Volkswagen Announces Additional Plant with 1,000 New Jobs in Chattanooga, Tennessee – $800 Million Investment in New Production Line…

{{{snicker}}} Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. Oh, remember that White House meeting with the big four German automakers [back on December 4th, 2018] that mainstream media ignored amid the fury of the, well, more popular ‘resistance’ narrative?   Yeah, THAT one.

Well, combine that US/trade White House meeting with the details within the USMCA auto-sector; mix it up a little with the initiatives and incentives for Trump’s industrial vocational apprenticeship training; give the auto actuaries a little time to crunch the numbers; let the executives settle in…. Then, fast forward a month and currently the big Detroit auto-show is happening.

Voilà!… what does Volkswagen announce?  Ahem:

TENNESSEE – Volkswagen to create 1,000 new jobs in Chattanooga expansion:

Volkswagen announces Chattanooga will be the home to the company’s first electric vehicle manufacturing facility in North America. This will be the company’s second U.S. facility.

The automaker made the announcement Monday morning at the Detroit Auto show. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, and Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger were all in Detroit for the major announcement.

The project represents an investment of $800 million by Volkswagen and the creation of 1,000 jobs in Hamilton County.  “As one of Hamilton County’s top employers, these additional 1,000 jobs will have a lasting impact on the region. I thank Volkswagen for its partnership and also applaud the company for its ongoing commitment to education and workforce alignment, which helps Tennessee build a pipeline of talent for years to come,” Haslam said.  (read more)


Tariffs Work !

….”complicated business  folks, complicated business”…

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155 Responses to Volkswagen Announces Additional Plant with 1,000 New Jobs in Chattanooga, Tennessee – $800 Million Investment in New Production Line…

  1. Paco Loco says:

    Capital always flows to where it can maximize the ROI!

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    • Clarence Smith says:

      One Flintstones chewable winnamin please!

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    • Jane Smith says:

      Of course…and that would be China.
      Germany has already sold out to China.
      So, China is building in Tennessee…so what?

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      • A Belle says:

        Jane, (:-)

        Look, I know you get paid by the post, but really, measure up, you have to do better, or we are all going to ignore you.

        Are you sitting in your moms basement plinking away on her computer? A product of a disfuntional public school system? As trolls go, you don’t meet the minimum. Up your game or get out, you are boring, as trolls go, you suck!

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      • wondering999 says:

        I don’t hate Germany and I don’t hate China. Both countries have many, many citizens who love to work and build, and I understand that desire.

        If we’ve had leaders who sold out to China (because they wanted workers who would kowtow for low wages), that’s on our dismal leadership, not those other nations and the people born into life there

        I want decent leaders who wants the best for people here, as well as people in other parts of the globe…and I trust Trump. Thank you Mr. President. May we all thrive. All of us

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      • Suite D says:

        Good heavens, Jane! A girlfriend from my wasted youth was a great terpsichorean but her twisting and turning is no match for your mental gymnastics. Unravel it and try again so we less enlightened can understand. MAGA/KAG!!!

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      • GB Bari says:

        Your assertion is misleading and inaccurate.

        “Volkswagen AG (German: [ˈfɔlksˌvaːgn̩]), known internationally as the Volkswagen Group, is a German multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany and indirectly majority owned by the Austrian Porsche-Piech family.”

        China is not listed anywhere in their ownership. And “Porsche-Piech” doesn’t sound like they’re Chinese.

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      • BigTalkers says:

        I must have missed the part where the Chinsse bought VW. I thought the Germans still owned it.

        You know the main difference between the US and China is they have “Thought Police.” Fortunately, the Dem Media and useful idiots like yourself perform that job for them here.


      • 4EDouglas says:

        Ah, the wine of he loathsome, er, lonesome troll…


    • Kenji says:

      Judging by the current VW ad campaign, the automaker is targeting the US LGBTQqeio market … congratulations TN!! And here they thought all you inbreds were in cisgendered relationships with your first cousins…


    • FrankieZee says:

      I love that MAGIC WAND.

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  2. Bullseye says:

    Frankly you can keep your subsidized electric vehicles. Batteries are for flashlights. I’m burn’n gas or diesel til the day I die. Murica !

