Former ICE Director: Democrats Attempting to Force Release of 30,000 Criminal Aliens…

The democrat political apparatus, supported by Speaker Pelosi, is committed to the removal of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) as part of their agenda.  However, the elimination of ICE is not supported by the majority of Americans, so the democrats are using a stealth maneuver to accomplish their goal.

As part of their position on border security negotiations democrats are trying to insert limits or caps on the number of detainees ICE can hold. Former ICE Director Tom Homan explains how 30,000 criminal aliens would have to be released from detention if Democrats get their way.  WATCH:

“I’ve been saying for almost a year that I don’t think they’re ever going to accomplish the abolish ICE that they’ve been saying they’re going to do. But I’ve been saying what they’re going to do is bankrupt ICE to make them ineffective. They’ll take their money away so they can’t do their job.”

“The number they put on the table, like 32,000 cap beds. Understand ICE is currently at 47,000, which means they’re 15,000 over the cap. Now we’re halfway through the year. To get to that 32,000 by the end of year they’re going to have to go 15,000 below 32. So that means if they’re 15,000 above, they have to go 15,000 below — ICE will have to release 30,000 people from custody.”


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166 Responses to Former ICE Director: Democrats Attempting to Force Release of 30,000 Criminal Aliens…

  1. We need to start calling them what they are. They are not liberals or Democrats. They are not progressives.
    They are communists. They are actively trying to destroy this country, and impose a centralized government that will destroy private property and collectivize wealth.

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    • deplorable says:

      “Progressive” is a term with good connotations and its inaccurate to label this group with that term. By doing so you are letting them control the language. Meanwhile the media refers to conservatives as “far right” or “radical right” – all terms with terrible connotations.

      So stop using the term “Progressive” and instead use something more descriptive like “leftist”, “far left”, “radical left wing”, – something to describe how far to the left their views really are – or “communist” if appropriate which is about as far to the left you can go on the political spectrum.

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    • Guillermo Maguire says:

      I can honestly say, since at LEAST 1980, I have referred to all of them as commies. Its the one word that in the Alinsky world still has emotional content. Obviously, none of the isms really exist, its just about concentrating power, in whatever means works.

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  2. MustangBlues says:

    In my opinion after years in academia,

    The communist liberal democrats with their media toadies control the language of political discourse, and the republican rinos suck it up like mother’s milk, and abet the poisoning of the political narrative.

    Particularly infuriating is the use of the term ‘ice’ over and over again to refer to immigration enforcement agents and agency. Never is said the truth: they want to get rid of IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT!!! Everyone should insist that it is ”immigration enforcement’ not ‘ice’.

    Speak the truth so the truth can be understood.

    The language engineering can be seen in the current uproar over the muslim congress creature who is charged with ‘anti-semitic’ comments;

    Why not say ” jew hating ” comments, which is what they are.

    Resist the narrative of the communist left everyday, and speak the truth, and that will help the public become informed, and active participants in the rejection of the communist liberals’ tripe.

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    • Birdwomanmsw1 says:

      WOW, very well stated!!!! Anti abortion is against something versus pro-life that does not fit their ‘right hate-filled’ narrative. Pro-choice sounds positive and progressive, where as anti-life is something they would never consider and yet that is exactly what it is… well said.


  3. woohoowee says:

    At what point to the several states sue to stop the U.S. government directed invasion of each state? Or close the respective states borders to prevent the U.S. government directed invasion? .Gov is waging war against the several states………

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    • Beverly says:

      When Arizona merely tried to ENFORCE FEDERAL LAWS re immigration, that bastard Obama’s minions SUED Arizona! That’s what happens when you cross the totalitarian Left.

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    • California is now saying they’re going to follow New Mexico’s lead and withdraw state national guard troops from the border to prevent any of that immoral enforcement. President Trump should take whatever money he can get his hands on and build walls in Texas and Arizona, thus funneling the caravans to NM and CA. CA is apparently trying to compete with NM for highest poverty levels in the country. They already won highest percentage of stupid people.

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  4. zombietimeshare says:

    If ICE is forced to release criminal illegal aliens then release them in Washington D.C. They will feel right at home.

