Devin Nunes Discusses Declassification Directive – POTUS Reverses Course…

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appears on Fox News this morning to discuss the ongoing battle between the corrupt elements within the DOJ and FBI who are working feverishly to hide information from the public.  This interview happens shortly before President Trump announces his decision to reverse course on the declassification request.

Moments after this interview President Trump tweets this:

“I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents.”

President Trump meeting with DOJ, meaning Rod Rosenstein. Notice “various unredacted documents”. Heavily referencing section 3 and 4 of the declassification directive.

“They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe.”

DOJ saying they will release; but note the word “perceived negative impact”. The full sunlight (full release) would undermine the legitimacy of Robert Mueller. DOJ doesn’t want to undermine the fraudulent Mueller investigation. Rosenstein is now admitting to the President, that Muellers probe is illegitimate.

“Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release.”

As noted last night. Likely the U.K and Australian government are both concerned and likely embarrassed at the exploitation that took place. Christopher Steele (U.K), Alexander Downer (AU) etc. The collaborate ‘spy-gate’ operation (crossfire hurricane) between the CIA, FBI and DOJ-NSD is an embarrassment; and globally no-one knows the extent to which the FISA and Five-Eyes process is used, manipulated and abused.

Key point. Trump now has the leverage.

When wondering what President Trump will do with the leverage he now carries, think back to how Donald Trump (apex predator) always holds leverage for maximum impact at specifically chosen (by him) pressure points. Trump carries leverage like currency; he withdraws from positions when he gains leverage. The ability to deploy leverage at a time of his choosing is the power; the position which creates the leverage is not as powerful, and thereby discarded.

“Therefore, the Inspector General has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis.”

DOJ tells Trump in exchange for you withholding this weapon, we will tell our IG to rush forward with his investigation. The DOJ is likely to allow Michael Horowitz to put more damaging verbiage in his report this time.

“I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at).”

POTUS Trump accepts the position of the DOJ; puts the leverage in his arsenal; and then pressures the DOJ to work with Horowitz and hurry-the-hell-up with the report.

“In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary.”

If the corrupt interests within the DOJ and FBI do not uphold their end of the bargain, POTUS retains the ability to deploy the original declassification directive…. if the outcome of the IG report is not forthcoming; or if the outcome does not match the truth; he will trigger the declassification.

It is within this section where all those who understand the truth get rightly, and understandably, worried that the DOJ will renege on the deal they just made with Trump.

“Speed is very important to me – and everyone!”

Everyone understands this could have election impact. Trump telling the corrupt DOJ to get the truth in front of the American people prior to the election.


Again, President Trump views these events as gaining him massive leverage toward the accusations against him by Robert Mueller.  Don’t look at this through the prism of Trump supporters – look at this through the prism of President Trump.

Robert Mueller has been held over President Trump’s head like a sword of Damocles for more than a year.   The DOJ has just handed President Trump leverage over Mueller (which POTUS can use to protect his office – Trump now controls the horsehair), in exchange for not exposing the institutional corruption within the FBI and DOJ.

Leverage over Mueller is worth withdrawing the declassification directive in exchange for allowing the FBI and DOJ to manage how the institutional corruption surfaces.

President Trump agrees to allow the DOJ to use the IG report to expose the institutional corruption thereby agreeing to permit them to control the damage.  However, the institution corruption must be exposed.  If the DOJ and FBI renege on the deal; if the IG report does not expose the institutional corruption; then all agreements are null and void.

…Oh, and President Trump wants this done prior to the election.

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854 Responses to Devin Nunes Discusses Declassification Directive – POTUS Reverses Course…

  1. emroled says:

    Asking honestly – how have you determined that shockwaves were sent throughout his base? Websites? Radio shows?


  2. trapper says:

    The Gang of Four democrats threw Rosey under the bus by going public with his commitment to them to withhold material from his boss, the president. That’s a firing offense, and they thought they would force Rosey to throw in with them to protect him from Trump. Didn’t work. Trump just spared him and in the process, turned him. Oops! That didn’t work. Bad move by the dems. Those amateurs in congress have no idea what they are up against.

    And the Brits and Aussies: Mr. President, we know some of our guys went WAY off the reservation, but we have dealt with it. Please don’t embarrass us.

