Sunday Talks: Rudy Giuliani -vs- Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper…

Understanding that Michael Cohen is the first pre-planned Democrat House interview, first step, within a longer ‘impeachment’ strategy, it becomes easier to see why MSM are all-in to help build the false basis for the initial obstruction snowball.

In 2015/2016 Michael Cohen working for the Trump organization and exploring a business deal within Russia is nothing.  Democrats did not kick-off the public “Muh Russia” conspiracy narrative until October 2016.   In the aftermath of two years of creating the ‘Muh Russia’ planetary election conspiracy theory, a nothing-burger contact within Russia becomes a focus-point. [Ah-ha!, you were talking to Russians… ‘IMPEACH’! ]

However, for the impeachment cornerstone to take footing, Cummings, Schiff and Nadler need to present the optics of obstruction. House investigations need a plausible premise to justify the work. Media are working overtime to frame/support the ‘plausible premise’.


It’s annoying as heck because the baseline (Russian Conspiracy) is nonsense; but creating the plausible premise is the goal of the media. This is how media help the resistance effort.


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86 Responses to Sunday Talks: Rudy Giuliani -vs- Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper…

  1. Hoosier_Friend? says:

    It’s war they want. It’s war they’ll get.

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    • Hoosier_Friend? says:

      It’s cold now but they’ll get a hot one faster than they think.

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    • mikebrezzze says:

      For the next two years the Democrats will be nothing more than annoying little piss ants!

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      • Akindole says:

        Every response you make to these blustering Marxists should be “I double dog dare to start this big dance.”

        I do it whenever I get the chance. Infrequently in my AO, but it does happen every now and then.

        They back down immediately with their tails between their legs. They are gutless cowards that talk a big game.

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        • Clarence Smith says:

          Rudy has lost his fastball. Too often he is winging it. I do not think he is helping on the PR side. I would rather see him handle strategery than PR. Seculow is much better at staying on message.

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          • Tall Texan says:

            Rudy’s talents were most useful as Mayor of NYC, and to a lesser extent – as a top federal prosecutor in the SDNY, although he often abused those powers a la Comey and Mueller. He is not a team player – in the least – and is therefore not a good defense advocate. If it’s not about Rudy, he will make it about Rudy, even if it harms his teammates.

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          • tucker7518 says:

            Seculow is much better at staying on message. Rudy seems to lose his train of thought, just like Nancy Pelosi.

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          • Jan says:

            This interview w/Tapper did not help the President one single bit! Think I’ll write him The second time in the week Rudi has blown it. The President doesn’t deserve this.


          • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

            Rudy should understand he’s a bald guy walking into a den of hair-splitters.

            Either strap on a helmet or stay behind the scenes.

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          • thegoosefish says:

            I thought he handled the questions well. I particularly liked the way he explained that obstruction involves threats and no obstruction case ever started with the word “Please.” Nicely put. One thing Giuliani is good at is simplifying things so the average person can understand. No, I think Giuliani is doing fine. I didn’t think Chuck Ross was all that bad either.


      • Amy2 says:

        So…basically the same as the last forty years….

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    • BigMamaTEA says:


  2. DJSnyder says:

    Trump can see this coming a mile away. At the right moment, he’ll do something that’ll cause the whole danged thing to fall apart.

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    • Sedanka says:

      Yes. I really don’t understand all the panic.

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      • steph_gray says:

        Me either. Yes the media will try desperately to claim obstruction. It is entirely as unfounded as the claim of (somehow magically illegal) collusion was, and will eventually slam against the very same wall – reality and truth.


    • casper5473 says:

      He is running out of time. One year till he starts campaigning again. Possibly with no promised wall. He better quit playing with these back stabbers. Already if RBG resigns in Nov. He will not be permitted to nominate a replacement during an election year.
      Clock is ticking Mr. Trump.


  3. FofBW says:

    Seems, however, the MSM is trying so hard they are starting to shoot themselves in the foot and imploding.

    The Dems are way to confident. Exactly where PT wants them.

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  4. May God intervene in this situation!

