Lighthizer Submits 90-day U.S-Mexico Trade Modification Notification to Congress…

U.S. Trade Represenative Robert Lighthizer releases a statement announcing the administration is filing a NAFTA Section 2202 trade modification “notification of intent” letter to congress:

Washington, DC – U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer today issued the following statement regarding the status of trade negotiations with Mexico and Canada:

“Today the President notified the Congress of his intent to sign a trade agreement with Mexico – and Canada, if it is willing – 90 days from now.  The agreement is the most advanced and high-standard trade agreement in the world.  Over the next few weeks, Congress and cleared advisors from civil society and the private sector will be able to examine the agreement.  They will find it has huge benefits for our workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses.

“We have also been negotiating with Canada throughout this year-long process.  This week those meetings continued at all levels.  The talks were constructive, and we made progress.  Our officials are continuing to work toward agreement.  The USTR team will meet with Minister Freeland and her colleagues Wednesday of next week.”  (link)

Under the original 1993 terms and Chapter 22 of the Implementation Act, Lighthizer notifies congress that trade parties have modified the terms; this is the Section 2202 notification of modification. Ninety days after the date of the notification the U.S. and Mexico can sign the new terms of agreement; congressional approval is not required. [Canada can still join the U.S-Mexico agreement but they need to act fast.]

If Canada refuses to join the agreement Lighthizer will follow-up the 2202 modification notification with a Section 2205 notice dissolving the U.S. from the 1993 agreement with Canada; the dissolution is official six months from the date of notification.

During the 6 month period, before official dissolution, the U.S. and Canada can enter into new negotiations for a separate bilateral trade agreement.

If no agreement is made in the six months, prior to the dissolution date, then the terms within an older 1973 trade agreement between the U.S. and Canada take effect.  However, it is more likely a new U.S-Canada trade agreement will be made within the six month NAFTA dissolution period as Canada would not want to revert back to a trade agreement almost fifty years old.

President Trump has executed this plan brilliantly.  The U.S. and Mexico have formed a manufacturing alliance based on common sense principles that are mutually beneficial to both countries.  Incoming Mexican President Lopez-Obrador retains much of the current investment and gets a significant win for his labor policies (a promise kept).  President Trump gains increased U.S. investment and the NAFTA loophole is closed (a promise kept).

Both the U.S. and Mexico have removed trade barriers, eliminated tariffs and subsidies and established mutually beneficial terms of commerce.

However, Canada cannot -and will not- remove protectionist trade barriers (telecommunications and banking); will not eliminate protectionist tariffs (dairy); will not remove subsidies on Lumber and Aeronautics; and will not accept rules of origin in manufacturing that would remove their ability to exploit cheap Asian and Chinese parts and assemble them in Canada.

In essence Canada does not want to open their government controlled markets to competition and pesky capitalism; and they also don’t want a restart of heavy industry.

So it is likely President Trump and Robert Lighthizer will attempt a separate bilateral deal; and if not possible, Trump will place a 25% tariff on all Canadian made automobiles thereby bringing the cross-border auto manufacturing industry back to the U.S.

Oh well… we tried.  Dealing with those duplicitous Canadians gave me a heart attack.

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205 Responses to Lighthizer Submits 90-day U.S-Mexico Trade Modification Notification to Congress…

  1. dave says:

    Don’t mess with the Bull; you’ll get the horns.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Justin from Canada is going to get more than just the horns handed to him! What this man and his team of idiots are doing to the Canadian Economy is pure suicide. The dairy sector produces less than 1% of the revenue Canada takes in.

      They better have enough cows 🐄 for the auto workers to milk 🥛 once those factories close and return for the good to our country!

      They thought the Mexicans were going to be there for them. Once AMLO won the Mexican Election, their partner was no longer interested.

      You can’t fix stupid. You have to destroy it!

      Look what happened earlier today in China 🇨🇳. Our President’s plans are working to perfection!

      From the article linked above:

      Ford Motor Co. F -2.27% has ditched plans to import its Focus compact vehicle from China to the U.S., citing an expected hit from import tariffs the Trump administration put into effect in July.

      The U.S. auto maker had planned to begin shipping a new version of the Focus from China, starting in the second half of 2019. But a new 25% tariff upended the economic case for the import plan, said Kumar Galhotra, the company’s head of North America.

      Ford will instead discontinue the Focus nameplate for the U.S. market after selling down the current supply.

      The tariff made it a “very difficult business case for us, so we’re choosing to deploy these resources elsewhere,” Mr. Galhotra told reporters during a conference call Friday.

      Mr. Galhorta said Ford didn’t seek a tariff exemption for the Focus.

      Mr. Galhotra said the decision would have “marginal” impact on the auto maker’s future sales in the U.S., where Ford plans to increase the number of nameplates it offers to 23 within five years—from 20 today—despite plans to eliminate several car lines. Ford has said it would add more trucks, SUVs, and electric and hybrid models to respond to consumer demands.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Folks in Michigan are going to see their state revived in short order thanks to Justin and Barnie!

