Wow – Canadian Government/Taxpayer Funded Media (CBC) Purchases Anti-Trump Billboards and Transit Signs…

Apparently Canadian media are taking their hatred for U.S. President Donald Trump to new levels of opposition.  The taxpayer funded CBC news media is purchasing billboards and transit advertisement throughout Canada to promote a campaign against the sitting U.S. President.

SOURCE: “”TRUMP BAD!” ads are appearing throughout Canada attacking him for wanting to secure the border with Mexico using a historically illiterate comparison to the Berlin Wall. I’ve seen these on Vancouver transit also” (link)

Even for the ultra-leftists within Canada, this antagonistic approach toward the United States is quite remarkable. [Former President Barack Obama was in Canada yesterday.]

D’oh Canada, this will not end well for the Canadian government…  Additionally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is up for reelection this year.

One would think that Canada would be more concerned about their collapsing economy.

Then again, it’s likely the Canadian government recognizes the economic and trade policies of U.S. President Donald Trump; policies that stop the exploitation of the U.S. market; is part of the reason for their current contraction.  [Learn More Here]

This short-sighted and vulgar political campaign against President Donald Trump would very well make matters worse within Canada.

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182 Responses to Wow – Canadian Government/Taxpayer Funded Media (CBC) Purchases Anti-Trump Billboards and Transit Signs…

  1. Niagara Frontier says:

    You’d think something this offensive and historically inaccurate would have made a bigger splash on social media. So far I can find no other sources for this info other than Cosmin Dzsurdzsa.

    I travel regularly into and out of Ontario and have never seen them. Neither have any of my Canadian friends. Maybe they are all out west. I do know the depth of the anti-Trump hatred in the Canadian media, especially from CBC.

    Still, a secondary source for this info would be helpful. Let’s find out where these billboards are located.

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    • Dekester says:

      I am in the Greater Vancouver area, and have not seen any.

      I know hate is unhealthy. So can I loathe or despise these bass turds.

      No..I F**ki*g hate them.

      You know what, I would like to see the Russians slide down the coast, and invade B.C.

      We sensible Canadians know that we are utterly dependent on the U.S. for our security and prosperity.

      Go has a plan.

      God bless PDJT

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      • Ernie says:

        ***If there’s any around Alberta I haven’t seen them.


      • TrumptheCommies says:

        Thank you for kind words, good sir or ma’am! To tell ya the truth, the vast majority of Americans don’t think of Canada as our protectorate or anything else derogatory, really. But honestly, I DO get pi$$ed when I see pictures of Canadians standing on our flag, using it as a doormat. NOT cute. As I see it, we are ALL of us, Conservatives, Patriots, in the fight of lives, you for your country, me for mine. UNITY! When we FINALLY get organized worldwide, the filthy Left will scurry like roaches and rats.


    • GSparrow says:

      I was also concerned it was a hoax. Ezra Levant has the same billboard picture on his Twitter site but no reference at all including to Cosmin Dzsurdzsa.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Niagara Frontier, so we can expect and read that they love having invaders on their soil? But the legal citizens don’t but not allowed to be heard. Unless the Canadians themselves understand that the Berlin Wall was built to keep people in and under communism, whereas our wall is to keep invaders out! A whole different concept but then again fake news is fake news and these boards fully express their ignorance and hate.

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      • Niagara Frontier says:

        Carrie, it’s not just the Canadians. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that many Americans can’t see the distinction either, especially recent graduates from secondary school or college.

        That’s why the Marxists started years ago subverting the schools, and that’s why their job is so easy today.

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    • Prairieboy says:

      None in Saskatchewan either.


    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      The Communist Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) of Canada- the political Media arm of the Liberal Party. The Liberal Party, owned and controlled by the Mafia in Montreal.

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      • maggie0987 says:

        Here is the full blog today from Small Dead Animals (based in Sask) along with note from CBC confirming their provenance –

        Things You’re Going To See At The CBC
        March 8, 2019 KateMedia 6 Comments
        This photo was circulating yesterday on Twitter, but no one seemed to be able to verify its authenticity. There was some concern it may be a hoax.

        So, I emailed the CBC about it.

        Hello Catherine,

        Replying to your inquiry about the billboards.

        CBC recently launched an awareness campaign using visuals from our archives to demonstrate that despite changing times, CBC News is by your side. This billboard is one piece of the larger project, intended to highlight CBC’s longstanding tradition of covering the news that matters to Canadians, here at home and around the world. To ensure the clarity of our message, we are revisiting this particular element of the campaign.


        Kerry Kelly


  2. Maybe it’s time for a wall at the northern border?

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    • G Michael says:

      Maybe it’s time to start pipe-lining the illegal invaders directly to the US northern border, eh?

