify they will reveal the fact they were duped.

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        • YvonneMarie says:

          We are dealing with a fascist mind set here.

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        • The SD rule on the first commentators rear its ugly head again.The second commenter sends up a trial balloon that is pure BS.

          The cabal wasn’t started on a whim. The surveillance has been going on for years. The players knew exactly what they were doing. I hope they arrest and prosecute the whole treasonous and corrupt lot, including HRC and BHO.

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          • tucker7518 says:

            Even the Russian lawyers told Mueller’s team that BO spends $75 Billion dollars spying on everyone. Russians spend $100,000 on Facebook, and have 80 twenty somethings sending out messages at a troll farm, and this is a big deal.

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          • tucker7518 says:

            Even the Russian lawyers told Mueller’s team that BO spends $75 Billion dollars spying on everyone. Russians spend $100,000 on Facebook, and have 80 twenty somethings sending out messages at a troll farm, and this is a big deal.


            • Lakshmi Ma says:

              75 Billion?? Oh my. Where did 0barky get 75 billion dollars? Thinking:::Blinking:::

              We are sick of this BS. Arrest those who are full of it and make them pay. Someone needs to check them all for collusion because as I have always known, what they accuse you of, they are guilty of. Mentally ill demonrats of the global new world order.
              This is pure harassment of a duly elected president. Some people need to pay for this libel, slander and harassment with jail time and million dollar fines. Wipe out their bank accounts of ill gotten gains to zero. . Suspend every democrat communists paycheck until they do their part-time job. Who gets 200k for a part time job anyway where they never show up to start with.

              Justice is mine said the Lord.

              Stop this “investigation” BS NOW! I’m going to heave now.


      • EJS says:

        I think they were spying before POTUS was the nominee, they were spying on all of the republican front runners. They have been spying illegally for quite some time, Sharyl Attkisson comes to mind. These people are corrupt to the core, sick, evil, and they didn’t think they would be exposed. The whole Russia fiasco was CYA, they thought POTUS would buckle under the pressure. One can only hope that a counter offensive will begin and the rule of law restored. DC is not a swamp its a cesspool! We need congressional term limits ASAP.

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        • Patrick Hank says:

          They were/are collecting on everyone!

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        • Annie says:

          Oh, I think they started spying on Trump the second he started mouthing off about Obama’s birth certificate – 2011. Which means Romney’s 2012 loss needs an asterisk.

          I firmly believe when the final version of this is told, we will find that election was stolen. 2016 was NOT their first rodeo.

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        • jeff montanye says:

          really good observation. swamps actually clean waters. a cesspool, man made not nature made, is what current washington d.c.

          sump pump the cesspool.


        • daniel1335 says:

          I agree 100% Remember Rand Paul stating a while back that he received information that he had been spied on?


  2. mr.piddles says:

    POTUS Trump literally has about 5 or 6 true friends in Congress. 5 or 6 Tops. Maybe less.

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  3. Mark L. says:

    Years ago I used to listen to what Mr. Cavuto had to say. His opinion is no longer insightful.

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  4. starfcker says:

    Mark Meadows, ” that’s a different Adam Schiff.” Biggest grin ever on Jim Jordan’s face.

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  5. Shame, shame, shame!

    At every Trump rally from now on, the President should call out the Press Corps, and the crowd should respond, “shame, shame, shame.”

    Every time we see a press set-up in public, our response should be “shame, shame, shame!”

    Not only is it wholly appropriate, it will also be the only response that adequately describes our disgust with them, how they have squandered the public’s trust, as well as their constitutionally privileged powers granted them.

    Early on, they, by their voluntary actions, became part of the story—so much so that they became invested in the story—so much so that they couldn’t extract themselves from the story. In addition to the real possibility of corrosive and criminal wrong-doing, same is true of many in the IC, DOJ, and FBI.

    That embarrassment, nay…humiliation, is why publicly shaming narcissists like them, is one of the few measures that will precipitate the soul-searching (as President Obama would say)so desparately necessary for any possible restoration. The same is true of many in the Democrat party.

    Shame, shame, shame.

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  6. starfcker says:

    Jordan really pushes Cavuto hard at 10:00 and at 10:15 Cavuto is ready to cry. Nice work, gentlemen.

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  7. drg13miami says:

    Yes, Cavuto has little insight. On the other hand, Shep Smith is hateful and transparent re his dislike for The Donald.

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  8. Carrie says:

    That was so much fun to watch. Neil Cavuto would shovel over some horse puckey questions and they smacked him with it right back. So amusing that I was laughing out loud multiple times. Neil came across as the biggest loser this side of the Mississippi. Too funny.

