Rush Limbaugh’s Epic Presentation Explaining Mueller’s Duplicitious Motives…

Last night (Thursday) Rush Limbaugh appeared on Fox News to discuss the Mueller report and the much bigger backstory of why Mueller’s entire investigation existed.

This is an excellent monologue presentation from Limbaugh:  Hi, Mr. Limbaugh!

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115 Responses to Rush Limbaugh’s Epic Presentation Explaining Mueller’s Duplicitious Motives…

  1. JoD says:

    Rush has blossomed into a big beautiful Trump supporter.
    Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh

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  2. SJM says:

    Mueller’s Record of Framing Innocent People to Protect the Guilty
    by Eric Zuesse

    (NOTE: This article — prior to its current updates — was offered as an exclusive to each mainstream and other pro-U.S.-Government ‘news’-media, and none even replied; so, it now is offered to all of them again for publication, but on a non-exclusive and free basis, and this time it is also being submitted to many of the smaller or “alternative” news-media. Therefore, sharing, and linking to, this article will be especially appreciated, because the ‘news’-media themselves clearly don’t want this information and its documentation to be known by the general public.)


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  3. taxpayer here says:

    Why would oblablabla judge order ‘unredacted’?

    Could it be….corruption should not be how to rule from the bench after all?!

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  4. DB says:

    I don’t like the “So maybe we should just take our victory and say NO, we’ve got a Country to run!” part.
    Mr. President, you’ve been running the country well already, and will continue to do so now – even better. But NO. H3LL NO! This isn’t over – all those responsible must be exposed and applicable justice meted out.
    Ne Obliviscaris…

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    • Bob says:

      DB…your observations are exactly why the whole scandal is about PDJT happened. The cast of character that perpetrated all of the criminal acts where hell bent on removing a lawfully elected President and over throwing our government. The People of the USA are demanding retribution, first to see the details, and secondly so that perhaps it will never happen again.

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    • MAGAbear says:

      That’s just wrong.

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    • Blind no longer says:

      I love Rush Limbaugh! I have been listening to Rush everyday since 1992. Rarely have I missed a Rush episode. He has kept me sane during many politically troubled times and I will forever be grateful to him for it. I often wonder who people are talking about when they say Rush was pushing Cruz and Rubio against Trump… no no no, that never happened. If you know Rush, then you know he loved Donald Trump. Was friends with Donald Trump, played golf and socialized with him.
      Rush is a loyal person and returns loyalty much like President Trump does, so when people criticize him about the Bushes, it’s because they embraced Rush when Big George was running.

      But Rush is like the rest of us. He found out how the GOP was using him and the voters while doing nothing they campaigned on or promised us they would do. When he slowly began to realize this , he called them out on it. He embraced the tea party and stopped using his famous line Rush Limbaugh Institute for advanced conservative studies. He changed that to anti leftist studies. He told his listeners to realize that despite the GOP being given mega bucks by their voters, they never listened especially on immigration. Without coming right out and saying it, he endorsed Donald J Trump from the git go.

      Rush has always been at the forefront of the real issues. He has called out the media starting in the 90’s, naming them the drive by media. He told of their corruption and that they were nothing more than Dems/leftists and to turn them off. He told the GOP and us, to fight the culture war, if not we would someday lose the country. He has been so right for so long, and in my humble opinion he doesn’t get enough credit for it.

      I will always be a Rush babe!! And now I will always be a treehouse treeper!! I love people who love our country and want to protect our way of life and constitution. Thank you Sundance…before, Rush was the lone voice in the wilderness, but yours is right up there…and for me that a big effing deal!!!!

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      • Blind no longer, you took the words right out of my fingertips.

        Rush has ALWAYS supported Trump, even back during the primaries where he doesn’t take sides he was always explaining the way Trump thinks to fans of the other candidates and I can personally say that because of him I gave candidate Trump another look and fell in love with candidate Trump….and that was all because of Rush.