    Granting favors and collecting chits. Everything you need to know you can learn from the Godfather movies:

    “Someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this justice as a gift”
    -Don Corleone

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    • Daniel says:

      How do we even know that claim is true??? The Democrats are huge on stirring division and chaos. The more crazy things get in messaging from that side, the more desperation I read from it. As we saw from the Project Veritas videos of late, these cockroaches KNOW what they are doing is wrong and illegal and they do it anyway under the belief they cannot or will not be punished or fired.

      Among them, we now know there are thousands upon thousands of these vermin who are both conscious of what they are doing and that it is very illegal. They are subverting the most significant country in the world with their campaign of corruption and systemic rot. They have lived in the shadows all this time and are forced into the light as they attempt to stop Trump from stopping them.

      When this is over, we will live in a VERY different country. It will not soon devolve into this degree of murky again. In a sense, it may well be a “refounding” or rededication of this country again.

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      • Daniel- I sure hope you are right because the alternative is terrifying.

        My estimation: There has been a coup and we are now in a civil war. Just read the thousands of nasty and threatening responses to President Trump’s tweets on any given day and some of the comments on other social media about our President and his family.


  3. Mark Mears says:

    VDG is getting bad advice again from someone in his cabinet but I trust in his instinct. He’s accomplished a heck of a lot in less than 2 years and that with a hell of a lot of push back from rinos, obstruction at every turn from Democrats and the russia bullshit from his own intelligence agencies. I trust you my President

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  4. Hopper Creek says:

    I don t think PT reversed course, H avoided another perjury trap ! DOJ said sure but it might affect the ongoing Russia investigation.
    P T said OK , I ll have the IG review and and expedite the release…..HAAAA DOJ, U Guys R MADE !

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  5. DanO64 says:

    Don’t fall for the new “shock” because it’s FAKE NEWS.

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  6. Mark McQueen says:

    IMHO, “reverse course” is a bit over the top.

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Yes. VSGPOTUS has let them know that their assumptions about the “bull in the china shop” were wrong – Mythbusters wrong.

      He is now in the “wicked beautiful horns moving gracefully but stomach-churningly fast atop a multi-ton beast through a maze of glass” stage. His opponents have been duly warned not to mess with the horns – or any of the rest of it.

      Trump will see sunlight from them, or they will see sunlight from Trump. And one false move by Mueller the Clown, and the “China shop” explodes, with Americans calling for mass arrests in stadiums. Whoops. Bad caps on china.

      Wonder how the conspirator Ms. – I mean “Senator” Feinstein is today? I’m starting to see her signature across time itself. Wonder how she feels about book deals. Maybe it depends on the book.

      Fun times. Justice Kavanaugh is going to be awesome.

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  7. wolfmoon1776 says:

    This deal is getting very artsy, and THAT is where the VSGPOTUS is strong.

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  8. railer says:

    Trump is beating the grass to startle the snakes. It’s working. Do you see the panic in the media and Swamp creatures today? When the NYT decides to throw Rod Rosenstein under the bus, and that’s what they’re doing, you know the snakes are startled.

    A weapon is always better left unfired, and has more and continuous value as a threat. All of us here already know what’s in all these documents. And the snakes scurrying around today indicate our suspicions are correct.

    Strzok’s texts were abhorrent, but do you think they moved the needle any? Only a little. These declassed documents would perhaps move it a little more, but I doubt they’ll peg that needle.

    This is the biggest conspiracy and scandal in US history. THE BIGGEST. Better to be patient and take no action that isn’t decisive, and these declassed docs won’t be decisive right now.

    When Washington was faced with mutineers, he made sure his actions were decisive. He surrounded them, put them on trial in the field, convicted a few, then had the un-convicted mutineers line up as the firing squad to shoot bullets through their buddies’ hearts. This was decisive.

    Trump is handling this similarly in concept. He’s using the existing Swamp creatures to take down the Swamp, with Trump himself taking only a passive role, but we all know who will be sitting there silently on horseback, watching, as the Swamp creatures fire bullets through their buddies’ hearts. This day is coming, my friends.

    Rosenstein is now being offered up as sacrifice. We’ll see whether he gets tied to the stake or executes his peers. And all it took to draw out this panicked move is for Trump to grab his saber and partially withdraw it from its scabbard. Everybody understood that saber was going to draw blood, given the man wielding it. They stood down.

    I do want blood over this scandal. It’s merited. I believe there are people who should pay with their lives for this conspiracy, and I don’t say that lightly as I’m not a fan of capital punishment. But getting there requires something far more clever than the typical Swamp leaks and chickenfighting. The Swamp will fend Trump off if he assails them using Swamp tactics. They hold most of the ground.