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Cavuto is a gas bag, along with his buddy, Gasbagorino…….Mr. “My sources tell me”

      Cavuto is so full of himself, he thinks whatever he says is “Gospel”

      He is just a fat punk…..who has never had anything good to say about our President.

      Screw him….

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      • fragemall says:

        why do you watch? turn that crap off.

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        • 🍺Gunny66 says:


          If you are talking to me…..
          Personally, I never do……he is the one giving the interview …..in this thread..

          He comes on right after Varney……ther were times when I’d forget to turn off the TV……and in the background I’d hear his bs.!Now I turn it off 10 early….

          And……be nice…..

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      • sickconservative says:

        Watching him before PDT and after is telling, didn’t watch him often but what seemed to be wasn’t and really never was anything but CofC.


      • oldumb says:

        I listen to Dan Bongino podcast almost daily, while walking my dogs. He has great understanding to what has gone one and he lays in out. He is Pro Trump. Pro USA, and fight the good fight against the deep state. Why you would malign him and equate him with cavuto is a mystery. Maybe you don’t like his style, that is fine, but why mock him? Conservatives have such limited ability to focus on what is important and turn on their OWN TEAM. Bongino isn’t cavuto’s buddy, you are mistaken.

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        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          I may be wrong but I don’t think “gasbagorino” is referring to Bongino. I believe its a reference to Charles Gasparino.

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          • oldumb says:

            ahhhh, ok. I stand corrected, and it make a lot more sense. Bongino is loud (from queens) but his stuff is accurate Thanks for the follow up!


      • Fat enough to require major heart surgery. KARMA ! (No PC please)


      • Bill Hollinger says:

        “Gasbagorino” Yeah, that’s another one I refuse to watch. I think he was a pizza delivery boy before Fox hired him.


    • Ray Runge says:

      My take is like talking to my 3 year old grandson. As the question becomes a “why” or a parroting of what the smart little tyke already knows, “What do you think about your silly question??”


    • jmclever says:

      @Carrie, given the diverse locations of Treepers, odds are that Cavuto’s title is recognized on BOTH sides of the Mississippi 😆


  9. CNY3 says:

    Here again, Sundance and staff did the research, connected the dots, could have shut down Caputo with info that is irrefutable. Come on, SD!!! We need your truth NOW!!!

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  10. Mr. Jordan and Mr. Meadows point out an important issue that has received very little coverage in the “normal media”. That being the “Impeachment Plan Memo”. This “agreement” would be more than sufficient evidence to convict any military unit or merchant marine crew of Mutiny. So why has not one single US Attorney NOT brought Seditious Conspiracy charges against the “honorable members Waters, Nadler, Schiff and Cummings”???

    Why has not one single US Attorney NOT brought charges against the Governors, Mayors, State Attorney Generals and others actively supporting the intentional disregard of Federal Law, as well as Aiding and Abetting Felons, in regards to Federal Immigration Law??

    Why has not the FISA Court NOT brought the FBI/DOJ principals before a “board of review” to determine what actions would be appropriate for the continuous Perjury and False Testimony utilized to obtain the assorted FISA Warrants??

    Why are the Clinton’s NOT incarcerated along with members of their “personal staff” along with Anthony Wiener for Improper Handling of Classified Information along with Conspiracy to Destroy Evidence and Impede an Investigation?? And why are those that facilitated their current non-incarceration not being held as Accomplices and/or Co-Conspirators??

    These should not be treated as “simply rhetorical” questions any longer. Any hope that we may have of resolving these questions and the issues they raise appears to rest solely on the ability of the Freedom Caucus to raise awareness of the ongoing Coup de Tat and force the evidence gathered by people like those here along with Sundance and Judicial Watch before an actual court of law.

    The alternative is not very appealing to think of, but that alternative needs to be discussed in earnest.

    As they say around here, “You have stepped on my last nerve!”

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    • Daniel says:

      It disgusts me to no end to attempt to keep investigations without evidence or probable cause running for political purposes. This is not “oversight” by any standards we’ve known before. This is plain harassment.

      Trump doesn’t seem bothered by that part though. I suspect there will be some actual criminality attached to many of these colluders. We know they have been leaking sensitive and classified information. They have likely been engaged in far worse.

      Bottom line in the president is now free of the Mueller monkey and I rather expect some serious consequences to follow.