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      • “Rush is like the rest of us. He found out how the GOP was using him and the voters while doing nothing they campaigned on or promised us they would do. ”

        Yep, except it took months, if not years longer than most of us.


        • SteveC says:

          I disagree.
          Rush just took the pragmatic approach that nearly any Republican was better than nearly any Democrat – and as we’ve seen, that is still the useful (if over-valued) approach that PDJT and we took by supporting 2018 Senate candidates that turned on the President and our agenda at the first opportunity.


    • ZurichMike says:

      Ah! Couldn’t come up with any substantive disagreement based on facts, law, logic, or common sense, so instead just posted a badly photoshopped meme worthy of some ignorant, angst-ridden gothic 9-grader.

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      • waltherppk says:

        An art critic is born every minute. I’ll get back to my chainsaw and leave the provocative art field to the maladjusted 9th graders and tattoo artists.


    • That’s pretty bad; is this a Democrat propaganda piece?


      • waltherppk says:

        It is Sabo style provocative art and it is anti-matriarchal supremacy / hegemony sarcastic male chauvinist art. What is in the artists mind I suppose is expressing something of a hyperbolic allusion about Rush’s “talent on loan from God” being the wizard warlocks “magic” is better at achieving desired results than is the best from the wicked witch of the West and her hordes of obedient winged monkeys. But I suppose art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder and like humor when there is a joke some people get it and some don’t. I probably did too much acid since I “get it” being anti-Hillary and anti-feminazi humor probably from the mind of an alpha male artist …or from a butch that thinks she’s one for not having spent enough time being educated with me.


  5. Tl Howard says:

    Rush is on target, of course, but I don’t for a minute think that Bill Barr will do anything that reveals that “the man of integrity, Bill Muellar” is as dirty as the Strzoks, Brennans, McCabes, Clappers, etc.

    I can see Barr allowing the public to see the corruption at the top of the FBI (the whole nation already believes Comey is corrupt, just for different reasons), and to a lesser degree the DOJ, but no way he allows us to see that a man appointed to be fair to both sides is as corrupt as the others. Muellar represents lawyers at the highest levels, like Barr. Band of Brothers.

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    • psmithez says:

      If Weismann and Rhee were as corrupt and mean spirited as Dowd and Corsi are describing, I would like a full accounting of how they got on Mueller’s team. This can not be allowed to repeat itself.

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  6. covfefe999 says:

    He’s taking the aftermath too seriously. Look at the polls, Dem voters aren’t interested in Muh Russia any more, 7 out of 10 say the economy is doing well, most are no longer interested in impeachment, etc. The Dem politicians can perpetuate the Russia hoax all they want but it’s got a real risk of turning away voters, not attracting them.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      A CNN poll released earlier this week found that the Russia investigation does not register at all on the list of important issues for voters in the 2020 election. The poll was taken before the Mueller report was completed and issued to Attorney General William Barr. “This is a recent poll we just did, we open-ended it, said okay, ‘What’s the most important issue for your 2020 vote?’” CNN senior writer and forecaster Harry Enten told the network’s morning program, “New Day.” “So voters could say pretty much anything. But look at this. Look at the Russia investigation. Zero percent said that it was the most important to their vote in 2020.” “Zero, zero, zero respondents said Russia,” he continued.

      We should no longer allow the media who claim to be on our side to get us agitated either. I’ve had enough of it.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Good rebuke by Concha, and something he’s been hammering on all along if you’ve caught him in any of his various presentational venues.

        Here’s the problem: this is old news. For the past 18 months these “What’s really important to you?” polls have been showing “Russia Collusion” registering at 2% or so. Certainly single digits, IIRC. And now it’s 0%. Congratulations, CNN. Bang-up investigative skills there. Really outdone yourselves.

        Conclusion: CNN trying to save face by coming out publicly with some “new poll” saying… “Look! OMG! Nobody actually cares about this Russia thing!!! WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT!!!!”. Actually… ya did know that. Ya knew that all along, but ya chose to ignore it for your own purposes, and for the purposes of those to whom you are beholden. Your Puppet Masters, or whatever the Hell they are.

