Jaw Dropping – Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics….

If people had doubts about the Mexican government being influenced and controlled by drug cartels, well, they can put that doubt away.

In a stunning segment on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN broadcast today Mexico’s former foreign minister, Jorge Castaneda, states the Mexican government is willing to counter U.S. President Donald Trump policy by unleashing drug cartels upon the U.S. border.

Watch, and more importantly LISTEN, to his words at 02:10 below:

This is the most politically explosive admission by the Mexican government in the past decade.  Even Fareed Zakaria realized what was being threatened and quickly attempted to redirect the conversation.

Castaneda is openly admitting a willingness to promote drug trafficking.  Additionally, Jorge Castaneda is so proud of the threat, he even posted a video of the discussion on his own YouTube page.

However, don’t expect the video to remain in place too long, because the implications here are so politically explosive, and the admission so brutally obvious and threatening, it could undermine the entire argument of the Mexican government and expose an open secret of collusion they would prefer to remain hidden.

And excellent article written in December of 2016 outlines the strategy of Castaneda as it pertains to fighting Donald Trumps efforts.  –SEE HERE

Castaneda not only threatens to send drugs, he also threatens to flood the United States will illegal South Americans and openly admits Mexico could stop the border crossings if it wanted to, but instead chooses to use immigration as a weapon against the United States.

(Via VDare) […]  He openly states Mexico should use Central American immigration as a weapon against us [Mexico can use Central-American immigration as bargaining chip with Trump, Univision, December 8, 2016]:

There has been a surge in Central American immigrants heading for the United States since Donald Trump won the Election in November, according to several initial reports… If this is the case, it is only logical. Trump has vowed to build his wall. It does not matter if Mexico will pay for it or even if the threat is true. It makes perfect sense for anybody hoping to make it to the United States, from Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, to do so before any wall is put up….If they have relatives in the United States, or if they think that their reception will be better with President Barack Obama still in power until January 20, then their decision is perfectly rational.

Castaneda recounts how during the Surge of 2014, the Obama Administration pressured Mexico:

When the first wave of unaccompanied minors came to the United States in July 2014, Mexico complied with the White House request to cooperate in stopping the flow of immigrants. The logic behind it was sound. The goal was to avoid sparking anti-immigrant hysteria in the United States precisely when immigration reform seemed set to prosper.

My italics! By “hysteria,” Castaneda means provoking Americans who want a sane American immigration policy.  (read more)

illegal alien 10

Again, listen:


Thanks to DaveNYviii for the tweet and video segment

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453 Responses to Jaw Dropping – Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics….

  1. jefcool64 says:

    At this rate might as well turn the wall into a space elevator that’s how tall it’s getting!

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  2. Trumpinalong says:

    In 1982 Mexico formed a dept. in their gov’t devoted taking the Western US from us…..RECONQUISTA.
    The Mexican military routinely crosses our border and they claim they got lost. That is an act of war. I say drone the cartels along the border.

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  3. Colt Lending says:

    I don’t think Mexico’s ceasing current “cooperation” of the interdiction of drugs in to the USA would have any effect whatsoever. If at all, it would be a neglible impact.

    Nice try Castanza.

    On the other hand, one of our biggest exports in to Mexico (if not the biggest), scrap paper, will likely be negatively impacted.

    That doesn’t bode well for U.S. recyclers or Warren Buffet’ railroad.

    But that’s no reason for Trump to let off the gas.

    It’s really bad for Mexico.

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  4. Someone please download this video! I tried and it would not download = not from your site, his personal you tube channel or from CNN.


  5. Bob says:

    10 feet higher!

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  6. Azure Helios says:

    DO IT! (If he can, bet he can’t) IF you succeed a ton of our leftists will kill/incapacitate themselves with drug overdoses for the forseeable future! WIN/WIN!

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  7. Eagledriver50 says:

    Steps: RIGHT Mouse button CLICK, select from list: “Copy URL Video,
    Bring http://www.keepvid.com…bring up the website, paste “https://youtu.be/hoZEGd6lrxI” with EXTENSION: .hlv, Click “Download Button” and list comes up. Select the first one in the list and then have the video copied to your computer. I would use a download folder for this operation. Hope this helps…

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  8. kinthenorthwest says:

    Guess Mexico really wants to illustrate to the World & America how Criminal they are. The Cartels already control around 50% or more of Mexico anyway.
    So what is worse send in their cartels or send us their UN-educated bottom feeders for Americans to support and educate in their language. .

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    • stonedome says:

      narco state with a government shell

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      • kinthenorthwest says:

        Over 2/3s of the people that cross the border illegally have barely 2 or 3 yrs of education.
        Then there high percentage that who carry over drugs to pay a coyote to take them over.

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        • The illiterate non-English speaking overaged students bog down our schools, preventing American students from what is theirs – a useable base of information. Poor kids have taken the brunt of being left behind because of the failed Mexican state. Then Moochelle has been starving the whole bunch.

