A Key Voice – John Ratcliffe Discusses Mueller Report….

It should always be remembered that Representative John Ratcliffe is one of only a few members of congress who have seen every single document across the entire spectrum of classification.

Rep. Ratcliffe appears on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo for a lengthy discussion on the Mueller probe, report, and the findings.  Additionally and importantly, Ratcliffe then shifts to discuss the corruption of the DOJ/FBI and how accountability might soon surface.

The second segment with Ratcliffe is below.

The conversation with Ratcliffe continues at 11:05 of the video (prompted, just hit play):


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59 Responses to A Key Voice – John Ratcliffe Discusses Mueller Report….

  1. Coast says:

    There has to be some kind of accountability….or this corruption will only get worse.

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    • Darrell Michael Richardson says:

      If not stopped it will cause a war heed my words there MUST be accountability there MUST be one law for all there MUST be one justice system for all in order for us to move forward.

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    • Mike says:

      Start with pardoning General Flynn and reinstate him to his previous position. Then sit back and watch the moonbats implode.

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      • Thomas J. Minnehan says:

        I understood that this assault om Gen flynn just about broke him financially, had to put his house up for sale, etc. Not up to speed on his situation as of late but at a minimum some restitution should be provided to mitigate the damage these creeps inflicted without legal basis.

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    • Stephen Baze says:

      No question we must see some prosecutions of the real criminals to restore any faith at all in our system. And there are a lot of them

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    • Michael Kunz says:

      This is what the MSM brings to the table, world wide, never query Dem/Leftist politicians, this is exactly what has brought about Authority without Accountability.

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    • So Mueller cannot point to anything that he could use to charge PDJT with obstruction but he also can’t clear him of the charge because PDJT refused to sit for an interview. You can expect that the enemedia is going to run with the “we can’t prove that he did but that’s not exoneration” angle. I’m disappointed that Barr put that into his summary. That gives the Dems their jump off for continuing the witch hunt … just without proof, only innuendo.

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      • Coast says:

        Yeah, he gave the Dems a few water balloons to throw. I’m disappointed in that too, but not fully unexpected.

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        • True , but common sense tells you can’t have obstruction of justice if THERE IS NO UNDERLYING CRIME ( I .e. Collusion ) what are you obstructing ? A non existent crime ?fact Mueller punted And Let AG Barr ( and good old Rothstein) take the heat for concluding no obstruction is a nothingburger , that is their job afterall .

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        • YeahYouRight says:

          It is unexpected, actually. I recall the Fifth Amendment, where the accused does not need to provide evidence against himself, even the president. Given that, there’s no evidence of obstruction. Done.

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      • Mark McQueen says:

        Exoneration is not a requirement under our Justice system. We’re all innocent unless proven guilty. No charges, you’re “exonerated”. This is the reason why investigative materials are not public information unless it is entered as evidence at a trial. No one has a right to see that information.

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      • I respectfully disagree. Barr says that the Special Counsel chose not to reach a conclusion on the matter, but that Barr and his DOJ *have concluded* that nothing amounting to obstruction took place. The primary reason, he states, is because you can’t obstruct justice when there is no underlying crime! I think Barr’s conclusion is decisive and unequivocal.

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        • Bubby says:

          Joseph I agree but the way the Democrats see it is that collusion is a crime and they know for certain committed by President Trump according to Shiff who said so many times. Further it’s President Trump’s “obstruction of justice” that kept Mueller from finding the evidence necessary to file charges. The problem is you can’t find what doesn’t exist unless you make it up which the Democrats are attempting to do. Godspeed President Trump I can hardly take any more BS from crazy partisan Democrats!

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          • grlangworth says:

            Well, pressing this unwarranted conclusion by the Dhimms will be interpreted by the electorate as unfair and disqualifying of everything else they have to say. 2020 belongs to us — presidency, House, and Senate. Press the advantage and take us home, PDJT.

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        • Ned Zeppelin says:

          I agree. All this section of the letter means is that Barr told Mueller to let Barr make the call on obstruction. So he did. No obstruction. End of conversation but it is past time to now dig into Mueller. He thinks he is safe, he should be worried. He is a co-conspirator in the Big Ugly, just like Rosenstein. Time to shut him down, since what will happen now is that he and his team of angry democrats will go underground and take their evidence of nothing to aid the SNDY and New York AG in their continuing persecution of DJT. Mueller is a key player in the Big Ugly and a very bad dude.