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  5. redtreesquirrel says:

    Thank you for keeping me up to date on this, SD. I will do anything for you guys, except watch the lunatic media. Thanks for giving it to me in story format. Otherwise I wouldn’t know a thing that’s going on because we cut our cable years ago. Not worth the money.

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  6. Ausonius says:

    It is fascinating to watch a complete fraud be fabricated right before our eyes, a fraud dedicated to the impeachment and removal of a president of the United States, a fraud committed by the Democratic Party with the aid and delight of the Leftist Media, a fraud dependent upon the stupidity, ignorance, or willing blindness and gullibility of the electorate for its success.

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  7. They couldn’t create a Bowel Obstruction with a pound of Government Cheese. Frauds.

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  8. Mike S says:

    Chuck U. Todd is a simpering weasel who is unwatchable. Thank you for doing this for those of us who can’t.

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  9. cripto says:

    I’m having a laugh. The roles were reversed. Poor Flapper couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Rudy dominated that interview like no other interview on a cable news channel I’ve ever seen. Rudy was energized and loaded for bear. Yet, as much as he talked, I did not hear him make any cringe-worthy statements.

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  10. Gadney says:

    Here’s an attempt to collect all Russiagate fake news in one place!

    Currently his list counts 37 retractions, so maybe we haven’t made it to 50 yet.

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  11. Sedanka says:

    There’s no “strategy” to anything liberals do, although they might flatter each other that they’re strategic geniuses. It’s just flailing panic, everything constantly being thrown at the wall and hoping something/anything might stick, which of course never does because Trump has dealt with far worse than these clowns in the real (business) world.

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    • highdezertgator says:

      They are far more “strategic” than the so called Rino’s and “pseudo conservatives”
      “In the beginning the organizer’s first job is to create the issues or problems.”
      Rule 5 5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.“ There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
      ― Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

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      • Paco Loco says:

        I keep imagining that all the dufus Dems are in their underwear. Shift wears whitey tighties…. Gives me a sense of calm.


      • Amy2 says:

        Michael Douglas in The American President stated it well, “We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them. And whatever your particular problem is, I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things, and two things only — making you afraid of it, and telling you who’s to blame for it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win elections. “

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    • OldParatrooper says:

      I disagree. The Democrats are much more disciplined and better organized than the Republicans. We may not know exactly what their strategy is, but I have no doubt they have one.
      Doesn’t mean they wont flail from time to time, or that they’ll refrain from flinging poo whenever they find some.
      I think the key to killing the Russia story is to continue to point out that while Trump and his Campaign staff may talked to the occasional Russian, the Steele Dossier and Russia meme requires them to have entered into conspiracy with specific Russians who were representing the Russian Intelligence Services (SVR, FSB, GRU, etc).

      The Customs Inspector at Moscow Airport wont do, the taxi driver wont do, the hotel concierge wont do. You have to connect Trump, Manafort, Stone, etc directly to a GRU or FSB agent. Igor Sechin and Igor Diveykin are the named Russians in the Steele Dossier.


  12. Zimbalistjunior says:

    One takeaway. Rudy reveals that trump Russia project was a subject of mueller written questions that the President has submitted written answers to.


    • railer says:

      This tells me that Trump was absolutely forthcoming with Mueller about all things Russia. He didn’t make the rookie mistake of withholding anything that would pop later. Smart boy, this Trump.

      Nothing of Trump’s real estate dealings, of any kind, will stick with the general public, but it will infuriate them if the Swamp pushes it too hard.

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  13. litlbit2 says:

    Every time alphabet Fake News cues their STUPID puppet readers they just look ridiculous more so than Obama on that girls bicycle “you can keep your plan”. Then there is the Buzz Feed gig and now we see photos of Nancy in Mexico connected with the Drug Cartel! Can you go there without connecting the dots to the DNC/GOPe and Mueller/FBI/DOJ/CoC? Yes I know only after a unredacted witnessed confession. Can you say Wall pushback?

