Reconciling Rosenstein through Wolfe and Horowitz…

Back on July 22nd, the day after the July 21st surprise release of the Carter Page FISA Title-1 surveillance application, I wrote: “Oh My, This is Either A Sting -OR- The Most Corrupt U.S. Dept of Justice in History” (link).  The issue surrounded the seemingly transparent connection between the James Wolfe indictment and the FISA application.

Three months later, when James Wolfe accepted a single-count guilty plea offer around lying to federal investigators, the answer seemed obvious, at least to me.  Despite the evidence of leaking “top secret” classified documents within the Wolfe indictment DAG Rosenstein initially charged 3 counts of lying; and offered a lower guilty plea on one count.

Along with tenuous congressional testimony; a refusal to comply with document production; and a never-ending defense of the Mueller investigation; Rosenstein gives all appearances of an administrative state weasel.   However, there are solid and reasonable people who genuinely believe both Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller are doing a good, and fair, job for President Trump.

Jeff Carlson over at Marketswork does solid research and analysis.  His position on Rosenstein is far more favorable than mine; and in the interests of intellectual honesty, he could be correct [Here] and [here] and especially [Here], and  I could be entirely wrong.

To shorten the Carlson view, he essentially points out that neither Mueller or Rosenstein have ever taken direct positions against the President, and both have made statements claiming there is no evidence of Trump colluding or coordinating with Russia, writ large.

Carlson also points out that President Trump has spoken warmly about Rosenstein (frequently and recently), and continues to provide the Deputy AG with visible and vocal support.

Additionally, President Trump took Rosenstein’s advice and cancelled the declassification request after their meeting; seemingly another data-point toward a view that Rosenstein, at least from Trump’s perspective, is working toward his goals.

My own opinion on Rosenstein is far more cynical.  However, with no-one really knowing which direction this is going, it is only fair to share an entirely different possibility.  I hope I’m wrong.  Therefore here’s a counter-perspective to my own cynicism.

It would be dishonest not to admit that my own history of researching politics could be clouding my perspective and judgement.  Any time I have dropped the cynical view, and looked at DC swamp activity with optimism, that favorable outlook has burned me and I’ve victimized myself through my own desire to find virtue where none exists.

So it is important to share with readers, my gut instinct -driven by experience- is always to look cynically toward anything that seems altruistically optimistic.

A recent example will help explain.

I was guilty of being hopeful the June 2018 Inspector General report on FBI misconduct surrounding the Clinton investigation would have revealed the scale and scope of wrongdoing.  I was hopeful that President Trump’s appointed DOJ and FBI leadership would be able to cut through the malfeasance, resulting in the delivery and support of an honest review of political bias we all know exists.

Alas, when the final version of the IG report was made public, and more stunningly when Christopher Wray held a press conference a few hours later, I realized it was a gross mistake to have projected and outlined optimism.

You might remember FBI Director Christopher Wray immediately said there was “no evidence of bias”; then, moments later, informing everyone that all 25,000 senior FBI officials would go through bias training.


Immediately after watching this I thought to myself:

How can the current IG investigation into FISA fraud and FISA Court abuse, outline corruption, malfeasance, manipulation and fraud upon the court, if the DOJ/FBI and currently expressed IG position is that there’s no signs of political bias within the institution?

The results of the second IG investigation (FBI bias), seemed to principally forewarn of the likely result of the next IG investigation into FISA abuse.

Indeed, the FISC abuse is directly related to “spygate” and the 2016 election; and that is directly related to the FBI bias and the weaponization of the FISA process. On June 14th, I immediately withdrew all assumptions, and began looking at each granule thereafter through a much more cynical lens.

However, as stated, there are intelligent people –like Jeff Carlson– who believe Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is indeed working for the cause of justice, on behalf of President Donald Trump.  Therefore, here are some data points that would likely be critical to that position – if it is correct.

On August 4th, 2017, AG Jeff Sessions announces he is putting DAG Rod Rosenstein in charge of a leak investigation. [SEE HERE]  Sometime in October, 2017, AG Jeff Sessions hires Matt Whitaker to be his chief-of-staff.

♦On October 30th, 2017, the FBI informed Senate Intelligence Committee Security officer James Wolfe, they were conducting a leak investigation [Link].  On December 15th, 2017, the FBI confronted Wolfe with evidence of his leaking.

After initially signing a sworn statement denying the activity; when confronted with the evidence, Wolfe admitted he lied & that he leaked information to his girlfriend, journalist Ali Watkins.  James Wolfe quietly resigned from the SSCI before the end of December, 2017.

♦On February 9th of 2018, while the Wolfe indictment was still under seal – and no-one in the public knew what took place within the SSCI in December, a set of text messages between SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner and a lawyer/lobbyist named Adam Waldman mysteriously surfaced. [SEE HERE]  The texts showed Warner was trying to set up a covert meeting with Trump Dossier author, Christopher Steele.

♦On February 13, 2018 James Wolfe’s girlfriend Ali Watkins received a statutory notification that her email and telephone data was retrieved by the DOJ as part of their ongoing investigation into classified leaks.  The date of the capture was February 1 through July 31, 2017; and would therefore include the time-frame when the Carter Page FISA application was delivered to the SSCI and leaked by Wolfe on March 17th, 2017.

(Document Link)

It’s important to remember that we don’t find out about any of this activity at the time it was happening.  None of this was public information in March, October or December 2017; or in February 2018.  It is only in hindsight, after the Wolfe indictment was unsealed, June 2018, that we can put the dates and documents together.

