Giddy Up! President Trump Tweets: Oleg’s Story – Yes, The Russians Were Involved In The 2016 Election…

Is that distant whistling sound from the fins of an atomic truth bomb inbound from President Trump’s tweets?

Catherine Herridge report available here. In the past several days the name Oleg Deripaska has resurfaced, this time with some more attention.  Oleg Deripaska, is a Russian billionaire and is likely much more of a central figure than previously discussed.

Byron York previously outlined new documents showing the communication between Trump Dossier author Christopher Steele and DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Within the early 2016 discussions, Chris Steele appeared to be advocating to Bruce Ohr on behalf of Oleg Deripaska who was banned from travel into the U.S. by the State Department.

(Byron York) Emails in 2016 between former British spy Christopher Steele and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr suggest Steele was deeply concerned about the legal status of a Putin-linked Russian oligarch, and at times seemed to be advocating on the oligarch’s behalf, in the same time period Steele worked on collecting the Russia-related allegations against Donald Trump that came to be known as the Trump dossier. The emails show Steele and Ohr were in frequent contact, that they intermingled talk about Steele’s research and the oligarch’s affairs, and that Glenn Simpson, head of the dirt-digging group Fusion GPS that hired Steele to compile the dossier, was also part of the ongoing conversation. (more)

I strongly urge you to read the York article because I’m going to expand on the Deripaska angle from the context of the reader understanding the relationship.

From the emails it appears Steele and Ohr were discussing Deripaska during a period of February to May (ish) of 2016. This is important context moving forward because this was the period during the presidential primary candidacy of Donald Trump as the GOP nominee was solidified; Trump won. This is also the period when we know that “contractors” with the FBI were doing unauthorized searches of the NSA and FBI database for opposition research…. this connects to Fusion GPS.

In essence, Christopher Steele was interested in getting Oleg Deripaska a new VISA to enter the U.S. Steele was very persistent on this endeavor and was soliciting Bruce Ohr for any assistance. This also sets up a quid-pro-quo probability where the DOJ/FBI agrees to remove travel restrictions on Deripaska in exchange for cooperation on ‘other matters’.

Now we skip ahead a little bit to where Deripaska gained an entry visa, and one of Oleg Deripaska’s lawyers and lobbyists Adam Waldman was representing his interests in the U.S. to politicians and officials. In May of 2018, John Solomon was contacted by Adam Waldman with a story about how the FBI contacted Deripaska for help in their Trump Russia investigation in September of 2016.

Keep in mind, this is Waldman contacting Solomon with a story.

Waldman told Solomon a story about how his client Oleg Deripaska was approached by the FBI in September of 2016 and asked for help with information about Paul Manafort and by extension Donald Trump. Within the backstory for the FBI and Deripaska was a prior connection between Robert Mueller and Deripaska in 2009.

Again, as you read the recap, remember this is Waldman contacting Solomon. Article Link Here – and my summary below:

♦In 2009 the FBI, then headed by Robert Mueller, requested the assistance of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska in an operation to retrieve former FBI officer and CIA resource Robert Levinson who was captured in Iran two years earlier. The agent assigned to engage Deripaska was Andrew McCabe; the primary FBI need was financing and operational support. Deripaska spent around $25 million and would have succeeded except the U.S. State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, backed out.

♦In September of 2016 Andrew McCabe is now Deputy Director of the FBI, when two FBI agents approached Deripaska in New York – again asking for his help. This time the FBI request was for Deripaska to outline Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort as a tool of the Kremlin. Deripaska once hired Manafort as a political adviser and invested money with him in a business venture that went bad. Deripaska sued Manafort, alleging he stole money. However, according to the article, despite Deripaska’s disposition toward Manafort he viewed the request as absurd. He laughed the FBI away, telling them: “You are trying to create something out of nothing.”

This story, as told from the perspective of Adam Waldman -Deripaska’s lawyer/lobbyist- is important because it highlights a connection between Robert Mueller and Oleg Deripaska; a connection Mueller and the DOJ/FBI never revealed on their own.

I wrote about the ramifications of the Solomon Story HERE. Again, hopefully most will review; because there’s a larger story now visible with the new communication between Christopher Steele and Bruce Ohr.

It is likely that Oleg’s 2016 entry into the U.S. was facilitated as part of a quid-pro-quo; either agreed in advance, or, more likely, planned by the DOJ/FBI for later use in their 2016 Trump operation; as evidenced in the September 2016 FBI request. Regardless of the planning aspect, billionaire Deripaska is connected to Chris Steele, a source for Chris Steele, and likely even the employer of Chris Steele.

The FBI used Oleg Deripaska (source), and Oleg Deripaska used the FBI (visa).

Here’s where it gets interesting….

In that May article John Solomon reports that Deripaska wanted to testify to congress last year (2017), without any immunity request, but was rebuked. Who blocked his testimony?

In 2017 Oleg Deripaska was represented in the U.S. by Adam Waldman. Mr. Waldman was also representing Christopher Steele, the author of the Dossier. Waldman was the liaison Senator Mark Warner (Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman) was using to try and set up a secret meeting with Christopher Steele. {Text Messages}

As you can see from the text messages (more here), the House Intelligence Committee wanted to interview Deripaska. However, based on their ongoing contact and relationship Deripaska’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, asks Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chair Mark Warner for feedback.

Oleg Deripaska was blocked from testifying to congress. Now, it was obviously not from the HPSCI (Nunes Committee), but rather by the Senate Intel Committee, via Vice-Chair Senator Mark Warner. Oh yes, THAT Senator Mark Warner again.

Now, think about this…. Yes, with Oleg Deripaska in the picture there was indeed Russian meddling in the 2016 election; only, it wasn’t the type of meddling currently being sold. The FBI/DOJ were using Russian Deripaska to frame their Russian conspiracy narrative. It is almost a certainty that Deripaska was one of Chris Steeles sources for the dossier.

Now, put yourself in Deripaska’s shoes and think about what happens AFTER candidate Donald Trump surprisingly wins the election.

All of a sudden Deripaska the asset becomes a risk to the corrupt Scheme Team (DOJ/FBI et al); especially as the DOJ/FBI then execute the “insurance policy” effort against Donald Trump…. and eventually enlist Robert Mueller.

It is entirely possible for a Russian to be blackmailing someone, but it ain’t Trump vulnerable to blackmail; it’s the conspiracy crew within the DOJ and FBI. Deripaska now has blackmail material on Comey, McCabe and crew.

After the 2017 (first year) failure of the “insurance policy” it now seems more likely President Trump will outlive the soft coup. In May 2018, Oleg tells Waldman to call John Solomon and tell him the story from a perspective favorable to Deripaska.