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  3. CA M says:

    Take a moment to consider how the Obama Administration treated this same company—embarrassed it by forcing them to meet standards that were impossible and so they cheated and got caught, had to pay fines (which, btw—where did all that money go?!). Just to be clear: no one is saying cheating is good. But when a government make standards and laws so unattainable, what they are doing is making everyone a lawbreaker. This allows them to shake you down and make you pay.
    Contrast that to positive reinforcement—the Trump Administration giving kudos, incentives, making it easy to do the right thing. Viola—we are getting our country back, folks! Winning!

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    • Republicanvet91 says:

      A number of these tree hugging laws going back many years are nothing more than the latest scheme to make some leftist feel good.

      I recall Dick Cheney talking about high gas prices when GW Bush first came into office, and said there were 93 different blends of gas used in the country for enviro-whacko reasons. One I believe was MTBE which was mandated in the State of Wisconsin…until someone found it caused significant contamination where it was handled. The last I heard about it, Gov. Diamond Jim Doyle was thinking of suing gasoline suppliers for using something his cronies mandated.

      Fast forward a few years, and you have diesels of all types that have Diesel Particulate Filters and other crap that restricts the engine from breathing, so more diesel is burned. Add to that about $10,000 in costs for each engine, and you have their latest scheme which is DEF, Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Same thing…a nutty idea resulting in more diesel being burned. There is a fairly new truck at work that burns DEF built by Ford. The check engine light comes on, and to fix it, we have to take it to the shop with a full tank of diesel, and the shop will set it to run at a high idle for several hours..

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      CA M, Being a VW owner who loves his 2012 Jetta Sportswagen 6-speed manual diesel and got “The Fix” and a 6K check. If i gave it back it i got 20K and nothing close to what I get in mileage even though it is 3-5 mpg less than I had before. What could I buy for the 20k i would have got for trade in? I looked at Subaru but the mpg doesn’t come close and nothing else USA had was diesel. Ovomit was, is and will always be the turd that America farted out and HIS stench has soiled our country for more years than I had ever imagined.
      Put a rope around Val Jarrett and the rest will come toppling down. Good Night and GOD bless!

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      • CountryClassVulgarian says:

        I loved my 6-speed manual, diesel 2014 Jetta. Man I loved that car. She got the “fix” and a %6K check too. We refused to give her up. We were still getting nearly 50 mpg after they fixed her. Back in November an uninsured driver rammed into us, totaled my baby and I could not find another. I’m so hoping VW will now bring back my beloved 6-speed manual. There is absolutely nothing like driving a manual.

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        • Jeff C-C says:

          VW’s electric vehicle that was sold in the States in very small quantities is like a collector’s item. Very rare, and beloved by the people who have them.
          I believe that this will be a home run, and will be a major step in the U.S. transformation to electric vehicles.
          And by the way, Ford led the way in U.S. patents last year. It’s the first time in forever that it wasn’t a “tech” company. How many of these do you think are related to electric vehicles?


          • JMC says:

            Well, you better get Bush-Cheney to start a new war in Africa, ’cause the Chinese are grabbing all the precious metals that go into, e.g. electric cars.


          • Americans are not going to buy electric cars.


            • Beverly says:

              Electric. Cars are a foolish idea. The physics don’t make sense vis-a-vis the internal combustion engine, as noted above; also as noted above in this thread, there are HUGE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS with battery technology, which more than cancel out the alleged (and largely chimerical) enviro “gains.”

              ALSO, if you have one, it is far more expensive and far less mobile; they are a huge-arse BOONDOGGLE, a.k.a. “Pork barrel project.” They can only survive on subsidies ripped from the hide of the taxpayer. IIRC, in Sweden as soon as they stopped subsidizing Teslas, their sales dropped from 4 figures annually to … two cars.

              Lather, rinse, repeat…..

              I’m sure that Chattanooga is thrilled to get the big factory, but I fear that VW got too much govt. cheese to put it there. :-/


  4. Tiffthis says:

    Love it! Great job PDJT 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  5. Imagine the MULTIPLIER those 1,000 jobs will generate for Supply Chain, Construction, Homes, Schools and Local Services Jobs!

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    • GB Bari says:

      BKR, you can bet the narrative engineers in the eneMedia won’ breath a word about that fact. Doesn’t help their propaganda.