(1) The Wolfe Indictment. (2) The Warner Texts. (3) The Watkins notification. (4) The FISA application.  Alone they don’t mean much, and they all came out separately. But put them together and a clear picture emerges.

The FISA Application was delivered to James Wolfe at the SSCI on March 17th, 2017.  SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner reviewed the FISA application at 4:02pm the same day. James Wolfe then leaked the content of that FISA to his journalist girlfriend Ali Watkins on the same day.

Later, in October 2017, Wolfe was notified of a leak investigation. On December 15th, 2017 Wolfe was questioned about the leaks.  Unbeknownst to him the DOJ had already secured one-end of the communication network [DOJ FISA Subpoena of his girlfriends documents] which busted him in the lies.

After Wolfe was busted in December, someone gained authorization to retrieve Vice-Chairman Mark Warner’s text messages, and those became public in February 2018.  (Remember, at the time they become public, we don’t know about the Wolfe indictment)

Question: Knowing there was a sealed indictment waiting in the wings, why weren’t Senator Mark Warner’s texts held as substantiating evidence?

It is my suspicion, the interview with James Wolfe (December ’17), is what tipped off the FBI to go look at the text messages of Senator Warner; which we see in Feb. ’18.  It is my suspicion Warner instructed Wolfe to leak the content of the classified FISA application to Wolfe’s media sources; and when confronted Wolfe informed the FBI that’s how it went down.

To bolster my suspicion, prior to his October 2018 plea deal, what did James Wolfe immediately position as his defense?

WASHINGTON (July 27th, 2018) —Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have been notified they may be asked for testimony as part of the criminal trial of a veteran Senate staffer accused of lying to the FBI while working for the panel.

Attorneys for James A. Wolfe sent letters to all 15 senators on the committee, notifying them that their testimony may be sought as part of Mr. Wolfe’s defense, according to two people familiar with the matter.  [Wall Street Journal]

Additionally, Wolfe’s lawyers tried –and failed– to get a gag order put on his case.

This is a factual data-set, along with my suspicions as to how/why the FBI went looking into Warner’s text messages.  James Wolfe plead guilty to one-count of lying to the FBI; and no-one has yet made any public comments about it.

Is there a solid framework for an honorable Rod Rosenstein view within this data-set?

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497 Responses to Reconciling Rosenstein through Wolfe and Horowitz…

  1. railer says:

    Rats will scatter when the light comes on, and bite and scratch each other as they flee. Rosenstein’s DoJ and FBI were taking the brunt of the hit for the Muh Russia conspiracy in 2017, albeit only an inside-baseball type of hit as the media refused to publicize much of this conspiracy. But it was a hit nonetheless and worse was yet to come, and they knew it. Rosenstein’s response was to impale Warner and the Congress and make sure they understood that they too were implicated, Wolfe being the means to demonstrate that. The FISA warrant application release implicates the Courts for their involvement. With these actions, the DoJ Swamp rats were simply reminding all of the other rats and groups involved in the Muh Russia conspiracy that DoJ wasn’t going down alone, and that everybody involved was at risk. If minor rats in DoJ were to be charged with crimes, then so would others be exposed and potentially charged or disciplined. The Big Rats understood this to be a necessary exercise, and the other functional groups could be intimidated into helping protect the conspiracy, as they’d been participants as well.

    Institutions will always protect themselves, and DoJ was simply reminding all these institutions that they also had an obligation to protect the overall CONSPIRACY and all associated… or else. These DoJ exposures send a message, yes, but they also trigger all conspiracists to go dark and refuse to point fingers at other conspiracists, for fear that they will see a backlash. Minor players might go to jail or be disciplined, but the trail ends there if the stonewall holds. It has so far.

    I have seen nothing that causes me to adjudge anybody from DoJ as having changed species. All of their actions to date fall under the umbrella of rat behavior. Trump’s not stupid, and he knows this.


  2. dd_sc says:

    Is there a solid framework for an honorable Rod Rosenstein view within this data-set?

    Only if a bunch of the low(er) hanging fruit is singing like canaries to a Grand Jury that nobody knows about.

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    • lanahi says:

      There have been innumerable references to grand juries, in the IG reports, congressional hearings, and elsewhere. Additionally, there has been a lot that has not been released because of continuing investigations, and I doubt they are all done by Mueller. IMO, it’s safe to assume that plenty of people are talking to save themselves and that there are grand juries.

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    • clive hoskin says:

      I hate to rain on any of this,but HOW can you have any sort of investigation into anything using already discredited EVIDENCE.NONE of this has been proven to be REAL.It’s all been shown to be”Fabricated”


  3. Mike says:

    Mueller- if you look at the way his investigation has been conducted, Michael Cohen pleading guilty to a non crime tied to Trump, just so they can then say by extension Trump is guilty of this non-crime, etc, etc, MUELLER IS OUT TO GET TRUMP, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

    RR- Maybe he is an opportunist who went along with the coup when he thought they would be successful, and maybe he is now trying to play both sides to save his job. The last IG report with basic investigative leads not followed up on and the conclusion contradicting its contents, as well as the Awan result, the failure to indict McCabe, ALL TELLS ME RR IS CORRUPT.

    I believe the Adam Waldman / Warner texts were leaked by someone on Waldman’s side of the exchange. Waldman is a rat for hire.