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        • Firefly says:

          Gee I wonder how Yooper and his fellow Michigan folks will be voting in November? I know how my relatives and friends in Michigan will Vote for MAGA.
          PTrump’s timing is Perfect!

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          • LilyLayzell says:

            Let’s pray it will mean no more Senator Stabinow.

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          • kiwiapsa says:

            I’m here in Michigan and, believe me, 100% behind the President and voting for John James in the mid-term. My wife and I attended the rally here in Grand Rapids the night before the election and it was a time to remember. A warm-up act from the Motor City Madman and then the candidate himself. Goodbye Debbie Stabenow…


        • nightmare on k st says:

          can we get Pee Wee Herman to skip around with a magic wand in front of the reopening of the US plants?

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      • Jan Phillips says:

        That is hilarious! “They better have enough cows 🐄 for the auto workers to milk 🥛 once those factories close and return for the good to our country!”

        I never thought I’d see our country doing so great!!!

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      • Justah says:

        Auto websites and WSJ announced a few days ago that Ford was going to stop selling sedans. Moody downgraded them to one step above Junk status. Nothing but problems with their China & Mexico sedans. No market for them and lots of lawsuits.

        Can’t blame this on President Trump, decision was Ccorporate.

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        Ford needs to re-open the Mercury Division.

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      • MVW says:

        Auto production as you point out numerous times will not wait to see. Toyota will begin the move. Why wait?

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        • Greg1 says:

          There is extra capacity in other Toyota plants in North America. I know of one plant that has been angling to fill some of that extra capacity………and that plant used to make Rav4 engines until recently. I think one plant in particular would be happy to diversify their product line and produce a small SUV.

          Toyota will not completely leave Canada. At a minimum they will produce vehicles for the Canadian market in Canada. Obviously, any vehicles they would wish to export to the USA will become more likely to be produced here.

          The amateur negotiators/politicians Canada is fielding will do them more harm than good. The nafta loophole is going to be closed. Period. They can virtue signal liberal junk all they wish but this is business. Trump knows business.

          Trump trumps in business.

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Exactly! As our President likes to say, the USA 🇺🇸 is where it is at!

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        • Justah says:

          Toyota has one important plant in Canada – it produces the RAV4, Toyota’s too seller. None of them produced in the USA, some come out of Japan. Toyota dumped many Millions into upgrades in this plant this year, which makes you wonder what use for brains. I wouldn’t be surprised if President Trump worked out a special cut out for Toyota Ravs coming from Japan with Abe. Regardless, don’t set your heart on that vehicle- there are other options. It will take a while to ramp up Rav production in the USA.

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      • jmclever says:

        Dairy is less than1% of Canadian revenue but it’s100% where entrenched politicians get their influence.

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      • Curry Worsham says:

        Maybe some of those experienced auto workers might want to move south what with all those new factories opening up in Michigan, etc.
        There will be more jobs than workers!

        Hello Detroit auto workers, let me thank you for your time
        You work a forty hour week for a livin’, just to send it on down the line

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      • Davenh says:

        My understanding of the Canadian dairy market is that the subsidies are a nod to Quebec. So while it is relatively small financially, it’s impact is outsized due to keeping the French Canadian dairy industry fat and happy. I believe we have similar situation with ethanol and sugar subsidies . Hopefully pdjt can gut all this corporate welfare on both sides of the border.

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    • Let's Roll says:

      Poor no good thinking TPP Justin – no hat, no cattle, just some trees.

      And dreary socialism.

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  2. Old School says:


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  3. Nigella says:

    Justine and MS. Sausage casing should have taken the deal…. The new one will be tougher….

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    • Michael says:

      If you like sausage don’t watch it made.

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    • Bullseye says:

      They are betting on the midterms to weaken PTrump and the aftermath. One more thing riding on the midterms and the future of America.
      BTW, received a photo from Melanie today of her and the president kissing on tarmac. I sure it;s a stock send out but nice

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      • Super Elite says:

        I received the same photo. It’s beautiful. Looks like Mrs. Trump is kissing her husband good-bye before he takes off for work in Air Force One. I definitely sent ’em some money on that one.

        The fact is I have never donated to a political campaign in my life until Trump─ not even on my tax form. Now I donate. Even to other folks such as Devin Nunes, et al.


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      • jmclever says:

        They are getting their info from their MSM bubble. Midterms will strengthen the MAGA

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        • snarkybeach says:

          As I’ve mentioned before, I listen to NPR on my way to and from work. Their biased reporters are completely bamboozled by the lying MSM and the phony polls. The way they all couch their “news” is dripping with contempt for our VSG POTUS in anticipation for when Mueller slaps the cuffs on. (I know it’s not going to happen but they all truly believe that Reich’s annulment theory will install Her Highness on the throne.)

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      • Eileen says:

        The same photo was sent here! Melania is so chic and pretty wearing red. Our President is capable and they make a well matched pair!I donate right to President Trump. Is anyone donating to the RNC?

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        • Super Elite says:

          The tarmac photo signed by Melania and the President was to RNC. I sent it to RNC. I also send money directly to Mr. Trump though.


