John Solomon: Bruce Ohr Testimony Shows Politically Motivated DOJ and FBI Ignored Warnings…

John Solomon has a well-written article at The Hill outlining the leaked transcript from Bruce Ohr together with his own sources.  The key point Solomon focuses upon is how Bruce Ohr warned DOJ and FBI officials about the political intents and specifics behind the inbound information from Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS.  [Read Here]

(L-R) Christopher Steele – Bruce Ohr – Glenn Simpson

The primary aspect to Ohr’s testimony is how strongly he warned officials at the FBI (Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, James Baker, Peter Strzok, Joe Pientka), and officials in DOJ Main Justice (Andrew Weissmann, Bruce Swartz, Zainab Ahmad), about the political intents and purposes behind the information that eventually became “The Steele Dossier”.

In essence Bruce Ohr told the FBI and Main Justice, right at the outset of their Crossfire Hurricane operation, that Chris Steele’s work product was an assembly of political opposition research specifically paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.

Under all ordinary circumstances this under oath revelation would be a game changer; particularly because two of those in Main Justice who knew about the political construct, Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissmann, are currently officials directly on the Robert Mueller probe.  However, in the highly partisan era of Trump-hate, the media will completely ignore the scale of this admission by Bruce Ohr.

Additionally, not only did FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe ignore the warnings; but apparently McCabe failed to tell Director James Comey about the nature of Ohr’s warnings prior to Comey signing off on the FISA application against Carter Page.

On the Main Justice side of the FISA application, Bruce Ohr’s internal warnings did not stop Deputy AG Sally Yates from also signing off on the FISA application that utilized the highly political opposition research turned into an intelligence product.

Lastly, this testimony from Bruce Ohr is evidence the HPSCI minority memo written by Adam Schiff was entirely false in their framing of the Steele Dossier as it was used in the FISA application.

The DOJ and FBI were specifically warned the dossier was political opposition research; compiled by anti-Trump efforts from Fusion-GPS and Christopher Steele and paid for by the Hillary Clinton Campaign.   However, the DOJ and FBI chose to use it regardless of sourcing/verification and without informing the FISA court.

Again, under normal circumstances this new evidence would fundamentally change the media outlook toward the entire two-plus year narrative, and we could interpret the discovery as a game-changer.  However, given how thoroughly the media have abdicated any semblance of integrity, unfortunately it’s likely no-one in the MSM will allow new facts to interrupt their carefully created narrative.

After a year of revelations/expectations that go no-where, the tick-tock-club finally have a key piece of evidence that should start turning the proverbial tide.  However, without a specific, direct, formal and official DOJ/FBI outline (press conference etc.), drawing national attention to the Bruce Ohr revelation, there’s also a possibility people who realize the significance are left alone in the woods shouting at trees…



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514 Responses to John Solomon: Bruce Ohr Testimony Shows Politically Motivated DOJ and FBI Ignored Warnings…

  1. James F says:

    Funny how so many who have “given up” still spend so much time and effort here to convince others that it is hopeless and to just give up,

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      • Donzo says:

        Lifson’s perspective seems somewhat naive to say the least. One can wish, but indulging in optimism has its downside – major disappointment being one of them. Drinking the Kool-Aid is never good in the end. Hope springs eternal.


        • Old Lady says:

          What an odd way to end your opinion. Hope does, indeed, spring eternal. Not one person will escape reaping what he has sown.


          • Donzo says:

            We’ve been warned repeatedly about taking for face value the leaks of the narrative engineers. The principle of “leaking is bad” still a applies whether it is coming from your side or the other. So we can hope this version of the testimony is correct and that a smoking means something.


      • wlbeattie says:

        Thanks for that link – good read!
        I just hope with Barr doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet!!
        …”He already had as much prestige and money as he would ever need.”…


      • Mrs.E says:

        Thanks for the link. That was an interesting read.


    • YeahYouRight says:

      Oh James, just give up.

      ; )

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    • RLTW says:

      Losers love nothing more than to recruit everyone else into quitting and becoming a loser. It’s the only thing that justifies their decision to quit and live as a loser. It’s kind of the overall philosophy of the left if you think about it.

