Team Mueller Responds to Assertive Papadopoulos With Brush Back Legal Pitch…

Former short-term Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos has been increasingly vocal about his belief he was a target of an elaborate sting operation by the DOJ and FBI in 2016 and 2017.

In general terms, Papadopoulos suspicions are very well founded.

After pleading guilty to lying to federal investigators (FBI) about the date of his contacts with a sketchy Maltese Professor named Joseph Misfud, Mr. Papadopoulos came to the conclusion Misfud was actually an FBI asset working with an agenda to to entrap him within the “spygate” conspiracy.   Working with new lawyers an assertive Papadopoulos requested a delay in his 14-day jail sentence.

Today, in response to the legal filing for delay, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team fired a legal warning shot:  “The defendant received what he bargained for, and holding him to it is not a hardship,” the prosecutors wrote in the filing.


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163 Responses to Team Mueller Responds to Assertive Papadopoulos With Brush Back Legal Pitch…

  1. DIRTY Robert Swan Mueller III [IS] a Deep-State CRIMINAL.
    ~He knows it & We know it.~
    *Ain’t that right Barry Soetoro aka. Barack Obama.*

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  2. spoogels says:


    6 Respectfully submitted, ROBERT S. MUELLER, III Special Counsel Dated: November 21, 2018 By: _____/s/_________________
    Jeannie S. Rhee
    Andrew D. Goldstein
    Aaron S.J. Zelinsky The Special Counsel’s Office

    There you have it–Obama and Clinton connected. The lot of them. Papadop WAS framed
    Sons of bitches

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  3. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    The bullshit is strong in this motion….

    ‘the defendant lied to the FBI regarding his interactions with a foreign professor whom he understood )to have significant ties to the Russian government, as well as a female Russian national. The defendant claimed his interactions with these individuals were inconsequential and predated his time on the Trump Campaign. In truth and fact, the defendant knew that the professor took an interest in him only after the professor learned the defendant was affiliated with the Trump Campaign.”


    Because they knew he was NOT a foreign agent.

    Mueller is trying to claim Misfud is NOT a Russian spy but PapaD lied about meeting him because maybe he thought he was.

    In any event the meetings were precisely “INCONSEQUENTIAL” because PapaD received (possibly refused) no “intel” and THE FBI STILL HAS NOT INDICTED MISFUD–proving THEY DO NOT believe Misfud is “consequential.”.

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  4. Michael K says:

    I hope the Senate picks up the investigation that Nunes has begun. The Democrats will be in full cover up mode in January,


  5. Bill Henslee says:

    They will now remove their 10 day offer. And ask for 10 years. Papadopoulus better have the goods or be able to find them in a new discovery motion. A dangerous game of chicken on both sides.


  6. TJ coupe says:

    Isn’t this an example of Lord Mueller engaging in his own form of obstruction of justice? Is it possible Lord Mueller wants to obstruct a valid investigation of another matter: an investigation certainly briefer, and quite possibility more consequential than his own.

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