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    • InAz says:

      @ nccosmiccurmudgeon


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    • KnowSERENoFear says:

      Ya might want to re-think your second paragraph. Federal law is NOT supreme to State Law. Do you disagree with States that ignore Federal law on gun control, asset forfeiture, marijuana? Nullification IS a State right and a constitutional check on the federal government. The United States is JUST THAT…a union of 50 sovereign States..or better said…a union of 50 sovereign nations.

      Naturalization was enumerated to the Federal government…NOT immigration. Per 10A, powers NOT enumerated to the federal government are reserved to the States and the PEOPLE. Immigration was left for each State to decide.


      • nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

        In all of your other examples I agree completely.
        But as you point out with Naturalization, the Federal does take precedence over the state. And to qualify for Naturalization, one must properly apply. Not properly applying is a criminal violation. And assisting a criminal evade prosecution is a crime. No matter if you are a Curmudgeon from the swamps of NC or a Governor.


      • azgulch says:

        The lawsuit against Arizona, during the Obama reign, decided that Federal Immigration laws superceed the State laws. Just saying.


  11. Redzone says:

    Pathetic interview, if you could even call it an interview. Every question by Cavuto is negative towards POTUS. He simply ignores every point made by Jordan and Meadows, as if their facts are meaningless. A real interview would have attempted to draw more information from Jordan and Meadows based on their comments rather than continuing to ask loaded one-sided talking point questions.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Most of these interviewers have a routine. The interviewer has a list of questions handed to him by the producers. His job is to get through the list of loaded questions.

      It doesn’t matter how the person being interviewed answers the questions, or what he says. There’s rarely a coherent follow-up because the interviewer is not even listening. He is already moving on to the next question handed to him by the producers.

      Rinse and repeat.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        I call it: The ESPN-ification of Cable News Journalism. Very flashy with lots of meaningless “arguments” and useless educated opinions. They’ve perfected it, that’s for sure.

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      • 2rlc5 says:

        Correct. In the news trade the tv presenter is called The Dummy, as in ventriloquists.
        Ith the rise of bloggers and tak radio before we have more on screen talent that has done their homework, written books, and developed a following without the booth producers feeding them their lines, or moving them along.

        Some have made it to Fox, like Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and a couple of the talking heads, like Maria Bartiromo and Bret Baier seem to general ly by independently prepard, and go off script…

        But…I sense a change in the culture underway, that might be related to new owners and their top down politics…

        We’ll see.


    • lotbusyexec says:

      Neil Cavuto = Negative Cabal

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  12. joeknuckles says:

    Cavuto says that the fact that the fake Russians who were hired by the Demfascists tried so hard to entrap the Trump campaign shows how badly Russia wanted Trump elected. What a moron.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      If so, I will not be clicking on the video link so kindly provided by Sundance and the CTH staff.

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      • H.R. says:

        Uh… we’re the ‘staff’, Mr. Piddles.

        It’s Sundance and a few volunteer comment thread moderators, who never get enough credit for their constant battle against spam, bots, comment saboteurs, herding the cats here, and their rescue efforts fishing out legitimate comments from the spam bin.

        Out of the hundreds of comments a post generates, one or two or a few of the ‘staff’ here come up with a comment useful to Sundance in the furtherance of the topic being analyzed. Because of the large number of readers, shear numbers assure that there are times that one of the readers is in the right place at the right time with the right expertise to provide a fact that would otherwise not come to the surface.

        Every comment thread is the equivalent of a staff meeting. Bring your own coffee.

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  13. Sherri Young says:

    Thank Goodness for the internet so we don’t have to assume that we can derive truth from what is on TV.

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  14. TradeBait says:

    Cavuto is a pissant who thinks he’s a media gorilla. Worthless waste of time.

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  15. John Doe says:

    I got to the 4:43 mark and shut it down. Neil Cavuto is a hateful gasbag. I’m not sure why Jordan and Meadows went on. They’ll never do it again, I bet.

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  16. jmuniz1 says:

    I dont care for Rand he lies. He has not helped our President. On the other hand Rick Scott my former Governor and current senator has been a pleasant surprise. He has voted with our President on everything exept one time but he has been with him everywhere. I like Congressman Nunez. He has been great. 👍

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    • Rhoda R says:

      Like you, J. I am pleasantly surprised by Sen. Scott. His handling of the school shooting down in Broward Co. didn’t impress me in the least. But I figured he’d be better than that total loser Nelson any day.


  17. Idea says:

    This is what I propose in response to the FBI DoJ FISA from here on out. We need a panel of independent non partisan US citizens made up of 12 people who watch what they are doing with a watchful eye sitting in these offices and every case that comes in our out is shared on tv with the American people!

