President Trump Delivers Remarks During 2019 Governors’ Ball (Video)…

Tonight President Donald Trump, First-Lady Melania Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and Second-Lady Karen Pence, together with the cabinet, attend the 2019 Governors’ Ball in Washington DC.

President Trump delivers remarks to the audience:


[Transcript] “This has been really a great couple of days. We’ve had a lot of fun together. We’ve gotten to know each other, we’ve gotten to like each other in almost all cases. Let’s see – one or two cases – every case. [Laughter] Every single case.

“I just want to thank Vice President Mike Pence and our Second Lady, Karen, thank you very much. And I especially want to thank our really great Cabinet for being here. We have most members of the cabinet and our great new Attorney General, Bill Barr, and Mrs Barr, thank you very much.

“Our country is doing very, very well. We are doing record business, we’re doing record employment right now. We have the most people working in our country ever in the history of our country, close to 160 million people.

“That’s a big thing and I’ll give you a little advance information. I see Steve Mnuchin’s here and Ambassador Lighthizer, we’ve just had a big meeting with China, we just put out a statement and we’re doing very well with China. It was a long weekend; they decided to stay for two and half more days. They’ll probably be leaving late tonight. They’re going back and if all works well, we’re going to have some very big news over the next week or two. And it’s really been terrific. I tell you that the whole relationship has been outstanding. We’ve put ourselves into a position of strength for the first time in about 35 years, or probably a lot more than that.

“But China’s been terrific. We want to make a deal that’s great for both countries and that’s really what we’re going to be doing and I think as governors, most of you, many of you are governors and doing an incredible job, and so many have come up and said, ‘How are you doing with China?’ which is a very unusual question for people to come up and ask, almost everyone. ‘Sir, how are you doing with China?’ because it affects your state so much.

“China is everywhere and I think you’d really amazed with what you see. Maybe. Let’s see what happens. We still have a little ways to go. Would you say that’s correct, Mr Ambassador? We have a little bit. But I want thank you, Bob, you’ve been working 24 hours around the clock and I will say this publicly, when I was able to be lucky enough to win the presidency I called Bob Lighthizer because for years people have known he’s the greatest trader that we have on this type of trade – we have many different types of trade – and I really understand now why. Thank you very much. Fantastic.

“Also, I was going to leave very early tomorrow, but now I’m going to do it a little bit later. I had an option to do it at six in the morning or 11 and I chose 11. I can spend a little bit of time with you tomorrow morning because you’re having a breakfast and I’ll come to the breakfast. But literally, I said what kind of an option is that, I can leave at six in the morning or 11? They said you can leave at six or anywhere between 11 and 12. I said I’ll take 11 to 12. But you’re having a breakfast so I’ll be with you at the breakfast.”

“But we’ll be leaving for Hanoi, Vietnam, and we’ll be meeting with Kim Jong-un. It’s a very interesting thing to say but I’ve developed a very, very good relationship. We’ll see what that means but he’s never had a relationship with anybody from this country and hasn’t had lots of relationships anywhere.

“The media sometimes will say, well, what have they given up? We’ve given up nothing. The sanctions are on, everything’s on, but we have a special feeling and I think it’s going to lead to something very good and maybe now.

I think ultimately it will, but maybe not, and I’m not pushing for speed but we’re not removing the sanctions. And we’re going to have, I think, a very interesting two and half days in Vietnam and we have a chance for the total denuclearization of an area of the world that was very dangerous.

“When I first came in, or really more particularly at the end of the last administration, there were rockets going up, there were missiles going up, there were bombs going off, there were massive cannons being tested. If you ever saw the picture of the beach, I’ve never seen anything like it where you had literally thousands of cannons on the beach shooting out into the waters. And there was nuclear testing. In fact, they thought it was earthquakes. They said there are massive earthquakes and then they realized it was North Korea. They said wow, it’s maybe not an earthquake. Now there’s no testing, there’s no rockets, there’s no nuclear testing and we get along well, very well, so it will be very interesting to see.

