President Trump Withdraws from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty With Russia…

According to the administration Russia has been violating the terms of the INF treaty with the development of a mobile ground launched intermediate-range nuclear missile system capable of striking targets in Europe.  Russia has denied the claim and National Security Advisor John Bolton will be in Russia on Monday to discuss the issue.

President Trump told media today in Nevada that he would be removing the United States from the agreement based on those violations from Russia.

The INF treaty was one of the centerpieces of nuclear agreements between President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

ELKO, Nev. (Reuters) – President Donald Trump said on Saturday the United States will exit the Cold-War era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty that eliminated a class of nuclear weapons, in a move that is likely to upset Russia.

The INF treaty, negotiated by then-President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and ratified by the U.S. Senate in 1988, required elimination of short-range and intermediate-range nuclear and conventional missiles by both countries.

“Russia has not, unfortunately, honored the agreement so we’re going to terminate the agreement and we’re going to pull out,” Trump told reporters after a rally in Nevada.  (read more)

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156 Responses to President Trump Withdraws from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty With Russia…

  1. fleporeblog says:

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    • You forgot “desperate”. They are dumb AND desperate.

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    • Binkser1 says:

      Yes, Flep they are all those things, but I’m sure in their minds they rationalize it by saying that the only reason President Trump is doing this is because he did, in fact, collude with Russia, and did this just to try to make it look like he is not Putin’s puppet. I guarantee there are many on the Left that think this.

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    • USTerminator says:

      Rearm the Pershing 2 and deploys them at Guam, Japan, Okinawa and someone will have a terrible nightmare.


    • James says:

      Flepore, re. quote from Baba97, if anyone thinks the MSM and others will feel pretty stupid is delusional. They couldn’t care less as to what the facts are. Certainly everyone should know that by now. The dems aren’t going to give Pres. Trump credit for anything. Zero.

      Bolton. Many, including many on this site knew that bringing Bolton into the government was a terrible mistake. Simply put: Bolton is warmonger. Pres. Trump didn’t want to go this route. Bolton is leading the charge to push us up to the edge of Russia’s border. Bolton is in sync with warmongers like the late Sen John McCain, deep state, RINOs, military leadership, military industrial intelligence complex. I read a very disturbing article that said there were still a few defense industry CEO s that weren’t billionaires yet. We can’t have that can we?

      And while this madness is going on we literally have people in the same room as Donald Trump trying to destroy him and we are literally being invaded on our southern border. And we are worrying about Russia? Seriously? Sad. What can we do about this?

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  2. Oopsie, Trump and Russia NOT colluding? How will the demons in the Democrat-controlled media spin this one?

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    • Johnny Bravo says:

      That he’s flying a kite and is trying to throw off the collusion narrative?

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      • nimrodman says:

        Will Dems rejoice now that PresTrump has thumbed Vladmir in the eye?
        (as they’ve been clamoring for him to do)

        Or will Dems instead whine and moan that PresTrump is “making us all less safe” (TM) ?

        Oh, the quandaries facing the modern Democrat …

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

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      • Kenji says:

        Ha ha ha … time for the Russia Rodents to return to their burrows. Take a lonnnngggg hibernation nap.

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        • vista charlie says:

          We have long had a problem with Russian Arms limitation treaties. 1. they have placed strategic nuclear arms under the treaty, but not TACTICAL nuclear arms. we have gotten rid of ours above and beyond the treaty. We have reduced SLBMs from MIRV to single warhead in many cases. 2. while we have somewhat a treaty with russia but not necessarily with China, Iran, NK as well as pakistan. india and othe nuclear states. 3. we need to have development of anti-missile and anti bomb detecting capability. A lot of this was curtailed by the treaty. the point is that russia is not the only concern.

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    • PDJT REALLY pulls the DEMS chain —- PRETTY DAMN HARD!!! Someone is going to get all wrapped up in the theories…LOL. PDJT has the Russians of a barrel, we will manufacture weapons also, the dems go crazy and loose it before the Nov 6th. And THIS is one of those items that is on PDJT Checklist!!! Keep everyone guessing!!! Love the Man and the Mind behind it!!!…MAGA ON PDJT!!!

