Common Sense Canadians Crush the Moonbats in Alberta…

A massive defeat for the left-wing loons in Alberta Canada now means half the Canadian provinces are aligned against Justin’s rainbow-socks coalition and disastrous climate agenda.  Apparently having a common sense approach now means ‘right-of-center‘.

CALGARY, Alberta (Reuters) – A right-of-center party swept to power in Canada’s main oil-producing province of Alberta on Tuesday and attacked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s efforts to fight climate change, raising tension just months ahead of a federal election.

The United Conservative Party (UCP) of Jason Kenney, which had led in the polls for months, crushed the left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) government of Rachel Notley amid frustration over the economy and a beleaguered energy industry.

Kenney’s victory means governments in five of the 10 provinces now oppose Trudeau’s plans to combat global warming, which look set to be a major theme of the October election. (more)

The real-world effect of having an anti-business outlook is starting to have a real impact, and not just on massive corporations.  As Manny from Ottawa points out, even the smaller Canadian firms are giving up and heading to the more pro-business U.S.A.  In this example 240 Canadian jobs are moving…

(Truro, Nova Scotia) […] “Earlier today, we informed our employees that Tarkett North America will be closing our manufacturing plant in Truro, Nova Scotia, effective July 16, 2019,” the company said Tuesday afternoon in an email to Mills, Colchester County Mayor Christine Blair and other stakeholders.

“As one of our valued stakeholders, we wanted to share that this was not an easy decision and it is not a reflection of the caliber of work done by our Truro team,” the company said in a statement issued through the National Consulting Group.

“A business decision has been made and our manufacturing operations will be relocating to Dalton, Georgia.”

The company has sister operations in Georgia and Mills said one of the reasons he has heard for the move is to improve operational efficiencies. (more)


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76 Responses to Common Sense Canadians Crush the Moonbats in Alberta…

  1. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Love it!

    Lookee Lookee! Two Pigs in a Poke.

    Er…..Two Traitors…..

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  2. Dutchman says:

    To all our Canadian treepers; beware the false “conservatives” who will infiltrate your conservative party, to subvert any REAL change, giving you the ILLUSION of a two party system, and a false “conservative altertative” to twinkletoes; its how they roll.

    Judge by ACTIONS, not words, hold them accountable, and be ever vigilant.

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      Yes indeed!

      In the U.S. they’re called GOP and entered into the Tea P………..

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    • Mongo says:

      That’s what happened to the old Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta.
      The teacher’s union joined the party and voted in an ex-UN commie as leader of the party.
      Allison Redford.

      The easiest way to neuter the conservative parties is to fill them with liberals.

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    • Moray Watson says:

      The good news is that we have a 3+ party system. You’re absolutely right though about being vigilant.

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    • Akindole says:

      Otherwise known as “The Rove Effect”

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    • Yy4u says:

      Dutchman gets it right. Look what happened to us! We elected Trump when every pundit said he couldn’t win. He won!

      So what did the Republicans do? Their very best to thwart him. One even joined the Dossier conspiracies (McCain). Ryan lied about funding the wall to get POTUS to sign an omnibus bill then set about to lose the House….as McConnell is trying to duplicate by his “independence” speech.

      They are desperate to get bqck in the minority so they can run on what they would do IF ONLY they had all three branches of government…thinking we will forget they had all three branches of government.

      All to keep up the illusion there are two parties and not one Uniparty dedicated yo Globalism. So long as Trump is president qe have no choice but to elect establishment Repubs who haven’t been primaried out of their seats. But once he is out of office this voter will never vite for another lying establishment Repub politician again no matter how bad the Democrat is. Jeb or Hillary…how differently would they have governed? SCOTUS? Right. Bushes gave us Souter and Rogers, Establishment gave us Kavanaugh who votes with the Lefties.

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    • Dekester says:

      Cheers Dutchman, Alberta had one previous to the NDP win, her name was Redford or something like that. Up here they are called a Red Tories ( Conservatives.) She was utter scum, and an Obama devotee.

      God bless PDJT.

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  3. Thomas Holsinger says:

    I disagree. Having a clue means “right of center”.

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    • GB Bari says:


      “Center” means one agrees with the Leftists half of the time. Only way one would do that is by being half clueless.

