*UPDATED* Cautious Optimism – AG William Barr States He is Reviewing DOJ/FBI Conduct During The Summer of 2016…

Attorney General William Barr was questioned today by republican lawmaker Robert Aderholt about potentially fraudulent DOJ and FBI submissions to the FISA court – to gain a Title-One surveillance warrant against U.S. Person Carter Page.

In a deliberate response AG Barr stated: “The Office of the Inspector General has a pending investigation of the FISA process in the Russia investigation. I expect that will be complete in probably May or June, I am told.  More generally, I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016.”


The response would indicate AG Barr is taking personal interest in the events behind the July 31st, 2016, origination of the Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence operation. Additionally, this approach indicates AG Barr’s review is going much further than Inspector General Horowitz; taking the review all the way to the origin of the intelligence community operation.

UPDATE: Bloomberg Reports: Attorney General William Barr has assembled a team to review controversial counterintelligence decisions made by Justice Department and FBI officials, including actions taken during the probe of the Trump campaign in the summer of 2016, according to a person familiar with the matter.

This indicates that Barr is looking into allegations that Republican lawmakers have been pursuing for more than a year — that the investigation into President Donald Trump and possible collusion with Russia was tainted at the start by anti-Trump bias in the FBI and Justice Department.

“I am reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016,” Barr told a House panel on Tuesday.

Barr’s inquiry is separate from a long-running investigation by the Justice Department’s inspector general, said the person, who asked not to be identified discussing sensitive matters. The FBI declined to comment. Barr said he expected the inspector general’s work to be completed by May or June.

The issue came up as Barr testified before a Democratic-controlled House Appropriations subcommittee. Most of the questioning concerned demands for Barr to give lawmakers Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s full report and the evidence behind it. But the issue is sure to get more attention when Barr appears Wednesday before the panel’s GOP-led Senate counterpart.  (read more)

Here’s the full exchange:


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279 Responses to *UPDATED* Cautious Optimism – AG William Barr States He is Reviewing DOJ/FBI Conduct During The Summer of 2016…

  1. starfcker says:

    I believe this is a picture of Comey and McCabe going on vacation in Cuba next year. https://images.app.goo.gl/sW13Zg6arGYk18f3A

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  2. Chip Doctor says:

    Being that Barr is simultaneously reviewing the Mueller report with Rosenstein, and assembling a team to investigate how it all got started, I can imagine that Barr keeps a stick of deoderant in his desk drawer and occassuinally offers it to Rod. “Hey Rod, need this? Sure seem to se sweating a lot these days”.

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    • Bill says:

      Very interesting to see how Rosenstein escapes this mess with ahole in tack??

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      • Dutchman says:

        He, Rosie hasn’t escaped NOTHING. Since he is still employeed, he has to answer IG or ethics investigator questions, and as Chip Doctor posted, he’s got to answer to Barr.

        “I am STILL trying to wrap my head around this Rosie,…splain to me;
        WHY did you offer to wear a wire, and whats this whole thing with the 25th?

        WHY in the workd did you sign the FISA, asserting by doing so, that you had affirmed ALL of the information?

        WHERE is the paperwork, for the Woods procedure, on these warrants?

        WHAT DO YOU MEAN, you didn’t follow the woods procedure!!!

        Are you now, or have you ever conspired to overturn an election, or drive a duly elected POTUS from office?
        Yeah, think old Rosie has NOT gotten off, scott free. YET!

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      • bayoukiki says:

        At the end of the day the decision to have him stick around while release (or not) of the report shakes out will prove to have been a very wise one

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        • wlbeattie says:

          I have to say – but SunDance does give us all the clues!
          They even make me think I’m smart some days (spoon fed)!


  3. Ruckus Tom says:

    If my math’s correct June 2019 (2 short months from now) – June 2016 = 3 years. If Trump gets re-elected and if Barr’s investigation, which hasn’t even started yet, goes on another 2.5 years that’s 5.5 years. What’s the statute of limitations on this stuff?


    • sDee says:

      “What’s the statute of limitations on this stuff?”

      What has surfaced here is a window on our seditious federal cabal. There are no limitations of significance on it because it remains a deep and ongoing operation.

