“Muh Institutions” – With Patented Smirk, James Comey Gives Presser After Congressional Hearing…

Former FBI Director James Comey gives a brief press conference following his testimony before a joint congressional committee.  Notably, Comey references the importance of saving the ‘institutions’ (and all the corrupt interests within it) above all other aspects.

When the institutions are corrupt; and the officials within the institutions are corrupt; and there is inquiry into the corrupt activity of the officials within the institutions; then retaining the institutions is the priority.  It’s that simple.  If you take down the institution you run the risk of exposing the corruption…. So anyone associated simply demands another coat of paint.

Additionally, Comey seems to infer that the removal of Jeff Sessions is now part of the Mueller/Rosenstein/Democrat approach to frame obstruction against President Trump.  Quite simply, any action by Trump to expose the previously described corruption is viewed as unlawful obstruction.  That’s their plan, and the approach has worked so far.

Comey is scheduled to return for more testimony on December 17th. Transcripts of today’s hearing should be available soon.

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310 Responses to “Muh Institutions” – With Patented Smirk, James Comey Gives Presser After Congressional Hearing…

  1. eric says:

    sometimes,I think Elon Musk might have the right idea about moving to Mars.

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  2. Curt says:

    The only reason any of this Comey nonsense is tolerated is that the media is complicit and compliant and most of the public either is stupid enough to believe it or hate Trump so much they have lost any and all objectivity. It’s totally sickening.

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  3. Donald says:

    Donald Trump promised to go to war with the Establishment. So, friends, we’re at war!
    There will be casualties. Some battles will be won. Some battles lost.
    The war now drags on into its 3rd year!

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    • Marsha Frey says:

      We need “rules of engagement” to fight this war. It’s about time those who agree with Trump need to take to the streets in protests. There needs to be an organized game plan and leadership in every state to win. It’s either now or never.

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      • dawndoe says:

        Prepare for a dangerous encounter with Antifa..

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      • dman1971 says:

        On our soil there is only one rule and that is to WIN!!!

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      • cali says:

        @Marsha Frey: We have the men and women in the military on our side as this is really a war involving our military and the deep state.
        Add into that mix all of our vets armed and unarmed but each one of them has the knowledge to help us.

        The Antifa types have no chance because all they have is a big mouth and a bully atti9tude. They always came at you in a large group. One on one would get them a big can of whoop ass. They are misfits acting out their frustration while pretending to be on the right side.

        They are proudly displaying their flag – the same flag the Nazis used in 1933 with the same slogan in English trying to shut down free speech. They are the modern brown shirts.

        Remember Hussein telling us in 2009 that we need a civilian army as strong as the military with the same amount of budget than the military, well organized and funded.

        Here we are and thanks to Soros and Co and his funneling of taxpayer monies we have a block of hate groups active across the country. Our military will crush them if push comes to shove.

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    • WSB says:

      And SD has issued the faces on the playing cards up top.

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    • Chilidog says:

      What battles have our side won? I can’t think of any significant gain made by our side.

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    • Helen Pearson Souza says:

      We are exactly where the elite (both R and D) want us to be. The republicans are now the minority in the house..that’s where they like to govern from. And I, a 73 year old life long republican, have switched my designation to Independent. Because I’m sick of it all. I’m ready to go yellow jacket on all of them.

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  4. Caius Lowell says:

    I once went to a banquet at which James Comey was the speaker. I’ll always remember so fondly how he lied directly to my face — a special feeling…

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  5. Reloader says:

    So they will accuse The President of obstruction, but it isn’t obstruction of justice– it’s Obstruction of Corruption.

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    • farmhand1927 says:

      Well said, Reloader.

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    • ImHopeful says:

      You nailed it… that is exactly it… I may have to borrow this phrase from you.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      We need to make that concept into a slogan and go viral with it.

      It’s not obstruction of justice, it is elimination of corruption

      Remove the cover of darkness, expose the corruption.

      Fake justice hiding treasonous corruption.

      It’s not justice— it’s treason.

      Stop the witch hunt. Expose the treason.

      The witch hunt is hiding treason.

      The witch hunt is obstruction of justice.

      Trump is not obstructing justice, Mueller’s witch hunt is obstructing justice.

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  6. truthbomb says:

    Anybody know if the FISA warrant on Carter Page would allow both upstream and downstream surveillance of Page’s contacts?