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      The building of new homes and apartment complexes has been going through the roof for about 6-8 years now. Many of them have already been built but if you take a ride around the city there are construction sites everywhere. As for Mayor Andy Berke he is nothing more than a democrat shill. He put bike lanes all over the city and people were pissed about them. He also wanted to tear down the baseball stadium because some people were complaining about the sun. Thank god that brighter minds put and end to it.

      As for Volkswagen they have already stated that somewhere in the near future the only vehicles they are going to produce is electric cars.


  6. William Schneider says:

    You gotta love capitalism when left to work its magic Long life the capitalist king Trump!!. (at least for another 6 years)

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  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    What is it going to take before the rest of America wakes up? The one thing that absolutely drives the success of a country in all phases is a powerful economy. It pays for everything and brings happiness and prosperity to it’s citizens

    Trump is ushering in what Americans have been waiting for for decades, yet all we hear about is Russia, Orange man bad, abolish ICE, open the borders, etc.

    I’m so tired of all this idiocy from Americans who should know better

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    • JX says:

      There’s a word for them: Democrats

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      • vikingmom says:

        I have another word(s) – career bureaucrats! As Sundance’s earlier post pointed out, Donald Trump is the first actual businessperson to occupy the Oval Office in decades.

        For most of my lifetime, we have had career politicians, academics, Ivy league lawyers, and “social justice” activists running our government, protected by a media conglomerate that is more interested in feelings than facts…all they know is the “process” and all that matters is that you “care” about the issues. Your policies may make no appreciable difference, or they may, in fact, make matters significantly worse, but that’s okay because you are a morally superior human being, and big decisions should just be left to you, and people who think just like you!

        Now, actual jobs that pay decent salaries are coming back to our country, which gets more people back to work, and LESS dependent on an ever expanding Federal Government…it is a win-win for all of us, and is striking fear into the heart of every lazy, corrupt Federal worker, who might actually have to get a real job, where progress is actually measured, and results actually matter!

        I LOVE IT!!

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      • YvonneMarie says:

        Or Communists.

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  8. Monticello says:

    Simply….MAGA. He’s not a demi-god but he is damn sure doing great work!!

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  9. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Their auto manufacturing is contracting in country and they’re expanding in the U.S. Very telling.

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  10. benifranlkin says:

    So did I understand correctly that there will be another announcement tomorrow that VW will also be partnering with Ford in the US to manufacture more auto parts?

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    • DJT2020 says:

      Joint Ford VW presser tomorrow. 1:55 of video.

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    • Sloth1963 says:

      You heard correctly. With some luck, I’l be there 🙂

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    • thesavvyinvester says:

      Beni, Go to the “autoextremist” w/ Peter DeLorenzo. Best anti-PC auto editorialists out there. Read his columns. His and others are hinting at this: serious Ford/ VW alliance to develop cars (electric) and biz-types Van’s, whilst VW probably gets export rights to the Mustang and Trucks. Makes sense, as they will co develop e-platforms & autonomous to cut cost Ford is bleeding worldwide, not the US, so they fix those money pits. VW made a big play on a venture capital solid-state battery player that is below the radar, 100 mil to be exact, if it works, maybe Ford gets spring-boarded as well. E-cars are coming, I stand alone on this, here. I had a hybrid-plug in w/ limited e-range and loved it on pure electric and I am a piston-head from way back. The torque is addicting. This E-Revolution happens under PDJT’s 2nd term and =’s huge job spike as we train tons of people to rebuild the grid. MAGA baby!


  11. joebkonobi says:

    Haslam should be thanking Donald J.Trump first and foremost. I’m not into electric but this is good news for American workers. Especially after listening to the verbal assassination of PDJT from the MSM and Globalist traitors all day regarding Russia, Russia, Russia!! There is a price gonna have to be paid by the lying scumbags. Sorry not in a great mood tonight!

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    • DJT2020 says:

      Listening to the MSM all day? Sound masochistic

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      • joebkonobi says:

        Truth be known it was Mark Levin, I’ll take Levin over MSM any day. He may be MSM to you, and I may not agree with everything he says but I don’t consider him MSM. How about you? Who you listenin’ to CNN?

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    • says:

      Damn !!!!!! Magic wand strikes again….