      I hope that Ohr’s testimony is the bombshell that brings the whole house of cards down. I hope that Barr is the sleeper that some hypothesize. Problem is, there is already a mountain of evidence that is even more compelling:

      Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Arab Spring, Uranium One, Steele Dossier, illegal surveillance of Supreme Court Judges i.e. John Roberts (and over 150 Federal Judges, members of Congress, and prominent businessmen to include Donald Trump years before he even ran for the Presidency ALL SURVIELLED BY MUELLER!), destruction of millions of pages of evidence by DOJ, FBI, Mueller, Clinton, imprisonment of political dissenters like Dinesh Dsouza, etc. etc. etc. NOBODY has been held accountable for any of this. In a functioning Republic with a neutral Justice System there would have already been two or three thousand bureaucrats and politicians rounded up and executed for treason regarding these scandals. Lady Justice took off the blindfold and threw the scales into the dumpster decades ago.

      Ohr’s testimony isn’t going to make a damn bit of difference. And Barr is the Deep State’s best buddy. The rule of law is dead in the United States of America. And if the rule of law is dead then the United States of America is dead. I don’t accept that. You losers and quiters can skulk off into the corner.

      Same thing happened in the Revolutionary War. Only a few rose to the occasion and founded the United States of America. Same thing happens in every war for that matter. The losers and quitters go to the victory parade and wave the flag. They enjoy unparalleled prosperity and freedom. A decade later they have parades to burn the flag and spit on veterans.

      I had so hoped for a good, strong, honest AG who could clean this up legally. I look at President Trump’s nomination of Barr as having thrown in the towel regarding any possibility of putting an honest human being into the position of AG.

      I was depressed but my wife reminded me of “The Art of The Deal.” Trump has always had everything planned out long before he made a decision. President Trump now understands that working within this utterly corrupt system is an impossibility. Best I can tell, President Trump is waiting for the “tipping point” before he goes FULL ABE LINCOLN.

      It’s just the natural course of history. We’re due for another civil war. So is every Country in Europe. Barr and Ohr won’t even be a footnote when the history of these wars are written. Sad thing is a good AG could have prevented it.

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  2. CubanBelicoso says:

    It is time to start the prosecutions of all involved.

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    • Daniel says:

      Patience. It will take some doing but don’t you want them to find their way to the top? And I don’t mean Obama. That guy is far too stupid for this. It goes higher in ‘government’ than that.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      Including all MSM including printed article writers and their employers! Enough is enough!

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    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      It’s being saved until the Mueller Farce writes the impeachment report and the House takes it to a vote. The proverbial feces will then likely hit the fan.


    • spinoneone says:

      This will be a multi-step process:
      1) Barr is confirmed as AG;
      2) Rosenstein is fired and security clearance cancelled;
      3) New Special Prosecutor is appointed who was, a) never worked for the FBI, b) never worked for DoJ, and, c) is not a life long friend of Robert Mueller; and,
      4) The new prosecutor should be a current U.S. District Court Judge with prior prosecutorial experience and who doesn’t hate Trump.

      If that doesn’t happened then we are all permanently screwed.

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    • Dena says:

      Why has Muller not fired them from his team yet! I tell ya’ why, they are all crooks!!


  3. Paco Loco says:

    FUBAR is right!


  4. Running Fast says:

    No offense Sundance but “in the highly partisan era of Trump-hate, the media will completely ignore” is flat out incorrect. It has now been proven over and over again that the “media” is a paid propaganda arm of those folks you reference with the “trillions at stake”. They are not ignoring… they are propagandizing.

    It is not about Trump-hate instead it is about undermining the existential threat of a “woken” American electorate.

    Anyone on here who has family or friends that still watch and listen to MSM will know what I mean. the brainwashing/ control is complete and encompassing.

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    • Daniel says:

      The media has already started spinning and making excuses for criminality.

      I think there should be a generally accepted and understood truism. Foot soldiers operate under emotional drives like hate or belief. The generals do as well to some degree. But those at the top do not believe in anything but themselves.and all those below are tools and pawns.

      So when you’re talking about “Trump-hate” you inherently talking about the foot soldiers. The higher up you go, you should start to notice the “hate” it looking more and more like disguised fear. Those in control, however, simply feel thwarted and are looking for new ways to serve their interests. There is always a large separation between “the risk takers” and those who benefit the most from successful risk-taking.

      Think about the arrogant FBI and DOJ people. Think about the likes of Strzok. That guy absolutely falls into the “risk but no reward” end of things and the idiot didn’t even realize how much risk he was taking. And his motivations were painted all over his face in those hearings. It’s useful to see where in this spectrum these actors and NPCs reside.