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  7. chojun says:

    I know people aren’t going to like this and I have to preface this with the fact that I personally don’t believe it is the case, but…

    I think we’re forced to consider it in the realm of possibility that the “small group” plan largely worked and Trump has been leveraged into a position of cooperation with the cover-up going on vis-a-vis the Special Counsel.

    I think it’s important to consider it a possibility so that we can discover objective reality in the current situation that Trump and the Republic is facing.

    Either way we’ll find out for sure within a few weeks what’s going on.

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    • Bastiat says:

      Trump nominated Barr who claimed that the Patriot Act’s strengthening of FISA courts was just a step in the right direction.

      I’ll take the heat off of you. I don’t trust Trump at all any more. I think he is compromised.


      • Supertalk says:

        I dont trust “Bastiat” anymore.

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      • Reality says:

        Yep, Barr’s appointment is some sort of compliant surrender. PDJT didn’t have to, he chose to go with someone he knows doesn’t support his plans to recover America from the Deep State. Barr, you will find, is in favour of Mueller destabilising PDJT for as long as the Deepies choose to.


        • cozette says:

          Anyone shilling against Barr, especially without providing sorces and a well reasoned analysis should be a huuuge red flag. Ad hominems and generalties such as muh Bush, muh Swamp are shill strategies and they are flooding sites where Trump supporters congregate. Think for yourself after researching what Barr has actually said and done rather than allowing yourself to be manipulated by emotional trigger words. Or, trust President Trump to make the best choice for what he needs in an AG right now. BTW I have researched Barr and I am now beyond thrilled with this choice. I was unaware of any potential nominee that was as big an immigration hawk as Sessions. I was wrong. Barr is just as fierce but hes also much fiestier and a well known straight shooter. He and POTUS should get along famously.

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          • Reality says:

            Trust Trump? Personnel selections are obviously his weak point.
            Like with Sessions, Rosie, Wray and other 3D chess players, many of whom are Never Trumpers who still get a job.
            Barr is Uniparty to his bootstraps.


  8. David Zink says:

    Smarmy personified.

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  9. David Zink says:

    Smarmy personified.

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  10. California Joe says:

    Comey is smug and arrogant because nobody on his side has been prosecuted and he feels invincible.

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    • vexedmi says:

      Agreed! Now where should we start with prosecutions? Military Tribunals would be my bet.

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    • steph_gray says:

      Comey is also mentally ill with severe TDS and narcissism. Nothing else can be expected of him.

      I have no plans to set my hair on fire with despair and fear just because he shows up with co-conspirators and puts on a Deep State show. It’s not the whole story.

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  11. fakenoozisforfools says:

    I don’t have enough time left on earth to have my faith restored in the DoJ or any of the national intelligence services in this country. I don’t care who is running them or what changes they may decide to make, it won’t be enough. They’re all rotten to the core. I wouldn’t trust a G-man to give me the correct time of day. And that’s too bad because there is in all likelihood a small percentage of decent people in those services. I just haven’t seen any evidence of it.

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  12. Kris says:

    Sessions’ resignation obstructed what?? He recused himself from all things Russian.They are trying to reach for anything.

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  13. So let’s see. Last week the judge held a hearing on whether the House could subpoena Comey to testify behind closed doors. The judge said he would make his decision Monday morning, the 3rd, about the scheduled hearing set for the 4th. And based on the judge’s attitude, Comey very likely was going to be ruled against, forcing him to testify behind closed doors. And then Sunday the 2nd, Republicans agreed to closed door testimony, but with a full transcript released to the public within 24 hours. And the hearing was put off until today. And with a full transcript being released, in effect it was a public hearing without the cameras. And when that agreement was announced, I commented on this site that Comey would hide behind the “I can’t answer that due to either national security or there’s an ongoing investigation.”

    Just how stupid do these Republicans think we are? And then Trump tweeting like it’s not his administration that he’s up against. Give us a break. After two years you want to take credit for the economy but not take credit for your Justice department. It doesn’t work that way. Trump is becoming just as bad as the swamp he says he’s fighting against.

    And I can already hear the comments about my post, so let me just reply to them now. Our Constitution says “We, the People…”, not “Me, Donald Trump…”. We want fealty to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. My oath is to the Constitution, not to a party and certainly to no man. In God I trust. Everyone else pays cash!

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    • cwf60 says:

      The Republicans think we are very stupid, because we think justice will come from all of the investigations against the deep state. They have a point.

