Preview of Michael Cohen Opening Statement, Worded for Maximum Political Damage…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has worked closely with House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings to use President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen as the cornerstone to a carefully planned democrat impeachment effort.

Working collaboratively with the current U.S. Department of Justice, Speaker Pelosi organized a deferment of prison sentence for Mr. Cohen so he could testify to the House committees. Toward that end, and in fulfillment of his agreement to House Democrats via Lanny Davis, the opening statement of Michael Cohen is below (full pdf).

The 20 pages of toxic and disparaging opening remarks are specifically and carefully worded by Cohen and his political handler Lanny Davis to create maximum political damage.  Together with personal documents (and recordings) Cohen will provide, this pre-planned effort is what U.S. media will use to assist their ideological allies in congress.


Special Counsel Robert Mueller is waiting on the sidelines to deliver his report intended to bolster the Michael Cohen testimony.  One of two reasons Mueller handed-off the investigative evidence against Cohen into the SDNY was to allow himself and Andrew Weissmann the appearance of being disconnected from the process. However, all of this is highly coordinated amid all of the participants.  [The second reason was Team Mueller, the workforce behind the usurpation, have stronger allies in the SDNY system]

Depending on how well the media is able to exploit the damaging testimony from Cohen, Special Counsel Mueller will time his investigative report to AG William Barr.

The background battle between Pelosi/Schumer’s congress and Attorney General William Barr will be aided by the leverage Pelosi, Adam Schiff (HPSCI), Elijah Cummings (Oversight), and Jerry Nadler (Judiciary) are able to generate from Michael Cohen.  That’s why Cohen’s public testimony was never optional.

All of this is carefully designed.  None of this is organic.  All of the participants have networked contacts acting as intermediaries (like Lawfare) to provide arms-length plausible deniability to the larger political scheme.  These plans and schemes are all professional Democrats spend time thinking and talking about.  This is what they do. This is all they do.  This is their purpose in life; nothing else matters.

In the new House Rules Pelosi unveiled last December, HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff has until April 15th to organize his summer hearing schedule for attacks against the White House.  Pelosi hasn’t tried to hide the plan; heck, she’s published it for all to see.

The impeachment schedule, led by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler, will begin with his specifically focused hearings sometime in late April or May 2019.  The House impeachment vote will be scheduled for sometime in the early/mid fall of this year.

If they follow their plan, this gives Democrats and the media around six months +/- to build an overwhelming political argument against President Trump; and, with the help of media, create such political controversy that Senate Republicans (Decepticon Caucus) will be showcasing pearl-clutching anxiety into the senate impeachment trial.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will likely schedule the impeachment trial around the time when President Trump needs to start campaigning for 2020. McConnell’s goal will be to get donors to back away from Trump as a candidate, and lean-in to a primary challenge option.  This is how the GOPe UniParty works.

Swamp politics at its extremist worst.

Trillions of dollars at stake.

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401 Responses to Preview of Michael Cohen Opening Statement, Worded for Maximum Political Damage…

  1. Black Irish Rose says:

    Reminder to Cohen: bearing false witness gets you far worse than a spell in federal prison. This won’t turn out well for you, in this world and ESPECIALLY in the next.

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  2. Chewbarkah says:

    I was sickened by Cohen but relieved as I read his pathetic “he-a culpa”. His accusations are old news. Paid off a whore. Yeah we heard about that. Lied to Forbes about net worth. Gosh-must impeach. Heard from Roger Stone in July 2016 that Wikileaks was about to release DNC emails. Hadn’t Assange already rumbled this publicly in July 2016? Doesn’t Cohen’s hearsay that Stone reported this revelation make it clear that Trump and Stone were bystanders, not causers of the actions ( actions which were not even illegal)? Al Capone’s vault contained more than this. It’s just stage-managed hissing from a trapped snake so CNN and MSNBC can pretend it matters.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I’m also reminded of the night that Rachel MadCow waved around her pathetic pages of DJT tax returns.

      Yuuuuuuuge drum roll and then – big splat!