      The depth and breadth of this evil must be exposed. We cannot let them pacify us with a few show trials of minions

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      • Maquis says:

        Any act to further, protect, or conceal the original crime resets the statute clock to zero, as I understand it.

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      • Cheese54016 says:

        I still hold out hope that there is a HRC email investigation ongoing and a Clinton Foundation investigation ongoing. Havent heard anything lately but these DOJ/FBI/State Dept folks being investigated for FISA and various process crimes are the same folks in many cases who were involved in those cover ups………I mean Obstruction of Justice. Where are the laptop and whistleblower(s).


    • Bill says:

      Likely 6 years…lots of suckers will not be happy when charges can’t be filled due to statute lapse…some guilty parties need to pay


      • bayoukiki says:

        I will be happy if the whole mess just sees the light of day, even if no one goes to prison

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      • YeahYouRight says:

        Not t really. There’s a process to extend the statute of limitations, and the operation has been ongoing, so both of those considerations can prevent guilty parties from escaping justice. However, there must be a political will to follow through. None of this “let’s move forward” crap.


    • Dutchman says:

      Ruckus Tom;
      Whats you mean IF PDJT gets reelected?

      The whole Democrat plan is,crumbling beneath their feet, biggest backfire in History, and instead of insuring his defeat, they are insuring his reelection, and their own demise.

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    • Add June 2015 to June 2016
      … 6.5 Years


    • littlequilterkitty says:

      No limitation ever for treason!

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  4. Mike Hennessy says:

    There’s the potential it’s chum for we great unwashed goobers. We’ll see!


  5. Willy says:

    Body language tells me this will be covered up… deferring to Horowitz

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  6. Republicanvet91 says:

    “Barr has assembled a team”

    I would much prefer this kind of team rather than another SC or some other kind of investigation.

    A publicly announced team suggests this will be investigated thoroughly and appropriate action taken rather than sweeping things under the rug.

    Here’s to many more sleepless nights for the swamp rats who tried to pull this stunt.

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    • Rileytrips says:

      Has anyone heard from Sen. Warren lately? He usually LOVES the cameras….quite strange he’s been so quiet in the past few weeks. Maybe he has nightmares.

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  7. jsg2020 says:

    Will it be a whitewash or will there be prosecutions?
    THAT is the trillion dollar question.

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  8. ezpz2 says:

    Dare to hope for justice?

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  9. Judith says:

    “For once the president has someone who is totally with him on his agenda. It is so good to see.”

    ..which begs the question: How did AG Barr make it past the swamp?

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    • sDee says:

      How did AG Barr make it past the swamp?


    • Linda K says:

      Mr. Barr appears to be the Obi-wan Kenobi ( Star Wars) of this political saga. Pulled out of retirement , shunning all the swamp critters doing their evil best to destroy our culture and system of government , he is called to right the Justice Department and bring accountability to those who have tried to subvert our country. The government criminals sense that the jig is up but are scurrying to regroup before the final battle. Their problem will be, they lack courage and are afraid of sunlight.


  10. Fools Gold says:

    Na, I think I’ll stay pessimistic until I see charges, raids, and gran jury indictments on any of these treasonous anti Trump bastards…

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  11. Marica says:

    Wow! Eeyore Rules here…


    • sundance says:

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      • WES says:

        Sessions has three strikes against him from my point of view.

        A good person does not set up a head fake on President Trump unless he is in on the plot to kill the king!

        Second only by being a member of the plot could he have known to be at the White House to offer his resignation “unasked” to spring the obstruction trap on President Trump that RR and Mueller had just minutes before set up! You and I would not have understood the true significant of this! Only a trained lawyer would have!

        Thank God President Trump didn’t fall into the obstruction trap cleverly set and baited for him by RR, Mueller, and Sessions! Only Sessions could have sprung this trap by offering his resignation!

        I am guessing RR and Mueller showing up at the White House together would have set off alarm bells and been more easily picked up by President Trump’s lawyers and defended against. Sessions trying to spring the trap would probably have escaped most lawyers.

        Third Sessions wanted the AG post and no other! He was planted into President Trump’s campaign right from the start!

        Sessions is a traitor of the worst sort!

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        • swaggy76 says:

          Agree completely!! There’s just too much fishy action around Sessions. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he was the deep states embedded reporter all along.

