Why Russian Expert, CIA Advisor and DOJ Spouse Nellie Ohr Working for Fusion-GPS in 2015 Matters…

Regardless of how far into the DOJ and FBI investigative network/timeline you get with the story it always circles back to the 2015/2016 abuse of the NSA and FBI database.  The origin of “spygate” or the myriad of downstream issues all come back to a network of government contractors who were exploiting their database access for political opposition research.  Not only is this a reality, it’s also where the deep swamp doesn’t want the focus.

Other than a few intrepid researchers who keep drawing attention to this issue, no-one within mainstream media -or even allied media- can touch this third-rail of intelligence corruption which lies at the heart of FISA abuse.   One of those intrepid truth-tellers, Jeff Carlson, draws attention to it again today [SEE HERE].    If President Trump wants to dismantle the deep state, declassifying the April 2017 FISC ruling IS the place to start.

(TheMarketsWork) – One of the bombshell admissions from a closed-door testimony by DOJ official Bruce Ohr was that his wife, Nellie Ohr, was working for opposition research firm Fusion GPS already in late 2015.

Previously, it had been reported that Nellie Ohr was hired to find dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump in the spring of 2016.

“Ohr testified that Fusion approached his wife for a job and that she began working for the research firm in late 2015,” the Daily Caller reported.  (read more)

Remember, the New York Times even tried to lie about Nellie Ohr working on the dossier.

(article link)

However, perhaps unexpectedly for the journalists who participated in the scheme, Bruce Ohr told congress the truth about his wife’s work history. Yes, Nellie Ohr worked on the Dossier:

Kim Strassell – […] Congressional sources tell me that Mr. Ohr revealed Tuesday that he verbally warned the FBI that its source had a credibility problem, alerting the bureau to Mr. Steele’s leanings and motives. He also informed the bureau that Mrs. Ohr was working for Fusion and contributing to the dossier project.

This is a key point {GO DEEP} and one that highlights the severity of how far the media is willing to go in their effort to protect the deep state enterprise and engagements in 2015 and 2016.  Mrs. Nellie Ohr was not only a Fusion GPS contracted employee, she was also part of the CIA’s Open Source Works, in Washington DC (link)

Both Mr. and Mrs Ohr worked on a collaborative CIA group project surrounding International Organized Crime. (pdf here) Page #30 Screen Shot Below

When you overlay the timeline with the demonstrable activity, it becomes transparently easy to see exactly what was taking place.

Fusion-GPS contracted with Nellie Ohr in “late 2015”.  This is the exact same time when thousands of unauthorized “contractor searches” were taking place within the NSA/FBI database.  The FISA Court reviewed the activity and the self-reporting forced upon the DOJ National Security Division.  This included willing testimony of NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers who informed the court about the scale and scope of the abuse.

Any reviewer of the information would need to be intellectually dishonest not to see exactly what this was about.   The thousands of unauthorized searches, 85% of them violations of FISA laws, were transparent political opposition research being done during the primary season of the 2016 Presidential Election.

In June/July 2016 an initial DOJ FISA request is denied. This is simultaneous to FBI agent Strzok direct contact with Christopher Steele and the preliminary draft of the Russian dossier.

Then in August 2016, Christopher Steele goes to Sir Andrew Wood to ask him to act as a go-between to reach Senator John McCain. [Trying to give his dossier credibility]

Meanwhile throughout July, August and Sept 2016 Fusion GPS is paying journalists (NYT, ABC, NBC, Washington Post and Mother Jones, etc.) to listen to Christopher Steele and simultaneously shopping the dossier to them.

Soon thereafter, October 2016 – The Obama administration, through FBI Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ Deputy Bruce Ohr, submits a new, more narrow application to the FISA court, now focused on Carter Page who the FBI claim is an agent of a foreign government.  The second FISA application is accepted, designating Carter Page as a spy, and a surveillance warrant is granted by presiding FISC Judge Rosemary Collyer.