    Muh Russia and Mueller have been a dead letter for a long time now, since the day Manafort was indicted by my lights, December 2017 or so. He tipped his hand and he was holdin’ nothin’. We need him to finish up and file his nothingburger report, then turn in his badge and be escorted out of the building by security. THAT will move the needle, and Trump’s actions this week likely bring us closer to that. A threat of declass and Rosenstein potentially being flipped will help Mr. Mueller expedite that day.

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  9. Victor Laszlo says:

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. PT is innocent and has had the leverage the whole time. He has been given bad advice,IMO. And I didn’t see where PT said anything about “get it done before the midterms”. Seems more like this move is so the chaos that will ensue after the criminal exposure will be after the election, and not distract from the midterms. If midterms is the focus, then voter fraud should have been fixed. Too late now. Onward to civil war.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Is there evidence that voter fraud hasn’t been “fixed” or somewhat mitigated? I’m not certain that the work to undermine the fraudsters would have been made public.

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      • clive hoskin says:

        Just imagine what would happen if President Trump had a few ICE agents stationed at a few polling booths.Wouldn’t that deter some illegal voters from turning up????


  10. DanO64 says:

    Trust the Man.

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    • bour3 says:

      The years pass, the student grows up, the test is set up again. The student punches the teacher right in the face and snatches the stone that goes flying through the air.


  11. Okay… I apologize.

    Sundance makes sense again. When I calmed down and read it again without a pre-determined frustration that Trump was caving and this was deja vu’ all over again…. it does make sense.

    Trump pulled the lever on the declassification and they saw he was willing to wield as much power and expose as much as possible and they are freaking. He pulled it back, because he can just do it again if they act out of turn.

    As for the NY Times fake news… it has all the Fake News red flags

    1. Based on “memos” written after the fact by former crooked FBI guy McCabe. Same exact way Comey did it.

    2. Doesn’t reconcile with logic. Rosenstein signed the recommendation of the Justice Department advising Trump to fire Comey. The NYT is using the Comey firing as the reason behind Rosenstein’s anger at Trump.

    3. The NY Times is fake news. But they are helpful to people that know their modus operandi. They don’t print anything that isn’t to the benefit of the deepstate liberal agenda of the globalist cabal. They are attacking Rosenstein… which means, they believe he is a barrier to their cause.

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  12. KId Jupiter says:

    I don’t agree with this. He should just declassify himself and let them all, including the “allies” implicated, twist in the wind. It’s been too long already.


  13. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    This New York Slimes late Friday afternoon release of some supposed Rosenstein statement about the 25th Amendment smells like your typical DeepState manure. The Mueller Gang is trying to nudge the President into firing the acting Attorney General so they can release their report claiming obstruction of justice. The lying media would then go into overdrive slamming the president calling him every name in the book from Allende to Peron to Mussolini to Hitler. However, VSGP Trump will not fall for their little scheme; and Rosenstein will remain until after Mueller’s stupid witch hunt is concluded.

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  14. Stephen Warford says:

    I think you are giving Yrump way to much credit here. Quite the contrary, he has been rolled by the swamp. I am tired of republicans thinking if they are nice to ruthless democrats they will be rewarddd somehow with future goodwill. I am so so tired of republican broken promises. You may think he’s being so brilliant but it’s no so smart to tell your base one thing that they want done – then go out and do the opposite. I got two separate emails today from Trump election to make a donation. Do you think I feel like sending a donation when it looks to me like he just caved to the swamp like so many republicans always do. If he is being as brilliant as you say – it better play out before the election or I will be sitting homecon Election Day.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I will not sit home on election day under **ANY** circumstances.

      I will vote even if I must hold my nose to vote for a RINO because no MAGA Republican candidates are on my ballot.

      To not vote or to vote other than R would make me look like a disingenuous fool regarding every value I have purported to hold.

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    • Deb says:

      If you sit home in Election Day, you do not love America.

      This is bigger than one man.

      You want stop the globalist Marxists who want to shred our constitution?

      Then vote Republican. You might not like it, but that’s your option. PDJT is our guy, and he needs us to have his back.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Dear Sir or Madam,

      Your concern has been noted. We here at the Treehouse take all concerns seriously. You should hear from our Concern Resolution Team within the next 2 to three business days.

