Whoa Nellie, More Leaked Transcripts – Nellie Ohr Researched Trump Kids While Working for Fusion GPS…

So far the joint house committee transcripts have been leaked to: John Solomon (The Hill), The Epoch Times, The New York Times, and now The Daily Caller.  Someone is trying to get additional traction to these structured transcripts.

The content is also interesting.  The only thing we knew previously about the testimony of Nellie Ohr was that she evoked ‘spousal privilege’ during her deposition.  However, now the Daily Caller is reporting that Nellie Ohr gave testimony about her research with Fusion GPS, to include doing research on Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr’s travels:

Daily Caller – The wife of a Justice Department official who worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 campaign told Congress in 2018 that one of her tasks at the opposition research firm was to research President Donald Trump’s children, including their business activities and travel.

Nellie Ohr, a former contractor for Fusion GPS, also told lawmakers during an Oct. 19 deposition that she recalls that Christopher Steele gave her husband, Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, materials from the infamous anti-Trump dossier funded by Democrats.

Ohr said during the testimony that Steele, who like her was a contractor for Fusion GPS, hoped that her husband would pass the materials to the FBI.

“My understanding was that Chris Steele was hoping that Bruce could put in a word with the FBI to follow up in some way,” Ohr testified to members of the House Oversight and House Judiciary Committees, according to transcripts confirmed by The Daily Caller News Foundation.  (read more)

According to the prior leaked transcript Bruce Ohr gave testimony he accepted a thumb drive from Glenn Simpson (Nellie’s employer – Fusion GPS), and another from his wife Nellie Ohr, and he passed them along to FBI Special Agent Joe Pientka.

The interesting aspect to the Daily Caller report of Nellie Ohr’s testimony is her apparent focus on research into the Trump family travel:

“How about Donald Trump Jr.? Did you do more in-depth research on Donald Trump Jr. than some of the others?” she was asked.

“I’m afraid it was relatively superficial. It was,” adding that, “I looked into some of his travels and you know not sure how much detail I remember, at this point.”

“Ivanka Trump?”

“I looked into some of her travels,” said Ohr.

The goal was “to see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had had suspicious pasts.”  (read more)

This becomes more of a central issue when we go back to the mistake about Michael Cohen within the Steele Dossier; that was also a mistake about travel.  [Cohen in Prague]   Our suspicion has always been that Nellie Ohr was exploiting her CIA authorized access to the FBI/NSA database doing research (ie. FISA abuse).

Additionally, it has always appeared to be evident that Nellie actually sent her research material to Christopher Steele (another Fusion GPS contractor), who was tasked to verify, find supplemental sourcing, launder the research and present it as a more official looking intelligence product…. The Steele Dossier.

It would just make sense the place where Nellie Ohr would be researching travel would be the FISA database (FBI/NSA).  Where else could she access that information?


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  1. konradwp1 says:

    This highly selective leaking stinks.

    Someone is trying to concoct a narrative that uses the names now in the public domain (Ohr & Ohr, Steele and Simpson) but hides or minimises their true actions.

    Nellie’s contractor access to the NSA database would have been blocked with the other contractors by Admiral Rogers on 18 March 2016. Yet she continues to work for Fusion GPS.

    However someone in a federal agency continues to abuse access to the database, leading Admiral Rogers to eventually shut down 702 searches for even these agencies in October 2016.

    I believe what our selective leakers are trying to hide is that Bruce Ohr continued the searches from within DOJ after 18 March 2016 and funnelled the results to Nellie Ohr at Fusion GPS for her to compile and run through the Christopher Steele laundry.

    So the questions now are:
    1. Who has access to the transcripts?
    2. Which of those are defenders of the Deep State?
    3. Of the second group, which is smart enough to know they now have to allow some wrong doing to be revealed concerning the names the public know for their narrative to be believed?

    “Nellie Ohr did superficial travel research on Trumps children” sounds grubby yet believable. For a Deep State player it certainly sounds far better than: “Nellie Ohr abused her NSA access to illegally conduct opposition research on Trump and his children and when her abuse was discovered and access blocked, she turned to her husband within DOJ to abuse his access and continue the illegal research”.