As the story is told, in 2017 Oleg was more than willing to testify to congress… likely laughing the entire time… but the corrupt participants within congress damned sure couldn’t let Deripaska testify. Enter corrupt SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner:

Um, we’ve got a problem here Mark…

The Russians (Deripaska) really do have leverage and blackmail… but it ain’t over Trump. Oleg has blackmail on Comey, McCabe and conspiracy crew. Oleg Deripaska must be kept away from congress and away from exposing the scheme.

Guess who else must be controlled and/or kept away from congress?

Julian Assange.

Assange has evidence the Russians didn’t hack the DNC.

Between Deripaska’s first-hand knowledge of the DOJ/FBI work on both the Dossier and the DOJ/FBI intention for his use as a witness; and Julian Assange’s first-hand knowledge of who actually took the DNC email communication;… well, the entire Russian narrative could explode in their faces.

Control is needed.

You can almost hear the corrupt U.S. intelligence officials calling their U.K. GCHQ partners in Britain and yelling at them to do something, anything, and for the love of God, shut down Assange’s access to the internet STAT…. Yeah, funny that.

Now, who moves into position to control Julian Assange?

Well, well, well…. Lookie here? Who dat? Apparently the SSCI wants to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in a closed session. Signed by none-other than our corrupt-o-crats Richard Burr and Mark Warner. Yeah, funny that.

Lest anyone need a reminder…. “The most corrupt part of congress is the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). The SSCI is the center of the deepest part of the Deep State swamp. The SSCI never, ever, E.V.E.R… does anything that does not protect and advance the self-interest of the corrupt Washington DC professional political class.”

Now do we see why the SSCI is the center of protecting the entire fraudulent apparatus?

It’s somewhat humorous to look at this fiasco from the perspective of Oleg Deripaska. He must be having a lot of laughs with his Ruskie friends about these stupid Americans and how the intelligence apparatus of the United States of America is controlled by corrupt politicians trying to save themselves and the corrupt institutions.

The Russians, notorious for sowing discord, are being used as a shield from sunlight upon actions taken by U.S. own intelligence officers: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper etc.

There’s a reason why I keep emphasizing the source of the John Solomon story was Adam Waldman. Think about it from the perspective of the conspiracy group reading how Oleg instructed Waldman to present his story.

With Deripaska telling Solomon how the FBI contacted him; the background of their prior collaborative relationship; and the likelihood of Deripaska giving information to Chris Steele for the dossier; the scheme team really, really, needed to double down on the Russian conspiracy narrative in case Oleg ever did testify to congress.

By doubling down on the Russian Collusion narrative the conspirators created a ‘catch-22’ defense. They could/can claim Deripaska was/is giving disinformation in his version of events to support the interests of Russia and sewing chaos in America etc. And any Republican who would give Deripaska a platform to tell what happened in 2016 would be doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. See how that works?

The soft coup team protects themselves by impugning the motive of Deripaska, and diminishing his credibility under the auspices of Russian disinformation.

Lastly, Senator Tom Cotton actually asked FBI Director Christopher Wray if Oleg Deripaska was employing Christopher Steele.

Director Wray said he couldn’t answer. WATCH:

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368 Responses to Giddy Up! President Trump Tweets: Oleg’s Story – Yes, The Russians Were Involved In The 2016 Election…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    I wonder if PDJT reads CTH? If he does a simple tweet tomorrow am with a link that says something like….

    Some great reporting going on over at The Conservative Treehouse as they seem to be spot on with this whole Russian collusion hoax and how they have tried to snooker the American people.

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    • gatordad says:

      I’m sure Don Jr does because I’ve heard Kimberly G mention CTH on The Five

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    • ron Milam says:

      I don’t think the have any intention of interviewing Assange, they just want Roger Stones “friend” who didn’t show up to Muller’s Witch Hunt last Friday to THINK they will be bringing him here to testify. Muller and Co. are sneaky, conniving P. O. S.’s. Thus their hope is they can get him to tell the SOMETHING……ANYTHING……against Stone, they are desperate.


      • cali says:

        @ron Milam: Most likely!

        @Sundance: I now believe that Mueller charged Manafort to distract from his own Ukraine/Deripaska/Uranium/Russian collusion role. How convenient for Manafort and Derispaska to be on the outs.
        Mueller trying to gain favor with Oleg hoping his own corruption remains hidden in this treasonous plot.

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        • JoAnn Leichliter says:

          Manafort would eventually have been charged anyway, per the ongoing investigation preempted by Mueller. Mueller, with basically no fish in his creel, had to have something flapping around to feed to the gullible (pun intended) public. That is Manafort, whose case has zero to do with Trump/collusion. His prosecutors, although presenting excellent documentation to the jury, certainly made a hash of witness testimony. They appear to be the usual slimy, ethics-free type apparently so beloved of Mueller and his ilk.


    • paulraven1 says:

      “Snooker”? “F*ck over” is more like it.

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  2. Charlotte says:

    WOW. Senate Intel Chairman Burr Defends Trump – Slams John Brennan For Claiming Trump ‘Colluded With Russia’

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  3. Albertus Magnus says:

    One of the things that has been consuming me lately is what happened on election night.

    I remember how many media outlets reported how Hillary didn’t want to concede the election at first but that Obama called her twice, finally telling her to concede.

    Here are my conspiratorial thoughts about this:

    1) Since they never expected Hillary to lose and thought that none of this would come to light, is it possible that Hillary panicked that night and held off not knowing what to do…and wouldn’t have conceded until Obama assured her that the insurance policy would take care of it and told her to concede?

    2) That they NEVER believed that the insurance plan wouldn’t work and Obama and Clinton thought on election night that events would prohibit Trump from taking office? and finally:

    3) that Hillary never really did get so drunk that night (although I am sure she was drinking) but that they put that shiny object out to help provide cover for the panic and trying to figure out what the next step should be regarding the insurance plan, knowing that those of us on the right would latch on to it, spread it like wildfire and help any potential speculation about what really happened? There was a video from about 9pm that night that was leaked showing Chelsea hugging the PIAPS and Bill jumping up and down giddy like a school girl. Hillary was NOT drunk at that time…didn’t even look TIRED…..people who drink a lot don’t get rip roaring drunk in a couple of hours…plus that woman had LIVED for that night and her victory that she believed was coming….whatever she was feeling HAD to cause he adrenalin off the charts….

    I just think it is all fishy, knowing what we know now.

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    • WSB says:

      That the fireworks were cancelled a day or to before, and they had coordinated outfits with purple trim the day after the election, tells us everything we need to know that wraps around your hunch.