      If in the highly unusual circumstance that we can not resolve your concern. You may request a meeting with our Concern Board. Be advised you are encouraged to have representation at the Concern Board hearing. There you will be able air your Concern completely with out fear of ridicule or harassment.

      Please be advise that here at the Treehouse, no concern is to small. that is why our motto is, “your concern is our concern’.

      Yours in boundless concern
      John Jay

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    • Coldeadhands says:

      Ha, look closely at the emails looking for $ for Trump re-election. Chances are the donations don’t go directly to PDJT. Few here donate to Republicans unless to a specific candidate. Republican Senatorial Committee… no.
      I suspect you would be staying home in any case…


  15. f.fernandez says:

    When facing discipline, the guilty always wants to get it over quickly. Prolonging the inevitable just causes the guilty to sweat and dread all the more.

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    • Oh dear. It seems little johnny that you have broken the cookie jar. I guess you forgot you are not allowed to touch the cookie jar. And now it’s broken. Bummer.

      But don’t worry!

      We will find a good consequence for you. But I’ll need some time to think over what is best. But don’t worry, you can clean up the mess now and I’ll let you know by the end of the weekend what they are.

      But don’t worry!

      (Johnny spend weekend worrying.)


  16. mtk says:

    Sorry folks. My crayons just can’t write it.

    For it involves analysis of the ‘hedgehog’ fable.

    Just so all know, it is breaking my heart to have to balance the convergences and divergences of following the ‘big ugly’ down its many rabbit holes.
    All that is left, when faced with the duality of the uncertaintity in making choices… is Faith.
    And that is more of an absolute truth that speaks forthrightly about the Nature of Faith, as does anything else we are meant to experience in Life.

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  17. For Eyes says:

    I am seeing this similar to Sundance, but a bit differently.

    1) Coming from the NYT this has to feel like an “et tu brute” moment for Dems. The screams of anguish must have clogged the phone lines this afternoon at the NYT on angry calls from senior Dems.

    2) Which is why it was THEE perfect spot to leak it to.

    3) It has the look and feel of an intel operation.

    4) BECAUSE, it looks like it may have come from Mueller. Or might have come from other Black Hat insiders. It splits ranks.

    5) BECAUSE it lays the groundwork to fire Rosenstein along with Sessions. Clear the deck.

    6) BECAUSE it is a move to cut off the head of the snake … or … at least badly wound him and send him underground and compliant instead of cocky and disobedient.

    7) BECAUSE to have the NYT print this, against their own Black Hat team, they would have to have clear and persuasive backup. One whispered phone call might not have done it.

    8) BECAUSE it gives Trump more leverage to tell Mueller to pound sand, with a pending firing of both Sessions and Rosenstein.

    9) BECAUSE that together with sending the mission to the OIG, it sends a clear signal to the Black Hats Trump did not walk into a clear Impeachment Trap by just releasing them himself, that Trump has upped his own inside DC political gamesmanship.

    10) BECAUSE it puts Trump more into the drivers seat.

    11) BECAUSE it creates the narrative in so many minds that the Black Hats are cutting Rosenstein lose to hang in the wind on his own.

    12) BECAUSE it gives Trump all of the cover he ever needed to go ahead and release them himself if he has to.

    13) BECAUSE it covers the base of Trump’s next move to do it himself, it also puts a hot poker up the butt of the OIG to do it for him.

    Given all of those positive attributes, its way too coincidental for my taste that this came from the Black Hat team. Such strokes of great good fortune are seldom this random. The facts of the story are VERY likely to be true, or the NYT would not have stepped out and away from their readership base to print it. Since Trump has ordered the material to be released, I doubt the leak would be an illegal act, just an early one. Every required step (that I know of) has already been followed, from the review by DOJ who said they would give it all to Trump and let him do it, through consultation with the other governments. It is instructive the leak was published after those steps were concluded.

    So it is just possible … possible … that this is contained in the text messages to be released, or other similar docs.

    That the WH planted the story, and it looks like a Black Hat did it.

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  18. wpsahm says:

    Clearly the delayed gratification is getting to some people. Getting pissed and picking up your ball (vote) and going home is to me rather childish and ungrateful when you consider the massive undertaking our leader has taken on, has worked night and day for and continues to stand in the breach between us and THEM. Grow a pair people, keep your head down and show up to vote for God’s sake. Sheesh. Your lack of trust in the most amazing president of my lifetime is irritating.