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    • GB Bari says:

      Maybe VW will re-discover the higher marketability of a quality hybrid. They discontinued their Jetta hybrid after 2016. They only offered it for 4 years. Don’t know why it failed.

      I just sold my 13 year old 2005 Prius with over 150K miles (and the original hybrid battery) and still got 18% of what I originally paid for it. It always got 45 to 3 mpg and never caused me a moments worry or major repairs. Now my brother in law is enjoying it for a year or so after which he wants to buy a new hybrid of some type. No plugging in needed, it generates its own electricity, especialy when coasting downhill (gas engine shuts off).

      I have had 30 solar panels on my house for almost 7 years but the array isn’t large enough to generate the additional juice needed to charge up a heavy bank of batteries during daylight so that I can recharge an EV overnight.


      • GB Bari says:

        edit failed. “Prius….got 45 to 53 mpg..”


          • GB Bari says:

            Different strokes…..

            I hold zero animosity towards anyone who needs, wants and is willing to pay the cost of feeding a high horsepower, heavy GVWR vehicle. Just please don’t run me over when I’m on the road in front of you :-).

            It’s the beauty of democratic capitalism in our God-inspired federal republic.

            As long as the Greenie Wackos dont get any more power in the Gov’t via the EPA, we all can continue to buy whatever vehicle that we want. (Californians are sadly excluded since they decided long ago to forfeit their freedom of choice to the state government.)


  12. kinthenorthwest says:

    Another Great American win due to Trump…
    Usually under Obama all we saw was … has moved ……factory/company to …
    Seemed like I kept on seeing that with Obama. …

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  13. Obama stares blankly into space, exclaiming: “Curses!! What Magic Wand does this man possess??”

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  14. trapper says:

    And after it is up and running, that’s upwards of $40 million a year, every year, year in and year out, of additional cash (payroll) that will be flowing through the Chattanooga economy. Great for them.

    Now, we just need about 50,000 more manufacturing plants. That’s right. Plants, not jobs.

    Great job, PDJT. Hooray! Now back to work. 49,999 left to go.

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  15. Jane Smith says:

    Previously, I said…So China is building in Tennessee…so what?
    I actually thought that it would raise furor.
    It didn’t.
    Mitch McConnell is getting away with building China in the US.
    I guess that doesn’t matter.


  16. Jane Smith says:

    I’ll believe it when I see those people going to work.


  17. zooamerica says:

    The US market has rejected electric vehicles. Chevy recently did away with the Volt.

    Ford is concentrating more on their SUV’s and trucks while eliminating sedans.

    If VW can make a great electric SUV or truck that gets crazy good gas mileage and offers the same safety protection, I’m in.

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    • Franklin says:

      Herbert Diess, VW chief executive, said at the Detroit auto show that the groups would combine their mid-size pick-up trucks, allowing the German group to launch in the US, the world’s biggest pick-up market. Trucks are an area where Ford is strong but VW is comparatively weak. He said the move was “one of the big positive impacts of the Ford alliance”.

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    • tdaly14 says:

      Electric veheciles are stupid at this time and will be for a while. We already told them good bye, farewell! Not impressed at all! Bet we’re subsidizes it! 🖕🏻 I hate greenies!

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    • A guy I work with has a plug-in Ford C-Max hybrid. He can’t charge it anymore because the charging cable has been recalled due to fires and there is a several month back-order on cables. And here is the review from Car and Driver Magazine:

      “While comfortable and competent, the C-Max’s high EPA-estimated fuel-economy numbers are basically fantasy. A 2.0-liter four, an AC electric motor, and a CVT combine for 188 hp; in our testing, the C-Max hybrid and the plug-in C-Max Energi each got only 33 MPGe on the highway. If a hybrid can’t top a gas-powered opponent’s fuel economy, then why bother? The Energi’s EV-only range of 20 miles is limiting, too. That the C-Max drives much like a conventional hatchback furthers that point.”

      And California now has made the car-pool lane stickers expire and imposed income restrictions on them (so the poor people who can afford a new electric car can get one). So dumb. I’ll just keep driving a tried-and-true gasoline vehicle, thank you.