    I also don’t think Whitaker is a source for ANY leaks. I think John Solomon and Sara Carter get most of their information from republican Congressional staffers of white hat rep congressmen.

    My cynicism is based on the facts, not on what I hope.

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    • kiswa15 says:

      No Mueller is not out to “get” Trump. The data doesn’t point to that and neither do the indictments.
      Flynn’s plea deal is odd…almost like a sting. Remember crooked Contreras took that plea agreement and then was removed from FISC.
      Manafort was involved in the attempted framing and spying of Trump. He’s not a good guy.
      Paul Manafort knew he was a surveillance bunny and that’s why he kept contacting members of the transition team after he was fired. There was a FISA on Manafort.
      Cohen was trying to set up Trump on campaign violations. He’s connected to Russian mob, Felix Sater, and wait for it….Hillary.
      No one ever talks about Van der Zwann and his plea deal. No one ever mentions he worked for Gregory Craig or Craig’s criminal referral or Fritash’s connections to Van der Zwann or the Ukrainian deal or Biden’s son sweetheart oil and gas deal that came out of that.
      Papadopoulos is also very interesting….Alexander Downer, the Maltese professor Mifsud, Sir Richard Deerlove, Orbis. It’s almost like George was a low level intel asset inserted into the campaign and then set up.
      What about Maria Butina?
      Nothing Robert Mueller has done to date has anything to do with “getting” Trump but does seem to have something to do with those involved with trying to set Trump up.

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      • briwas101 says:

        And then Sessions and Mueller arrested everyone, and everybody clapped!


      • trapper says:

        “Flynn’s plea deal is odd…almost like a sting. Remember crooked Contreras took that plea agreement and then was removed from FISC.”

        That is the thought I keep coming back to. It sounds so familiar. Remember, Priestap began his FBI career as a young Special Agent in the Chicago field office. After Greylord, but he would have been trained by the guys who ran it. He fell off the radar, as a straight up guy would, doing what he does. See:

        Oh, and remember, when you cast out your fishing net, no matter what you are fishing for you will always also haul up something unexpected.


      • Louis Genevie says:

        This post has no factual or logical basis. Rubbish.


    • lanahi says:

      We really don’t know what is being followed up on and what isn’t. Huber IS playing some function, and it’s reasonable to assume he has taken over the investigations the IG referred to him. We do have evidence that the IG and Huber are working together. Bottom line is that there is too much we don’t know yet but will know and, until then, neither optimism or pessimism makes sense.

      I am going to come down on the side of optimism because I know that Trump is serious about cleaning out the deep state and he tends to win in the end. He also has all the resources and guidance from military intelligence and NSA available to him, which is far more reliable than the civilian or ABC agencies. He does know what is going on and does have a plan to deal with it.

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      • David says:

        Then why has”nt Huber given any up dates to the house committee for the year or so even after being asked by the chairman. I agree with this writer THE WHOLE MESS STINKS

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        • kuhnkat says:

          With the amount of leaking going on from legislative staff, why would someone inform the legislators what was going on unless FORCED to??


    • bonami says:

      I totally agree, for what it is worth I think Mueller and Rosenstein are deep state creatures whose job is to destroy Trump the outsider by a thousand cuts if they can’t manage to slice into a major artery.
      And they are not alone, every resource of the deep state/Dem/MSM is out to get him. For example witness the blatant election theft in Az, Tx, Fla and Georgia; they don’t care anymore who sees them as the Media will only tell their story.
      I further think that the inordinate amount of money being spent is part of their scam and I think Whitaker should immediately do is a forensic audit of the legal bills which I am sure are a joke.
      On the basis of billing fraud he can replace both of them immediately and do a full review of all of their work and if he is any good throw out the convictions gained by “lying to the FBI.” Remember they got Capone on his taxes not his body count.
      He needs to move fast, he only has 210 days.

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    • intercesser says:

      Your cynicism is well founded , based on all of the publicly available evidence . The honorable ones have left a trail of proof . RR is just a diabolically clever , self-serving swamp rat , playing both sides as best as he can . Everyone wants to believe that he is on their side , but he always only on his own side .

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  4. Judiciary says:

    I dunno, do you bypass a guy you like or trust and appoint Whitiker instead? Do you like or trust a guy who spied on you and wanted to take you out as a nutter (if Attorney Baker’s testimony was truthful)?

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  5. TwoLaine says:

    I have known RR was not our friend since he began lying to Congress about the changing scope of his agreement with Mueller, claiming he didn’t think it had changed, but he’d have to get back to them, bah, blah, blah, and then nothing, when we all knew it had changed. To this day it is the best kept secret in the land of leaks. That should NEVER, EVER HAPPEN in the USA!

    The secrecy must end!

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Rodent Rosenstein is an absolute swamp rat, no questions about it. Just look at the big picture: First, he is instrumental in getting Sessions to recuse himself. Then he appointed Mueller as a special counsel without naming a crime and despite Mueller’s obvious conflicts. This occurred after Trump had rejected Mueller to head the FBI. The Mueller ‘investigation’ hangs over the Trump administration from day one, stifling the President’s agenda and forcing him to defend himself every day. These actions alone are sufficient to convict Rosenstein in the court of treehouse opinion.

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  6. JimmyB says:

    I believe the corruption is so bad for all on Capitol Hill, save maybe 25, that it will never see the light of day.
    If it did, the citizens of this “Great Land”would visit each and everyone of them with the intention of getting a few questions answered! Toot sweet!

