White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Discusses G20 Dinner Between U.S. and China…

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro appears on Fox Business to discuss the possibility of trade deals between the U.S. and China.  Navarro explains the Buenos Aires dinner meeting and how Chairman Xi outlined his position on three buckets of U.S. concerns.

Charles Payne is going bananas because he doesn’t understand what happens in the space between two different sets of economic policy benefactors:  Wall Street and Main Street.

Wall Street is going to lose ground; period.  Their financial interests are dependent on retaining the status-quo multinational/global economic systems.  President Trump is supporting Main Street over the interests of Wall Street.  Stocks that are centered on U.S. blue-collar companies, domestic benefits, will grow; all other multinational stocks will not.

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46 Responses to White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro Discusses G20 Dinner Between U.S. and China…

  1. fleporeblog says:

    This is the reality that motivates our President and his Killers! This is damn personal to them and we will be the recipients of their anger once they are done with the Panda 🐼.

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  2. rf121 says:

    The problem here is time. Can Panda out last PT? All the Wall streeters need to do is keep tanking the market and therefore 401K’s. Plus the Fed manipulations.

    Then we will be left with an increase in happily employed workers with better salaries and maybe now PT voters. Balanced against a bunch of people with IRA’s, 401K’s (retired types that need the income) that get tanked which will be blamed on PT policies.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “All the Wall streeters need to do is keep tanking the market and therefore 401K’s. Plus the Fed manipulations.”

      The stock market (IMO “ponzi scheme”) is not my thing. However, I do believe that there are some groups that will experience growth instead of loss.

      “Stocks that are centered on U.S. blue-collar companies, domestic benefits, will grow; all other multinational stocks will not.”

      An example would be stock portfolios heavily invested in industries that produce real goods and products (automobiles, construction, mining, pharmaceuticals, etc.), as opposed to companies that do not produce anything tangible, like Facebook and Twitter.

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      • rf121 says:

        Average 401K/IRA investor is at the mercy of their mutual fund bundle provided by their company. We are talking millions of voters that are in these plans as traditional pensions are pretty much gone. As I said, this is a matter of time. 2020 is just around the corner.


        • 2020 is multiple political lifetimes away.
          Cut the crap.

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          • rf121 says:

            Soon, there will be just a handfull of commenters left on this blog. All agreeing with each other and happy they do not have to deal with other opinions, trolls etc.

            Discussion earlier on another thread about where some of the regulars have disapeared too. This response is why many have left.

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            • Jedi9 says:

              Yep! I feel the same way! Conservatives need to get out of their box and start adapting to a newer way of thinking or get left behind. If the latter happens, the country will be lost. Sometimes an old dog can’t learn new tricks, as there is something to be said about being rooted in dogma and stuck in your ways to resist anything that is a new way of looking at things!

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        • HelloGovernorDesantis says:

          Doesn’t everyone get a packet annually that gives you an option of what mutual fund bundle you want to invest in? I picked the one that contained companies that did engineering and eschewed everything internet.


  3. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Charles Payne is going bananas because he doesn’t understand what happens in the space between two different sets of economic policy benefactors: Wall Street and Main Street.”

    Would someone be so kind as to tweet him a link to the refresher course on MAGAnomics that was just posted here 2 threads previous to this? The link is below. Thanks in advance.


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    • Toenail says:

      Charles Payne voted for Obama twice. Do you really think he will learn anything from a refresher course?

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        BHO made possible the election of PDJT. The link I posted would not be a refresher course for Mr. Payne; however, it is one that would be a refresher for those of here on the branches of CTH.


      • rf121 says:

        Charles admits why he voted for Obama and it was the same reason most black voters did. Charles is very savy and pretty much a MAGA guy. However, the tarrif thing just freaks them all out on FBN.

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        • GB Bari says:

          They are fearful of that which they do not understand. It’s a real eye opener to suddenly realize that the cable business channels’ Wizards of Smart are only as real as the big face on the curtains in the Emerald City.

