Blunt Honesty: President Trump Highlights Lack of Reform Within DOJ and FBI…

In an interesting set of tweets today President Trump highlights the institutions of the DOJ and FBI with separate and blunt emphasis.

Toward the DOJ, President Trump notes the relationship between Deputy AG Bruce Ohr, his wife Nellie Ohr as a Fusion GPS contractor and Christopher Steele the author of the “phony and discredited Dossier”, also a Fusion GPS contractor.  All of the entities were paid by Hillary Clinton through her legal representation.

Additionally, President Trump highlights the lack of DOJ leadership (specifically AG Jeff Sessions) to address the institutional corruption which led to “spygate” and a fraudulent application for an unlawful FISA application.

In the second set of tweets, President Trump noted how officials within the FBI are continuing to obstruct oversight and refuse to turn over evidence of institutional corruption.  In a pointed question President Trump asks: “What are they hiding”?

The overall message delivered by President Trump highlights the ongoing institutional issues which are not being addressed by either AG Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray; both are acting as corruption monitors; neither are confronting it.

And within this dynamic we accept events as they appear:

•After the IG report on the Clinton investigation, Director Wray took no action to address the issues of the deeply political FBI; and no-one within the organization has been held accountable.  With the single exception of McCabe, all former corrupt officials have been permitted to exit with full benefits and pensions intact.

•Additionally, there is no effort on behalf of the DOJ to follow-up on the IG criminal referral to charge former Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe for lying to the FBI, leaking information to the media and using his office/position to influence an official investigation.

•Worse yet, there is an ongoing and highly visible DOJ leadership effort to cover-up the gross criminal behavior of the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee Security staff, James Wolfe.  Despite overwhelming evidence that James Wolfe leaked top secret and highly classified intelligence to the media, the DOJ has only charged Wolfe with one much lesser crime of lying to the FBI.

Initially, through 2017, CTH was optimistic that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray would take action to: (A) reveal the scale and scope of the prior DOJ/FBI activity; and (B) bring criminal charges against those officers who engaged in a conspiracy to influence the 2016 election and overthrow a duly elected President.   However, in the face of overwhelming evidence highlighting the Sessions/Wray emphasis we now clearly see the only goal is preservation of the institutions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is willfully blind. FBI Director Christopher Wray is also demonstrably corrupt, and willfully blind.  Both are working against the interests of justice in their efforts to protect Washington DC from sunlight.  Both are allowing officials within their organizations to continue conspiring to protect their former colleagues.

If the MAGA community can all pull together and win the 2018 Mid-Term election; I am almost positive President Trump will fire the failing leadership of both the FBI and DOJ.  President Trump’s personal efforts to win and hold position in the November elections is essentially a visible display of his intent toward that objective.

It is now clear that officials connected to the DOJ and FBI, or officials within Washington DC, cannot be used in any effort to eliminate the corruption within both organizations.  It will take bold outside leadership with knowledge of the operations to dismantle it.

Therefore I would not be surprised to see President Trump go outside-the-box toward the Judicial Branch, and locate two federal judges, from outside DC., with a request to become heads of the DOJ (ex. Judge Andrew Hanen).   Similarly I would not be surprised to see President Trump look for two former Governors to lead the same institutional reform effort within the FBI (ex. Bobby Jindal or similar).

The lessons of 2016, 2017 and 2018 have solidified our opinion that any/all corruption reform within DC institutions, simply cannot be dealt with by any leadership entity that has a network connected to Washington DC.

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1,100 Responses to Blunt Honesty: President Trump Highlights Lack of Reform Within DOJ and FBI…

  1. Bogeyfree says:

    What I’d like to see in a tweet from Trump is simply the following

    Those that commit crimes against the US government will be prosecuted to the fullest.

    Stay Tuned!

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  2. Raquel says:

    Could both directors be waiting till closer to the election? I really believe that Sessions’ pedophile investigation is going to nab a lot of top government officials and then we will see shock and awe. Trump and Sessons may be going at the take down from another direction, one that can’t be politically debated.