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      • Pyrran says:

        You know, in court, when they can’t prove you’re guilty of a crime, you’re innocent.
        Maybe someone should remind the liberals of that little fact.

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      • stephenbaze says:

        All of the wind is now taken out of their sails and they have been completely exposed. Barr will refer a grand jury on some of the matters and that will led to more. He has no choice.

        When you see this kind of article from the left you know their junk is over and their ship is completely sunk ! And this is not the only one as well.


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      • Bubba Cow says:

        crazy as a fox? – Mueller forced Barr and Rat to make a judgement that had to be innocent

        Even though we used to be innocent until proven guilty


      • Tl Howard says:

        They want and need money for the next election. They fear if they don’t continue to fight, they’ll lose their donors. WEll, fine. Get donors and lose the American people.


    • Sandra-VA says:

      Boom! There it is… no collusion no obstruction! Exactly as the President has stated many many times. In particular, it points out that the Trump Campaign/anyone associated with the campaign…. DID NOT CONSPIRE OR COLLUDE with the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election.

      DONE and DUSTED!

      Time to move on to prosecuting the villains who conspired to commit sedition!

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  2. RE Sundance’s past posts:

    EVERYTHING we’ve heard until now has been CHAFF and COUNTERMEASURES!

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  3. Nigella says:

    It’s out… No collusion or obstruction

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  4. Frank says:

    I’ve been keeping tabs on this stuff since the beginning, and I’m worn-out with it now. The Mueller game is over. All those enemies within our gates are fully exposed now. Their goal was to tear down the US and hand over supremacy to communist China, for a handsome profit, of course. Now is the time to begin the systematic annihilation of that scheme and the schemers behind it. Now is the time to scale-down trade with China while we scale-up domestic production. NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE AMERICA GREATER – not AGAIN, but greater than it has ever been. The opportunity is here. What will come of it?

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  5. Peoria Jones says:

    Rep. John Ratcliffe to Dem’s:

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  6. Stillwater says:

    Here’s hoping that, in addition to the “No Collusion finding, other findings/leads in the Mueller report cause further judicial action to boomerang back onto the truly guilty. (Democrat, Russian hoax projection bounces back to implicate the Dems/uniparty themselves.)

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  7. SUPER SKUNK Brit Hume just announced that Trump was NOT exonerated of Obstruction – OMITTING that AG Barr and DAG Rosenstein specifically found that there was NO BASIS for an Obstruction-of-Justice Charge.

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  8. Ackman420 says:

    Ozero is on his 2nd pack of Newports today.
    Hillary is already angry drunk.
    I’m ready for 2 years of perp walks.
    Let the prosecutions begin!

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  9. Not a WORD about who – OUTSIDE the Trump Campaign – colluded with Russia or anyone else [Ukraine, 5 Eyes Countries, etc.] to influence the 2016 Elections.

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  10. Mark McQueen says:

    Here is where the wind shifts and the tide changes. The grand inquisition found NOTHING. Radcliff’s and many other’s interpretations and accusations carry far more weight in the public eye than they did 2 days ago. More and more independently minded people will start to ask what the heck is really going on. I would not want to be on the other side of these matters going forward.

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  11. ristvan says:

    Ratcliffe spoke carefully to Maria’s last question:
    -trust cannot be restored without accoutability.
    -accountability reauires that Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Yates…evidence and sworn testimony be presented to a grand jury. (Preferably AFTER FISA declass, as that comprises separate provable crimes.)

    He just laid out a roadmap for PDJT and Barr.

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  12. EJS says:

    Couple things to remember, First, there is a grand jury into McCabe, Who empaneled that grand jury? What else is that grand jury looking at? Second, it has been discovered that AG Sessions tasked US Attorney Huber to investigate Hillary, FBI/DOJ with the OIG AND items from the special counsel found related to his investigations. Third, remember the leak hunts? They got James Wolf, This sent a message to the worst offenders that disinfo was being spread to catch leakers. Why did Wolf get a sweet deal??? Wolf had to keep his mouth shut on what is REALLY going down. Everyone one has been loosing their minds because nothing is happening. Its happening, its just that there are no leaks. Professional silence. In AG Barr’s release he notes that items from the special council have been referred to other jurisdictions. Might that other jurisdiction be Huber? Not the SDNY like the dems are hoping for. This is just me putting some logical pieces of this complex puzzle together.

