Devin Nunes Discusses Declassification Directive – POTUS Reverses Course…

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appears on Fox News this morning to discuss the ongoing battle between the corrupt elements within the DOJ and FBI who are working feverishly to hide information from the public.  This interview happens shortly before President Trump announces his decision to reverse course on the declassification request.

Moments after this interview President Trump tweets this:

“I met with the DOJ concerning the declassification of various UNREDACTED documents.”

President Trump meeting with DOJ, meaning Rod Rosenstein. Notice “various unredacted documents”. Heavily referencing section 3 and 4 of the declassification directive.

“They agreed to release them but stated that so doing may have a perceived negative impact on the Russia probe.”

DOJ saying they will release; but note the word “perceived negative impact”. The full sunlight (full release) would undermine the legitimacy of Robert Mueller. DOJ doesn’t want to undermine the fraudulent Mueller investigation. Rosenstein is now admitting to the President, that Muellers probe is illegitimate.

“Also, key Allies’ called to ask not to release.”

As noted last night. Likely the U.K and Australian government are both concerned and likely embarrassed at the exploitation that took place. Christopher Steele (U.K), Alexander Downer (AU) etc. The collaborate ‘spy-gate’ operation (crossfire hurricane) between the CIA, FBI and DOJ-NSD is an embarrassment; and globally no-one knows the extent to which the FISA and Five-Eyes process is used, manipulated and abused.

Key point. Trump now has the leverage.

When wondering what President Trump will do with the leverage he now carries, think back to how Donald Trump (apex predator) always holds leverage for maximum impact at specifically chosen (by him) pressure points. Trump carries leverage like currency; he withdraws from positions when he gains leverage. The ability to deploy leverage at a time of his choosing is the power; the position which creates the leverage is not as powerful, and thereby discarded.

“Therefore, the Inspector General has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis.”

DOJ tells Trump in exchange for you withholding this weapon, we will tell our IG to rush forward with his investigation. The DOJ is likely to allow Michael Horowitz to put more damaging verbiage in his report this time.

“I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at).”

POTUS Trump accepts the position of the DOJ; puts the leverage in his arsenal; and then pressures the DOJ to work with Horowitz and hurry-the-hell-up with the report.

“In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary.”

If the corrupt interests within the DOJ and FBI do not uphold their end of the bargain, POTUS retains the ability to deploy the original declassification directive…. if the outcome of the IG report is not forthcoming; or if the outcome does not match the truth; he will trigger the declassification.

It is within this section where all those who understand the truth get rightly, and understandably, worried that the DOJ will renege on the deal they just made with Trump.

“Speed is very important to me – and everyone!”

Everyone understands this could have election impact. Trump telling the corrupt DOJ to get the truth in front of the American people prior to the election.


Again, President Trump views these events as gaining him massive leverage toward the accusations against him by Robert Mueller.  Don’t look at this through the prism of Trump supporters – look at this through the prism of President Trump.

Robert Mueller has been held over President Trump’s head like a sword of Damocles for more than a year.   The DOJ has just handed President Trump leverage over Mueller (which POTUS can use to protect his office – Trump now controls the horsehair), in exchange for not exposing the institutional corruption within the FBI and DOJ.

Leverage over Mueller is worth withdrawing the declassification directive in exchange for allowing the FBI and DOJ to manage how the institutional corruption surfaces.

President Trump agrees to allow the DOJ to use the IG report to expose the institutional corruption thereby agreeing to permit them to control the damage.  However, the institution corruption must be exposed.  If the DOJ and FBI renege on the deal; if the IG report does not expose the institutional corruption; then all agreements are null and void.

…Oh, and President Trump wants this done prior to the election.

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853 Responses to Devin Nunes Discusses Declassification Directive – POTUS Reverses Course…

  1. Concerned says:

    It’s not worth it! But, I am just a simple voter.

    Leverage over Mueller is worth withdrawing the declassification directive in exchange for allowing the FBI and DOJ to manage how the institutional corruption surfaces.


  2. V says:

    I’ve read all 4 previous pages of comments, I understand the leverage idea, I see regulars disappointed like the wind taken out of their sails, I see trolls taking advantage of that by advocating not voting, and still I must say: if one makes such a direct order, one must be willing to follow through, otherwise don’t issue it. It’s not negotiable.

