Growing Invasion Force Overwhelms Mexican Authorities – Approximately 10,000 Now Traveling through Mexico to U.S. Southern Border….

Despite media claims to the contrary, elected Mexican officials previously promised to allow the invasion of Central American migrants. There is a history here.

The heavily financed horde of Central American migrants has overwhelmed the token resistance from Mexican military and advanced north toward the Southern U.S. border.  As described by the Associated Press today: “growing army of migrants resumes march toward US.”  This is a well financed, well organized, left-wing political operation strategically timed to reach the U.S. border and coincide with the 2018 mid-term election.

Estimates as to the number of economic migrants varies between 7,000 to 10,000 and the numbers are growing fast as they are now facilitated by, and joined by, ideological comrades within Mexico.   The ‘invasion force’ is now more than two-miles long. The group claims to be fleeing violence in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, yet the group has deployed violence against Mexican officials who are vastly outnumbered.

President Trump has requested that Mexican officials stop the advancement of the massive group and praised any efforts therein.  However, it appears there is a disconnect between what actions U.S. officials think is happening – and the actual advancement on the ground.  Those marching toward the U.S. are no longer finding any resistance.

As explained in a USA Today review: “Sunday the crowd was large and the mood mostly ecstatic. Olivin Castellanos, 58, a truck driver and mason from Villanueva, Honduras, said he took a raft into Mexico. He hopes to work in construction in the United States.”  “No one will stop us, only God,” he said. “We knocked down the door and we continue walking.”

Initially the group was between 3,000 and 5,000.  However, in the past 36 hours the numbers have grown considerably; seeming to double in size overnight.


TAPACHULA, Mexico (AP) — A ragged army of Honduran migrants streamed through southern Mexico on Sunday heading toward the United States, after making an end-run around Mexican agents who briefly blocked them at the Guatemalan border.

They received help at every turn from sympathetic Mexicans who offered food, water and clothing. Hundreds of locals driving pickups, vans and cargo trucks stopped to let them clamber aboard.

[…]  Hundreds of migrants from the caravan applied for refugee status in Mexico in the southern city of Ciudad Hidalgo.

But a far bigger group forded the Suchiate River from Guatemala to the Mexican side individually and dozens at a time, and resumed the trek at first light, marching 10 abreast on the highway.

“Si se pudo!” they chanted in Spanish — “Yes, we could!”

The throng grew even larger than when the migrants arrived at the border bridge Friday, swelling overnight to 5,000 or so.  It was not immediately clear where the additional travelers came from since about 2,000 had been gathered on the Mexican side Saturday night. But people have been joining and leaving the caravan daily, some moving at their own pace and strung out in a series of columns.

Federal police monitored the caravan’s progress from a helicopter and had a few units escorting it. Outside Tapachula, about 500 black-uniformed officers briefly gathered along the highway on buses and in patrol units, but they said their orders were to maintain traffic and not to stop the caravan. They moved on toward the city before the caravan reached them.

As the migrants passed through villages on the outskirts of Ciudad Hidalgo, locals applauded, shouted encouragement and donated supplies.

Maria Teresa Orellana, a resident of Lorenzo, handed out sandals. “It’s solidarity,” she said. “They’re our brothers.”

Mexico’s Interior Department said in a statement that federal and Chiapas state authorities were providing assistance to migrants, including legal counseling for those who applied for asylum. It released a video showing workers doling out food, medicine and medical treatment.

But police could do little if anything in the face of the throngs who avoided the official entry point and crossed the notoriously porous border elsewhere.

Migrants marching north Sunday said they gave up on Mexico because the application process was too slow, and most wanted to continue to the United States anyway.

“We’re warriors, we got to get to the place we got to get to. We’re gonna keep on going and we’re not gonna stop,” Luis Puerto, 39, of Colon, Honduras, said in English.

For Puerto, that place is North Carolina, where he has a wife and two daughters. He said he was recently deported from the United States after a brush with the law that he did not specify.

“We are going to get to the border of the U.S.,” he said. “I am not going to stop. I don’t care if I die.”  (read full article)

While President Trump asks Mexico to do more in their efforts to stop the invasion force, it would be wise to remember the history of these issues.  The Mexican government are not likely to offer more than the appearance of token resistance and their history in this regard is very clear.