          If it isn’t benefiting Multinational Globalism, they’re frightened and lost.


          • Jedi9 says:

            What is to stop them from playing the waiting game, much what the Chinese are very good at? After Trump leaves office, and a Democrat or a Decepticon AKA RINO wins election who no doubt will represent the Multinationals then they will just reverse everything in a span of 4 to 8 years and we will be right back where we started. Its all lip service at this point!


      • grlangworth says:



      • WSB says:

        At least Charles has been man enough to regret that on air.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Fox Business could care less about Main Street. They work for Globalists, it’s their bread and butter.

      Enemies of the people.

      Fox Business never said a peep about the 2008 Mortgage Meltdown and the Credit Derivatives scam that made them all filthy rich. They knew. They all knew. And they didn’t say a peep to their listening audience. No warnings. It was a mystery how even Moody’s was involved. Yeah, sure, a mystery…….sarc/eyeroll/SPIT.

      Tried to act like it was “complicated” after it went South. No it wasn’t complicated. It was criminal……and no one, not a single banker or crooked politician went to prison.

      Crooks and liars.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    Flyover country will grow double digits from 2020 to 2030 and coastal states will need to lower taxes to stay competitive with them.

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  5. notfaded1 says:

    You can’t believe more than half the BS this media puts out. It’s a constant looking for anything to try disparage our VSGPDJT. If anything if you trade day to day do some short term puts and calls based on what Trump says… You can almost set a watch by what the market will do. The truth is our country and our economy is doing better today than has in decades. Real growth and economic building is solid. Unlike the house of cards others around the world are selling with globalism our VSG had gotten us back to solid basics. You can’t argue with solid basics of economics. Lower taxes, reduce regulations, open up our energy sectors and rebuild the basics like manufacturing with American made steel and it’s going to be next to impossible to stop the Trump train. They can whine, cry and spew whatever drivel they want on the MSM. They can even scare the FBN people some but it’s really hard to argue with success. Some let the volitivity in market scare them like so many nay sayers do in MSM. Don’t think for a second VSG doesn’t know what he’s doing… it’s a hard job but one that PDJT is perfect for. It’s why he ran for president in the first place. Keep that faith people. I’ve been saying for years we need a business man in the Whitehouse not a politician and look what we’ve got! I didn’t know it would be PDJT but gosh darn we gotta good one folks! Long after our VSG is gone his legacy of SCOTUS judges will leave a burning mark on the liberals that want to rewrite the Constitution. They lost BIGLY!!! We’re living in times we’ll some day look back on and say OMG what a great president DJT was. Just remember we’ve got more senators now that VSG worked his butt off to help him get more stuff passed and way way more importantly judges confirmed. VSG saw what happened with Kavenaugh and knew he had to fight like hell to make sure he can more easily get the next one confirmed. Just look how close it came… We’re blessed to have VSG. Let’s not lose the faith now. After January 1 it’s going to be tough but VSG has laid the groundwork to continue the most important part of his legacy. He sees the long game.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      notfaded, your thoughts are most excellent and are greatly appreciated.

      All of this being in one long paragraph is exceedingly difficult to read. Would you mind breaking your thoughts into smaller paragraphs to facilitate reading?
      Your thoughts are too good to pass over due to reading difficulty. tyvm
      All the best.

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    • The hedgers and investment houses created a fine-tuned MARKET WHIPSAWING op:
      • In-out-in for Sectors
      • Out-in-out for Stocks … especially those that may be thinly traded

      Been monitoring this all year on a sector and stock-specific basis.

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      • Larry says:

        That “MARKET WHIPSAWING op” has been going on for 100+ years… Read up about Jesse Livermore. If you haven’t heard about him, increase your circle of friends.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    Dr Navarro being included on the Trump China Trade Team is the best news yet. We are in the best of hands.
    Dr N is the best presenter of these sometimes difficult economic shifts, and explaining said.