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    • I live near the border with Canidoya. I have seen suspicious fighting age men walking down the main highway, clearly profiling here, but they are definitely out of place. Perhaps I ought to pick one of these fellows up and take them to the nearest border patrol station?
      I do not know, maybe a wall would be better.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      NeverRed,that has been asked for by many American citizens and that would be to also keep out invaders. But those who want to come for medical care should be able to get a permit to cross over or for traveling here, but not anyone else, and those allowed must have a visa with a limited time allowing them to come over whether by walking, driving or flying and exactly where they will be so we can track them. That is exactly what Mexico did with me!

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  3. G Michael says:

    Pretty sick, eh?

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    • cali says:

      @G Michael: Nothing surprising really from the offspring of Fidel Castro – Trudeau’s father.

      Colluding with the Hussein administration interfering in the 2016 election to frame candidate and then president Trump of Russian collusion and attempted but failing coup surely is a big part of the treacherous behavior of an ally and member of the 5 eyes. Then again these allies turned into enemies as they joined the Un-American plant and Manchurian candidate Hussein aka Renegade.
      Nothing is an co-incidence!

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  4. Zippy says:

    Billboards intended to distract from Trudeau’s issues, just as part of Mueller’s mission was to distract from and provide cover for BHO regime’s illegal activities. You have understand their idiot (aka socialist) audience. SQUIRREL!

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    • The Demon Slick says:

      Trump has left Justin an out, one that will remain open to him for quite some time (but not forever because markets). All he has to do is move to production and away from just assembly. His economy would BOOM. Justin is just not willing to cross the greenies. It’s funny how everyone is too stubborn to let Trump help them land on their feet. Look at May with Brexit. Trump offered a strong trade deal to help escape the EU without getting crushed. She prefers to sell Britian into economic slavery, and she’s groveling before Brussels for the privilege. Absolutely bonkers. The leaders of the world are going to have to do what their own people want at some point. At what point is up to them, but the longer it takes the worse it will be for them. There’s a new political philosophy in the world, basically “You’re screwing us over and we’re going to make you stop.” It’s very popular.

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  5. Phil says:

    Justin is just practicing for Venezuela north

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  6. Hoop says:


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  7. decisiontime16 says:

    The United State isn’t going to be Canada’s piggy bank anymore with renegotiated trade. What you see is what you get. Vitriol.

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  8. hellinahandbasket says:

    Seems that border with Canada is R E A L L Y porous, just littered with holes and secret passageways, heck…. I have heard news that quite a number of our Islamic “Refugees” are sneaking into Canada because the USofA isn’t the grab-bag of welfare they’d hoped for – President Trump really should consider a Northern Border Wall – for the benefit of Canada, of course.
    The enemy of my enemy is my friend;
    The enemy posing as my friend is my most dangerous enemy.

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  9. Zorro says:

    Read between the lines..Orange Man Bad for not letting us take advantage of US in trade.

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  10. Donna in Oregon says:

    Speaking of billboards in Canada…..this was in the Canadian news Feb 2019:

    So Western Canada wants to secede from Eastern Canada. Western Canada has oil.

    The Globalists are always after mines, minerals, oil, gold and other commodities. Uranium One was just the tip of the iceberg.

    Obozo and Moochie are always following the money…..

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  11. frank field says:

    Forgive me. They deserve their demise.

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  12. Zorro says:

    Look for Justin to have his own dance show on Obama’s Netflix channel.

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  13. Pyrthroes says:

    Trump can take these ankle-biting chihuahuas without a blink. But Canada’s potlatch kids are going to find that Sgt. Preston needs a new lead sled-dog, fast.

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  14. Dave Sanderson says:

    I spend almost half each year (the warm half) up in Canada for business. I’ve been phoning Canadian clients all week booking my April / May presentations, and then asking those who know me best for the longest time, “What the hell is going on up there with Trudeau?”

    ALL of them are over-worked, over-taxed, under-appreciated business people, unabashed capitalists not lefty SJW’s … 100% of them have said words to the effect of “He and his Liberals are toast in October’s election.”

    Here’s hoping they’re aware enough of THEIR clients / customers to be giving an accurate assessment.

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    • dallasdan says:

      Thank you for your first-person insight.
      Per SD:
      “One would think that Canada would be more concerned about their collapsing economy.
      This short-sighted and vulgar political campaign against President Donald Trump would very well make matters worse within Canada.”

      It is unfortunate that good people get caught-up and injured in the process of removing a dangerous fool like Trudeau, but a collapsing economy will energize the voters to make a change for the better in their leadership. JMO


  15. hard masada says:

    don’t get to alarmed by that, since the Cheeseers are going down as the most CORRUPT Canadian government in history. They also should watch what our CBP agents say to Congress. I’ll give them a easy start from the DHS hearing~~> All you Cheesers grab your cheese and watch this!!