With the migrant march from Central America, mostly Hondurans, Guatemala and El Salvador it is important to revisit the history of Mexican threats -from Mexican officials- which precedes the current year complicity.

♦ In August of 2017 President Trump and Commerce Secretary Ross were discussing their trade efforts within NAFTA and renegotiation with Mexico/Canada on a trilateral basis. However, the U.S. administration said if it doesn’t work, they’d scrap the 3-way NAFTA deal and go one-on-one with individual bilateral agreements. In response, Mexican Economic Minister Ildefonso Guajardo threatened to flood the U.S. with South American illegal aliens, criminals and gang members as leverage:

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico could pull back on cooperation in migration and security matters if the United States walks away from talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Mexican economy minister said in a newspaper report published on Thursday.

“If they do not treat [us] well commercially, they should not expect us to treat them well by containing the migration that comes from other regions of the world and crosses Mexico,” Guajardo said. “Or they should not expect to be treated well in collaboration with security issues in the region.” (LINK)

However, Mexican Minister Ildefonso Guarjardo’s threat was mild compared to a threat in January 2017, when another Mexican official promised to flood the U.S. with South American drugs and gang violence:

♦ In a stunning segment on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN broadcast January 29th, 2017, Mexico’s former foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda, states the Mexican government was willing to counter U.S. President Donald Trump policy by unleashing drug cartels upon the U.S. border.

Watch, and more importantly LISTEN, to his words at 02:10 below (Prompted):


This was the most politically explosive admission by the Mexican government in the past decade. Even Fareed Zakaria realized what was being threatened and quickly attempted to redirect the conversation.

Mr. Castaneda was openly admitting a willingness to promote drug trafficking. Additionally, Jorge Castaneda is so proud of the threat, he posted a video of the discussion on his own YouTube page.

In June 2018, during the Mexican presidential election, leading candidate Lopez-Obrador previewed his perspective on Central American migration into the United States:

MEXICO – Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) said Tuesday that migrants from all over the world who decide it’s “a necessity” have a “human right” to migrate to the United States.

“Soon, very soon, after the victory of our movement, we will defend migrants all over the American continent and the migrants of the world who, by necessity, must abandon their towns to find life in the United States,” Lopez Obrador said during a rally in the Mexican city of Culiacán, reports.  “It’s a human right we will defend,” he added. (more)

In July Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador won the election and is now President-elect of Mexico awaiting his inauguration on December 1st.

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1,867 Responses to Growing Invasion Force Overwhelms Mexican Authorities – Approximately 10,000 Now Traveling through Mexico to U.S. Southern Border….

  1. CNN_sucks says:

    These globalists should be arrested. They have no right to decide or control the fate of this country. One person, one vote. Arrest all these subversives and treasonists.


  2. MrLiberty says:

    One can hope the hurricane blows/washes them all away.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ono says:

    The caravan has to cross the Sonora desert to gain acess to Ca.

    Simple solution is to stop them there. No aqua, no comida, no Pemex petrol

    Via con dios …Soros

    Piche cabbron.ón


  4. cali says:

    Former Mexican politician and activist Castaneda voiced his declaration of war against the USA/

    Looking at these pics it appears that these people don’t give a chit what we think and as a matter-of-fact poking the president eye.

    If these numbers hold up as shown in these pics our Border Patrol will be outnumbered.

    The Mexican politicians are now deservedly labeled ‘enemy combatant’.


  5. jesterofthecourt says:

    United States of Mexico.


  6. jesterofthecourt says:

    If you can’t secure your borders then you will be a failed state.


  7. Beverly says:

    But the networks and CNN etc. were saying these people were in rags and starving!

    Looking at the photos — they look like a pretty prosperous crowd to me! Decently dressed, no skinnies… can you believe yer lying eyes?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. DelAware says:

    > He hopes to work in construction in the United States

    Who the *$@^%& would hire them, and why aren’t such people-trafficking-exploitation-hiring employers IN JAIL?


  9. Su says:

    I agree, Beverly. Of all the pics & videos I have seen, the invaders are well-dressed and well fed. I read where they are paid to invade. Soros and/or Venezuela.


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