Sunday Talks: Rush Limbaugh Discusses Border Security and DOJ/FBI ‘Soft Coup’…

Influential radio host Rush Limbaugh appears on Fox News with Chris Wallace to discuss the necessity of President Trump’s border security declaration; the DOJ and FBI scheme to conduct a ‘soft coup’ against the president; and how the democrat party is positioning themselves for the 2020 election.

The first half of the interview discusses the national security declaration; then the subject shifts to former FBI Deputy Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein and the ‘soft coup’; and then finishes with discussion over the Green New Deal and the likelihood of democrat success in the 2020 election.u

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139 Responses to Sunday Talks: Rush Limbaugh Discusses Border Security and DOJ/FBI ‘Soft Coup’…

  1. casper5473 says:

    Well, Mr Trump. I am going to put confidence in you to exercise Presidential authority. I may not like some things, but I want the wall built. I think you will do it. Prayers to you.. God bless. We support you.

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  2. happyinfidel says:

    It’s incredible how both times Rush lays out a clear, strong argument that this was nothing less than a coup the fruit of which is the greatest hoax in at least modern American political history, Wallace refuses to respond. Nothing. No words, no sounds, no body language. Nothing.

    This is hardly a conversation.

    But what really concerns me and upon which I Sundance eventually weighs in if he hasn’t already and I missed it is Ann Coulter’s claim that the bill Trump signed totally hamstrings him on the wall as well as allowing ersatz amnesty to anyone who’s able to drag a kid into the process. Ann sounds truly despondent and defeated. Is she right? I’d hate to think that Trump really got cornered and hog-ties and virtually defeated like that.


    • Genie says:

      Wallace does not respond when an Alpha intellect makes the point.

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    • says:

      I too have the same question/concern.


      • ristvan says:

        Lurking Lawyer here.
        HI and TR, Ann Coulter is just wrong. Embarassingly studpidly wrong.
        The bill gave Trump 1.375 billion for steel slat barrier fence (CBP preferred) for 55 miles along the RioGrande sector where it is is sorely needed. It contained some exceptions, restrictions, and other unhelpful stuff that all expires in September since it is ‘just’ a FY2019 funding bill—so irrelevant in the bigger long run picture.

        What it mainly does was prove that walls do work and are not immoral, by Congressional agreement. Dems lost the talking points completely by the bill’s passage.

        What it did not do was give PDJT what he asked for tomproperly fund the southern border barrier. So, as Ann Coulter conveniently ignores, PDJT took two further actions Feb 15:

        1. Declared a national emergency under NEA1976–a law congress passed. This little genius chess gambit does two things besides invoking dubiously useful 10USC2808 (military construction in emergencies). See CRS analysis for details.
        First, it is a dare for Congress to nullify the emergency by joint resolution per NEA1976. They might get a majority in both houses, but Rep Meadows says they do not have the 2/3 even in the House to override the certain PDJT veto. I guess is they will not even try that route because too political optics risky.
        Second, as PDJT said, they will try (and have already started) lawfare. They might win in the 9th, but will surely lose at SCOTUS. That loss comes near the 2020 election, handing PDJT a camapign issue because the lawfare totally exposes open borders Dems.

        2. He specifically said he would also use other executive actions. That simply means 10USC284(b)7, which authorizes DoD upon request from DHS to build border road, ‘fence’, and illumination on any narcotics trafficked or multinational criminal organization trafficked border ‘corridor’. That by definition is anywhere a significant number of illegal aliens are entering.
        Moreover, the 2018 Omnibus Congressional Research Service official public summary (you can find it on line) for Division C military, title 2 operations and maintenance, subtitle Army, provides ~$39 billion for FY2019, of which NOT MORE THAN $15 billion can be used for ‘emergencies and extraordinary expenses.’ The border barrier is just an extraordinary expense invoked by 10USC284. Mulvaney said $3.8 billion from that pot.