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    • WVLioness says:

      Yes, our Constitution does say “We, the People”, and not “Me, Donald Trump”. But it is “Me, Donald Trump” who is standing alone in the firestorm, taking the slings & arrows for us.
      And you, brave keyboard warrior that you appear to be, criticize him for not doing enough to deserve your support. You only know what you read, you have NO idea of what he knows or is doing. You are free to take your marbles & go home, because your conditional “loyalty” does nothing to help, and makes people like me sick. What else would you advise him to do? Who else could have withstood all he’s been through? And who could have done a better job since 2016?
      Rant over. 😬

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      • Thank you, Lioness – well said. DJT is standing up against not only the corrupt US Agencies, press and government apparatus, but also the worldwide Globalist forces. One man…. I am amazed at what Trump has accomplished thus far considering the opposition arrayed against him. Carry on Mr. President, we are with you.

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    • Michael Jones says:

      I’m PRAYING Whitaker blows the lid off, and sinks their asses in the deepest part of history.

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      • cozette says:

        Each person has a job. Sessions put on a great Sleepy Jeff act that lulled the media into a false sense of security while Horowitz and Huber quietly began investigations and preparations for prosecutions into everything. They were able to go unnoticed until it was too late. Sessions recusal allowed the shiney object, honey pot Mueller investigation to keep the media distracted and ensnare the plotters. It appears that Huber is close to shifting to the action phase so its time for Mueller to wrap things up. Sessions stepped down so Whitaker could step in and take control of Mueller away from Rosenstein. Mueller is done. Horowitz will drop his reports. Huber will prosecute. The oxygen will be sucked out of the muh Russia, muh obstruction narrative by real crimes and prosecutions. Achieving justice under the law takes time. Our FBI and DOJ have now been purged. Trump has gained control of SCOTUS. He has placed many great judges in the judiciary. He gained an upper hand in the Senate so he can continue getting judges in and another SCOTUS pick which is huge since the Democrats were sure theyd win the Senate. Bottom line, please stop with the low info doom and gloom. What Trump and his team have achieved in less than 2 years is amazing.

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  14. timothy says:

    FYI, the late Jerry Pournelle codified this institutional behavior in his Iron Law of Bureaucracy

    Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy states that in any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people”:

    First, there will be those who are devoted to the goals of the organization. Examples are dedicated classroom teachers in an educational bureaucracy, many of the engineers and launch technicians and scientists at NASA, even some agricultural scientists and advisors in the former Soviet Union collective farming administration.

    Secondly, there will be those dedicated to the organization itself. Examples are many of the administrators in the education system, many professors of education, many teachers union officials, much of the NASA headquarters staff, etc.

    The Iron Law states that in every case the second group will gain and keep control of the organization. It will write the rules, and control promotions within the organization.


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  15. Bulldog84 says:

    Let’s see …. removing Sessions was obstruction … even though he was recused from this whole mess.

    Therefore, appointing a new AG who doesn’t have to recuse himself is obstruction ….

    Obstruction = anything the corrupt hacks (and in Comey’s case former hacks) don’t like.

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  16. shirley49 says:

    It appears that what the bureaucracy has been trying to do is working. Turning Trump supporters against him. This man could step down right now and live a nice peaceful rich life. He does not need Washington. I hope when his term/terms are over he remembers all of these scumbags that have continually harassed him. He has enough money to get even.

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    • Greg1 says:

      I have a counterpoint to consider. If he stepped down right now they would work even harder to destroy him. He would have no power, no ability to control anything said and done against him, and no effective voice in the media, not even Twitter. They could ban him because he’s conservative, and for that matter, because he’s for everything Twitter is against and against anything Twitter is for. They can’t ban him now because he’s President. It’s likely quite a pickle for them. If I recall right they have already come under pressure from liberals to ban him.

      Rep. Nadler wants to suspend statute of limitation laws against the President. The stated purpose of that is to prosecute him for “crimes” committed while in office, AFTER he is out of office. His “crimes” begin with the biggest of all crime in the eyes of democrats; he won the 2016 election. All of the “investigations”, I last read the count was up to 85, that the democrats want to do against him starting next month are designed to stop his agenda and destroy him.

      And if the democrats win the next presidential election you can easily expect them to UNsuspend the statute of limitations against THEIR president, but not before they hound Trump to his grave and destroy the Trump name to the point that his kids have no chance of ever being elected.

