Devin Nunes Outlines Three Key Issues Post Mueller Report – Also Confirms Mueller Blocked Key Document Production…

In advance of the Mueller Report release, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, appears with Laura Ingraham to discuss three areas of the 2016 CIA/FBI intelligence operation that deserve answers:

(1) The targeting/framing of Michael Flynn and the positioning of a false narrative around innocuous Russia contacts. (2) The use of Joseph Mifsud as an asset by the CIA/FBI running a counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign. (3) The Trump Tower meeting as organized by Fusion-GPS.


Additionally, for the first time Devin Nunes confirms that it was Robert Mueller who blocked delivery of documents to the House investigative committees.  While this might be old news to CTH readers, this confirms our earlier research.  It was Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein who were protecting DOJ interests by using the Russia-probe as a shield.

That’s why Chicago U.S. Attorney John Lausch was essentially an exercise in futility (and he was never heard from).  With Nunes confirmation that Mueller used his probe to keep congress away from documents adverse to his interests…. that increases the likelihood Mueller deployed the same strategy with IG Michael Horowitz (as earlier reported); and only after Mueller was completed was the IG office allowed unfettered access to evidence…. hence, the delays.

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142 Responses to Devin Nunes Outlines Three Key Issues Post Mueller Report – Also Confirms Mueller Blocked Key Document Production…

  1. sundance says:

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    • Absolutely astonishing!

      And telling of an almost obnoxious failure of duty to justice, fairness and truthful investigations.

      Very telling, indeed!

      Good day and God speed, Sundance

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      SD — are we going to see the second Rosenstein tasking Memo to Mueller Thursday?

      Because without that Memo, we won’t be able fully assess what Mueller was doing.

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      • Mark L. says:

        It appears all the sunlight comes through Barr. He has final decision on what we see, unless POTUS threatens to release FISA docs.

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        • jdintx says:

          Why is there a need for redactions? Mueller is fully aware what is not allowed to be revealed, grand jury testimony for instance. Why then did he include these things in his 400 page tome in the first place? Simply to increase the number of redactions and make it look like more is being held back then there really needs to be and increase the Dims talking points?


    • glissmeister says:

      Some information raises questions that Mueller may have conspired to delay the issuance of the finished report by more than a year. How does this track with statutes of limitation? Is there prima facie evidence that Mueller’s delays were part of a conspiracy to let certain statutes of limitations run to the benefit of bad actors involved in the spying and plot to smear Trump with the malicious and false Russia fabrications?

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    • trialbytruth says:


      Were they able to box her out from other investigators by saying she was material to Mueller? Not interviewing her would give them the added benefit of “not knowing”.

      If so how far could they play this U1 was Russian based with some overlapping players. Could they have shut that down as well?

      While I am trying out this tin foil hat, the over collection of intelligence whistle blower with all his hard drives, Was there any overlap there? Fusion GPS, Crowd strike perhaps?

      I am not saying any of these would be legitimate, but everything else they did was lacking in legitimacy. Were they playing 6 degrees of separation?


  2. Zorro says:

    Oh yeah, those 3 questions deserve public answers but who could possibly answer them and what would be the process?

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    • Thank you for that, Sidney.

      My, my, what a great complete list of things that should be brought out into light.

      A bombshell revealing of that the very first action, that is, the root of it all, the main river from which all the other tributaries flow, would blow a lot of stuff and lies away, whether it be the first secret meeting before deals were agreed on, the first “gentlemen’s” agreement, whatever, wherever, however that very first word spoken between people and the very first action taken.

      Keep up the good work, Sidney. You, SD and others make a great team. Glad you’re all on the same side.


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      • We are indeed lucky to have Sidney on our side. Are the Democrats screaming for “full disclosure” of the report in hopes that it will be heavily redacted? That would come from their playbook. Will Mueller redact things which might lead to screw-ups on the part of the Deep State? To be sure Weissmann was careful when he wrote the report, likely a year ago so they had ample time to check, double check and triple check.
        If the Mueller Special Counsel was indeed established to look at Russian interference into the 2016 election, there will HAVE to be something in there about the DNC hack, about Hilliary’s private server, about the Awan’s unfettered access to the personal and government computers. If these are not addressed, then it will reveal itself exclusively as a get Trump operation (which we know but wonder if they at least made a small effort to smoke and mirrors of ethical operation).
        Sidney, thanks for your work to advance JUSTICE through your career. It would have been nice (and perhaps wishful thinking) to have more attorneys of your competence and stature in the FBI and DoJ. Unfortunately there are far too many self-serving, easily manipulated lawyers (liars) in these agencies. Your body of work speaks for itself. Thanks!

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        • littleannie:

          Great comment. You’re sure on the mission train speeding for truth. I like that! A lot of us are active passengers on that bullet train. Trump train too!

          One of (many) the troubling aspects is the whole DNC supposed hacks. There are more links of technical info supporting it being an inside job than supporting the idea of Russian hacking. I reviewed most of them again last night.

          SD well stated their need of it to be Russian hacking. If not, a whole huge pillar of the Russian narrative crumbles. Robert Mullet “needs” it to be so. Any contrary actual, real facts must not be given the light of day to fairly consider lest the house of cards (all jokers) begins to get blown down by the winds of truth and justice.

          Protocols of thorough FBI investigation order were just simply….a lot of us believe, purposely…shunted aside so a complete, expert, technical IT investigation and revelation of the server apparatus would not blow up in the face of their narative. It’s utterly frustrating to truth seekers of justice.

          We have to get to the very first, earliest beginning root of it all. The one, first thing that laid the whole beginning foundation. If not possible now, we have to hope the crisscrossing of the info and dots we do have, can trip somebody up and get some birds singing.