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    • Jan says:

      I agree. And so much of this popular pedophilia among the elites connects them to the Clintons. Any legitimate take-down will include the Podestas, the Clintons, Schiff for Brains, etc. It’s one of the reasons so many Republicans are leaving their job in the House. And the one thing that Sessions and Pres. Trump both agree on.


  3. PatriotKate says:

    What major event does President Trump have planned for November 11, 2018? A Celebration?

    What happens November 6, 2018?

    What happens October 1, 2018?

    For the first time in a long time, I’ve actually read most, if not all, of the comments here. I decided quite some time ago to be patient and give our AG until the midterm elections for action. I’ve avoided taking a stand regarding him, because in my heart I’ve felt that he was actively working behind the scenes, which I believe is still the case. Stephen Miller is what I say here.

    Therefore, a few comments and questions:

    We know that Congress and the DOJ/FBI are wrangling for information. Has it occurred to many that the DOJ holding back from Congress may be for the very reason that Congress is not to be trusted? That much would inadvertently be revealed to many of the criminals themselves and otherwise impede quiet investigations? Meanwhile the tug of war benefits the President and the optics of separation from the DOJ.

    For those clambering for another Special Counsel, as opposed to Huber, please tell me which Special Counsel investigation of the past actually rendered the truth? Or, as the data infers, they are merely a management of the cover-up, drag on until the public tires of the subject and quietly ends with maybe one “show” indictment/conviction? That’s what Sundance speculated from the very beginning about Mueller. For that reason, I have trust in the Huber investigation being done independently and outside of D.C.

    Despite our frustration and need for Justice, President Trump also has to navigate the political minefield and the Midterm elections are of utmost importance. I am firmly convinced there will be a gain in both the House and Senate for Republicans. Meanwhile, many of the swamp creatures will slither off into the night to avoid their comeuppance — the choice they were given.

    Meanwhile, frustration and anger are two emotions to be dealt with. Frustration keeps people from the polls and anger is a strong motivator driving people to the polls. Which group do you hope to carry the anger emotion? Who do you want demoralized into not voting?

    All that being said, here’s what I hope and expect will happen – but not before October 1st.

    1. There may well be threats of a government shutdown, but I doubt it will occur. While we blame the Democrats, both the Democrats and the Fake Media will whip their constituents into full blown anger against the President driving them to the polls. We’ll know it’s the Democrats fault and it will be over our pet issue We don’t want something to motivate democrat voters.

    2. Our politics is filled with October Surprises and I fully expect that President Trump has his own October surprises planned. It is the month of October that I expect some indictments — not most — to start being unsealed. Might be a some of the small fish – the Big Fish will be after November 6th. There will be enough that it demoralizes many Democrats as the truth is being revealed and they are already dealing with the rapidly growing #WalkAway movement.

    3. If we had had the shutdown, it would be over the Border Wall. What’s the most important issue for the President’s strongest supporters? The President will blame it on the Democrats and tell all of us that’s why we have to get out and vote in large numbers to send reinforcements in Congress to him. That will drive the open borders crowd to do and say stupid things and we win because we will go to the polls in droves.

    4. Quite likely, almost the day after the Midterms, the traitorous scum will start being arrested. Who will already be in D.C. because of the Veterans Day events and may likely already be prepositioned for a response?

    I could go on. However, suffice it to say, I trust our Magnificent Bastard, as I’ve come to call him. 🙂

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    • Beau Geste says:

      It is against DoJ-FBI “rules”to release indictments or IG opinions before elections. Mueller and his 13 angry biased democrats, like Captain Ahab, won’t follow the “rules” in their destructive quest. But the IG/sessions/huber/wray group will pretend to follow these “rules”. So It is up to Trump to declassify promptly, to get the ignored evidence of FBI/MI6/DNC/Clinton/Awan/Weiner/SethRich/FISA-Senate-leaking corruption etc info to the public domain, and to limit the amount of coverup that the IG can carry out. Remember the IG’s bizarre finding of “no bias”, which was likely written in the delays before the Strozk-Page memos were released and other info “leaked”?