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    • JasonD says:

      Of course. History looks different when you have new information. Good outline

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    • zimbalistjunior says:

      another theory that is out there: the dems (and other members of the uniparty) were confident that worse comes to worse, they would simply cheat—lie about the vote tallies etc…low-level sneaky stuff..

      but when candidate Trump threatened to challenge any vote result that didnt seem kosher he scared them.. was he insinuating that he knew of some plans? did he have any inside sources?

      the dems couldnt take the chance so they had to play it straight. but they relied on the polls and prognosticators. the nate silvers of the world…so HRC didnt even bother campaigning in Wisconsin etc

      unfortunately, they hadnt realized the fallacies in the math models..for one, it hadnt accounted for voter turnout…and while obama had brought out the black vote, HRC could not.

      in fact, historically, a dem hadnt won a national election expect in strange, unique circumstances since 1968…carter had won bc of watergate, clinton had won because of third party siphoning off repub votes, and obama bc of black vote turnout.

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      • Tim Tarr says:

        I was one of those siphoned off votes. I am still glad 41 never got a second Term. I now believe the Bushe’s are worse than the Clinton’s.

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      • Jan says:

        That is interesting about Democrat presidential wins since 1968. I learn something new a lot on this site. Sundance has reprinted a speech a couple of times that candidate Trump gave in October 2016. I apologize that I can’t find the citation right now, but it is worth re-reading every few months to re-energize because WE have to start pushing back. Mr. Trump had a pretty good handle on what he was facing if he won. He may have not known all the nuances but he KNEW the Intel, DOJ, FBI, State, etc. were heavily politicized. He knows who the Clintons are (keep your enemies closer) & I think he knows who/what OVomit is. If he was initially naive about how the MSM would be 99% negative, well, he always had had a good relationship with the press. It changed when he & Melania went down the escalator in the Trump Tower. I am amazed every day by Pres. Trump’s courage, fortitude, & his accomplishments in the face of 90% plus negativity from the MSM, Dimms, Establishment, RINOs, etc., but I do know he knew what he was getting into. And now you’re talking about someone who loves this country & every American no matter their politics. He didn’t have to go thru this H**L & pick America back up. BUT WHERE WOULD WE BE IF HE HADN’T?

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      • Covadonga says:

        “clinton had won because of third party siphoning off repub votes”

        Of course, there are theories out there about 3rd parties siphoning off votes…

        There are very suspicious patterns in the history of 3rd party voting in 20th century presidential elections.

        A prog of one alleged past party affiliation washes the hand of a prog of the opposite alleged party affiliation, as an assist to the prog UniParty in getting another of its favorite sons into the Oval Office.


    • mr.piddles says:

      I believe Hillary Rodham Clinton was drunk on election night. I also believe that Team I’m With Her started partying at 9AM that day. It’s like St. Patty’s in Boston, except replace the proud Irish folk with a bunch of arrogant, self-appointed Democrats.

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    • smartyjones1 says:

      The video with Bill and Chelsea IS NOT from Election night 2016.
      It was taken and published from a primary. It’s been often used incorrectly numerous times since.

      Hillary was an angry drunken mess that night and couldn’t/wouldn’t face the country that night.

      The big takeaway here is the news of Bruce Ohr and Oleg Deripaska connected through Steele. SD ties in the efforts to keep Assange quiet.

      That is YUGE and nicely done.

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    • More Confused Was My Name says:

      Obama didn’t assure her about the policy. He was genuinely annoyed that she wasn’t conceding to Trump. She genuinely was shell shock that Trump won. Even Trump team themselves was shock that he won he himself said so too. He wasn’t a politician and there he was swooping a massive victory to the presidency . Hillary was literally shock she thought the results was an error. She and Obama never got along . Remember he threw out barns at her for not campaigning in states Trump campaigned in the last few days before the election. Also, Obama refused to hand over his collision that helped him win two terms to help Hillary. News media shamed him into doing campaign stump for Hillary because for months he wasn’t going on the campaign trail for her. I’d love to see Rice (even though her son is a strong supporter of Trump) I’d love to see her security clearance pulled, along with Yates who tweet that time to Trump that he don’t want to piss of Brennan . That was an open direct threat to Trump from Yates and Brennan sickening. McCabe, Peter, Bruce, Comey, Paige. I dream of seeing all their security clearance revoked. And all of them prosecuted .

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      • snellvillebob says:

        Remember Hillary thought she had a lock on her 2008 presidential run only to have that upstart obama beat her in the primaries. And she could not arkancide her since Soros was backing him.


      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        Samantha “it wasn’t me” Power should lose hers for the unmasking that was done in her name.

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      • V says:

        MCWMN at August 17, 2018 at 8:27 am

        Yes! Farkas, Samantha Power and all those involved in the illegal unmaskings of US citizens should lose their security clearances. Include any culpable FISA judges, too.


    • cali says:

      @Albertus Magnus: The truth is this per military back channels: It was none other than NSA/Mike Rogers, Mike Flynn and others in their group enlisted Donald Trump to run for president. He agreed upon being insured that he would not be assassinated.

      They watched the elections that night. The Hillary gang with Google, Brennan and others tried to steal the election that night.

      Obama received a very stern phone call that night from someone on our military command to let him know that they were watching them trying to fudge a win for Hillary. Obama in no other terms was told that our military would do the unthinkable if that occurred ordering him to stop.

      That is why she hesitated to concede hoping that it could still end in her favor.

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      • USTerminator says:

        Ok, now this is conspiracy that is bigger than Russiagate. Please stop this kind tin foil hat. It does not help our cause


        • French says:

          That is how it went. I’ve heard rumors of this since election night, from the same patriots who leaked out the real bengazi story, and evidence of the US funding an arming ISIS. Believe what you want though.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        I still think she was three sheets to the wind by 11:30PM. And Obama was prepping the escape pod with ValJar. Meanwhile, back at headquarters: Brennan in a cavernous high-tech control room, watching events unfold on a wall of large flatscreen monitors, and yelling “STOOOPPP HHIIIMMMM YYYYOOOUUU FOOOOLLLLSSSSSSS!!!!!!”. Fade to black.

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    • Hank Halstead says:

      you can get rip roaring drunk when you’re on a lot of meds, as is likely the case with Hildabeast


    • Phillie_fan62 says:

      Albertus Magnus, that’s a pretty good theory on your part. I don’t see any reason for that to not be applicable. after all they didn’t have enough time and resources to “find” that many votes in states she lost tp bring them to her side so……Plan “B” went into affect. “The insurance policy”!


  4. Peoria Jones says:

    I’m not sure that Alanis quite gets the meaning of “ironic”…but we here at CTH certainly do!

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    • It’s like a Hillary loss on election day.
      They didn’t think it’d turn out this way.
      Isn’t it ironic…don’t ya think?
      A little too much winning…yeah I really do think.