“As I tell Chairman Kim, he has a chance to have a country that is so vibrant economically. Maybe one of the most in the world. He’s got a location that’s unbelievable. As a real estate person, I’ve always done well with location, but he’s right between China, Russia and on the other side South Korea, so they can’t touch each other unless they go through North Korea. And I say, you have one of the greatest locations, they have incredible people, hardworking people, smart, energetic, and I think it could be really one of the great financial and economic countries anywhere in the world. So I tell him that but I said you can’t do that if you’re going to keep nuclear. If you do nuclear, that can’t ever happen.

“And we see eye to eye, I believe, but you’ll be seeing it more and more over the next couple of days, one way or the other. What’s going to happen, I can’t tell you. I think eventually it would but I can’t tell you and I’m not in a rush, I don’t want to rush anybody, I just don’t want testing. As long as there’s no testing, we’re happy. So we’ve done really something, I think, very special with respect to North Korea and it’s a long flight and I’ll be back at the end of the week. But we have two very interesting days planned and I think it’s a very important thing.

“Prime Minister Abe of Japan said he can’t believe what’s happened in such a short period of time because rockets were being fired over Japan: rockets and missiles both. And now that hasn’t happened in long time, 16 months, 17 months, no more testing, no more rockets, no more checking to see whether or not this stuff works. So you’ll be seeing it and I think it’s going to be very interesting for people but there’s a chance to do something very, very special. It’s very exciting.

“And likewise, if we can do a great economic deal, it will be the largest trade deal ever made by far if you look at it, our deal with China, and we truly are very close. So those are a couple of very interesting things. But our country’s doing incredibly well economically. We’ve pick up in terms of value worth $18 trillion.

Now China – I don’t want this – but China has lost about $24 trillion. So they were catching us, catching us, catching us, and now we’ve zoomed out. And I can say this: as long as I’m president, they’re not going catch us, and they’re going to do well – but I want them to do well, they’re not going to catch us.

“So I just want to give a toast to the incredible people in this room and to our unbelievable country. We have a very, very special country. I want to thank our First Lady for having done – this is such a beautiful job. Melania, thank you very much. And I would like to ask Governor Bullock to come up please from a very special place that I like very much for the obvious reason. And perhaps you could give a toast, please.

Thank you, governor.”

POTUS handed over to Steve Bullock, the governor of Montana, who began with a joke: “Thanks so much, Mr President. Your flight options are still a little bit better than flying to Montana.”

Bullock went on to give a toast. He observed: “I look around this room and I see people about as far from each other on the political spectrum as you can get.” He made a plea for unity, saying: “We need to find ways to put partisanship aside.”

A prayer was said.


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77 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks During 2019 Governors’ Ball (Video)…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Chip Doctor says:

    I love our VSGPOTUS. Melania is so elegant and classy. What an upgrade.

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  3. Suite D says:

    Now, it’s the Breakfast of Champions! MAGA/KAG!!!

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  4. Attorney at Law says:

    I will never tire seeing pictures or updates regarding our magnificent President. He truly is a God Send. Many thanks for sharing!

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  5. Peoria Jones says:

    Short little speech. but PDJT is simply a magnificent speaker! So interesting. I cannot fathom how anyone doesn’t find him mesmerizing. He surely rules any room he enters. You’d have to hide in the curtains to escape his appeal. Of those I know who can’t stand him, they refuse to listen to him. Too scared to change their minds.

    And I’ll say this: As far as First Ladies’ arms go, Melania gets my vote. Ladylike. Hoping John Binder at Breitbart has some pics of her full outfit.

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    • angellestaria6674 says:

      PJ, excellent synopsis and observation of our POTUS & FLOTUS! 👍👍👍

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    • cthulhu says:

      I’ve listened through entire speeches and entire rallies with VSGPOTUSDJT — I’ve never done that before. They’re fun, entertaining, informative, and moving.