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  7. Unsk says:

    If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck. RR looks like he is a criminal, talks like a criminal and acts like a criminal. No doubt he is a criminal. No doubt about it at all. The way he has handled the Mueller probe and the rest of the DOJ has done great damage to the Rule of Law in this country.

    Both RR and Mueller should be indicted, tried and pack off to the hoosegow. Forever. They are both criminals who have done great damage to our justice system.

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  8. George1 says:

    Mueller is a political assassin. He has been for decades. He also works part time as a uranium courier. He works for team deep state. In deep state rankings it is probably Rod Rosenstein who works for Mueller. Not the other way around.

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  9. Greg says:

    I can see RR going both ways but am unsure which way he will wind up going. Since we know many in the DOJ have committed crimes and Wolf and Warner could both be included in that, and no one is being brought to Justice, not even Wolf because that wasn’t Justice that was applied to him, then something else is happening. It can only be one of two options, either we are waiting for January to let Trumps EO become law or the swamp has enough ingrained power to hold their ground until we have a new Democrat President, which looks like what is happening right now.
    POTUS will have all the tools necessary to bring serious charges against DS individuals in January, if there are no serious DS players perp walked by January 31 then option two is in play.

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  10. Troublemaker10 says:

    Whether Trump likes Rosenstein or not, I can’t say.

    However, I can’t reconcile:

    1. What motivated Rosenstein to ever appoint a special counsel into Trump and Russia and Trump obstruction in the first place (there was nothing going on to rise to that level)?

    2. Why does Trump seem more angry with Sessions for his recusal than Rosenstein for actually appointing Mueller?

    As far as Rosenstein is concerned today….he is irrelevant. With Whitaker’s appointment and takeover of Mueller investigate, Rosenstein can be managed and ignored.

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    • lanahi says:

      Sessions’ recusal gave Rosenstein all the authority over the DOJ Russia investigation. It all started there…that’s all we are sure about. Whether it is a sting operation or what, we don’t know yet, so we don’t even know if Trump is upset with Sessions or not. But we do know that Sessions handed the authority of the Mueller investigation over to Rosenstein.

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    • briwas101 says:

      “Rosenstein can be managed and ignored”
      Why do people think ridiculous things like this?
      Rosenstein, as DAG, oversees the FBI.

      The last 2 years have been completely wasted on Russia nonsense instead of the criminals being investigated.

      How did that happen? Trump hired Sessions who hired Rosenstein who hired Mueller.

      Justice has been COMPLETELY TRASHED because Trump allowed these people to keep their positions, and you still can’t understand that.

      Name ONE other president who hired snakes all around him that opposed him? Maybe JFK.

      There is absolutely NO precedent for leaders appointing traitors to important positions and NOT having horrible results.

      Sessions and Rosenstein and Mueller should have all been executed by now

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  11. jeans2nd says:

    FTA – (Jeff Carlson’s)
    “appointment of Mueller accomplished one very significant thing. It shifted control of the Russia Investigation from the FBI and McCabe to Mueller.”

    No it did not. Mueller hired the very same people from FBI and DOJ to continue their work as part of the Special Counsel team. Some on that team reported directly back to McCabe; indeed that is why Lisa Page was included on the team in the first place.

    “McCabe Neutralized”
    How? Lisa Page reported directly back to McCabe, as did Peter Strzock, both of whom were still taking direction from McCabe. Mueller was FBI Dir for 12 years. Mueller is the FBI.

    “Without Comey’s leak, McCabe would have retained direct involvement and the FBI would have retained control”
    Moving the Russia Investigation primaries to a former FBI Dirs team, whose members report directly back to McCabe, is the FBI and McCabe not retaining control? The FBI and McCabe did retain control.

    “What is not normal is receiving a deceptive briefing from DOJ lawyers.”
    Really? Really??? Please speak with Judge Emmet Sullivan, Judge Don Willis, and a host of other judges and victims whose names are included in Sidney Powell’s 2014 book “License To Lie.”

    “McCabe was finally completely neutralized”
    How? By Rosenstein’s addition to the Mueller directive? That addition to the Mueller directive seems to be aimed towards Paul Manfort, as the judge who read the redacted part of the directive allowed the Manafort persecution to continue, resulting in Manafort’s conviction.

    It seems quite a stretch to say McCabe was the object of that additional redacted part of the Mueller directive. Odds are the redaction is so as not to tip off other potential subjects of Mueller’s investigation. imo

    There is more, but the Jeff Carlson article ends with a Q-type cryptic “…McCabe was completely outplayed.”
    We’re now back to playing games?

    C’mon Sundance. Shall we go back over San Bernadino, Parkland, Ted Stevens, Gen Flynn, Steve Stockman, insertion of Muslim Brotherhood into DOJ/FBI, Intel, and other departments, removal of Islamic references from FBI/DOJ manuals, , Rep Hunter, Rep Nunes, Clinton emails, and on and on and on?

    Odds are Rosenstein wanted McCabe out due to the recusal and power issues.
    Horowitz was also investigating Clinton emails, and everyone knows McCabe should have been recused from the Clinton email investigation. AG Jeff having been recused, McCabe should have been recused as well. The President is all about fair, and Rosenstein needed to appear fair. imo

    These kind of people are childish and simple-minded enough to do anything to have their own way.
    You need no proof of that.

    If Jeff Carlson wants to debate over this being a power struggle, then Carlson and I are in agreement. This was/is nothing more than a power struggle, and as DOJ is over FBI, Rosenstein wins every time. And Pres Trump already knows McCabe is a bad guy and a liar.