  18. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Love the picture of Anguished Angela

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  19. Bob at Wendys says:

    Pardon me, boy
    Is that the Chattanooga choo choo?
    No man
    That’s the Trump Train

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  20. Satchmo says:

    Something never mentioned about the electric cars:
    If you run out of gas, you can take a can to a gas station, take it back to your car and you’re back on the road.
    If you run out of battery charge, how are you going to get the charge from the charging station to your car??
    You’re not, you’re going to need a wrecker. Big cost difference.

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  21. Franklin says:

    Herbert Diess, VW chief executive, said at the Detroit auto show that the groups would combine their mid-size pick-up trucks, allowing the German group to launch in the US, the world’s biggest pick-up market. Trucks are an area where Ford is strong but VW is comparatively weak. He said the move was “one of the big positive impacts of the Ford alliance”.

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  22. Bill B says:

    I hope VW is able to improve their long term quality. German cars are *very* expensive to maintain over the life of the vehicle. A LOT of “change parts” because the schedule says so. Both my friend and myself are no longer buying VWs (owned 5 between the two of us, and my father owned 3.) My 2003 Honda Odyssey is 25% the cost of maintenance vs my VW Passat wagon.

    My Honda CRV will tell you when parts need to be replaced, no schedule maintenance anymore. (Note self generated replacement alerts have long been used in the server industry.)

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  23. Suzanne says:

    My son in law is the manager of one of the departments at the Chattanooga plant and VW does more than create more jobs here. They’ve built massive science/tech labs in 2 of the charter schools here in order to provide the best education and training for those who might be their future employees

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  24. tdaly14 says:

    Not buying it. It’s like the idiot Democrats when they put charging stations in Columbia and we asked them, who’s going to provide that power to those electric autos. They didn’t have an answer. We followed them for blocks, they still could not believe it was good ole fasionded coal that would. This was years ago too. I’m telling you, there’re that stupid! I spear headed this UN, EPA bullshit in out state, to shut it down, and allow our counties to decide.

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  25. billygoat65 says:

    Moon Pies and RC Colas for everybody. Great News!

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  26. CopperTop says:

    Fahrvergnügen which we learned in the 90s is for your driving pleasure. POTUS is having a fantastic time driving this economy!

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  27. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Why Chattanooga?

    Because Fahrfromunion.

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  28. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Note to VW. Please, please bring back the manual, diesel Jetta….PLEASE. Just bring back the manual…


  29. wodiej says:

    I’m glad it is creating jobs but I have no use for an electric vehicle. Honda makes environmentally friendly gas vehicles and gas is very cheap right now.


  30. Mike in a Truck says:

    Didnt PDJT offer the Euro Turds “O” Zero tariffs when he was over there? Zero tariffs for us and them.Crickets


  31. Mike in a Truck says:



  32. RobInPA says:

    Very nice to see VSG PDJT making good use of that ‘magic wand’!

    Barry ‘The Red’ Sotero will be stupified, no doubt, when he reads about this miraculous phenomenon!


  33. TradeBait says:

    Promises made, promises kept. Wise up, American citizens.


  34. bitterlyclinging says:

    Tennessee, eh?
    Can you imagine how the first civil war would have ended had Colt Firearms been located in Birmingham, Atlanta, or Richmond?
    Up north, today, they spend most of their time changing each others adult diapers.


  35. re multiple up thread comments.

    Get a horse you damn fool. Dontchaknow them auto mo beeeels wont ever amount to nothin? Where ya gonna get that gas o leeen? What do ya do when it runs out? In my buggy I ties the reins up loose and fall asleep and the horse knows the way home. Get a horse!

    (DW has a Volt. It’s a fine car and very inexpensive to operate and for 5 yrs has been trouble free)

    Let the stone throwing begin 😉


  36. What say you U.S. Chamber of Commerce & CEO Tom Donohue, ‘Mine-Fuhrer’ Pelosi & Chuck ‘Pelosi-LAPDOG’ Schumer ?

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  37. Davey says:


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  38. Colorado Conservative says:

    While I want to be happy for the workers who will be employed, I cannot accept the idiocy of electric vehicles and the fact they only exist because we taxpayers are forced to subsidize them. Here in Colorado we have a vast wasteland of Volkswagens sitting in a field off I-25, just littering the landscape. These were the vehicle recalled when Volkswagen got caught lying on their auto emission testing.

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  39. Who are they going to sell all those electric cars to?


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