    And that is a completely unbiased opinion lolol
    (ok, am a sucker for a truly great Prof…)

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  7. zooamerica says:

    “Wall Street is going to lose ground; period. Their financial interests are dependent on retaining the status-quo multinational/global economic systems.”

    I think Wall Street will not lose ground in the long run if they get smart and embrace President Trump’s fair change. Fair and reciprocal trade is good. Unfair and non-reciprocal trade is bad for every country. Wall Street’s image is not good because they sold out the Middle Class of America for more money about 30 years ago with NAFTA. Wall Street stupidly believed in Globalism (re-branded modern day international communism.) Perhaps now they realize their mistake?

    If Wall Street wakes up and gets their heads out of China’s rear end, President Trump will welcome all those companies BACK HOME with open arms. It’s the smart long term move. Short term pain for a very long term gain. GET SMART Wall Street!

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  8. The market will likely remain volatile for several reasons:
    1) Interest rates have risen as would be expected, with unwind of nearly zero level rates (QE2). The rate moves are actually good long term, especially for savers. But bad for asset plays such as housing. Bank stocks were a big part of the move today, likely because of changes in the yield curve but also reflecting “expectations” for growth. Bank performance used to be more closely correlated with domestic production, when banks loan portfolios were more critical to total performance. This is much less so as most major banks book much of their profit with market making trades.
    Also, and CRITICALLY, markets look at total portfolio. When rates rise then overall stock prices usually fall. This has been true historically for almost every large move of the stock market.
    2) Expectations for growth worldwide are dampened; no big surprise given the less than astute management of EU countries (France, Germany, UK among others) and rightly so dampened expectations of Chinese growth. Many US companies run global businesses, so less growth worldwide affects them.
    3) Commodity pricing still variable, and oil prices have trended lower, which affects pricing of energy stocks.
    4) Tech stocks’ performance, (tech firms such as FANG–Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google comprise much of the DJIA indices values) have been very volatile this fall. Their values were formerly trading at high multiples. I suspect that stock prices may be reflecting the likelihood of some repercussions from their blatant censorship–which could either affect usage or prompt regulation.
    5) Market professionals dislike uncertainty. The results of the China/U.S. negotiations for the next 90 days are not yet clear, creating uncertainty. This would likely lead to additional bumpy stock market performance.
    6) Profit taking prior to year end. (market was up yesterday, and some pros see this recent pullback as buying opportunity).
    7) Market pros still have not grasped the implications of MAGA economics–SD’s Main St. vs. Wall St has additional implications for the market because the economic performance “paradigm” has shifted quite a bit. It is complex, and many don’t understand it yet. Remember that many many people don’t yet understand what POTUS and his team are pursuing with the trade negotiations–reset of the trading regime to a more FAIR and FREE trading regime.

    I do think that the White House could tweak their messaging to better reflect that; but otoh, they realize that our trade partners read these communications as well. Hence, a need to ensure that messaging for domestic consumption does not adversely affect perceptions of those trading partners prior to inking the desired deal.

    Sorry this is long; hope it helps. 🙂

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  9. zooamerica says:

    All President Trump wants is equal and fair trade. They call him “CRAZY” for suggesting such a thing. Why do the Corporate Media Propagandists (CMPs) go bananas when President Trump talks such common sense? Because the 6 giant multinational companies that control over 90% of all media content in America have a monopoly on information? Maybe that’s why. Talk like that intrudes upon their territory.

    Practically every single movie, magazine, newspaper, and channel on TV you see is owned by one of the Big 6. The CMPs get paid Big $$$ to espouse views against fair and free common sense.

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    • quintrillion says:

      Look at who is on the board of directors of these corporations and likely will find they are all on each others boards so the group think is all the same they are all together like one giant block head. From that you can see how legislation gets written into law by their giant lobbyist the chamber of commerce. This is why the Federal government is so rotten. It’s laws are written by and for the corporations. By the way, the Federal government is a corporation too.