          Thanks for your input here. It is appreciated.

          Shalom and best Wednesday!

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          • trialbytruth says:

            I think their position on Crowdstrikes review will be based on the idea that, Crowdstrike was an IC contractor so it is the same as the FBI looking at them. In other words “we would have turn it over to them to do the forensics anyway”

            Wait for it I am positive that one is coming.

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            • With you on that.

              We know it really isn’t the same as an in house investigation, but hey, what do we deplorables know other than we care a little about proper procedures and protocols. Nobody can convince me that the FBI doesn’t have an in house cyber unit.

              The problem with relying on an outside contractor is the political bent of said contractor. But what me worry, we can trust Crowdstrike, can’t we? 😉


        • LBB says:

          Sounds like D’s screaming for full disclosure because some on Mueller’s team briefed them (even before Barr summary report) of all the things they think could be useful for their impeachment case. That’s why those team members also starting leaking that Barr didn’t represent conclusions (Weissman?) properly.

          This will be a battle to get facts out over the voices of the press & D’s & resistance.

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    • Thx for your constant pressure and great work Sidney.

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    • joeknuckles says:

      Done. Thank you.

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    • j'accuse says:

      Rosenstein said the other day that the report will describe Russia cyber crimes, which I suppose could fill a lot of pages.

      I’m personally interested in the extent to which Mueller and his team used the report as a plea to justify and defend their existence, which we know is corrupt as was the blinkered investigation.

      Also we know the rabid anti-Trump crowd want facts and allegations they can cherry pick to make Trump & co. look guilty or bad in any way possible. If these exist in the report I wonder how many are flat out wrong based on current information we have available?

      Will Democrats and the leftwing MSM once again believe they have struck gold only to have it later blow up in their faces? We should be generous and let them grab whatever tidbits they find and trumpet them for a few days before debunking them.

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      • jeff montanye says:

        those cyber crimes have been refuted in great technical detail by bill binney, vips and forensicator, among others. the left wing mag of long standing the nation has printed several excellent stories to this end. but i’ve always thought these two questions did the job, even for the technically illiterate (innumerate?): if the dnc thought their servers had been hacked, why not let the fbi have a look? if the fbi thought the same, why not get a warrant? never have heard an answer to either except that both organizations are corrupt and much worse information was on the servers that both were afraid might get out if a real search were made (you never know where the next seth rich or edward snowden or bradley/chelsea manning might come from).

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        • rmnewt says:

          Perhaps the servers (DNC and Hillary’s) have the smoking guns of downstream intelligence finds. In other words if the intel community forwarded Trump campaign inside information there would be electronic chatter and then counter actions taken.
          Its possible that only illicit Clinton Foundation and other DNC crimes are on those servers, but likely there were many FBI/DOJ/CIA links that they fear seeing the light of day.
          We need to see the Abedeen/Weiner laptop data and hang those who deleted/cleaned the DNC and Hillary servers.

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          • Cheesehead54016 says:

            Bedn saying for 30 plus months now where the Heck is the Weiner laptop??? I ghink it comes back into the picture soon. A big part of the Obstruction of Justice on the part of DOJ/FBI leaders was in the hiding of info and data from the server and laptop and various other devices.

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        • Mark B Smith says:

          A follow up question I have to this commentary is are the Crowdstrike people completely reliable and unbiased, considering one of the founders,Dmitri Alperovitch is Russian? Interestingly enough, the RNC also uses their services.


      • Sentient says:

        Wikileaks Vault 7 showed that the CIA can plant false evidence of Russian hacking using UMBRAGE. I won’t believe one iota of purported evidence of Russian hacking within the Mueller report. They’re full of Schiff.

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      • farrier105 says:

        All the cybercrime stuff is in the Mueller indictment of the 12 Russian names. It is shot full of holes involving the references to:

        1. The system logs that contain evidence of the presence of hackers.
        2. The reaction of professional Russian spies upon finding out Crowdstrike was watching everything they were doing on the network. Basically, they didn’t care. This relates to the logs, since the Russians allegedly kept coming into the network to delete them despite knowing Crowdstrike was:
        A. Watching them.
        B. Copying the logs and saving them off network since Crowdstrike gave the FBI Forensic Images of the logs.
        C. Russian intelligence having a dossier on Shawn Henry, who was running the FAKE Incident Response at the DNC for Crowdstrike, which amounted to just watching the Russians steal the emails on May 23, 2016 and May 25, 2016.
        3.Russian spies using the free version of CCleaner to delete their tracks on one machine when CCleaner does not eliminate all Tracks, Temporary Internet files, etc.
        4. Russian spies seeing an enormous increase in email volume at DNC, coupled with knowing Crowdstrike had been watching the network at least from May 31, 2016 never considering that a lot of those emails could be faked with the help of Henry’s pals in the FBI. All those emails would have been considered suspect once the Russians knew Crowdstrike was there.

        The Forensicator site has even more revelations including the INBOXES that were looted by the UNKNOWN SUBJECTS responsible. We now know how this was done, on what dates, and the names of the DNC employees on the inboxes.

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        • Dr.Jay says:

          A note on this:”Except for one head fake, when Guccifer 2 was Romanian for a day.”

          The false flag operation Guccifer2 claimed to be Romanian at one time and was given a few Romanian questions by reporters, which he responded to in “Romanian” .
          The strange thing was that he responded in what was judged to be incorrect Romanian, so he wasn’t Romanian. People suspected he was simply using Google Translate.