      But if you think all of this comes from “Trump-hate” and that alone, then I would suggest expanding your view. Sundance is very clear to point out the expanded view of globalist interests. They don’t “hate” Trump. They just want him to stop interfering with their plans and interests. The “controlled opposition” do not hate Trump either. They are just following orders even when it doesn’t benefit them in obvious ways. Do you think Flake or McCain wanted to be seen doing the things they’ve done while trying to convince their constituents to keep them in office? It’s hard not to notice the strings on those puppets though less easy to see who is giving the direction and orders to the puppet masters.

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    • Donzo says:

      Running Fast, I disagree. The MSM won’t cover this or they’ll gloss over it and go right back to Cohen paid for tilting the polling or some such other nonsense. SD is right on.

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    • Latina says:

      You should see internationally. The Trump collusion is real abroad. Fake news is global.
      I have relatives coming up to me saying: I watch the news about the US, Americas are racists huh? I’m afraid to go there because my skin is on the dark side.
      Fake news is damaging America abroad.

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      • Farmkid says:

        CNN is the worst, they may as well be working for RT. Russia Times.
        Pure propaganda against the US. Some upbeat reporting: the yellow vests recently surrounded the news HQ and chanted that they were as bad as American MSM propaganda, globalist puppets. That will never be reported here or there.


  5. lfhbrave says:

    Given POTUS has been burn many times by appointing RINOs in key positions and knowing that he is a fast learner and has good memories of a 140 IQ genius, I am hopeful that POTUS has some kind of assurance from the RINO wing of the Swamp that its loyal creature Barr will stop all these nonsense before it is too late as their power will soon be endangered, either by the left or We the Deplorables.


    • russell caldwell says:

      I was kind of shocked to find out that Barr was in charge of Ruby Ridge!
      I wonder what else he is/was involved with?
      Sounds pretty Swampy…

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      • Dena says:

        How do you take over a country. Sometimes you put CIA in as President, You put CIA in the news, You put CIA, in the house, You put CIA in the senate, You Put CIA in the FBI, You put CIA in as the AG. That is how you take over a country!!

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  6. lawton says:

    I think we will know if there is any possibility of these people getting charged for these crimes when the FISA abuse IG report comes out and how its worded.


  7. Vera says:

    Does this testimony (Bruce Ohr warned FBI and DOJ) affect the Flynn case?
    The judge in the Flynn case asked Mueller’s team of prosecutors to provide all exculpatory evidence.
    Ohr testified that Weissman was one of the people that Ohr informed about the major problems with the Steele dossier and its links to Hillary’s presidential campaign. Weissman is now, and has been, one of Mueller’s team!

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  8. JiminCo says:

    Reviewing recent history, Mr. Ohr was an early casualty of the probe, being “demoted” twice. Could this be:

    1) Deep state’s action to produce a “fall guy” ?
    2) demote so to discredit a DOJ official that was white hatted, and prone to sing to save his own skin?
    3) extrapolating #2, above, is Ohr singing now to save his own skin and that of his dirty finger wife?


  9. Latina says:

    Swamp has officially launched Operation Save Our Asses from backfired Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

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  10. john edward lorenz says:

    As I have said repeatedly unless there are indictments the elite will not be held accountable or responsible for an attempted coup. Who’s going to do the indicting? No one

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  11. Latina says:

    Dan Bongino is saying that the Insurance Policy was getting GP to spy for the FBI. That’s why they arrested him the way they did at the airport. To shut him up by getting him to become a spy against Trump.


  12. Another Scott says:

    “Under all ordinary circumstances this under oath revelation would be a game changer…However, in the highly partisan era of Trump-hate, the media will completely ignore the scale of this admission by Bruce Ohr.” It sucks that we have to depend on the media for action on this. Is everything framed and driven by the media? Can’t something else drive this and then the media catches up afterwards? The “Media” hates Trump even more than the FBI! Contemplating this it feels like we are under control and at the mercy of a hostile entity. Nobody elects the media and they are only sort of driven by free market forces. And while you can ignore them as an individual you are still affected by the collective effect of their narrative framing or editorial direction or whatever you want to call it.


    • Judith says:

      “Is everything framed and driven by the media?” Apparently so. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out WHY! Why do we listen to them at all?

      Is there ANYONE out there who is against the New World Order AND who can go out there and SAY just that? This can’t be that difficult:


      Then turn to the interviewer and say, “ Do YOU want the USA to disappear?”