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    • Craig D says:

      Reply to konradwp1 (at 10:01 pm) – Wow! Your analysis is right on. President Trump should have you on staff.

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      • konradwp1 says:

        Sorry, not a US citizen.

        But my contribution to this forum should tell you this coup attempt has global implications.

        I can’t directly participate in US matters, but I do have an obligation to hunt and destroy the participants on my side of the pond.

        Embarrassingly, one of the “Non-Con” lures sent against Trump campaign members was from our “Five-Eyes” nation. This mess needs to be cleaned up.

        “Fishnets” (as he is known locally) needs to be destroyed. Linked to Hakluyt UK, this foul individual has disgraced our nation.

        Downer, I’m on the hunt and I’m after you:

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        • Dixie says:

          Absolutely Awesome!

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          • Dixie says:

            Because I was fascinated by this, I’ve watched them all on Youtube. This is the best of them. The eyes are mesmerizing. Awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it.


        • farrier105 says:

          I’m wondering about New Zealand, another “Five Eyes” nation. HA Goodman did a long video last night on YouTube and BitChute about Roger Stone v. Jerome Corsi concerning the claims Mr. KIM DOTCOM made about Wikileaks being out to get Hillary Clinton made to Bloomberg back in 2015. That year is significant in Trump-Russia-Wikileaks as that was the summer JAMES COMEY started the whole thing by ordering an FBI agent to telephone the DNC and warn them Russians are in their network and communicating with Moscow from the DNC network.

          Does anyone out there serioiusly think fat ass Dotcom is a psychic? The feds were after Kim BEFORE 2015. So, the question is:

          1. Did Dotcom flip and volunteer to sow Trump-Russia-Wikileaks seeds along with COMEY in 2015? Is he still at it today?

          2. Is that why Dotcom won’t talk to the AMERICAN PEOPLE about what he knows, mainly that he colluded with SETH RICH, and exactly how, but insists on saving himself for MUELLER, or is his job as an informant, to save himself from his copyright beef, to continue to make these claims as a distraction?

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    • WSB says:

      Rogers shut the NSA black hole down in April 2016.

      Nellie Ohr retained her HAM license in May 2016.

      Joe Pientka, oddly enough, started his interviews with Bruce Ohr on November 5, 2016. And then there were 11 subsequent interviews using 302’s to spread the word within the FBI.

      I am assuming that after Steele was a known entity and publicly sacked for ‘peddling’ the dossier to Buzzkill, this was the only way to keep the information flow going. Why Nellie could not continue use of a HAM radio though, I cannot fit together.

      Since HAM messages cannot be memorialized, why would Nellie not be able to continue using it?

      Was the radio used with someone else, or was Bruce Ohr’s ‘demotion’ inhibiting his normal transmissions of thumb drives?

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    • farrier105 says:

      I wonder what Nellie made of Ivanka Trump being good friends with Chelsea Clinton and Huma Abedin?


    • Good postulation. here’s mine. They are setting (offering) up the Ohr’s as THE sacrificial lambs. Nellies job was to gather info by using the NSA database about queries, provide it to steele through her husband bruce to Glen Simpson. Bruce would also pass the info to to Bill Priestep , which would, when Steele produced the SAME thing for Clapper and Brennan, give Steele dual sourcing, and “legitimacy” At the same time Steele wand Simpson were using THEIR MSM contacts Isikoff and several reporters NOT yet named to disseminate the Dossier. This gave it THREE “sources” In reality, IT WAS ALL FROM T?HE SAME “source” “They” think that we will all “buy it”. Nope. See, all this “chaff and countermeasures” is STILL to prevent ONE thing. More on that later

      The Ohrs, are being served up to protect their “handler” Simpson. If Simpson is implicated, so are HIS handlers Steele and the UK MI6. If MI6 is implicated so are others like Misfud and Halper. If Misfud and Halper are implicated, it links back to BRENNAN. If Brennan is implicated, it snares Rice, Rhodes, Clapper, Powers, and Jarrett. More later.

