Mark Levin Discusses Mueller Report and Media Role in Perpetrating False Russia Collusion Story…

Fox News host Mark Levin appears on Fox Weekend to discuss the Mueller report, AG William Barr’s role in the next steps, and the media’s role in pushing the false collusion narrative.

Levin walks through the current DOJ laws, rules and regulations that guide the AG steps and how Pelosi and Schumer are attempting to subvert that process for political gain.

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42 Responses to Mark Levin Discusses Mueller Report and Media Role in Perpetrating False Russia Collusion Story…

  1. concerned3 says:

    Extract taken from another news source:
    Author, radio and TV host Mark Levin joined FOX and Friends Weekend this Sunday morning to discuss the Mueller investigation and the final report that is expected out on Sunday.

    Mark Levin weighed in on Mueller and FBI and the constand leaks to the liberal media over the past two years.

    Levin then goes off on “Mediagate” the constant drumbeat of lies and propaganda pushed by the liberal media on the American people for the past two years on Russia and the Trump-collusion nonsense.

    Mark Levin: We have an iron triangle here. The Hillary Campaign that funded the dossier, the Obama administration, the Department of Justice that other intelligence agencies, and the media. The media that is supposed to watch the powerful. The media that is supposed to watch the government, threw in with this government, in order to take out Donald Trump… What are the Democrats doing? The Democrats are not trying to interfere with the criminal justice system… They’re threatening the Attorney General with subpoenas. They’re threatening the Special Counsel with subpoenas. They’re demanding access to all this secret information, all the underlying information. They want the Attorney General to violate his oath. To violate the regulations to violate the 20 year law.

    Ed Henry: What should happen to McCabe, Clapper and Brennan?

    Mark Levin: First of all these men are very un-American. What they’ve said is outrageous. They should know better. They have the former head of national intelligence under Obama, the former head of the CIA under Obama, a top FBI official under Obama. These three men should be dragged in front of a federal grand jury. They should testify about everything they did and everything they knew. Because they, especially McCabe were involved in a coup effort. They did not indict anyone for collusion because there is no such crime as collusion and if there was nobody did it.

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  2. Bring on the counter-punch!

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  3. mallardcove says:

    I’ve been arguing with clowns on Twitter demanding the full report released.

    They keep slamming the “DOJ laws and rules” that prevent it from being released in full without the AG approving.

    I have to educate them. It’s to protect the innocent. Because if the full report is released despite no indictments, then that just gives bad players a chance to drag the innocent’s name through the mud with innuendo and speculation. Almost like we protect the innocent in this country or something.

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    • Skippy says:

      Precisely! They are looking for the smallest nugget to claim it faux gold! The Democrats are crossing the Rubiicon!

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    • Bubba Cow says:

      it’s oppo research for the dems

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      What is pathetic is how little people know about their own government. I’ve also seen the ‘Muller didn’t exonerate Trump re obstruction’. It’s not the job of a prosecutor to exonerate. It is to prosecute those deemed guilty by a preponderance of evidence. Said evidence does not exist. However, to the media whores and the idiots who believe them, people are now guilty until proven innocent. No… we do NOT want to go the way of European ‘justice’.


    • Mr. T. says:

      One theme you will notice is they all want the full report NOW. Immediately, without delay. They know the process is Trump gets the report now and can develop the spin he wants to put on it and get it out there before the Dems have the opportunity to spin it their way.

      It’s all a political game. Meanwhile, there was no crime and no reason for an investigation. Democrats don’t care. Who would support such a morally bankrupt party?


  4. frank field says:

    Levin has come around to respect Trump.


    Trump 2020

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Yes, he has redeemed himself well, and is now a smart and strong voice for the President.

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    • jessetmims says:

      @ frank field… Re “Levin has come around to respect Trump.”

      During the 2016 presidential election campaign, Levin was heavily supporting Constitutionally ineligible Ted Cruz; and, even claimed Cruz is a natural born citizen. He never recanted any of the lies he told about Cruz in trying to get him elected. I will never forget that; because, presumably, he will be willing to support Cruz or some other non-natural born citizen presidential candidate in the future.


  5. beachbum31 says:

    might be slippery slope but why shouldn’t Corn, Isikoff, Maddow etal be treated like co-conspirators with Simpson and Steele? they were NOT just messengers in sept-nov 2016… treating them like criminals would be setting a good new standard.

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  6. Mike says:

    Putin’s goal was to divide the country.

    These irresponsible lies told by Clapper, Brennen, Comey and McCabe have achieved that spectacularly.

    If anyone did Putin’s bidding it was these pukes. And as a bonus they destroyed the credibility of the FBI/Justice, maybe permanently.

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  7. Niagara Frontier says:

    We should never underestimate either the impact the U.S. media has on world opinion as well. I travel and also read and view a lot of world press as well. Almost everything printed or spoken by the foreign press about our President is blanket cut and paste from the NYT, WP and CNN.

    The corrupt U.S. media’s reach is both far and wide.

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  8. solomonpal says:

    I’m going to start paying attention to Levin again.