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  13. Dr.Jay says:

    And of course this means that FBI investigation Crossfire Hurricane was started because of the Clinton ‘Opposition Research’ Dossier on that day (July 31st, 2016), and not because of PapaD (who wasn’t even interviewed in 2016).
    All that was pure lies. So who told those lies?
    This reeks of desperation as well, as this would have come out in the end anyway.

    How long will you continue to abuse our patience, Catiline? For how much longer
    will that rage of yours make a mockery of us?
    To what point will your unbridled
    audacity show itself? Did the nocturnal garrison on the Palatine, the watch patrols of
    the city, the fear of the people, the assemblies of all the good men, this most fortified
    place of holding the senate, the faces and expressions of all these people [the senators]
    not move you at all?
    Do you not realize that your plans lie revealed? Do you not see
    that your plot is already held in check by the knowledge of all these people? Do you
    think that any of us do not know what you did last night, what you did the night
    before, where you were, who you summoned, and what plans you made?

    Cicero, Against Catalina. Speech in the Senate after the first discovery of the Catalina Conspiracy [63 BC].

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    • Mary Morse says:

      From recently leaked testimony, the FIB sent an agent to London to meet Steele on July 5, 2015. This trip required State’s approval (Victoria Nuland).


    • Dr.Jay says:

      Kim@WSJ (opinion, not paywalled, so WSJ wants to get the message out):

      What Bruce Ohr Told the FBI
      The Justice Department official’s testimony raises new doubts about the bureau’s honesty.

      Everybody knew. Everybody of consequence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Justice Department understood fully in the middle of 2016—as the FBI embarked on its counterintelligence probe of Donald Trump—that it was doing so based on disinformation provided by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. That’s the big revelation from the transcript of the testimony Justice Department official Bruce Ohr gave Congress in August. The transcripts haven’t been released, but parts were confirmed for me by congressional sources.

      Mr. Ohr testified that he sat down with dossier author Christopher Steele on July 30, 2016, and received salacious information the opposition researcher had compiled on Mr. Trump. Mr. Ohr immediately took that to the FBI’s then-Deputy Director Andy McCabe and lawyer Lisa Page. In August he took it to Peter Strzok, the bureau’s lead investigator. In the same month, Mr. Ohr believes, he briefed senior personnel in the Justice Department’s criminal division: Deputy Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz, lawyer Zainab Ahmad and fraud unit head Andrew Weissman. The last two now work for special counsel Robert Mueller.

      More important, Mr. Ohr told this team the information came from the Clinton camp and warned that it was likely biased, certainly unproven. “When I provided [the Steele information] to the FBI, I tried to be clear that this is source information,” he testified. “I don’t know how reliable it is. You’re going to have to check it out and be aware. These guys were hired by somebody relating to—who’s related to the Clinton campaign, and be aware.”

      He said he told them that Mr. Steele was “desperate that Donald Trump not get elected,” and that his own wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, which compiled the dossier. He confirmed sounding all these warnings before the FBI filed its October application for a surveillance warrant against Carter Page. We broke some of this in August, though the transcript provides new detail.

      The FBI and Justice Department have gone to extraordinary lengths to muddy these details, with cover from Democrats and friendly journalists. A January 2017 memo from Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, flatly (and incorrectly) insisted “the FBI’s closely-held investigative team only received Steele’s reporting in mid-September.” A May 2018 New York Times report repeated that claim, saying Mr. Steele’s reports didn’t reach the “Crossfire Hurricane team,” which ran the counterintelligence investigation, until “mid-September.”

      This line was essential for upholding the claim that the dossier played no role in the unprecedented July 31, 2016, decision to investigate a presidential campaign. Former officials have insisted they rushed to take this dramatic step on the basis of a conversation involving a low-level campaign aide, George Papadopoulos, which took place in May, before the dossier officially came into the picture. And maybe that is the case. Yet now Mr. Ohr has testified that top personnel had dossier details around the time they opened the probe.

      The Ohr testimony is also further evidence that the FBI misled the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in its Page warrant application. We already knew the bureau failed to inform the court it knew the dossier had come from a rival campaign. But the FISA application additionally claimed the FBI was “unaware of any derogatory information pertaining” to Mr. Steele, that he was “reliable,” that his “reporting” in this case was “credible.” and that the FBI only “speculates” that Mr. Steele’s bosses “likely” wanted to “discredit” Mr. Trump.

