NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Ongoing U.S-China Discussions and Fake News Reports…

Director of the National Economic Council Larry Kudlow responded to a fake news story the U.S. has canceled a trade meeting with China; never happened – there was no meeting scheduled.  Mr. Kudlow discusses some of the granular issues within the ongoing trade discussion with the Chinese.

Additionally, Chairman Kudlow discusses his outlook for the economy in light of the government shutdown.


There are some political observers who believe an extended government shutdown, that can impact the overall U.S. economy, is actually the goal behind the Pelosi strategy.  There is a plausible basis for this perspective.  Tom Donohue (et al) and Wall Street (writ large) would be the primary beneficiaries if Pelosi can break the “America First” economic focus.  It would not surprise me to find out the Big Club people behind the Pelosi/Schumer strategy hold this K-Street intent.  We’ll have to keep watching.

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49 Responses to NEC Director Larry Kudlow Discusses Ongoing U.S-China Discussions and Fake News Reports…

  1. Latina says:

    Sundance, whenever we don’t get fake news from the Swamp’s Disinformation Dept (SDD) or MSM you should write:

    BREAKING NEWS! MSM reports the truth.

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    • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

      I love all the BS that is spewing from the fake news!

      On Sunday when the Japan markets opened, I went short in the Dow futures at 24684.00
      2 days before this BS news broke so how could I know that the markets were set to turn down? I know markets and numbers!

      Everything is timed perfectly for the narratives to fit the uptrend and downtrend moves.

      We are not yet ready to start making new highs yet, we still have further to drop and when we settle in, the markets will then start there massive uptrends.

      It’s all news BS folks, they get paid well to sell snake oil.

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  2. MfM says:

    I like Larry, he went to the heart of the issue and questioned where the false story came from.

    I wonder if it was another attempt to make the market drop.

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      FNB reported a few hours ago that markets were down after reports of bad news regarding trade talks with China.


      • GB Bari says:

        Except for Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne, and Maria Bartiromo, FNB is as guilty of spreading the same fake news as the rest of the Drive-By Media. Their ma$ter$ are the same ma$ter$ of the rest of the M$M – the NWO Globali$t Multinational$.

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  3. Running Fast says:

    RE: “It would not surprise me to find out the Big Club people behind the Pelosi/Schumer strategy hold this K-Street intent. We’ll have to keep watching.”

    Let me throw another idea at you… this may break the idea that we NEED so much government. Alreayd many private and other non-Federal groups are taking up the slack of the furloughed workers. If the plan is at eluded to… then it will fail.

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  4. PVCDroid says:

    There is clearly an intent to sway the market negatively by some. It’s plain as day and much more than just historical bears vs bulls behavior. Hell they are out and out lying like today to damage confidence.

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    • PVCDroid says:

      WSJ, Financial Times and Marketwatch, Bloomberg have been overly negative lately. I hope they talked to Soros first to make sure he could profit on their strategy.

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      • cripto says:

        I think the negativity has a broader platform; Europe in a slump, South Korea not doing well under Neville Chamberlain Moon’s socialist policies, Brexit uncertainty, China slowdown (that was clear before the so-called Trade War), Venezuela going to explode tomorrow; Iran threatening to wipe Israel off the face of the earth again. China is one of many reasons I assume the investor class is jittery, and ripe for manipulation.

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        • GB Bari says:

          Agreed. Sundance has explained several times that since the early 1990s Wall Street has been increasingly and excessively invested in global multinational equities rather than Main Street (equities for domestic business).

          What we are seeing are the pains of making the transition back to Main Street. Obviously there is and will continue to be great resistance until it’s too obvious where the smart money should be investing….

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  5. Pale rider says:

    IMO china has been and is Trumps number one objective. All other matters dovetail the collapse of China’s regime or there surrender, surrender being my attempt at humor. Peace through strength.

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  6. cripto says:

    Kayla Tausche (CNBC) wrote the story based on anonymous “sources”. She should be fired or investigated. The Financial Times picked it up three hours later.