      Trump’s economic policies, among others, are giving power to the PEOPLE. And they are taking power from the elites and the beaurocracy. This is an existential threat to the elites and the beaurocracy, who all work together hand in glove.

      The eyes of the people who work and don’t look for handouts have been opened.

      We have been able to come this far this fast because of the Grace of God and Donald Trump. To quit now is to lose the republic, for all intents and purposes. Remember, the left chants “no borders, no walls, no USA at all” (if that is not losing the republic, what is?) and the democrats are pushing hard to let anyone in the country so as to get votes. And they want illegal aliens to have the vote because they KNOW they can give away enough free stuff to GET those votes. For life. Or until they run out of other people’s money.

      The left no longer hides that they are socialists. They glorify it.

      Trump is an existential threat to the left……..and the left is an existential threat to the USA. Socialism/communism fails every time. But in the time it takes to fail the elite become very powerful and very wealthy while the people become very weak and very poor. History abounds with examples.

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      • Sixtygunnah says:

        Well stated. PDT must ask himself “Do I, my wife Melania, our youngest son Baron and the rest of our kids NEED THIS?” Though he’s disrespected Melania, I’m sure she knew what came with her “I Do”. Women will of course and often state the opposite, but they’re often wired this way. This Country just said ‘thank-you” by handing over the House, which includes the investigation into the most sweeping and treasonous conspiracy ever faced by a democracy/democratic republic. Even though Nunes committee hit a wall waiting for Trump to fully what should wrap it. Forty (40) seats that will raise the 9th circle of hell through 2020. Among them Nadler who stated wanted to give Strzok “the Purple Heart”. Let that sink in hard. That this electorate saw fit to do what it just did is for me the tell. We’re on the way to SHTF. One day, if there’s anything left, historians will marvel at the stupidity of the American electorate. And I don’t believe Trump will be re-elected, but my family and I will again vote for him again – if he isn’t assassinated first. Now it’s all about “charisma” with Beta 0’Rourke as the example. Let this sink in too.


        • cozette says:

          If you believe that Trump disrespected Melania then you believe that the worlds most famous germaphobe not only had unprotected sex but the germaphobe had unprotected sex with a well known anal porn star. And you believe this because the porn star said so. For money. And publicity. Seriously?

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  17. Rose says:

    Look at the smug little smirk, he thinks he’s above the laws of this land. Sodaminsane thought the same thing and he was found cowering in a hole covered in dirt. I believe in Karma and Comey will face the court of public opinion eventually.

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    • Sixtygunnah says:

      As do I, but the reality involves Schiff, Nadler, and in the senate another cuck named Richard Burr (Warner’s dominatrix) take the handoff such as it is. We’re now near (3) yrs. into what renders “watergate” the equivalent of a Class C misdemeanor. The Overton window is closing let alone that the normies and Neo-Jacobins of this electorate have an attention span of about 3 seconds. Seems the last hope will now be Barr who if he honors his Oath can expose every corner of this treasonous conspiracy, establish grand juries on the way to indictments and prison terms. It boggles the mind this has yet to be done with the exception of course of Lurch Mueller’s clean-up mission on behalf of his kindred Mordorian Serpents.


  18. recoverydotgod says:

    “Quite simply, any action by Trump to expose the previously described corruption is viewed as unlawful obstruction. That’s their plan, and the approach has worked so far.”

    They view Trump as corrupt simply because he offends them and pulls back the curtain by speaking his mind, being unafraid, having seen all the games before and having experience counterpunching. IMO Rod Rosenstein is at the top of the list of those that felt better than Trump, and IMO RR viewing Trump as corrupt made a country changing decision by unleashing a Special Counsel on the president.

    Mark Warner’s answer to the question of why he sees Trump as corrupt (my paraphrase to the question) is linked below.

    Mark Warner
    U.S. Senator, D-VA

    So, Senator, Trump comes to Washington with a very different view of the law, of the rule of law. He’s come up through business and real estate in Manhattan. He’s got involvement in about 4,500 cases, so he’s very involved with lawyers. But he’s got a very different attitude, and a very different attitude than lawyers and the government officials in Washington. Talk a little bit about that. When he comes to Washington, what is apparent, certainly from the campaign, what is apparent about his view toward the rule of law and how it differs with Washington?….

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      CC reports that Democrat Mark Warner requested the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, at the exact time Comey was pushing for same. At Comey’s next “discussion session”, will any of the R’s have the sense to ask Comey about his communications and coordination with Warner on this? Surely the Justice Dept handlers can’t block Comey from answering that line of questioning.