      By contrast, I muted every word of Obozo as soon as I could — mostly within five seconds. I even blew off the debates because I couldn’t deal with his entirely undeserved pretentious, smarmy, supercilious hogwash.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        The contrast is stark. The fact that everyone can’t appreciate that bodes poorly for the falling IQ of our voting electorate. 😦

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      • H.R. says:

        Cthulhu: “I even blew off the debates because I couldn’t deal with his entirely undeserved pretentious, smarmy, supercilious hogwash.”

        You left out ‘stuttering’ between supercilious and hogwash and ‘narcissistic’ wouldn’t have been out of place somewhere in there. ‘Delusional’ is just to be taken as a given.

        Liked by 10 people

        • angellestaria6674 says:

          “…and ‘narcissistic’ wouldn’t have been out of place somewhere in there.”

          Right on. Back in 2008 before BHO was elected, 2 people wrote rather meshed out human behavior profiles on him. These 2 people never met then and haven’t met to this day. Their conclusions were the same, but a bottom line conclusion was that BHO was not a mere, plain jane narcissist, but a pathological narcissist – far more dangerous and worse – who was terribly damaging to our nation, here in the US, and on the world state.

          One of the people who wrote that back then was an Israeli human behavior profiler. I was the other. I was stunned at the similarities of material and conclusions that 2 people could come up with without a grain of collaboration. But BHO so openly exposed himself for what he was that some aspects could be derived out of common sense. In that way, in a more negative mode, his character and personality was of a deceptive, lying effort at transparency, yet critical thinkers could see right through him.

          When you’re character profiling somebody, you usually start with some kind flash point, a quiet red flag, then you go from there. But BHO had so many that were obnoxiously overt, he was an easy subject to get started on.

          Liked by 12 people

          • angellestaria6674 says:

            Should read…..”world stage.” Oh, these typos. I type too fast, proof read and it still gets past me sometimes. But I’m the only Treeper who does that, right! LOL

            Liked by 3 people

          • Dekester says:

            Great post 74,

            There were numerous examples of his behaviour. Golfing during the height of the ISIS atrocities and that “ hyena” like laugh was disturbing.

            The power of the media, Hollywood, the Uniparty and an electorate that by and large does not think period. Are just a few of the reasons why Obama was elected.

            Obama hates PDJT with a passion because PDJT knows all about him, and as we know narcissists cannot tolerate being exposed.

            Psychopaths, Narcissists work on the brains Amygdala. Many affected never recover.

            God bless PDJT.

            Liked by 3 people

            • angellestaria6674 says:


              Thx for that.

              And so was your reply. All points and examples are right on.

              A pathological narcissist is an extremely cold and hard heart. Their minds are numbed to the sensitivities and concern of those around them, even blood family. They care for nothing but themselves, even to the harm and detrimental effect on others. They are far more dangerous in general than a pathological liar.

              BHO greatly harmed our nation in a thousand ways. But a deluded mind of hubris and self-adulation does that, to a few or to many. James Comey also comes to mind. And no doubt, HRC, who would have continued BHO’s path of national destruction.

              For all his so-called elite education, he most like doesn’t know anything about that part of his brain. For such a small part of the brain, its function is critical. It is there for a reason. BHO likely obliterated the normal function of his.

              D…have a great week!

              Liked by 4 people

        • Perot Conservative says:

          What has always bothered me were the long, meandering, professor-type answers.

          He’d refer to himself 60, 80, 110 times in a speech! I haven’t given that many speeches, but I’d figure pronouns like “we” and “our” would be much more common!

          Then there were classics like the police run-in in Boston. “All the facts aren’t in yet, but it’s clear the police acted stupidly.” WHAT?

          All the facts aren’t in, but a black president is playing the card? I would figure CAUTION and PATIENCE would overcome the need to jump into every race issue like a teenage texter.

          I thought at least one writer heard that when Obama’s in a room full of smart people, he always knew he was the ‘smartest person in the room’! How arrogant!

          Liked by 1 person

      • bour3 says:

        Exactly. I bought 3 remotes and placed them strategically to shut him up before he could finish a sentence. Our media ran him every hour of the day. Day in, day out.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Astro says:

        I’m with you that the former’s speeches deserved muting as much for his inevitable three syllable cadence, condescension and insufferable demeanor as his politics. From RR to him in a mere 28 years is sad commentary on our society; lofty ideals to race baiting and gender obfuscation. It all seemed surreal.