      That was the “intelligence” facet of this. we also have the FBI facet. On that side we have Stryk, Page, McCabe and Comey. Ohr ties to BOTH Page and McCabe. OHr implicates ALL of these “players”. Their jobs were to gather all the mis-info, process it, launder it through THEIR MSM contacts at the WAPO (forgot his name), and to intimidate, interview, and if necessary FALSIFY witness info to meet their objective (Stryzk). (see Flynn, Page, Papadapolos, Manafort. ALL these “witnesses” were Spied on by MI6 and “tainted by former CIA and MI6 spies (Halper and Misfud or in Flynn’s case the CIA wiretap and Yates.)

      Now we have the DOJ side, this IS Ohr’s dept. That brings in Baker, Preistap , Yates. Ohr implicates ALL these people as well, we now KNOW he told ALL of them that the Steele Dossier was crap, and met with Baker. Ohrs job was to (Through Baker, give the Dossier a FOUTH source). I suspect ol Brucie figured out that he was awfully exposed with his fly wide open through his involvement and that of “beautiful” Nellie on the dossier, and that is when he told them the dossier was not to be trusted…DIRECTLY against what he was supposed to do.

      The FBI side was to initiate the coup through the insurance policy of a special Council. Once Comey and Yates were fired, it fell to one Rod Rosenstein, who then brought in Mueller and his 17 strong band of Trump hating “believers”, and that is where we are now. Their job was to tie in all the garbage “gathered” and processed in the Steele dossier into something that the SC could use to EXPAND more into Trumps life, and get some REAL dirt on Trump, (it FAILED) which would JUSTIFY the dossier, and ALL the illegal acts committed to initiate this plot like unmasking, spying, altering of 302’s, witness intimidation, etc.
      Now we move to the Gang of 8 (at the time Schumer, Burr, Warner, Pelosi, Ryan Mcconnell, Schiff, and Nunez). ALL of them HAVE SEEN the unredacted FISA files, just NOT ALL at once…back to Brennan and Clapper, as they BOTH briefed at one time or another ALL of them.

      I suspect the ONE good guy, Nunez, was given an ALTERED version than ALL the others who most surely were uniparty. THAT is what Nunez read in the SCIF, the REAL unredacted FISA, which used the Steele Dossier as an impetus, and WAS INCLUDED IN THE PDB. Nunez KNOWS the truth. This was a COUP!.

      It involved ALL the players mentioned above, to one extent or another. Burr, Warner, Schiff were the “intelligence” uniparty facet of this multifaceted attack. They were there to use their powers to “implicate” Trump or someone close to him to instigate the coup., PLUS through Wolf, LEAK selected bits to the MSM. Once caught their job became to deflect, stall and OBSTRUCT any attempts at the truth. (continued)

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      • Jederman says:

        Well done.

        Assuming (safely) that the gang of 8 is compromised should indicate to PT that this will be an executive office play till the end. The House is insanely hostile and schiff et al display no fear or caution. The senate will protect it’s own at the expense of PT.

        Unless PT truly has all the information/documents. Then he runs the table.

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      • (continued) Now we move to the political “leadership” facet of the Uniparties job. Pelosi and Schumer were to use the completed Mueller info to start the Impeachment proceedings to try and remove Trump. They will take the Mueller info, combine it with the garbage Steele dossier, launder it through ALL their MSM sycophants, and begin the by filing articles of Impeachment.

        Ryan and McConnell’s job was to STALL both the Trump agenda (Wall, judiciary appts, real cabinet appts) prevent allies from helping Trump by NOT confirming or going into “recess”, and to PREVENT the release of ANY info which could implicate the scheme or ANY of the players. Ryan, would have gone along with Pelosi and filed articles of impeachment weather justified or not. Now it is on Pelosi, no doubt what she will do.

        MCConnell’s job, in conjunction with Schumer, was to stall ALL confirmations ESPECIALLY judicial, SC, and Trump Admin (new AG). McConnell would enact the “trial of Trump” in the Senate using Pelosi’s BS articles of Impeachment. MConnell would also PREVENT Trump from making ANY recess appointments by “keeping the Senate in Pro Forma session” Thank God Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins had their moments of sanity and passed BK through.