      Maybe she, Geraldo, and Lanny Davis will soon be seen in a bar getting drunk and reliving their WouldCouldShoulda Moments. 😆

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      • Grassleysgirl/Breitbartista says:

        Springer,Maury and Geraldos shows weren’t cancelled, they just moved to the Hill.
        Who knew? Wätch for reruns until 2020.


  3. B.Smith says:

    All of this is not going to matter or hurt Trump one bit. Nothing that is said today hasn’t been said already in the past 3 years. All will be forgotten in a week and Cohen will be in jail.

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  4. jmarshs says:

    If Cohen had anything incriminating on Trump, he would have plea bargained for no jail time.

    He didn’t and he doesn’t.

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    • Innuendo designed to impeach, not convict…as has been all prior efforts. They are building their case, not in a judicial court but the court of public opinion. They have little hope of removal, but all of this has been about suppression of Trump’s agenda while tearing him down with rumor and lies leading up to the 2020 election.

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      • cjzak says:

        Exactly correct. I wonder though, since they have cried wolf so many times on this stuff, if the public is really listening anymore??

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        • The drive is to build a false consensus. They are less concerned about changing our minds about Trump personally than they are to convince us of what everyone else thinks. While we might support Trump, if we think that everyone else thinks he is BAD, then we will be far less willing to rise to his defense, much less RISK anything to do so….which is the other leg of this effort…intimidation. This is about SUPPRESSION of dissent,through propaganda and intimidation….same as it ever was.

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          • Blind no longer says:

            I will always defend him to everyone I know!!! They will never intimidate me…that includes at least 50 people I know in my family and neighborhood! I cower to no man…especially a communist, leftist Dem, baby killer!

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        • Dee Paul Deje says:

          They jumped the shark a long time ago. We need a Laffer curve to show the diminishing returns from spreading more B.S.

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      • Blind no longer says:

        “I will hit them so hard, they’ve never seen a hit like that,” he said, referring to his power to release secret documents, some of which, he hinted, will be deeply embarrassing to Barack Obama’s administration.

        “If they want to play tough, I will do it,” he said. “And they will see how devastating those pages are.” President Donald J Trump—Promises made Promises Kept.

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    • dkst13 says:

      This is what I have sent to multiple Repub congressman:

      History will show that America was lost not because Socialism won. No, it will show that those that spoke of Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness, lied to their voters. History will show that when American’s needed you the most, you played games with their lives and their families lives. While you grew your wealth faster then 90% of your voters, you replaced them with low cost workers. While our children were being sexually assaulted and killed by a foreign invasion, you did nothing.

      Trust me, it has become my life’s mission, when the Right is forced to fight to save America, you and all your co-workers will have to explain your actions to the American public. Just like allowing Obama and Mueller to ignore constitutional law, we will not. You will be judge by our Constitution which you have hid behind when needed but destroyed when it got in your way.

      I am calling for all Patriots to follow the Left’s demand. We need to confront your failure and con-game but not because you vote against abortion, no, because you have failed America and its citizens. Of course the media will be contacted and will gladly film your own voters confronting you about your roll in the destruction of America. See you soon.

      One last thing, you know the Right will rise up to save America. Did you really think we wouldn’t hold you accountable?

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  5. rustybritches says:

    This morning I am sick at heart when I see what the RINO’s did yesterday in the house and this mess with Cohen just turns my stomach Fox has a poll out this morning showing that many people do not support building the Wall, Wonder where that poll came from? Out of some one butt most likely, There has been nothing said by the congress or anyone about the 20 billion dollar deal that PT did with Vietnam yesterday or what their hopes are for the meeting today, NO They would rather he fail and that’s why this meeting with Cohen was set up to bring the President Down and
    just because one of the men in charge of the China deal said that they are still working things out the market decides to go to hell and then some. Didn’t matter that another one said that we are on our way to another bull market I guess that for those people who wish to believe what Cohen has to say then to bad for them, I refuse to believe what they are saying about him, I have watched this man for two years and I have watched the way he has put himself out for the American people
    He didn’t go any where over the holidays because he wanted to make sure the dems knew he was ready to deal with them, He didn’t leave for new years either and had that been Obama
    as usual he would have just said its my way or the hwy way and You don’t like it so be it and I am gone for the next 16 days Don’t bother me until I get back..