        • Indimex says:

          Never! In fact I was serially donating to what I thought was a direct Trump fund. I discovered it was the RNC and cancelled my monthly donation and asked for a refund. I got one. They’re sneaky. Where can we donate expressly to Trump?


      • rbrtsmth says:

        I got that too. My email is in their system from when I bought my MAGA hats.


    • olderwiser21 says:

      First, it’s the “purple sidekick” and now it’s “Ms. Sausage Casing.” You guys are killing me! So funny! My best laugh of the night, however, is our cuddly Kudlow saying that the negotiations with Canada gave him a heart attack. So funny!!!


  4. mikebrezzze says:

    Lol@ miss blimpy telling my President Trump that the steel and aluminum tariffs were illegal, she’s stupid!

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  5. Bree says:

    The mueller 🐨 gets me every time!!!
    Great job team USA 🇺🇸!!! What ninny never gets old.

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  6. railer says:

    “…will not accept rules of origin in manufacturing…”

    I hadn’t realized that Canada was trying to hang onto that. This is a declaration of a trade war. There is no chance Canada will be permitted to get looser rules on automotive content than Mexico. None. This is a declaration of a trade war. If they think they will be permitted to continue to pimp Chinese auto parts to the US, they are dreaming. That is ending. If Trump surrenders on that, he might as well surrender to the Chinese too, and the EU.

    I wasn’t in favor of that 25% auto tariff, but this would be the clincher. Trump should issue that 6-month letter today, and end NAFTA permanently, and tariff everything Canada produces. Let them starve and freeze to death.

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    • Rose says:

      Justine wants to continue selling cheap Chinese and Mexican junk as made in Canada, you’d be surprised how many of my people have no idea that only 30 percent of a product must originate from here.

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    • Firefly says:

      Canada had a nice pass through business exploiting NAFTA – all while feeling America deserved getting the short end.

      There’s a lot of Canadians who will welcome doing productive jobs rather than being iced out of soft middlemen-pass-thru jobs that go to the chosen.

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    • Kevin says:

      Excuse me but as a proud Canadian who has suffered through homelessness and has indeed slept in a snowbank twice with my family because we had no money to pay for a room I am deeply saddened by this comment. We did not vote for Trudeau and we hate his guts but Canadians are not the culprit here, our globalist minded government is. For the sake of my fellow citizens in Canada I take umbrage at your remark that we starve and freeze to death. It is NOT a pleasant place to be.

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      • Malatrope says:

        Then convince your fellow Canadians not to vote in such incompetent government.

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        • kevin's wife says:

          i see…..just like we prayed your president trump into office ….years before it happened….and are still praying for his protection…..and safety…even as we pray for trudeau today….even though we HATE what he does….we do not hate him as a person….

          america…you have no idea how much prayer went into your election for 2016… from people around the world…and these comments ….after suffering thru Obama for two terms…really show …not a posture of humility and gratitude…but one of arrogance and pride….this is the very thing that almost destroyed you for the 2016 election…

          canada did indeed suffer election interference from soros based groups and obama lackey’s…we do pray that we can reverse this for 2019…and would appreciate prayer support……much better use of words than what i am reading here…..

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          • sadsack says:

            Kevins wife. as a fellow canadian I agree and appreciate your comment. Many canadians in western canada did pray for candidate Trump and the american people.

            I think the americans do not appreciate how fortunate they are to have the electoral college. They assume that all of canadian votes actual count. In fact, the only 2 provinces that count are Ontario and Quebec since they have more ‘seats’ than all of the other provinces and territories combined.

            The election is already won while the polls are still open in western canada. The news media is not supposed to announce the winner until our polls close but with social media, the information is out there.

            We do need prayers to get rid of Trudeau and plenty of them. I am proud of President Trump and happy for the american people that they have a leader who is willing to take on the world, (at great cost to him and his family,) for the american people.

            God bless the USA and protect President Trump. I wish we could clone him!

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            • kevin's wife says:

              thank you so much for the kind words….our homelessness was only for a season..but we did indeed learn an awful lot about humanity…not coming thru the front door as we once were wealthy…but the back door …”Foxes have holes and bird’s have nests…but the Son of Man…has nowhere to lay His head”….Luke 9:58..

              i am thankful that we had harper…while america had obama…i shudder to think what it would have been like if trudeau was in office during the obama years….this was indeed God’s grace for Canada….so…as this website says…”Our Father…who art in Heaven…..we need to PRAY PRAY PRAY…for our nation to recover from the Trudeau years….

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              • railer says:

                Harper was just as bad as Trudeau, and both were worse than Obama. Until Canada recognizes this reality, and executes a phase shift, nothing is going to change.


          • Shadrach says:

            The plus for Canada is that this will destroy Trudeau quickly, like ripping off a bandaid, rather than a slow rot like here before Pres. Trump. And PDJT will deal with your new government. Nobody wants a non-functioning country on a land border.