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  10. Ospreyzone says:

    One must remember that Charles Payne hangs around “market lemmings” that fear tariffs more than the grim reaper, because they have been sold the notion that tariffs are just a harmful “tax on consumers.” In reality, tariffs are a powerful trade enforcement tool. As Peter Navarro mentioned, nobody comes to the table without the threat of tariffs.

    As far as year end market volatility goes, here’s my take.
    Dow Jones year-to-date gains are about 2.8%. This anemic performance is well-explained by Sundance, and is being largely caused by that space between two entirely different sets of economic engines struggling to drive our economy.

    At the same time, investment managers get judged at the end of the year by how close they came to meeting or exceeding the aforementioned 2.8%. This is their last chance to take profit and they are darn-well going to do it before the hammer drops. “Taking profit” further causes the market year-to-date metric to fall, while investor performance (in comparison) rises. Therefore, I expect every bit of profit will be squeezed out before the Christmas holiday. One might call it “managing the indicators.”

    Merry Christmas.


  11. motreehouse says:

    Excellent presentation Once again Sundance
    Thank You for putting this together.

    Dr. Navarro introduces POTUS25 William McKinley.
    Toward the end of the interview Charles Payne asks Why did POTUS tweet “I am Tariff Man” ?
    Dr.Navarro responds “I am Tariff Man and on the Tariff platform I stand” is from McKinley and
    President Trump pays homage to McKinley because His strong tariffs and realignment of currency lead to tremendous Catalytic Growth and also the re-alignment of the Republican party.
    Key message for the presumed intended audience of Charles Payne show- Wall street.
    ” Invest within Our borders” Dr. Navarro


  12. Yes. The traditional Asian waiting game is to tell the Western adversary what he wants to hear, exchanging Asian promises for Western tariff reductions, the end to an embargo, withdrawal of armed forces, tons of military supplies flown “over the hump” at great expense “which we’ll use to fight the Japanese invader real soon, not hoard for our war against Mao a decade from now, honest” . . . whatever the Westerner wants to hear. Promise much; do nothing, if challenged, throw up the hands and shriek “I TOLD that head man to honor our agreement. I’ll cut off his head!” . . . and promptly go back to total inaction; rinse and repeat.

    If the Chinese now actually do more than give empty “assurances,” it means they realize they’re finally confronting in DJT an adversary who’s wise to that game. (Note that’s a big caveat — trying to actually STOP them from bribing American politicians and corporate executives to sell our proprietary technology would mean actually putting some of the sellers in prison. The photo of which jaw-droppingly corrupt American politician appears on the cover of Ed Timperlake’s “Year of the Rat”? What are the odds he’ll ever see the inside of a jail cell?)

    But the Chinese Plan B is indeed just a new waiting game, operating on a slightly longer time scale. In American politics, “planning for the long term” means looking ahead as much as five or even waaayyy out there at eight years. The Chinese know Donald Trump won’t be in power for more than another six years, and even if a hand-picked successor gets elected to a “Trump’s third term,” other bright, shiny objects will appear to attract our grandchildren’s attention. The Corrupticrats will be free to go back to “business as usual” within a decade.

    To the Chinese, that’s the blink of an eye. Making whatever compromises are necessary in order to retain access to the American market for the next decade? A mere hiccup in their 100-year plan. I mean, they’re still trying to correct a slight mistake the Yongle Emperor made when he cut off foreign trade in 1430, right?

    None of which is Trump’s fault. He’ll fight the Corrupticrats to give us a good decade, a breathing space, to show us it can be done. Will we respond by hosing out the stables in Washington, or will our urban masses — supplemented by new floods of illegals — go back to voting for whoever promises them the most free stuff? Will we eliminate the public-employee-union dominated socialist youth propaganda camps (“public schools”), or just give them more money to fund their new “Boys Now Wear Dresses on Thursdays to Promote Gender Sensitivity” scheme?

    Sufficient unto the day is the labor thereof.


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