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  19. P3X-639 says:

    Awesome. Back to politics as usual. New boss same as the old boss. But go out and vote plebs, if you vote for the “right” you’ll be able to delay the death of the country for a decade or two maybe.

    The Big Ugly dies off, right here. Mueller will never finish his probe. The IG will pull the same ******** they did in the Mid-Year investigation. Here’s all this horrifying stuff in the million paged body know one will bother to read. Summary?: Meh, nothing to see here serfs. One week of ethics and bias training. Case ******* closed!

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    • Deb says:

      If you think the new boss is the same as the old boss, you haven’t been paying attention.

      PDJT is going up against cold blooded murderers, psychopaths, thieves and liars. He’s doing it for us.

      This is a dicier situation than you will ever be in. They have already threatened his family. And yet he persists. If his time table has to change, who are you to judge. Is your life on the line? Your family?

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    • LannyD says:

      This isn’t a TV drama that gets wrapped up neatly and decisively at the end of an hour. It is a long process, and is just starting to heat up as players position for life before and after the midterms. Feel free to go to bed, though, if you can’t keep up. The plebs and serfs will tell you how it ends.

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  20. CMDCMRET says:

    To be clear…mueller has not been held over the Presidents head like a Sword of Damocles…a shadow of the sword perhaps.

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  21. Reillyi says:

    Our President ran, got elected, and is pushing MAGA through at warp speed despite the majority of the establishment cabal & government institution fighting him tooth & nail. CTH knows about UK/Australia involvement, but not necessarily the average peep, so now that is exposed.

    Economy is humming, China on the ropes, terrorism down, Iran sanctioned ….and on and on it goes. How can anyone possibly look at what our beloved PJDT has done against all odds ( including international governments ) and be discouraged? Our VSG is dealing with the D.C. swamp rats here. They are evil no doubt, but they are stupid. He will prevail when he chooses.

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  22. Jpcarson says:

    Short term, getting Judge K confirmed. The Dems want to prevent this with everything they’ve got, because the courts are the only way they can further their amoral, anti-Constitutional socialist agenda. RBG is next, which will leave them at 6 to 3 for years to come…hallelujah!!!

    The President still possesses the hold cards on declassification if his orders are not carried out in a quick, timely manner. Appeased a couple foreign powers (“allies”), which leaves him holding markers on them for future cash in. Like most here, I so want to blow the lid off the corruption ASAP, but will be patient for now knowing the President is fully aware of most all that has taken place. It’s like he’s setting up a multiple “pincher” move, giving the enemies the opportunity to piss on each other. Nunes knows, but he is not in charge of the clock. And he knows it goes all the way to the top, Obama (he has seen the Presidential Daily Briefs from Brennan to Obama).

    Get Judge K confirmed, then let the fires begin. Pete C.

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  23. Targysan says:

    1) Confirm Kavanaugh
    2) Declassify EVERYTHING
    3) Across the board arrests by US Marshalls
    4) Military Tribunals

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  24. Questionsing says:

    Does anyone really care HOW the Swamp is drained? In the end, draining the Swamp, not taking scalps, is the mission. I, for one, would prefer the DOJ clean house behind closed doors. But clean it they must…

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  25. Hoop says:

    Why are there no charges filed against anyone???

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  26. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    …Oh, and President Trump wants this done prior to the election.

    He damn well better have given them a “Drop Dead Date” and already received ALL of these documents (which are now residing cozily in a safe a the White House for this play to work).

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  27. What is this Bologna? Is Trump going to drain the swamp or not. Leverage my ass. He’s got no fuc$#!@ leverage! He’s about to lose the damn election. This is to buy time so they don’t have time to declassify. I really am losing patience with Trump. He surrounds himself with DC apparatchiks. What did he expect with some of the appointments he’s made? I really am fed up. He’s spending like crazy, and although I like most of his policies, I voted for him to drain the swamp, not fill it in with more and more pork barrel spending. Does CTH ever think PDJT ever makes a mistake?

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    • Deb says:

      Of course he makes mistakes, he’s human. Just becuase we don’t clutch our pearls and light our hair on fire and run around saying the sky is falling and the swamp will never be drained and we’ll never vote again, doesn’t mean that we don’t see the man’s flaws.

      But if you think this is a sign that he’s given up the fight, you don’t have the stomach for what’s ahead.