        PDJT has got this. Coulter does not.

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    • Linda K says:

      The good news is Congress agreed to pay for a wall, even though it was a small amount of what is needed. Legally, that helps Trump team’a argument to find more money elsewhere, as needed, for the wall.
      The other stuff is bad but maybe it expires in 6 months or they can take it out of play somehow with court challenges. I live in California and we have to do something now about illegal immigration throughout the country. These illegals already vote here, collect welfare and sneak in their family members for the free ride. Migrants do not lift up the country, when all they do is come here and take. Also, many Latinos are so nice, but so poor and badly educated, if at all.

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      • My brother is a Southcentral LA teacher. He told me 5 of his 26 students speaks English. As a Che Guevara liberal who speaks fluent Spanish, even he understands that none of these kids have a prayer at a decent education. What a waste of humanity just to gain political control over a population.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        I’m also out west. Many illegal immigrants are good people, but that’s really irrelevant.

        As Linda and BLB allude to, many if these illegal immigrants 1) don’t speak or read proper English, and 2) the same for Spanish! Which means a very difficult educational task.

        A friend who works at Head Start in a middle class or above area, says 100% of their students are Latino. Just 10 years ago this area was probably less than 5% Latino, maybe 8-10% Latino now.

        Knife fights seem to be the new rage in many small towns, something I never read about before! Mexican manual laborers often carry a picture of Jesus Christ, and a work knife. Who knows who is the good guy, and the bad guy.

        DUIs and sex crimes seem particularly common. Violence around Latino gangs and the drug trade.

        A friend in SoCal says virtually all public schools are unsafe for Caucasians, spurring some white families to move to Northern CA, where there are still some solid public schools.

        A friend teaches in one school with 57 different languages spoken.


      • Robert Smith says:

        If their benefits were cut off many would go home.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      The “juveniles” will only be released to legal and legitimate guardians. If a “juvenile” is picked up by another illegal or one with a criminal record, the “juveniles will not be released. DHS will be checking with HHS and other relevant departments.

      There is always a way around an obstacle, especially a democrat who never thinks.
      Ignore Ann Coulter. Stop listening to her. And stop buying her worthless books.

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    • unfolder says:

      Coulter argues that by signing the spending bill, POTUS has nullified his Constitutional authority regarding national security. If all it took was legislation and a signature to override the Constitution, it would have ceased to exist a long time ago. I am counting on a constructionist SCOTUS to clarify those elements of the bill that are in fact unconstitutional. Surely, the bill will be part of any pending lawsuit. It should be.

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    • Heika says:

      Yes I saw that too. Typical Wallace. Thinks he is a tough investigative super hero journalist, but looks like quite pathetic.

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    • Richard Mefford says:

      Ann Coulter has shown herself as a bookselling fraud. She is not a conservative, just an opportunist. Recently she has called President Trump “lazy and incompetent” and “a lunatic” and “an idiot”. Does this sound like a stable and reasonable voice for our side? More like she is shilling for a gig on CNN or MSNBC.

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      • Kalbo says:

        Ann Coulter = useful idiot for shrill MSM.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        If that’s what Coulter wants they’ll certainly give her one if this her play from now on.


      • Zaza says:

        Ann Coulter does like to be seen on the set with the likes of Bill Mahar and other shills a little too often but she is hardly wrong about the first two years of the Trump presidency and the failure of the “R” congress to achieve much of anything at all regarding The Dons campaign promises. Wall action is only a recent story and we already know the swamp is still in full session. He ran on those two points above all others, and don’t try to scam me saying otherwise, I watched over a dozen of his rallies live and attended a couple in person.

        The “deal making:” aspect of his campaign was pretty much always the 3rd wheel. Yes the economic success is good, that’s obvious enough, but we all know the future of the country is riding on far more than that. At this point waiting for the swamp to drain itself or worthless Bush republiclowns to man up and keep their promises is futile.