        Now we move to someone who is DEFINATELY NOT MAGA, and who is seldom mentioned. Chief Justice John Roberts. His ONE job would be to preside of the “Trial of Trump” and to direct the conviction and removal of Trump (spit).

        Now, the climax of this little story, THE TRUTH. Barack Hussein Obama was the leader, instigator, and signatory of this little Coup de tat. He initiated this coup to protect his “legacy” He did not like HRC, he did not want HRC, but he tried to install HRC for ONE reason. He knew SHE would keep and expand upon his legacy, thereby making him not only King, but KINGMAKER, she would enable and yet still OWE him (think SC Justice Obama in place of Justice Gorsuch).

        He commissioned Clapper and Brennan to begin “Crossfire Hurricane”. He used both his powers as President and Clapper’s contacts to enlist the UK (MI6), New Zealand, and Australia (five eyes) to begin spying on candidate Donald Trump. Mi6 would insert spies, and assist former member Christopher Steele in gathering dirt AND then packaging it and delivering it to the US (through the erstwhile John McCain to the FBI). Australia and NZ would VERIFY the “intelligence” through their use of the five eyes database.

        On our end, Obama directed Rice, Rhodes, and Powers to begin searching the NSA database and unmasking anyone who could be used against candidate Trump. He directed Clapper to oversee this process, and to hire “contractors” to peruse the database through less official channels (hi Nellie Ohr). (continued)

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        • (continued)
          Comey and then later Yates were to wiretap and monitor ALL people associated with PEOTUS and any transition team members. They would “bug” Trump tower and I am sure Mar a Lago. Admiral Mike Rodgers BLEW THAT ALL UP, he found out about ALL the unmasking Rhodes, Rice, and Powers were doing, as well as unclassified contractors using the NSA database. Yates at the same time with members of the Uniparty would pressure newly confirmed AG Sessions to “recuse” himself, thereby exposing Trump to legal jeopardy.

          He had a Judge Mary (sorry can’t remember her last name) Verify it, and then he closed the loophole. No more “about queries” , No more Nellie Ohr. He also found out that Comey was surveilling Trump tower, and went DIRECTLY to PEOTUS once his SCIF was built to tell him. Trump IMMEDIATELY afterwards moved his transition team to New Jersey. Subsequently BOTH Clapper and Brenna tried to have Rodgers fired for insubordination. Rodgers is a HERO along with Nunez.

          Clapper brought the Steele Dossier to Obama, and “briefed him on it” Giving the trash legitimacy as “intelligence”. He also included it in the President’s Daily Brief. Obama KNEW, he was getting DAILY updates on it in his brief (something I also think Nunez knows, as that was also what he was read into in the WH SCIF). Page and Stryzk texts CONFIRM this as Page states “POTUS wants to know what we are doing”

          Obama therefore started crossfire, hurricane, got daily updates on it, and by NOT stopping it gave tacit approval of the COUP. HE IS COMPLICIT. They ALL report to him, and THAT is what they ALL are trying DESPERATELY from being released. NOT PROVED, the have all the proof in the PDB, RELEASED to we the people. Obama also is complicit in the coverup. See, the steels dossier was meant to KEEP Donald Trump from ever BEING President. When he was elected, they sent Comey to “brief Trump on the “salacious and unverified” dossier. BS this was a BLACKMAIL attempt to get Trump to “resign” before he could uncover, prove, and reveal the truth to US.

          When Comey was fired, unexpectedly, they used their “insurance policy” RR to convene SC Mueller to try and cover up ALL the coup and underlying crimes. (or find ANYTHING on Trump to remove him before the COUP could be revealed in its entirety to US)

          That insurance policy was concocted by someone (my bet Valerie Jarrett) and discussed on the meeting made (in)famous by Susan Rice and her “by the book” CYA memo she typed on Jan 20th hours before Trump took power. Why would she feel the “need” to do this? To save her neck (literally) perhaps?