      By reason then, “having a clue” puts one to the right of center most if not all of the time.

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  4. Bendix says:

    How can any reporter write the words, “Justin Trudeau’s efforts to fight climate change”?
    As if anyone at all could “fight climate change”, but Justin?
    Come on!
    Change careers and earn a legitimate living.

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    • nigelf says:

      I like to use common sense and argue with warmists that approx. 150 miles due south of here the average yearly temperature is about 2 or three degrees warmer than here, roughly what the warmists say will destroy our farming and civilization.
      Then I ask them is the farming devastated in that area? Are the people in dire straights?
      Of course that doesn’t shut them up and they go on about how it will be worse for other areas of the globe, just not this one.
      Then I reply asking them then what area in the world is so much worse off 150 miles south of anywhere else because it’s warmer in that area and they usually call me names and walk away because they simply can’t refute that logic.
      It’s funny how the lure of socialism can suck people in but after one term of it they run like hell from it.
      Great news for Alberta. I have an older brother living there and I told him he must feel as good as I felt when Doug Ford became Premier here in Ontario.

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      • BigTalkers says:

        Tell them this was a scheme originally concocted by the UN to shift massive smounts of (their) wealth from the 1st to the 3rd world. They can LOOK IT UP!

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        • nigelf says:

          I tried that BigTalkers. They just give you the “conspiracy theory” talking points and change the subject.
          Some people just REFUSE to challenge their own world view of things because the truth might make them uncomfortable. I don’t waste much time with any of them, some are just too stupid to attempt to learn.

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      • Yy4u says:

        nigelf — have you seen the NPC memes? (Twitter is banning them). They present the Left as just what you described. For those who haven’t seen them, you tube NPC University.

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      • Peppurr says:

        Well, I moved to Ontario from BC just over a year ago. What a fiasco that last provincial election was there. Shocking. At least I got to help Ford in, here.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        Congrats to all you good conservative Canadian neighbors, and best wishes for continued successes. I’m re-watching the Rush documentary (Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage) tonight in honor of your win. 🙂

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      • Herbert Kroll says:

        It was terrible what happened to Doug Ford, but great how he fought back. Btw: this is still the best documentary out there that shows why climate change hysteria is a hoax:

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      Hey now, we had a former POTUS who could single-handedly slow the rising seas. (rolls eyes)

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  5. StanH says:

    It has leaked that Twinks is weeping inconsolably and is in his favorite too-too awaiting Barry (Obama) so they can cuddle and think of what was.

    Right on Canada!

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  6. alliwantissometruth says:

    I feel sorry for those Canadians who didn’t vote for the leftist BS that takes their jobs and prosperity away, but the people need to start organizing among themselves and start knocking some sense into their brainwashed brethren who keep voting these radicals in

    We in America need to do the same

    The Globalist / Deep State / Marxist cabal continues to wield enough influence over voters by the continued “education” brainwashing and “media” propaganda, and their power remains intact

    Awareness, or the awakening of the people to the destructive nature of the cabals intent to their livelihoods and their overall well being is slow, and it seems to be a never ending back and forth regarding who holds power

    The cabals influence and power needs to be diminished and ultimately defeated once and for all if we’re to ever get back on track and back to countries and societies that work in the interests of those who inhabit them

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  7. Darren says:

    PEI (Prince Edward Island) is next with the Conservatives currently projected for, at least, a minority Government.

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  8. Darren says:

    Funny how the polls are always off -10% or more for Conservative parties…

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  9. SharkDiver says:

    Who is running against Justin and what are the odds they can beat him?


    • curator55 says:

      Andrew Scheer for the Conservative party and Jagmeet Singh for the NDP.
      Justin’s party was behind in the polls by several percent when the 2 female cabinet ministers were embarrassing him and then resigned. Here’s a poll tracker for whatever it’s worth. Scheer’s ahead by 3%.

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      • WES says:

        Shark: Sadly Trudope will likely hang onto power because the liberal support is concentrated where it counts. The reason is simple. Quebec always votes 100% liberal and is over represented. So all Trudope has to do is get some additional support from the big 100% leftist cities like Toronto and Vancouver and he has a majority! The rest of Canada does not matter!

