The Main Street Engine is Fueled By MAGAnomic Policy…

Ever since candidate Trump announced his intent to run for the presidency in 2015, CTH has mapped out the economic possibilities of applied MAGAnomic policy.  Once you absorb the ramifications within the intentional policy shift from Wall Street (global) to Main Street (America first), every downstream result is essentially common sense.

One of the reasons the professional political class hate Trump is simply because he applies common sense policy built upon the cornerstone of America-first. Decades of pontificating political economic policy are dispatched; and the American economic engine roars.

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77 Responses to The Main Street Engine is Fueled By MAGAnomic Policy…

  1. Slowkid says:

    Humph, Who would of thought. A patriotic president.

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  2. Elwood says:

    Sundance, you are a stout heart and a kind soul. Thank you for your efforts.

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  3. Bendix says:

    One anecdote I’ve learned of:
    A woman I know who has one of those low wage, erratic schedule, part-time jobs in a retail chain, since the last instance of corporate headquarters making a change in policy which treats the workers even worse, is looking at other retail chains which at least are starting to pay pretty well.
    It shouldn’t be underestimated, the positive impact it has on a person’s whole life, when they start seeing choices that can make things better for them.

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  4. TimeIsNow says:

    Yep, I predict a Red Royal Flush, and the DNC will be what gets flushed.

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  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    Donald Trump is a no nonsense master businessman, and he applies business strategies into the world of politics, which is nothing but a success

    Yet his most brilliant approach is the simplicity of common sense

    He’s the President of the United States, so he’s pro-America.


    That approach confuses the political chattering class. They simply can’t comprehend a President who isn’t a globalist puppet

    Putting President Trumps talents aside, common sense is the one road he never turns off of, the one road he uses to reach his / our goals, and he’s about the only political leader that uses that road

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    • “his brilliant approach is the simplicity of common sense…” The beautiful part of this is that it is showing the world the opposite of what existed the past 8 years of Obama. A stuttering, bumbling inarticulate miasma of, ya know, ya know , if if if , but,but,but. Total psychobabble of smoke and mirrors. Thank you President Trump for turning on the light.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        OMG – love that old word – “psychobabble”!

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      • Phil Free says:

        Sweet! Another excuse to post one of my favorite ytube vids — I never tire of it! 😀 😀

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      • RobInPA says:

        Don’t forget to include the “I” “I” “I” I’s, and of course his classic opera singer warm-up – me me me me me me meeeeeeee!


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      • Fools Gold says:

        It ain’t just 8 years but I’ll admit obozo was the worst I ever lived thru! Our last most excellent president prior to Trump was Reagan! All of them in between were nothing short of liberals and globalist!

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      • Disgusted says:

        I heard my quite brilliant and accomplished 72 year old brother in law tell me yesterday: “Trump is succeeding because Obama set the economy up for him.” I sat in complete incredulous horror! where did you get THAT information???I asked him(the only time during our 50 years as family I have EVER challenged him!) and when he answered “_The New York Times” All I could handle as my response was to laugh out loud and smack the dash and not stop! This truly happened! Followed by his story about how Trump was a business failure(Same source-NYT) because the only one who had succeeded was his father! These people believe Hillary is a victim!

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        • Anonymous says:

          Well, if Obama jacked the economy and everything else up so badly that anybody who’s earned paycheck or made a profit could do better, then it’s sorta true.


  6. Everett Miller says:

    We The People elected VSGDJT to reflect the fact that, when left to our own devices to freely do business with and associate with each other in win-win supply and demand exchange of goods and services for our own profit[s] the
    American Dream is fulfilled.
    To the extent Wall Street goes beyond a free market exchange of wealth, it conflicts with Our Best Interests–therefore against America’s best interests.
    POTUS has our back, thank God. Pray for his strength and safety.

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  7. R.Shanker says:

    It sound simple – be honest, use common sense, do the right thing.
    The fact that that sounds revolutionary and takes a person of exceptional courage to actually DO – should tell us what depths of corruption we are in. How much we have been looted over decades.

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  8. talker2u says:

    “I hate this!”
    — Debbie Downer Democrat

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  9. wheatietoo says:

    It’s the perfect time to start laying off excess govt workers and bureaucrats!
    There are jobs now, for them to go to.

    Slashing the bloated Fed payroll will help to reign in spending.
    We don’t need all those ‘non-essential’ govt workers.

    The Hussein administration went on a hiring spree, expanding the number of govt employees to more than we’ve ever had before.

    It was a way of rewarding his buddies…and embedding DNC minions into all the agencies.
    Time to fire them all!
    Get them out.

    Let them go get a job in the Private Sector and do some real work.

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  10. I see “Babs” is threatening to moved to Canada again if dems don’t retake the House. Maybe she’ll take all the useless government workers with her. We can only pray…

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  11. kea says:

    Just an example today they started to release black friday ads. Yes this early. I think that’s telling.