    16:40 Sidney Powell “It’s a combination of narcissistic prosecutors, the arrogance of the prosecutors in Main Justice has gone off the charts in the last twenty years, as they have learned they can put their names on the front page of the papers with these high-profile convictions and punch their tickets to seven-figure salaries…”
    Ed. The DOJ accepts corrupt investigative information from the FBI, do they not? FBI higher-ups are also in the seven-figure salary gig, even Robert Mueller.
    SP “…And then they can rotate in and out of the Department of Justice, and the White House, and all kinds of big jobs. They’re always looking for the next step up, instead of just doing the right thing in the job they’re in…”
    Jason Goodman “…Eric Holder”
    SP “Katherine Rummler, Leslie Caldwell, Andrew Weissman, Lisa Monaco…”
    Joseph Flynn “James Comey…”
    JG “There are some key D.C. law firms that are complicit in this”
    SP “Oh, it’s incestuous…”
    JG “It’s like legal RICO…”
    SP “It’s literally The Swamp, it is literally The Swamp…”
    From “Discussion of Lawfare, Sidney Powell, Joseph Flynn, Jason Goodman” 12 Nov 2018

    You were gulity of being hopeful. As were we all.
    Back to James Wolfe – there is another with a very vested interest in keeping the Senate Intel Cmte out of the Wolfe prosecution. One who was also a key member of said, the most corrupt committee in Congress. Dan Coates. Think about it.

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  12. Anonymous says:

    1. The McCarthy article on Rosie shows some disdain for him. Wants to be seen as some super apolitical guy but sometimes that leads to political actions (to seem apolitical).

    2. He refused to answer clearly if he had read the Page FISA. If no is the answer say so. If he skimmed it say that. Just man up.

    3. His denial/non-denial of the McCabe accustations were word parsing weasely. Man up and just say what exactly went down.

    None of this is to say he is a super liar or even as bad as McCabe and Strozk. But he doesn’t meet my test for an honest, ballsy man. He’s a Washington weasel. And yes, I would say it to his face.

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  13. DesertRain says:

    What legitimate value is there in Mueller going after guys like Corsi and Stone?
    Take a minute to think about the known SC indictments to date. How do each of the outcomes benefit society? Was the $$$ well spent?

    Rosenstein is allowing the SC to spend taxpayer $$$ on work which is of no authentic benefit to society.

    Even if what we are seeing is a “sting”, it is the sloppiest sting in history.

    Rosensteins performance shows incompetence at best, corruption at worst.

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    • kuhnkat says:

      Remember Comey’s memo where Trump wanted a full investigation of the PeePee allegation?? He wanted to make sure his wife had no questions of his activity so wanted it fully investigated. Now think what his response was when he found out about the full dossier with his whole campaign and him personally put into serious question. I would think he would have demanded a full investigation that could not be questioned, either clearing people or determining their culpability as fully as possible.

      He has been stuck with Mueller since.

      I would note that as long as Mueller was also pursuing Trump the left would fight to keep him working independently. If they thought he was working FOR Trump they would obstruct and damage the investigation making it impossible for anyone to believe the results.

      This does not prove or disprove how corrupt any of the actors may be. In the end only their actions will prove anything.


  14. jerseyjoe says:

    Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.


  15. When it comes to character, if RR was honorable, he’d have never appointed a special council. He was the one who recommended President Trump fire Comey, the event that triggered the special council. An honorable man would not have done this.

    If RR was honorable, he’d have shut down the investigation once it was clear Mueller was fishing for crimes. An honorable man would have recognized the special council has gone far beyond Russian meddling and shut it down.

    If RR was honorable, he’d have recognized the illegality of the Russian Investigation to begin with and resigned due to his rubber stamping a very crucial FISA extension.

    His publicly visible actions do not point to an honorable man. Instead his actions point to a man who values self preservation above everything else. RR does whatever is best for RR. My gut is that anything he does that appears to help the President is because it’s in RR’s best interest. He is not honorable. President Trump knows the kind of rat RR is and he’s applying effective leverage accordingly. It may appear honorable, but again, my gut sees more as being compelled out of self interest.

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    • briwas101 says:

      You had me until the end when you said “Trump is applying effective leverage”

      People have been making those leverage claims for almost 2 years, and so far no good has come from the DOJ or FBI.

      Either Trump is the worst “leverager” in world history, or he isn’t leveraging people at all.


      • Hereisit says:

        At this point I think that President Trump is fully aware of who the players are and their roles.The scope of the corruption is so vast that undertaking a full accounting of the actions taken by the main characters would absolutely prove devastating to the country. Keep in mind that there are “allied” countries that are/have been fully involved with the deception. I know that the overriding sentiment on this site by most Treepers is to “just burn it down”, but President Trump has to work in the real world.
        As to leverage. The President does have leverage and has used this leverage to quietly (despite some very pointed tweets) remove a sizable number of malefactors from the playing field. SD has repeatedly listed the number of major instigators that have been removed from direct action. Is he winning? Don’t know at this point because there is way too much that we don’t know. What we do know is that slowly but surely he has been making progress.
        I do not believe that there is some secret plan going on behind the scenes that will magically fix generations of corruption and ideological machinations. I do believe that we need to soldier on and support our only chance to regain lost ground.