        Building a wall was never going to answer the border problem by itself anyway, anyone with a bit of common sense knows a wall alone won’t work and will need constant manning both on the ground and from strategic surveillance. The kind of walls that Israel uses and the East Germans has during the cold war worked because of the men with machine guns ready to fire on anyone trying to get across or through them.

        Donald Trump ran on a mantra of “crooked hillary” to the delight of his crowds who chanted “lock her up” then immediately decided NOT to investigate her on being elected. Now after 2 years he’s ready to finally get serious on “the wall”.

        Meanwhile our military troops are guarding other countries, the third world sh*t holes that matter not at all to us while our own country is being invaded.

        Oh but we’re SERIOUS NOW,,, sure ok then.


    • There has been a great deal of comment on this issue both here and on other sites.
      The President made a statement laying out that the bill contains language that is contravened by his enumerated powers and he will interpret those sections in light of that, in other words the language in the bill is not binding.

      Several Treepers have laid out the multiple pots of money the President can use and that only the last is subject to legal action and not until that money is tapped. The President will be building another year before he needs to touch those $. Ristvan sp? did a great post on that topic but I can’t locate it. Another excellent but short recent post is below:

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    • mimbler says:

      Ann sounds like I felt, but since then I’ve been convinced that the bill will have little impact on PDJT’s actions, and the ersatz amnesty is both more limited than it sounds on the surface, plus goes away with the rest of the CR in September 2019.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      The only way to defeat the left and others trying to destroy our country using illegals is to build a wall. Any money delegated to taking care of illegals no matter how atrocious will be null and void if the wall is built. They cannot receive anything if they are not here. President Trump rightfully decided to look at the long run since there was no support from Congress to do the right thing now and another government shutdown would not bring any of them to the table. Give them what they want in the bill, keep the government open and then BUILD THE WALL. I repeat, everything the left and GOPe have put in the bill supporting illegals (are no worse than what’s already happened) and will be NULL AND VOID once we have a wall preventing them from coming into the country.

      Coulter is trying to convince us that because Trump hasn’t totally defeated 30 years of politicians ruin and expansion of our immigration and illegal polices in two short years he’s somehow losing. So interesting that she thinks President Trump alone is responsible for not building the wall. Maybe she thinks he should be down there pouring concrete himself. Ann Coulter is the idiot and I have no use for her predictions or rhetoric about what President Trump is doing or how he’s doing it.

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    • Artist says:

      Remember, Ann was head over heels with Mittens and Christie.
      I no longer listen to Ann, I don’t think she thinks clearly.

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      • Bubba Cow says:

        not defending her, but
        Coulter is a very bright woman and there may well be method to her madness =
        we’re going to need independents in 2020; SOTU polls 82% independents’ approval; dem candidates keep moving further left; Ann is helping PDJP to take the middle ground.
        Still, I don’t read her stuff.


    • And the term “soft coup” is so misleading. There is nothing soft about it. A coup is a coup. Just because there were no bombs or bullets does not mean it was any less of an act of treason to remove a duly elected President of the United States.

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      • Zorro says:

        Bloodless coup is a better description. It implies more seriousness, We should start using it.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        The term “Treasonous” coup should be used. Whether it fits treason or not is immaterial to me because these assorted scum do not care for your rights.

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      • Pyrthroes says:

        A “hard coup” is military commandos, not riot police, driving armored vehicles down your local Champs Elysee while sicherheitsdienst troopers go door-to-door executing opposition figures from each precinct’s Gestapo/Stasi blacklist. (See Gustav Dore, 1870.)

        A “soft coup” is not a classic Golpe, sudden swoop, but a gradual subreption, eating away the civic polity as an ichneumen wasp consumes a caterpillar. Of a sudden, once the deal is done, El Excellente throws off his rust-brown cloak and stands revealed, exactly as now powerless detractors prophesied.