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  7. Jake says:

    It’s a little too early to damage the market on purpose. There’s a long time between now and casting votes. If the market drops and earnings stay good on Main Street, buyers will snap up the deals and laugh all the way to the bank. As we get closer to 2020 then I wouldn’t put it past Nancy and Chuck to try something and sell themselves as the ones to save us…

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  8. cripto says:

    I watch this negotiation closely from the China side and I never heard or read of any of this so-called meeting that was allegedly cancelled. Only the scheduled meeting at the end of the month with Liu He and the two vice ministers which I have posted on many times.

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  9. California Joe says:

    So, the stock market was down 309 points on Fake News that we had cancelled a trade meeting with China today. Do you think you could have debunked that fake news before the market closed, Larry?

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    • cripto says:

      The onus was on the reporter to check with the WH. I surmise it caught them unaware. Maybe someone checked after the report was published that clued them in to the report.

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      • litlbit2 says:

        Agree Cript,
        As the reporter. After reading Sundance detailing the DNC/Pelosi 2019 plan. Imo,the filming of the described exposed playbook(by Sundance)is already underway, the lines are written, the stage is being set, waiting for the word, Action. Will be weeks of “news”?
        Example this latest Fake News on the stock market, surely setup days or weeks prior to scam the system? Will there be corruption charges? NADA.

        IMO, thinking farther back on “news”, as examples and there are many. oWS, BLM, Antifa, Catholic Students, Russia, Kathy Griff holding head, etc it is all made up episodes written as script for the latest movie of news. In all these stories ever wonder why the camera or the photo opt was, so in the right spot at the right time? News at 6 or 10?

        Tomorrow’s news already written, filmed and in the can, waiting?

        Then 24/7 stirring the pot for the believers as “the latest news” what a sick bunch

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    • yucki says:

      No one can keep up with such rubbish.
      This market volitility is freaky.

      And the Dow’s not a fever thermometer for the Administration.
      It would help if more people read SD’s Main Street vs. Wall Street presentation.

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  10. paulmafinga says:

    RIF the dead wood, transition them to the private sector, promote our war vets, and use the savings to build the “Nancy Piglosi Wall of Morality”.

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  11. cyn3wulf says:

    And the market gets a bounce from a single comment. Now, think about the depressing comments made in the past by other admins (what magic wand do you have, etc.). I’m convinced that the 80’s economy owed at least as much to Reagan’s optimism and confidence as it did to policy.

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  12. conservalicious says:

    Here’s how the Democrats feel whenever the next fake news Bombshell backfires…


  13. Mandy says:

    Interesting perspectives from expats who blog (the South African guy has been there 12 – 15 years, not sure about the other one). Three videos to watch that help to ‘flesh out’ what is really going on inside China.

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  14. cripto says:

    This is what the Financial Times published at 9:51 PM (after Mr Kudlow’s statement). Note: according to “people briefed on the negotiations” and “Officials at the Chinese commerce ministry could not be reached immediately for comment. USTR declined to comment”

    US turns down China offer of preparatory trade talks

    Cancellation of Washington trip shows difficulties of reaching deal by March

    Tom Mitchell and Yuan Yang in Beijing and James Politi in Washington JANUARY 22, 2019

    “The Trump administration rejected an offer by two Chinese vice-ministers to travel to the US this week for preparatory trade talks because of a lack of progress on two key issues, highlighting the difficulty that Washington and Beijing will face in trying to reach an agreement by a deadline of March 1.

    This week’s planned trip by Wang Shouwen and Liao Min was intended to pave the way for a higher-level meeting in Washington on January 30 and 31 by Liu He, China vice-premier, and Robert Lighthizer, US trade representative.

    But, according to people briefed on the negotiations, US officials cancelled this week’s face-to-face meetings with Mr Wang, a vice-minister of commerce, and Mr Liao, a vice-minister of finance, because of a lack of progress on “forced” technology transfers and potentially far-reaching “structural” reforms to China’s economy.