        • briwas101 says:

          In the end, “protecting alies and institutions” = cover up.
          You can try to justify it all you want, but when you know crimes were committed and you deliberately take action (or inaction) to make sure the criminals are not punished, that is a COVERUP.

          If our “allies” acted like enemies, keeping it under wraps and not punishing them = cover up.

          If Trump knows that our government is hellishly corrupt, and he makes sure it goes unpunished so that the government is protected, that is a COVERUP.

          Make whatever excuses you like, but you are justifying covering up deepstate crimes but you seem unwilling to admit it to yourself.

          You and Hillary are both ok if everything gets swept under the rug. Dwell on that


    • Farmkid says:

      I See an often statement about Rosenstein m, that he drafted the argument to fire Comey. Rosenstein was asked (ordered) by Trump to draft the letter. Rosenstein has been angry about this because he felt it was a slimy trick to provide cover for Trump because he was not in favor of the termination and considered Comey a friend. This subterfuge would undermine my allegiance to my superior.


      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        I do find it funny that within the letter that Rosenstein wrote, which you suggest he is bitter over, he excoriated Comey and his actions. So if what you say is the case it just proves more of the “Just Us” club.


  16. Damon Senior says:

    IMO Rosenstein is saving his own ass or hes just stalling and covering for fellow SES members while they ramp up algorithms, steal elections, fund invasions, and keep calling everyone racist!!🇺🇸🚫🌐

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  17. My worry is that I am hearing a lot of talk that Trump Jr. is on the verge of being indicted. If that happens everything goes out the window. And hopefully Whittaker becomes Mad Max. This could get real crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I applaud Sundance—respect. Articles like this enhance the CTH experience.

    It seems that many making comments here have not actually read the 3 articles that Sundance linked to from Jeff Carlson.

    Personally, I think both Sundance’s and Carlson’s theories are well within the realm of plausibility. If Sundance had thought that Carlson’s theory was absurd—I am fairly certain that Sundance would not have taken the time to read and link the 3 articles from Carlson—write an article offering an alternative view and commend Carlson for solid research and analysis.

    Reading through the comments it seems many already have their minds made up although there is still so much we simply do not know.

    When some Treepers, like myself, give theories like Carlson’s some credence—it is not seldom to get replies like “that is just absurd”, “obviously Rosenstein is a corrupt traitor”, “only an idiot would believe…blah, blah, blah…”<<<These are NOT arguments. In my opinion, it tends to shut down open thought and debate.

    We also get replies that go something like,"his wife has connection to so and so", "he is linked to so and so". Guilt by association. Often, when you look into the assertion being made, you find out that the context does not support the nefarious connotation. Do we really want to go down that road? Should we discuss all of the connections and links that our President has? Very slippery slope.

    I think many of us make the mistake of closing our minds with what we PERCEIVE as being most probable scenario…whether it truly is or not. False logic.

    Appeal to Probability Fallacy:
    An appeal to probability (or appeal to possibility) is the logical fallacy of taking something for granted because it would probably be the case (or might possibly be the case).[1] Inductive arguments lack deductive validity and must therefore be asserted or denied in the premises.

    Peace. 🙂


  19. Rob Smith says:

    Here’s my synopsis of the narrative. Gimme some feedback:

    February 9, 2018 – Warner/Waldman texts messages released; Wolfe indictment is still under seal and the general public does not quite grasp the significance of the Warner/Waldman texts.[118] Intel Committee co-chair Mark Warner was trying to arrange covert contact with Christopher Steele on March 17, 2017 – the date the Senate Intel Committee received the Carter Page FISA application and James Wolfe leaked it to Ali Watkins of BuzzFeed. By March 17, 2017, less than two months into President Trump’s term and two months before Mueller’s appointment, the Senate Intel Committee and the Washington media establishment knew the Russia collusion narrative was false after reviewing the Carter Page FISA application; and they knew the Obama Justice Department and FBI had acted improperly.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. ForGodandCountry says:

    Sundance, I can’t help but notice we’ve long been looking at Rosenstein in a 2 dimensional way…either for or against PDJT.

    The truth is, Rosenstein is career gov’t employee….he’s playing both sides against one another to personally profit in the middle. He is helping BOTH sides, which is why he has been able to hold off being disciplined by the GOP House and getting lambasted by POTUS, as was Jeff Sessions.

    Rosenstein is a gray hat who will ultimately help the side he stands to personally benefit the most from supporting. Put another way, he will do whatever he needs to do to keep his career intact and survive the Civil War taking place inside our gov’t.

    He is neither for or against. He is only FOR himself. This is the position we’ve been missing re: who/what Rosenstein is relative to all that is happening.



    • briwas101 says:

      If RR was neither for nor against, he wouldn’t have started a special counsel over bullshit, he wouldn’t have chosen Mueller, and he wouldn’t have threatened Trump multiple times.

      “He does good things for both sides”
      I’ve been following all of this from day 1, and I have yet to see RR do anything to benefit Trump’s side or the side of fair and equal justice.

      Everything RR has done falls under one of the following:
      1.Deliberately covering up specific things (docs, dates, names, testimony, etc)
      2.Delaying so that nothing is done while Trump is president

      RR successfully delayed so that a REPUBLICAN house accomplished nothing. Now Rosenstein has a democrat house that will work towards the same goals as RR: cover-up of deepstate crimes & protecting Mueller (who protects Rosenstein)

      If people would throw away their “heroes in government” glasses and look at what actually happens, the side of justice has been losing EVERY TIME which means the people in charge are absolutely corrupt and evil

      Liked by 1 person

      • Matthew LeBlanc says:

        I can’t stand the sight of Rosenstein but will admit he wen’t on record several times exonerating the PDJT administration regarding Russian Collusion.