      Speculates? Likely? Mr. Ohr makes clear FBI and Justice officials knew from the earliest days that Mr. Steele was working for the Clinton campaign, which had an obvious desire to discredit Mr. Trump. And Mr. Ohr specifically told investigators that they had every reason to worry Mr. Steele’s work product was tainted.

      This testimony has two other implications. First, it further demonstrates the accuracy of the House Intelligence Committee Republicans’ memo of 2018—which noted Mr. Ohr’s role and pointed out that the FBI had not been honest about its knowledge of the dossier and failed to inform the court of Mrs. Ohr’s employment at Fusion GPS. The testimony also destroys any remaining credibility of the Democratic response, in which Mr. Schiff and his colleagues claimed Mr. Ohr hadn’t met with the FBI or told them anything about his wife or about Mr. Steele’s bias until after the election.

      Second, the testimony raises new concerns about Mr. Mueller’s team. Critics have noted Mr. Weissman’s donations to Mrs. Clinton and his unseemly support of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates’s obstruction of Trump orders. It now turns out that senior Mueller players were central to the dossier scandal. The conflicts of interest boggle the mind.

      The Ohr testimony is evidence the FBI itself knows how seriously it erred. The FBI has been hiding and twisting facts from the start.

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  14. phattcat says:

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    • Judith says:

      If the Globalists succeed they will erase the USA entirely, as well as all the history that went with it.

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      • Risa says:

        You make an excellent point about “ history”. It is written and spread by the victors, not the losers.

        We are engaged in a struggle for control of our destinies and our culture. Unfortunately, if we lose we will not be allowed to share what truly occurred. Educators already ignore or skew much of our history, leaving our young citizens ignorant of how unique and precious this nation is.

        You can’t have a nation’s citizens loving their country when it is skated to be erased by Globalism.


      • Right to reply says:

        You sort out the Globalists by switching habits. Mom and Pop stores, buy American. Quit buying on Amazon etc. Our dollars decide the country we live in. Heck, our dollars decide the world!


        • MrG says:

          And/or limit your tax liability.

          I retired early from a $125,000/yr career-(just sayin’) primarily so I wouldn’t continue to fund ,via tax on my labor, the undoing of this Republic-abortion, ongoing “wars”,etc. I mean-we are paying for are own demise.

          I retired at 63 and I realize not everyone can just up and do the same. If just 30% of We the People tax payers ignored Government (IRS) then things would change.


        • Therapeutic Masculinity says:

          Easy get ! I have never bought 1 thing from Amazon. Zero ! Nada ! Haven’t bought a movie ticket since 1997, discontinued TV about 5 years ago, haven’t had a land line since 2007..the list goes on. Unlimited, fast, reliable WiFi satisfies all media interests. Screw them. MAGA/KAG !


  15. SR says:

    The fake has 0 coverage on FISA abuse and who paid it but they spend time on great Mueller. The only way fake msm would talk when there are indictments of previous admin or FBI/DOJ folks.


  16. mikeyboo says:

    I applaud Ohr for refusing to allow himself and his wife to be patsies for the Swamp. I suspect he saw that exact plan down coming down the pike and realized these people have NO HONOR and would happily sacrifice Ohr and his wife without a second thought.


  17. E.jay Miller says:

    To point out the pointlessness of hoping the MSM will do the right thing is old news. To point out that the Republican Party apparatchiks are colluding in this silence is more pertinent to the discussion; and to point out that the current Department of Justice STILL HAS NOT brought any of the real core Criminals to Trial is the real big talking point.
    WTF are Christopher Wray, Matt Whitaker, and John Huber doing exactly?
    Where are all the “true American Patriot Good Guy” FBI agents and DoJ lawyers we hear so much about? I don’t believe anymore that there are ANY “good guy” foot soldiers in the FBI or DoJ. I believe they are all criminal felons just like Sessions–knowing of the crimes but concealing them:
    18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
    -Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 684; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(G), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.) Link:

    The Silence of the Republicans, The Democrats, The “conservative” representatives left in the House, the pseudo-conservatives in the Senate etc, etc, is Deafening. Silence is assent.
    LOCK THEM UP before the Revolution has to re-start.


    • Donzo says:

      Not all felons, but very few are heros, either. How many took active measures to counter the injustices they knew about first hand? There are a handful. So, yea, not all, but likely most.


      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        I suspect the old 80/20 rule would be pretty close. 2 out of 10 aren’t seditious ass holes looking down on normal Americans. Not good.