      It makes no sense to say an investigation into the “insurance policy” criminality must be kept secret. The “secret group” participants know who they are, and have already shredded whatever they can. Remember, Hillary’s emails were destroyed after eing under subpoenaed. The FBI has no qualms about busting into peoples’ homes or offices they are investigating, in the dead of night. The “secrecy” excuse is bogus.

      No, Sessions may even be a “plant”? If so, that might even be revealed by declassification and release of the withheld records. There is no possible harm that could come from release of FBI “sources and methods” that would outweigh the value of making it public. Maybe the “sources and methods” were use on many political candidates, which would be good for the public to know.

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      • PatriotKate says:

        Not releasing indictments would only apply to Congress Critters. There’s lots of others, including business people, who will be indicted.

        I still think the indictments will commence soon around October 1st.

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    • Greg says:

      Excellent thought process…It’s good that you are still supporting Sessions until PDJT shows his hand.

      House of Representatives Committee of the Judiciary, Nunes and others in Congress keeps Sessions/Wray/Huber in check by informing the people of the criminal evidence. What if Sessions/Wray/Huber were not doing their sworn duty? There is a “balance” in not risking all the criminal cases but also keeping the people informed to ensure Sessions/Wray/Huber do their sworn duty. Also, Hannity, Dobbs, Pirro, Judicial Watch and others are keeping them in check.

      I agree indictments will happen before the elections, but most likely in early October. There has to be the complete transparency of the mountain of documents being held back by the FBI/DOJ before the election. There is enough information now out in the public to show circumstantial evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that these criminal acts occurred…we want to see all the evidence to were the evidence is like seeing someone actually committing the crime, pulling the trigger. The world needs to see all of this before the Nov. election. I believe the Justice bomb will be implemented before the Nov. elections. This is why these criminal acts could never be swept under the rug. There is no turning back.

      It would be great if Clinton Foundation indictments (Motivation for all the other alleged criminal acts in the FBI/DOJ) would occurred before the Nov. elections. The most important criminal indictments will be the Clinton Foundation…without those indictments the Criminals/Globalists win the war even though we would the battle.

      I agree we will maintain control of the House and Senate…but what if that small percent chance the evil criminals do something to alter the election. PDJT needs a Red Tidal Wave of voters in Nov. for an insurance policy. By implementing justice in October will bring in many new voters. Why take a small percentage chance when all that needs to be implemented the criminal written code that everyone sees.

      I believe MANY traitors will start to be arrested before the Nov election. This is the guarantee.

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      • dalethorn says:

        A Red Tidal Wave could happen, but just a few mouse clicks can neutralize all of that. I will not accept votes that are not auditable, not EVER!!

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        • Greg says:

          I heard from somewhere that PDJT is asking for an identifiable paper trail to audit every voting machine in the country…not sure. It would seem that the Federal Government could enforce states to comply…not sure.

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          • Covadonga says:

            I’m totally with you on the need to create an audit trail featuring paper hard copy for all computerized voting machines.

            The Constitutional specifies elections are regulated at the state level. That is a crucial point – the original 13 states definitely would not have ratified the Constitution if they thought they would thereby surrender their power to run their own elections.

            Current federal statutes, and even more so federal judges ruling in civil rights cases since the 1960s, have run roughshod over this constitutional provision. The problem is nationwide, but the southern states in particular are treated as 2nd class, with less control over their elections than the other states.

            Holder used this to block sensible voting integrity reforms throughout the country, but nowhere more than in Florida and Texas. He and his successors sued repeatedly in the federal courts to block voter roll cleanup efforts, reverse or undermine new voter ID laws, etc.