        • briwas101 says:

          If Rosenstein “exonerated” Trump then there would be no Mueller, so your wording is not correct.

          As for Rosenstein defending Trump, he said that Trump is not a “target” of an investigation. Now that word is important because for warrants that would mean the *actual warrant* is directed at Trump, or real investigations actually *name* him as the target

          The investigation/warrant is not *officially* directed at Trump. The various warrants are directed at people around trump that could ensnare Trump as the *unnoficial* target.

          Rosenstein is a lawyer, so he talks like a lawyer and you need to think like a lawyer when listening to him.

          Rosenstein can TRUTHFULLY say under oath that Trump is not the target, because according to all the OFFICIAL documents he is NOT the target.

          But this is a deepstate coup and they aren’t dumb, so it was OTHER PEOPLE who had to be the official targets (page, Manafort, Pop, etc).

          Make no mistake, the purposes of Mueller are:
          Try to find impeachable crimes, and
          Disrupt administration so nothing gets done, and
          Make sure deepstate criminals avoid jail, and
          Make sure the deepstate criminal network remains intact enough to be started up again at 100% strength when a democrat president takes over.


      • Flight93Gal says:


        With RR there is no “Trump’s side or the side of fair and equal justice”–there is only the “protect the institution side” and the “protect RR personal side”.

        This is why Mueller was hired,
        This is why Russian indictments were announced with the no collusion by Potus speeches,
        This is why McCabe “wire theory” was laughed at and publicly denied,
        This is why Congress was publicly sneered at and lied to,

        In every case, RR protects the institution and himself–no one else.

        Liked by 1 person

  21. briwas101 says:

    There is literally 0% chance that Mueller and Rosenstein aren’t deepstate criminals.

    They are enemies of the republic covering up crimes and shielding criminals from investigations. They have had plenty of time to do even ONE good thing in their entire careers and haven’t done it. They have had plenty of time during the 1 term that Trump will have to find and prosecute criminals.

    To even consider it a possibility that they are good guys will inevitably result in the following theory: the corruption is so bad that it will take YEARS AND YEARS to get to the bottom of it, but you can’t even arrest 1 person until all 150,000 sealed indictments are ready so you just need to wait 4-8 years and then then arrests will happen!

    The goal is to delay until a democrat is president again and a 100% deepstate DOJ is back in business (instead of the current 99% deepstate DOJ). While we sit around and wait with our thumbs up our butt talking about fantastical theories, THE OBVIOUS DEEPSTATE COVERUP CONTINUES AND THE CLOCK KEEPS TICKING


  22. NJ Transplant says:

    If Rosenstein was a good guy, PDJT would not have appointed Whitaker.

    Rosenstein has allowed Mueller to go after the attorneys of the targets – Cohen and Roger Stone’s attorney.

    Rosenstein should never have appointed Mueller in the first place because there is no underlying crime and the appointment deprived PDJT of his basic 4th amendment rights.

    Rosenstein threatened PDJT when the President wanted to recuse documents requested by the former Republican led House.

    Rosenstein signed the 4th FISA warrant, which enabled continued surveillance of PDJT and everyone associated with him.

    Rosenstein put off testimony to congress in the hope that the Republicans would lose the house, which they did.

    I have a really hard time seeing Rosenstein as anything but dirty.

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  23. Philip Anselmo says:

    Rosenstein has bigger case against Warner and Burr.

    Sent from my iPhone



  24. From “Yes, Prime Minister”. 1986.

    • Humphrey is fair minded, isn’t he Bernard?
    • Oh, yes, Prime Minister.
    • If there were a conflict of interests, which side is the Civil Service really on?
    • The winning side, Prime Minister.

    May 17, 2017. RR appoints Mueller.
    August 2, 2017. RR gives Mueller “more specific description of your authority”.

    What happens in between? Paul Manafort house raided on July 26.

    What were the two allegations against Manafort in the RR August 2 memo? Russian collusion and payments from the Ukrainian government years prior to his work with Trump. Nothing on the former and for the latter convicted for five counts of tax fraud, one count of failure to file a report of foreign bank and financial accounts and two counts of bank fraud.

    Manafort is a proxy war of nationalism vs globalism. He backed a Russian friendly Ukrainian government and lost to the Soros backed revolution. They view him and Trump in the same way: idiots for thinking they could represent something else other than The Swamp.

    The Swamp is about power and money. The Swamp is where the Democrats and Republicans come together for their benefactors, with the MSM providing public relations. They wanted to recruit Nazis to fight the Cold War against the Soviets, and they got it. They wanted a war in Vietnam, and they got it. They wanted arms for hostages and they got it. They wanted to replace the Cold War with the War on Terror and they got it. They wanted to back the mujahideen/al Qaeda/ISIS and they got away with it.

    They got away with everything until 2016, and they still might get away with whatever they want. After the midterms, if Trump doesn’t soon play whatever cards he does have, then it will be all lost in the blink of an eye.

    Liked by 2 people

  25. Jake says:

    I agree with Sundance that most likely Sen. Mark Warner instructed Wolfe to leak the full unredacted FISA application to the media. The reaction of the other Senate Intel Committee members is telling. When the Warner texts were released in Feb 2018, Sen. Rubio actually came out in support of Warner. But, by the time of the Wolfe indictment in June 2018, I cannot remember one Senate Intel member that publicly expressed surprise, shock or horror that one of their most trusted senior committee aides had breached his responsibilities. I don’t think anyone in the media even asked them. Their silence tells us a lot.