          However what Guccifer2 used in his answers can’t come from Google Translate or similar. He had extra accents and other curious spelling in several words.
          Now there are TWO types of the Romanian language: the one from Romania and the “Romanian” as written in Moldova, a former part of Greater Romania that has been split off for a long time. Guccifer2 was responding in Moldovan, not Romanian, yet Google Translate only supports (or supported at the time) Romanian, not Moldovan….
          So whoever responded & claiming to be Romanian was in fact a Moldova Romanian speaker.

          The Moldovan declaration of independance declared it’s language to be “Romanian” but in fact it has developed to a quite different dialect, due to the long separation. So the later constitution called it Moldovan instead. Moldovan (ahem “Romanian”) is more archaic and uses accents differently (otherwise is quite similar of course).

          Moldovan is spoken in Moldova (+ break-away Dnjester Republic) and in parts of Western Ukraine. And of course we also have several actual Romanian language speakers there as well.

          “Moldovans in Ukraine are the third biggest minority recorded in the 2001 All Ukrainian Census after Russians and Belarusians. …
          There is an ongoing controversy whether Moldovans are part of the larger Romanian ethnic group or a separate ethnicity.”

          Therefore at least one of the persons in the Guccifer2 group is a Moldovan speaker. Because one of that team also used Cyrillic Russian settings, clearly as an attempt to blame Russians, the most likely culprits are anti-Russian Ukrainians, ate least one of whom can speak Moldovan. Or “Romanian” as the non-communist Moldovans prefer the language to be called…

          The next question is: how did they get a copy of (mostly old/outdated) files from the DNC? The Guccifer2 team never seem to have had emails (as those can’t be copied at file level from MS Exchange) but they did have many documents, including mostly old files (from 2013 etc), the DNC Trump Opposition file (…) and a spreadsheet of recent donors to the DNC (which would be published after the election anyway).
          That seems to indicate that either the Guccifer2 team was friendly to the DNC, and merely wanted to smear the Russians, OR the person who provided them with the files was a DNC partisan.
          And the files had been copied as a set to a USB stick (with FAT-32 format) at some point in time.

          In April 2016 more than 60 Ukrainian nationals were at a conference in the Library of Congress in the USA. One of the persons attending was a dual passport holder and DNC operative: Chalupa ….

          IMHO that is how. Either without her direct knowledge (by installing a malware agent on her laptop as a first step to breach the DNC network) or with her direct knowledge (by her getting the files herself on a USB stick and handing the to her Ukrainian buddies, who would be in the US for a while.

          “It should be noted that this illegal attempt to gather information from the Democrats was underway by March, 2016…which is before the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC was detected as well before the Trump Tower meeting that are cited by the media as examples of Russian collusion. In other words, the DNC was actively working on a plan to connect Trump to Russia before the alleged collusion ever happened.”
          View at


          • farrier105 says:

            This is an interesting theory that needs follow up. It is still interesting that no one has ever apprehended Guccifer 2.0. He vanished into the ether once the investigation started.

            There were too many moving parts in this scheme, causing confusion and miscommunication. Crowdstrike’s Dmitri Alperovitch and Shawn Henry should have told Ellen Nakashima of the Washington Post that the emails were stolen by the Russians, not just “read” or “monitored,” as Nakashima quoted Alperovitch directly. Some Russiagate supporters try to use a shell game to claim the Crowdstrike gang only talked about one Russian hacking group, not the one who stole the emails, but there were direct references to BOTH groups in the briefing of Nakashima. Their clear meaning was, “None of the emails were stolen by RUSSIANS (of either APT 28 or APT 29.” If Alperovitch and Henry had known that Wikileaks had the emails then they would have told Nakashima that the Russians stole them, but no one bothered to tell them that was part of the scheme, so that was not passed on to Nakashima, who made the entire hack look like a Russian effort to “learn something about how Trump would behave as a politician.” Quite a bit was expended about that in the article.

            That the email was not central to the WAPO exclusive story should have stuck out with the public, but as Luke Rosiak noted in OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, the front page story of 6/14/2016 was a “news dump” hidden behind a BIGGER story that engaged the majority of the media-the ORLANDO PULSE SHOOTING, so no one caught the screw up with the emails.


    • Jan says:

      Excellent list and excellent thoughts, Sidney!! Hope you’re passing this list on to AG Barr and President. Please keep on it. WE NEED and appreciate your voice!!

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    • amwick says:

      The Truth will be found in documents
      Bless and Keep you Ms. Powell…. it is hard to be optimistic right now, very hard… but thank you from the bottom of my heart…. You are swinging for the bleachers…

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    • amwick says:

      So,,, my four braincells were wondering how our VSGPotus was going to read this..I mean.. this needed to be seen… As it happens this article has been launched into the twitterverse,, so it should have grown legs by now… For the non twitter peeps, here is the blast off!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

      Thanks again Ms.Powell…

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    • Bill Hollinger says:

      Thank you. I hope Trump, and his lawyers see this list.

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    • Sean Supsky says:

      Very nicely detailed article.

      Once question though, when does the statue of limitations begin, when the crime is committed, or when the crime is discovered?

      Thanks in advance.


    • snellvillebob says:

      My bet that the third Contractor that Comey gave unfettered access to was Boze Allen, you know Eric Snowden’s last employer.


  3. sundance says:

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    • WSB says:

      We need those NSA records.

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      • WSB says:

        Or the real Michael Cohen who actually WAS in Prague.

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        • Marygrace Powers says:

          Mueller’s team reportedly traced evidence of Cohen entering the Czech Republic through Germany, which he wouldn’t have needed a passport for due to open border laws in some European countries. Possibility.

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          • WSB says:

            Then there would be records of hotel, meals, other credit card use.