        Allied with ye Pelosi-Schumer Congress, applauded by media apparatchiks of the absolute worst sort, ratified by Roberts’ drooling “living Constitution” wing, the Deep State’s Fourth Branch pipsqueak camarata of Brennan, Clapper, Comey launched a two-year campaign of seditious libel which Trump by force of character, intellect, real-world experience, swatted back as would a circus knife-thrower– carefully outlining each target before a poisoned dagger sticks its heart.

        Come November 2020, Rats’ diseased feministical ragouts will find themselves tottering atop a beach-ball, not some strutting Duce or Fuhrer’s plastic pedestal. With luck, it could be half a century, or never, before Rats’ bastardized mealworms arise again.


    • Zorro says:

      ” Wallace refuses to respond. Nothing. No words, no sounds, no body language. Nothing.”

      Since Wallace has no trouble interrupting and changing the subject at other times, his lack of a response is very telling on where he stands.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Wallace is hoping the viewer takes it as Rush’s opinion because he’s a right-wing nutcase. If Wallace would have protested Rush would have laid some evidence out for him and Wallace doesn’t want that as part of his show – plus, Wallace would have to refute it. Which Wallace can’t.


    • No, she is wrong. He has all the money he needs to build the wall and on top of that the mayors cannot stop the wall since it’s not the 1.75 billion that is in the bill. Ann Coulter’s behavior is representative of a confused individual. Victor Davis Hanson, a former all but never Trumper who has come round completely, debunks her flimsy points. She appears to lack an understanding of Trump’s ability to out maneuver and I’m not sure why, unless it’s because she wants more readership of her very grim new book.


    • Blue Ridge Mts. Va says:

      I don’t believe it about our President DJT since he is a Genius, and a stable one at that. I saw this thing about Ann Coulter’s interview with Lars (Lars, who?) somebody. Fire Fox really hates FOTM.

      I do not believe anything Ann says about President DJT.


    • grlangworth says:

      This law will be superseded by the statutory FY20 budget requirements in September. Several of the ‘pots of money’ are already within PDJT’s legislatively approved discretion and do not require the National Emergency declaration. The funds that will be operative under the National Emergency declaration will not be available until the Supreme Court rules on the PDJT vs Dhimms legal dispute, which also is expected to be addressed by September. You get the impression that PDJT has a well-annotated ‘critical path’ mapped out that entails “a little from here, a little from there, thank you very much, and now…National Emergency — it’s legal.”


    • imkittymyers says:

      “Where Trump won: Historic ICE funding, triple wall miles, killed ‘poison pills’”
      “I know the conventional wisdom is that he lost on the wall in this package. But he gained … under impossible conditions,” said one insider on background.
      While a country mile away from being able to declare it a victory, the number of wins the GOP won in the three weeks of negotiations were sizable, said insiders.
      What’s more, Trump and GOP negotiators led by Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., and his team blocked several moves by Pelosi and other Democrats to fill the deal with anti-wall moves like lowering spending for ICE and slashing the number of “detention beds” to hold criminal illegal immigrants.
      “Pelosi lost. She knew her position on detentions beds was unsustainable and only playing to her fringe. She also said no new miles for the wall,” said the source. “She had to step back from all positions.”


  3. Ausonius says:

    “Chris Wallace refuses to respond” and so…why is anyone surprised?

    He undoubtedly disliked the whole mention of his side being involved in a coup d’etat especially when he undoubtedly supports the elimination of President Trump.

    This attempted take-over is the story of the century, and another journalist sells his soul NOT to report the story!

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    • “Chris Wallace refuses to respond…” Mr. Wallace is no equal to Rush Limbaugh in popular numbers of followers over the decades. Rush Limbaugh is much bigger and better. The Enemedia would like to consider them equals. I laugh at that, the same as the scrap between the owner of the little Washington Post news’letter’ versus the hugely published and read ‘Inquirer’, available on grocery and newstand racks in every town and city in America. Media doesn’t like to see Washington Post getting slapped around by ‘tabloid’ that is more popular. Wallace is minor leaguer contrasted to Rush Limbaugh.