            These efforts on the part of the states where the Tea Party is strong, and/or in states where new voting integrity groups like True The Vote have been very active, have had tangible results in reducing illegal alien voting, fake ID voting, the cemetery crowd turning out in droves, etc.

            But the full payoff of clean elections we can trust has so far been stymied by Holder and his ilk.

            So the irony is that corrupt voting practices that Democrats invented to stay in power during the time of slavery 160 or 170 or more years ago, and other corrupt voting practices that later generations of Democrats invented to stay in power during Jim Crow 60 or 70 or more years ago, are now being used as excuses by the federal government to allow our Democrat contemporaries to block reforms that could knock them out of power.

            Wow! You’ve got to hand it to Dems in the chutzpah department!

            So the auditing reform needs be a state-by-state movement, and don’t be surprised when the corruptocrats and their lickspittles in the yellow stream media oppose it on the spurious grounds that it would disenfranchise blacks, the poor, the transgendered, the noncitizens, the people who can’t speak English, etc.


  4. Laura Wesselmann says:

    God I hope the Trumpster prevails this November so he can clean house big-time!

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  5. “Lowlife” Ohr and his “beautiful” wife!


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  6. rsmith1776 says:

    The reason I do NOT believe in the long AGO debunked Selfless White Hat Sessions theory:

    what not only Sundance but also The President is saying (is that revolutionary or what?)

    Within limits, the idea that the President had to feign keeping his distance, criticizing his A. G. so no “obstruction” could be alleged, KIND OF made sense, one year or more ago.

    However, now the opposite can be inferred: EVEN IF (no, he won’t) Sessions WOULD do something NOW, the “cover” wouldn’t work. On the contrary, the President’s Sessions-emasculating tweets (now there’s a redundancy, when it comes to Sessions) would be interpreted as UNDUE PRESSURE.

    Say Sessions announced tomorrow that the traitorous cabal had just been arrested . . . NOBODY in the media will go on about how on the up and up this is, because Sessions and the President kept their distance.

    Not at all.

    What WOULD happen is that the media would claim that poor Sessions tried to do the right thing, but that the ILLEGAL PRESSURES from the President were too strong, and poor Sessions had to give in to Trump The Bully.

    Occam’s Razor dictates that the President is in fact NOW telling precisely what’s on his mind, because he has no other option.

    Ironically, all the “trust the plan”, “trust Q”, “trust Sessions” crowd HAS produced was to PRECLUDE the President from using some strong, genuine grassroot pressure as an incentive and as a motivation to fire the cowardly and/or corrupt bastards Sundance is mentioning – Sessions / Wray / etc.

    In SUNDANCE own’s words:

    “Initially, through 2017, CTH was optimistic that Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray would take action to: (A) reveal the scale and scope of the prior DOJ/FBI activity; and (B) bring criminal charges against those officers who engaged in a conspiracy to influence the 2016 election and overthrow a duly elected President. However, in the face of overwhelming evidence highlighting the Sessions/Wray emphasis we now clearly see the only goal is preservation of the institutions.

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions is willfully blind. FBI Director Christopher Wray is also demonstrably corrupt, and willfully blind. Both are working against the interests of justice in their efforts to protect Washington DC from sunlight. Both are allowing officials within their organizations to continue conspiring to protect their former colleagues.”

    It is unfathomable how blind, narcissistic and foolish those who continue to advance objectively ANTI-TRUMP, ANTI-MAGA limp fantasies are. To their shame.

    This is not a game. This is not about the number of likes on a blog or about personal insults being uttered by highly egotistical male fishwives, while claiming victimhood.

    It is about the survival of The Republic. Time to wake up.