          Now, this Cabal of ALL these players mentioned are DESPERATE. Things are starting to “break” and they ALL are in too deep to get out. Mueller MUST deliver. IF he can’t, the “jig” is up. That is why Mueller is flailing and going all gestapo raid on 66 yo non violent men and their wives at 4AM in the morning. All to protect BHO the worst Obomination of a subversive, divisive, unqualified, America hating, seditious, TREASONOUS President we ever had. NEVER forget that folks, no matter WHO the Cabal offer up as a sacrificial lamb.

          This is NOT to save the intelligence community. this is not to save the DOJ, this is NOT to save the FBI, this is to same Barack Hussein Obama from being outted as the criminal mastermind of a smear campaign on an opposition candidate and his ultimate successor. Then a seditious conspiracy to spy and PREVENT his successor from assuming power, then a TREASONOUS Coup de tat to try and REMOVE his successor, and when that failed, now to try and cover the whole thing up. I wish I were a writer or a producer. The books and movies made for this once over will be LEGEND. This is HISTORY people. The first recorded, discovered, and hopefully punished coup de tat in American history. so sorry for the length

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          • Mary Morse says:

            “…He also found out that Comey was surveilling Trump tower, and went DIRECTLY to PEOTUS once his SCIF was built to tell him. Trump IMMEDIATELY afterwards moved his transition team to New Jersey. “…

            “…. When he was elected, they sent Comey to “brief Trump on the “salacious and unverified” dossier. BS this was a BLACKMAIL attempt to get Trump to “resign” before he could uncover, prove, and reveal the truth to US. “…

            The President-elect briefing of the Dossier took place at Trump Tower, not New Jersey. If they knew the building was “wired”, who has the tapes of the BLACKMAIL attempt?

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            • I NEVER said where Comey went to brief PEOTUS, but it WAS in Trump Tower. Good point about the “tapes” Remember in one tweet Trump warned Comey, (that) “he had better hope there aren’t ant tapes”. Meaning of the infamous meeting at Trump tower. Right after that meeting, Comey wrote his infamous “memo” that he later leaked to his lawyer friend, who then gave it to the NY times. Later the “memo” and Comey’s subsequent firing, led to RR appointing Mueller.

              Since Trump tower WAS in fact bugged, perhaps this meeting WAS taped, Trump KNEW it, and it would have completely exonerated Trump and put the lie to the Comey “memo” I bet once Trump tweeted about it, that tape was shredded, burned, acid washed, and buried in the Atlantic.

              Blackmail could have been EXPLICIT or implied. Why else brief the PEOTUS on this hot garbage? One as a THREAT weather implicit or implied, and two by this “briefing” it served to give this trash more “legitimacy. Especially AFTER Comey leaked it by abstention to the NY Times.

              This is all speculation, but informed speculation. The whole sordid mess is entwined, convoluted, and yet complex. This was a multi faceted attack from all sides. From political, to legal , to intelligence, to foreign spies, to five eye allies, to opposition research, to the MSM, to the uniparty in Congress, to the WH itself of BHO. BAD, VERY bad., DEATH penalty BAD.

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              • Mary Morse says:

                Excellent posts Rex.

                The location of the briefing isn’t widely reported. It was in someone’s Congressional testimony. I forget who.

                IMO, Adm. Rogers gained effective control of the NSA data after April 2016. By January 2017, the oh Bummer admin had little control, even though they may have thought that they did. I think Comey soiled himself when the President mentioned the tapes and the Insurance Policy went into overdrive.

                Also, IMO, the cabal knew that they would have a problem if Cankles lost, when Carter Page filed complaint letters with Comey and others regarding his illegal surveillance, before they even had an approved FISA warrant.

                This, I believe gave rise to the creation of the Insurance Policy: If I expect you to investigate me, I’ll create an investigative shield against you first.

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          • Jederman says:

            Again, well done. Just one quibble, I don’t share your opinion of obama as a cunning Machiavellian operator. I look at obama’s background and he has no experience. He was a self described “slacker.” He is a lightweight that took himself more seriously than he should have.