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  4. sucesfuloser says:

    Rush is right on. You can’t go wrong listening to him, he knows what he is talking about and speaks the truth. Sometimes he’s boring, and it full of himself; go walk the dog, in a day or two he’ll be back on the money.

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  5. Chuck says:

    “Wallace refuses to respond. Nothing. No words, no sounds, no body language. Nothing.”

    Maybe Wallace was having an epiphany and realizing everything that Rush is saying is true and it made him speechless……….
    Or maybe Wallace is realizing that he is missing out on the story of the century and is speechless…..
    Or maybe Wallace is being the good little puppet that he is suppose to be….

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    • Or maybe there is silence in his earpiece and he has no idea how to think for himself.

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    • mimbler says:

      The latter, I’m afraid,

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    • Maquis says:

      Gotcha Artists never acknowledge when they’ve been got.
      It’s a tactic.
      While intellectually dishonest, Demonics have no care for honesty nor intelligence. The Power Play’s the thing.


    • litlbit2 says:

      Maybe just me. However whoever the interviewer happens to be such as always with Wallace. He is given questions, gottach’s, on a typed paged. In this case Miller or Rush hits him between the eyes straight on. He does not have a written response. Just mental ability to read written texts. Next Sunday a new Script for “As The World Turns from Puppets”
      Therefore, as written, do not go off script, you do not have a written response. Wallace exposed, his mental ability, just a peg or two above AOC. Filling Daddy’s chair.

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  6. StanH says:

    Rush killed it. Plain and simple. He pivoted, made his points, and didn’t allow Chrissy to put words in his mouth…professional.

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  7. Nessie509 says:

    Rush never accepts the premise of a question. When Wallace tried the old “you’re-not-consistent-so-your-answer-won’t-be-valid trick, (Rush you condemned Obama. Now you’re not condemning Trump).
    Rush batted that aside like a ping pong ball.
    “I don’t see it that way. Obama tried to do things that were bad for the country. (Making people crossing the border citizens).
    Trump is doing something that benefits Americans. Keeping border crossers out of America.”
    President Trump was right to praise Rush and his communication skill set.

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  8. beach lover says:

    Wallace didn’t because he knows he can not win an argument with Rush on anything.

    Rush is has no equal when it comes to knowledge of current events. He is an inspiration to so many why a college education is needless if you have a will to learn and some common sense.

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  9. Chip Doctor says:

    As for the bill that PDJT signed…..and of which the shrill Ann Coulter bashes the President, many of the poison pills were taken out. Where Coulter is so misguided is that her anger should rest solely on Mitch McConnell. She is bashing the only person fighting to protect our borders. When I see everything and everyone that is aligned against our Lion, I am amazed at everything he gets done.

    This bill was not the war, it was a battle. I am not convinced that PDJT didn’t win this battle, but I am certain he will win the war. Either way, I will NEVER turn my back on our President. Never. I have, however, turned my back on Ann Kristol Coulter. She can pound sand.

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    • ristvan says:

      See my comment above. He definitely won this battle. AND the whole southern border barrier set of battles, which is half the war on immigration.
      The other half is immigration law reform. As said yesterday on a different thread to an Eeyore, That half comes after SCOTUS rules DACA unconstitutonal abuse of prosecutorial discretion. That starts sometime this summer.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      The Wall is so important that $1.3B , even attached to this poopee bill, was worthy of being signed. After the fact, it seems that most of the issues have been addressed. We are not immune to being moved on our emotions.


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Let me put it this way. And I am not trying to be flippant.

        With a Wall, you will have all the illegals in one place. Not continually coming in.

        They will all be here, in America…..Then you can weed them out deporting thousands/millions.

        If your have a water leak in your basement, you have to stop the leak before you can dry the basement out.