    These Traitors in Congress should remember that we lived under the Green deal with Obama and his goons and nothing was legal about what he did, but they let him get away with even murder and then some so if they want to try to do any thing to harm the President They better stop and think that he has more ways from Sunday to stop them He has done nothing wrong and by the way where are all the people who should be in that meeting who stands with P T…

    Sorry , just my thoughts and pray for the President today and who ever said we should turn this into a fund raising thing We should I will do so as soon as I get off here
    just dontated to Donatd J Turmp and I will do so again Please lord put a gag around Cohens mouth and make it sound better

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    • Amy2 says:

      Take heart Rusty. Don’t fall the comments of a snake, or the other snakes who are just who are trying to validate him. God knows their hearts; you are responding correctly with PRAYER. This hearing is not so much discouraging as it is entertaining. I don’t believe the president is sweating it, so I’m sure he doesn’t want you to either.


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    • NC Patriot says:

      Jordan and Meadows and the other Repubs on the committee went after Cohen hard and made him look like even more of a liar, even today. In fact he even mumbled about all the questions being about him instead of the president.

      We have to give credit to the Republicans in the Freedom Caucus. They are far and away his biggest defenders in DC

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  6. Deb says:

    So the lying unethical scum lawyer is stabbing his client in the back in the hopes that his client’s political enemies will be lenient and not make him spend ten years in jail.

    Anyone who thinks this is credible testimony or is in any way a “game changer” is either a liar or a gullible idiot.

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  7. Thomas Pritchard says:

    I am way beyond fed up. My local C&W radio station in fly over country mind you.( NW. In).
    Just led with this crap on the hour about cohen.
    Here we have a historic time in history with our president meeting with Kim and not once was it mentioned. The program director just got what’s left of my mind on the phone. I guess that’s my way of protesting.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Normally, I’d be wayyy concerned. Hearing the
      same, MSM approved drivel on ABC radio national
      here in Atlanta. Take heart on this one.

      They’ve dropped all coverage of it, but the Jussie
      Smollett debacle was just last week. From what I was
      hearing at work, tons of eyes were opened. In the
      unlikeliest places. And that was just last week. Most
      haven’t gotten to the point where they catch onto how
      much the MSM has lied to them. Yet.

      But it’s cumulative. Their narratives are occurring in
      a very short time. They are getting sloppy. Too much of
      true human nature is being left out of their tales. These
      are greedy hateful automatons. So driven by their agendas
      that they aren’t tightening the bolts on their stories. It’s
      putting people’s radar way up.

      When I heard ABC radio read down the list of what Cohen
      had said it sounded like an infomercial. Tired claims from
      someone already under indictment. Guy comes across as
      inauthentic. I believe Smollett and Cohen are both gifts to
      our side. Anyone with any degree of wisdom will spot their
      chicanery. Even better? Cohen being defended by the MSM,
      one week after they are scraping egg of their faces for
      defending Smollett. Too much, too soon. Not enough time
      between for the rubes to forget. Delicious.


  8. Anny says:

    The left is imploding. I’d say it’s fun to watch, but drowning men are dangerous. It broke my heart, the horrible things Cohen claimed Trump said about blacks. Imagine if you were a young back child and turned on the TV and heard that that is what the President thinks? Imagine all of the children of other races who heard it. A whole new generation of people has been introduced to idea that people who have black skin are inferior. As for Trump Jr., they overplayed their hand on that one.

    Support of human and drug trafficking, Infanticide, race hustling, hypocrisy and lies upon lies upon lies. I know they count on ignorance and grievance mongering, but they are becoming so ugly, and so ghoulish that it’s going to be hard for their supporters to keep up the virtue signaling.

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    • Amy2 says:

      People are beginning to notice that these people don’t have a reflection.

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    • I have college educated Hispanic friends who believe Trump is a racist. We must understand that that all minorities have been discriminated against at some time in their lives, so it takes very little to convince them of racism, especially after YEARS of indoctrination reinforcing their victimization.
      Progressives have been building this, setting up on on a tee for every “report” of purported racism, real or FAKE.
      This is nowhere near its end and progressives will not yield to decency or law to impede their progress.

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      • Anny says:

        College indoctrinated.