        The Dems can only dream for now what Trudope already has! We rarely have a conservative government and only when the liberal’s corruption becomes excessive especially in Quebec where “corruption is Quebec’s favorite indoor sport”!

        It would be like NY and California voting Dem plus a few Dem’s big cities like Chicago, Detroit, etc. and what the rest of the US does doesn’t matter except you have the Electoral College to stop that.

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      • Re-Farmer says:

        WES, I fear you are correct. It doesn’t matter how Western Canada votes. Whoever ON and Que votes for, wins. And with so many new “immigrants” being allowed to vote, I think the Libs are pretty confident that they have already bought the next election.

        I was pretty excited to see the NDP get turfed in Alberta. I lived there for a few years, and things had been really good. Even during the global recession, with PM Harper at the helm, Canada managed pretty well, and Alberta barely saw a slow down. I remember seeing signs at McDonalds offering starting wages of $12 (I believe minimum wage at the time was $9.25), plus scholarships for students who stayed on the job for at least 6 months. Restaurants had to limit their hours, because they couldn’t hire enough people; oil field jobs had starting wages of $17, so that’s where everyone was going.

        Things started to go south when Redford was elected, but nothing compared to how quickly things fell apart under Notley and the NDP. It was devastating. And yet, the True Believers simply could not admit that things were getting bad. They were too excited over getting their privileges and celebrating the lost “tar sands” jobs. It was pretty sickening. Then Trudeau become our accidental Prime Minister and the downward slide escalated. It was so bad, even I – a proud Canadian – now support Western separation.

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        • Peppurr says:

          Thank you for your post. Very interesting. You’re absolutely correct about the voting system in the West. I found it so frustrating, especially when our polls hadn’t even closed and they were declaring a Federal winner for us in the East.. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Alberta went NDP!! BC yes, Lots of union people and ME immigrants, the latter of which will vote liberal for the rest of their lives out of gratitude.

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          • Re-Farmer says:

            I used to live in Victoria, then in Richmond. Things have only gotten worse in that area but they’ve got the population to vote in whomever they want, and the rest of BC suffers for it, just like the Western provinces pay the price for how Eastern Canada votes.

            Another thing I forgot to add to the list; during the boom years, lots of people from Eastern Canada moved to Alberta for jobs – and brought their socialist ideology with them. 😦

            AUPE contributes something like 25 cents per member to the NDP, and actively campaign for them, while the NDP (both federal and provincial) kissed their a$$es in return.

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  10. curator55 says:

    This is a well written and accurate article IMO.

    The only point I would add is while the “lefty moonbats of Alberta” comment is true for many of them, the NDP leader Rachel Notley was a strong, determined woman that fought hard for the pipeline against the ultra Green Climate mongering NDP gov’t in B.C. Ironically, B.C.’s GDP is the highest in Canada at appx. 2.6% while the once booming Alberta’s GDP is 7th out of 10 provinces.

    Notley’s other economic policies that included Climate Change burdens only added to the many vacant office towers in Calgary and the high unemployment rate in Alberta. Her party’s time was done. Kenney’s taking a tougher stance and has threatened to turn off the taps to B.C. if they continue opposing the pipeline through, Recent price for gas per litre in B.C. below.

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  11. Pokey says:

    Alberta used to be the stronghold of the Conservatives in Canada. What happened that caused them to elect the NDP in the first place. Losing Ontario was the death knell for Trudy boy. Ontario is the largest Province by far in population. But it must be understood by us that Provinces are more like administrative sub-units of the Canadian Government. So, all this election in Alberta does is shift around some local ministers and help get a few Canadian Parliament districts flipped in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections. It is a bad omen for a sitting Prime Minister, to be sure.

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    • Re-Farmer says:

      “What happened that caused them to elect the NDP in the first place. ”

      It was a combination of things, but I referred to Notley as an “accidental premier”, just as I call T2 an “accidental PM”.

      After the fiasco with the PCs and Redford, the only conservative option left was Wild Rose. They did come very close to winning, but in the last week of the election, the media ratcheted up the false narrative that they were anti-lgbt, racist, hatey-McHaters. Specifically, someone found and wrote about an old blog post written by a WR candidate that was supposedly “hateful” of gay people, and the mainstream media ran with his claims. Unlike others, I actually was able to get a copy of the original blog post (it had been deleted, but a friend had a screen capture) and read it. It wasn’t hateful at all, and was really very thought provoking. Also, it was written by a pastor and was aimed at the members of his church. It didn’t matter; he didn’t celebrate and support gay people’s sex lives, therefore he – and the WR – were absolutely slammed as bigots. The WR, unfortunately, didn’t stand up to the slander.