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          • Sharon says:

            Kevin’s wife we have prayed for a leader like Trump for decades so you aren’t the only ones! America has planted many seeds for decades! Many countrys receiving financial aid from us and many countries ripping us off because of our past Presidents and politians and corrupted government allowing it to happen and working against the good of the people of the USA to bring their globalist and NWO agenda ! This agenda is to destroy the USA to make it a third world country and to destroy the world all for power and money to enrich themselves! These people are satanic and evil! Gods hand is on President Trump and his agenda will be established! Listen to Mark Taylor a retired fireman from Florida and Kim Clement both who have prophecied about Trump and Gods plans for the USA!


          • Absolutely agree with you about the prayer for PDJT to be elected, Kevin’s wife. I am a fellow Canadian, and it’s killing me how the low info Canadians are being whipped up by the Canadian MSM and Trudope. There is basically nothing I can say or do…they call me a right winger. Prayer is the only answer now for me…

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        • Trump Train says:

          whatever happened to MR Wonderful running?


      • MSO says:

        I served in Viet Nam with many Canadians who journeyed across our northern border to enlist in our military. I owe many thanks to the fine folks in Canada.


        • Suzanne says:

          We do pray for you, just as we pray multiple times a day for PDJT’s protection. I cannot speak for others but since his ride down the escalator I have believed that Trump’s being here at this exact moment in time is not an accident. He is most assuredly helping us and I hope he can help you too.

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          • kevin's wife says:

            He already is….as God’s Cyrus…..Trump is a Father to the nations….Canada is getting a well deserved chastening….but that is better than keeping an economy that is not based upon light..Nafta was negotiated by globalists…FOR globalists….it needs to go…and Trump is going to do it….so….keep praying…..our calling is to be a nation of HEALERS…we will not be blessed under the status quo….and specifically pray for no division between canada and america….if you have watched any of the Ezra Levant…Rebel Media videos….Trudeau is banking on anti American sentiment….fueled by our liberal press….we do not want this to happen….

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      • railer says:

        Umbrage away. Life won’t always provide you a safe space.

        And by the way, I am Canadian… and American. Your post is typical Canadian.

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      • MB224 says:

        I truly don’t think anyone wants Canadians to starve. I certainly don’t.

        My recent research and familiarity with Canadian politics, business and culture leads me to believe that the challenges you face are largely homegrown, and therefore much more difficult to see or solve. The entrenched and accepted bureaucratic tyranny and the organized cartels and monopolies are the two biggest and baddest obstacles, largely because I don’t see anyone calling them out as the problems they are. And the cult of “Canadian Values” that I hear Trudeau and Freeland constantly reference like it’s some sort of mantra is drilled into your national culture through your educational system. These three hydra are literally strangling your country and I don’t see anything short of a serious meltdown changing things. Most Canadians I’ve spoken with, watched on videos and read in the comments sections in various places refuse to acknowledge that the key support for all their socialist largess is the lopsided relationship with American military and business, where Canada gets all the protection and access while America gets what exactly? We don’t even get respect or praise. I watched Trudeau take an oath of allegiance to the Queen, whose family has done nothing but exploit, kill and rape the British people for 1,000 years but when the subject is PDJT he takes every opportunity to insult or undermine him and by extension We The People. I listen to your foreign secretary, a former journalist, give an entire speech about the “cold war” as if she actually played the lead role in it, and never mention the United States.

        These things are not coincidences. These views are obviously deeply entrained in Canadian “value” system. And they prevent most Canadians from seeing the reality within.

        I wish you well.


    • snarkybeach says:

      didn’t Justine sign a TPP deal recently?

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  7. ❌Kel❌ says:

    Ya know, I LOVE POTUS…but I wish he would stop being naive with the media….there is no such thing as off the record with them….and that includes FOX. It does not matter at all to this topic but please just stop talking to these clowns…its just not needed.

    I personally hope he did it on purpose like some have speculated….

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  8. Luminary says:

    “…congressional approval is not required. ”

    music to the middle class’s ears. the grandstanding dems and covert never-trumpers don’t even get a chance to block this deal.

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  9. Mightymustardseed says:


    You took negotiating advice from Obama?!?!?! You would have been better off taking it
    from the Iranians– they made him an actual Jackass!

    Didn’t you get it when he sent them a plane load of cash!?! He didn’t have the imagination or
    skill to achieve results using brilliant statesmanship –no he was just a Chicago style politician — and Justin, you could not tell the difference. It’s just that darn superior complex you both share.

    I bet he whispered things like Trump is just the JV team…or that Trump would be waiving a magic want or something. Your G7 after- statement, well, the world was embarrassed for you. Like a petulant child you refused to accept the reality that all other participants understood.

    Well Justin, unfortunately for Canadians, that advice he gave you about letting your voice be heard– that sounds just like him– All talk and no substance. Better for you to listen to this President:

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.
    Abraham Lincoln

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  10. SoCal Patriot says:

    POTUS increasing the pressure on Canada. He called their bluff and went all in. Now they’re screwed. They will seek a face-saving way out…my guess is DJT will give them one.