      Hahahaha! 😎

      Who has the next verse? 😀


  5. Concerned says:

    In order, for the doubling down to work we must accept that the conspirators believe Deripaska is stupid. Deripaska must have copies of all the communications with the conspirators. Deripaska would need only to provide this information to Congress or the President and conspiracy is over.

    Their only choices appear to be, to cut a deal with Putin, stop Deripaska from talking to Congress, terminate Deripaska, or cut a new deal with Deripaska.

    Extract from above
    “With Deripaska telling Solomon how the FBI contacted him; the background of their prior collaborative relationship; and the likelihood of Deripaska giving information to Chris Steele for the dossier; the scheme team really, really, needed to double down on the Russian conspiracy narrative in case Oleg ever did testify to congress.

    By doubling down on the Russian Collusion narrative the conspirators created a ‘catch-22’ defense. They could/can claim Deripaska was/is giving disinformation in his version of events to support the interests of Russia and sewing chaos in America etc. And any Republican who would give Deripaska a platform to tell what happened in 2016 would be doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. See how that works?”

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  6. SR says:

    DC knows that PTrump knows everything and have a plan. There is no tweets from Obama and Hillary regarding this whole mess or supporting great people of FBI/DOJ who are getting fired. Professional politician are saving their ass as a good politician does not believe in anything except his future and money supply.

    Liked by 6 people

    • mr.piddles says:

      Surprised Sally Yates hasn’t piped in with some Ivory Tower commentary recently. Or am I surprised? D.C. lawyers enjoying tax cuts and insurance policies this year.

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  7. Dave Sanderson says:

    This epic drama is unfolding like a fire in a 30 floor high rise …the started on the 26th floor and flames there engulfed Page & Strozk and several others around them. Flames always travel upward, so next they reached to the 27th floor engulfing Comey and McCabe. Now they’re scorching the 28th floor of Mr. & Mrs. Ohr (Bruce and Ugly), and clearly the heat is being felt on the 29th floor occupied by Brennan and Clapper and the SSCI (Warner, Burr, Feinstein, etc). And on every floor burned through so far there are also numerous paid MSM liars deeply involved right up to their throats in this entire sordid affair.

    Despite all that I’m MOST excited that it’s only mid-August and THERE’S JUST ONE FLOOR LEFT FOR THESE FLAMES TO BURN THROUGH! …the 30th and top floor where Barack Hussein Oblahblah – Oblunder the Magnificent – and his co-plotters of this coup including Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, and the biggest of the Big Ugly.

    Any guesses on when occupants of the lower floors start ratting out those evil b@$t@rd$ up there on the 30th floor who think they’re immune? … you KNOW it’s going to happen, but when?

    Liked by 6 people

    • Concerned says:

      “but when?” When the people who could convict them start to die.

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    • Tim Tarr says:

      Already has, just working the massive supporting documents and preparing the Case. You don’t want this to look like a Muller prosecution do you? #silentassassin

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    • Michael says:

      I like the way you think!


    • SalixVeridi says:

      “….numerous paid MSM liars…”

      Why should any so-called ‘journalist’ get any advantage if they are also involved/complicit/assistant in the worst political scandal of our nation’s history? There has to be some type of dishonorable discharge or their press credentials taken away.

      Look at what is happening right now. Hundreds of newspapers across the country writing an op-ed piece against Pres Trump’s so-true comment that they are all ‘fake news’ and ‘an enemy of the people.’ Is that supposed to give them authority and credence?

      As far as I’m concerned, when we talk about this ongoing disaster in the upper echelons of our government, we need to always include these faux journalists who are happily tearing apart this President with lies and obfuscations. They are part and parcel of this enormous coup.

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    • Hank Halstead says:

      grab a bottle of wine and the popcorn!

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      Dave Sanderson wins the internet today!

      Good to see somebody else gets it.

      Once you understand that President Trump has seen all the unredacted files and has been watching these clowns for months and months you no longer have to worry that Jeff Sessions isn’t doing his job.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Phillie_fan62 says:

      When? You ask dave. I say when just one of these traitors gets prosecuted and found guilty. The rest of them will be singing like a church choir on the people upstairs. But we need to get somebody who will do the inducting first. They are running out the clock. My opinion. when they get someone that person asks whoever to wave the statue of limitations due to the fact they running out the clock was their only defense! I don’t know if that’s possible, I’m not a lawyer. Congress might be able to. But then again, there’s too many in the tank in congress. So what now?

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  8. JenniferVerner says:

    Deripaska connects to everyone, even Hillary. According to an American journalist in Russia Deripaska gave Hillary 1 mil through a cut out for American approval of the sale of GM Opal, and she double crossed him, and, therefore Putin. This was also around the time that Deripaska hires Waldman, who has very deep contacts to the Dem establishment. His firm even employed Lorrie McHale who was Hillary’s communications director, and who also worked for Bill, and Bruce Babbitt. And we all know about John McCain’s 70th birthday party on his pal Deripaska’s yaht . Waldman and Deripaska are pretty much everywhere, know everybody, and are into everything, meaning Putin is too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • KBR says:

      Hillary (queen to be of the Dems) double crossed Deripaska.
      So he hired a Dem named Adam Waldman?

      If a dem double-crosses you, why hire a dem? Was Deripaska hoping to doubledouble cross Hillary by utilizing a dem? Is Deripaska wanting revenge on dems in general?


      • mariainohio says:

        Deripaska, like Trump, seems to be a shrewd businessman. He didn’t get where he is by being stupid. I would imagine that he had Waldman as his lawyer for the same reason Brennan and others were/are allowed to keep their security clearance. How else would they know what these folks were up to? Just a thought.


  9. Critical Mass says:

    What happened to the $25M that Deripaska loaned to the FBI to get Bernard Levinson out of Iran? The deal that Hillary as then Secretary of State cut short? Bet she got her grubby hands on the money intended to ransom him and kept some, if not all of it for herself.

    Liked by 2 people

    • poodle12 says:

      I thought the mullahs got the 25m.


      • poodle12 says:

        And Obama didn’t even get Levinson in the Iran deal


        • Covadonga says:

          Levinson works for the FBI, and possibly CIA, in Iran.

          Let’s see…

          What nasty anti-American totalitarian Mideastern country was O selling out his adopted country to at about this time? Iran

          And to what dangerous bunch of atomically-inclined religious nuts were people speculating that some of Putin’s recently-acquired excess uranium might be sold to? the Iranian mullahs

          And who do we know who’s from Iran? 0’s immediate superior, vj

          Maybe after applying his ace sleuthing skills in theater on an undisclosed mission, who might have found out something in Iran that could be dangerous back in the states to the Uranium 1 conspirators, and/or the Iran deal conspirators? Levinson

          And who was that SecState again who nixed at late stage Deripaska’s $25 million bid to get Levinson out? the queen of the Uranium 1 plotters


          I’m wondering if the nixing wasn’t so accidental after all.