    • Dena says:

      U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, Nov. 21, 1864
      “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”


  18. SR says:

    Think about it a news: Bruce Ohr and his wife was spotted/pic by fake msm entering into WH and they had meeting with PTrump and some senior DOJ/FBI people. The internal news is couple told everything what happened, why and who paid for FISA abuse and in return couple is looking for easier prison time.


  19. namberak says:

    Am I the only one whose BS detector is going off over this? Why wouldn’t Ohr make up a good story to cover his backside…? I mean, these people don’t care about perjury, why not sling a little to cover yourself?

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    • Another Scott says:

      Maybe since Trump is the President and the Comeys and McCabes and others are out of the FBI Ohr is doing this to cover himself and wait out the clock until he retires. Note how he is basically saying “hey I told them the Steele Dossier was flakey but they used it anyway, don’t blame me” Heck, maybe that’s why he still has a job there in the first place.


    • MrG says:

      I can’t recall where and I when I heard it-but this Ohr stuff seems to be old news.

      A dump truck full of irrefutable evidence, whistle-blower testimony, taped conversations, etc., could be dumped on the steps of the DOJ and STILL no one like Clinton in the DS would even be indicted.

      What should be a whopper, will be a nothing-burger by this time next week.


  20. Hebo Sabe says:

    “However, in the highly partisan era of Trump-hate, the media will completely ignore the scale of this admission by Bruce Ohr.”

    Sundance? If you truly believe that his the case, then why do you spend so much time deflating the hopes of others?

    Are you that sure that you are correct?



    • sundance says:

      That question makes no sense.

      ….” the media will completely ignore the scale of this admission by Bruce Ohr.”….

      Yes. This is predictable…. and as you are seeing today, accurate.

      Now, what’s your question?

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      • beachbum31 says:

        accurate on roids. This is like a vintage Norwegian film fest on cable news right now


      • Hebo Sabe says:

        If you think of your opinion as a singular one, yes. However, you reach many people and you don’t know what’s really going on.

        Even Trump officials often don’t know until it’s in the process of being done.

        So, my question is that. Do you think that you are right? Enough to side and slant what you do know with all that you very likely don’t know?

        President Trump is a builder. Not a destroyer. He’s not a Romney corporate raider who loves to kill business in order to make $$. The deeps state are doing themselves in and it’s by their own actions that the fruit is seen and pulled up by the roots. Now the reduction is underway.

        Barr may well be a very good choice by a man who has a very good understanding of controlling both sides of a narrative. But… you just see some facts and write emotively on your worry. It’s your worry. Trump looks very comfortable and relaxed.


        You’re getting better, but it’s a learning process, I suppose.

        This time I proofread. 😀


    • mr.piddles says:

      To be clear: it’s not about “hope”. It’s about “expectations”. In that regard, the Trump-Hating Mainstream Media are failing. They are failing in their duties, and doing so in transparently complete fashion.


  21. Cathy M. says:

    In addition to the “dossier” being paid by the Hillary campaign –

    I read an article about a year ago that Steele said he was desperate that Trump not win the election because it would ruin him (Steele) Financially.

    I’ve tried but can’t relocate that article.

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  22. Monticello says:

    Leaks are like a box of chocolates……you never know what you are getting.

    Too much speculation about the effects of this latest round of leaks by both sides.

    Every validated piece which adds to completing the puzzle has great value but leaks haven’t much value unless we have other provenance.

    Just MHO.


  23. Regardless of the stench emanating from or attributed to Mr. Ohr, if he can be used to prosecute others in the DOJ/FBI so be it. I mentioned before to give him immunity and force him to testify. Convicting a half dozen or so high-ranking and presumably guilty perps will, at the least, be a major step in draining the Swamp. If he contributes – willingly or not – let him go and spend quality time with What’s Her Face. That in itself might be adequate punishment for his sins. MAGA


    • Justin Green says:

      No immunity. EVER. Do to them EXACTLY what they did to Flynn.

      1) File charges against them and force them to lawyer up.
      2) Hit them with about 4,000 pages of deposition requests.
      3) Raid their homes and offices at 3:00 am.
      4) Then, and only then, when they’ve had to sell their children to pay the attorneys’ fees,
      set them down in a room with nothing but a table and some cafeteria chairs.
      “Bruce, we have an offer for you. Plead guilty to all of these charges and we will recommend a lighter sentence for the sedition charges.”