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  3. Johnny Bravo says:

    Donald “Winston” Trump 😂

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  4. 4sure says:

    Does this mean we will start producing intermediate and short range missiles ? If not, what is purpose of withdrawing from treaty?

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  5. Publius2016 says:

    “But Trump is Putin’s Puppet!” Yes and Space Force is movie!! Listen up, America First!!!

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    • Publius2016 says:

      Scary but true: China is not a signer! Great strategy President Trump! Genius!!

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      • USTerminator says:

        This is more about China than Russia. US has no land based to hit China outside of ICBMs or Sub

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        • cripto says:

          I agree. I posted this article a few days ago on this subject (also commented below)

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          • noswamp says:

            cripto, thanks for the article you shared. It is NOT about Russia. If Trump read it, then he could have immediately decided to withdraw based on that article and confirmation by the DoD alone. China will have to now start worrying about spending billions to protect its interior. That is what we did with Russia. China can’t afford this, because that would mean hundreds of millions taken away from their fake “infrastructure projects”, and other crony SOE(State Owned Enterprises) projects they have going on to make Eternal Leader Xi and his cabal billionaires.

            Even if they steal the technology and do it on the cheap, which I assume they have already done, they still would have to pay tens of millions of dollars to make the missiles and deploy them. I am concerned that China will strike out with a FF at this point. We are not at full capacity. And they know it.

            But they also know that Trump will not hesitate to retaliate swiftly and forcefully and if necessary, return China to the Ming dynasty. That is why NK Kim is at the table. That is why China would be foolish to do anything stupid at this point. The Chinese want to make more money, its just that they can’t make it off USA taxpayers backs anymore, our dirty politicians are all retiring or will be voted out of office in November 2018(with more to come in 2020); the Chinese now have to make money the “honest” way, through the front door: free and fair trade. What a novel freaking concept!

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          • Mayo says:

            Excellent article. Thank you.


      • USTerminator says:

        This is more about China than Russia. US has no land based to hit China outside of ICBMs or Sub

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  6. Publius2016 says:

    Dear Bottomless Coffee, we covfefe!

    Cheers, Trump 45 Crooked 0 Pocahontas 1 in 1032

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  7. red6242 says:

    The media and deep state will be very happy with this.


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      The Russians have been violating this treaty since it’s inception.

      We have confronted them regarding this for years, but have only gave way to their demands.

      The treaty specifically states that no intermediate range nuclear weapons are allowed and must be destroyed. 500 meters to 1500 meters…

      And also does not take into account drones…..The Treaty is outdated.

      The United States has complied with the Treaty, but the Russians have not since 1987 when the Treaty was finalized.

      As stated, China is not part of the Treaty and Russia has violated the conditions of the Treaty, while we have complied.

      Which of course leaves us…..with a “Blank Spot” or a large opening in our offensive as well as defensive capabilities.

      Getting out of the Treaty, provides us the tools to eliminating that opening in our capabilities.

      The trolls here want to detract from the issue of:

      This is a wise and solid move by our President.

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      • tarstarkas says:

        The timing of the announcement may have to do with Putin boasting that the American age of world history was over. Says a man who’s country is the world’s greatest kleptocracy, is heavily dependent on a fungible commodity, has let the infrastructure his previous Soviet Union built up at great expense go to hell, and is being taken for an economic ride by Tyrant Xi.

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        • Deb says:

          We don’t care about an “American age” or running the world. America First. We want to make our country the best it can be, and that in turn will allow us to help others. It really is that simple. I don’t know why people think that ego plays any role in this.