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  11. Johnny Bravo says:

    Canadian politician Freeloader, couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a last chance to get in on the trade action. She’s too busy sending smiley 😀 faces to her EU Sister in Trade,…strewth where is the vomit bag?

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  12. Budman says:

    That picture of Lighthizer talking to the purple pear is just great!…………. Something like…….Let me explain this one more time.

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  13. j nearen says:

    Canada, meet the Borg. Resistance is futile!


  14. PaulM says:

    What keeps a obama or clinton appointed federal judge from kicking this asunder like has happened to so many other things like immigration? I know the previous admin has been in contact with justin et al so I would think they have pretty good information on this.

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  15. Let's Roll says:

    Welcome, Canada, to the new world of reciprocal, fair trade. That pesky socialism will sink you every time. Venzueula come to mind?

    PS. You best join ASAP. You need President Trump’s economy big time.

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  16. trapper says:

    Could Trudeau and Freeland actually be so under the spell of globalism that they really believe in the post-industrial unicorn? It would seem so. Incessantly spouting multilateralism, they seem to be firmly committed to killing Canadian industry.

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    • Larry says:

      The Lieberal party is owned by outside actors. Think about the muslim presence in cabinet. Saudi Arabia bought that. That is by Saudi Arabia went ballistic on their boytoy.

      Many Lieberals have ownership stakes in Chinese companies that are using Canada to gain access to the US market. The same goes for the EU.

      Canadians do not call the shots. Outside interests win.

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  17. Southpaw says:

    Hope the lumber is super soft wood, for butt wipe and running mascara.


  18. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “In essence Canada does not want to open their government controlled markets to competition and pesky capitalism; and they also don’t want a restart of heavy industry.”

    Canada, as a sovereign nation, can make it’s own decisions as far as it’s destiny is concerned.
    They will just have to live with and deal with the consequences of their decisions. Trying to cast the blame for the leaders poor decisions is not going to change their situation.

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  19. cyn3wulf says:

    I just love how Trump and team turned the call for free trade around on the Left and NeverTrumpers.

    NeverTrumping faux conservatives: Tariffs? *falls onto fainting couch*
    *Weakly stands again, yells “we need free trade!” before falling again*
    Trump: Free trade you say? Great idea! Canada, let’s go all in – no tariffs, no subsidies, no protected markets, etc.!
    Canada: Um. What? I think we have a bad connection, eh?

    You think they would figure it out; whatever projection of theirs that they’ve fashioned into a club to thump Trump with, he’s going to smack them upside the head, grab the club, and start mercilessly beating them with it (e.g. fake news). I absolutely love it.

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  20. Gil says:

    A gift from heaven.

    It’s the Trump Economy, Stupid

    That’s the common sense opinion of two key economists who argue that you can’t have every economic and environmental policy you put in place repealed by your successor and then claim as yours the economic growth that results:

    Economists Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffer wrote in The Wall Street JournalFriday that President Donald Trump deserves credit for the economy’s improvement, not former President Barack Obama.

    Moore, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and Laffer, the chairman of Laffer Associates, write that “Mr. Obama might be justified in taking credit for today’s economy if his successor had adopted and carried on his policies. Instead, Mr. Trump has reversed nearly every Obama rule, edict and law that he can legally overturn. At its core, the Trump economic strategy wasn’t complicated: systematically repeal Mr. Obama’s ‘accomplishments’ — the tax increases, the regulatory blitz on business, the welfare expansions, the war on American fossil fuels, and so on. As a result, the economy would pop like a cork pulled from a shaken champagne bottle.”

    Trump didn’t need a “stimulus.” All he needed was to remove the shackles from America’s entrepreneurs and let nature take its course. He let entrepreneurs know that they could take risks without fear of being punished for their success. Winners and losers would be determined by the talents of the participants and not bureaucrats who wasted billions on “shovel-ready” jobs that didn’t exist. It was Trump who let the economic dogs out.

    Obama didn’t cut taxes, didn’t slash regulations, didn’t rein in the EPA, didn’t free American energy, or end the war on coal and fossil fuels. All these raised the cost of doing business if business could be done at all. He gave us Solyndra, the poster child for the failure of a command economy. He gave us ObamaCare and its punitive taxes such as the now-repealed individual mandate which put the economy into hibernation as businesses were unable to hire or expand without punitive costs.

    At one point it got so bad that the Obama administration actually required businesses to “attest” on their tax forms that they weren’t shedding employees or making hiring and employment decisions to avoid ObamaCare taxes and regulations under penalty of perjury:

    On Monday, a Treasury Department unconcerned with the necessities of the free market said that businesses will need to “certify” that they are not shedding full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate and its costs.

    Officials said employers will be told to sign a “self-attestation” on their tax forms affirming this, under penalty of perjury.

    ObamaCare has created a class of employers known as the “49ers,” companies who decide to stay out of health care reform’s clutches by not exceeding, or by slimming down to, 49 employees, one fewer than the 50-employee threshold for providing health coverage.