            In addition, after being in the Army and observing how truly serious people operate, I’m comfortable say obama would last ten minutes because he’s no Alpha. I believe he possesses animal cunning and the ability to memorize a few lines IOT bluff his way through and make people think he knows what he’s talking about.

            I agree though he’s up to his eyeballs in this, but only as the pretend decision maker. Jarrett, Brennan… etc etc had Obama right where they wanted him IMO.

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        • Mary Morse says:

          Still need to account for the actions of the State Dept (Nuland, Winer, Kramer/McCain, Chalupa/Crowdstrike…)
          And Brennan is the tip of the CIA iceburg. He didn’t act alone.

          Still need to identify “our man”.

          Is this guy “our man”?

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          • Good point about the John Kerry State dept. I forgot to include them in the hot mess. They too were used as a facet With John Kerry also providing an “avenue” for yet more “verification” of the Steele dossier. I did briefly mention Mccain. He gave one copy of the Steele dossier to Comey at the FBI. McCain got ti from the UK and mi6 and I believe had his aide deliver it. (mule?) Thanks for the reminder! I will someday update this here and my blog. I don’t want to use all Sundance’s bandwith. I wish more people would get together and help piece out this tangled web. Sundance has been great, I have used info from him, Jim hoft, Dan Bongino, Greg Jarrett, Sarah Carter, and others to try and put “my take on this thing” I think is it a good start but incomplete. LOL we need interns, fact checkers, editors, investigators, and writers to complete this “play” It makes “hamlet” look like a comedy.

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          • Mary Morse says:

            Browder tells an intricate tale of international money laundering. In his recent address to an EU Parliament committee, he claims to trace some of the Russian tax fraud funds to gas attacks in Syria. (He also advocates for the burden of evidence to be on the accused, rather than the accuser.)

            International money laundering, isn’t that Ohr’s expertise?


      • jebg46 says:

        Don’t forget that prior to 2017, the summer of 2016, Reid and Di Feinstein were part of the gang of 8. Reid was informed long before the others and was pushing to get the word out on “Russia”. DiFeinstein purposely leaked Glenn Simpson’s testimony blaming it on a cold and was never censored or brought before the ethics committee, but stepped down soWarner took her place. Why was Nunez sidelined for nearly a year for his informing the President of the coup?

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        • Absolutely right, I had forgotten that. Good points. See, they have committed so much malfeasence, bu SOOO many people, for so long that we need a TEAM to try and research, check, and diseminate, this mess. I tried to post as much as I could remember, but there is a MASSIVE amount of corruption out there. One thing IS for sure. IT IS all connected, and it centers around the same band of 20-30 players.

          Perhaps we should put together a “deck of playing cards” Like they did for Saddam Hussein to keep the players, crimes, and facts straight. And yet, people STILL wonder why it has taken Trump so long to “drain the swamp” IT is because when every a hydra, when one head (or crime) is cut off, two more pop up!. I nominate Obama for the Joker.


    • cali says:

      @konradwp1: ^^^^^^^^This!

      As I’ve stated a couple of days ago HAKLUYT is and was the hub or HQ where the members concocted SpyGate and far beyond that.

      Look at the members whom among others were Hannigan, Brennan, Downer, Halper, Nellie and Bruce Ohr, Mifsud, MI6, 5EYES alliance, Hussein, Fusion GPS, Steele, Perkins and Coie’s Sussman although there are more many more.

      Also remember despite Bruce Ohr’s demotion – twice – he continued to facilitate Nellie’s USB and other info to the FBI, DOJ and who knows who else until the end of 2017.
      Nellie and Bruce Ohr are NOT telling the whole truth and on the contrary hiding the most damaging info in these selective leaks. We know that Nellie and Brennan were partners at the CIA.
      Every spy inserted into the campaign of president elect and president Trump were all members of Hakluyt.

      Why the need to research the whereabouts of the children of president Trump unless there is an ulterior motive – a dark one might add.

      It is also safe to say that SpyGate did not appear without the approval of May, Cameron and the Royal Court to be planned. Theresa May and David Cameron together with Miliband were knee deep in SpyGate as they needed HRC to win the election.