        The Arab leaders have managed to blame the Jews for their failures for thousands of years. I don’t doubt race baiting is a winning formula for those who disdain the idea of a common good.

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      • Luke of the D says:

        I am a white man and I have been actively discriminated against repeatedly by Democrats, celebrities, news media, corporations, and private businesses for years. Minorities are not special. White men in particular are targets of racism and sexism, and no one does a damn thing about it.

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  9. vikingmom says:

    “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning of the end, this is just perhaps the end of the beginning.” Winston S. Churchill

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  10. c says:

    I do believe they will be successful eventually, and I always thought the Senate would vote for the articles of impeachment, they don’t want him either


    • Anny says:

      maybe impeachment, but I believe they fear the people too much to vote for a conviction.


      • Most people principles only extend as far as it goes without significant personal cost. Control of social media will prevent any large uprising while MSM will continue disparagement of Trump and his supporters to erode Trump’s base support. But any real threat to the economy, which any significant uprising will present.
        Conservatives have been cornered, not by progressives so much, as our continual retreat, our refusal to fight back, our deference to every claim of social justice or economic justice that has been taken as admission of guilt, only reinforcing their next attack.
        We have lost our footing and at this point every attempt to push back will be presented as AGGRESSION as we saw with the Catholic boy you didn’t run away from the mad indian.
        Our best defense is our acceptance of our reality, and we best get our heads right, because we will be afforded no second chance.

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      • swissik says:

        They don’t fear the people, that is the problem. They truly believe that the people are too ignorant, dumb whatever you prefer, easily manipulated etc.


    • law4lifeblog says:

      Impeachment was a certainty the minute the Dems took the House, regardless of what the R’s do. Evidence doesn’t matter, they only need a majority. However, only the House votes articles of impeachment. A Senate trial will require 67 senators to vote to convict, I just don’t see any likelihood of that happening.


  11. sunnyflower5 says:

    Who’s the woman filming with her phone behind Cohen?


  12. henry says:

    I’d like to see some proof of this….


  13. Judiciary says:

    The Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

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  14. Sparty says:

    I’m telling you friends, take heart. Like every pathetic ploy over played against PDJT, this too will evaporate. NO ONE likes any of the Dem scumbags involved in this one. Pelosi 7% approval rating? Yup. No one cares.

    The economy is on fire and it won’t stop. Jobs jobs wages boom time. It’s the economy stupid, as the saying goes.

    I live in Southeast MI. So does a particular RNC leader, if you will. Our daughters played travel sports together. Many long talks on sidelines.

    Ran into her in grocery store aisle 2 weeks ago. On a Friday. You wouldn’t recognize her but I did and we chatted for 10 mins. I ran a dozen CTH based beliefs and observations by her. Such as DJT loves everyday people and despises elites, is 3x smarter and always 2 steps ahead of FBI and DOJ rats, CNN et al are too stupid to focus on the global reset taking place, China ringed in and squeezed by DJT’s alliance India Taiwan S Korea Japan Vietnam and China will lose, Vietnam will be Kim’s partner to launch fledgling economy, and Melania is crazy smart and DJT is an absolute genius. She enthusiastically agreed on all points and then some. “All that matters is getting him re-elected in 2020” then MAGA strategy really kicks into overdrive. She quietly told me she had dinner last night with DJT and Melania. She loves DJT and Melania. Obviously they like and trust her enough to have dinner.

    Ever have an uncle you don’t like and disagree with? This person is the polar opposite of the uncle. Let me tell you, they ain’t pals. At all. Not anymore. Zero alignment. She is a deplorable soccer mom.

    So yeah. Nothing will take out Trump. We won’t allow it. She agreed with this 100%: “Trump always wins. Always.

    Have faith. These scumbag Dems are in way over their head. So is the Uniparty cabal. Keep messaging to everyone about the economy, jobs, trade reset, the works. Don’t stop. CTH has taught me so much, and I leverage all of it. Every day

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  15. Ono says:

    Does the circus ever leave DC?