    There is also a class of employees known as the “29ers.” Their hours are limited or reduced to one fewer than the 30-hour threshold for being considered a full-time employee for whom coverage must be provided…

    The CBO has announced that under ObamaCare the projection of hours worked will represent “a decline in the number of full-time-equivalent workers of about 2.0 million in 2017, rising to about 2.5 million in 2024.”

    Trump removed this and other job-killers that kept the economy in hibernation. This is his economic boom caused by his policies and no greater proof is found than in the manufacturing job numbers, jobs that Obama famously said, in a speech to Carrier employees, would never come back.

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  21. Trey Dawg says:

    Justine and Chrystia from cananda need to understand that when they insult our President, they insult us all. Maybe he should have answered the phone last monday and MAYBE running to the nearest podium to stab Trump in the back before he even left that airspace, was not such a good idea.
    Trudeau has already said he will run again on an anti-tTrump platform so why in the world would he expect a good deal from us?? He hates us and we just kicked him in the balls. Simple really…..

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  22. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I personally do not know the ins and outs of trade Agreements. However, it sure does seem that Mexico sent the professional, experienced negotiators on their behalf, and the Canadians sent the inexperienced, snowflakes on their behalf.

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    • Firefly says:

      Mexico looked at it from a realistic point of view. They got a fair deal and we’re celebrating with tequila. Canada is getting the same fair deal- but their entitled attitude and expectations are not realistic. Canada is going to get a painful dose of reality.

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    • Lindenlee says:

      I would not underestimate this Seade guy. I haven’t quite got his number yet, think he is probably a globalist, but he is miles down the road smarter than Videgray and Guajardo, who are political hacks in the mold of old corrupt Mexican politics. Obrador made a great choice in him…And he understands the Chinese, I think.


  23. Rose says:

    So Canada’s leader Justine wants to continue peddling Chinese and Mexican junk as made in Canada, he refuses to open up Canada for trade but demands Canada get treated like the child on the little yellow bus. FYI a one Liter Jug of Chocolate milk in Socialist protectionist Canadastan over eight dollars, one ear of corn around 70 cents, a block of cheese 250grams goes for eight dollars. A dozen eggs is around 3-89. We are being raped financially to protect around 1000 Quebeck farmers.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      To be honest, there’s some non-junk they peddle as well.
      However, I don’t think the Toyota Motor Company is going to be very happy when they see their factory parking lot shortly overflowing with brand new (re-designed for 2019) RAV-4’s that aren’t being purchased in the USA.

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Bullseye says:

    The Laffer Curve !!! Like Winning !! TRUTH !!

    Liked by 1 person

  25. permiejack says:

    I think I can safely say that Lighthizer is also a glorious bastard.

    Liked by 4 people

  26. James Street says:

    Obviously Chrystia is not reading the CTH comments for fashion tips.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. sysconfig says:

    This is really impressive..Trudeau should just throw in the towel. Seriusly..He’s finished no matter what happens…polls that like/dislke the treaty according to his base are meaningless….If he loves Canada he should sign now and spin later. In fact Trump will help him spin it better than he can .
    That’s the reality..

    Liked by 3 people

    • Suzanne says:

      You are so right. PDJT made his bones in the NYC real estate/construction business dealing with every obstacle that entails (and there are LOTS of them)
      Are The Eyebrow and princess Aubergine too egotistical or too stupid thinking they could best him and his team?
      Go team Trump!


  28. MaineCoon says:

    “Oh well… we tried. Dealing with those duplicitous Canadians gave me a heart attack.”

    Just can’t stop laughing!!! Love the koala!

    Liked by 4 people

    • JMC says:

      Heart attack not a joking matter. I was vilified here by fellow Treepers a few days ago for posting that Larry slurred his speech and looked like he’d been drinking in a video clip where he answered Press questions. But now Larry’s heart attack is funny?


    • jmclever says:

      It’s true tho. Recall Kudlow’s genuine disillusionment after the G7 backstabbing.

      Liked by 2 people

  29. Donna in Oregon says:

    I think in future postings Sundance will write about the TPP that Canada signed with China. I posted it earlier.

    This will probably explain more about what Canada’s problems are. There’s a Panda face involved.

    Justin is an idiot.

    Liked by 5 people

  30. dissonant1 says:

    So happy that the U.S. – Mexico deal is a “done deal.” “Congressional approval is not required” are sweet, sweet, words! Thank you for the clearly expressed details and conditions, SD.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Suzanne says:

    I freely admit that I know absolutely nothing about how companies choose locations for manufacturing things like cars. I have been under the impression that the wages and benefits in Canada are closer to our standards than they are to Mexico’s. So my question is why would a Chevrolet plant be built in Canada in the first place when building one in Mexico gets them labor for 5 dollars a day or whatever it is?

    Liked by 1 person

    • jmclever says:

      Energy costs and regulation play a huge part in those decisions as well. There’s why POTUS did those first.


    • Amy2 says:

      Was Mexico getting their cheap parts from China as well?