        Pfft. Totally transparent CYA nonsense. Unfortunately for CNN, they made their Bed Of Nails a long, long time ago, and the public is just about ready to tuck them in for the evening. Nighty nighty, Don Lémon.


    • SteveC says:

      The aftermath needs to include prosecutions. So many illegal things were done – people need to be held accountable.
      I don’t care about polling. It’s usually wrong, and terribly wrong 20+ months out.
      And it isn’t all about the vote that we hope will be fair and honest next time. If the rule of law is not administered equally and impartially, then we are no longer the US, and we are setting ourselves up for the historical response to that.


  7. jmuniz1 says:

    He always has been Unlike Mark Levin who waa a huge nevertrumper who worked for Ted Cruz who could not bear Clinton. He wants a conditional convention which would take away all our rights and give it to their donors. I hate Mark Levin. Go to news with views/ Kelly Nielson / Mark Levin you will learn about him. You need to know the Truth


    • jmuniz1 says:

      Excuse typos


    • SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

      This is not true. Rush was oblivious to Trump for most of the primary.
      I can remember posts by Sundance slamming him back then.
      Same goes for Hannity and also Levin.
      These guys were boring and crusty for years after the tea party turned into a dud.

      Trump awoke them but much later than most of us here… 😉

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      • Edwardo says:

        Rush was not a never Trumper. Rush has an audience to maintain and he carefully explained Trump to his audience. I remember the day I had an epiphany about Trump. Unrelated to Rush but related to Trump having resilience – I concluded Trump was the kind of guy who would fight and I sent him some money. Rush was very careful to not endorse but he opened the door for many by explaining the Trump phenomenon. Rush does not endorse, typically – until the primaries are over. Rush understood more than most the RINO status of McCain and Romney etc.

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      • SteveC says:

        Rush was not oblivious to Trump. As a regular listener since 1990, it was clear to me that he supported Cruz as his first choice, but thought that Trump could win if he could ‘break out’.
        I have no doubts that he saw Trump as his solid #2 choice, but he was willing to support whoever the GOP nominated.. he always has, even when it seemed to kill him trying to say good things about McCain and later, Romney.
        Rush’s defense of Little Marco as a “true Conservative” still bothers me, though. I’m not sure what he sees in Marco that no one else I know does.


    • spren says:

      I don’t agree with you that an Article V Convention of the States would take away our rights and give it to favored donors. I’m not enamored of Mark Levin either (although I see him to be a very articulate and passionate speaker for our side), but what he was proposing was a constitutionally-approved method to mitigate against an unruly central government by taking authority to propose amendments to the States to retain our system of decentralized power. He was proposing a process that would allow representatives of the States to formulate amendments that could rein in the excesses of the federal government. These would include such things as term limits, balanced budget requirements, along with many other pertinent issues.

      Initially, I was also concerned about the possibility of a runaway convention which could destroy our Constitution. But the more I learned about what he was proposing the more I thought it would be very beneficial. And any Amendments proposed would still have to be ratified by three-quarters of all of the states. Things such as term limits have absolutely zero chance of ever being approved in congress because of the self-interest of those in office. This would also empower the individual states to take back much of the power that has been usurped by Washington. I doubt this convention will ever come to fruition because only a handful of states have signed on and at least 35 would be required to have it take place. Unfortunately, this process is probably the only way we could ever bring real change to DC.

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      • conserv sc says:

        i still oppose. i don’t see the blue states sitting idly by while conservative amendments are added. i don’t think the agenda of a convention could be limited –have seen some scholarly opinion on this. the ratification process itself could be change. just too much of a risk imo.

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      • jx says:

        Article V proponents never say what amendments they want to propose, except for a balanced budget amendment. They seek to capitalize on peoples’ frustration, while hiding their motivations.

        I think it’s interesting that CPUSA advocates for it. To be clear, I am not saying all advocates are commies.

        Don’t just run from danger, run to safety. Don’t be stampeded. Don’t let frustration be used. Before changing the rules, how about changing the players.