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    • Eric French says:

      They can’t stand him because they know he will BEAT them if he’s not stopped.

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    • mac says:

      Arms? Just arms? From head to toe, she is the most stunningly attractive First Lady this country has ever had, and it’s not close. I have absolutely no doubt that if I had $1 for every occasion in her life that some man has been tongue-tied by her beauty, I would have a considerable sum of money.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Peoria Jones says:

        If you weren’t aware, there were numerous fashion mags, interviews, and talking hen shows constantly extolling the virtue of Mike’s toned arms. For eight long years, we had to see and hear about those big things.

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  6. freepetta says:

    President Trump makes me so proud of our country. Our President is deleting and changing policies put in place by corrupt traitor #44 who was set to destroy this country.

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  7. CorwinAmber says:

    well, let’s see…the President attends an important event the evening before he is to fly halfway around the world to deal with an unresolved conflict that has vexed humanity for close to 3 score & 10 and yet, we were told by those much wiser than us that these summits take months to prepare for and couldn’t possibly occur without endless briefings beforehand of the principals involved. Why do I get the feeling that our VSG knows exactly how to handle these tyrants without having to immerse himself in the muck of meaningless details? MAGA on Mr. President!

    Liked by 15 people

    • Robert Smith says:

      That was my first thought also. On the eve of a huge meeting Trump is having some relaxed DC social time while extending his power base by reiterating to the governors that his policies benefit them.

      I wonder how close we are to a historic announcement on North Korea? They are hinting at the possibility.

      Liked by 3 people

    • beach lover says:

      Probably because our President knows what he is doing on trade and cuts to the chase. Others let so many get involved the problem got bigger.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. cthulhu says:

    I hope our VSGPOTUSDJT had a full complement of Secret Service at that event — I trust our scumbucket lowlife governor, Gavin Noose-’em, about as far as he exhibits pedesis. I figure that any movement observable without a microscope is either to enrich his friends or screw the public, if not both.

    Liked by 11 people

  9. geoffcsaltine says:

    How lucky and blessed we are for P. Trump and his loyal team to be looking out for us.
    This is a big week coming up. Pray for him and all who are standing with him.
    Also pray for those who stand against him to see the light and turn away from the darkness in their souls. (Heap coals upon their heads)

    Liked by 11 people

  10. Janey says:

    Our President is an incredible person. He knows who he is. He has so much life experience which he brings to this most important position. I am so thankful to God that he won. I have confidence that he will win again as long as there is no voter fraud which really scares me. Let us pray for his safety and success in this upcoming week. And yes, thank you, Mr. Sundance, for all of your hard work. It is appreciated very much.

    Liked by 9 people

  11. MAJA says:

    The compliment PDJT paid to Ambassador Lighthizer was one of the most beautiful moments to me. I cant imagine there recieving the admiration and recognition from a genius like PDJT.

    Liked by 8 people

    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      MAJA, I agree but I think VSGPDJT felt he owed Bob those accolades after President Trump shot down the “MOU” agreement Bob talked about at the press interview with Premier Lui(?) the other day. I really admire Lighthizer, too.

      Liked by 1 person

  12. NC Patriot says:

    The reason POTUS won is because tremendous voter fraud which was planned (like fractional voting and ballot flipping) was thwarted greatly—allowing our monster votes to be counted with some accuracy.

    And his team was carefully watching and exposing the mid-term fraud. Preventing illegals from voting will be a big focus as well. I imagine POTUS will focus on some of this after he is done dealing with the Asian issues.

    And the whole landscape may change if we have declassification and see some indictments. There is NOTHING boring about this Presidency—–and it is for all the marbles, folks. We must pray, educate others and stick with him !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hsssssss says:

      Nothing Boring At All!! Matter of fact I have a feeling that everyone on those crappy networks will be secretly voting for President Trump to keep their job and their ratings not to mention the excitement this President brings…
      think about it what could any of those dem candidates do to get even a fraction of the press that President Trump generates?