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  10. MaineCoon says:

    Even Wallace grasps that he was in the presence of a man who commands a 20MM radio viewership – something he can only dream of — and Wallace is smart enough to also grasp he better not totally insult him (like he does other conservative quests) by drowning him out or refuting what he says. Even Wallace might, possibly, also grasp that Rush is more of an expert on the issues of what they discussed. Rush has the intellect, the research, 30-year radio history, etc of dealing with such issues and can discuss it 3-hours non-stop, daily!

    Wallace isn’t any match for Rush and Wallace greatly benefits for a split second by having Rush on his failing, fake show.

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  11. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    The United States Army Corps of Engineers IS READY TO BUILD THE WALL!

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  12. JonB3 says:

    Mitch McConnell and his RINO pals are the real problem ~ Although I do think PT needs to sharpen his skills and foresight when dealing with the Uni Party in Congress and the Senate !

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    • WES says:

      Jon: Can’t you see all of the slashes, cuts, and bruises, Mitch and Rinos have suffered over the last two years!

      Even poor Nancy keeps forgetting what happened! Happy Thanksgiving!

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    • litlbit2 says:

      IMO, nada. President Trump in on point, on task, all in due time.
      Example, do you have a idea on what Pelosi is going to do?
      Do you have a idea what Schumer and the DNC are going to due?
      Do you have a idea what the CoC is going to due?
      Do you have a idea what McConnell, GOPe, swamp creatures are going to due?
      Do you have a idea what puppets courts, judges, Governors are going to due?
      How bout China, NK, MSM are going to due?

      With that and more due you or any of the above know what President Trump will do! NADA😂🙏🇺🇸👍

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    • grlangworth says:

      No, no, no — the longer it takes them to die, the better it is.


  13. Kristin says:

    Wallace is always combative if it is about President Trump. He was combative with Stephen Miller also.
    He never responds because he has stay stay fair and balanced like a slug.
    He had a tough morning with Miller and Limbaugh.

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  14. f.fernandez says:

    Complete MSM blackout on the Coup.

    I’m beginning to believe Rosenstein was NOT in on it. I believe he signed the 3rd and 4th renewals as part of an effort to draw more people out of their hiding spots.

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    • California Joe says:

      Huh? Even we knew who was in on the coup attempt so unless Rosenstein lives in a cave and is a bumbling idiot he should have known too! Rosenstein was playing both sides of the aisle to protect his own career. He’s a weasel!

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    • litenmaus says:

      Since July 2017, I’ve tilted heavily toward the possibility that our VSGPDJT was/is running a very, very tight sting operation and that Rosenstein is either legitimately involved in the sting or he’s a de*d man walking.

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  15. coltlending says:

    Did the twatwaffle Mc Cabe point to any there there in his home brew investigations?

    And the 25th Amendement jokery (as evidently they’re trying to say it was) with Rosenstein?

    Why aren’t the arrested for just that.

    Is us little people say anything close in jest about POTUS or while boarding a plane, we get a visit by the SS or FBI (rightfully so).

    Another double standard.


  16. Nikita's_UN_Shoe says:

    Soft Coup = no bullets.
    Coup = bullets.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      May or may not happen but agree with you, POTUS has got this! Way before the so called shutdown. He has already played the game, set the stage, the actors came, now high fiving around their campfire.

      It is about to be splashed with a fire hose. They never seen it coming. Remember, “I do not want my Generals calling the news, just let me know when done” MAGA/KAG/Finish the Wall🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😂😎🙏

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  17. ruralnc6 says:

    This was excellent, that once in the past years, during the 2016 election period, we questioned whether Rush was on our side or not. I’m glad that both he and Ted Cruz have made me appreciate them again.