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          • kinthenorthwest says:

            Average class size is 25 to 30 with maybe and aide 30 mins a day. That includes Kindergarten through 3rd grade.
            Average ESL class size is at most 12 with 2, 3 or 4 full-time bi-lingual aides. (bi-lingual aides who get paid 30 to 100% more than regular aides. Majority of Bi-lingual school aides usually do not have a proficient knowledge of English either. Most could not pass a test as a legal interpreter. Many of the bi-lingual school aides area illegals too.).


  9. stonedome says:

    nothing national guard troops and drones with hellfire missiles can’t handle. it would only go on for a few days and then mexico would be stuck with them

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  10. floridahoosier93 says:

    What, George Costanza is now working for the Mexican government? I wonder if he still takes naps under his desk.

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  11. Mongoose says:

    Drugs flowing through or from your country it’s not your problem?
    That sounds like it IS the problem, your corrupt failed narco state.

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    • JunieG says:

      Bill Maher mocked the whites who are getting strangled in heroin addiction. Laughed and calls them stupid hillbillies. Totally does not comprehend the role of the Mexican cartels.

      Maybe Bill Maher is too much of an elitist to know anyone who is addicted to heroin or has died from an overdose – but here in the rust belt, its a real problem.

      Yucking it up at “stupid white people” is a rotten thing to do, but the elitists in this interview all seem to think even the drug cartels are fine as long as they are brown people, not whites.

      You’d think that combatting the cartels – given the carnage they have brought to Mexico – would be a common interest to the USA and Mexico – but, apparently not. One therefore has to consider corruption, and payoffs to Mexican politicians.

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  12. AmyB says:

    Judicial Watch’s 2016 report on how ISIS had a training camp eight miles from the U.S. border in Mexico should cause extreme concern among US citizens. Of course, the enemedia never reported on it, so how would they know? They are coordinating with the cartels, so this man made no idle threat.

    The so called war on drugs is not really being fought against the cartels. Oh, to see that swamp drained would be a gift from God. There are people in this country making billions of dollars in the drug trade, going all the way back to Mena, Arkansas. What’s a little suffering among the little people, you know, the addicts and their families, or the little and big towns, from Hudson, Wisconsin to Baltimore when there are billions to be shared among these criminals? No different than moving all the jobs out.

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  13. Jay says:

    You better not send your drug cartels, gangsters and rapists over the border or we’ll send our homosexual military to your country and they’ll attack your women 2 on one. One of our soldiers will hold em down and the other will fix her hair.

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  14. upyours says:

    News Flash CNN DUmbDUmbs….THEY HAVE BEEN THERE FOR YEARS ALREADY…AND OWN BUSINESS’S ON THE US BORDER TOWNS. At least TRY to report News…just once i a while perhaps, if your inferior Alien Being DNA from Planet URanus makes that even remotely possible…

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  15. Jay says:

    Hasta la vista Castaneda. If you really want to terminate the USA, don’t send more drugs, just cut off the supply and most will go cold turkey. Shouldn’t take long.

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  16. Charlotte says:

    Report: Juarez Cartel Used Shell Companies to Finance Mexican President’s Election


    Enrique Peña Nieto has documented ties to the cartels
    Paramilitary narco-cartels” literally control entire Mexican states.


    ISIS is operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources
    In Anapra—an area controlled by the Juarez cartel



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    • The Mexican President probably lives in fear, because if he doesn’t deliver the desired U.S. response, they’ll kill him and replace him. But if he doesn’t cooperate with President Trump, the entire country will dive into a civil war…with inflation, and devalued currency.


  17. Bert Darrell says:

    For the first time since June 2015, I discovered that Trump can exaggerate some times. He said that Mexican politicians were too smart compared with our political hacks negotiating US-Mexico trade deals. Yet, former Mexican foreign minister Jorge Castaneda proved in this CNN video that he is as stupid as they come. Castaneda has lost, with his tongue, the biggest marbles and Mexico is now left with only small ones to play from now on. BTW, I always felt that Mexico’s strongest hand in negotiating trade deals was not smartness, but bribe money.

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  18. freddy says:

    I told you I lived there and spent many an afternoon in cantinas drinking beer. Guess who else likes to do that…The sleeper cell crew. They don’t hide and they spend money so they are welcome. There are a lot more than a few. I got surrounded one day by 5 of them and lucky a girl I knew was also Lebanese. She saved me. I’ll never forget the guttural sounds like a pack of animals on me………Jumping across the border is nothing so if you think the wall is not national security let me tell you. If an order is given a lot of nasty guys will come…………Easier for them to wait there than here…..Plus they learn Spanish quite well and can look like Hispanics……

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  19. jonvil says:

    “Trump Threatens a Good Neighbor”

    Wonder when they backtrack on this?

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  20. Angela Forslund says:

    This has been building up for years but especially the last four! That’s why the left wing Democrats were voted out! Saying that the things that have happened in the past few days is a joke! Blaming it on Trump is obserd, ridiculous, irresponsible and as crazy as it gets! CNN, you’re always finding things that make it harder on Trump! Bring a panel in that are two conservatives and two liberals for instance and may the best side win showing value in a true and fare debate! I will not watch this trash from you until you all become more fare to our President and our country! Shame on all of you for continuing and adding to an already tough situation for him! You all are helping NO ONE! You all are killing our country and making it worse just like the last 8 years that your party had it! A party that includes CNN!