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          • Jenny R. says:

            It’s not about what we care about — it’s what Putin and Xi care about. It’s about their egos…which seem to be unhealthily large and unbalanced.
            Right now both of those countries are still very much invested in replacing the US dollar with some sort of Frankenstein combo of their own (with some odd assortments of other currencies, which they believe they will be able to overpower and get rid of sans the influence of US) as the world’s reserve currency.
            Of course, they are completely ripping the H out of their own economies in the process — this will likely lead them to act more aggressively in their foreign policies because they are dead set on this rather than building up their own countries.

            We will need something to deter them from doing anything…unfortunate. It would be very nice, even at this late hour, if both of those countries would reign it in and work to provide prosperity for their own people and peace for others (it isn’t as though our President hasn’t tried) — but then we go back to the ego thing (and also the corruption and trillions at stake…that’s a very potent combination it would appear).

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          • It’s a good talking point. All part of the scam.


      • PaulM says:

        500 to 1,500 meters?
        I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to employ a nuke that has that short of a range.


      • Wendy says:

        I think it’s more about China than Russia. China has been developing all kinds of weapons with stolen technology from various countries and has shown aggressive ambition to dominate the world with any means possible. I think we are getting into the Cold War II. Just like before they have to compete with US spending on the military and they will find it isn’t easy.

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      • noswamp says:

        Gunny 66, correct sir, solid move by POTUS. All of a sudden, China wants us to participate in high level military exercises(you know, the ones where they secretly steal our strategies and technologies from us with a wink and a nod). “Wait a while.” (Says Trump).

        And Trump has mentioned that now, the China wants to talk to us about trade. Really!
        Trump says we are not ready just yet. He says that for a reason. I suspect that he will wait until after the midterms. At this point, the Chinese have proven to be 100 percent dishonest partners. Its time to wait until we have a new Republican Congress in place that will hold China to account. We would get a better deal with them than with what we have now anyway. (Flake, Corker, RINO’s, etc.).

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        • cali says:

          China has no need to steal any trade or defense secret because HRC and Feinstein by themselves alone sold to them for the greenbacks ergo CrowdStrike having done the deals on her behalf.
          Then there is CIA tool Snowden who successfully infiltrated the NSA to steal most guarded security tools as the intent to damage the NSA. The CIA wanted to be the only player ergo using Snowden to do just that.
          Snowden by the way never left China and never had any orders to seek asylum in Russia. It was a ruse and diversion and is to this day still in China.

          China and Iran were the choice of the shadow government while stealthily build up these two countries after the fall of this republic – planned years in advance.

          Feinstein is in my estimation going back to her rise after the assassination of Harvey Milk a dual spy together with her husband. A Chinese driver for 20 years without so much her having a clue? My arse! She has been selling and colluding with the Chinese just like Hillary did.

          Both of these women and I’m sure others are guilty of high treason. It was no accident that 20 CIA agents were rolled up by the Chinese and murdered and a couple arrested all during HRC’s term as SOS. CrowdStrike set it up for her and negotiated the greens.

          All of our military planes or choppers crashes for the past 2+ years as well as our Navy’s ship collusions was the price Hillary and Chi-Di were willing to cash in on. Their rice corn-sized chips were no accident. Selling SAP on her servers did the trick for her.

          These are very two very evil traitors!

          Onto Russia and president Trump: We now know that the drumbeat of muh Russia diversion was successful as so much to keep focus of the actual shady players – China. China was the choice and the espionage involving trade and defense has been successful insofar that everyone focused and demonized muh Russia.

          Recently a black hat CFR/NATO Navy commander wearing the uniform attempted to sound the alarm about Russia’s newest and most lethal sub that was activated. Fearmongering ensued painting it as THE danger to the US continuing the anti-Russia propaganda.

          However we learned that this ‘lethal and mother of all’ subs Russia commissioned actually helped our military intelligence “Hunt For Red October” that had lets just say some real bad consequences for this country. It remained illusive until Russia’s commission of their super sub that needed to be located.