          • V says:

            Very good insight. It reminds me of the murder of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan in early 2002. He was on the trail of AQ buying nuclear technology, etc. around the same time yellowcake was moving from Niger and Joe Wilson’s CIA-sponsored trip, I believe, to cover CIA shenanigans there, not to discover anything.


      • Critical Mass says:

        But Bernard Levinson has still not been repatriated. And Hillary put a stop to the operation. So what did the $25M pay for?

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        • Mark Mears says:

          What does Levinson know? Is that why Hillary Clinton left him there?


          • Critical Mass says:

            Never thought of that, and it’s a brilliant question. It makes so much sense. Wonder if the $25M was used to pay someone to keep quiet. No wonder they don’t want Deripaska to talk, and no wonder so many people freaked out when Trump spoke to Putin in private.


        • Hutzpa says:

          Sounds like Deripaska forked out the grease money to open the doors leading to a possible Levinson deal. Then, Hillary backed out; probably with knowledge that Levinson would have endangered one of her schemes. She likely wanted the op to find that Levinson was no longer breathing and would return home in a box.


          • Critical Mass says:

            That’s another strong possibility, Hutzpa. Just what does, or did Levinson know? And it also leads to the possibility that there may have been a similar motive behind the Benghazi murders. Was it a riot or did Christopher Stevens know too much and he had to be eliminated?

            This is all speculation, justified and grounded though that speculation is. What is certain though is that there are probably many other scenarios like this around the world which have Hillary’s fingerprints all over them. That woman is the Bernie Madoff of crimes of the state. If she was ever to be prosecuted for her crimes, she would spend the rest of her life and beyond in jail.

            Traitors clothe their perfidy in pseudo-altruistic motives i.e. world peace, higher values, social justice, traitors being people who sell out the sovereign rights of their fellow citizens. What is interesting though, is despite the gloss they put on their perfidy, they will do anything to cover up their actions. If their motives are so noble, why would they stop at nothing to hide their actions? So deep down within their tawdry selves, they really do know it is wrong.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      The deal did not go through, so I heard, because Deripaska’s company failed to donate a few million to the Clinton Foundation. But that’s just hearsay…

      Liked by 1 person

  10. El Toro says:

    Senators Burr and Warner need to prepare for their careers being terminated and it couldn’t happen soon enough. Such corruption!


  11. Deplore Able says:

    Watergate: Woodward and Bernstein.

    Spygate: Sundance and Carter, DiGenova, Hannity, Solomon, Fitton, Nevin, Grassley, Jordan, Levin, York, Bongino, and many others.

    Drip. drip. drip…. the bucket is almost full. The floor will soon be wet. Next, the house will be flooded. Seek high ground! Beware to those who live underground. Pity those who dwell in the swamp. You can only swim so long. So long. So long. So long……

    Liked by 2 people

  12. Chris says:

    Remember, Little Marco defended Mark Warner!

    Liked by 2 people

  13. tunis says:

    The Russians are alleged to be masters of “influence operations” and single-handedly enabled newcomer Trump to defeat long-time politician Hillary Clinton.

    Considering the hysteria against Russia and the continuous labeling of Putin as a diabolical tyrant it seems that their “influence operations” are not working well.

    Now compare to Israel, where every member of Congress pledges fealty, where every presidential candidate bows at the AIPAC conference, where the entire media parrots their party line and the UniParty is in lock-step. Any criticism of Israel of course brings instant condemnation of anti-semitism. Now, that is control!

    The Russians have a long way to go.


  14. Dutchman says:

    What makes you sure it HASN’T already started?
    Another question is ,…WHO?

    Funny how THIS story of the big ugly parralels the story line in trade, the ‘exfiltration ‘ of wealth by the globalists and China.

    Specifically, the first countries to capitulate, and make a deal with the wolverines, will get the best deal.

    Those like Canada (apperently) that hold out too long, will get crumps.

    Ditto with conspirators in this ‘soft coup’ attempt. First one to rat, gets the prize, which is an incentive, for sure.

    Coarse, there is another dynamic at play; ratting only benefits you, if you can name someone else, preferably on a higher floor.

    My $has been on Lynch, for some time now. She doesn’t say much, no book deal, and Comey already pointed finger at her.

    How many of these are true ideologues, And how many were in it for self interest, even if they parroted the party line?

    And, how strong is their ideology?

    As I pointed out, in Watergate, there was ONE. All others, I believe caved.

    Same bat time, same bat channel!


  15. Azrajo says:

    When is the connection between John McCain, Rick Davis, Oleg Depriaskia, Rick Gates, Comey , Clapper , et all , with the Russia dossier going to be connected ?

    Liked by 2 people

  16. V says:

    Punch & Judy Puppet Show in Luxembourg Gardens, Paris
    Clip from spy satire movie “Charade”

    Sorry, I just had to laugh at myself when all of a sudden it seemed like a puppet show – let me bring up my favorite TruePundit article on McCabe again. Up comes Punch, for another beating by Judy.

    McCabe’s strange behavior – who was he really working for? Deripaska? Russian mafia?

    12-17-17 Comey & Mueller Ignored McCabe’s Ties to Russian Crime Figures & His Reported Tampering in Russian FBI Cases, Files

    Hardworking Robyn Gritz and her FBI team were the ones really working to rescue former FBI officer and CIA resource Robert Levinson out of Iran. She was hounded out of the FBI by McCabe.

    3-15-18 BOILING POINT: Decorated FBI Heavyweight [Robyn Gritz] Spills the Beans on McCabe; Drops Devastating Bombs on Crooked FBI Cartel

    12-14-17 Robyn Gritz in Her Own Words

    She was kept out of the loop on Uranium One, which should have crossed her desk at the time when she was the Unit Chief in WMD Directorate Executive Strategy Unit.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. JX says:

    According to this September 19, 2017 article

    • FISA surveillance of Manafort began in 2014, regarding work for Ukraine

    • surveillance was discontinued in 2016, lack of evidence

    • FISA surveillance resumed in late 2016 and continued into early 2017

    Since FISA warrants must be renewed every 90 days, the earliest surveillance could have resumed is October 3, 2016.

    The article states: “The FBI interest deepened last fall because of intercepted communications between Manafort and suspected Russian operatives, and among the Russians themselves, that reignited their interest in Manafort, the sources told CNN.” This implies that communications between Manafort and suspected Russian operatives was incidentally collected. This “reignited their interest in Manafort” which presumably led to a FISA warrant.