    Dinesh D’Souza today posted a powerful speech he presented at Dartmouth where he graduated. He explained that the people trying to enter our country are of two types: the Ladder ones and the Rope ones. The Ladder ones, which include the ones coming legally and also our legal citizens, come /are already here, we legals are self-sufficient, The Rope People, which are the ones trying to cross our border and also our citizens here who depend on handouts, are stuck, cannot climb higher because they have no motivation when everything is given to them.

    He went further to educate about the Democrats’ history and the Republicans’ one.

    When he took questions at the end, the young SJW’s, who are, of course, “So Wise,” were treated kindly but were put in their place when Dinesh educated them with facts.

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    • ruralnc6 says:

      Apologies…Please scroll the vid to 0…don’t know why it didn’t start at the beginning. During the Q & A, Dinesh spoke about a book concerning the American Indians. I found it and ordered it (eBay, $3.99): ON THE REZ by Ian Frazier.


  18. Summer says:

    I am just glad the word “coup” finally found its way into the conversation on the national RINO TV after 2 years of smears, obfuscation and gaslighting.

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  19. TomH says:

    With regard to Ann Coulter, I think she also has something of a Bill Weld problem. If you don’t know what I mean, find a picture of him (and his W.C. Fields nose.)

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  20. GB Bari says:

    Rush was in top form and blasted through a lot of information but kept on point and never got into the weeds. Wallace knew he stood no chance of substantively countering anything Limbaugh said, so he protected his dignity by generally staying mum.

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  21. Folks, Rush Limbaugh has battled against all forms of attempts from the Democrats to destroy his Show. From Slick Willie Clinton’s, Media Matters…the list is endless.He’s had Advertising Infiltrators trying to sabotage him and George Soros gave it a try as well. Rush has an army of Investigators that have ferreted out the perpetrators and has defeated them at every turn.

    I’m going to speculate here when I say that some of the newest revelations about the CORRUPT Obama Administration, DOJ and FBI that are being made Public are from that Army of investigators.

    Limbaugh KNOWS how the Game is Played and “What is good for the Goose, IS good for the Gander.’

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  22. Zorro says:

    Sundance and Treepers, Andrew McCabe is the about the only person in the sordid mess that have even been referred for charges in my knowledge. We know the IG skated around bias and other stuff for someone like Swivel Head Strzok and James Wolfe, could have been charged for much worse than lying.

    Who is the power that allowed McCabe to be referred for charges when almost no one else has been referred?

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  23. calbear84 says:

    Thank you Rush for handling The Insufferable (hat tip Sundance) Chris Wallace with clarity and poise!

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  24. Margaret Berger says:

    That Rush was even allowed to go on a national television show and say the word coup and not get any real arguement is huge. That mccabe said what he did is huge. Big shift. First it was spying never happened, now it is gong to be so what it was for the good of the nation. Now it will be talked about.

    Sadly it will move to the “Covington” stage. That stage is ok we , were wrong about what the boys did or didn’t do but it was ok because they were wearing Trump hats. Now it will be ok we lied to congress, we lied to the President, and the American people but it was ok because it was about President Trump.

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  25. Bob at Wendys says:

    I have heard that some landowners along the Rio Grand will fight having a fence on their property.
    In those cases why not a wall on barges,on the river, inside the American side. They could have steel mesh nets below; anchored to the bottom. The barges could be built anywhere and deployed quickly.


  26. Love Rush’s humor:
    One of the first to book a first class seat on the “train to Hawaii” courtesy of the ludicrous AOC.

    Rush is a treasure
    And thx again Ristvan for the insightful post. As you’ve said, progress is better than no progress; and your expertise helps frame this as a battle won not lost.


  27. mike diamond says:

    So where was the news media when Obama gave billions to Iran!??? They went silent,Congress did not approve it!


  28. SB says:

    While Rush appropriately and accurately championed the President’s position on the need for the National Emergency (to protect our country from invasion, drugs, eat.), he (Rush) fumbled the ball when asked to explain his (Rush’s) condemnation of Obama’s use of executive authority while supporting President Trump’ executive action.