  16. J Gottfred says:

    Alright, I bringing back, “54 40″ or fight”! How stupid can these Cannucks be?


  17. WES says:

    Some of us Canadian treepers here on CTH know what is really going on but sadly we are badly out numbered. Much like Trumpers verses Uniparty!

    The left here in Canada have duplicated the Dem strategy of control of msm and schools to brainwash everyone.

    Only once in a while do the brainwashed peons in Canada do the right thing but only very briefly after the left really screw things up badly. Then they quickly revert back to supporting the left!

    Conservatives in Canada are just as frustrated as Trumpers are in the US! Neither of us get any respect! Rodney??? Where are you????

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    • WES,
      Hang in there. Recent events (despite the terrible economic news, which must be tough to handle) that show Justin to be the corrupt tool that he is, can ultimately be a blessing.

      We are living in topsy turvy times that “try men’s souls” and turn our stomachs, for sure.

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    • Kureelpa says:

      Wes, same thing in Australia, it is only after a Labor Government has trashed the country, that the Aussies get their act together & vote to change the Governing party.
      They are reactive – not proactive & in my opinion seem to focus on the appearance & presentation of the persons running.
      I put it down to the fact that voting is mandatory.


  18. Build the Northern wall and build it 40 ft higher and make Canada/Chinese steel pay for it….


  19. Gary Lacey says:

    You might want to check this out for the Future magazine 11/2018

    tip: its about Freeland’s negotiating skills.


  20. Fidel’s son is running ads against the Berlin Wall. I can’t even anymore.


  21. Realist says:

    The ignorant uneducated morons of course don’t understand that the Berlin wall was designed to keep people IN while the Southern Border wall is designed to keep ILLEGALS out.

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  22. Rynn69 says:

    This is the evidence that globalism is not good, right, and true. It is bad, wrong, and hateful. Any lay observer is going to figure out that all the other side has is HATE.

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  23. Jane says:

    Trudeau’s liberals voted thru a 595 million dollar slush fund for media to help gain control of it.
    Remember too, they promised to produce op-eds everywhere on SNC Lavalin.

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  24. derpenwolf says:

    Far as free speech goes, it PROTECTS UNPOPULAR SPEECH (yeah hate speech too) so if they want to flaunt their hate of Trump, or America, or Babies, Horses and Dogs knock yourselves out.
    Good on Ya, I like Folks to identify themselves and their “ethics” but that’s me.
    I’m just a simple LIFE, LIBERTY, PROPERTY kind of American , most Canadians I meet are rural folks and they are good people. City life is TOXIC the mind and body. The Media is 100% bull patty and ALWAYS HAS BEEN. Americans have about had it with the ANTI AMERICAN NARRATIVE … and marxist leftist, Hollywierd, Govt, religious TYRANNY. Tyrants garner a predictable response FROM AMERICANS , I’ll leave that to you Folks to do your own research on the inevitable outcome of threatening the life Liberty and Property of Free Mericans and Canuks . I’m American, I love Canada, wouldn’t hesitate to fight to protect her from harm.

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  25. Mongo says:

    Ask a Canadian liberal whether Americans should be able to illegally cross into Canada to use the Canadian health care and to work and to vote in Canadian elections.
    Canadian liberals have been programmed by CBC to hate Americans.
    Ask them if it is immoral to prevent US citizens from using the shitty Canadian health care system.

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  26. ex says:

    Read the debriefing of Yuri Bezmenov – it might still be on Youtub – that and the famous speech by Paul Harvey, and you have the complete blueprint. Looks like it’s working..


  27. Rose says:

    As a Canadian all I can say is WTF, this is a gross abuse of tax payer’s dollars and CBC has no legal mandate to participate in politics here or else where.

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  28. zombietimeshare says:

    No problem. Fastrack all illegal border crossers, by the tens of thousands, to Canada where they will be warmly accepted.

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  29. judgeroybean says:

    Don’t know what to think.Tucson area condo neighbors, mostly Canadian snow birds, are more conservative and America loving than American snowbirds.


  30. tampafan says:

    When my Canadian husband (then boyfriend) was first introduced to my father, he asked: “What do American’s think of Canadians?” Without pausing, my dad answered, “We don’t”.


  31. pigletrios says:

    These people are a special kind of stupid


  32. Garry Smith says:

    CBC is as popular in Canada as the Fireplace channel during summer. Justine from Canada has implemented a censorship program where they reward mainstream friendly media with taxpayers money for espousing the party line of the extreme far far left and censor all those with differing views. I was surprised that they televised some of the recent politically controlled “Justice Committee” testimonies albeit with spin and a pinch of salt over the shoulder. Otherwise no one that I know watches CBC unless it’s a hockey game.


  33. TASS, Canadian style!


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