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    • Phil aka Felipe says:

      Another thing to remember, FISA works both ways.

      Don’t interfere with an enemy when they are destroying themselves.

      These traitorous morons are still boldly and arrogantly continuing in their mission.

      They cannot resist their evil lust for power.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      Most grand juries are appointed for a year so McCabe is past that. I believe they are delaying it until they find an “After all this time what difference does it make” moment. If Huber is really going after Hillary and the Clinton Funds, why has he not interviewed rhe people who have first-hand testimony against her? They have testified in Congress but Huber has not questioned them.
      I would not, even for a moment, think Mueller would ever give evidence of Clinton crimes to anyone but his paper shredder. Mueller is working for the Clintons.

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  13. concerned3 says:

    Note: a prominent Socialist stated that investigations would continue until 2020.

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  14. montanamel says:

    Let the whippings and beheadings begin!
    Where’s the beer line start?…can’t be stuck in beer line when the first one comes up….
    Where’s Mama-san and her dried squid and kimchee dip?….
    Put up the flags and banners….this is going to be a great faire…..
    (is that an Iron Maiden over there in the shadows?…wouldn’t that be a treat?)… Check-6

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  15. frank field says:

    Radcliffe is solid! “…held accountable “…


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  16. ATheoK says:


    Only Step 1:!
    Step2: is where coup plotters, confidants, leakers, MSM bribers and conspiracists are arrested and charged for their crimes.

    Comey should be front and center through Steps 2 & 3!
    Comey’s book(s) should eventually declared as ‘benefiting from their crimes’.

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  17. Chuck Arnold says:

    Look, these traitors will never stop until Law Enforcement stops them. DEMS, RINOS, MSM, they all have the mentality of a serial killer, they won’t(can’t) stop until their stopped.

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  18. All Too Much says:

    His call for a grand jury was my primary take away.
    He was very matter of fact, almost like he knows what’s coming.
    Now its for Barr to step up

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  19. All Too Much says:

    WSJ Editorial Board: “With Mr. Mueller’s conclusions, we now know that someone may have conned the FBI into one of the great dirty tricks in American political history.”


    WSJ link is in the tweet, but has a subscription requirement I do not pay for.

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    • fakenoozisforfools says:

      The FBI was conned? Don’t make me laugh. They’re dirty to the core. And not just the few at the top while the rank-and-file is a crew of Dudley Do-Rights as people like Sean Hannity are so willing to have us believe. Bee ess. The corruption runs from top to bottom. Are there a few good apples in the barrel? Of course. The Law of Large Numbers would result in that conclusion. But it’s a lot fewer than most people would imagine.

      Far from being conned, the FBI was an integral part of the attempted coup during the 2016 election that continued through the transition from Obama to Trump and for every day of Trump’s presidency. There is absolutely nothing the FBI could do at this point that would ever get me to have a smidgen of faith in that organization again.


  20. All Too Much says:

    WSJ Editorial Board: “With Mr. Mueller’s conclusions, we now know that someone may have conned the FBI into one of the great dirty tricks in American political history.”

    A subscription needed to read the article. If I subscribed I’d paste from the source.
    The statement, above, came from this:


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    • Ausonius says:

      From the Wall Street Journal opinion piece:

      Mr. Barr’s letter also said that Mr. Mueller investigated the evidence of whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice but made no “prosecutorial judgment.” Mr. Barr said that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein examined that evidence and concluded there is nothing sufficient to prove that the President “engaged in obstructive conduct.” Mr. Trump called all this an “exoneration,” and it certainly looks to be, but it’s worth stepping back from the partisan claims for some larger political context.

      The Russia conclusion in particular ought to be good news to all Americans. Mr. Mueller spent two years and the vast resources of the FBI and Justice Department to search for “collusion.” He found ample evidence that Russia did try to influence the election. But he found that no one in the Trump campaign “coordinated with the Russian government in these efforts, despite multiple offers from Russian-affiliated individuals to assist the Trump campaign,” Mr. Barr wrote.