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  14. JimWVa says:

    I don’t subscribe to the Washington Post, but there’s a story posted on the Washington Post site by Devlin Barrett titled: “Inside the Mueller team’s unprecedented decision to dispute BuzzFeed”. (Can’t add the link because I avoid paying money to Bezos if I can help it)

    It’s obvious from reading this article that the Special Counsel Mueller’s Office Press manager Peter Carr speaks in detail with MSM reporters at length and provides source about the investigation of President Trump. The article says that Buzzfeed reporter Jake Leopold communicated with Carr before the Buzzfeed Cohen-Trump article ran on Thursday. Then after the s-storm, Carr sends Leopold Special Counsel records by email attachment. From WashPost:

    “After Carr declined to comment to BuzzFeed, but before the story was published, he sent reporter Jason Leopold a partial transcript of Cohen’s plea hearing, in which Cohen admitted lying to Congress about the timing of discussions related to a possible Trump Tower project in Moscow, according to the emails BuzzFeed’s spokesman provided.”

    Now this is just the “on-the-record” communication between Carr and the anti-Trump media. (Carr will claim that the hearing transcript was public record. Hard to say what information is exchanged between Press Officer Carr and the anti-Trump media as “off-the-record”).

    It’s apparent to me that “Old Yeller” Mark Levin was right in calling for a USDOJ leak investigation of Mueller’s office on Thursday. This WashPost piece shows that Robert Mueller speaks to the press regularly to craft the investigation. I’ll tag it a witch hunt also.

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    • Gadney says:

      Yeah, there have been countless news stories that could only come from Mueller leaks. For a while we kept hearing that “Mueller probe has expanded to ______ ” and “Mueller is now focusing on ______”. These “hot leads” are forgotten because they go nowhere. The stories only exist to smear Trump for another day.


    • lotbusyexec says:

      And today Chris Malice (aka Wallace) suggested that Mueller’s attempt at “honesty” means that no one could now look at this investigation as a witch hunt. PLEASE! Mark Levin was spot on right and this needs to be shouted from the rooftop and spread far and wide via the web. My smoke signal is not getting me very far — and no I am not Elizabeth 1/124,000 Warren 😜

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    • Zorro says:

      Take into consideration that Devlin Barrett is a “journalist” used frequently by Strzok and Page for leaks.


  15. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck the tod,what a spoiled little brat! I would not give this dude the time of day ! He is a 24-7 cheerleader for the demo-rats !


  16. jstanley01 says:

    If Mueller can’t weave existing evidence into a plausible case of collusion or obstruction in secret, the likelihood that the Demos will be able to do so during House hearings in the full public glare is nil.

    The Demos’ plan to be ringmasters of a 3-ring circus, featuring nothing but clown cars and clowns, is going to turn out to be the joke of the century. On them.


    • railer says:

      Yeah, this is how I see it as well. Mueller has been a huge distraction for the Swamp and allowed Trump to push portions of his agenda unfettered. Schiff and company are poised to fill that same role, except they have no prosecutorial function and are not an existential threat to Trump, as Mueller was. I’m speaking in the past tense, as it’s clear the Muh Russia conspiracy has been broken up now.

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  17. Local Treeper says:

    “The media” IS NOT A BRANCH OG GIVERNMENT/ LAW!! So tired of the parroting and hand wringing over what “they” say. Grow a pair and tutn it off.


  18. Ono says:


    Why argue with a re Todd?

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  19. joemartinjr says:

    When was the last time we saw Hildabeast, Nanny Palsi or Chuck U Shumer sat down for an interview with Fox? Oh wait, never.


  20. These interviews reveal the idiocy of the leftist press. Trying to twist the most inane comments into something “suspicious” or worse, obstruction. Plus these purported journalists know NOTHING about business so they don’t understand the difference between a proposal and an exiting, contractual business deal.

    To me Tapper was the more obnoxious of the two, though Todd’s referring to the lies of Buzzfeed as a “kerfuffle” was pejorative and an attempt (per usual) to minimize the libel and serious infractions of the leftist press.

    And then the bombshell that Mueller’s team gave Corsi a SCRIPT in return for no prosecution–a known suborning of perjury vs. absolutely NO EVIDENCE that the lying Cohen’s claim that Trump told him to lie to Congress.

    Give me a break, press. As Tucker and Toobin have said, the left-wing press have dug their own grave. If someone honest will take a non-skewed poll, I suspect that even the low-attention voter now realizes that the press is thoroughly untrustworthy.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      As Tucker and Toobin have said, the left-wing press have dug their own grave.