    • MB224 says:

      Because Canada’s corporate tax was LOWER than America’s. That was the key to the entire “arrangement”. We gifted Canada that advantage for no reason, or maybe a Cold War bureaucrat to bureaucrat reason. And with the same globalist controlled politicians in charge we were also adding regulations which made Canada’s regulations neutral. It’s actually written into the platform of one of the political parties- “Keep the Corporate Tax Rate Lower than the United States’.

      Trump torpedoed that in short order and now he’s about to torpedo their entire manufacturing base. They’ve been living off our coattails for decades. Their entire economic, political and educational system is built around the assumption that we will allow them to continue living on our coattails.

      I have no idea how they’ll handle this stark new reality.


  32. Boris Dabot says:

    Their media is trying to claim a moral victory. All Trump’s fault

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Ditch Mitch says:

    Not so sunny today Kudlow? Loved thos shades. 😎

    As expected, sparkle socks and thunder thighs have done their handlers bidding even if it means losing their jobs. While the media blames PDJT for the failure due to his “not really off the record” off the record interview.


  34. Donna in Oregon says:

    Mexico is also part of this TPP11. But I think they thought President Trump forgot. POTUS remembers….

    TPP ‘could not be a dumber move’ for Canadian auto, says parts association
    APMA President Flavio Volpe says TPP deal makes Canada ‘look weak’

    He said the United States is pushing for a new NAFTA that increases domestic content requirements, and keeps Chinese parts out of North America — but the revamped TPP deal moves Canada and Mexico the opposite way, reducing local requirements and letting more product from non-TPP countries like China into the supply chain.

    “This could not be a dumber move at a more important time,” Volpe said in an interview.

    He accused Champagne of chasing a legacy item, without regard for how it might affect the far more important NAFTA negotiations — literally unfolding this week in Montreal: “We’re trophy hunting,” Volpe said.

    “This makes us look weak in front of U.S. [NAFTA] negotiators,” Volpe told Automotive News Canada.

    Volpe also said that Canada caved into countries that really wanted a deal, without extracting much new in return. He noted that trade with these countries pales in comparison with the United States: “New Zealand,” he said sarcastically, naming one TPP country: “That huge market we’ve been waiting our entire lives to crack.”

    Jerry Dias, head of the union that represents Canadian auto workers, was equally critical.

    “This isn’t the kind of transparent governance Cdns were promised,” the Unifor president tweeted. “Let’s be clear, the TPP is the worst trade deal ever!”

    Liked by 5 people

  35. John55 says:

    Does Congress have to ratify this deal? Because I can see the Dem’s plus the neverTrump Republicans in Congress refusing to go along with anything Trump does, regardless of whether it is good or bad for the American people.


  36. Stillwater says:

    Maybe Trump will end up making Canada great again. There will be a some pain in the short term (just like the US had to go through) as they restructure their economy and replace their globalist politicians with conservative nationalists.


  37. Troublemaker10 says:

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Curry Worsham says:

    And don’t forget to say hello to my little son-in-law!

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Note this from the release:

    “Over the next few weeks, Congress and cleared advisors from civil society and the private sector will be able to examine the agreement. ”

    This means that no one in media or elsewhere has read the text of the agreement. Every so-called “analysis” in the media about this subject are therefore total BS. Unless and until they actually read the documents (hint: they won’t; too lazy), they will simply be making things up, as usual.

    I’ve hated NAFTA from the beginning. As far as policy goes, this is my best day in 25 years. Not tired of winning!

    Liked by 4 people

  40. Pristach says:

    As someone who lives very close to the border, most Americans woulx be shocked at how protectionist Canada is and how truly negative their attitude toward the US.

    But, and don’t laugh at this, the moment Canada caves and crumbles the Montreal mozzarella cabal, I’ll be shipping in bricks of cheese to happy customers.

    As they say in hockey…. game on, boys!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lindenlee says:

      There are a lot of Canadians in both S. FL, and Mexico, where I live much of the time. Absolutely insufferably arrogant. Really think they are superior and sophisticated, when thry are neither. Take every opportu ity, even at first introduction, to be snide and supercilious to Americans. Crow about they took DC inmthe War of 1812. But…”Ya couldn’t keep it, could ya”?


      • MB224 says:

        It’s a product of their delusional educational system and “moral highground” obsession. Their entire national identity has become PC. All the more reason to remind them, repeatedly, who the boss really is.


  41. Ristvan says:

    just some Lurking Lawyer clarifications. As commented previously, the 90 day notice persuant fo a trade pact signing is per 1974 Trade Law §102. Nothing to do with NAFTA 1993 §101.

    Whether that notice triggers NAFTA 2202 or 2205 is less clear. In my view, it by itself triggers neither unless Canada comes to the table soon, in which case NAFTA A2202 is still in play. If not, the bilateral 1974§102 notice today almost automatically forces a 2205 NAFTA dissolution—and a subsequent Congressional new Mexico/US Pact approval per the originally enabling 1974 Trade Act.

    Liked by 2 people

    • abdiesus says:

      this doesn’t sound like what Sundance has been saying. Would appreciate clarification on these points. DO we have any other SMEs on CTH?


