Our Turn? – President Trump’s Declassification Arsenal…

The Mueller investigation was cited to President Trump, by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, as a specific reason not to declassify certain documents.  Here’s a link to the General Principles of declassification [SEE HERE] Yes, the President can declassify anything; however, there is a process that must be followed.

With the completion of the Mueller investigation, it would appear that President Trump could now declassify the documents as requested by congress on September 6th, 2018.  Additionally, after the original declassification request, there were other documents added to the list.  Perhaps it is worthwhile remembering what those declassification documents are:

♦ The first item(s) is/are the Carter Page FISA applications (including specifically pages 10-12 and 17-34 and relevant footnotes).  This request was modified to include the last 22 pages of the third renewal of the FISA application (dated July 2016).


♦ The second item(s) on the original request are all of the Bruce Ohr 302’s, FBI notes from interviews and debriefing sessions, and other relevant documents associated with the interviews of Bruce Ohr and his internal communications.  This request also includes exculpatory evidence that Bruce Ohr may have shared.

♦ The third batch of documents requested by congress was: “all exculpatory evidence regarding Carter Page and others, that were presented to the Gang of Eight, but not presented to the FISA Court.”

♦ The fourth request was for the unredacted “Scope Memo”, authored by Deputy Rosenstein, that authorized the specific investigative direction of Robert Mueller.  With the Mueller probe ended, there should be no reason to withhold and redact the authorization document known as the “Scope Memo”.

♦ The fifth item is the originating Electronic Communication or “EC” authored by CIA Director John Brennan to former FBI Director James Comey.  The two-page EC is the originating memorandum that outlines the reason why Brennan felt operation “Crossfire Hurricane” should be initiated to investigate the Trump campaign (July 31, 2016).

♦ The sixth item on the original request was for the release of the full and unredacted text messaging and communication between FBI Lawyer Lisa Page and FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok.  There are thousands of redactions within the previously released text messages; there are also many that were removed.  The request to President Trump was for all redactions to be removed and for all previously withheld communication to be provided.

NOTE: Recently it has been revealed there are also text messages between Lisa Page and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  I would presume the congressional request would also want those added to their original request for declassification and production.

That’s the original and modified list of documents that Devin Nunes and congress have requested from the executive.  However, there are more documents that are pertinent and would be useful in exposing the seditious conspiracy.

CTH would like to add the declassification of the April 2017 FISC opinion rendered by FISA Court Presiding Justice Rosemary Collyer.  This 99-page opinion outlines the 2016 FBI and NSA FISA-702 certification submissions. It’s extremely doubtful that anyone in DC would support declassifying this document; however, there is also no document that would be as revealing to declassify.  This document is direct evidence of historic FISA abuse; it would show just how far the fourth amendment has been eroded by the administrative state.

Reminder from 2018:

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438 Responses to Our Turn? – President Trump’s Declassification Arsenal…

  1. waltherppk says:

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    • Lester Smith says:

      Trump needs to grind his shoe on the dems throats and don’t let up. These SOBs are going to keep screwing trump so hit them in the mouth and keep hitting. Go on offense release expose do not wait for doj IG report. If you wait the dems will control the narrative. By releasing slowly not all at once you will hold the high ground don’t listen to people who say this will hurt you. It will bring clarity and flush out the rats. Declassify, Declassify Jesus’s said turn the other cheek yes but only one. When being attacked Jesus’s would want you to expose the evil so as to purify the soul of our nation and restore the faith of our people.

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      • nuthinmuffin says:

        Remember? The Obama administration’s vow to “keep their boot on the necks”? it’s time to grind them into submission


  2. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  3. 4EDouglas says:

    for some reason goo,er You tube won’t let me copy images…


  4. Newhere says:

    I’m just going to toss this out there. I am secretly hopeful things are now about to move much faster than we’ve been led to believe.

    We all know a few key media figures — most prominently, John Solomon and Sara Carter — have been getting strategic leaks from seeming Trump allies/”disclosure proponents” all along. An odd exchange last week on Hannity made it seem like there may be a bit of a “disinformation campaign” going on even by the good guys. I have no idea why, I’m not worried about it, I assume for good reason, it just is what it is. And not really a “disinformation” per se, more like intentionally seeming in the dark about things they may not actually be in the dark about — and things actually happening that they must pretend to believe are not happening.

    Here’s the odd exchange: Sara was in one of her usual rants about how the lack of action is so terrible, and how she hears the IG report will be coming within the next few months, and there should be criminal referrals, and Barr should appoint a special counsel, and everything should be investigated ….. and then Hannity cut her off to say (paraphrase): “my sources are telling me that indictments are coming soon, and some unexpected people will be brought to justice ….” and Sara pivoted within seconds from “there should be referrals” to “I’m hearing the same thing, Sean” and Solomon nodded along knowingly.