            It still does not make up for for the fact that Donald Trump’s Michael Cohen was at his son’s ball game in California.

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            • Hey W! And a good early am morning to ‘ya!

              You know, it’s almost more astonishing about what Mueller didn’t investigate than what he did investigate….per Sundance’s first comment quoting Svetlana Lokhova. But then by now, we know the whole investigation was tailored and blueprinted for an anti-Trump agenda no matter what was and what wasn’t. A lie from the root beginning of it all.

              What a wicked cabal. Special place in Hell waiting for them. Where? Well right there at Saul Alinsky’s table on fire. Bet he’s not a happy camper down there right now! That’s all right, he probably has company coming to sit and scream with him.

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              • WSB says:

                Hi Angelle,

                A fake investigation following fake surveillance to warrant fake evidence and a fake impeachment.

                Grrrrr. It must stop soon.

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                • But, but, but…

                  It all started with, not a fake, but a very real hatred and animosity for Donald Trump. And that is the only real thing they have, right?

                  That’s why they can’t win with their own platform. There’s nothing there but bitter hatred, anger and lies. It’s all they have and how they live, eat, sleep and breathe. Like SD says continually, this is what they do, it’s all they do all the time. God rest their souls, wherever THAT may be (deserved).

                  There, I feel better now. LOL

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                • WSB says:

                  Angelle, this is a very deep seaded effort to take down the US, for fear the globalists may lose power.

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                • Agreed.

                  And I would put some good money on a bet that there are probably many more international players than have presently come to media light who are sitting, smoking their elitist ceeegars in their poker game betting against Trump and hoping there hands will all turn up as a royal flushes.

                  Wanna bet against me on that? LOL

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                • WSB says:

                  Ha! Indeed!


            • Dutchman says:

              Oh, he’s a twin?,….no, he has a look alike? Ummmmm

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              • WSB says:

                From reports at the time, the Michael Cohen who was tracked to Prague is an art dealer. That is all we know from the public information.

                There are a LOT of Michael Cohens,and it could be that Nellie Ohr screwed up with the NSA phone book.

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          • Ironclaw says:

            Those open-border laws you’re referring to are called the Schengen Agreement. However, you need to have legally entered another country that is party to the agreement in order to transit into any of them. Cohen’s own passport does show his arrival into a Schengen country, Italy, in a time-frame near to the proposed meeting date. The problem is, he left Italy and the Schengen area fully six weeks before the date of the meeting they claim that he attended, his destination was the United States which is not party to the Schengen Agreement. On the date of the supposed meeting, he was with his son in California and there are eyewitnesses and probably credit card records that place him there as well. All available evidence, unless Mueller has something that nobody else does, says that Cohen was not in Prague at the time that they claim that he was.

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          • Maquis says:

            They claim he was there based on another Cohen flying in and out, so how do they get from that to, “oh, he hiked in”?

            Can’t wait for their stretching of untruths to snap back on their vile corrupt persons.


          • deqwik2 says:

            A Michael Cohen with the same birth Year was there but he had the wrong birth Day & Month.
            Not Trump’s Cohen.

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          • Sentient says:

            The Washington Post had a reporter in Prague for a month checking every hotel for any evidence of Trump’s Cohen having been there. There was none. Besides, why would Cohen, prison-bound and having already flipped, testify under oath that he has never been to the Czech Republic?

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          • mnlakes says:



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          • farrier105 says:

            Cohen publicly stated that Mueller knew that the claims about Prague were not true. Has Mueller ever contradicted Cohen? Did Mueller not state in his report that there was no evidence of “collusion?” Cohen going to Prague would have provided at least PROBABLE CAUSE to investigate further since the alleged mission of Cohen was to pay the Russians responsible for the hacking of the DNC, etc. Yet nothing came from the “collusion” charge. Everything is about “obstruction.”

            Cohen did not go to Prague.


      • So why didn’t Jordan or someone ask Nellie if she accessed the NSA database on behalf of Fusion, or was any NSA data used in production of dossier? Nellie couldn’t hide behind spousal privilege on that one. It would have shined a big spotlight on a dark past.

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        • Beau Geste says:

          Bear, you are right – a very important question. So why doesn’t congress ask:
          Nellie, did you access the NSA database on behalf of Fusion or anyone else from 2014 to the present date?
          Nellie, please list each time you or anyone action on your behalf accessed the NSA database at any time after 2014. What was your authorization for each such access? Did any such access involve Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, any relatives, businesses, counsel, travel, or associates of Donald Trump? Nellie, did you access the NSA or other government database on behalf of Fusion, or was any NSA data used in production of the Steele dossier?
          Nellie, were you or are you now a contractor, employee, “asset”, agent or informant of the CIA? When, what for, how much were you paid,…..
          Nellie, has your husband Bruce ever been an employee, contractor, asset, agent or informant for the CIA?
          Nellie, results of any NSA searches are classified. Who did you report your search results or findings to, directly or indirectly?
          Nellie, did you ever broadcast or receive anything from your ham radio? What, to whom?

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        • DJ says:

          “So why didn’t Jordan or someone ask Nellie if she accessed the NSA database on behalf of Fusion, or was any NSA data used in production of dossier? ”
          They won’t ask the question because even the “good guys” don’t want the uniformed public to become informed about just how badly the system was abused. Too much egg on too many faces.


    • Zorro says:

      I think we owe Nellie Ohr a huge debt of gratitude for the Cohen Prague mistake.

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      • Maquis says:

        A nice big loose thread to pull on, and it’s unravelling fast.

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      • Jase says:

        Even more worrying for you guys (Americans) is that Nellie was CIA. The agency tasked with defending the USA makes the kind of mistake that would have landed me – when I was a junior reporter – six months of sub-editing the obituary column.
        That is some top quality tradecraft right there.