          Making a long story short as president Trump was en-route back from Singapore having concluded the successful meeting with NK’s leader. On that return flight a stealth missile was launched targeting AF1. It was a anon who captured that missile on his flight radar that set in motion activities across the board.
          Needless to say it was with the assistance of none other than the Russian sub that tracked it.
          The Hunt for Red October was on as our military command, SS and the CIA sprung into action.
          The secret silo carefully hidden on a privately owned island with only 17 residents also rolled up this cabal owned sub. The rest is history as THAT threat against our president and AF1 has been neutralized and the source of the long hunted sub no longer exists.

          Thanks to president Putin and the crew of their sub assisted. For that reason I believe that there strategies and plans that is only known to the president and his team as well as the military commanders working in tandem to do what’s best for our country.

          On a side note: Did you know that Epstein’s island also had 4 secret silos? It seems these billionaires purchasing their own islands overwhelmingly have hidden/secret silos with missiles ready to launch.


  8. BigBlockMill says:

    Y’all are replying to an artificial intelligence ‘bot’ program and it is racking up reply points for its sinister programmer.
    Just ignore the dumb thing.

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  9. Minnie says:

    Our beloved President resting in the favorite chair of Sir Winston Churchill.

    How amazing that we cued up “Dark Hour” on the ROKU a minute ago before I stepped away to make tea and check in at the Treehouse.

    There are no coincidences.


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  10. GB Bari says:

    Amazing how PDJT eliminates yet another one-sided deal that four previous presidents had the opportunity to eliminate yet turned their eyes away from Russia’s violations and how it disadvantaged the U.S. versus China.

    Only President Trump seems to be able to see right through the false facades of both domestic and international liars and call them out for their perfidy. And more than just calling them out, he takes decisive action in the United States’ best interests.

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  11. Marian says:

    If this is being done to show there is no Russia collusion, does that mean the administration expects the worse in Mueller investigation and the upcoming election? Or is there something 4d going here I don’t get?

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Marian – I doubt it has anything to do with that. This is yet another bad treaty for the U.S. that our POTUS is getting us out of. Plain and simple. As previous Treepers have said, this is more about China than Russia.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      I reject your premise.

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    • Firefly says:

      PTrump is one of our most transparent Presidents. Each time, a new president always tries to reset the Russian relationship. This time the Deep state and Dems tried to use it as a weapon accusing PTrumpp of colluding. Putin tried playing the president like he usually does – except PTrump doesn’t like to get played and won’t let Putin get away with it. This will send a message to Kim Jung Un and other countries not to even try playing PTrump. If the want a deal – then make a real deal.

      If you want convoluted 4D chess you might want to read the Q anon – or perhaps Mueller and the Dems are now going to say PTrump is playing 4D chess by doing what he said he would do.

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    • Maquis says:

      Doing the right thing is its own reward.

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  12. Burnt Toast says:

    Was this treaty with Russia or the USSR?
    One of 5hose two is no longer around.

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    • Eris says:

      USSR – but Russia “inherited” the arms control treaties through the usual successors clauses. Of course they cheat whenever they can…


      • Burnt Toast says:

        Ah, your response motivated me look up certain events in 2002.

        At that time I was working a demilitarized project and was told to terminate it because the Russians did not recognize a treaty made by USSR (that we were trying to comply with).

        But, now, wiki says that the US withdrew from that treaty.

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  13. Ray Runge says:

    No big deal! Not unlike updating software. Russia has obviously encroached upon the terms of the nuclear weapons deal circa Ronald Reagan. POOF, the deal is quite tarnished.

    POTUS is simply reminding the Russians about contemporary consequences for the weasily circumvention of deals from days gone by.

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  14. owtolunch says:

    you can’t field new weapon designs without testing…… So there goes the nuclear test ban treaty… You would not want to shoot a nuke missile that ends up being a dud… then someone else could send it back after they fixed it… Simulations just don’t give me confidence.


  15. Celtic Kelly says:

    Humble opinion here: I am thinking that this may be The President’s way of perhaps working with Russia to construct a much, much better deal/treaty.

    Cleaning the slate and starting over, as it were. (Just sayin’).

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  16. Treepers, this isn’t a “Russia” or “China” thing.
    It’s an EVERYTHING!
    Just when the world wanted to throw Saudi Arabia under the bus.