      Three years of listening to people tell us PDJT is done, or he’s a liar, or he’s a cheat, all while he manages to get real results, that kind of crucible steels your nerves and hardens your resolve. It will take more than a strategic delay to make me give up on my country.

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      • hdpman says:

        I just keep telling myself. He has had me worried several times but has not let me down yet. For example the signing of the omnibus to get military funding. Then he said never again. Until it happens again I have his back.


    • rf121 says:

      Well, if you could do better in 18 months or so than please sign up to run for 2020. Its one man against the swamp that has been there for decades. You think this shit gets cleaned up overnight? And he has to survive to fight the next day. Every day. He is the best we have and I don’t see anyone, anywhere that could do as well as he has.

      This is a series of battles to win the war, and in war there are always set backs. And when half your team is screwing you it is even harder. And it won’t be won overnight. So quit busting the guys balls and support the man. Because if he fails this country is truly screwed.

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  28. CopperTop says:

    Papadop is using the term lured when he currently when he speaks of his discussions with Stefan Halper. The UK is likely asking the POTUS to hold off on the FISA because of their involvement in lures approved by our OIA.

    How this works. DOJ goes to the OIA who then goes to a foreign counterpart to ask permission to conduct lures on their soil if the conduct could ultimately result in an indictment and extradition request.

    There’s a million problems for UK authorizing this as the UK MILITARY will assume that they are being spied on as well when they enter THEIR foreign ALLIES (important distinction) and it will be perceived as being done WITH the agreement of the Crown (head of their military).

    Think about Trump and his understanding of basic military protocol and morale…of course he would like the Queen to be given some slack over her MI-6s GCHQ trickery to pull the wool over her dear armed forces….and create situation to entrap them. Sure they may not mind the politicians and likes of their version of Papa being snared…but this tactic is equally feasible to be performed at all levels of UK allies and where/how they have important interconnections…with National Security interests of their own.

    I still believe this aspect has been in the making since the wedding invitation announcements and the decision of the Queen to allow Harry to wear military garb. I do not think there is ‘a plan’…only the logically actions that would come at the right time as certain truths become self evident. Doesn’t mean that PDJT and the Queen couldn’t predict the future…which is NOW.

    45 wins again.

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  29. Putting On Its Shoes says:

    While I have not been a big fan of the “trust the plan” variants that have been trotted out, in this case, I think DJT probably already has gotten something definitive for the path he is taking on the delay. I don’t think he is “trusting” any of the bad actors to behave properly going forward.

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  30. Concerned says:

    BS, after OIG report that means very little. No Border wall, and No release of awaited documentation. Hope he has a plan to save himself and the republicans at midterms!

    I care nothing about what the allies want, since they have done enough already!

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Please be advise that here at the Treehouse, no concern is to small. that is why our motto is, “your concern is our concern’.

      Yours in boundless concern
      John Jay

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  31. nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

    I would think that the EUs “motivation to ensure a trade deal with the US was negotiated” would be the ‘proof’ that the documents currently in question and many others are indeed safely stored and readily accessible to President Trump. The visit by Mr. Jean-Claude earlier this year was a much better illustration of a “course reversal”. Makes one wonder if Mad Dog and President Trump went to same “life class” somewhere along the way. Both seem to be quite good at the “Be polite to everyone you meet, but have a plan to kill them….”

    The President has been offering the Socialists and Bolsheviks a way to ‘save face’ since Mr. Trump took the Oath of Office.

    This may be the last chance they have to accept it.

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    • CopperTop says:

      Queen was pissed that her counter part in the US and official head of state was target of a coup by her her own Govt. This became a military issue for UK back when she found out.

      Plus…I think ultimately she sided with P Trump’s world view and liked what he was attempting to do in terms of trade and energy. She was helpless in the last decades to act due to her Constitutional Monarchy limitations. The appearance of a coup on an ally gives her some sway as head of military.

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  32. Colle Bay says:

    This is an Act of War by Great Britain – Australia being a property of the Crown.

    This from a country that lets tweens be groomed for sexual slavery by Pakistanis (“Asian”).

    This from a country that has imprisoned Tommy Robinson for speaking out against white children being sold into sexual slavery to Muslims.

    There is no reason not to speculate. So here is some speculation:

    Prince Andrew being blackmailed by Jeffrey Epstein/Mossad (Pedo Island – Honeypot) is probably listed in the FISA application somewhere.

    All this stuff ties together. It’s a small world at the top.

    The Cabal is everywhere. Of course, we’ve know it forever but FINALLY proof is coming forward and Trump is just the guy to take down the Cabal.