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    • j'accuse says:

      The whole Cohen/Prague scenario is one of the many bizarre twists of this story especially for those interested in the media aspects. I’m sure diehards will continue to believe he was there and has been silenced by threats of some kind but if there is a single lesson to be learned it is the danger of belief without evidence.

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    • tav144 says:

      This is the smoking gun. There are two FBI agents who traveled to the Czech republic in October 2016 and met with a Russian hacker arrested on other hacking charges. This man said these two FBI agents pressured him, offering him US citizenship and other perks if he comes to the US and admits/takes credit for hacking Clinton’s emails on behalf of Trump and Putin. According to the article SD posted, this was supposed to be the tie to the Cohen Prague claimed meeting that would “prove” Trump Russia collusion. See this;

      Find out who these two FBI agents are and you prove the conspiracy.

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  4. CoHoBo says:

    It can be a tough pill to swallow seeing the work of those that strive to find and expose the truth, and then look at the perversion of reality by those in power. I’m sure we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of what is really going on.

    Hopefully the seed of truth that has been planted is enough to overcome the corruption.

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    • mdaush says:

      When you see the trouble and risk taken to upend Trump….we can only imagine the real crimes they are trying to hide! There is a reason that Trump, the DOJ and former Navy SEALS are pursuing child predators.

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  5. montanamel says:

    I’m liking the disclosure of that “2nd charging doc” to ‘ol muleface….just drop it on the table with Barr’s redacted version of the report…wonder “how close” they might agree, eh?…


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  6. I realize that those very first conversations and spoken (unwritten) agreements about what to do and how to proceed to begin this criminal enterprise is not as easy to get out into the open to be clearly seen. But several items Sidney lists in her article and SD’s good order of things suggested to be investigated, rightfully repeated several times in some of his last posts, would go a long ways to uncover any paperwork, emails, logs (like the WH logs during the transition period) that could link the beginning roots of it to all the ensuing communications and tributaries.

    One would have to wonder how much of that has been destroyed or compromised. These people are evil, but not stupid. But still, trying to cover a thousand lies, sources and evidence of operations, I would still think, by the law’s requirements to archive this stuff, there would be enough there to connect beginning and later dots. SD, you’ve done an absolutely awesome job connecting dots with what you have had to work with. Imagine having some of the root stuff to work with!

    Devin Nunes should go down as one of the great names in the history of our Republic. The Reps may be the minority party in the House, but this man is not backing down or slacking off. Neither is Jim Jordan.

    Thank God for all of you expending yourselves tirelessly in this great pursuit of truth and justice. I hope God especially blesses every one of you.


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    • CHenie says:

      >>>>>One would have to wonder how much of that has been destroyed or compromised.<<<<-well they've had 2 years to destroy, compromise, etc., so….

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    • From earlier in this post, you said “You know, it’s almost more astonishing about what Mueller didn’t investigate than what he did investigate”
      This is the key. If there is nothing on the DNC hack, Hilliary’s server, Fusion, etc, then the Rosenstain charging document won’t need to be seen, we will know it was “See Trump, Get Trump, Screw Trump”. Pure and simple.
      The 40 FBI agents—are they the same ones interviewing anyone and everyone who might have anything on Trump, are they the ones who raided Cohen’s office, are they the ones who invaded Roger Stone’s home, do they know anything about Seth Rich’s “suicide”, are they the ones who tipped off CNN to have cameras rolling at 5am at Roger Stone’s house? Somehow I doubt these are those vaunted “rank-and-file Puritans” nor do they have the vision to see wrong doing!
      The 19 lawyers—are they from DoJ 7th floor, SDNY, or the 9th Circus? Actually there are far more than 19 corrupt lawyers—look at what has not been charged, maybe not even looked at much less investigated. Really smart to grant immunity to the inner circles of the most corrupt. Do we know everyone granted immunity? Likely not—there may be some granted immunity and never interviewed.
      As for Obama’s docs, they aren’t personal are they? I would think they would belong to the government much like Comey’s. He had so many rats in his cadre that the Pied Piper could get the rats to do his dirty deeds. We’re the White House bugs operational before he left office or did the switch flip to on at 12:01 on January 20, 2017? That might be interesting.
      Good questions Angelle!

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      • littleannie:

        As far as some BHO docs, he had some sealed for use in the P. library. Dutchman brought up that question earlier am this morning, so I provided 3 links to certify that. Those docs won’t be available for 5 years if memory serves me right.

        IMO, I would have a team of people concentrating strictly in the area of the most obnoxiously obvious elements that should have been investigated, questioned and thoroughly sorted out but were not and presently still are not. SD started a thread out yesterday evening with a quote from Sergey Kisykak about how he was never even questioned. Okie dokey, what could possibly be wrong with THAT picture? It’s soooooo obvious.

        People like SD, Sidney, Joe D., Catherine H. and others ARE pointing these things out. But I would still get a special investigative LE team especially honed in on this area…with some added public output to get more Americans thinking about these glaring omissions and questioning them.

        Of course, all with any knowledge at all about this whole charade, know exactly why there are glaring omissions of proper and complete investigation of what are, again, obnoxiously obvious points of interest being purposely set aside, ignored and in some cases actually blocked from being able to be moved forward.

        Robert Muller is a real stink bomb of resistance. Truth and real, factual evidence kills lies and false narratives. You know it. I know it SD, Treepers, all of us know it. It’s a story of the processing of good law that’s as old as the hills.

        You’re firing on all cylinders today! Good way to start the day.

        Have enjoyed reading your 2 reply comments.