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    • sandab00 says:

      Nailed it! Even if Sleepy Sessions wakes up now or next month or in Oct, that doesn’t mean the traitorous press rolls over in defeat. They’ve already written the articles comparing Trump to Nixon and how “Trump’s unprecedented attack on his political enemies destroys our democracy”…

      Plus, lives are being ruined all around us and not just Trumps and Manaforts and Flynns. Anyone notice how frustrated and angry our side is, wondering if the ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States is willfully allowing these terrible crimes to go unanswered? Yes, actual crimes…there are federal statues for what they did, lots of them. Yet not a single snarling shitbag has been held to account. If you ask me, this is a punch in the gut to all of us who voted for justice and the rule of law after 8 years of Barry and his Chicago thugs.

      Folks, it’s time to give up on Sessions once and for all and hope Trump can right the ship soon after the mid-terms. It’s not exactly healthy to have all powerful secret police force and evil America-hating shitbags in every government department, not in a supposed Democracy and not even for a short period of time.

      For God’s sake, charge someone!

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  7. Chieftain says:

    Looks pretty bad for the rule of law and justice.
    The IG report will be yet another cover up. Recall what Sharyl Atkisson said about her computer coming back from the IG with a different hard drive.

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  8. I love how President Trump, whenever he mentions a women, pauses to call them lovely. Of course men don’t receive this honoring. Thus he avoids the triggering of the mental ones while making it bluntly obvious how ridiculous they are.

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  9. dalethorn says:

    Looking at all the angst about Jeff Sessions – black hat/white hat, trust him/don’t trust him, fire him/do nothing, or the possibility that the Deep State has “something” on him that keeps him silent:

    2000 years ago in Judea, Pilate the Roman Governor and Caiaphas the Jewish High Priest conspired to kill Jesus, to suppress what they saw as a large uprising against the empire by followers of the Messiah. Both Pilate and Caiaphas had reason to suspect that Jesus was really who he said he was, but they didn’t have absolute proof, and Jesus was not putting the proof in their faces where they couldn’t deny it.

    So, from the governor’s and high priest’s points of view, since Jesus was obviously not going to take over rule of Judea directly himself, and his followers represented the possibility of a huge revolt that would cause a lot of trouble but not establish a stable leadership in the region, they felt they had no choice but to remove the Messiah.

    Then when the resurrection happened and the tomb guards reported what they saw, Caiaphas and Pilate both had the biggest “Oh, crap” moment in history, so rather than facing up to what they did and risking being lynched by the people, they killed all of the witnesses instead. Note that they already knew Jesus had no intention to take on any political position there, so there was no immediate threat to their lives and political positions.

    So back to Jeff Sessions – if the Deep State did have something on him, yet he were truly an American patriot (I believe he is), he should be willing to take a bullet for us and spill the beans. Threats to his family, if he were a real patriot, would not matter. So either the correct strategy to curb the Deep State is what he’s doing now, or he has been convinced that rolling over on the Deep State will result in such a disaster that he simply can’t do it.

    I remember from long ago that supposedly a number of high officials in and around the U.S. government were not convinced that Lee Oswald, a Communist sympathizer, would want to kill the Left’s best hope for eventual peace with the USSR and Cuba. So according to the rumors, the president and Warren Commission people were made to believe that if they didn’t roll over on Oswald and wrap the case up, there could be a nuclear war with hundreds of millions of deaths. I think what we’re looking at today is every bit as volatile and scary as 1963.

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    • farrier105 says:

      Let’s keep this simple–Sessions recused himself because he HAD TO RECUSE HIMSELF. He was a major part of the campaign that would be under investigation for “collusion with Russia.” He was accused of chatting and looking at Fatso Kislysak on more than one occasion. Sessions was the “shepherd” of some of the “Foreign Policy Advisors” on the list that started the Mifsud/Halper maneuvering in London. Sessions CANNOT be involved in Trump-Russia, as he is a potential witness. Yet, so is ROSENSTEIN a potential witness, yet he goes on. The solution is force Rosenstein to recuse. Sessions can do that as a recusal would fall under DOJ policy that he is responsible to enforce. I don’t think Sessions will force a recusal out of the duplicitous jackass, but it would be the right thing to do ethically, and it might change the direction of the thing to something like a general investigation of Russian activity involving the election that includes BOTH CAMPAIGNS. That would make the whole thing collapse.