      Liked by 2 people

      • guest4ever says:

        “…I have a feeling that everyone on those crappy networks will be secretly voting for President Trump to keep their job and their ratings…” Never thought of that, but I wouldn’t be surprised. However, they all REALLY hate him, so maybe not.

        Just keep praying for him, and our country, that we may, once again, become a Godly and moral people. So, like it or not, we have to pray for the leftists’ conversions!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        Kamala plans to win the Presidency by smiling a lot and trying to appear to be enjoying herself.

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Whit Apple says:

    I have a Republican friend here in California who received three absentee ballots. When my friend told the democrat representative he had already received his authentic ballot, the democrat who contacted my friend told my friend to go ahead and vote the Hispanic surname ballots anyway (thinking my friend a democrat). They used the Hispanic name on the ballots with the Hispanic surname because an illegal was using my friends Social Security number. My friend reported it to his local Republican chairman and the Republican chairman did nothing about it. I told my friend he needs to report it to the District Attorney which he is presently doing.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Pres. Trump’s energy is so impressive–he is leaving at 11AM not so he has an easier day, but so he can attend the Governors’ breakfast as well! Compare this to the lazy schedule of BHO–unbelievable difference. Which made the ridiculous “story” about POTUS’s executive time a few weeks back more than usually dishonest from the fake news “corpsmen/women” (hahaha).

    He works 24/7 and for no pay. And gets results!

    Liked by 3 people

    • The President works (enjoyment of work resembles play) long hours with short hours of sleep. Travels the world in an instant to accomplish great agreements. This seems amazing to many people that an older man can have such energy. Consider this: no hangovers from killing brain cells with drinking alcohol, no altering of judgment because of smoking mind altering weeds, no body changing drugs, no tired aching lungs from sucking poisonous smoke and the result is what amazes us. By avoiding these hurdles President Trump unintentionally gives us a clear contrast with a younger seemingly lazy previous resident of the White House.

      Liked by 5 people

  15. montanamel says:

    Well enough…. Sorry to see our Governor got a mention – he is such a putz… and, other unclean mentions! staying over for 6 more hours so he can rub some shoulders…excellent. Perhaps this is to lay out some of those economic goodies….so they know what they are going to miss when the sanctuary issue bobbles to the top of the pot again – come budgeting time….
    I really like that idea about holding back on the China Trade Agreement being ratified, until all his appointees and judges are cleared first – along with the Mexico deal too…THEN, let the China deal loose… Maybe the tariffs stay on for those “extra days” before being ratified too?…
    But…hey, we got a party to plan for the 4th of July — right?
    When are the new AF-1 airframes being delivered?…those existing engines have to be some tired puppies! Check-6

    Liked by 2 people

  16. Doppler says:

    Thanks Sundance. This is very uplifting. And such a contrast to the NBC News I walked in on as my wife was watching. It listed four or five Democratic talking points why our VSG was toast – Cohen, Mueller, Manafort – then said he was off to Hanoi hoping to distract the public from his problems. No acknowledgement of the history being made.

    Liked by 4 people

  17. Majik says:

    There is a reason this man is Chairman of the Board of the World’s Greatest Superpower.

    “As I tell Chairman Kim, he has a chance to have a country that is so vibrant economically. Maybe one of the most in the world. He’s got a location that’s unbelievable. As a real estate person, I’ve always done well with location, but he’s right between China, Russia and on the other side South Korea…”

    Liked by 3 people

  18. MfM says:

    Of course my Democrat Governor Wolf decided not to go to the WH for dinner. Not surprised at all he is such a putz.

    Wolf is still not getting that Trump took PA even if it was tight he did it. I just wish the Republicans could come up with some good candidates in PA, we are loosing too many elections.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Call me chickenschick but it disturbs me to see POTUS and VPOTUS and Cabinet all in one place.

    The thought of “High Tax, High Crime Nancy Pelosi” as potus ought disturb every sentient being!

    Liked by 1 person

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