          Knowing how disappointed and disapproving Trump was in him (oh, the berating public tweets,) then why did he stick around as long as he did? My guess: he wasn’t permitted to leave until the House was lost.

          What a sad, sorry man.

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      • huecowacko says:

        That’s Hussein’s chair, where’s Eastwood?


      • Maquis says:

        Oh Hell Yes I accept that!

        Huber may as well never have existed. Did he?

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    • jupitercomm says:

      Reference unclear….. if it’s to SD’s “Cautious Optimism”, you’re wrong. People believed a lot of fantasies for 2 yrs & really, they need to be warned this time not to get trapped in their imaginations

      If you’re noting the suspicious increase in cold water being poured on AG Barr DESPITE SD’s warning, then sure, yeah, I guess those are Eyeores or something


      • jupitercomm says:

        oops this was intended to be a reply to the dude who said “Eyeores” above this post
        my reply to SD’s post was gonna be: I picked up that AG Barr is starting from scratch but didn’t make the Huber connection immediately b/c I personally never “got” Huber but I missed the fact a lot of ppl bought it


    • Katherine McCoun says:

      Why bother to show up in this treehouse just to sling insults, stir up trouble and make fun of others? Silly, immature, wasteful and divisive.

      Where we go one we go all..Who is the “we”? Who is “all”? MAGA agenda and President Trump supporters? Or just a special group of Trump admin supporters?

      Get over the past, grow up and focus on supporting the MAGA agenda, President Trump and fellow MAGA and President Trump supporters –>> or you are betraying wwg1wga.

      Sundance can run >his< blog how he wants. Other places to talk about other things but this site, Sundance and moderators have been unified with the MAGA agenda and
      President Trump from day 1 so read it or don't. But posting just to ridicule and laugh at others is low, not wwg1wga in the least and very counterproductive.

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  12. cwon14 says:

    Never in my lifetime, age 60, have I seen core Democratic Party corruption
    accounted for. Sorry, I could be wrong but somehow the coup attempt will go unexplored and left in pieces.

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  13. ATheoK says:

    I’ve been waiting with bated breath expecting Barr to reveal himself as another deep state goon.

    I am thrilled that is is proving me wrong. But, I am still waiting to see a line of deep state perps getting dragged out of bed, cuffed and hauled before court.

    Still, destroying the whole perverted investigation by exposing their fake roots goes a very long way to making me feel better.
    Forbidden fruit of an illegal investigation hardly scratches the surface of the Comey-Brennan-Clapper-Obama circus.

    Once their illegal investigation origins are exposed, serious investigations and prosecutions can not be far behind.
    And all of those wailing weeping deep state progressive elites will just be glorious bonuses that keep giving!

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  14. cwon14 says:

    Consider how the Cosko hacking and Kavanaugh doxxing scandal was recently contained;


    He should have faced 40 years until he rolled. He’ll TOFT and be writing drivel books in leftist media circuit as a hero in a few years.

    I’m not that optimistic for true justice.


  15. behind enema lines says:

    The hammering they did on him on the Obamacare demise court case was also noteworthy and not as big of a deal here as the spygate stuff but let’s sing some praises to him on the crap he was hitting back in their direction (i.e. not taking any crap from them). He had some awesome lines like “oh you guys are the ones who screwed this policy thing up I just have to deal with the legality of the clusterf*ck that you and Justice Roberts created by trying to ram it through and down the throats of America.”

    I have the President’s back on this was the message that came through on that loud and clear. They were clearly pissed. I just wish that had happened in the Senate where the ratio of Rinos to real people is so much higher. I love this guy.

    So happy he is my new boss. Love how almost every single phrase uttered is taking up permanent residence in my liberal DOJ lawyer co-workers’ heads cuz its stuff I have been clinging to for the past 10 years. The rule of law. Just wow! Refreshing!


    • WES says:

      Can I offer you a nice roll of Russian toilet paper to put on your desk? Then you can offer some to your co-workers to wipe away their liberal tears!

      P.S. Do you want to know the real reason why the Russians beat Hitler in WW2! After wiping their **s with it, they came out in a fighting mood!