Here it is important to note that, despite the FBI specifically calling Carter Page “an agent of a foreign power”,  Carter Page was never charged with anything.

The issuance of the October 26th, 2016, FISA Title-1 Surveillance Warrant applied retroactively toward all of Carter Page’s electronic communication, travel, emails, text messages, metadata and authorizes wire-taps and active surveillance.  This level of surveillance encompasses anyone Page contacted within two-hops of his origination.  Because FISA warrants apply retroactively all of the unlawfully obtained prior search information now became lawful and subject to further exploration.

Additionally this FISA process meant the entire Trump Campaign, and Trump-transition team, and Trump administration, was under full, active, FBI electronic surveillance forward from October 26th, 2016, through three renewals, until the surveillance warrant finally expired in October of 2017.

All of this originates back in late 2015 when the FBI and DOJ-NSD were allowing political contractors, many of whom were likely also journalists, to have access to the databases within the NSA and FBI.  This is not conspiracy theory, this is a factual conspiracy.



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548 Responses to Why Russian Expert, CIA Advisor and DOJ Spouse Nellie Ohr Working for Fusion-GPS in 2015 Matters…

  1. Mike diamond says:

    While the young watched American idol,and the voice,and the x-factor Obama ruined the cia,the doj,and the fbi!!!!He spent 8 long years tearing down the The USA!!!!they all covered for hillary high crimes and treason,and made up stuff against President Trump!!!it’s a shame!

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    • covfefe999 says:

      The Dems planted Sally Yates as DAG in 2015 knowing full well she would be acting AG for some period of time if a GOP candidate won the 2016 election. (She lasted a whole 10 dwys, what a loser!) Trump needs to do the same just in case. Get rid of Rosenstein and put someone ethical in his place.

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      • Jan says:

        I can say this because I was once a practicing attorney: there are very few ethical lawyers, particularly when it comes down to the federal bar association and federal employees. There is too much money to be had from lobbyists and billionaires like Soros and the corrupters like the Clintons, OVomit, & the Bush’s. Too much power available if you do the “right” thing for the “right” politician. Pres. Trump is our “right politician”. We need to figure out how we save his a** & our own.

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        • wilski says:

          Appreciate and agree with your insights. With recent comments about
          Eric Holder’s Tweets about “…ralley around the flag (to team players)…”; followed by Johnny Brennan’s similar Tweets: IMO assurances that “things are in place, to protect the wall (of coverup) or Deep State players. Question; what likelihood that this includes Justice Roberts, SCOTUS ?

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          • ann says:

            Inescapable conclusion, indeed, Wilskii.

            The deep freeze reception of FISC Hon. Collyer’s DoJ Compliance Review infers widespread foreknowledge and or complicity in ongoing operations which fall outside the Justice Dept’s constitutionally limited authority.

            unacknowledged, but a known known. This pattern of evading probative & direct questions, prevents a formaized stipulation of fact in a transferable, useful body composed of truthful conclusions, grounded in found findings.

            In short, elongated and caught within an event horizon.
            Formerly the actors could rely on mutual interest in concealment and carry forward.

            This time, as in the trade sphere, new RoE. 🦅


  2. LBJ was their root stock gene code !
    It’s their DNA now!

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  3. Fools Gold says:

    Sundance, you, Jeff and a few others should working as consultants to several patriotic US Attorneys who are sniffing out and documenting evidence for prosecution of all these evil criminals. Can you imagine having special access to all of the same classified data these other contractors had (like FGPS, others) but working for an honest patriot running the DOJ?

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  4. Clarioncaller says:

    Most, if not all, of these characters were SES/Serco operatives which means they took their orders from the Deep State executives like Lord Mark Malloch-Brown of the Queen’s Privy Council.

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  5. Concerned says:

    BOMBSHELL! President Trump Was Right – Obama Must Have Signed Off on FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump!