        Liked by 1 person

        • Correction:

          Sorry for the mix up….really need more sleep. LOL

          Not Sergey, but Svetlana Lokhova, that Sundance posted a quote from in his thread: Devin Nunes Outlines Three Key Issues…posted 4.17.2019.

          I apoogize for my mix up. I seriously need more sleep. LOL…

          Anyway, I know regular Treepers, readers and posters are understanding.

          Greatly appreciate all of you here in the CTH of the Last Refuge.

          Liked by 1 person

      • PS: And yes, full disclosure about the WH bugs would be great!


      • farrier105 says:

        Rosenstein’s scope memo to Mueller was always centered on ONLY the Trump Campaign, not Hillary, not the Hillary campaign, and not the DNC. There’s a lot on the DNC hack, but it is shot full of holes. Some of it was likely copied from a lawsuit GEORGE WEBB filed regarding his theory that Imran Awan, et. al. hacked the DNC. The part of the Mueller indictment that mirrored Webb’s legal pleading was the technical description of the “ActBlueS” gambit wherein a fake Web site changed a link from to, which funneled prospective DNC donors to a fake actblue site so that someone could steal the donations. I haven’t heard of anyone apprehended for this theft, but it sounds like something Imran Awan would have done.


  7. mike says:

    So , if Mueller was convicted of Treason for his part in a coup d’état during a large scale Invasion of the United States, could he, or we, request a Marine firing squad ?

    Liked by 6 people

    • WSB says:

      Don’t they hang traitors?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Lucille says:

        Well, the Rosenbergs got electrocuted. And if his Russian communist handler is to be believed, Julius passed many secrets to him (and Ethel knew, transcribing a bunch), but the atomic bomb info wasn’t one of them. Traitors, nonetheless.

        I’d say that these Spygate traitors deserve the chair, too.

        Liked by 4 people

        • Hey Lucille

          You know, me thinks that’s what our forefathers would do, especially GW considering the price he and others paid and sacrificed for this Republic.

          Can you imagine what GW would have thought about those who would have tried to undermine him and overthrow his Presidency?

          I think he could not have gotten to rope and tree limb fast enough!

          Bless you and thx again for the Savannah park square pics you posted for me Monday morning. That was cool and brought up a lot of good memories.


      • Julian says:

        On the Mall. On the Monument.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Anna Goforth says:

    The figures from the Federal holding also does not show the ICE holds in local jails. This includes City and County jails. Those numbers in the one I used to work at were between 45-50% depending upon population flow. And to them, it was all a joke.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. E. L. Tolbert says:

    The whole Coup is so complicated I cannot keep up with it all, even with Sundance’s perspicuity.

    But, one thing seems simple. Mufsud. If he was working for the English/Americans, then it was clearly a set-up from the beginning and the Seditionists have not a leg to stand on.

    But, as late as this weekend, a Democrat Talking points person was still claiming he was a Russian spy.

    I believe that establishing who Mifsud was working for when he first talked to Papadopulos is the key. If it was the English/Americans the whole conspiracy must unravel from there.

    People know the answer to this. It should not be so hard to establish with clarity for the American people.

    Liked by 5 people

  10. InAz says:

    These traitors did such evil despicable things, ruined lives, spitting on the Constitution…..time to do the same to them what they did to President Trump and those who were targeted.

    Liked by 6 people

  11. Perot Conservative says:

    To confirm: IG now has access to everything?

    BTW, maybe John Lausch and John Huber were the double head fake of Sessions / Deep State.

    And why did Gowdy and Goodlatte move at a snail’s pace?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dutchman says:

      Certainly the I.G. can’t be blocked from anything, because of Mueller investigation, now. He has clearance, and by statute is SUPPOSED to be able to see everything.

      Huber and Lausch, double head fake, sure. The final proof, for those trust sessions holdouts.

      Gowdy and Goodlatte, you have to ask?
      Traitorous Rinos helping the cover up.
      Do not look away. This is what Republicons in charge of Congress DO;
      they don’t just lie, the whole political position they allege to hold is a lie.
      Its an act. Imagine McConnell, pulling off a mask, and its Nancy Pelosi underneath?
      Its NOT ‘personal animosity’, or any of the miriad excuses offered, for the wholesale vitriol directed at PDJT from every direction.
      Its that he is an EXISTENTIAL threat;
      His actions cause 10’s of millions of Republican voters to realise the truth about the Republicon leadership in Congress, and THAT is what makes him and MAGA an existential threat to the Uniparty.
      Its NOT “the tweets”, or his “coarseness”
      Or even that he is not a member of “the club”.
      Expose the Republicons, and the Uniparty collapses.

      Liked by 7 people

      • convert says:

        This. 👆👆👆 But there is something else to it though: there is truly a visceral hatred among the elites for people like Trump, for people like us, people who are just not ivy league, polished progressives. We are the great unwashed, the deplorables, those bitter clingers, those ridiculous religious people. They hate us. Truly hate us. And they are incensed that one of us, one of the Hicks, the rednecks, actually became president.

        Liked by 4 people

  12. nbkilgore says:

    One thing that set me straight from the get go was reading Representative Loui Gomert’s “Exposing Robert Mueller”. Reading that, my own knowledge and digging back into the way back machines, there was just no way I could go along with SC Robert Mueller coming up with a fair unbiased investigation. He never changed his colors, he is still the same dirty cop I got to know years back. Sundance and many fellow Treepers were right to stand firm on their belief that Robert Mueller was dirty and an untrustworthy, but in the end we got what we wanted and had always stood firm that our VSG POTUS Trump was innocent. He’s been vindicated, but we still have more battles to fight and by God’s grace we will come out stronger than ever before. It is now on us to be the historians and teach our children, grandchildren and our youths so that this does not get repeated. It is also upon us to elect legislatures who are truly committed to our Republics Constitution to insure laws are enacted/modified the 702 FISA statutes to protect the 4th amendment everyone of our legal US citizens. May God do his will and bless this Treeper family, Amen!