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    • It seems we continue to assume there is someone out there actually pursuing this in a criminally prosecutorial way. I’ve seen no information that gives me great confidence that Huber or anyone else is doing a damn thing. And this damned notion that there are a bazillion sealed indictments just waiting to be released like and avalanche seems like so much wishful thinking as all the information I get is just some over wrought conclusions.
      Dear God I hope I’m wrong. But if I held my breath every-time someone shouted “Here comes the hammer!” I’d have died a thousand deaths already. I sincerely pray I am wrong. I could love crow under the proper circumstances. Maybe with a nice Chianti!

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Justin Green says:

    We may be taking too much for granted in Ohr’s testimony. He claims he warned his fellow conspirators that this information (that his wife was knee-deep in developing and he helped pass along) was politically tainted? Did he really warn anyone?

    Almost every single player in this has lied to Congress in testimony to protect themselves or to hide the scheme.

    Of course, the people who applied for the FISA most likely knew where this garbage came from. That Comey wouldn’t have known or that McCabe wouldn’t have known without Ohr warning them is hard to believe.

    I think Ohr’s testimony is suspect until he provides written evidence that he warned anyone. Until then, he’s just another complicit conspirator to defraud the FISA court and attempt a coup.

    Liked by 2 people

    • lawton says:

      I think he did just to cover himself some if this blew up on them.


      • Justin Green says:

        It’s well known now that he was knee-deep in this mess. The questions posed to him prove as much.

        I wonder how long it will take his wife to scrub the bus marks off of her, lol.


        • I won't back down says:

          the cute/clever/grotesqueness of this set up is that Nellie/Bruce invoked spousal privilege to get her out of testifying

          Steele and the evil geniuses (yes I am looking at you Hildabeast) that included lawyers knew that they could use Neilie->Bruce to inject this garbage into the DOJ/FBI bloodstream and had the ultimate out with the spousal privilege defense

          I think the DOJ needs to take a long hard look at the “ethics” training they foist upon the rank and file annually, cuz apparently the rules don’t apply to everyone if you have a spouse in the right places who can’t be forced to testify against you.


  25. beachbum31 says:

    Nicole Wallace, Hellman, Krystal and some other Nazi are on right now calling check mate after Rudy ‘moved the goal’… the optic of the dueling news communities with what we know here is… bizarre. Is Wallace DRUGGED to come across this cocksure and arrogant about a story that cannot be what she is nearly prosecuting is true on cable news?? Now its blinkies turn. how bizarre.


  26. We have to get this into the media blood stream. I realize that is a seemingly insurmountable task however. Starting with something obvious and small. Just need one media person to ask a simple question: ” Since when can an agency of the executive branch utter these three phrases ‘ National Security…’, ‘sources and methods…’ and ‘ ongoing investigation…’ and completely block the legislative branch from it’s proper roll in oversight under the constitution? I thought that is why we have the gang of eight and other groups within the legislature for just these, as Comey put it ‘ sensitive matters’. ” And as Lincoln said ‘” let the thing be pressed” and don’t allow weasel answers.

    Simple enough for everyone to understand and openly provable on MULTIPLE occasions! It my just give a crowbar a small amount of leverage to allow the masses to grasp the magnitude of the problem.

    We need just one…anyone,,, hello, is this thing on?


  27. beachbum31 says:

    hmmmmmm, did Rudy do this to set up a counter punch? Is DJT about to feed the fan? hmmmmm


  28. ConservativeInAz says:

    I love our President!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. ConservativeInAz says:

    Sorry wrong thread


  30. GSparrow says:

    Hopefully, A/G Barr (if he’s confirmed) will work diligently and effectively to reverse the corruption within the DOJ and FBI so the agencies can then return to more “ordinary circumstances” where the law is applied equally to all citizens and the corrupted officials that broke the law are finally held accountable.

    Actual indictments based on clear cut undeniable evidence will be impossible to ignore completely even by the 3 deplorable chimpanzees pictured above.


    • Justin Green says:

      Democrats will not stop this type of illegal seditious garbage unless several of them go to jail for long periods of time.

      They won’t think twice about doing it again if nobody goes to jail.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. mikeyboo says:

    ” but apparently McCabe failed to tell Director James Comey about the nature of Ohr’s warnings prior to Comey signing off on the FISA application against Carter Page.”

    I see NO reason to assume McCabe failed to tell Comey about Ohr’s warning.