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  19. HJR27 says:

    Sanctimonious buffoons exactly like Comey have always been part of the problem and never the solution, no matter how desperately they attempt to justify their positions.

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  20. Mark Richardson says:

    Comey just scored a major strategic victory.
    He will do far better in January under a Democrat House.


  21. Sixtygunnah says:

    Though apparently Co-Me has no history nor association with Barr he praised him as an “INSTITUTIONALIST” which for his and our sake he better damn well not be… though is this not class-sick coming from sanctimonious punk, this p.o.s. coward Co-Me? He never fails to reveal who and what he precisely is. PDT had better be 2xD/Damn sure of this Barr is because Nunes is done running HPSCI and in the senate, Richard Burr – “r” (N.C.) is along with his dominatrix Warner as Deep State as they come. I would think he have asked Barr’s assesment of VOLUMES of evidence that clton0bama, DNC, Brennan, Clapper, Dept. of Just-Us, et. al. ad Infinium broke the law and did exactly what THEY accuse. And he’d be within his rights and duty to have asked exactly this. PDT has not One (1) more mistake left. In review I offer:

    1. Sessionzzz – though he fooled me as well

    2. McMaster – among many others a candidate for Deep State poster boy. Actually a collage would be a challenge to get them all in. This creep fits like a glove.

    3. Cohen (Gary) of Golden Slachs ilk

    4. Tillerson the $60.00 ex-Exxon haircut who now seems primed for the CNN-MSLSD circuit and who just made known his legal expertise in correcting President Trump regarding “what he wanted to do”. Who also denigrated PDT before other admin. employees. And to think he’s been able to hide a law degree giving him such legal “expertise”. Who knew?

    5. Tom Price, the PDT’s advertised “genius” turned quick embarrassment as an expense acct. fraud who was to champion truly cost tran$parent healthcare as the remedy to the wildly broken “0bamacare”. Which it would have been! In the end, Recucks had NO plan despite nearly seven (7) yrs. cucking it led by Morons: Squeaker Ryan and his predecessor Weepin’ Drunken Boehner who’s now hosting marijuana seminars and board member of Acreage Holdings a multi-state marijuana sales and distribution company. All concurrent “assistance” from Michelle McConnell and of course Juan McCain and other “consuhvuhtives”.

    6. Anthony Scaramucci the Long Island slime ball (LI’s full of guys like him) who lasted a hot (10) days as Dir. WH Comm. while coming off as a Fool doing it.

    7. Scott Pruitt – likely a marxist smear victim, but you’d think he’d have been exceedingly careful to avoid even a HINT of impropriety given the satanic nature of the marxists. Do people like this THINK? At all?

    8. Christopher Wray – to run the Famous But Incompetent. Does anyone in their right fkg mind believe Wray will reign in and restructure this armed proxy of the Dept. of Just-Us? If you do you’re an Idiot. I still can’t believe PDT picked this mega cuck. Obvious 30 seconds into Wray’s confirmation testimony before the senate. What is…. the Major Malfunction here?

    Now Barr who better be a PDT shining moment like Mike Pompeo. Also, wish he’d get off the Harvard train and realize how many “Hahvaahd” graduitz have profoundly damaged our Country. At least Barr did his J.D. at GWU not that it’s a huge step up from Hahvaahd. Did his undergraduate work at Columbia which is cut from the same Frankfurt school ilk as Harvard. Barr was inherited by Verizon from GTE in 2000 when they were purchased by the legacy Bell System entity (now Verizon) of merged lineage: former NYTel aka NYNEX + Bell Atlantic + GTE = Verizon where he became VZ’s general counsel. I used to work for VZ and can state, unequivocally, it’s one of the most leftist entities traded on NYSE. An abundance of nepotism, often gross incompetence (3rd levels and up) frequently based on 0 more than affirmatively acted promotions all supported by a rabidly leftist “HR” dept. I often observed close up what was at times almost surreal. Indeed, recurring revenue streams can sustain even them.



  22. zozz1 says:

    Comey will lose…he will be brought low by his own hubris. He cloaks himself in a bit of pseudo humbleness as he exudes smug self-satisfaction in his superior cleverness as he duels with his questioners. Ruin awaits him…ruined by his own hand.

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  23. Cathy M. says:

    Here’s the Comey interview transcript while we await SD’s analysis. It’s 200+ pages



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