    Liked by 9 people

  13. Dutchman says:

    I KNEW Nunes referals covered more than eight individuals.
    A) cause he had earlier said 12-24, and
    B) The referals ar for CONSPIRACY, and
    Like Tango, it takes at least 2.

    The release of the Mueller report isn’t the end of this, its just the end of the beginning.

    Strap in treepers, we are in for one he!! of a ride!

    I don’t know whether they read Sundances excellent advice, or ‘like minds think alike’, but seems like there are a number of people who are NOT falling into, (what,did Sundance call it)
    The justification trap?
    They are focusing on HOW did it all start, which leads inevitably to WHEN did it all start.
    Early conversations, winks and nods, want to say “Boy, were these people STUPID”,..they are IDEOLOGUES, ‘true believers’, so smart or stupid doesn’t come into it.
    And they are gonna hang.

    Liked by 8 people

  14. Dr.Jay says:

    SD, you missed a spot, or two:

    (4) Why was a CIA spy, Stefen Halpert, send to infiltrate, entrap and spy on the Trump Campaign PRIOR to the opening of the FBI investigation on July 31st 2016? [1]

    (5) Why was a CIA (& Israeli?) spy, Charles Tawil, ordered to attempt to entrap a Trump Campaign member, G. Papadopoulos, by giving him $10,000? [2]

    —————— f.n.
    [1] Stefen Halpert was at the time also member of the CSI an organization setup with a Halykut member together with the former head of MI6. The CSI had intimate contacts with high ranking FSB (& ex-KGB) officers. Halykut has close relationships with other ex-MI6 member outfits, such as Orbis Business Intelligence (from Mr. Steele). A former Halykut board member was Australian diplomat, and apparently former 5-eyes spy, Downer (who was involved in another entrapment operation, together with professor Mifsud, yet another Western Intelligence asset).

    [2] This was part of a CIA or FBI entrapment operation, in order for the FBI to find that money on him when he travelled back to the USA (he wasn’t carrying the money, he had left it with a lawyer in Greece, the FBI did stop him on entry and searched his belogings for the money they expected to find).

    Liked by 3 people

  15. Dr.Jay says:

    And why does Mueller so often lie in the actual charges in his indictments?

    A) [Flynn] the claim/charge that Gen. Flynn lied against the FBI in Jan 2017, despite statements by Comey that the FBI agents testified that he did not. [1]

    B) [Stone] the claim/charge that Stone lied to congress when he gave a correct negative answer to the question whether he ‘colluded with the Russians’ (false) who were using WikiLeaks (false, unproven) to distribute the Podesta emails (false unproven) which they had obtained by hacking the DNC servers (known to be false).

    C) [GRU] the claim/charge that GRU people (or anyone for that matter) entered the DNC network and gained access to DNC servers by remote login to a Windows network, without using a DNC laptop and using a non-Windows userid and password (instead by using an email account and password as credentials.[2]

    D) [Papadopoulos] the claim that he lied against the FBI about the timing of his meeting with CIA/FBI operative Mifsud, when in fact there is no evidence for that except for the statement made by a known politically motivated, strongly Clinton biased, FBI agent.
    the claim/charge that Mifsud was a Russian operative, when in fact he works for Western Intelligence [3]

    Etc. Etc. ad nauseam.

    —— f.n.
    1. The claim seems to be based on a fraudelent 302, which was not made directly after the interview (i.e. within one week, as mandated by FBI regs) but which was made more than 2 weeks later (according to claims by the FBI. in reality that may not have been the original 302, in which case the original has been made to disappear (conspiracy, obstruction) and/or the archiving system has been fraudulently changed (fraud, conspiracy, obstruction)

    2: two issues with that: (1) this is not the way APT29/Fancy Bear normally enters a network, instead they try to get targets to execute 1st stage malware on their laptops, which then installs and downloads later stage malware. And (2) the reason why hacker groups such as APT29/Fancy Bear no longer try remote access to Windows Networks, is simply because it does not work (you need a computer which is already member of the network domain and which has the proper VPN keys and of course you need to use a valid Windows account plus password).

    3. Mifsud has taught at NATO intelligence spy universities & seminars, including at least one with former head of the UK JIC (& main person in charge of vetting UK intelligence people) and who went into hiding in a safe house belonging to or under the control of the Italian Intelligence services, after being warned he should do so by the former head of an Italian Intelligence service. And he is a self proclaimed ‘member of the Clinton Foundation’ (may be a translation issue: it may mean he was an operative of CF, a volunteer or CF or more likely a donation collector or even donor),

    Liked by 6 people

  16. Folks here is a message I sent A.G. William Barr :
    Mr. Barr,
    The Public [IS] aware of the Bobby Mueller and CORRUPT Dep. A.G. Roddy Rosenstein Conspiracy to take down Pres. Trump.
    Right the Ship or FOREVER Sink It…..The choice is yours.

    Liked by 5 people

  17. Julian says:

    So. If it’s proved the entire Mueller probe was predicated on a lie doesn’t that open up Bob Mueller & Rod Rodentstein to prosecution for Obstruction of Justice?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alligator Gar says:

      If proven that it was predicated on a known lie, expect the victims to lawyer up and file 1983 actions in federal court. Mulehead and his merry band of miscreants could face personal liability for deprivation of civil rights under color of law. Oh, and those d@mned LEOs who were in on the pre-dawn raids and jack-boot tactics could face personal liability, too.