    Rush accepted the erroneous (Ludi-Chris) premise that both Presidents were exercising lawful executive action. Obama’s DACA and DAPA were not based upon statutory authority (as the SCOTUS explained in overturning the DAPA executive action, and will likely to with DACA).

    In contrast, President Trump’s recent “executive action” was to use the authority granted to him as President (as provided by law passed by congress in 1976) to decide to invoke the national emergency provisions to address the emergency.

    All that said, Rush will straighten this out tomorrow when his audience will be about 20,000,000 rather than the few who actually watch Ludi-Chris.


    Liked by 1 person

  29. fuzzball010 says:

    Notice that Wallace does not respond at all to Rush’s description of the silent coup hoax. Wallace fancies himself to be a newsman. Isn’t he the least bit curious about the coup? Of course he isn’t. That’s because he is personally criminally complicit. He voted for Hillary.


  30. mike diamond says:

    Chris the wallace you are anti-Trump!!!!just be honest Chris!you kissed,obama’s butt!when Obama sent all that money to Iran,we’re were you Chris! When Obama and john,Kerry tried to throw Israel under the bus where were you Chris!you are one of the biggest hipo-crits!


  31. GSparrow says:

    Rush Limbaugh and Stephen Miller on one show was as good a lineup as you can get. I guess the much criticized Mike Wallace deserves some credit for inviting these 2 brilliant truth advocates on his show. If Wallace would confess that he’s acting as a Devil’s advocate rather than a lefty, his status might improve.

    There is one crucially important trait or characteristic that Trump, Pence, Limbaugh, Miller, Meadows, Jordan and others share. IMO, it is why they stand shoulders above their counterparts on the left. They love their country and put it’s interest first and foremost. They are keenly aware that a stable, free, lawful prosperous free enterprise nation provides the best possible foundation of a better life for them and their families. They love their country and appreciate all that it and previous generations (ie The Founders, WW II…) have given them in the way of freedom and opportunity rather than pie in the sky everything “for free.”

    Many on the left, as Rush stated, have learned to hate their country and put their continually devolving political whims way ahead of what is best for their country’s future.


    • Zaza says:

      The ONLY reason Limbaugh is talking up Trump when he was originally for the worhtless jebbie bush, is because of RATINGS.


      That’s it.

      Bush Limbog is nothing but a ratings whore. thats all. If you fall for his BS you are falling for the same scum that sold you a bill of goods on the war in Iraq.


  32. Zaza says:

    Bush Limbaugh: ” you may look at it this way but I look at it as right and wrong”…

    well of course you do, if a Bush president would have done what Obama had done you would be perfectly OK with it.

    This is nothing but “FAUX News” going to a “fake news’ puppet globalist like BUSH LIMBAUGH, pretending to be exactly the opposite of what he is, a globalist GOPe that loves the same empire building “American exceptionalism” as he calls it, as an excuse for global militarism that has NOTHING TO DO with U.S.A. security and ONLY an excuse for the globalist plan of world socialism with the elite rulers to maintain(ie profit) from the NWO.

    Bush Limbaugh still won’t accept that he was nothing more than a pawn in the Globalists game withe the Bushies vs the Clintons who are BOTH deep state uniparty. Limbaugh was one of the operatives in the 2016 GOPer scheme of nominating little Jebbie Bushtard as the essential fall guy for “HER TURN”.

    EFF Bush Limbaugh and EFF his lying assed excusism for the Bushy neo-con Globalists that are just fall guys and cucktards for the Globalists scheme while pretending to be “THE OTHER SIDE” of the worthless Uniparty. Lying Bush Limbaugh can burn in hades, and drown in a tidal wave at his posh beach residence for the lies he has told defending worthless Bush/Cheney globalist scum.

    FU Bush Limbaugh and

    F the horse you rode in on.

    I hope that was clear enough.


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