      This lifts the cloud over the 2016 election that authoritarians like Vladimir Putin hope to promote with their meddling in democracies. It means no Trump officials abetted the hack into Democratic emails, and no Trump officials conspired with WikiLeaks (Roger Stone’s fantasies aside). The conclusion should restore a measure of public confidence in our political system and the integrity of U.S. elections.

      Imagine the political crisis had Mr. Mueller found the opposite?

      The end of the collusion illusion should also cause the media to do some soul-searching about rushes to judgment. For two years, with the help of ex-Obama officials, they spun anecdotes of contacts between Russians and Trump campaign advisers into a conspiracy. With few exceptions they went well beyond First Amendment oversight into anti-Trump advocacy. But it was always odd that those individual Russia-Trump contacts never added up to anything or went anywhere, which is why we warned about waiting for the facts.

      Many in the press also took Mr. Trump’s denunciations against the investigation and his odd solicitousness for Mr. Putin as an admission of guilt. But Mr. Trump is often his own worst enemy, and bursts of ego and anger aren’t evidence of anything but predictable Trump behavior.

      The question has always been whether Mr. Mueller would be able to connect those anecdotes into a larger conspiracy, but now we know he could not. By the way, Mr. Mueller’s probe is the third to find no Russia-Trump collusion, following the House and Senate Intelligence Committee findings. Perhaps the press corps will finally take no conspiracy for an answer.

      As for obstruction of justice, some Democrats will assert that Mr. Mueller’s failure to reach a conclusion justifies more investigation. They will demand to see the evidence Mr. Mueller compiled, though most of this is already in the public domain since it concerned the firing of James Comey as FBI director. And they will claim that Messrs. Barr and Rosenstein are politically conflicted.

      But note that Mr. Barr says that he and Mr. Rosenstein took into account that Mr. Mueller found that “the evidence does not establish that the President was involved in an underlying crime related to Russian election interference,” which bears on motive. Without an underlying crime, what was Mr. Trump trying to cover up?

      Mr. Barr says he and Mr. Rosenstein reached their judgment about obstruction without getting to the constitutional issue of whether a sitting President can be indicted. But in our view Mr. Trump had every right as President to fire Mr. Comey for whatever reason he saw fit. The Constitution gives the President the power to hire and fire at will, and it cannot be illegal to perform an act that the Constitution says is legal, no matter the motive.

      House Democrats will have to decide what to do with all this, and their first resort will be a demand to see the entire report. Mr. Barr in his letter again promised to disclose as much as he can subject to grand-jury secrecy and other Justice rules. But we also hope he includes in his disclosures the documents that explain how this entire Russia conspiracy story began at the FBI and inside the Obama Administration. With Mr. Mueller’s conclusions, we now know that someone may have conned the FBI into one of the great dirty tricks in American political history.

      The Mueller report won’t end this rancorous period in American politics, but at least it should put the Russia conspiracy file to bed. And for that we can all be grateful.

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      • Firefly says:

        It looks like a lot of time was devoted to maneuvering to get PTrump to be deposed in a perjury trap. Manafort was already done. Erussian trolls was mostly from media reports. There was no reason to tie up the president for two years of msm fake news undermine the president.

        There better be a thorough investigation into the Ukraine and Russian dossier election interference. The fisa issue needs to be thoroughly investigated. Declassify the 302 ..

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      • fakenoozisforfools says:

        The conclusion should restore a measure of public confidence in our political system and the integrity of U.S. elections.

        Once again, the Wall St. Journal gets it horribly wrong. The Uni-Party attempted to subvert the election of 2016. Hillary Clinton and the DNC set in motion the biggest scandal of all time in sponsoring the creation of a fake dossier that was the primary source document for obtaining warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. Enter the Obama intelligence apparatus and the fake nooz media to pile on for more than 3 years and it still continues to this day and shows no sign of abating in the now Democrat controlled House.

        Anyone that would have their confidence restored in this sordid political system merely because of a report written by a scoundrel like Mueller is an idiot.


  21. Troublemaker10 says:

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  22. Linus in W.PA. says:

    The dems main play is running out the clock. They failed on this one and had to give up the ball.

    But we know they will have left some boobie traps….


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