  33. Colle Bay says:

    A couple of allies say, “Let’s talk.”

    I bet they want to talk.

    This is like when the evil, scumbag villain is hanging off a building ledge facing a painful death and he suddenly becomes reasonable and accommodating. Wanting the hero to pull him in and save him.

    Trump needs to let them all drop to their miserable deaths.

    These people don’t care that they’ve stolen literally everything from their native populations. They have no guns, they have no free speech, they go to prison for stating the obvious, their children are sold to Muslims. And what for? So Prince Andrew can rape a tween.


  34. Terry Bement says:

    F*CK the Brits and Aussies, they tried to interfere in OUR elections, and now they don’t wat POTUS to declas the docs? I say America has the RIGHT to KNOW who and when did what. The dems are behind there plea’s and Trump MUST release thes doc’s. the the American citizens, NOW.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Colle Bay says:

      You just know that the CIA, Mossad, M16, FBI, et al. are crapping their pants.

      Trump is a genius. All he said was “a couple of our allies called and said, let’s talk,”

      Talk about telling us without actually telling us.


      • Concerned says:

        President Trump may be a financial genius but this time he a stepped right in the middle of the cow-pie. Must of us want to see all of the crooks prosecuted.


        • Concerned says:

          he as stepped


        • Colle Bay says:

          I understand your skepticism but I believe Trump has this well in hand. I believe he and his team are going to take down ALL of the Cabal.

          It’s been a long and arduous journey but Trump plays the long game, Trump plays for all the marbles, Trump plays YUGE.

          I think he wants ALL of their scalps and I think he is going to get them all.


          • Concerned says:


            Are Counting Coup Now?

            The point of counting coup was to avoid bloodshed during practice (or during the real battle). Otherwise, if a partner refused to be honest in acknowledging a strike, the practice could very quickly escalate into real bloodshed as the better opponent “proved” his point by actually sticking his sword into the naysayer. Thus, counting coup was considered the honorable thing to do for all concerned. Oh yes, and people kept track. If you killed your opponent, you only could add one notch to your belt, so to speak, but counting coup took more bravery and you could add several notches to your coup stick over time.


  35. Colle Bay says:

    Look, a guy with no birth certificate and no history was allowed to become pResident of the USA. A guy with some 73 days in the Senate was installed as POTUS. He was allowed to command the most sophisticated killing machine in the history of mankind (the US Military). He was allowed to send soldiers to their deaths. He was allowed to kill anyone he wanted via drones and other methods (Seth Rich, Michael Hastings and probably Andrew Breitbart). He was allowed to steal trillions of dollars from our treasury.

    This was all out in the open. That’s how brazen they’ve all been.

    The FBI/CIA etc. have known about all these crimes for years. They’ve know and facilitated crimes by Jeffrey Epstein/Bill and Hillary Clinton/and all the other scumbags.


    The number of victims is staggering.

    Yeah, globalists, “Let’s talk.”

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Republicanvet91 says:

    In many respects, I very much dislike what the country is being put through while this issue is playing out. I have said very clearly in the past that I am FED UP with this nonsense.

    At this point though, I believe POTUS has used this issue in a brilliant manner.

    Enough information is out there to get peoples attention. Declassifying everything, or even more than what has been done already, leaves many swamp rats still dug into the swamp.

    By ordering declassification, POTUS turned up the heat a little and made it clear what authority he has.

    By backing off the declassification and deferring to the IG, he is essentially flushing out swamp rats from those willing to do their jobs. The IG can act and investigate, while others watch which swamp rats are still acting like swamp rats.

    Flush them all out!


    • Concerned says:

      You have a point if the IG were not partisan. The last product the IG produced was in the view of many very weak.


      • Republicanvet91 says:

        Perhaps then the IG will be shown as one of the swamp rats in the end.

        There is a difference between those who might be grumpy about Trump winning but doing their jobs, and those still willing to resist him in everything they do and ignore their oaths. Project Veritas is showing some of that.

        POTUS is forcing them to choose.


  37. Concerned says:

    It’s not worth it! But, I am just a simple voter.

    Leverage over Mueller is worth withdrawing the declassification directive in exchange for allowing the FBI and DOJ to manage how the institutional corruption surfaces.