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    • sucesfuloser says:

      Went you hear Mark ragging on about his opinion about free trade, he conflicts with the President’s; I don’t think he understands the President’s trade philosophy. The both say the say thing just have different ways to express it. I agree with the President’s take, that ‘s when I tune out Mark and wait for him to get his sensibilities back. It might take an hour, it might take a day, but on freedom, the government, and the Constitution there is no better voice out there than Mark’s. I am glad they are both on the same side.
      Throw Rush in there too, I have heard many on this site rag on Rush, but he’s on our side during thick and thin. He is a great Trump supporter. Trump has had great people slugging along with him. In that sense, he has not stood alone. Look at Sundance, his honesty and accuracy have been in the ring as well, his eyes are wide open, and his information and predictions are the best. Starting with the Lord’s Prayer has helped my quest to return to God. I’ve learned the meaning and strength of prayer, by checking in here to see what is going on.

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    • sat0422 says:

      Although I am mad as hell at Fox for how they have treated Judge Jeanine, I will admit that Levin has a great show on Sunday night on Fox. I missed it tonight because of my Fox boycott but Levin is of sound mind and he is keen in his thinking and analysis.

      I do believe that when he had Sidney Powell was on his show a few weeks ago and she talked about Mueller’s henchman, Andrew Weissmann, it was the straw that burst Mueller’s balloon.

      I had never heard of Sidney Powell or Andrew Weissmann but that was key information delivered on Fox that evening.

      Levin usually has a variety of guest and you never know who will show up. It is a great show. I never liked his radio show but his Fox show is great. Now, if he can avoid being canned or shut down like they did Judge Jeanine, that will be great.

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      • pacnwbel says:

        His Sunday nighter, Life, Liberty and Levin was pre empted last evening in favor of more post Mueller discussion. He was to air his interview with Lara Logan about the state of the press, which promised to be interesting. Can we hope that he hasn’t been sidelined by Fox as well as Ms Pirro?


  9. solomonpal says:

    I’m going to start paying attention to Levin again.


    • Bubba Cow says:

      he did an excellent interview with Bill Bennett the other week – search YouTube for it

      Bill was Secretary of Education and 1st drug czar. He had great insights into the polluted culture of the progressives

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  10. montanamel says:

    Time for multiple renditions of that: “trying to force the AG to violate…” — sung from every outlet and rooftop at hand!.. Rub their faces in the FACT that what they are crowing about is illegal under our law(s) as written today!… Nail these Dem’s to the cross of illegal actions and deeds… All horn – no Beef….let ’em squall and whine all they want….just keep your nailing hammer handy! Check-6

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  11. CNY3 says:

    God bless Mark Levin!!! The voice of reason in a vile swamp of liberal, deep-state Nazi media.

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  12. Atpooka says:

    Levin and Cruz will forever be Never Trumpers / pro Clintonistas to me…

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  13. Perot Conservative says:

    If I recall, Levin strongly backed Ted Cruz. I recently read something about Cruz also pumping ad money / money into the Levin show.

    He was one of the last to come around, but came around strongly. He is dialed in. He is an excellent communicator, and nails it on the head with MSM complicity.

    I watched This Week, and they purposefully put on weak GOPe stooges … Christy, some waffling unknown blonde woman …

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    • snarkybeach says:

      Levin mentioned in last week’s episode that his dad told him to re-evaluate President Trump in light of what he’s said and done. Levin did and has been on the Trump Train ever since.

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    • sat0422 says:

      All I know if that Cruz almost lost to BETO in Texas. It is time to move forward and put our faith in Cruz and Levin as they appear to be solid and on Team Trump at this time. Cruz has to become more visible and outspoken in Texas. That BETO bullcrap is being successful with the NEW liberal Texans. This won’t be good for the country in the near future.


  14. (thanks jeans2nd )

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  15. Summer says:

    The Schiff show will not end until SHE IS LOCKED UP,

    Start with McCabe and Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Page, Ohr and Yates. Don’t forget Lynch and Obama.


    Lock Her Up.

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  16. Doug Amos says:

    Obama will be enough; tx. The rest are already dead men walking. As for media, they derive a nice living on our asses. Don’t love any of them with the possible exception of Sheryl Atkinson; a truly brave woman. Everything you will ever need to know will always be @ CTH or JW.

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  17. William Schneider says:

    I once again we shime in to say Levin may have ‘sinned’ or erred in the past but he is now a dialed in superstar defending the President and working to undress the crooks of all stripes who have been working tirelessly to destroy this president. In my view if you are not against us you are for us. Levin is clearly for Trump now so lets thank God he is on our team. He is smart and a great communicator!

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  18. hoghead says:

    Who here has never changed their mind? Levin is highly intelligent; he is a patriot; he is a lover of our Constitution; he knows the law.

    Mark L. is on FIRE in this interview. He is trembling as he rants; you can see it. He is outraged at this entire dog and pony show, that was improperly started contrary to the law, and that the demonic party now wants to roll out the results of, also contrary to the law.

    What ever you have thought of ML these last few years, I don’t think you’d want THIS man against you.

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  19. jeans2nd says:

    Had a good listen this a.m.
    Well, well, well. So Levin claims two years ago he, Levin, put this all together from media reports and came up with the conclusion that Team Obama was spying on Team Trump.

    Calling Major Major BS on this one.

    Putting together the media reports and coming up with the conclusion that Team Obama was spying on Team Trump was done by an “unknown” blogger named Sundance on an “obscure” website called The Conservative Treehouse the day before Levin published his “revelations” on Breitbart.

    Remember it well. This was the one and only time communication was initiated by me to Breitbart.
    Called BS on it then. Still calling BS on it now.
    You are a better person than I, Sundance. Some things may be forgiven, but forgotten? Never.


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