      I’ll take Tucker’s word on ‘R U S S I A !!!”
      but as for Toobin…….

      F-him……..he’s had a shovel since day one.


  21. GSparrow says:

    The incessant repetitive questions and the faux serious tone of the questions from the MSM Dem puppets are intended only to keep the wishful thinking suspicions flowing in the anti Trump mob. One of the creative manipulators in this attentive mob will always parse something suspicious in every interview Rudy participates in.

    His answers are not always linear and precise and they often diverge from the original thought or open new speculations. I believe he is very loyal and determined to help PT but it doesn’t always end up that way. Today’s interview score was 0 to 0. Nothing gained and nothing lost IMO.


  22. BSR says:

    I used to get very nervous about how easily Rudy was thrown into an outwardly defensive posture. After the last 9 months or so I find solace in the following. This is a highly educated man who only say things like “i got no idear” when in character. He plays the useful idiot card exceedingly well. Behind closed doors he almost certainly shows a whole other level of intellect that got him where he is today. When someone controls your emotions they control you is the initial concern of mine. Thankfully he’s much smarter than this. In his case he slips into character which is very coy. I don’t believe the POTUS did a thing wrong for the record. Rudy’s antics however concerned me until I saw his inner genius. He’s pretending to be flustered and his “idears” prove this. MAGA. 😉


  23. joeknuckles says:

    Why not simply point out that Trump disclosed the abandoned project several times on the campaign trail? There is plenty of video of it. Come on, how many of these debates have there been where nobody points that out? Frustrating to watch.


  24. Darklich123 says:

    Luggenpresse. All of them.


  25. ed furman says:

    I watched the interview again after reading all the negative comments. I thought Rudy did a fine job this time around. He didn’t let Fake Jake slide on even the smallest point. You’re treating him like he’s Jeff Sessions.


  26. RAC says:

    Can’t help but wonder what would have been the outcome if this level of resistance and mueller type scrutiny had been focused on obama’s background and election.


  27. We know That there is NO Russia collusion,
    Porpaganda lying Democratand and liar liberal news media are telling US fake staff But Don’t Believe it, President Trump is Doing a Great Job everyday,


  28. Martin says:

    Rudy had better be careful, because within lawyerspeak are openings rife for exploitation by morons with an agenda. If he has to be out front, God bless him, but looking like he’s winging it isn’t very encouraging. Nothing like pushback at the first sign you’re being set up to shut these media miscreants down. Pure fabrication or parsed interviews go the same distance for barking moonbats.


  29. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck the Todd ! One of the worst fake news dudes of all time,what a shame,he is a example of what our news media has turned into=A radical voice for the demo-rats!!!!!!!!


  30. beachbum31 says:

    the obvious question either interviewer would/should ask Rudy is “did they have any real estate identified and/or optioned?” Pretty simple. Yet neither asked. Either they are the Ted Knight twins, or yes SD, they just don’t want to know. (because a ‘no’ would prove Cohen was just fishing for a finders fee). Cohen will sit in his cell many a night asking himself how he went from a cheap Cooley law degree to IDing properties for such a big name family… AND BLEW IT!
    I would NEVER EVER record anybody giving me such a cushy gig. It says a LOT about Cohen that he did. He is paranoid.


  31. Right to reply says:

    Rudy needs to hang up his hat. Age is now getting the better of him, and his lack of quick thinking, is being exploited. Rudy is to Trump, what pelosi is to the Democrats. Time to retire!


  32. spoogels says:

    This is evil. Did the FBI leak NSA data to Fusion to help promote the dossier?

    According to the decision of the FISA court, Director Comey gave illegal access to raw NSA data to three private contractors as early as 2015. That led to unprecedented unmaskings and likely contributed to the crafting of the Steele Dossier. Although the names of the private contractors are redacted, there are reasons to think one may be Fusion GPS — the Clinton/DNC funded group that promoted if not co-created the Steele Dossier.


  33. Mike diamond says:

    Chuck Todds wife has been a big time fund raiser for the demo-rats,so he is not a fair news dude!


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