    • Ristvan says:

      Abdiesus, you can find the details in two long comments to the Aug 27 post covering the US/ Mexico announcement. Took several hours of legal research, reading the 1974 Trade Act, the Nafta Pact, and the 1993 NAFTA Implementation Act. Sundance is not ‘wrong’, but he isn’t commenting on all the details either. A summary of my Aug 27 Lurking Lawyer comments:
      1. The POTUS authority to negotiate trade was delegated to him by Congress via the 1974 Trade Act. The original constitutional congressional authority is Article 1 §8.3. 74TA §102(c)1 requires 90 day written notice to Congress before the President can sign any deal. §102(c)2 requires POTUS to submit a proposed implementation act (which, if both houses of Congress then approve by simple majority, makes the deal a lawful Pact).
      2. NAFTA as it now stands was approved by the Implementation Act of Nov 1993. Long, excruciatingly detailed, and complicated. The only relevant portion for these purposes is §101(a)1, which just says Nafta as presented is approved. No strings attached to NAFTA Article 22 §02 (A2202) dealing with the Parties ability to make ANY modifications or additions they agree on. I slogged thru the whole implementation act to make sure there were no hidden strings attached elsewhere. You can also read it to satisfy yourself.

      3. This sets up up two different scenarios for the present circumstances.
      A. Canada joins the US/Mexico deal. In that case, A2202 is operative, and by Implementation Act §101(a)1 Congress has ‘preapproved’ the changes and has NO present involvement. Progs won’t like it, but there it is.
      B. Canada does not join. In that case, what both Mexico and US will need to do is supply written 6 month notice to terminate under NAFTA A2205. Congress has no say. But IMO 74TA also then requires Congress to approve the new replacement Bilateral Pact between just Mexico and US. The reason is the strong implicit notion that A2202 ‘Parties’ meant all three in a trilateral deal. That strong inference comes from the way NAFTA arose. There was a preexisting US Canada bilateral. Mexico approached the US about a similar bilateral. Canada, out of trade concern, asked to make the negotiation trilateral. So that is what Parties must mean.


  42. dufrst says:

    Can’t trust the Fake News. Always refer to the original content. Here’s the Trump Bloomberg interview transcript. The section on Jeff Sessions illustrates how deceitful news headlines can be.

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Adam says:

    If what you say comes to fruition SD, then the decepticons will be out in full force for the next 6 months trying to beat Mexico down. Remember there are trillions at stake!

    The lines have been drawn and if Mexico can withhold the upcoming beating. The EU, Canada and other allied countries will have to make the decision to oppose Trump and America first or take the best deal regardless which is with Trump. We are well positioned but should never underestimate the enemy.

    I really thought that Canada would buckle today and if they did it would have been their best play. But Ezra firmly believes that Trump wants Canada to hold out in order to take the Auto industry. I see this perspective as logical but also a little scary.

    We don’t want these idiots in Canada to really tank their country when we are trying to get our other neighbor stronger. I’d prefer two strong economic neighbors. If Canada holds firm this could get ugly. Stupid people make stupid decisions and Rainbow Sparkles and Star Bright have not proven otherwise.

    Liked by 4 people

    • The Canadian Auto “Industry” consists of assembly plants.
      Once they transfer to the USA, Canada reverts to their earlier Economy
      … without the 151 BILLION ANNUAL TRADE SURPLUS that was looting America.

      We’re not “destroying” anything but the Cabal that was destroying US.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. Rhoda R says:

    Negotiations with this Canadian Bimbo must be like playing chess with a pigeon – it knocks over all the chess pieces, craps on the board and the struts around like it won.

    She is soooooo superficial. It must give the American team headaches trying to reword things so that the idea can get inserted through the blinkers around her mind.

    Liked by 2 people

  45. Vince says:

    For any other president, renegotiating a trade deal like this would be the cap of his presidential legacy. For President Trump, it is Friday.

    Liked by 6 people

  46. InAz says:

    Another great article explaining how trade works, how President Trump operates, etc.

    Because of The Conservative Treehouse I can talk to people about what is happening and know that it is factual and acurate. Thank you Conservative Treehouse for all the hard work put into this site.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. fred5678 says:

    NOW is the time for Hannity to say TICK TOCK. The 90 day timer is running.

    And time for Trudy and Co. to end the exorbitant dairy prices that apparently force Canadians to run to 7-11’s in the USA.

    This ad was never more pertinent; Any memers out there to make one with a POTUS with milk mustache???


  48. Bill_M says:

    Canada is rolling the dice, looking for changes in Congress from the midterms and betting the atmosphere will be more to their favor after the elections. It’s a sucker bet, but they appear committed to trying to pull this one out. It will, in the end, only hurt them more.

    Liked by 2 people

  49. Pyrthroes says:

    The game’s afoot! We hear howling on the moors, and track “the footprints of a gigantic hound”.


  50. truthbomb says:

    Freeland compared Trump to Hitler in a new NYT article. Canada is dead and hopefully, Detroit will rise from the ashes.


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