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  12. woohoowee says:

    We will make America wealthy again MAGA is for everyone 🙂

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  13. MontanaMel says:

    Roger on that “thin the ranks” noted above! Many of them are overdue for the axe anyway.
    With those computer key-stroke records of all those porn site visits – I’m thinking we should also be checking some credit card balances and usage, eh?… Perhaps demands for repayment can be posted just prior to the pink slips being handed out….Sic’ the IRS on them for collections, eh?

    Our housing industry is showing signs of heading into the crapper – again. Same thing happened just in front of our big dump in 2008/9 (by about 12 to 18 months). This might also be a great time to revisit those “special favors” that were handed to the BANKS back in 2014 – re: Derivatives being allowed under the same entity / coverage as depositor’s, with FDIC backing, etc…. (as well as those rule changes allowing deposits being used for BAIL IN of these same Banks!).



  14. Judith says:

    Besides the fact that they planned to end the USA as we know it, the part that galls me the most is that Wall Street can easily profit off of a Main Street economy. It involves getting ahead of it now, changing course, amending a few business plans.. They are too stubborn and defiant to consider it.

    It was so much easier to just sit back and peel off those greenbacks to feed lazy politicians who did their bidding. Sooo much easier that way. How these decisions affected Americans was of zero concern to them and their bottom line.

    Well! Brush off those thinking caps and put them back on, boys! You’re gonna need to fire up those brain cells now that your grandiose schemes have been derailed.

    I can smell the wood burning from here, but remember: It is never too late to climb aboard the Trump train with us patriotic Deplorables! Full steam ahead!!

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    • zorrorides says:

      Great lead paragraph, Judith. “They’ used to send out whisper threats in the news shows and papers, “Go ahead and get uppity. We can crash the economy whenever it suits us. And the market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. Thanks for your hard-won savings, suckers!”

      Ahh. President Trump reestablished a government protective of real business by Main St America. Any crash ‘They’ bring about is not so predictable regarding who gets hurt. It might be ‘Them’.

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  15. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “The Main Street engine”

    Keep the hydrocarbons flowing! Us oldsters remember when this one was king of the street (1967-69)

    Chevrolet 427 RPO L88

    Although it required 102 Octane, which meant you filled up with Sunoco 260 or 280 race fuel. Nowadays with the advances in technology we are getting 100-300 more horsepower out of less displacement with better mileage and fewer emissions.

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    • Gunner says:

      …damn, making me nostalgic. I remember taking my ’65 Vette to the local Sunoco and filled up with 260. My bill? Less than $8. Yeah, that’s right — Sunoco 260 was going for about $.35 a gallon

      Oh well, will never see that again…but I’ll take a big R sweep next Tuesday and be satisfied.

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      • Fools Gold says:

        I remember pumping it at age 12 at my uncles full service Phillips 66 station. If I recall correctly regular gas was going for ~27 cents and I pump a lot of it into very long cadillac’s with those big Cadillac blocks. 😎

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      • michaelhamblin says:

        Start indexing energy costs as part of inflation to get an accurate guage of cost, eliminate all the layers of gasoline taxes, and remove the overhead of every gasoline blend – I’m sure this administration is going to bring those fuel prices relative to the 1960’s down A LOT 😉


      • annieoakley says:

        My first car was a I965 Dodge Dart in college and I drove to student teach in the winter of 1973. I could fill the damn thing for a dollar, almost. Pulled it over on the highway and changed the tire once too.


  16. Arrest Soros says:

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  17. Fools Gold says:

    Count 2 more votes in Tn for MAGA today! All red vote today. Can’t wait until 2020 to drain the R swamp rats in the primaries!

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  18. JG3 says:

    Just like that: OZero tries to take credit for “PDTrump’s Blue Collar Economy”, and the markets drops like a rock!…takes most of October to rebound from the FRIGHT!

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      • Trump Train says:

        Once Trump gets obamacare fully repealed (on knees praying we keep the house and for those of us in Florida, the Gov) he will be task with his last major item which will fully erase failbama from history lol. That would be fixing the weaponized justice dept and fbi.

        Maybe the mancurian moooslem is clairvoyant or something since they said there won’t be anything in his library………….lololol seriously, whats this idiot going to have left.

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    • Fools Gold says:

      Gonna be record spending this Christmas…mark my word on that one!


  19. GO…..VOTE…..GO…..VOTE…..GO…..VOTE–>Today or Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018!!
    So We can keep the MAGAnomics Trump-Train at Full-Speed-Ahead !!
    MAGA 🙂


  20. L. E. Joiner says:

    If the Republican House candidates had any brains, their sole unified slogan would be. . .


    ‘Vote for me and I’ll support President Trump’s America First revolution, bringing jobs back to the United State and sending Democrat mobs home to pout. Vote for me and you’ll see more and more ‘MADE IN AMERICA’ signs in all your stores and on your shelves. Together we’re Making America Great Again. And yes, we did build it, and we’re going to be building a lot more.’ /LEJ


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