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    • Bigly says:

      Hating Levin, jmun, helps us not. He persuades a lot of non-critical thinkers to ourside. His interview with Bill Bennett he describes his journey to trump thinking.

      I think us republicans are very good at eating our own and it hurts our party/cause.

      Fight pencil neck. There’s a man to hate.

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  8. CNY3 says:

    The libturds now have a narrative going that Mueller is a Russian asset, as well as Barr and Trump. NY Slimes and Commie News Network are running with it.

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    • mikeyboo says:

      OMG They’ve pierced the veil! (sarc)

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Now, as insane as that is, let’s NOT consider that in a vacuum for a moment.

      Consider: Mueller is a Russian Agent because… these people can’t accept the results of a Presidential Election that happened *** 872 DAYS AGO ***. Give or take a few hours. Let me do some quick math here… carry the one… THAT’S FREAKING CRAZY!!!

      Now. What’s crazier? Mueller is a Russian Agent? Or *** 872 DAYS AGO ***?

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  9. jahealy says:

    Sundance gives a personal hello to El Rushbo. Hmmm.

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    • Amy2 says:

      I was listening to Rush today after I was reading here, and he comment on three things in a row that I had just read on the site. Could be!

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      • I’ve been wondering this for a while…Is Rush Limbaugh a Treeper? 

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        • Rynn69 says:

          I know El Rushbo and his wonderful team (hi Mr. Snerdley!) read all sorts of sites and watch all sorts of programs. His show prep is phenomenal. SD saying hi to El Rushbo makes us all feel patriotic in that we are all on the same team – Save America.

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        • 4gypsybreeze says:

          Other Treepers have commented in the past when Rush gives/gave a “shout-out” to Sundance and the Treehouse.

          Same with Dan Bongino. In fact, that is how I found out about the Treehouse! Ah….that was around 628 episode or so of Bongino podcasts, and I believe Bongino is up to around 900’s in his podcasts!

          Also in the past, Lou Dobbs has given “shout-out” to Sundace, and Sarah Palin will drop in once in awhile to say hello!

          People like Bongino, Rush, etc., do get the word out….about the Treehouse and all of Sundance most amazing research!

          Thanks Sundance! Now, off to make a contribution once again!

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  10. bessie2003 says:

    This was so good to watch the other night that I found it again on you tube and listened to it several times.

    He so perfectly spoke to the willingness of the media to participate and the desire of those who listened night after night wanting those nasty stories to be true.

    Pitch perfect!

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  11. kltk1 says:

    If I’m listening to any “conservative” on either radio or TV, Rush is my go-to. By far, he’s the most informative. Ben Shapiro isn’t even a consideration. Mark Levin isn’t far behind Shapiro and Hannity is a VERY distant second to Rush. Even his TV show is hard to watch for more than 10 minutes and I only tune in when there’s someone important (Like POTUS or Rush) to be heard.

    That said, thank goodness for the great folks here at CTH for bringing good information to the people. Thanks for all that you do.

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    • mot2grls says:

      I really enjoy the Chris Plante show.

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      • The Deplorable Tina says:

        Me too! There’s an app for android called “Talk Right,” you can listen to live radio shows, plus some podcasts. Chris comes on at 6am for me with Rush right after. A podcast for Chris’ show is posted every day. Rush doesn’t have his podcast there, but (I think) you can get audio only for free on his website. I believe you have to be a Rush 24/7 member to get the dittocam. Chris is freaking hilarious & makes me laugh every morning 🙂

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    • David says:

      Levine has done some very very good shows.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        I don’t really do Talk Radio… save for some Howie Carr back in the day… very entertaining. But Levin’s Sunday show on Fox is fantastic. An hour dedicated to a topic, great guests, deep dive. Even the Curt Schilling interview a few weeks back was entertaining in its own way. I mean, why can’t we have more of that available in the Mainstream Media? Well… supply and demand, I suppose. *shrug emoji*