  16. Brant says:

    I wonder if some folks (Barr being latest one) who did have historical govt service and thought it an honorable profession are aghast at what they see their beloved govt entities doing. Barr may have been luke warm at best about Trump, but is becoming furious at what has happened. Hopefully he is dead set on root out and reform what he feels is the honorable profession of public service. I hope so.

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    • sDee says:

      If Barr is pissed, I’m more inclined to think it’s because they let Chicago crime family move in and they got so arrogant, cocky, and sloppy that they exposed the whole damn mob.


  17. Chilidog says:

    Remember when Huber was going to come to the rescue.


  18. Hope Barr gets a group like this…….


  19. Rynn69 says:

    “Cautious optimism.” Exactly how I felt when I heard AG Barr. He may turn out to be as big a savior as our Lion, PDJT. When he stated under Oath he believes some sort of barrier is needed to curb the crimes and drugs coming over our border…it was just…no words can describe. Will America finally be saved?

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  20. Thank God Traitor Jeff was sent out to pasture.

    Imagine the new A. G. Barr’s revolutionary ideas: he actually tries to do his duty and to follow the law.

    Do you enjoy your cowardly retirement, lousy Jeff?

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  21. Merkin Muffy says:

    Any time liberal news outlets like the NY Times and Bloomberg push a narrative that runs counter to their biases, I get suspicious. Is this true or are they trying to quiet conservative outrage?


  22. One fact — one glaring fact — makes any disingenuous talk about Barr “getting his arms around” this “complex problem” a farce (and I have pointed this out time and again, so I know nobody wants to hear it again, but tough): Rosenstein, in an official report, recommended President Trump fire Comey. Eight days later — eight days! — Mueller was appointed Special Counsel against Trump for the firing of Comey.

    If Barr were on the up and up, Rosenstein would already be under indictment, and the Mueller report would have been immediately thrown in the trashcan (all you people who have said “fruit of the poisoned tree” know why). and even the most deluded Insane Leftist would be facing the question, “what did Obama know about this attempted coup, and when did he know it?”

    Barr is “reviewing”…where have we heard THAT before? If you said “the do-nothing IG”, you win.


  23. Chilidog says:

    What are the odds Barr appointed a Trump hater to lead the team.


  24. namberak says:

    All I want for Christmas is some perp walks. But like that pony in ’59, I don’t think I’m getting it.


  25. JRD says:

    I rest my case !
    Once a Bushie, always a Bushie


    • Zippy says:

      Way past the statute of limitations.


    • Zippy says:

      But I think you’re right on Barr. I had a link which I posted here to a great, long article that listed the many things he’s done in the past that indicated he wasn’t a MAGA type. Unfortunately I’ve lost the link and can’t find it through all of the MSM garbage in search results.


  26. Zippy says:

    “*UPDATED* Cautious Optimism”


    Besides the Ukrainian story below, Tom Hutton of Judicial Watch says the Barr DOJ is showing ZERO interest in Clinton related stuff. Why? I’d guess that’s because the DO”J” and their Deep State Swamp allies have successfully delayed everything beyond the statute of limitations (SOL) just as they are most likely to continue to do with everything else.

    I suspect everything is moving at a SNAIL’S pace to allow SOLs to run out. That way, when found out (if ever) those involved can just be told, “Bad, bad, Deep State Swamp creatures!” and will then go on to high paying jobs as lobbyists with inside connections. It will take many more than two terms of PDJT to even put a significant dent in this corruption.

    Ukrainian to US prosecutors: Why don’t you want our evidence on Democrats?


    Ukrainian law enforcement officials believe they have evidence of wrongdoing by American Democrats and their allies in Kiev, ranging from 2016 election interference to obstructing criminal probes. But, they say, they’ve been thwarted in trying to get the Trump Justice Department to act.

    Kostiantyn Kulyk, deputy head of the Prosecutor General’s International Legal Cooperation Department, told me he and other senior law enforcement officials tried unsuccessfully since last year to get visas from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev to deliver their evidence to Washington.