    You may have to see it on screen (sorry, I can’t remember what day, so I don’t have a link!). But there was a distinct sense that Sara was an autopilot, touting umbrage over the lack of action and “Barr better start doing something!” until Sean cut in, apparently having been given more leash to speak freely, and he basically cut to the chase to say effectively “let’s be real — it’s already underway and indictments are coming.”

    It was a quick exchange, and I may be misreading it. Like I said, just tossing it out there. It gave me the impression that for whatever reason, a few media people may have been “read in” to more activity by Horowitz/Huber, on condition that they maintain a facade that all they’re hearing about is inaction. I get the same sense when I listen to Victoria Tsonsing and Joe Digenova. Tsongsing says repeatedly that her client has never been interviewed. Digenova rails against the inaction. I can’t explain or justify why they both seem to be putting up a front on this — and I can’t give anyone a reason to buy into my suspicion which very well and even likely is just wishful thinking. I can say DiGenova seems to have early insight about what will happen (e.g., right after Whitaker took over at DOJ, and some were hopeful to see the Mueller report wrap up, Digenova said on Hannity that it wouldn’t happen until Trump put in (paraphrasing) a towering figure that everyone would respect who knew the agency inside and out, and that it would happen in several months. I remember this distinctly, because I was frustrated (several more months!), and it prompted me to look up former AGs as potential picks …..).

    Anyway, food for thought! Hope springs eternal.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I felt the same way listening to that broadcast and also hearing from Nunes about the criminal referrals, “and some names that will surprise people.”

      I get the feeling that it’s actually DiGenova and his wife who either put Barr in contact with the Trump admin or who had been pushing Trump for a long while to dump Sessions and replace him with Barr, and I suspect it’s because they had been hearing all along this last year that Barr was outraged by what he was seeing and hearing was going on at Justice and the FBI.

      What the media this morning (including Fox, with the exception of Maria Bartiromo who is quite informed about the Russia hoax), is forgetting as they await Barr’s report this morning and as they tout over and over and over the Dems’ demand that “it ALL be revealed” is that the public has still not actually been educated as to WHY Trump was investigated in the first place. The public has forgotten that it was the DEMS who started the rant of “Russia, Russia” and who purposely saw to it that Jeff Sessions was neutered. It was the Dems and Rod R. who did NOT call for a similar investigation of any Dem or Hillary collusion.

      In other words, the set up, the FRAME that instigated this whole Muellar crap to begin with has only been examined in depth by Hannity and to a lesser degree Tucker and Ingraham at Fox. The other networks have either not mentioned it all, or have referred to bits and pieces of the story so vaguely that the average person knows little to none of it.

      That is what now has to be smacked into the Dems’ faces.

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      • Bullseye says:

        My understanding was George W Bush recommended Barr to PTrump during Mcstain funeral time period


      • NC Patriot says:

        Right—-Dems are screaming “WE WANT A:: THE INFO RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC”
        (Right into the trap)
        POTUS can now say, “OKAY now we will talk about HOW ALL OF THIS STARTED IN THE FIRST PLACE !”—–and release it to the public——-3,2,1—-


      • Newhere says:

        So interesting about a potential Tsonging/Digenova link to Barr. That never occurred to me, but I could see it. It fits exactly with how vocal DiGenova was about Sessions and the importance he has put on the stature of the person who holds that role.


    • OldParatrooper says:

      Hannity and Carter obviously have sources that were spinning furiously. The Barr memo says no future indictments and no sealed indictments.


    • AnotherView says:

      Stranahan did a video on Solomon’s background. Very strange connections and some misrepresentation going on. So I don’t buy what he’s selling. And I no longer watch Hannity after he kissed Donna the cheater’s backside. Fox has officially become Faux News, no better than the Communist News Network.


    • cali says:

      @Newhere: You are over the target and spot on!

      Disinformation was by intent to keep the DS players in the dark such as believing that Mueller and Rosenstein was ‘their guys’. They were not but it worked as the left put all their eggs in Mueller’s basket. Now they realize the opposite being the case.

      Mueller and Rosenstein both acted the part of being their men and keeping the focus of the left on the Mueller probe. Distraction was the name of this somewhat deadly game.

      Here we are and president Trump is vindicated although us – the deplorables – knew that all along.

      There won’t be ‘months’ for the FISA declassifications and more as traitors will face justice.

      A waterfall of document drops and more will come rapidly and Mueller was the ‘stealth bomber’.

      To understand the relationship between Mueller and the FBI together with the NY AG’s over the years with Donald Trump – not as president – is that of working in tandem to bust various mobs as president Trump being ‘the’ deep throat for law enforcement. That is why the fake collusion with Russia is so preposterous.

      President Trump has been working with the FBI and other law enforcement for may years cleaning up NY while bringing justice to the various active crime syndicates and mobs.