    4 days ago:

    9-17-18 Statement from the Press Secretary:

    “WHITE HOUSE – At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials: (1) pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court in the matter of Carter W. Page; (2) all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr prepared in connection with the Russia investigation; and (3) all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications.

    In addition, President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr. ”


    Did the DNI refuse to comply? Did a DOJ official refuse to comply?
    Sally Yates was fired for insubordination when she refused to comply to an order from her superior, President Trump.

    Again, if one issues such a direct order, one must be willing to follow through, otherwise don’t issue it. It’s not negotiable. Not with the corrupt deepstate, nor with the two foreign “allies.” It’s not a business deal. It’s the national security and freedom of Americans.

    FAST, overwhelming offense will shut deepstate’s arrogant mouths, get Kavanaugh confirmed and a whole lot of other good things.


  3. V says:

    9-21-18 Lee Smith & Corey Lewandowski making sense on Laura Ingraham Show on this declassification and document production delay.


  4. P3X-639 says:

    Having had time to cool off and mull this over for a few hours, I’ve come to different take, though it’s different then Sundance’s. I don’t think this is a leverage move so much as a legitimacy move.

    There’s a very good chance the info in this will torpedo the Mueller probe. If the OIG gives the go ahead to release, any consequences that arise from the info will have the cover of legitimacy. The OIG will have seen the info, they will be aware of the implications and where it leads, and say this is a problem worth being addressed. Mueller’s fall won’t be from someone (Trump) with personal interest but the truth behind him, but from the government’s very own corruption watchdogs.

    Since September is almost over, I’m skeptical about this dropping before the midterms. However, if this leads to a clean and expedient dismantling of the Mueller probe, I’d personally say this is actually a stronger move then releasing now. Naturally, this is of course assuming the OIG isn’t compromised, which isn’t something I have much faith in myself given the Mid-Year report dud. I’m still decently worried they’ll tank this an then we’ve given the opposition a gun to shoot at us, saying “even the IG says don’t release it!”

    One other thing, It would seem from the tweets that all the speculation and news about the DoJ and FBI stonewalling this was wrong/fake. It sounds like all the stuff has been handed to Trump. I guess the dirty Gang of Eight letter failed to impress.


    • Right. Can you see that declassifying all of this might bring an end to the Mueller Investigation and heap even more people screaming obstruction of justice on the President’s back?

      Why not let someone neutral, such as the OIG handle the redactions and then nothing soils the President.

      There is nothing here showing incompetence by the President, or that he has caved to the deep state…..He, unlike some posting in this thread, has obviously thought this through…..

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  5. Hopper Creek says:

    P.T. avoided an obstruction of justice charge into the Russia collusion joke by referring the matter to OIG to address the DOJ concerns , and release the communications pronto..
    DOJ , PT got your #.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. PDJT is getting played and I’m not too sure that he knows it.


  7. RJones says:

    So, basically, SD is saying all the stuff about Huber working in the background, that’s all BS…they were doing nothing….Hmmmn, that seems like news. And, a logical conclusion is that Sessions is a filthy rat POS? Inquiring minds would like to know….


  8. joshuawaul says:

    President Trump is an student of The Art of War. To understand that is to understand Trump.

    As much as I would love to see the cabal of traitors exposed and prosecuted, Trump knows that boxing them in gives him power. He is in control, calling the shots.

    One of Sun Tzu’s tenets is “When you are strong, appear weak.” Trump has been playing this out with mastery. He is playing a game of Three Tier Chess with a world full of people playing a game of Checkers. He is a genius and underestimating him is fatal. That is why he is always ten steps ahead. He has these people just where he wants them.

    As his supporters it is imperative we understand this so we don’t create a circular firing squad.

    In the end, Good triumphs over evil, and Trump will win… again.


  9. It would be a cold day in hell before Donald Trump would allow a bureaucrat from the swamp to hold any leverage over his Presidency. The case has been laid out magnificently that he holds a very important card; redaction authority. There is zero need to rush forward with anything other than a much anticipated IG report. Thank you for the insight!


    • Barry says:

      I am a reader only but I must tell you today is the most scary and informative entries that I have encountered in a while. Thank you for the insight and encouragement — May God Bless


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