Epic Bilat Moment During Hanoi Summit – Kim: “If I’m not willing to denuclearize I won’t be here right now”….

We can somewhat throw out the schedule; President Trump and Chairman Kim held a much longer one-on-one, and informal small group discussion….. Culminating in this historic moment with the media present and the formal bilat about to begin.

First, watch Chairman Kim Jong-un take questions from U.S. media.  That’s historic. Second, and more importantly, listen carefully to the answers: MUST WATCH

U.S. Journalist: “Chairman Kim are you willing to denuclearize?”

Chairman Kim Jong-un: “If I’m not willing to do that, I won’t be here right now.”

POTUS Trump injected: “That might be the best answer you’ve ever heard.”

Rough translations of exchanges:

Another U.S. reporter asked if Chairman Kim was willing to take concrete steps to denuclearize?  Chairman Kim replied: “That’s what we are discussing right now.”

President Trump was asked if there would be a political statement to end the war?

Trump response: “No matter what happens we’ll ultimately have a deal that’s really good for Chairman Kim and his country. That’s where it’s all leading. It doesn’t mean we’re doing it in one day, in one meeting. I really believe with this great leadership North Korea, I really believe it’s going to be very successful.”

Chairman Kim was asked if he was ready for the US to have a liaison office in Pyongyang. A north Korean aide appeared to attempt to cut off questions but POTUS Trump interjected: “that’s actually an interesting question. I would like to actually like to hear that answer. “

Chairman Kim replied: “That is something that is welcomeable.”

President Trump said the idea was a “great thing.”

Chairman Kim then seemed to be done with questions: “If you’ll kindly give us more time, one minute.”


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32 Responses to Epic Bilat Moment During Hanoi Summit – Kim: “If I’m not willing to denuclearize I won’t be here right now”….

  1. Eric C. says:

    “By the book”

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  2. Chip Doctor says:

    POTUS has this. This man knows how to get what he wants. We are so blessed to have him as our leader. Thanks Sundance, for your great coverage of this summit.

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    • dufrst says:

      What about the Wall?

      I kid. It’s sad that Trump can seemingly get more done with the dictator of North Korea than with the Democratic Party in his own country!

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      • ForGodandCountry says:

        At this point they’d literally let their own children burn rather than let PDJT put out the fire to save them in order to avoid having to give him any credit whatsoever.

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      • webgirlpdx says:

        I guess we know what W meant by evil doers….

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      • RLTW says:

        Because today’s USA Dem party is actually more hardline than Communist NK or China or Venezuela. At least NK and China are willing to compromise. Gone are the days of the Jim Webb Democrats who actually fought for the interests of the middle class and America.

        I would have voted for Webb over Trump. A Marine Corp Platoon leader who was shot up so bad in Vietnam that he was involuntarily medically discharged from the Corp. Which is the only reason he got a law degree and went into politics.

        Webb wanted to be a career Marine Corp warrior. Webb understands firsthand WTF it means to send young men into war.


  3. jindfw says:

    F’ing media. Always looking for a way to sabotage. It’s pathetic. DJT knows how to make a deal and you don’t do it in public and you don’t do it in front of a narrative driven media.

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  4. montanamel says:

    Wish I could stay up and see the presser’ in 3 hr…. There “appears” to be a very real chance for some progress on multiple levels here… Maybe someone ought to turn out the lights in AF-1 and let these two guys hang out in People’s Park this afternoon….share a bowl or two… bring out a bottle of Bang Yang or a few OB’s….so, PDJT doesn’t make it home until 4 or 5 AM (instead of 1:30 AM….) Many good things can come from “sharing”, eh?…. Check-6

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  5. ForGodandCountry says:

    Simply historic and utterly unprecedented. If Obama was doing this the media would be talking about plans for his likeness on Mt. Rushmore.


    “A N̶o̶r̶t̶h̶ ̶K̶o̶r̶e̶a̶n̶ ̶a̶i̶d̶e̶ Chinese handler appeared to attempt to cut off questions but President Trump intervened…”

    Fixed. No charge.

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  6. Drake Passage says:

    As Sir Winston Churchill mused, “yak yak is better than war war”.

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  7. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.
    Matthew 5:9

    Thank You, Lord.

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    • Jan says:

      Amend and a Halleluja!!

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    • ForGodandCountry says:


      Blessed is the Lord, who gifts us his peacemakers among us. For if a man or woman be counted wise in his/her fear of the Lord, and so a peacemaker, we can be sure it is the Lord who gifted them that wisdom and called them to be a peacemaker.

      This is a great example why ALL glory and honor belong to the Lord.

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  8. Sunshine says:

    THAT was a good question!
    ”Are you willing to have a USA office in Pyongyang?”
    Kudos to that reporter.

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  9. MIKE says:

    I can’t believe my good fortune to be alive in this moment. Something yuge is happening and it’s leaning toward enhanced peace and prosperity between us and a long elusive foe. John Trump’s hammer is beating Damocles’ sword into a plowshare, IN SPITE of his (and ours) true enemys’ resistance. I think I’m getting a political woody!
    Of course I wouldn’t know doodly-squat if I wasn’t hanging out at the treehouse. sundance are trying to keep up with PDJT? This coverage is real time and exhaustive, brother. Well done, and much appreciated.
    Gonna say a prayer for the President and his entourage, and for success. At the very least, inroads have been paved. Gotta go, those 1000 mg Winnamins are kicking in big time. Good night all.

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  10. sjp says:

    If o was doing this the media would be on their knees waiting with their mouths open men and women. o would likely never have to wipe his own arse again


  11. cthulhu says:

    Wow. Just……wow.

    All the dominoes are lined up and will fall according to plan — if the damned Dem-rats don’t muck things up.


  12. Perot Conservative says:

    You guys skipped a BIG one!!

    Some snarky reporter asks Chairman Kim, “Will you be discussing human rights?”

    **Hot topic, wrong time.** Translator translates. … Pause…

    President Trump: “We’re discussing everything.”

    TRANSLATION: Trump just interceded, took pressure off of Chairman Kim, no losing face.

    Perfect “Save”.

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  13. John-Y128 says:

    Deeds, not Words Chairman Kim.


  14. Luminary says:

    I heard it was Bolton’s fault these talks didn’t produce anything. Wanted chemical weapons to be dismantled too, or something like that.


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