    Just an idea


  18. Bluto says:

    The Mueller Report is like a Pink Floyd album. If you read it backwards, it clearly says “Orange Man Bad.”

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Ha…….Bluto how are you?. Hope your family and your dog are well. Living in those hills.

      Remember the old days……well try to remember….. a lot of us played a lot of stuff backwards to find a hidden message.?…..

      And most all the time……the message was……

      “If you don’t see what you want, maybe sometimes then you don’t”
      “Leave your mind alone just get high”

      Allman Brothers

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    • llamamama3 says:

      Hey Bluto! 😀
      How is fuzzy dog?


    • booger71 says:

      Hope all is well Bluto (You too Howie)


    • MelH says:

      Bluto, and if you read Volume 2, backwards OR forward, it clearly says “Orange man Bad.” They set the President up for impeachment and Barr even said the requirements to get a criminal conviction are far more strict than getting impeachment passed. AND he even said during the presser that the decision about obstruction is now passed to Congress. It’s a set up, dammmit!!!!

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  19. lotbusyexec says:

    Or Mueller Deep State – Orange Man GOOD, no GREAT!


  20. Pristach says:

    Neil Cavuto is a douche.


    Mike Leach

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  21. NJF says:

    Sidney Powell coming up on FBN

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  22. Carson Napier says:

    Lynch Mob Bob Mueller has even less integrity than Thief Stolen Feathers has American Indian ancestry. His so-called “report” should go straight into a burn barrel with the rest of the garbage.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Kellyanne Conway calls Mueller probe “a political proctology exam”

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Andrew C. McCarthy: Robert Mueller Violated Prosecutorial Standards By Smearing Trump Without the Evidence For an Actual Criminal Charge

        Dirty cop.

        Ace of Spades

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Ya know……I’m not trying to spread rumors about Kelly Anne…..but believe me I have experience in these matters…..

        I look at her in these past couple interviews and I see…..how can I say….

        A look….a difference……I think she dumped her husband…..

        The look of; “ Hey…..I’m gonna be myself….I’ve got my own life….

        Seems like she’s gotten a little “wild”….

        I have seen that change before……I think he’s done

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        • Carson Napier says:

          Ya know……I’m not trying to spread rumors about Gunny…..but believe me I have experience in these matters…..

          I read his comment here and I see…..how can I say….

          I think he has the hots for Kelly … … and is about to make his move ………

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          • lotbusyexec says:

            No rumors here – I like KAC and Gunny. What drew me to Gunny was not only the 66 but also his beer mug AND I don’t even drink beer! But guns — ahhh You had me at “Ya know” 😉


      • woohoowee says:

        Go, KAC! She is tough, spot on, and not backing down 🙂


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        I like blonds……..they get dirty faster……no offense to blonds…

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      • Mrs. E says:

        Thank you for posting this video of Kellyanne. I missed it,
        I simply could not stomach Cavuto prostituting himself for the left. Turned off that video. Cavuto should be ashamed of himself; he has proven that he is corrupt and can be bought by the highest bidder. Despicable!


  23. Concernedcitizen says:

    Most of Fox News is off the rails now. Damn shame.

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  24. GB Bari says:

    God works in mysterious ways. Then again, sometimes it’s not so mysterious/

    Perhaps Neil Cavuto ought to think about why he has trouble with his voice.

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  25. jx says:

    Cavuto might as well change his name to Schiff.


  26. Fools Gold says:

    Just to add to Jordan’s last sentence in his first question. “That’s all they got”. Conservatives in a landslide 2020. That’s my plan that’s my goal!

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  27. Paul Tibbets says:

    I’m going to pray for Neil Cavuto that guy is going to burn in hell.

    The last 5 minutes are insane. The only Russians Mueller looked at were the ones Obama sent. It is not that hard. Look at the controlled Russians.


  28. Oldretiredguy says:

    The Mueller scam proved without a doubt that the Odumbo admin was criminally corrupt. If the deep state under Odumbo was so concerned about Russia, they should have done something about it. The Russia internet activity happened during his watch


  29. no-nonsense-nancy says:

    I have read through about 50 pages of the Mueller report so far and it is biased in favor of Hilary. It is all about the Russians interfering to try to get Trump elected and against Clinton, practically making a martyr of her. It is sickening.


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Which proves that Mueller was no white hat and there was no secret plan that included Mueller working to investigate the swamp & the swampiest swamp creature, Hillary, via cover of investigating ALL of the possible Russia collusion. He was swamp and this was a swamp/deep state operation.

      Thankfully, there are white hats working against the deep state swamp but Mueller ain’t one of them.