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Levin is better than Hannity. Shapiro has an arrogance about him that is not likeable which IMHO he should fix because he is quite intelligent and a strong debater. Hannity needs to cut out two things that would instantly improve his programs: 1) Repetitious statements – I mean how many times do we need to hear “smelly Walmart people?” and 2) Interruptions – he interrupts people too much. He is much better lately and the best guests are Levin and diGenova because he does not interrupt them. Wayne Allan Root is pretty good as well as Michael Savage – but Savage can be a downer sometimes and he has a tendency to go after people on his own side. Bill Still is an excellent person to watch on YouTube – The Still Report. And for comedy – Intellectual Froglegs.

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      • johneb18 says:

        And Shapiro’s voice is a dissonant mix of a nasally, whiny mid-pubescent with one or two testicles which haven’t fallen. Rush speaks with/from his diaphragm. Not sure Shapiro even has a diaphragm and just speaks straight from his narrow throat. As you might guess, I don’t like the voice of Ben Shapiro.

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        • Benson II says:

          Shapiro’s problem is he’s still a liberal on to many issues. He can’t reconcile what he believes in his heart with what conservatives believe overall. He’s never been a conservative and probably never will be.

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    • SteveC says:

      Though I try to catch Hannity’s bits with Sarah Carter and John Solomon.


  12. Angie says:

    PDJT was chosen by God to lead this country; I’m convinced of it. Who else could withstand the unending stream of hatred and obstruction? Who else could hand it back to them without breaking a sweat? God has picked exactly the right instrument for the task at hand. Let’s keep the prayers and thanksgiving going; they’re our stealth weapon.

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  13. DesertRain says:

    At marker 48:00, Byron York gets Attorney John Dowd talking about specific events at the time Rosenstein appoints Mueller. Dowd tells a fairly detailed story which is consistent with Rush. But…. more importantly, Dowds story supports what Sundance has written on Rosenstein and Mueller.

    The entire interview is excellent. York asks intelligent questions and let’s Dowd talk.

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  14. mikeyboo says:

    Rush is a miracle worker! He gets Hannity to shut the fruck up!

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  15. gary says:

    mid 1990’s,heavy equipment manufacturers started putting radios in bulldozers and excavators. rush may not know it, but he educated a whole generation of construction workers about america and its constitution. scores of union operators are conservatives . hahahaha i was/am one.

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  16. ganesh says:


    So, I do not watch TV.

    I tried to listen to this clip while I was reading otherwise – BUT – viewed in just in time to see Hannity’s hair.

    Oh dear – why would any grown man let some makeup artist primp him up like that? He looks ridiculous?

    I previously have complained about the females on all news channels basically dressing like and looking like whores.

    I add Hannity to the mix.

    One can not take these people seriously when they look like constipated makeup clowns.

    It is laughable – whatever they have to say. Send me a memo you ridiculous peacocks. More than half the country does not get the news this way (watching preening prostitutes posture pontifically). What a load of garbage.



  17. Palmettoman says:

    As painful as the past 2 years have been, I would venture to say that without the Mueller investigation we wouldn’t know a fraction of the corruption that occurred with the whole SpyGate/Russia scandal. The investigation kept it front-and-center in the MSM.

    I honestly believe this is going to open the door to so much unknown (only speculated upon) corruption that has been going on for years. For example, who would have ever thought 10 years ago that McCain would have betrayed one of his fellow GOP nominees? Yet, because of this investigation, we know he disseminated the dossier and worked with Clapper and Brennen to get it into the PDB so the media could then report on it. So much more is to come…

    I’m still pondering this, but there was an interesting Twitter feed the other day by Brian Cates where he talks about Trump’s history with Rudy, Mueller, Rosey, and Barr taking down the NYC mafia. Whether there is anything to this or not…one cannot deny these 5 men have a history.

    The dems and MSM while trying to gin up support for impeachment (beyond their lunatic base) have painted themselves into a corner and revealed to the average American who they really are…corrupt America-hating communists.