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  16. Justice in America is a relativized/politicized spoils system. Each DOJ/AG regime chooses its pet causes which invariably focus on economic factions that are more amenable to the party out of power. For the first two years, Trump was cheated of the spoils rightly due the winner. Whether incompetence or corruption sidelined Sessions, it hardly matters now. Trump’s DOJ made him the main quarry. His DOJ was cannibalistic from before Day One. Barr may right the ship a little bit. But he’s no rabid reformist. Even a cursory view of his resume indicates this. It’s delusional to think Barr will vigorously go after the establishment that’s fed him all his life. Alright, maybe he fell out of bed at some point and hit his head. Everything’s possible. But come on. He’ll nibble politely around the edges of corruption. But a jail-bound Hillary? How is it possible?

    I go back to the Silverglate book, Three Felonies a Day. We’re all felons-in-waiting. Only at the Systems pleasure are we not hunted into criminality. Trump has majorly pissed off the Establishment. So you could argue his felonious designation only awaits formalization.

    We’re innocent only at the pleasure of the State. Sessions’ job –had he undertaken it– was to keep Trump innocent.


    • PS
      There is no sentient white collar American who isn’t ‘guilty’, especially when the system trains 17 crack federal prosecutors on you for two years. Trump’s guilty –of something– because you and I are guilty too.


  17. Not so sure the Democrats are not overplaying a weak hand. They are thinking of taking Trump out us\ing techniques of 20 years ago. If Trump makes peace in N.Korea, wins a nobel peace prize, and goes on the offensive by releasing all the FBI treason, he maybe just fine.


  18. rustybritches says:

    NO One has been discriminated against more than the White Person is anymore, The Illegals have more rights than we do and lets just hope that all of this junk just falls away and does no more damage but these idiots on the left are taking what Cohen says to heart and he knows all of the questions are scripted so he has them down pat Every time he smiles he knows that the answer he is to give is going to hurt the President anyway its time for me to go get my work done
    Have had my head stuck in TV and here most of the morning and so thanks again for all those here who know how to take this junk and allow it to roll Love Our President and pray that he will be ok..

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  19. csmats says:

    A lot of folks I know are noticing the timing coincides *exactly* with the North Korea Summit and all the fair-minded ones are very, very upset about it. No matter what any of the individuals think of Trump (and not all of them like him) they very much want the Summit to work and they view this Cohen timing as a direct, premeditated attempt to undermine it. They are not happy at all.

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  20. noswamp says:

    I am not worried in the least. These folks may not fear Trump but they fear the people. I suspect that McConnell will have much answering to do to his constituents in KY. Just my take. All of us should get addresses and start calling and phoning the White House as well. They may have a firewall to prevent Trump from hearing the truth, but even if a little filters down to his staff and to Trump, he will know what we think. Hannity in Vietnam is huge! I am sure an interview with Hannity will occur. See what happens then.


  21. Madi says:

    Politicians, Rinos & DemoRats hate God and their own children .
    Disgraceful, liars . Over 4000 American and thousands of Iraquiens died for nothing during the « Fake wars on false intelligence data in Iraq’ Benghazi, Syria…and we are talking about a porn Star having sexe with a business man …not talking about « pedophilia, drugs and illegal trafficking »
    Shame on all of you in Congress and Supreme Court.
    Shame on you Hollywood, shame on you racists democrats and racist successful black people.


    • jebg46 says:

      So wish they would define illegal human trafficking as modern day slavery and pedofilia. Accusing those who support no wall as allowing slavery and pedofilia may get more attention. Show pictures of the victims.


  22. Don L says:

    The best part of this leftist move is that they are no longer caring that America can see their every foul anti-freedom moves, their theatrical machinations, their programmed hyper-hatred of all that is good, and their cunning but transparent abuse and perversion of the very political and legal processes that were designed by our fore-bearers to protect our freedoms. We all now know that this is done for one reason primarily, in order that they may soon have total control over our every thought and action. Failure to prevent that is the real crisis.
    For exposing their evil alone, we must thank God and President Trump.
    When one finds themselves in the middle of a den of rattlers, one can’t afford the luxury of just watching them slither around you. There must be some act of preservation.
    What we do about this scourge against humanity will determine mankind’s future.

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  23. shipley130 says:

    Wow, the lawyer that threatened 500 people during his tenure as Trump’s lawyer now wants protection from being threatened.

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