    In September of 2016 the FBI contacted Deripaska to help target Manafort in their Trump Russia investigation. Deripaska sent them away saying, “You are trying to create something out of nothing.” Yet somehow in October they obtain a FISA warrant.

    Fishy. We need more info regarding the late 2016 FISA warrant against Manafort.


    • JX says:

      Another possibility is that Deripaska did not make that statement when he sent the FBI away, rather he gave them info which was used to get the FISA warrant. Any post-election statement by Deripaska could be false and just to align himself with the winner.

      We need more info regarding the late 2016 FISA warrant against Manafort.


    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      I am confused. Are we conflating Manafort and Page in regard to the FISA authorizations?


  18. Don McCoy says:

    Democrat corrution is STAGGERING. And, for reasons that simply allude me, they seem beyond the reach of Justice.


  19. A2 says:

    I guess A2 gets to say, ‘I told you so’. Pyrrhic victory at best.


  20. TMonroe says:

    As far as the catch-22, the White hats just need to be clear. As affirmed by Barry, RR, and others. no evidence of tampering of actual votes (nor any clear path as to how that could’ve happened) occurred. (And of course, the remedy to even the idea of any such problem occurring is verifiable voting methods — paper ballots, voter ID, etc.)

    HOWEVER, could an oligarch corrupt individuals within government? Well, if they were insulated from oversight (e.g. those in intelligence who could answer any inquiry with a matter being too sensitive to reveal or as part of an active investigation — never mind that such investigations can be started by those with an agenda to hide from oversight), sure. Don’t forget as our host has mentioned time and again the ways the DOJ kept itself from oversight, specifically the National Security Division (with deputy AG Sally Yates issuing her lengthy memo essentially exempting the NSD from congressional oversight).

    Thus, the canard of Russian tipping the scales as far as the voting process remains far-fetched and evidence-starved. However, every bit of oligarch pay for play with partisan US/UK bureaucrats that gets uncovered is its own issue, worthy to be explored on its merits.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. The Boss says:

    Any wonder the dems and MSM are losing their sh!t over President Trump’s two-hour closed-door meeting with Vlad the Interferer in Helsinki? This subject could have easily been covered in a half-hour.


  22. Electra says:

    This is a bit off-topic, but I’ve been thinking of Robyn Gritz all day. According to True Pundit, a personal friend of Ms. Gritz–Jen Moore– was arkansided on Monday. Jen Moore, an investigative journalist and ex-cop, was looking into child sexual abuse that had been allegedly perpetrated by Bill Clinton and his cronies. Within hours of the death, Ms. Gritz was on the scene in Maryland, demanding answers from the police. This is bound to become a bigger story!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Amused says:

    Not to be snarky, but I think the author means “rebuffed” not “rebuked”. Cheers.


  24. spren says:

    I have to say that I find all of these recent events very disheartening. Are there any honest people left in these agencies? Whether it’s what has happened in New Mexico or the myriad other places where more questions arise than are answered. Being on the SSCI, was Tom Cotton aware that Warner obtained the unredacted FISA warrant on March 17, 2017 or was he kept in the dark as a Republican on that committee? This stuff is so disgusting and it’s got to the point where you don’t know who to trust or not.

    What an intricate web of deceit we have in our own government. Who is on our side and who is actively working against the interests of the American peoiple? How can Mueller continue to chase imaginary Russian unicorns when there is so much evidence of the seditious acts of Democrats that he completely appears to be oblivious towards? How can President Trump endure all of this as he most likely knows all of what has been going on? I hope he has very strong security teams protecting him.


  25. Craig from Scotland says:

    Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-04)
    Published on Jul 12, 2018

    Appreciate this subject has been discussed a few times but I think there is an interesting ‘matter’ which is being slightly overlooked.

    Minutes of YouTube Clip
    1:50 – Key players discussed
    2:20 to 3:00 – Corn & Simpson discussed as sources
    3:00 – Route, (Steele), Simpson, beautiful Nellie, Bruce, FBI, Strozk
    3:20 – The answer would reassure you and disappoint you
    4:20 – Documents WE received from different source of (Corn, Simpson) in the INITIAL batch WE received mid SEPTEMBER
    4:35 – Documents from Bruce Ohr. Yes
    4:45 – WE (FBI) received documents from Bruce Ohr, not me.
    5:00 – The FBI directed me to say, not me, not me, the FBI received documents & materials from Bruce Ohr.
    5:30 – Did they get the dossier from Bruce Ohr?
    5:45 – Strozk smiling, Democrats interruptions etc etc

    Nunes Memo – FBI counterintelligence, Assistant Director Bill Priestap, corroboration of the Steele dossier was in it’s “infancy” at the time of the initial Page FISA application October 21 2016.
    Shifty Schiff memo – In fact, the FBI only received Steele’s reporting in Mid-September 2016.

    It is reported that Steele met Mike Gaeta, FBI legal attaché to US STATE DEPARTMENT Rome, Italy July 05, 2016. Keep in mind Steele is repeatedly lobbying for Deripaska to get a U.S. Visa.
    Apparently Nuland had sanctioned this meeting with Gaeta as Steele has provided over 100 reports to U.S. state department over for many years. See also Jonathan Winer WP pleading BS.
    The only individual to suggest a link between Steele reports/dossier with FBI July 05 meeting is the known liar Simpson but his explanation doesn’t add up as at July 01- 05 2016 Steele has only produced one report mentioning U.S. and then candidate Trump June 20, 2016.

    Note Steele text to Bruce Ohr July 1, 2016 about meeting Gaeta July 05 – “There is something separate I wanted to discuss with you informally and separately. It concerns our favourite business tycoon!”. The something separate is the difference between Steele’s Deripaska Visa requests with Gaeta and Trump dossier reports with Bruce Ohr. What Steele is doing is compartmentalising the two subject matters to create cut out room for him and prevent source information contamination being recognised.

    Anyways, what does all this tell us?
    Christopher Steele did not directly provide the so-called dossier to the FBI. Step back and think that through for a minute. As Jim Jordan suggested, Steele-Simpson-beautiful Nellie-Bruce-FBI. Steele knows it will eventually be delivered to the FBI but Steele has created cut out distance between him and the FBI. Not exactly tip top credible information when the individual who ingathered these fantastic reports does not go directly to law enforcement.
    I suggest this is why Steele did not provide anything to Gaeta as if FBI had been in receipt of the aforementioned info there wouldn’t be the questions about the dossier delivery route.


  26. gretaherndon says:

    Warner is sponsering a bill to control internet and freedom of speech.