      The FISA declassifications is already scheduled to be released as Whitaker and Barr took possession and responsibility back from OIG Horowitz. After all president is not only the chief executive but also the CIC.

      Go and get ready prepping popcorn to enjoy the show ready to start playing! Nobody can stop what’s coming and nobody will get away from justice after injuring this republic. It’s not only about the Russian collusion because the real threat is China. Watch the Epstein case as it is currently litigated to ‘unseal’ the sweetheart deal he received to hide the activities of the rich and famous, politicians and CEO’s while at his island. There are grizzly news that will enter into the public conscience.

      Most of all keep an eye and ear open for Rachel Chandler who is the key to it all!

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  5. Grant says:

    Guys, I’m getting super suspicious and concern of this new Mueller Report. Here: https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2019/03/breaking-bill-barr-and-rosenstein-are-at-doj-this-morning-report-could-be-released-today-video/

    Why is Rosenstein helping AG Barr??? This doesn’t look right.. AG Barr either becomes a hero to the American people or joins the locked arms of the endless list of corrupt players involved in this whole charade. We’ll see what happens.

    Prayers for PDT!


    • Bruce says:

      Giving the traitor one last chance to rat out everybody else before HIS trial starts.

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      • 4EDouglas says:

        Yep CYA- There is nothing now and Rosie is weasel enough to try to look good.
        Comey, Clapper ,and Mo Bin Brennan -are the big fish…


      • ATheoK says:

        It also gives the rat another chance to commit perjury with the FBI. This time with someone who can file charges.


      • mikeyboo says:

        Remember when other swampers in good standing publicly stated that Rosenstein offered to wear a wire and Rosenstein heatedly responded that the remark was meant as a joke.
        Rosenstein may have intuited that he was being offered as the sacrificial lamb AND He may have decided to retaliate.

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      Barr is Rat’s boss. In a way, he could be sticking Rat’s nose in it.
      He’ll have to answer for what he did and as items are redacted more of HIS involvement comes into focus. Let Rat sit in the Hot Seat. Plus, as a DOJ employee, he HAS to testify.

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    • gingergal says:

      So Rosenstein has to go before congress. From what I’ve seen of Barr, he loathes all of them, so keep Rosenstein around for the nonsense hearings.

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    • Newhere says:

      Why RR helping AG Barr — because Nadler, Pelosi and Schumer are GOING to scream cover up or stonewall — that’s a fact — the question is what will be their fodder, and they’ll drill down to used tissues and take-out boxes to find something they can claim wasn’t handed over.

      Now imagine Rosenstein was let go days or weeks before submission of the report. Or that he wasn’t part of the review.

      Be glad, this is GOOD. We want Rosenstein’s grubby paws all over this. It’s the quickest and surest way to be done with him.

      And here’s a potentially hopeful data point about Barr. Look at how he’s handled things so far. On the day the report comes in, what does he feed the press? (1) NO new indictments. Sealed or unsealed. Zero. (2) Principal findings coming this weekend (i.e., saving the suspense of a long wait). And (3) Explicit declaration, with Mueller confirmation, that the SC was given total, unencumbered free reign to take whatever steps he deemed appropriate. These simple points are fatal to democrat talking points and are geared entirely to dampen hysteria. Barr then shows up Saturday for 9 hrs, and again Sunday. I find this conduct encouraging, and consistent with a no-nonsense AG, operating with due haste. I wouldn’t be surprised if he even under-promised by announcing a summary, and maybe we’ll see the whole report today or tomorrow. John Solomon (who appears to have a credible inside source and is careful to be accurate/precise and not get out in front) said last night he was expecting a “bare-bones” report from Mueller. Fingers crossed.

      I get the fear about Barr. (WHY on earth select Bush’s AG???) And we’ve been burned by clueless and dithering predecessors.

      But so far things are breaking in the right direction, IMO.

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    • johneb18 says:

      Barr: “Rod… clear up a couple of things for me…
      1. What does the original EC that opened Crossfire Hurricane say?
      2. What was the underlying crime for which you decided a Special Counsel should be appointed?”

      Who knows which direction this goes as far as Rosenstein is concerned. I believe he is TRULY the X factor in all of this. Kind of goes without saying, I guess.

      He and Mueller BOTH could decide to do the right thing and be swamp drainers.

      Or, they could be swamp creatures and obfuscate with claims stinking of ‘plausible deniability,’ and continue this farce for as long as they can.


    • NC Patriot says:

      He is making Rosie help clean up the mess he created. Barr asked him to stay om a few more weeks——–


    • Wsmith says:

      Rosenstein cut a deal.


  6. bigralphie says:

    I saw the Thin Lizzy Rip It Up reference on here (RIP Phil) but here’s another as well. Your Humble and Weary Narrator hopes that FINALLY the shackles are off and The Cracken Is Released (declas, dusting off the 1865 gallows, etc).


