OIG Finds FBI Contractor Corruption With Two Current Senior FBI Officials…

This is really interesting.  Unfortunately, we don’t get the names.

Findings of Misconduct by Two Current Senior FBI Officials and One Retired FBI Official While Providing Oversight on an FBI Contract (LINK)

(pdf link)

Key phrases: “two current senior FBI officials”, “one former”, relating to an “FBI Contractor”.  Could this be an FBI contractor like Fusion-GPS or Crowdstrike?

I wish we could know more.

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298 Responses to OIG Finds FBI Contractor Corruption With Two Current Senior FBI Officials…

  1. faktchkr says:

    This is the big tell: “…the OIG found that the FBI contractor failed to adhere to personal conflict
    of interest rules…”, with the emphasis on personal.
    Fusion GPS failed to disclose employee Nellie Ohr was the wife of DOJ employee Bruce Ohr.


  2. Nathan Hale says:

    Could be OIG is throwing a few under the bus just before SC releases it’s report “fair and balanced are we”.


  3. Meh says:

    And so it finally begins!


  4. OldParatrooper says:

    The FBI uses numerous contractors, including some for intelligence analysis, but mostly for IT work that agents and analysts cant do. In addition to IT systems at FBI Headquarters, and the Clarksville WV site, the FBI has systems at the National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) and Quantico.

    While non-IT contractors are likely the villains in the Fusion GPS story, it should be remembered that Systems Administrators have full access to systems and data under their care. They can even audit the audit logs.

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  5. Fools Gold says:

    Highly suspicious but not a word about monies changing hands for Crookedness. Having previously worked for the defense department, FAR violations that don’t include monies changing hands, typically result in a spanking or a beating, but not jail.

    More info. Is needed…until then I see it as folks covering stink ass.


  6. George Suchko says:

    Where is Christopher Wray on these matters? I fear he’s part of the problems. There is so much corruption and dare I say, treason,here that they may bury a lot of stuff. Assuming Barr gets confirmed, I likewise fear he is a product of the “deep state” and will end up blowing this off. Sessions should still go down as the worst AG ever.


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