      Another part was an active social media campaign of “anyone but conservative/WR”. There was no real reasoning behind it. Just the usual accusations of racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc. There were some serious elections violations that got ignored, just like in the federal election, some months later.

      There were also ridings where people’s choices were limited, as all parties did not have candidates in them, so some people couldn’t vote for the party they actually wanted to support. They voted for the one they thought would be the least damaging.

      And finally, there were the people who couldn’t bring themselves to vote PC, so they voted for the party they thought was least likely to win: the NDP. I still remember reading posts and comments after the election. Quite a few were appalled that the NDP won, and regretted voting for them. They seriously did not believe the NDP candidate would win and made the mistake of voting “against” instead of voting “for.”

      In the end, it was a great big clusterf*** that resulted in an NDP winning almost by default.

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      • Peppurr says:

        Thanks very much for explaining! LOL what a stupid reason to vote NDP or anyone, for that matter.. They should have stayed home. Reminds me of when I worked for the Courts and we had to do a Judicial recount for an area in northern BC. You would be surprised to know what some people do instead of marking an X next to their candidate. There were smiley faces, swastikas, to name a couple. Of course they all had to be tossed.Crazy.

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  12. The 2015 election was a “protest vote” against the corrupt progressive conservatives ….. Many woke up the next day going OMG and oh shoot elections have consequences.

    The problem is while we can affect a few things in the province we are hampered by Prime Minister Ken doll and people like Christine what’s her name and their trade “policies”

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  13. Critical Mass says:

    The photo of May and Trudeau at the end of the article =

    “Harold and Maude”

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  14. Deplorable Canuck says:

    We are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and for once it is not an on-coming train. BC will be getting rid of the (NDP), New Dog Poison very soon!.

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  15. mr.piddles says:

    I think Twinkle’s right eyebrow just fell off. Hits keep comin’. First: b-slapped by Trump. Then b-slapped by Lighthizer and Co. Then scandal. An eyebrow situation somewhere in there. Now this. And he’s… what… maybe 40? That’s a lot of years to reflect…

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  16. Darren says:

    I expect A Liberal defeat this fall. People are angry. What is certain is that it’s going to get nasty. The Libs are in panic mode. Claims of “Far right Nationalism” are already flying. The identity politics and name calling will be worse than the Dems in 2018. I think many are fed up with it. It’ll likely have the opposite effect. Oh and the MSM will be at CNN level. It’s gonna be bad…

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    • I think people are under estimating the anger that true Canadians felt that Trudeau underhandedly gave their hard earned tax dollars to Omar Kdhar . Those Canadians will not forget…

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    • Peppurr says:

      We just have to hope the anger lasts. Trudy has 6 mos to give out hand outs. And he sure doesn’t care about the West. Remembering his father visiting Vancouver, getting out of his limo to demonstrators and giving everyone his middle finger.. Like father, like son except father had some brains.


    • Peppurr says:

      Oh yes. Richmond. Forgot about that place. Always a liberal vote there.


  17. Jake says:

    The Liberals got one percent of the vote and no seats. They are fringe loonies in Alberta.

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  18. RadioMattM says:

    To clarify the 2015 map: in BC, the party that is conservative is actually called the Liberal Party — not to be confused with the Liberal Party of Canada (Justin’s Party). The party in BC that is socialist is the NDP, and the whack-job party is the Green Party. In 2015, BC had a conservative government under the Liberal Party. Right now the Liberal Party has more seats than the NDP but the NDP formed a coalition with the Green Party.

    Go figure.

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    • Diane says:

      I’ll say it again. BC Liberals were just as corrupt as any Liberal in the country. There is no Conservative option in BC. The last leader of the Conservatives in BC did his job well, and destroyed the party, leaving no one to vote for. Federally it’s the same. No one to vote for.

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  19. tav144 says:

    Oh but he has such purdy socks. LoL

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  20. Richard says:

    Can we trade Alberta for New York.


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