  7. ATheoK says:

    Excellent summation Sundance!!

    There are some records missing from the list.
    Allegedly the NSA collects all international communications including phone calls and possibly many intra-America communications.

    Ideally, Mueller’s team already harvested those records and found nothing usable for their witch hunt.
    Ideally,because then those records could be directly requested from Mueller’s archives. If they are not named explicitly, I doubt DOJ or the FBI would mention them.

    Secondarily; these records are requestable directly from NSA.
    While Mueller would have proof neither Trump or his Administration colluded with foreign entities; NSA should hold far more.
    e.g. communications of Mifsud, HRC, Bill Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Warner, Feinstein and her accomplices, Podesta, Abedin, Preet, Strzok, Steele, Ohr & Ohr and most of their administrators.

    These records should also be requested, properly redacted, not Rosenstein stye, and released.
    Even the simple facts of who called whom, where each person was physically located, when they called and how long was the conversation would be very damning.

    A) A significant portion of the illegal uranium and technology transfer storyline proof is in those communications!

    B) As would proof that Carter, Page and Manafort were likely and factually set up by ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence conspirators.

    Go Transparency!!
    Periodically timed releases will easily take this country to the elections and allow people to properly grasp the extent of the coup plotters and deepstate traitors.


  8. waltherppk says:

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  9. BarneyRubble says:

    Trump needs to declare war on Great Britain and the Royal Family needs to be arrested and put to death. Until the head is removed the serpent will grow back.


  10. LindaK says:

    The Mueller probe is over! Fight on!

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  11. gingergal says:

    Mueller is sure exposed right now, when we have not seen a live shot of him over the last two years.

    Once the Democrats are done with you, they really throw you to the wolves.


  12. johneb18 says:

    This could be today. imo.


  13. WVNed says:

    Trump is clean after 1000 upon 1000s of hours of investigation.
    Now we will have to investigate every Democrat candidate and any persons they talked to and anyone those people talked to for the last 10-15 years.
    We don’t want any collusion.going on.

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  14. Tl Howard says:

    Does anyone else feels as I do about Bill Hemmer of Fox–that he tries too hard, gets melodramatic. (No, not as bad as Shep Smith, not even close, but still…)

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  15. SR says:

    It’s perfect time if Barr and DAG can talk about FusionGPS, perkins Cole law firm, Steele, dossier, deep state bad actors, fake msm, DNC, Russia hacking lie, DNC server and others stuff in the report and have a press conference. Otherwise fake msm including fox is not connecting dots.


  16. agentcommonsense says:

    OK Jeff Sessions was at the DOJ for a ” Cabinet Chair Ceremony ” on the 21st the day before Mueller turned in his report. Rosenstein speech and Barr speech. Utah Huber also attended.
    It says the “Cabinet Chair Ceremony ” A time honored ceremony where the member is gifted the chair used while he was a cabinet member..
    LOL I cannot find any other member receiving their old chair in the history of ” Chair Ceremony” nor can I find anywhere historic or recent when there ever was a Chair ceremony.
    So is it weird that Sessions and Huber just happen to be is DC right now or maybe not



  17. bluebongo says:


    We also want the classified directives given to military intelligence to conduct spying operations under these FISA warrants.

    These officers swore an oath that has been violated severely, and participation in sedition within the military carries very grave consequences.


  18. fanbeav says:

    I think every time Nadler subpoenas President Trump or his family and staff, he should include a copy of the fraudulent FISA warrant and ties to Obama et al😳


  19. Jeff Hansen says:

    The declassification of the April 2017 FISA opinion by Judge Collyer is critical. This was the first proof that the Obama Administration was conducting widespread ilegal surveillance of American citizens and that many in the national security community were common criminals. Ever since the release of that opinion the Trump Russia investigation has been clearly a hoax to cover up prior wrongdoing. Hopefully justice will now be done.

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  20. Tparty says:

    While we are making a list of requested declassifications, I would like to add one more. Reclassify the testimony of Josef Mifsud to the Mueller SC. Upon which he disappeared and is presumed deceased … until resurrected in a satanic ceromony by HRC and that Abromovich thing


  21. Sharon Blank says:

    What is going to happen to Michael Flynn now.


  22. Pyrthroes says:

    Talk show hosts “spinning furiously” as their audiences await the next 2-minute bombshell with bated breath are like “dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly”– when that sleigh lands on the roof, this buy-my-product PR stuff will go right up the chimney..

    For all this fuss-and-bluster, the reality is that deeds, not carefully crafted verbiage, are all that matter (sorry, ladies). As ABC forces –Argentina, Brazil, Columbia– with U.S. support will shortly demonstrate to Matura Manure-o in Caracas, it’s not the thought but the F-35 that counts.


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