    Russia: Remember Poland’s proposition to build Fort Trump?
    • Patriot Missile Defenses … of course.
    • Plus Intermediate Nuclear Ballistic Missiles (INBMs) with Offense being the best Defense.😎

    NATO: Remember that 2% GDP spending requirement?
    • That 2% just became 3% for INBM Catch-up.
    • With the extra 1% paying for America’s Protection.😳

    China: Remember when you refused to join the INF Treaty?
    … and when we said you were encroaching with your South China Sea islands?
    • We’ll be installing INBMs on Guam and Okinawa to defend our sea lanes.😨
    • Our allies in the Phillipines and Taiwan seem to be taking an interest as well.🤣

    China: Remember when you stalled the North Korean Denuclearization?
    • We’re now putting INBMs in Japan as our “Korean Umbrella”.😱
    • Funded by South Korea and Japan.😏

    Syria with your Russian Bases and Turkey: Looks like Israel wants INBMs for protection, too.😫

    Iran: We’ve agreed to base INBMs in Saudi Arabia against your Nukes and your Yemeni Houthis.😫
    … Credit the Global Deep State for the INSPIRATION!😊

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    • the5thranchhand says:

      Whew, BlackKnightRides, that is a ‘keyboard’ full of interesting thoughts. Will take a while to process. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Maquis says:

      On those many happy notes I shall head off to my slumber!
      Excellent! 😊

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    • Message to Globalist Deep State and your EU-Russia-Turkey-China backers:

      Looks like Saudi Arabia may agree to cancel the $110 Billion in Defense Contracts in the interest of justice … and instead fund $220 Billion in Intermediate Nuclear Ballistic Missiles based in Riyadh as a much simpler method for protecting Islam’s holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

      We feel certain that the EU would agree, as a sacred obligation to its 50 Islamist residents and refugees.

      Same with Saudi Arabia’s neighboring Mideastern countries and Russia, to safeguard their citizens during their annual pilgrimages.

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    • Payday says:

      Seriously…great analysis. I’m sure that’s exactly what they’re all thinking/expecting now.

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    • Sentient says:



    • Jenny R. says:

      Nice run down — and of course the economic consequences of this: some certain countries have now lost some of the leverage they once had…which means they’ll have to spend some more money (that they don’t really have).
      Unless of course they’d like to start playing nice for a change (I don’t see it happening, because certain foreign actors have shown themselves as delusional and just bat guano insane as the left, but we believe in giving people chances…while we twist their tenders).

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  17. CLRoemke says:

    Maybe this is Trumps response to that video a while back in Russian media. Remember the graphic of their brand new hypersonic drone with nuke capability? They wiped out Florida.
    Maybe the answer to Russia is we test and deploy our own hypersonic capability and build Fort Trump on Poland’s western border.
    Diplomatic chess.

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  18. Trump Train says:

    I love how he took another jab at obama. This has been going on for a long time why didn’t he do anything about it.

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  19. Sentient says:

    Is the premise that Russia was getting ready to invade Western Europe? I don’t know why the biggest country on earth would want to take over a bunch of peoples whose main cultural attributes at present are self-hatred and gay marriage.

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  20. OK, Democrats and Globalist Co-Conspirators, you got your wish, too, with the Russian Collusion charade.

    By the time you convince Mueller to drop the B.S. investigation, Russia will be paying for their violations of the INF by (1) restoring the Uranium One “theft” to America PLUS Restitution and (2) documenting the TREASONOUS Democrat-Clinton-Obama Conspiracy to defraud America, arm our Enemies and destabilize the World.