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  26. SW Richmond says:

    Everything other than arresting obvious criminals and traitors is merely a delaying tactic. Anyone participating in these delaying tactics is a criminal at least and quite possibly a traitor.

    Madame deFarge knits.


  27. truthbomb says:

    So then, whom exactly has been cleaning house at the FBI and DOJ? Lots of resignations and defanging suggest Trump has allies in the Justice Department.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. zooamerica says:

    After going down this giant rabbit hole for essentially the past 2 years, it boils down to the basics.

    Reason and Logic. I think all of the hype behind Mueller’s investigation is nothing but a distraction from the real focus.

    Don’t believe the hype……..Who is the real focus of Mueller’s investigation?

    Barack H. Obama.

    Who funded him? Follow the money…were the Russians behind Obama?

    ***Never forget the fact that the Obama’s and the Clinton’s hate each other.***

    Never forget the fact that Donald Trump was friends with the Clinton’s before he became POTUS.

    Ivanka Trump is still good friends with Chelsea Clinton. Hillary was originally a “Goldwater Girl.”

    Yes, Hillary was a republican.

    Hillary is now a leftist in her rhetoric, but are the Clinton’s as far left as the Obama’s?

    I think not. Not like the Clinton’s wouldn’t want to help take down the Obama’s and their attempted communist takeover….sure, Bill gave China our “secrets,” (from 60 years ago) to China and gave China control of the Panama Canal…but was Bill Clinton and Hillary hard core communists?

    I don’t think so. Bill Clinton was a “moderate,” democrat and the platform he ran on back in 1992 would be considered “right wing,” by most liberals today.

    To confirm everything above, Hillary’s running again in 2020 after President Trump and Mueller take out the Obama’s.

    Why wouldn’t President Trump, Mueller, and every other sane democrat not want to take out the far left elements within the Obama apparatus?


  29. Linnéa says:

    Re: Sundance white-hats Rosenstein

    SORRY! I don’t post here often (probably because I’m not Conservative) but I just had to post on the ABSURD NONSENSE that the forum owner is posting. The forum owner and too many people here are too busy looking for an ‘edge’ and solving a ‘mystery’ that you cannot asses the situation rationally. My opinion.

    If anyone wants serious ANALYSIS and insider information on Rosenstein and what’s going on in the White House, free of wild conjecture, than all you need to do is pay attention to the recent television and radio interviews of Joe diGenova. He has ACTUAL associates and ACTUAL contacts and ACTUALLY has discussions with President Trump. Sorry!!


    Liked by 1 person

  30. jello333 says:

    This is what good, honest, truth-seeking scientists do. They may have their own strongly-held theory about something, but if another alternate view comes along that seems to have some validity, that scientist will begin to explore this alternate view, looking into whether it might modify or even totally change their own theory. They may eventually decide that the other view is right, or they may stick to their original opinion… or they may come up with something else that combines both.

    I know Sundance isn’t a scientist (at least as far as we know 😉 ), but at times he seems to have a similar mindset.


  31. Palmettoman says:

    I can’t fathom anything other than Rosenstein being a black hat. He signed a FISA warrant, orchestrated the beginning of the Special Counsel, hired Mueller (Uranium 1 conflict), stone-walled document requests, watered-down the IG report, etc.

    The only thing that makes sense to me is that Sessions was quietly supplying the rope with which they (Rosey, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr(s), Brennan, etc. will use to hang themselves. Only time will tell how it will all play out. I will say, tho, that if no punishment is given, the republic in its current form has been lost.

    The only reason we know of any of this is because Trump won the election. If Hillary had won, Donald Trump would have been persecuted with no ability to defend himself. He would have been destroyed personally and professionally. The R & D establishment would have used him as an example to deter anyone else from the outside to ever again consider running for POTUS.


  32. Kuhl Brieze says:

    My take on this … without facts …
    I have a feeling that in Jan., when the respective Speaker and committee chairs assume their positions, it will be a ‘quiet’ time. The ‘bazooka of subpoenas will be akin to the bubble gum.
    Now, seems there’s lots frenetic energy swirling around. Could be mind-boggling with all the characters, speculation, etc. But, there is a method to the madness.
    Christmas is coming ..

    Liked by 1 person

  33. weareallandrew says:

    There are a lot of skeletons in those House closets and Senate cloakrooms, and the NSA/CIA/FBI undoubtedly know about most of them. I don’t expect much from Mueller, other than more fishing expeditions and process crimes, and never expected Rosenstein to give up anything. He is the typical member of the Be There Club in federal bureaucracy- “we will be there after you are long gone, Mr Trump…”.
    Hard to imagine a DOJ with integrity after 8 years of Holder/Lynch.
    And you only have to look at the fecklessness of Congressional oversight and inability to do much of anything, but posture, in IRS gate, F&F, Benghazi, and Clinton emails.
    Most Americans don’t know how the FISA court works and don’t care.

    Sorry, after a career in military service and another with close association with politicians, intel weenies, bureaucrats, lawyers, tax law- I am as cynical as Sundance.

    I am hoping Trump will surprise me, but I only expect him “to make a really really good deal, for himself and his family.”
    The Swamp wins, after this election result.


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