Sunday Talks: White House Adviser Stephen Miller Discusses Recent Obamacare Decision and Border Security…

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller joins Margaret Brennan to discuss the future of Obamacare and whether the government will shut down over the congressional funding battle regarding border security.

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169 Responses to Sunday Talks: White House Adviser Stephen Miller Discusses Recent Obamacare Decision and Border Security…

  1. Disgusted says:

    Loudmouth blabbermouth in the bright yellow suit: you are not equipped to do the job you thought you could ace. Nope. Stephen Miller America to that table prepared, and you did not want him to succeed. (It is my personal belief that Miller is actually Sundance.)

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  2. Texian says:

    Stephen Miller.. My favorite Trump Administration Rock Star..

    He’s the rarely seen, most popular “Rock Star” of the whole Trump Administration Tour..

    Kind of like when I went to a ‘Journey’ concert that had Ronnie Montrose as the opener.. There was a new band cutting their teeth opening for the opener that absolutely stole the whole show.. Some new band called ‘Van Halen’..

    Stephen Miller is the brightest Star in the whole Trump Administration Tour..

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    • blognificentbee says:

      He is like the prize stallion, only brought out for the big race. To me, whenever he brings out Stephen, POTUS is sending a message to the media – it starts with F and end with U. He is my fave, Mick M is my #2, Sarah my 3rd fave.

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      • Ackman420 says:

        Stephen Miller is A MAGA Beast! The rank and file Dems hate him as much as they hate the President. That’s all you need to know about Mr Miller.
        I love him. Go Stephen! MAGA baby! We support you!

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  3. pete says:

    STUD, all the way. Thank God his clear thinking is present in the white house day after day.

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  4. D Rogers says:

    Miller for man of the year. When I was a kid in the late 70’s the ‘news’ persons would actually be asking the human traffickers why they were doing what they were doing.

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  5. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Steam roller.

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  6. California Joe says:

    Miller had to fill President Trump in on everything going on with Sessions, Rosenstein and the recusal. Stephen worked for Sessions for years, was a close confidant and had plenty of contacts with Sessions inner circle! I doubt he would have kept President Trump in the dark for one second.

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  7. grlangworth says:

    He shouldn’t waste his breath. For my money, Mr. Miller should stay away from those Rats, and keep writing the speeches. People hear him much better when PDJT’s doing the talking.


  8. thegoosefish says:

    definitely has his shit together for an interview

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  9. ganesh says:

    Recent Obamacare decision = leverage!

    So – Delirious(maybe deleterious) Nancy, Chucky, you wanna keep your pre-existing conditions, keep your doctor? Maybe you wanna keep the wall around your house?

    So hows about we take some of that health care money and build a wall, so illegal aliens will stop siphoning off health care dollars, and then we reassign those dollars to AMERICANS in need of such support?

    Whattya say Chuck?

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    • Gerkenstein says:

      They are going to create as much chaos as possible and try to blame it on Trump. It’s clear that is their plan. I hope they will overstep.


  10. covfefe999 says:

    More Stephen Miller. I love how he handled this dumb idiot question reader. He’s getting better at continuing to say what he needs to say while the host wants to move on to the next agenda question.

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  11. B. Franklin says:

    Getting Steven Miller out there for the Sunday morning circuit is genius! This guy is poised and has more knowledge about the subject matter than any talking head. I want to see more of this action…this is what fighting back looks like people.

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  12. B. Franklin says:

    excuse me, this is what fighting back looks like Patriots.

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  13. SGH says:

    Stephen Miller is, and has been, an AMAZING patriot! I love his spirit!

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  14. Colorado Conservative says:

    I still marvel that we Colorado Trump supporters had the opportunity to meet Stephen Miller in person at the 2016 State GOP Assembly. It was an absolute honor! And the NeverTrump loons in this state, including legislators Rep. Ken Buck and Senator Cory Gardner treated Miller terribly.

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  15. 5 years ago our family of 3 had a $585.00/mo grandfathered BCBC catastrophic plan with a $10,000 deductible.
    Last year we were advised that our plan was being discontinued. New plan details….$2,600/mo with a $14,000 deductible. Yes folks, $31,200 year. That means, with the deductible the MINIMUM we’d spend would be $31,200 + $14,000 = $45,200 before we get anything paid for.

    That’s not a medical plan, that’s a “you won’t have any money for your kid’s college or your retirement, it’ll all be gone in 10 short years” plan.

    So, we didn’t buy insurance.

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  16. What’s up with the director of this “program?” I mean, how many times did the switch the camera angle so that it would capture the back of Stephen’s head?
    This was a despicable display of agenda-pushing. They hate America. They hate us.

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  17. dykotymys says:

    Just another leftist activist pretending to be a journalist resorting to interruption and smugness as a failed defense against the clock cleaning she is getting from Miller.

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  18. Blind no longer says:

    Shut it DOWN and STAND your ground…America’s Sovereignty!!!!

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  19. noswamp says:

    MIller is the definition of a Patriot. He is my favorite too. By far, the BEST spokesman for the President. Kelly Ann Conway is #2, if we can get her husband to shut up for a minute and not interrupt the President’s work.

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  20. TwoLaine says:

    ObamaCare is Wells Fargo on steriods. Every DIM who signed on the ACA dotted line should get the same treatment as they gave Wells Fargo, minimum.

    It makes you pay for stuff you don’t want, don’t need, can’t ever use, and definitely cannot afford, and charges you a penalty if you refuse to play their hide the healthcare game.

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