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    • Beverly says:

      DC would just immediately ship them out to, for instance, Oklahoma or any other patriotic area. Wouldn’t work.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Just like they seeded small cities and communities with “refugees” from Syria ans Somalia that completely overtaxed the housing, education, and healthcare facilities, creating discord and steife/crime in these small places.

        This is, at its core, demographic genocide ON PURPOSE. THIS IS INTENTIONAL.

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  5. Ausonius says:

    And if Republicans do not YELL this fact from the rooftops, that 30,000 CRIMINAL ALIENS are being released by the Dems….?

    Will we be surprised by the silence?

    Ask the French and the Germans and the Swedes about letting Criminal Aliens into their countries!

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  6. 4sure says:

    Here’s how I see this “standoff” between our greatest President ever and the swamp open borders uniparty ending.

    The dims will get what they want. They are holding all the winning cards now that Mitch has shown his cards. The dims’ bill will pass in the House. It will be sent to the Sen. It will pass in the Sen. It will NOT include anything POTUS Trump wanted/demanded. It will pass the Sen. It will be sent to the POTUS for signature. POTUS will either take one for the team or he will veto. Sen. will over ride the veto.

    Question is, does the POTUS want the deal to become law by over riding his veto or does he sign it and spin it as a win under the circumstances and saves exposing the uniparty pubs. and a gov. shutdown.

    There will be no government shutdown. That ship has sailed and was run aground. There should not have been a govt. shutdown in the first instance. The time for a gov. shutdown was when the pubs controlled the Congress.


    • DJSnyder says:

      Geez, oh ye of little faith… or are you a troll? You think Trump would just let that happen?!


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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        Thanks, DJ.

        Now, get out of this one:

        If I don’t get funding for the Wall, I will shut down the government.

        –I don’t exactly see how that gets pinned on Nancy Pelosi.


        • Sandra-VA says:

          He did shut down the government… now we are at the D’s last chance to show who they really are with this ridiculous working group who have made things worse… and the next step is President Trump builds the wall anyway.



          • Shadrach says:

            I’m guessing the gov’t gets shut down again. It’s a three day weekend coming up, and it’ll demonstrate the Dems won’t work towards a compromise. Then National Emergency will be declared, probably Monday morning. The Dems will think they’ve won, cause they’re crazy. I’m pretty sure releasing violent felons into the US is not a winner with sane people, and the insane ones are too far gone to matter anyway. We will get our wall. Done.


        • AloftWalt says:

          TLD, regardless of what he said about the previous shutdown, he was never presented a bill to either sign or veto prior to that shutdown or even during it. So, if fact, it was Congress who facilitated the shutdown not PDJT.


    • Hangtown Bob says:

      PDT should not directly veto it. He should merely refuse to sign the legislation (a pocket veto).

      Then, he should immediately declare a national emergency due to two major actual emergencies.These emergencies are : (1) the border/wall/invasion situation and (2) the government shutdown and lack of funding for the operation of our government.

      The national emergency will allow transfers of funds not only to fund the entire wall but also to fund the government and avoid or drastically shorten the shutdown.

      Should Congress attempt to legislatively end the emergency, this will result in the cancellation of the funding for the operation of the government.


  7. 4sure says:

    This will end w/the dims getting what they want. There will be no Gov. shutdown. The dims w/ the help of Mitch now control this show.


    • Phillip Jeffreys says:

      No it won’t.

      Eventually somone who is impacted by the violence will seek accountability from an anti-border security politician in a very visible way. At that point, everything will get very tenuos.

      Not advocatin – just predicting.

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  8. Skeeball says:

    This is why Democrats will throw around border security solutions that can easily be defunded in the future and pretend to be tough on illegal immigration.

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  9. ristvan says:

    Very bad Dem optics on this. I went to to check their required FY2018 report before commenting. By Trump EO and resulting DHS guidance, the reported ICE arrest/deport priorities are:
    1. Illegal aliens convicted of US criminal offense(s).
    2. Illegal aliens formally charged with US criminal offenses.
    3. Everything else.

    In FY2018, ICE apprehended 158,581 illegal aliens. 138117 of them were priorities 1 and 2. Proving a couple of things: ICE follows PDJT orders, and 87% of ICE detainees are real criminals beyond just being here illegally.