      Good riddance to BAD rubbish.

      Liked by 3 people

  18. Pyrthroes says:

    As ever in these compressed time-frame “complex situations” –think Lee’s “perfect response” to envelopment by Fightin’ Joe Hooker at Chancellorsville (May 1863)– victory stems from an audacious commander out-maneuvering powerful but unimaginative opposition.

    Over some two years, though Wray has long proved useless (Sessions needs no introduction) it seems that dumpy-looking William Barr may actually prove Sheridan in disguise: “What was done, what to do? A glance told him both, / “And striking his spurs with a terrible oath, he swept down the line to a storm of huzzahs / “And checked the retreat in its course there because / “The dashing commander compelled it to pause.”

    Appearances here mean very little. What counts is substance –like porn, we know it when see it– and with Trump’s backing Barr may yet play Lee to Fightin’ Joe.


  19. Cheesehead54016 says:

    I think Nunes either provides the DOJ Referrals today or tomorrow. Seems like a good time gor them would be after the M Report is out. Long three day weekend.


  20. Blind no longer says:

    I wonder when Barr took over did he look at all the blatant coup cover up going on, hiding of evidence, attempts to take out a sitting President and shake his head at his good friend Robert Mueller, saying….WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE!!!?

    If Barr is a decent man that believes in truth and the rule of law, you know he had to be asking himself what his good buddy/friend Robert Mueller was doing here. Will Barr be loyal to his friendship’s and the Institutions, or will he really let truth and justice be his legacy?


    • amwick says:

      This is just me speculating.. but I think AG Barr was following this whole sad story for a long time.. I think he was retired, but he still had friends, associates, whatever, and he had a sense of what was going on… That may be why he is the AG now… I believe he is a patriot and, like our VSGPotus wanted to set things back on the rails…

      Liked by 5 people

      • strateshooter says:

        if so…this must be VERY PAINFUL for him.
        Barr has known and worked with these folks all his life. They are friends in some cases.
        The SWAMP sticks together ,so I have little belief at this stage that Barr will be fair to POTUS . If he is though he will be a man amongst men when showing the strength of character that all this will need to see it thru.
        .To be honest not many of us could do what he needs to do … convict his beloved institutions/buddies and save the Republic or back off /go easy but lose the Republic.
        As citizens we know the right path…but he is a swamp creature (unlike POTUS).

        The SWAMP is POWERFUL !!!!!!! and he is a member.


        • amwick says:

          He is in the job… So he made his choice. I believe his interests will be preserving justice and the nation. I don’t know how that will appear to an outsider like me… probably it will not be something I like..


  21. amwick says:

    I watched the Ingraham Angle this morning.. Devin Nunes came right out and said he was framed.

    No doubt about it.. plain and simple.. he was framed… *sighs

    Liked by 2 people

  22. TomA says:

    Mueller was tasked with continuing the ongoing coup against an elected president. That was the focus of his team and their strategy was to provoke Trump into firing Mueller or Rosenstein, which they believed would legitimize an impeachment (many GOPe were waiting in the wings to facilitate this option). Trump did not take the bait. The history of Spygate is the story of numerous failed attempts to take down Trump by any means necessary. The Mueller SC was a Hail Mary pass that fell short. If Barr doesn’t hold the coup conspirators accountable, it will happen again sometime down the road. And history will record that he enabled that outcome.

    Liked by 3 people

  23. Michael in Dublin says:

    On the immigrant issue
    “The state cannot arrest, prosecute, and punish lawbreakers, as it must do, without separating them from their families. Nor can it defend its borders without the use of force.”


  24. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Nunes references Grasssley/Graham/Johnson letter

    Click to access 2019-04-16%20LG%20CEG%20RJ%20to%20AG%20-%20IG%20MYE%20classified%20annex.pdf

    Wonder if this ties into to this Peter Strzok classic text:

    B) thing is, there are VERY inflammatory things in the 302s we
    didn’t turn over to Congress (because they weren’t relevant to
    understanding the focus of the investigation) that are going to
    come out in FOIA and absolutely inflame Congress
    . l’m sure Jim
    and Trisha and Dave and Mike are all considering how things like
    that play out as they talk amongst themselves.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. magatrump says:

    Mueller and Rosenstein are liars and traitors to the republic.


  26. Trump Train says:

    Day 818 and yet not one deep state traitor has been executed or even arrested.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Ace of Space says:

    When will it come out that Carter Page was an informant working for the FBI to nab Russian Spies? That the FISA warrant issue on him was completely made up, you cannot get a warrant on somebody that works for you assisting you and on your payroll helping you spy on the enemy and nail them, the Russians had no idea he was working to bring them down and thought he was a flimsy patsy fall guy gringo easy to manipulate, but NO! He went to Russia to get intel and report back to his FBI superiors! He was never indicted for any crimes! This is sooooo re-dik-hedulous! When will the media finally report he was undercover FBI employee? Once that is out then the whole spying on Trump is proven to be an OBAMA political opponent operation which is illegal right? WHEN? WHEN? WHEN? It is right there in front of us! Carter Page was not a Russian Spy working with them, he was FBI plant working for America!


    • farrier105 says:

      When will it come out that Carter Page was an informant working for the FBI to nab Russian Spies?

      It has. The media just don’t keep repeating it so it drills through to most of the people who care about such things. The media keep repeating about how he traveled to Russia and gave a speech there.


  28. This is why I become so enraged when I hear someone talk about how “honorable” Mueller is. He is immoral and corrupt and has been for a very long time


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