  27. pmdea says:

    Another Russian –

    Rinat Akhmentshin lives in the US– Trump tower meeting fame – he served in Soviets Union’s military counterintelligence service (in the 80’s). Fusion GPS working on behalf of Akhmentshin and Veselnitskaya re Malinsky Act repeal.

    “His (Akhmentshin’s) role remains unclear, but evidence suggests he may have been the source Simpson was alluding to in December 2016 when Ohr recorded that Simpson told him, “Much of the collection about Trump Campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer who lives in the US.” – per RealClearInvestigation, Lee Smith Article.

    Was Akhmentshin’s good old Nellie’s main source when writing the bulk of the dossier? Akhmentshin and Nellie connect through Fusion GPS? If it wasn’t Akhmentshin then who was Nellie’s US Russian source??

    Why would Bruce Ohr need Simspon to tell him the above when Nellie was employed by Simpson – he’d just ask Nellie!!!

    Bruce and Nellie Ohr sure know a lot about the dossier – let’s hope all the right questions get asked in the closed door hearing!


    • V says:

      Also Sergei Millian:

      [US-based] “Russian Sergei Millian, the alleged “Source D” for the Christopher Steele dossier, also bears scrutiny. Why would a supposed major source for the salacious Trump dossier exchange emails with Jared Kushner? Why would Millian be listed as a “friend” on George Papadopoulos’s Facebook page? The Washington Post on March 29, 2017 reported, “Millian told several people that during the campaign and presidential transition he was in touch with George Papadopoulos . . . Millian is among Papadopoulos’s nearly 240 Facebook friends.” Reports assert that the Russian tried to insert himself into the Trump campaign. If he is a primary source for the dossier, his intent in this effort appears duplicitous and his actions, orchestrated.”


      “…Simpson allegedly acknowledged that most of the information Fusion GPS and British intelligence operative Christopher Steele developed did not come from sources inside Moscow. “Much of the collection about the Trump campaign ties to Russia comes from a former Russian intelligence officer (? not entirely clear) who lives in the U.S.,” Ohr scribbled in his notes.”


      Very interesting. Source D and E. The salacious parts and the DNC Russia-to-Wikileaks lie. Millian denies being source. Says he wasn’t present in Moscow re the 2013 incident.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dr.Jay says:

        “Steele’s information didn’t only flow in one direction. In January 2016, before the Fusion GPS dossier project kicked-into-gear, Johantan Winer and Strobe Talbott were sharing with Steele via Orbis’s Canada hosted servers and email system documents authored by Cody Shearer, who produced a ‘second Trump-Russia dossier’. This document consisted of two four-page reports, one titled “Donald Trump—Background Notes—The Compromised Candidate,” the second “FSB Interview”.”

        The reports are almost identical in terms of content and layout to the Steele dossier but references unnamed Turkish businessman with “excellent contacts within the FSB” as the source. The reports echo the same salacious claims and alleged corruption and collusion. Cody Shearer’s mysterious ‘one-eyed man from Istanbul’ source claims that Trump was “filmed in Moscow in November 2013, during the Miss Universe pageant in the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton Hotel”. He also said that there was a copy of the video somewhere in Bulgaria but that he couldn’t get it.

        So Simpson get’s his story from Shearer via Shearer’s brother-in-law Strobe Talbott in JANUARY 2016, which clearly predates his version. In the subsequent version told by the Simpson/Steele team the source is now somebody else entirely.
        So the story sprang form the sick mind of Cody S., and the dossier team decided to make it a bit more believable by changing the alleged source….


        • V says:

          WOW – JANUARY 2016 !

          Clinton’s Cody Shearer
          Rinat Akhmetshin – also Clinton-connected beyond Fusion GPS
          Sergei Millian aka Siarhei Kukuts

          And how about this one:


          • V says:


            “HENRY GREENBERG” and friend “Alexei” – contacted Roger Stone and Michael Caputo in late May 2016.

            “Interviews and additional documents show that Greenberg has at times used the name Henry Oknyansky. Under that name, he claimed in a 2015 court filing related to his immigration status that he had provided information to the FBI for 17 years. He attached records showing that the government had granted him special permission to enter the United States because his presence represented a “significant public benefit.” ”

            ” “Wherever I was, from Iran to North Korea, I always send information to” the FBI, he wrote. “I cooperated with the FBI for 17 years, often put my life in danger. Based on my information, there is so many arrests criminal from drugs and human trafficking, money laundering and insurance frauds.” ”

            Report at

            When Caputo talked to Mueller investigation in early May [2018], Caputo realized that they knew a lot more about a guy who called Caputo on the telephone in 2016, than he (Caputo) even knew.

            Caputo has hired private investogators in the US and Russia to prove this guy who called him was an FBI informant for 17 years. Caputo says his investigation could prove the Trump investigation started by the Obama admin started two months earlier than they are admitting to.


      • Daniel says:

        Can’t remember his name but the source is a retired Russian spook that just happened to attend the “Trump Jr hotel meeting”.

        He now lives in the US and would be the only one that could be sent home.

        That is how Hillary, through Fusion, controled the whole game. Fusion even admits to writing the talking points for the meeting. What a set of balls on Simpson. He not only arranges the meeting, he meets with the lawyer women right before and after the meeting. To top it off he tries to get his “russsian source” to infiltrate Trumps team by having him attend the meeting. Hillary hired a Russian spook who is the source of the dossier and tries to get a russsian intel agent involved in a US election.

        Let that settle in.


      • V says:

        More on Millian

        WaPo really pushing the Millian-as-source line:

        WaPo on 3-29-17 identifies Source D and E as being “a Belarusan American businessman who goes by the name Sergei Millian.” Millian himself denied knowing information that could be damaging to Trump.

        Is Millian going to sue the “associate” (who allegedly reported to Steele) and Steele and WSJ and WaPo for falsely attributing him as Source D and E of the dossier? His name appears 73 times in the WaPo article.
        Excerpts from WaPo 3-29-17:

        “In June, a Belarusan American businessman who goes by the name Sergei Millian shared some tantalizing claims about Donald Trump.

        Trump had a long-standing relationship with Russian officials, Millian told an associate, and those officials were now feeding Trump damaging information about his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Millian said that the information provided to Trump had been “very helpful.”

        Unbeknownst to Millian, however, his conversation was not confidential. His associate passed on what he had heard to [Steele] a former British intelligence officer who had been hired by Trump’s political opponents to gather information about the Republican’s ties to Russia.

        The allegations by Millian — whose role was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and has been confirmed by The Washington Post — were central to the dossier compiled by the former spy, Christopher Steele. While the dossier has not been verified and its claims have been denied by Trump, Steele’s document said that Millian’s assertions had been corroborated by other sources, including in the Russian government and former intelligence sources.”