    President Obama must have signed off on FISA warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump!
    TGP reported over the weekend that it appears that the reason there was no FISA Court hearing on the Carter Page FISA warrant was because Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch forced through the application per an obscure loophole in the law.
    We next reported this Labor Day morning that if this is correct, then likely AG Sessions or Rosenstein pushed through any extensions after President Trump took office.
    Now we’ve unlocked a bombshell and it’s worse!
    President Obama would have had to approve the Carter Page warrant per law in order for the spying to proceed without a court hearing. The rule is described on page 7 of 1978 FISA Act!

    The Act reads as follows –


    SEC. 102. ø50 U.S.C. 1802¿ (a)(1) Notwithstanding any other
    law, the President, through the Attorney General, may authorize
    electronic surveillance without a court order under this title to acquire
    foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year
    if the Attorney General certifies in writing under oath “

    It looks more and more that President Trump was right when he tweeted shortly after his inauguration that he was spied on by Obama!

    Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2017



  6. Concerned says:

    Would suggest getting a copy of the Obama’s PDB to validate that President Obama gave approval create a Carter Page warrant per law in order for the spying to proceed without a court hearing. The rule is described on page 7 of 1978 FISA Act!

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  7. Concerned says:

    I would suggest getting Lynch’s FISA warrant sign-off for Carter Page.

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  8. JenniferVerner says:

    Major question for treepers Do we know who sourced the dossier? Ohr claimed that it was a former Russian Intel agent currently in the US in a note memorializing his meeting with Steele. Was it RINAT AKHMETSHIN? He was at the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian Lawyer. Was he working with Glenn simpson and Fusion GPS? Can we connect him to Firtash and Deripaska? Firtash is under house arrest in Vienna and waiting to be extradited back to the US, and has been since 2014. He certainly had reasons to gain favor with Hillary, because, well, everybody thought she was going to win.


  9. Eagle says:

    I just got done listening to CSPAN Radio, and interview with Tom Baker, associated with FBI. I think retired. This stuff is unbelievable to him, and he gives some ideas on why its happened. After listening to him, I think Comey should be hauled in front of Congress again, and give his reasons for why the Gang of congress was never got informed of this investigation. Comey and Brennan were thick as thieves in this. Comey should be in jail.

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  10. Eagle says:

    Another interview on CSPAN, with VOX, talking about the dosier:

    [audio src="http://podcast.c-span.org/podcast/WEEK20180831.mp3" /]


    • JenniferVerner says:

      Just listened. The journalist kids are still delusional and invested in the Trump Russia “narrative.” Every scrap of evidence they have is either generated by Brennan’s set of of GP and CP in the UK, or Fusion GPS and the dossier. The has been a pure black-op disinformation campaign from the beginning,

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  11. Craig from Scotland says:

    I always go back to the article as linky below for the best take on the dossier. Written just three days after Buzzfeed dossier publication January 10 2017, before all the pundits noise and chatter mess with the things. I think the lad Skripal was involved with the dossier at the direction of Steele with overall funding from Deripaska. It’s blindingly obvious Steele was Deripaskas handler for many years and this continued on when Steele set up Orbis Intel Ltd.

    Also add what we know now about the timings in relation to FBI/DOJ/FISA, it’s a travesty of justice that BO, Lynch, Comey & co are not in prison.

    ‘The Trump Dossier Is Fake — And Here Are The Reasons Why’
    January 13, 2017

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    • Eagle says:

      I think Obama and Brennan led the effort to weaponize intelligence and the FBI. Comey and Lynch then ran with it, being suck ups to Obama and Clinton. Comey needs to be in prison. In a cage. His hands are dirty, he has been caught. It’s just that Sessions is a crippled AG, unable to do what’s needed. That changes in November. I hope I see Comey in cuffs one morning.