    “We were supposed to share this information during a working trip to the United States,” Kulyk told me in a wide-ranging interview. “However, the [U.S.] ambassador blocked us from obtaining a visa. She didn’t explicitly deny our visa, but also didn’t give it to us.” [they asked for them last year – Zippy]

    …many of the allegations shared with me by more than a half-dozen senior Ukrainian officials are supported by evidence that emerged in recent U.S. court filings and intelligence reports. The Ukrainians told me their evidence includes:

    1. Sworn statements from two Ukrainian officials admitting that their agency tried to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election in favor of Hillary Clinton. The effort included leaking an alleged ledger showing payments to then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort;

    2. Contacts between Democratic figures in Washington and Ukrainian officials that involved passing along dirt on Donald Trump;

    3. Financial records showing a Ukrainian natural gas company routed more than $3 million to American accounts tied to Hunter Biden, younger son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, who managed U.S.-Ukraine relations for the Obama administration. Biden’s son served on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company, Burisma Holdings;

    4. Records that Vice President Biden pressured Ukrainian officials in March 2016 to fire the prosecutor who oversaw an investigation of Burisma Holdings and who planned to interview Hunter Biden about the financial transfers;

    5. Correspondence showing members of the State Department and U.S. Embassy in Kiev interfered or applied pressure in criminal cases on Ukrainian soil;

    6. Disbursements of as much as $7 billion in Ukrainian funds that prosecutors believe may have been misappropriated or taken out of the country, including to the United States.

    Ukrainian officials say they don’t want to hand the evidence to FBI agents working in Ukraine because they believe the bureau has a close relationship with the NABU and the U.S. Embassy. “It is no secret in Ukrainian political circles that the NABU was created with American help and tried to exert influence during the U.S. presidential election,” Kulyk told me.


  27. PInky1920 says:

    Those responsible for these crimes against PDT and the American people MUST be brought to justice, or we have no country.

    Our immigration laws MUST be enforced and the invasion of FUNDED illegals from all over the world MUST be stopped, or we have no country. Economy, jobs, stock market, all meaningless if we cannot stop illegals from entering our own “sovereign” borders.

    I am cautiously optimistic. As a matter of fact, my tail has been wagging more than my dogs, when he found out i brought home a huge, warm ham bone.

    AG Barr is making all the right moves….please, Lord, let him FINALLY be the real thing.

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  28. askandgettruth says:

    i do not trust Barr. he has deep roots in the cia and his buddy brennen.


  29. Dr.Jay says:

    Oh my:
    —- Google News – top headline – just now (notice the origin, never mind that they could have reported this yesterday, still this is one of the first time I see them unable to simply ignore news )

    Barr reviewing origins of FBI’s Russia investigation, says ‘spying on a political campaign is a big deal’
    Attorney General William Barr told lawmakers Wednesday that he will be looking to the “genesis” of the the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into potential …

    23 minutes ago

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  30. THOMAS O'REILLY says:

    I say again, the Barr DOJ knows everything about EVERYBODY. There is no need for criminal referrals, IG reports, Huber, or anything else. The evidence is there completely unredacted. The crimes comitted are face up on the table. Barr knows this as do the democrat criminals starting with BO, HRC and down the line. Just the data and pics/videos on the Huma computer is enough to put a lot of folks away for a long time. I am waiting for you Mr Barr.


  31. Ausonius says:

    Rush Limbaugh just played the quote from Attorney General Barr from the congressional testimony as to why the Trump Campaign was NOT advised that they were being targeted by foreign powers, especially when “two former attorneys general” (i.e. Rudolph Giuliani and Chris Christie) were members of the campaign staff!

    Unless…the MAObama F.B.I. et alii wanted infiltration to happen!

    Rush is therefore positive that Barr will be the one to open up the attempt at a coup d’etat and (perhaps) prosecute the perpetrators.


  32. flatlandgoober says:

    I see AG Barr, but I think of Wilford Brimley in “Absence of Malice”.

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  33. 6x47 says:

    Provided Barr doesn’t appoint the conspirators to investigate themselves, cautious optimism may be warranted here.

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  34. Diddian says:

    Didn’t Admiral Rodgers conduct the audit about the “unmaskings” in early 2016? (February, IIRC.) If so, then shouldn’t Barr be looking at those early unmaskings? For example, if ANY OTHER presidential candidate or associate of a candidate was unmasked by members of the Obama administration at or before that time, isn’t that by itself evidence that the FBI investigation of Trump and associates was NOT predicated, but was instead an illegal political operation beginning long before Summer 2016?