      Whether it was Page, Strzok or others they are travelled to the UK ti meet with their partners and members of Hakluyt.

      Nellie Ohr illegally accessed lots of info inserted in the dossier as you said mistakenly placing Cohen in Prague. Then there is Nellie’s mistake naming the Russian bank Alfafa rather than simply Alfa who is by the way now suing being implicated in SpyGate.

      When all is said and done it is my belief that the Ohrs will be the new Rosenbergs. Bruce Ohr never gave a good enough explanation why he kept his involvement in SpyGate long after his dual demotion and into the end of 2017. Nellie Ohr too has no good enough reason to participate in the Russian collusion gate knowing it was a hoax and/or concoction.

      This goes all the way back to WikiLeaks publication of the Podesta expose that was provided by Seth Rich who was murdered after being unmasked by CrowdStrike and Brennan. They all knew that!

      Why go to such length to accuse, frame and trying to remove a duly elected president ?

      There is much more than that.

      We know that the thousands of txt msgs by the usual suspects missing are not really missing but are being withheld due to their content where the Hakluyt gang planned as the ultimate end to the disrupter of the new world order – president Trump – his assassination and/or that of his family and children. That is in the nutshell the reason why we don’t know the content of these texts. Yes it had global implications as they conspired with each other here and abroad to ultimate removal of president Trump.

      Tell me again why Nellie Ohr illegally researched the travels of Trump’s children?

      HAKLUYT = is the hub where it all was planned and came together!

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  2. Cathy M. says:

    IMO- The Steele dossier was not a professional written document.

    One Example is

    Detail 2.
    ” The Kremlin’s cultivation operation on TRUMP also had comprised offering him various lucrative real estate development business deals in Russia, especially in relation to the ongoing 2018 World Cup soccer tournament. However, so far, for reasons unknown, TRUMP had not taken up any of these.”

    Then in-
    “Finally, regarding TRUMP’s claimed minimal investment profile in Russia, a separate source with direct knowledge said this had not been for want of trying. TRUMP’s previous efforts had included exploring the real estate sector in St Petersburg as well as Moscow but in the end TRUMP had had to settle for the use of extensive sexual services there from local prostitutes rather than business success.”

    What the heck kind of “professional” would include remarks like:
    “but in the end TRUMP had had to settle for the use of extensive sexual services there from local prostitutes rather than business success.”

    Not to mention there was no corroboration of the allegations in the reports.

    (I know, I know, politicians don’t need no corroboration)

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  3. Kent says:

    Gee, imagine if instead of tiny drip leaks every week or two, we actually had the full picture. What if we had the truth? No, that is way too complicated to get, even though the President can order it. What would it do to web traffic if we could not spend the next five years spinning very long yarns and complex theories about what occurred and how the whole Trump Presidency was brought down? Yes, not a good idea to declassify.


  4. Zorro says:

    In the pic of Nellie in the hallway there is a lawyer to the left of her and a lawyer to the right. Is the lawyer on the right “Pat” from the old SNL days?

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  5. simicharmed says:

    Let’s be deliberate here… Nellie and Bruce AND the MANY other degenerate traitors NEEDS to be criminally charged. Let each of them determine their bail and pleadings in the matter – Like any other US Citizen who is suspected of a crime. THIS is EQUAL JUSTICE!

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  6. AccountabilityPlease says:

    According to the FISA court document outlining the spying by the contractors, most of the unauthorized queries were performed well before President Trump had secured the Republication nomination. As such, it is highly likely that other GOP candidates were subjected to the same type of political spying. If that can be established, it should be GAME OVER!

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    • andy says:

      JIll Stein was invited to give a speech in the uK in spring of 2016.
      Sanders didnt but the UK inserted a spy in his campaign. Some student on vacation.
      Your suspicions are correct.


  7. Amy2 says:

    This just totally sucks.


  8. Bob, Esq. says:

    Is there any open source information/database where Nellie could have researched the travel itineraries of American citizens? Other than FISA??