      He did his best to entrap President Trump and to dig up anything in President Trump’s past that could count as a “discovered” crime and only because President Trump is Amazingly clean did he escape.

      Really, REALLY don’t want to hear that no matter what happens its really ok and Everything is part of a secret, White Hat plan. That was a misdirection and a operation to undermine political support and politically supportive action of President Trump’s base.

      I am glad more people are “red pilled” through research but we CAN NOT be passive, doing nothing, assuming that a white hat army is taking care of draining the swamp and supporting President Trump for us. We must be engaged and politically active and vocal!

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  30. hard masada says:

    If you are a subscriber to this guy’s channel you will understand the following, if OT why not, anyway the saga of Ben Rhodiees continues.


  31. hard masada says:

    this was the video I meant.


  32. The Boss says:

    I think Pelosi was 100% briefed on the report long before this new Congress began. That is how she was able to have new rules for the House written and in place so quickly that are aligned with the trail of breadcrumbs that Mueller and Weismann left in the report that was released today.

    The MOUs between the committee chairman are further evidence that they too are in the know. And they need the full, unredacted report and underlying documents to give them and Pelosi cover for having illegally obtained classified information from Weismann, Mueller and the lawfare group. (Kind of like how the FBI / DoJ needed the Carter Page FISA warrant to make all their previously illegal spying on Trump appear legal).

    Same playbook. Same game. First we f*** Flynn. Then we f*** Trump.

    Newsflash – The coup plotters are going down.

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  33. Amy2 says:

    Neal you make me gag! You almost choked when you said, “duly elected president.” When these Congressmen are asked about PDT “wanting” to fire Mueller, etc., that they would ask, “How would you respond as an innocent man?”

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  34. Treehugger says:

    Yellow vest the rally’s


  35. Umsinga says:

    People be reminded: Meuller / Weissmann took the aggressive step of indicting the entire Arthur Andersen. The firm’s defense attorneys met with them not to do so before the indictment, arguing that the firm would be certain to dissolve if it were indicted, leaving thousands of people jobless. “Their response indicated they didn’t care.” (Justice is not a Mueller trait). On March 14, 2002, the Justice Department announced the indictment of Arthur Andersen for obstruction of justice. Within months, it was out of business. More than 20,000 people lost their jobs, as ABC News detailed.

    Mueller / Weissmann won a conviction when a jury found Arthur Andersen guilty on June 15, 2002. But it was short lived. Three years later, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously to overturn that ruling, on the grounds that the jury had been given faulty instructions about the law on obstruction of justice. Not one person at the firm was ultimately found guilty.

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    • Umsinga- glad you brought this up. Hard to believe that these two Creeps on a Mission (h/t Sidney Powell) were the ones who got to do the hit job on our President.

      If ever two people belonged in a Supermax prison, it’s Mueller & Weissman. Two absolute thugs with law degrees.

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  36. LMAO !!—>Much to the Chagrin of FNC’s Chris Wallace -“Minnie Me” & known Trump-HATER…Neil Cavuto..desperately tries to paint Pres.Trump in a Bad-Light all the while giving Credence to the DIRTY Robert Swan Mueller III / Andrew Weissman…..”Pee-Pee Dossier 2.0 Report”…..FROWN gets Bigger & Bigger.


  37. Jake says:

    Page 11 of Mueller’s report describes the secret scope orders of Aug 2017. There Mueller uses the dossier and investigates key people named in it. So he used opposition research.

    But what I find most revealing is Team Mueller & Rosenstein’s core plan was to Indict Jeff Sessions and flip him to get Trump for Obstruction.

    here is the relevant text

    “Finally, the memorandum described an investigation opened before the Special Counsel’s appointment into allegations that then attorney general Jeff Sessions made false statements to the United States Senate, and confirmed the Special Counsel’s authority to investigate the matter.”

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  38. MelH says:

    https://nypost.com/2019/04/13/as-trump-soars-higher-dems-reach-their-lowest-point-yet/. Worth reading for the fact that they finger Comey as the instigator of the coup.


  39. CTH Fan says:

    I often watch the body language videos on utube and one of the tells is impercemptible movements of the head.

    I was surprised to see that throughout the conversation Neil’s head was slightly moving up and down. This is considered a affermation/agreement movement in the world of body language. So, if we were to follow that hypothesis, in fact his personal feelings were in agreement with everything the reps were saying.

    Absolutely fascinating.


  40. Cavuto belong to cnn & msnbc,


  41. PoCoNoMo says:

    My favourite discussion outside of CTH 😉 is this one by Victor Davis Hanson;


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