  32. Latina says:

    Ohr also admitted that his actions represented an unusual pattern of behavior for him:

    Q: “Are there other cases where you recall taking information from fact witnesses and passing it on to the Bureau?”

    Ohr: “I don’t recall specific instances, but whenever I—over the years, as I’ve talked with people who are, you know, experts or have information one way or another on transnational organized crime, including Russian organized crime, I take their information, and if it looked like it—if there’s anything there, I would pass it to the FBI.”

    Q: “I’ve been out of it for about 8 years, so you help me if I’m wrong, but a stick, or thumb drive, would be physical evidence for which a chain would exist if it were ever needed in court? And you made yourself part of the chain?”

    Ohr: “Yes.”

    Q: “Can you think of other instances in your career since 1991 where you made yourself part of a chain of custody?”

    Ohr: “Not—I don’t remember getting any other sticks or anything like that, so—”

    Q: “And you can’t think of a single case where you inserted yourself into a chain of custody other than this one?”

    Ohr: “That’s right.”

    Q: “I guess my colleagues are wondering why. Why this one?”


  33. czarowniczy says:

    And here we are, yet ANOTHER in a running train of FBI foibles from manufacturing evidence to using phony ‘experts’ to this – the Bureau ‘overstating’ the accuracy of its photographic evidence. When you add the political shenanigans the Bureaus being charged with in the Trump investigation you’re justified in thinking the Bureau’s been severely compromised and in need of a deep overhaul


  34. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO this should be Barr’s first question to Mueller after he is confirmed……..

    Why have you not questioned, pursued or turned over to the DOJ any Russian Collusion information involving the Democrats especially considering all the mounting evidence that points that way?

    How Barr responds to that should tell everyone all they need to know about AG Barr.


  35. Oldretiredguy says:

    This falls squarely on the head of Sessions. He should have appointed a Special Council as soon as the Page/Stozoff texts became known. (spelling error on purpose) Sessions did nothing but buy time for Mueller to bury and destroy evidence


  36. Laramie Evan says:

    FUBAR is exactly right. In any objectively reasonable country, at least one of the major news outlets would cover this with keen interest. In any sane country, there would be an incentive for news outlets to compete with each other for a “scoop” like this, and those same journalists would have had instilled in them a sense of duty to be objective.

    Not here. Not in America. Not anymore. FUBAR.


  37. I won't back down says:

    The most infuriating thing about all of this is the weaponization of the “under investigation” we as a group are most disheartened about the lack of that tool being used against the opposition. When I find myself most angry about all of this I have to stop and take a deep breath and remind myself why Barr was right to slap back at Blumenthal yesterday on the insinuation that the stomach churning was not the fact that an investigation is under way but how the investigators conducted themselves. It was fun and heartening to hear that and hope that will be the new standard (revived standard) at the highest levels of law enforcement in our country once again.

    The leaks were weaponized to get the innuendos running and living their own life. Ironically those leaks were by the investigators (probably their most effective weapon). I have hope that IF there are investigations happening now, the fact that we don’t know about them is a VERY good thing. That the investigations are not being weaponized is something we were hoping for, we can’t ever go back to that, we simply cannot allow it. Bury Mueller and his cronies in ethics. Harsh discipline for any leaks and any “drawing outside the lines” on how they conduct themselves through the end of this. Fire Weissmann (tomorrow) and I MIGHT believe all this.


  38. What is amazing is how consistent these stories are with what SD assembled about this sorry mess of treason so long ago. I still remember how little information was available, back in 2017 and even in spring of 2018. And the Republicans that had seen much of this, or heard the testimony, were by and large honorable and did not leak the information. Yes SD’s detective skills and ability to reason through the clues we did have showed us the story.
    Remember that many others are only now learning how very deep and nasty this cabal of crooks is–and how compromised their actions are.

    i was a young during Watergate but remember how the clues leaked out over the months to assemble the story (whatever you think of it–which in hindsight looks like a DS takedown of Nixon, who was unfortunately his own worst enemy).

    It takes time for people to abandon their cherished beliefs. But I think the combined impact of Solomon, Mollie Hemingway, Kim Strassel, Julie Kelly, VDH, Sean (yes mouth interruptus Sean Hannity), Bongino, Lifson and others is starting to make an impact. Patience and prayer are always in order…even when it looks like FUBAR.

    To that I say instead, NUTS and d**mn the torpedos of information!!


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