    Dems now objectively want to severely limit detainee beds for criminal illegal aliens. Deplorables are not so dumb as to not see this for what it is.

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  10. annieoakley says:

    It is part of george soros’ ‘Blueprint for North Carolina’.


  11. G. Combs says:

    The goal of the Communists is to sow DESPAIR.

    They want Conservatives so dejected they will not FIGHT but will accept their SLAVE CHAINS willingly.

    Democrats = ~35% of the voting population (Rasmussen 2009)
    FAR Left, infanticide supporting voters ~ 13%

    It is up to us to get on the darn PHONES, use snail mail and email to SCREAM BLOODY MURDER at our senators and Congress offals and about the DemonRats even SUGGESTING turning MURDERS AND RAPISTS loose on our streets just because they are ‘PRIVILEGED ILLEGAL ALIENS!’

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  12. alliwantissometruth says:

    This simply means the democrats are perfectly fine with releasing hordes of criminal aliens onto the streets of our neighborhoods in order to keep the demographic change going in our country

    The safety of the American people doesn’t matter to them. The overcrowding of our schools, hospitals and welfare system doesn’t matter to them. The increased crime dosen’t matter to them. The lost jobs for Americans and decreased wages doesn’t matter to them

    The only thing that matters to them is power. Power at any cost is their battle cry. No matter how much damage it does to the country and the American people

    Absolutely nothing else matters to them. There is no greater cause or goal than power. They wouldn’t bat an eye if holding onto power meant the entire country goes down in flames and every American life is ruined

    There is now a grotesque pathology taking place in this country, where diseased minds in the political spectrum see power as the highest goal to attain. Higher than right and wrong. Higher than morally righteous. Higher than honor and integrity, and indeed, higher than duty to your own people

    Power is their God, and everything else is far below it

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  13. Faye says:

    The cleverest rigged description of all time is CLIMATE CHANGE. Instead of meaning the everyday changes in the weather, the Marxists have “re-educated” the masses to believe it is the greatest threat to life on Earth within our grandchildren’s lifetime.
    The lying term is used by everyone thereby giving it credence. It is about time we called it for what it really is – the CO2 Scam. However, carbon dioxide has been taught by our children’s socialist educators to be a pollutant which emissions need be cut back through volunteer “gifts” of money to the “favoured few”. Plenty in the “re-educated” dumbed down masses are willing to comply and so in the end, the “favoured few” will have won.

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  14. notunderwhelmed says:

    “Our” elected officials serve the highest bidder masters. They are enemies of the people, undermining rule of law, the Constitution, and the will of citizens. They are the enemy within. It is barely hidden anymore. They are brazen and emboldened now that there is little voter integrity. We the people are no longer necessary. We are seriously in peril.

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  15. IrishEyesSouth says:

    Democrats can NEVER be in power of our country again, period.


  16. Republicanvet91 says:

    I suspect the Democrats in NM and CA are intentionally pulling National Guard troops off the border in addition to other stunts they are pulling in order to try goad POTUS into declaring a national emergency.
    I suspect they already have hordes of lawyers lined up and a judge picked out to squash anything he does 5 minutes after he declares the emergency.


    • dustycowpoke says:

      But watch for the backlash. Just a NM old vet.


    • Lindenlee says:

      There is language in some other documents that permit the President to activate the Wall under the “drug corridor interdiction” statutes, ans he can use that without the emergency dec…So he might go step by step, making his course and authority of action clear to the American people, have lots of infrared photography done to show the masses of people trying to cross, so everybody but the loonies are on his side.

      A Rush caller today suggested that Trump talk with the TX governor Abbott to declare a
      STATE emergency, ask for federal aid from Trump, which will be given, but controlled by the state of TX,mto BUILD THE WALL ACROSS THE ENTIRE TX BORDER.

      Not a federal matter, takes care of emergency, fed judges can’t intervene, and it cqn be done that way.


  17. david says:

    Pelosi and Schumer want them. Bus them to their mansions.

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  18. Fools Gold says:

    Build the wall and install proper security and that might be achieved dims. Your going about everything ass backwards. Would also help to pass open carry in every state. I know I’d feel secure anywhere!

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  19. jebg46 says:

    Agree, we need some mass class action against all who support this invasion.


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