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  21. cripto says:

    Here is the gov report:
    “Russian Compliance with the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty: Background and Issues for Congress”
    Updated October 5, 2018

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  22. The NATO-USSR confrontation based on the use of INF was a nightmare for Europeans back in earlier 80ies, when USSR was a powerful force. The Regan-Gorbachov pack was a win-win for both sides then. Today everything have changed. The issue is WHERE the US INF will be placed (of course without asking Putin’s “permission”). Given that WW2 occupation of Germany has ended years ago, probably the “New” Europe (Re: Cheney/Rumsfeld definition) is most of all prepared for this adventure, – but this will scare Putin beyond comprehension. As for the US, this is the right response to the recent hysterical Putin’s “jokes” about nuclear collision. The opportunity of the first rapid strike from, e.g., Poland or Baltic countries should cool down crazy heads in Kremlin and show them that resolution of the Ukrainian Putin-made crisis and curb on (third world) Russia militarization is to their real advantage. I support this carefully weighted Trump’s decision.

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  23. Payday says:

    Anyone around during the time of those Reagan/Gorbachev summits remembers how big a deal that treaty was. Will likely go right over the heads of most millennials.

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  24. cripto says:

    This move, IMO, has more to do with China than Russia, as China was not a party to the INF. If it was about Russian cheating, which they were, I suspect the US would nurse it along just to penalize them. Out of the INF, the US could free itself to depot more effective weapons to counter China’s rapidly advancing missile systems deployment (longer range than the US could under this treaty) in Asia.

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    • Jenny R. says:

      The Russian cheating thing was a good excuse to scrap the treaty. Not our fault that we had to pull out of it; if China wants to get po’d at anybody, they can talk to their erstwhile buddies to the northwest.
      So a two for the price of one deal (actually, as Black Knight mentioned, a many for the price of one) — truly, a bundle of winning.

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  25. Payday says:

    And for all our EU globalist friends…I would guess any potential system in Poland could go east or west too. 😏

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  26. Kenji says:

    That’s one hell of a rug! Love the soft green. But … HORROR … it looks to be a Caucasian rug … from the caucuses … perhaps an antique karabagh?

    Must be a subliminal signal to WHITE people!!! … is he giving the OK-hand signal too!?


  27. Payday says:

    I’m sure I’ll never see the day any of this would actually happen. But just the mere thought of this must be causing some explody heads.

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  28. Plowboy says:

    But wait, Trump loves Russia right? The MSM says so . Well there you go then. The MSM is wrong, big surprise there.


  29. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    Colluding with those Russians again, I see. Mueller will have to get right on this. /sarc

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  30. Pyrthroes says:

    Screw Rats’ bad faith, ill willed, false pretenses knee-jerk response to this INF demarche. Trump’s thrust is American national security, an honest and diplo-militarily effective riposte to Putin’s smirking aggravations, not some Chamberlain-type “piece of parchment”.

    Feministical rat-traps such as MzBill, DiFi, Fauxcahontas –not to mention political paramecia such as Coco-Loco, Sinema-the-Enema, and Maxine Wigmore– playing tiddlywinks with Gangster State dictators exemplify bovine spongiform encephalopathy (“mad cow” disease, BSE) akin to classical anosognosia– Dunning-Kruger Syndrome, “the incompetence of ignorance”, subjects “too stupid to know they’re stupid” (1914).

    You go, girls!– meaning, “be off, crabcakes” rather than Hump Up. Parenthetically, of all the oh-so-serious Treaties solemnly ratified from c. 1960, when has a single one not redounded to this country’s disadvantage?

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  31. Josh says:

    sorry guys no matter what s big fan and dedicated Trump supporter I am My loyalty if with the Trinity and the spiritual battle being fought and in the end I am 100% confident the immaculate heart of Mary will Triump. I strongly feel there will be different waves before the era of peace. civil war with the left which will start with the us and will break out globally, china will confront the USA and will be very strong and only Russia will be saving grace so the collusion narrative will be a big joke. lastly I see some celestial objects that might be a major concern if not a warning an illumination of conscience. With the catholic church I see a pruning to a very small but holy church and ultimately with Gods grace everyone is converted to usher in the era of peace. sounds far fetched but this i can see.

    God Bless you Patriots.