    The two issues could ultimately derail the talks and cause more worry for financial markets. Investors are already jittery about the consequences of escalating tensions between the two largest economies. If an agreement is not reached by March 1, President Donald Trump has said he will more than double the punitive tariff rate imposed on about half of all Chinese exports to the US, from 10 per cent to 25 per cent.

    Larry Kudlow, the president’s top economic adviser, said on Tuesday afternoon that no “intermediate meetings” had been scheduled with Chinese delegates and denied there had been any cancellation. The US was still preparing for its planned meeting with Mr Liu at the end of the month, he said. “The story is unchanged. We are moving towards negotiations,” he told CNBC.

    US negotiators are demanding that Beijing end what they allege are “forced” technology transfers from foreign companies to Chinese joint venture partners and other firms. They also want President Xi Jinping’s administration to scrap state subsidies and industrial policies that they believe discriminate against foreign investors.

    Mr Trump’s negotiators wanted Mr Liao, one of Mr Liu’s closest aides, and Mr Wang to come to face-to-face talks in Washington with a written offer outlining how Beijing intended to address US complaints about technology transfers and structural reforms.

    But, according to the people briefed on the stalemate, Mr Xi’s negotiators are refusing to alter their longstanding position that foreign companies are not forced to transfer technology to Chinese companies.

    They also argue that Beijing’s recent offer to improve market access for foreign investors in certain sectors — and strengthen protection of intellectual property — should address US concerns.

    While preparations for Mr Liu’s visit to Washington next week are continuing, the Trump administration’s refusal to receive Mr Wang and Mr Liao this week shows how large a gap still exists between the two sides’ positions.

    The price of US soyabeans, which is linked to the health of US-China trade, fell as much as 1.9 per cent to $8.995 a bushel after the Financial Times first reported on the cancelled talks, before closing down 0.8 per cent at $9.0925 a bushel. The S&P 500 ended 1.4 per cent lower, its worst one-day performance since January 3.

    Officials at the Chinese commerce ministry could not be reached immediately for comment. USTR declined to comment.

    On January 19, Mr Trump said that “things are going very well with China and with trade”. A deal “could very well happen” by the March 1 deadline, he added.

    However, just days earlier Chuck Grassley, a US senator, said that, according to a briefing he received from Mr Lighthizer, “there has not been any progress made on structural changes that need to be made”.

    According to the people briefed on the talks, Chinese negotiators hope Mr Trump will instead be mollified by promises of large purchases of US agricultural and energy commodities that will help to reduce the chronic trade imbalance.

    Additional reporting by Sam Fleming in Washington”


  15. Negotiations with China are similar to those with the Demon-rats. The stakes for IP and cyber security are immense, and worth retaining a very stiff spine in discussions. Which is why Kudlow would not bite when the interviewer asked whether POTUS was willing to be “less lenient” with the Chinese. Kudlow’s input–we were never lenient and these are crucial issues.

    The Dow is still up from when POTUS was elected–due to the significant changes that Pres. Trump and his team have made that support our domestic economy.

    Other issues, including global reset that we WANT, are hurting other global economies. Reset internationally is never costless, which is why investors should never have $$ in the market if they can’t stomach short term dips/declines.

    Over the medium-long term, where else at this point in time, is there excellent opportunity to make money except in the US market?

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  16. TMonroe says:

    Yeah, I was waiting for traffic on the local Washington radio station, with a commentator introduce the business guy with an intro about a big stock market tumble. The business guy proceeded to say the numbers were down in part because off the Chinese economy and the administration’s cancellation of an upcoming trade meeting. Par for the course.


  17. usayes says:

    Is it possible that China is actually LEARNING it has to adjust its dragon face or else! Take a look at this article and read the 2 bullet points toward the end of the article. This change to the bonded zones is HUGE and can only be attributed to our VSG and his trade policies. The dragon face is cracking – WINNING!!!


  18. Porpaganda lying fake news medias we know whats going on,
    what makes people Believe your lie fake news,


  19. railer says:

    Yes, The Big Club wants open borders, so they’d be inclined to fight the wall on those grounds, as well as to weaken Trump.


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