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    • JenniferVerner says:

      And Firtash and Deripaska are as thick as thieves

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  12. Craig from Scotland says:

    August 21, 2018
    I hope this C-span link opens at 1:48:00 to 1:48:50 minutes in to the hearing as this is where US treasury rep Marshall Billingslea confirms the goal is to remove DERIPASKA from all entities, Rusal, EN+ etc.

    May 27th, 2018
    “Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing Marshall Billingslea was very blunt at the meetings he had with the foreign minister, finance minister and our non-existent Central Bank Governor Crystal. “It is vital that illicit actors know that Cyprus is not open for business,” said a statement posted on the US embassy’s website after Billingslea’s meetings.
    The “illicit actors” referred to were Russian businessmen under US sanctions. The Yank had asked that the Cyprus passport granted to billionaire Oleg DERIPASKA, who was included on the latest US sanctions list, was taken away from him”

    Click to access 6170-Informational-Materials-20180724-23.pdf

    July 24, 2018
    EN+ Chairman Lord Gregory, Barker of Battle trying to negotiate with US treasury to reduce sanctions and allow DERIPASKA to keep lower % stake from 66% to 44%.
    VSG Trump having none of it and increasing the pressure that DERIPASKA must be removed from all entities (see Billingslea c-span).

    EN+ listed on the London stock exchange November, 2017. Share price tanked after sanctions.

    The laddie DERIPASKA has been involved in something major league to attract this kind of attention, sanctions including total removal from all firms, Billingslea flying to Cyprus to pressure the authorities to remove DERIPASKA shiny new passport. A Cypriot passport allows DERIPASKA visit and residency of all EU countries, he sure as hell doesn’t want to go back to Russia for some reason. Hmmmm, I wonder why??

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    • JenniferVerner says:

      Obviously OVD was a very bad boy and POTUS knows all about it. And do we have the documented links between him and Rinat from the Trump tower meeting, so that we can start singing “will the circle be unbroken.” Far flung conspiracy theory indeed NYT.

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      • Craig from Scotland says:


        This is Natalia Veselnitskaya (NV) 52 page written testimony about the Trump Tower meeting and other things. It goes in to great detail about Bill Browder & the Magnitsky Act and her reasoning for a meeting.

        I’m not sure if you have seen the documentary ‘The Magnitsky Act – Behind The Scenes’.
        You would need to watch that first In order to understand what NV is going on about.
        Bill Browder has stopped this documentary being shown just about everywhere but this link went up on reddit.
        This is part 1 of 3 of two hour documentary and it doesn’t really get going till about 30 minutes in but stick with it.

        Then watch Bill Browders video deposition. Fusion GPS became involved in a limited way with this as they were instructed to find Bill Browder to execute the subpoena for his deposition. One of the issues was because Bill Browder renounced his US citizenship and became a UK citizen to evade US worldwide taxes.
        Jonathan Winer is Browders lawyer amongst other things, the same Jonathan Winer was the one distributing Christopher Steele reports.
        This is part 1 of 6 (seven hours in total) but I would very politely suggest don’t watch this till you watch the Magnitsky Act docu.

        Bill Browder April 15, 2015 Deposition – Part 1

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        • ann says:

          Craig, Farrier, JennierV, Eagle, et al.
          I got all tangled up w this, confused him w bill Binney. Diligently followed names, landed up at fern wood foundation, then to Bruce Orr , on to Lawfare’s odious Witte Twitter; I know not how.
          PS. Something went wrong, not sure where, but darn it, I remembered FUSION GPS was connected w smearing poor Mr Halfvorson, so that’s that. I’m no tip top spook researcher, that’s for sure.


  13. Concerned says:

    BOMBSHELL! President Trump Was Right – Obama Must Have Signed Off on FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump!



  14. Concerned says:

    If Obama AG Lynch Pushed Through Original FISA Warrant to Spy on Candidate Trump – Did AG Sessions or Rosenstein Renew it?


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