Motive Synergy – Fox News Hires Joe Biden Former Chief-of-Staff…..

As they say… things get clearer with more data. The activity behind the curtain starts to make more sense.

Thanks to an article from Newsmax we now get to see the fourth corner of the 2020 Fox News motives:

NEWSMAX – The parent company of Fox News has hired a former top aide to Joe Biden as its chief lobbyist in Washington.

On Tuesday the new Fox Corp., a spin-off of 21st Century Fox which just merged with Disney, became a standalone public company, controlling television assets such as Fox News and the Fox television network.

Broadcasting & Cable reported that new Fox “hit the ground running on day one” with its Washington lobbying operation headed by Danny O’Brien, a well-known Democrat.

O’Brien was brought on last October as executive vice president and head of government relations for the Fox Corp.

Previously, he had served as Senator Joe Biden’s chief of staff and went on to head Biden’s 2008 presidential campaign. (read more)

Now things start to make a lot more sense.  Fox News Chairman and founder, billionaire Rupert Murdoch, has a long-held nickname: “Mr. Wall Street”.

President Trump’s nationalist economic policies are directly adverse to the interests of Wall Street, the globalists multinationals (banks and corps), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Business Roundtable and K-Street lobbyists.  All of them are losing money, power and influence under the America First trade reset carried out by President Trump.

The aforementioned groups will predictably do anything to remove the pesky President Trump; there are trillions at stake.  Just like their support shifted from Jeb to Hillary when candidate Trump defeated their scheme in 2016, the global multinational community is guaranteed to support the DNC club’s “chosen candidate”.

It is becoming increasingly likely that chosen global candidate will be Joe Biden.  Like we have shared numerous times, nothing inside the club happens organically.  There is always a planned strategy behind everything.

Fox News hiring Donna Brazile as a political analyst; and Fox News hiring Paul Ryan as one of the small group board members…. now takes on a new dynamic with the revelation that Fox News hired Joe Biden’s former chief-of-staff, Danny O’Brien, as their primary legislative lobbyist on K-Street.

Danny O’Brian now steps conveniently into the role of emissary between the Big Club and the DC political influencers, just as the Club prepares the landscape for Joe Biden.

As we said, nothing the club does is organic.

Biden will have access to unlimited financial support from the multinational Wall Street community. However, Biden’s weakness in 2020 is the same as Jeb’s weakness in 2016, a lack of grassroots support.   That’s why Bernie and Beto are currently data-mining the electorate to gather up the contact info (data harvesting) for later Club deployment.

Now things are coming into greater focus…

2020 for the DNC club is shaping up identically as 2016 was for the RNC club.  Again, not to beat a dead horse, but the clubs never change the playbook, only the portfolio cover.

There’s still a possibility Biden is not the DNC club’s ‘chosen one’; but the odds of that are diminishing.  We keep watching…

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351 Responses to Motive Synergy – Fox News Hires Joe Biden Former Chief-of-Staff…..

  1. Rob says:

    If FOX alienates it’s conservative viewers, and liberals already hate them, who will they be broadcasting to?

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    • Wee2Low says:

      They don’t care. The MSM is just the mouthpiece of a larger machine. FOX is just as much a part of that machine as CNN. What people on the right need to understand is entities like FOX and people like Ben Shapiro and Glenn Beck are there to give the illusion that someone is fighting for them. Guys like Ben Shapiro are more than comfortable with sending your children and mine to Syria to die and get PTSD for “freedom” (or something). Very George Bushie if you ask me. They’re just actors in a large play to keep you confused and thus keep you under control. Are there good people within that system? Sure, but the actors far outnumber the good guys.

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      • Noah says:

        Exactly, Wee2Low. They are there to nudge the parameters of “mainstream” conversation on the right side. The Dems and UniRinos are the fake brackets of the Overton window in America, and the dominance of media persuades a lot of people, especially young people, who are less set in their beliefs and more naive of history and the methods of propaganda.


    • Denny Vee says:

      Progressives. The moment I read last year that Disney was in the process of absorbing Fox I began commenting it will change from conservative to liberal media, and fall in line with the rest of the main stream thugs. I immediately stopped viewing Fox. I suggest everyone look for a conservative site. Their are tons galore to choose from. My favorite is


    • Richard Orberson says:

      I was not happy with Donna Brazil be a paid contributor for Fox News however how was far less happy with all Paul Ryan being placed on the board.
      I have watched Fox News for years hope it doesn’t become more left leaning than it is currently. I also watch one America News Network for the last couple years because I choose to offset what other networks say However I think I will wait to form my total opinion about either, as it seems to bite everybody in the butt when they jump to conclusions


  2. triper57 says:

    And is anyone here surprised at this turn of events? Fox is a deep state leader.

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  3. Pokey says:

    I have noticed that I have a definite indifference to FOX News lately. I guess their survival instinct has taken over and they are trying to burn both ends of the candle. Does anyone else out there believe there will even be a forum like this in two years time. The sound you hear is the increasing volume of collectivist claptrap.

    Our Constitution is nearly kaput as things stand now. All we can do is defy them at the polls. Of course, if we defeat them again we will be rewarded with another 5 million illegal aliens in our country before they decide they can turn off that faucet in 2025.

    The People are clearly losing the political war and there seems to be no way forward. Unfortunately, our adversaries have never been progressive. I believe that the greatest commentary in human history was when Jesus cried out, “Father forgive them for they no not what they do”.

    Our kind will be the ones cleaning up the big mess someday, but I am sure I will never see it. What a crappy legacy the Baby Boom generation has left for the whole world. And now we even get to die off before the full consequences of our actions can be understood.


  4. Cable channels, like Fox News, really aren’t dependent on ratings for most of their revenue. They get their money from cable subscribers whether they watch or not. That’s why CNN is able to survive, with horrible ratings, because of the $100 million in cable fees they get each year before advertising revenue. Cutting the cord is the only way to affect their income.

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  5. veto longwene says:

    I wrote to Sean and told him goodbye. Maybe I will catch him on the radio.
    Cancelled Dish, Hulu, etc. Good Riddance!
    Rush is my only news source.
    The rest can pound sand!


  6. Tulsi Gabbard is the nicest candidate the Dems boast, but they know she will become a centrist if elected, since she has expressed conservative views and values in the past. She even tries to paint Trump as the President, not the scum portrayed by other party leaders. In other words, she’s more Never Trump than an AOC.sycophant.


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