    “I looked into some of his travels and you know not sure how much detail I remember, at this point.”

    “Ivanka Trump?”

    “I looked into some of her travels,” said Ohr.

    The goal was “to see whether they were involved in dealings and transactions with people who had had suspicious pasts.”

    Am I missing something? Some database that makes this plausible? Because this reads like a confession to embezzling raw FISA information.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      It’s crazy. It’s like she was openly admitting that she was looking at intelligence data. I pray someone asked her where she was getting her data. She was working at a private non-government company at the time. It’s just crazy.

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  9. covfefe999 says:

    I really hope that some day in the near future we’re gong to understand all of these pieces of the huge puzzle. Trump might be prevented from knowing all about Mueller’s witch hunt, but what about prior goings on? Does he have access to the unredacted documents that we have redacted versions of? Like April 2017 FISA court certification doc Sundance refers to? Can Trump see who the contractors were? To new people who haven’t seen the doc, it’s here; https://www.dni.gov/files/documents/icotr/51117/2016_Cert_FISC_Memo_Opin_Order_Apr_2017.pdf Definitely worth reading, and then read the CTH articles that discuss it. Start at page 81 if you don’t have time to read the entire thing. The section Sundance refers to is particularly interesting, US persons targeted using the xxx tool from Nov 1 2015 to May 1 2016. As has been pointed out on this site numerous times, how interesting that timing is. It’s right before Fusion GPS fired up with their dossier project. Did Fusion have their intelligence data access cut off in May 2016 (by Admiral Rogers) so then needed another way to attack Trump? Or were other people or groups in the IC providing data to Fusion? Do you think Trump has seen the unredacted names and numbers?


    • jebg46 says:

      Yes Fusion GPS was cut off April 18, 2016 because owner, Glenn Simpson’s wife, Jacoby, went to the Obama White House and spent several hours in meetings on April 19. Shortly after, Obama funneled $$$ through Perkins Coie just like Hillary did, to continue spying and researching the dossier.


  10. covfefe999 says:

    Watched a PBS program called “The Dictator’s Playbook”. It’s a series. The latest one was about Manuel Noriega. Noriega got his start in the military and then became an intelligence official, which he leveraged for his own personal wealth in addition to political power. In the program they said that this route, through intelligence, is typical for dictators. And that was back in the day when the ICs were not spying on all of us. Now the power a person has by having access to intelligence data, on US citizens especially, on US citizens who are running for political office, is FAR greater.



  11. deplorableintx says:

    The depth of the ties of all those involved in this deceptive scheme to get President Trump is staggering and cannot be overlooked. Early last year, I cannot recall how learned of Yaacov Apelbaum’s Fusion GPS intelligence research for the layman but most likely from a fellow Treeper. I highly suggest his research for anyone who isn’t familiar, but be forewarned, it’s in depth & will chew up some clock( but worth it).

    Liked by 1 person

  12. not2worryluv says:

    I’m confident that POTUS Trump has this covered. He survived the guerrilla warfare of doing business for over 50 years in NYC and knows the evil that lurks in a man’s heart to destroy one another by any means.

    I suspect that if the Mueller Report isn’t out soon and the DEMS continue to obstruct funding of the Wall DJT will conquer the Deep State Trojan Horse and nothing will surprise the world more than what will be disclosed.

    The Deplorables, the Yellow Vests, the Brexits and many others doubting their own Governments will rejoice in what will be exposed.

    And the Truth Shall Set You Free.


  13. Did anyone in those closed-door hearings ask Nellie if she ever used (or had access to) NSA databases to conduct her research?


  14. JL says:

    Does anyone have knowledge of Nellie Ohr ever being asked about her HAM radio license in any context?


  15. Bob, Esq. says:

    Monitoring of hotel reservation systems

    Under the Royal Concierge surveillance program, Britain’s GCHQ agency uses an automated monitoring system to infiltrate the reservation systems of at least 350 luxury hotels in many different parts of the world.[78] Other related surveillance programs involve the wiretapping of room telephones and fax machines used in targeted hotels, as well as the monitoring of computers, hooked up to the hotel network.



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