    • Diddian says:

      Here is the CTH post that mentions Sally Yates removed National Security Division of DOJ from IG oversight in 2015 and early in 2016, Rodgers detected the surge in unmaskings: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/01/05/operation-condor-how-nsa-director-mike-rogers-saved-the-u-s-from-a-massive-constitutional-crisis/


      • 6x47 says:

        The Obama Administration directives that neutered the Office of the Inspector General is one of the glaring offenses by The One that is overlooked, but explains so much.

        Obama’s fans love to crow about his presidency being completely scandal-free. Not hard to do when you squash all internal controls and shut down all the investigations into yourself.

        “Look ma, no scandals! 8 years without an investigation, special counsel, or indictment.”


        • Diddian says:

          Oversight was being hampered even before Yates’s 2015 letter. IG was being denied critical records from DOJ/FBI beginning in 2010.


          IIRC, 2010 was also the time when the IRS under the Obama administration was treating taxpayer applications for non-profit exemption differently based on political affiliation. Also, IIRC (I have not yet located the information I saved about it), after Hillary was confirmed as Secretary of State, she reorganized the State Dept into two parts, with one part removed from IG oversight (and with no IG at all overseeing the entire State Dept during her tenure).

          Where were our Senators in their oversight responsibilities? The Senate confirmed Hillary as SOS with a 94-2 vote, after much discussion about her conflicts of interest, which ultimately required a “Memorandum of Understanding” with the administration. It seems that by relying upon that MOU to overcome concerns about conflicts (or to at least give the appearance that they had done so), the Senate effectively delegated ITS authority for oversight to the Obama administration, which meant there was no oversight at all.

          Checks and balances were surrendered and reasonable people must wonder why.

          An investigation back only to the Summer 2016 seems designed to prosecute lower-level officials while those directing affairs from above escape scrutiny.


          • 6x47 says:

            Obama began shutting down internal controls and the IG immediately upon encountering resistance to his lawlessness and abuses of power.


    • Dr.Jay says:

      That was not about unmasking.

      There were 3 or 4 illegal FISA related operations, without a valid warrant:
      [1] mid 2015 until early 2016: FISA About queries against US targets, of these 85% were without any warrant. Most queries were the same (just a few search strings) and done by one or a small group of people id-ed as contractors.
      [2] October 2016 until late 2017: FISA warrant against Carter Page was granted based upon material false statements to the FISA court (and repeated 3 times), this allowed NSA surveillance on all communications of people 2-steps removed from Carter Page, i.e. the entire Trump campaign team, family, transition team and a large part of the House & Senate.
      [3] ?unknown month? of 2016 (?) until 20 jan 2017: Unmasking of US persons (again without a warrant) caught up in any kind of surveillance, both possibly incidental (Russian ambassador & Flynn) as well as certainly non-incidental (e.g. Australian ambassador & Trump), plus probably stuff from #2.
      [4] ?unknown month? of 2014 (?) until early 2017: unknown amount of National Security Letter abuse, hidden from oversight including IG due to an (invalid) opinion (!) released by Sally Yates (as if she was allowed to change the law, but apparently that is how things can go at the DOJ).

      The early 2016 was about #1. Perhaps unmasking (#3) was also already underway. Perhaps in combination with #4, IDK.

      The mid 2015 to early 2016 About Query abuse did not have that many targets (perhaps mostly Trump + family). But it could have been against more than one GOP candidate.

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  35. rustybritches says:

    AG Barr does not seem to be afraid of speaking the truth about what he already knows when it comes to the idiots in the senate or the house and I am grateful that he has told them
    he believes there was spying on the trump campaign in 2016 and he would get to the bottom of it one senator was not certain from the look on her face what nest of ants she had opened up and its going to be an interesting summer
    The house yesterday couldn’t decide how much money to give to the President for disaster relief before they went on Vacation.. What a worthless bunch of people that they cant worry about any body but themselves at a time like this, I hope that the American people see the Dems for exactly what they are totally worthless. and hope that they will change their vote come 2020

    Liked by 1 person

  36. lisaginnz says:

    I’m too cynical – after a few months, he’ll issue a “everything is fine, nothing to worry or see here” paper…. and we will ALL continues our hand wringing waiting for someone in the USA government to actually do their job and PURGE all the criminals. #AintGonnaHappenEver


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