  38. V says:

    I’ve read all 4 previous pages of comments, I understand the leverage idea, I see regulars disappointed like the wind taken out of their sails, I see trolls taking advantage of that by advocating not voting, and still I must say: if one makes such a direct order, one must be willing to follow through, otherwise don’t issue it. It’s not negotiable.

    4 days ago:

    9-17-18 Statement from the Press Secretary:

    “WHITE HOUSE – At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials: (1) pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court in the matter of Carter W. Page; (2) all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr prepared in connection with the Russia investigation; and (3) all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications.

    In addition, President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr. ”


    Did the DNI refuse to comply? Did a DOJ official refuse to comply?
    Sally Yates was fired for insubordination when she refused to comply to an order from her superior, President Trump.

    Again, if one issues such a direct order, one must be willing to follow through, otherwise don’t issue it. It’s not negotiable. Not with the corrupt deepstate, nor with the two foreign “allies.” It’s not a business deal. It’s the national security and freedom of Americans.

    FAST, overwhelming offense will shut deepstate’s arrogant mouths, get Kavanaugh confirmed and a whole lot of other good things.


  39. V says:

    9-21-18 Lee Smith & Corey Lewandowski making sense on Laura Ingraham Show on this declassification and document production delay.


  40. P3X-639 says:

    Having had time to cool off and mull this over for a few hours, I’ve come to different take, though it’s different then Sundance’s. I don’t think this is a leverage move so much as a legitimacy move.

    There’s a very good chance the info in this will torpedo the Mueller probe. If the OIG gives the go ahead to release, any consequences that arise from the info will have the cover of legitimacy. The OIG will have seen the info, they will be aware of the implications and where it leads, and say this is a problem worth being addressed. Mueller’s fall won’t be from someone (Trump) with personal interest but the truth behind him, but from the government’s very own corruption watchdogs.

    Since September is almost over, I’m skeptical about this dropping before the midterms. However, if this leads to a clean and expedient dismantling of the Mueller probe, I’d personally say this is actually a stronger move then releasing now. Naturally, this is of course assuming the OIG isn’t compromised, which isn’t something I have much faith in myself given the Mid-Year report dud. I’m still decently worried they’ll tank this an then we’ve given the opposition a gun to shoot at us, saying “even the IG says don’t release it!”

    One other thing, It would seem from the tweets that all the speculation and news about the DoJ and FBI stonewalling this was wrong/fake. It sounds like all the stuff has been handed to Trump. I guess the dirty Gang of Eight letter failed to impress.


    • Right. Can you see that declassifying all of this might bring an end to the Mueller Investigation and heap even more people screaming obstruction of justice on the President’s back?

      Why not let someone neutral, such as the OIG handle the redactions and then nothing soils the President.

      There is nothing here showing incompetence by the President, or that he has caved to the deep state…..He, unlike some posting in this thread, has obviously thought this through…..

      Liked by 1 person

  41. Hopper Creek says:

    P.T. avoided an obstruction of justice charge into the Russia collusion joke by referring the matter to OIG to address the DOJ concerns , and release the communications pronto..
    DOJ , PT got your #.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. PDJT is getting played and I’m not too sure that he knows it.


  43. RJones says:

    So, basically, SD is saying all the stuff about Huber working in the background, that’s all BS…they were doing nothing….Hmmmn, that seems like news. And, a logical conclusion is that Sessions is a filthy rat POS? Inquiring minds would like to know….


  44. joshuawaul says:

    President Trump is an student of The Art of War. To understand that is to understand Trump.

    As much as I would love to see the cabal of traitors exposed and prosecuted, Trump knows that boxing them in gives him power. He is in control, calling the shots.

    One of Sun Tzu’s tenets is “When you are strong, appear weak.” Trump has been playing this out with mastery. He is playing a game of Three Tier Chess with a world full of people playing a game of Checkers. He is a genius and underestimating him is fatal. That is why he is always ten steps ahead. He has these people just where he wants them.

    As his supporters it is imperative we understand this so we don’t create a circular firing squad.

    In the end, Good triumphs over evil, and Trump will win… again.


  45. It would be a cold day in hell before Donald Trump would allow a bureaucrat from the swamp to hold any leverage over his Presidency. The case has been laid out magnificently that he holds a very important card; redaction authority. There is zero need to rush forward with anything other than a much anticipated IG report. Thank you for the insight!


    • Barry says:

      I am a reader only but I must tell you today is the most scary and informative entries that I have encountered in a while. Thank you for the insight and encouragement — May God Bless


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