    The fact that President Trump went up 5 points in the polls since Mueller concluded his investigation scares them to death.

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  18. 335blues says:

    Rush is right about closing the border.
    I hope President Trump is not waiting for an engraved invitation.
    And I’ve said it before, now I will scream it.

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  19. montanamel says:

    The “Ma Duce” lays down the “beat”….
    While the M-79’s fill in some “Bluups”…
    When the mini’s get to roaring, we’ll know ‘dat border is closed but good…

    Hey, us old farts can dream some too…..OK?

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  20. MAGAbear says:

    John Nolte is on a roll over at Breitbart. So Rod Rosenstein and all of the Mueller team are keeping quiet even though they know Barr is covering for PDJT. The demonrats have gone el loco!

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  21. GSparrow says:

    I’m glad sundance inserted this video of Rush’s rant for those that missed it on FNC.

    Sean said, it might be his best rant ever but he’s like this for 3 hours every weekday as Trump pointed out. He is a master communicator and as experienced and informed a Conservative as anyone could be. Mark Levin specializes more on the Law and the Constitution but they are both equally effective in promoting Conservatism and exposing and excoriating the left

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  22. pacnwbel says:

    Close the border, the sooner the better. It may well take another fifty years to sort out and process the millions who have pushed their way in. Go back to legal entry based on merit not freeloading, and the time it takes to get the lefty progressives’ heads screwed back on the right amount of turns, We can end the bad habit of sanctuary cities, insist on English as the uniting language and reclaim the America that it was intended to be.

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  23. jupitercomm says:

    Well….. now we know SOMEONE on earth can make Hannity speechless

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  24. Bone Fish says:

    Why have Hannity and Rush never rallied against taxation and inflation?


  25. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Rush has some of the specific details of Papadopoulos confused (which is not hard to do) but it sure is nice to have his Golden EIB mic now squarely focused on the utter and calculated FRAUDULENT OPERATION the IC perpetrated.

    “There must be accountability!”

    The details:
    For PapaD it’s…
    1) Mifsud (March ’16)
    2) Downer (May ’16)
    3) THEN Halper (Sep ’16)
    (Rush has Misfud/Halper combined when he tells the story)

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  26. srmikeinohio says:

    For sure Rush reads Sundance daily. .I just wish he would give Kudos to Sundance or have TCH page up on his computer monitor during his web cam in stead of Drudge.
    I listen to Rush every day and I don’t know how many times I have heard Rush talk about things that Sundance had reported hours or even days earlier. Come on Rush give credit where credit is due!

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  27. fractionalexponent says:

    The same morning that Rush was on Hannity, Rush was on a beautiful three hour rant about the DOJ/FBI/MSM/Special Counsel coup & coverup.
    And yes, I think Rush learns from Sundance.

    When Rush goes into one of his rants, calling evil evil, truth truth, lies lies, stupid stupid, and deranged deranged, it calms me down.

    Fox interrupts truth and brings on liars.
    Fox gives me heart problems.

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.”
    ~Isaiah 5:20~

    Ben Shapiro sounds like a chipmunk on drugs.
    I need to find the Chris Plante radio schedule (Las Vegas).

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  28. Betty says:

    The reason they want the whole 300 page report and all the supporting material made public is this: It is full of stink bombs.

    They used surrogates to send “tip letters” full of nasty allegations against Trump, his family, friends and administration. Mueller can say he was required to follow up every “tip” and even if he took a pass on the allegation is still in the supporting material and will be made public.

    If President Trump and Barr would just grit their teeth and announce it will take at least 2.5 years to review and do the necessary redactions. The Coup would go nuts trying to get their stink bombs out before 2020. They would leak and the DOJ could pounce.


    • mr.piddles says:

      “Mueller can say he was required to follow up every ‘tip'”

      The “intelligence” and “information” laundering scheme was, is, and will continue to be complex and deep. I’m just surprised MORE stuff didn’t leak out of Team Mueller (as far as we know).