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  21. john barr says:

    national guard to the border -one soldier per 1/2 mile with cameras, drones and backup if needed until wall is built- 1,989 mi -just the Texas national guard has 19000 soldiers-that is plenty-all lwe need is 3978 of them to cover the entire border.

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  22. xsnake says:

    Good idea…..first lace the drugs with rat poison……that’ll end a good percentage of the end users.
    Then we’ll let the Marines clean out the cartels.


  23. TacoBowl says:

    Drugs from their country
    (Mexico) that go to the USA
    is not their problem?
    Freaking unbelievable.
    This is the bought and controlled mentality that we are dealing with.

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  24. zombietimeshare says:

    Why is Mexico still considered as our friendly neighbor on the southern border? With its corrupt government, violent drug cartels, and government encouraged migrant invasion, it should be viewed as an increasingly hostile nation—and treated accordingly.

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  25. Rurik says:

    It is difficult to continue to be friends when Mexico invads our country and dumps its trash in our back yard. They now admit this is a calculated act of government policy. We should be putting a number of names of Mexican government officials on a list to be tried as war criminals. Hemp neckties would be an ironic conclusion.

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  26. SpanglishKC says:

    Our corrupt Universities hire anti-American foreign nationals to brainwash American students. So many things to fix. Get this gringo hating bastard OUT! Extreme vet him

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  27. mo says:

    Castaeda been doing too much peyote.


  28. tjandersen says:

    Mexico really doesn’t want to do that…..we have 1200 military bases and can shift 6 to the border and save money. There be be an unprecedented slaughter. Trump likes to save $, hates drugs with a passion and will use the military for America without a flinch. Mexico has no idea who they are dealing with.


  29. Jimmy Jack says:

    Their boldness in stating this openly is jaw dropping.

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    • I had a jaw dropping moment as a South Texas school board meeting in Executive Session, when the entire board began speaking in Spanish only. This was 1990-91. Politicians were stroking them, so I relocated my children to another town and schools that wasn’t a tool of La Raza. La Raza schools always sink to the lowest performing schools.


    • skyborn78 says:

      The Mexican cartels have now been openly declared as “soldiers” (of a baser sort) in the drug war. As such they should be put on notice that anyone bringing drugs across the border can be shot on sight. (And since it’s not easy to tell who is and who isn’t, anyone crossing is eligible)


  30. TheVelvetKitten says:

    He will just hurt his precious protestors -rioters. They will be the ones in drug induced comas and he will drive down their paychecks from slinging the stuff.


  31. Blade says:

    Jaw Dropping – Mexican Official Threatens to Unleash Cartels, Flood U.S. With Drugs and Narcotics….

    Ha! All he left out was emptying the prisons!

    History always repeats, and there is always someone not remembering the last mistake. This is practically a duplicate concept to Mariel which Castro thought would help his own precarious position.

    Well maybe it helped him temporarily by ridding himself of potential rivals or troublemakers. But it was one reason Reagan got elected ( Carter was hapless and Trump is definitely no Carter ), and that set off a chain reaction that saw our President pushing back against the expanding Soviet Empire everywhere including here in the West ( Monroe/Reagan Doctrine ). Castro’s boys were rolled up in Grenada and I’ll bet he never saw that coming when he flooded Florida and the USA in general with refugees, criminal and otherwise.

    In fact it even affected Clinton down in Arkansas, flooded with drugs and “refugees” making him lose an election in Little Rock.

    They’re just gifting Trump victory after victory.


  32. Drug cartel members already use our students in San Antonio as drug mules. Drive-by shootings, murders, and kidnappings are daily occurrences. Local authorities know this, but the Castro brothers are huge LaRaza proponents and will fight deportations.


  33. NyanCat says:

    Looks like the Mexican people have been looking for solutions to the problems of corruption and drug cartels…
    Even asking the Russians to help them…



  34. mike radant says:

    In effect, Mexico has declared war on the USA. We should establish a no mans land between the USA and Mexico. Maybe even invade, if necessary.


  35. itsy_bitsy says:

    These people use us! They are not our friends, nor do they wish us well! Half of the Mexican government is up to their ears in the illegal drug trade or human trafficking.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Tim Thom says:

    we can easily bill mexico for the costs of dealing with the drugs they smuggle in here.


  37. comradewhoopie says:

    If Mexico opened the floodgates to drugs how would we even know? America is already awash in drugs from Mexico. It’s like threatening to turn the volume up from 10 to 11. BFD!


  38. freepetta says:

    So this shows Mexico in a bad light as well as how the president is directly connected to the vicious drug cartels.

    President Trump has to have all the borders patrolled heavily sending the cartels back to Hell!


  39. mjgdeux says:

    The obvious problem with his “threat” is that they are ALREADY DOING THESE THINGS.


  40. mike radant says:

    A nuke on Mexico City would be a good start!


  41. L Garou says:

    Hey pendejo, how about the US unleashes the Marines on the cartels?
    Not to mention Texas could muster a million man posse .. today.
    So could a dozen other states..


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