        “Millian, whose real name is Siarhei Kukuts”

        ““Source D” also claimed to be present at a hotel in Moscow where Trump hired prostitutes.” [But Millian denies being there: “Millian has told TheDCNF that he was not present in Moscow for the 2013 incident discussed by “Source D.” “]

        That’s Millian meeting with Oleg Deripaska at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum June 16-18, [2016]

        Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS also pushed the Millian-as-source line:

        “Glenn Simpson, the founder of Fusion GPS, provided the tip to ABC News despite having doubts about the veracity of Millian’s claims about President Donald Trump.

        That’s according to “Russian Roullette: The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump,” a book written by Michael Isikoff and David Corn that hit shelves on Tuesday.

        The two veteran journalists report that Simpson told ABC News about Millian, the chairman of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce, during the heart of the 2016 campaign.”

        “According to Isikoff and Corn, former British spy Christopher Steele revealed to Simpson that Millian was “Source D” for the dossier,…”

        MY Q: SO WHO MADE THE MILLIAN CONTACT? Fusion GPS or Steele?

        “Reached by The Daily Caller News Foundation, Millian disputed Steele’s claims and the new book.

        “It’s all garbage news,” he told TheDCNF.

        “Never happened,” he added, saying that he “was not in Moscow on that night.” ”

        “Those doubts did not stop Simpson from telling ABC News about Millian, whose real name is Siarhei Kukuts.”

        “…ABC, conducted the interview with Millian in July 2016.”

        “Unknown at the time was Millian’s friendship with Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.”

        “Millian has kept a low profile since the release of the dossier, issuing vague denials about being a source for the dirty document.

        Congressional committees investing Russian interference have tried but failed to contact Millian for interviews.”

        MY NOTE: Hmm, and yet the Daily Caller was able to contact him for comment.

        So, we’ll find out if Millian was set up as alibi for Fusion GPS and Steele’s lies in the concocted Dossier or if he was a willing participant.


  28. daughnworks247 says:

    Never forget, Tom Levinson is the man who started what became the Euro-Asian organized crime division in the 90’s. Tom Levinson was kidnapped in Iran in 2007. Tom Levinson was Andy McCabe’s MENTOR since the late 90’s. McCabe was the #2 in that NYC office. It was McCabe/Mueller trying to save Tom Levinson – his boss, his buddy, his mentor, with McCabe as pointman.
    And when McCabe was promoted, Bruce Ohr took over that division, and McCabe moved Ohr to DC. The whole thing moves around Deripaska, organized crime (lots of really cool shady characters – would make the Godfather series pale in comparison), minerals (especially highly enriched uranium), energy, and other illicit activities.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Holmes says:

    Questions I wish I knew the answers to:
    1. Why doesn’t Nunes invite Deripaska and/or Assange to the U.S. for a nice chat?

    2. What are the chances any of Huber’s people flew to Russia / London to talk to either of these guys?


    • JoeUser says:

      Potential (and obviously suspect) answers:

      1. Never happen, bloviating and grandstanding Democrats will quash that effort (along with MSM cohorts)

      2. Might very well have already happened, good catch…


  30. Lactantius says:

    Albert Einstein said: “Things should be made as simple as possible; but not simpler.”

    As time passes in the Trump-Russia Collusion Gabfest, even the most opaque and obtuse grandstanders begin to see a noose and a knot. This is because eventually, all masterminds end up in a spider hole like Saddam Hussein.

    The Congressional committees have finally found the opening they are going to use to break down the wall of DemonizingRat and establishment contention. The dirty half dozen or so are going to be pitted against one another and pustules are going to be squeezed until the “naughty” list is made certain.

    Clinton and Obama will be excused from complicity on the basis of being misadvised by whoever is designated to be the fall guys and gals. Neither one of them will go quietly or show any sort of acknowledgment, let alone remorse. Washington is full of crooks and liars still whoring for a piece of the money flow from the US Treasury.

    Recall that the first name that came across many lips for Special Counsel was Robert Mueller. That is far from coincidental. Garrett Graff of Politico proclaimed “….as long as Mueller holds the position, he just might be the only person the country can trust to pursue truth and justice—even for the president of the United States—without fear or favor.” He called Mueller “America’s straightest arrow.”

    Those who find conspiracy in everything must be itching to show that Mueller was part of the despicable cabal from its outset. In Shakespear’s words, Cassius says: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings.” We want things to be black and white, right or wrong and that is not how the world of politics works. The stars in the firmament are fixed and reliable. Human beings are not. Being “underlings” means that political forces are a fact of power over us and there is little we can do change that reality. Corrupt people using their powers affect us and our civil recourse is through a legal process that may be willing to put expediency over purity in declaring “justice.” No conspiracy maven has ever been satisfied. How, for instance, is “journalism” going to be made “accurate, fair and thorough and insure that the ethical journalist acts with integrity.”? That wording is from the Society of Professional Journalist’s preamble to their code of ethics. All journalists are supposed to live up to those words. Few do.

    Call it collusion or conspiracy or whatever else, it always turns out to be corruption of principle by “master minds” who aren’t really doing much more than acting on their emotions or half-baked schemes. The dirty little secret is that master minds can rarely master their own minds.


  31. G. Alistar says:

    Sen Burr and Blount— you may be the only two honest people on the Senate Intel committee. Watch your back.


    • Holmes says:

      Burr’s corrupt as they get. He’s also a good weather vane here. If HE’S defending Trump’s decision with regard to Brennan, then the tide certainly seems to have turned. To further mix metaphors, the rats are starting to jump from the sinking ship.

      Liked by 1 person

  32. G. Alistar says:

    Sen Burr and Blount— you may be the only two honest people on the Senate Intel committee. Watch your back.


  33. UncleGrumpy says:

    I would live to see the President send a tweet that says Julian can’t testify to Congress, He’s already a witness in a criminal proceeding.


  34. dayallaxeded says:

    Please do not call the BS fiction Steele pimped a “dossier” or “document.” It’s at best a “drossier” or “tossier.” It’s also libel.


  35. brenrod says:

    I would expect that russian oligarchs and the russian gov played the “pay to play” procedures as required by the corrupt admins in charge of our gov. and I also expect that when another group comes into power in the USA that they would then switch to whatever new set of rules arise as required by our new power brokers. They likely see us as a corrupt banana republic that they want and need to do business with but that they must always pay hundreds of millions in kickbacks as required by the Americans. Now that Trump is in I expect they will be happy to give up the former thieves in America as long as they are not charged.


  36. Retired IG says:

    Thank You Sundance website moderator for deleting my comment from yesterday and protecting my identity.. Thank You. I will hence forth and forever trust in you (not as if I didn’t before). Blessings to you and yours for covering for me. Love, E


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