    • Jenny R. says:

      Ah, been reading Whalid Shoebat I see.
      He used to have some good stuff before Erdogan completely shut down the press in Turkey…and he became more inclined to delve into his prophecies…which any Catholic could tell you that we are supposed to be aware of the dangers of such things (nobody knows the time or the hour, even the wise will be fooled).


  32. Doc Moore says:

    Since it should be overwhelmingly apparent to anyone who has any knowledge of how Trump succeeds, this entire bit is all about cutting a deal that everyone can live with. WHY not tell the story from that perspective, the REAL perspective, instead of cloaking the intent with absurdly idiotic notions of “retaliation”? THEY CANT RETALIATE…cant they? We’re doing it because they ALREADY retaliated and ignored the treaty.


  33. thedoc00 says:

    There is another major aspect to these nuclear treaties that often goes unnoticed. The US Tax payer sent Billions of Dollars to Russia (USSR) to help cover costs of destruction and de-militarization of weapons. As the USSR disintegrated these treaties were used to cover sending more money to pay for security of nuclear devices and employ Russian technologists to develop “non-nuclear” technology. The US in essence paid for much of development for the current Russian Space program as well as allot of the new missile delivery system technology they (and Chinese) have on-hand.

    Besides changing the strategic dynamic v/v the EU (NATO) and China, these are Billions of US dollars being taken off the table.

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  34. Well, not only does this make the media look like idiots, but I think Trump may be able to use this to have a reason to meet with Putin to renegotiate now. Otherwise, it would have been hard for Trump to justify meeting with Putin, because of all the “muh Russia” crap….but now, they can have an excuse to meet and negotiate this and talk about other things. Maybe it is a multi purpose thing Trump is doing, and yes, they really were violating the treaty so it is justified and nobody can say otherwise – but of course, they still will.

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  35. Kaco says:

    Interesting that the Reuter’s article has a pro-Russian defense slant to it. Russia denies violating anything and says it would be detrimental for us to pull out of the treaty.


  36. 6x47 says:

    If as the ProgTard #Resistance insists, Putin interfered in the 2016 election to install his puppet Trump, then surely that will go down in history as the worst investment ever.

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  37. Ryan Workman says:

    How will MSM spin this to be “weak on Russia”?!?!


  38. tunis says:

    I have to disagree with the majority of the comments. IMO, this is just another neocon wet dream.
    Bolton pushed this one through. PDJT is now being heavily influenced by the neocon & zionists in foreign policy. The same guys who created the current mess in the Middle East from the debacles in Iraq, Libya, Syria. We’ve been in Afghanistan for over 18 years and the Taliban instead of being defeated are slowly gaining the edge. Trump himself said what a disaster this has been, costing us trillions of dollars with nothing to show for during his 2016 election campaign. He was spot on then. Now he’s singing the same tune as the neocon/zionists.

    The only outcome from withdrawing from the treaty that Reagan negotiated and signed is to revive the nuclear arms race. So what happens when the US places nuclear missiles in Poland & the Baltic countries, maybe even Ukraine currently run by the Nazis? The Russians respond with even more missile developments. Currently they are the ones with the heavy space lift and hypersonic technologies. Even NASA uses Russian rocket engines for heavy space lift.

    Bottom line: This just leads to more opportunities for miscalculation. Russia has the capability to totally destroy the US just as we can do to Russia. Neither country can survive a nuclear conflict.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Jamie_NYC says:

    Both sides have been accusing each other of cheating on the agreement for years. The withdrawal is more about China, which was not bound by the treaty and has built up stock of medium-range missiles over the years.


  40. bill says:

    It is critical to note, we are NOW OFFICIALLY in a 2 Front, Cold War with China and Russia.
    The US better start adding GDP at a 5% annual clip because we are going to need it for the upcoming defense spending outlays!

    Withdraw from the INF treaty follows announcement of China embedding spy ships in motherboards 2.5 weeks ago, VP Pence’s speech at the Hudson Institute 1.5 weeks ago, continued friction with Russia…..This is the 5th or 6th item indicating war in the future (over the past 3 weeks.)


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