      Team Mueller is not part of the “corruption” insofar as they didn’t sign FISA warrants and whatnot. That’s why we need a dedicated investigation into the immediate aftermath of the corruption itself… that is, the Phase One corruption… Phase Two being, of course, Team Mueller. Criminal referrals in and of themselves would not directly touch Team Mueller. OIG + relevant ethics probes + full Senate Investigation with comprehensive, public conclusions. Team Mueller’s specific role in the overall scheme needs to be fully exposed, not just this “drip drip look how unethical Weismann and Whoever was derp”… drip drip is not good enough.


    • MAGAbear says:

      IMHO, I think the dimms are purposfully asking for material they know can’t be released (grand jury testimony, classifies info, etc) so they then can accuse Barr of covering for PDJT. Of course, the logic fail with that is that is doesn’t explain why Rosenstein, Mueller or anyone else involved with the Muller report hasn’t come out and said Barr is misleading the public.

      I loved the analogy Dinesh D’zouza (hope I spelled that right) gave last night about the dimms looking at the big nuclear bomb they built to destroy PDJT and wondering why it didn’t go off. It will go off, but it’s gonna blow up right in their faces.


  29. Addison Gooding says:

    Wonderful interview! Rush is and has been on point since early in Trump’s campaign and fully understands our bond with the president. The one point which I don’t think I have heard from him is how much the Trump resistance, including an alarming number of Republicans, is financed and directed by the anti-mainstreet global corporate cabal, including the entire USCOC, as SD has so throughly demonstrated.

    I would love to see a comparison of Paul Ryan’s net worth when he became a freshman congressman against his net at retirement. Don’t tell me any gains were the result of congress exempting themselves from insider trading laws.


  30. Flight93Gal says:

    In response to Sean’s question about the 2020 election and how to ensure a win–RUSH’S best comment in his outstanding, compelling, EPIC monologue…

    “..If he shuts the border down and builds the wall, there’s not a single Democrat that can defeat TRUMP”…Rush Limbaugh…3/29/2019

    Once again, Rush clearly states what EVERY American patriot is thinking.

    And what EVERY American patriot wants done ASAP.

    Please Mr. President, your deplorables beg you: Shut the borders down, freeze immigration indefinitely in accordance with the existing laws and proceed to build the wall.

    IF YOU DO THAT, You will be re-elected in 2020 in an epic landslide!!!

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  31. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    I disagree with Rush about one thing, when he says they are mad at President trump because he beat Hillary. It wasn’t just Hillary, it was Jeb! too. That was the plan of the uni-party globalists, Hillary or Jeb! whoever won, they still had their man in the White House.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Glen says:

    The Duplicity of those who gave Mueller his job and those who approved his having him having that job far exceed’s Mueller’s duplicity. That said, he ought to hang with them for he knows he broke numerous laws by accepting the special prosecutor appointment. A special prosecutor is appointed to investigate “Collusion”. However, “Collusion is not a Crime. Collusion is not found in the US Criminal Code. Sessions was a sleeper agent and should be pictured with those above. Rosenstein, numerous members of Congress, Strzok, Page, and more. Page & Strzok may have saved their asses by what they have said so far, but they need t to testify. Strzok said orders came down from on high. Officially, that means 0bama & Lynch. Hillary & Bill belong but they were not in the chain of command.


    • MAGAbear says:

      I don’t think Sessions was a sleeper agent, I just think he’s very gullible and naive. He wanted and got a job he clearly wasn’t cut out for.


  33. Electra says:

    Rush made a great observation: that Brennan tried to insert spies into the Trump campaign so that the spies could then establish communications with his Russian cronies, thus creating the appearance of collusion within the Trump campaign. This is an angle that I think is not given enough attention.

    Democrats keep raving about how there is a pattern of suspicious contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians. Well, it looks like most those Russians were operatives of the CIA, FBI, or British intelligence who were thrown against the Trump campaign, not just to spy, but to create the appearance of a PATTERN of illicit contacts.

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  34. teeheeman says:

    El Rushbo is the bomb – this was an epic monologue.


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