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      • dalethorn says:

        I’m thinking of Rosenstein recusing himself now. Mind-boggling.


        • farrier105 says:

          He should have done it as soon as the FISA warrant application became an issue. He signed off on at least one of the renewals, and he is a witness to the Comey firing.

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      • Bogeyfree says:

        A true honorable man who has taken the oath to uphold the constitution would have insisted that Rosenstein recuse himself as well once the FISA signings were revealed.

        This should tell you all you need to know.

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      • sandab00 says:

        Fine but now that the entire sane world knows that muh Russia was a hoax can we please have our Atty General back? What’s keeping him from UN-recusing himself??

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        • farrier105 says:

          He can’t because he was involved in the campaign. Once it is established that it was a hoax, he can get out of the need to recuse, but in the meantime, we can get rid of Rosenstein via recusal.

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    • Greg says:

      Very Interesting…good points.

      Sessions is not asked to charge up a hill during WW2 with a high probability of being killed…just implement the rule of law. If this were really the case of being scared or threaten; Sessions should just resign…not destroy the Constitution and our way of life.

      This is just as volatile as the civil war…that is the reality. I can not think of a reason to allow the complete destruction of our constitution and our way of life…what could possibly be worse than that…many who have given their lives for this country would have been all for nothing.

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  10. scott467 says:

    “Similarly I would not be surprised to see President Trump look for two former Governors to lead the same institutional reform effort within the FBI (ex. Bobby Jindal or similar).”


    I hope he will choose business leaders.

    Professional politicians all carry the same baggage and the same problem: they are politicians.

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  11. Gerry says:

    Corruption on par with the Dreyfus Affair:

    Andrew Weissman is connected to Mary Jacoby at Fusion GPS. Andrew Weissman works for SC Mueller. Why isn’t Mueller involved in investigating Fusion GPS? Because his boy Weissman has a conflict of interest.

    “While working in Main Justice, GIR, Law Business Research, and the WSJ, Jacoby cultivated a large network of key Federal (FBI, SEC, and DOJ) executives that included notables such as Adam Hickey, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the DOJ who was familiar with the dossier and the FISA application and Andrew Weissmann, the Chief of the DOJ’s criminal fraud section, who is now working for Robert Mueller the Special Counsel investigating the alleged Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election and leading the Manafort prosecution.”

    From: The Mechanics of Deception- a long and involved read.

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  12. Joshua says:

    Back in the old days there were lots of theories about you-name-it.

    One I happened to be made aware of was that of a particular type of metric that had appealing aspects when applied to the Big Bang (genesis). I don’t think anyone involved really thought it was likely to exist in reality but it was a good thought excercise. It was that as time ran backward the metric became Euclidean (this is the simplest metric imaginable and obviously the overall sign is meaningless because you cannot have negative numbers without positive ones in a group) in the earliest times.

    This had the nice appealing aspect that it rounded off any protrusions (i.e.: it was neat and clean – despite being depressing). It was like a smooth cap.


    I don’t know if it’s so important to know the answer to all these political questions about individuals atm.

    If one can readjust tactics to avoid an unknown without deleterious cost then why not.

    I’m not trying to be certain in my words here but why not just attempt remove this aspect from the calculus ? Or find a calculus in which it is ancillary.

    If u come up with the same goal/strategy and roughly equal tactics then what’s the difference.

    Yes, In a perfect world we (especially me) want all the answers. But often I find it better to disassociate things as much as possible. Basically this is obvious because it allows for parallelism which in the case of a singlet (me) means I get to pick what I want to do first etc.

    And in other cases it renders efficiency.

    But the point is often much can be done already with incomplete information.

    If I don’t need to solve something right now,
    Often I don’t
    (because … well, many reasons … sometimes the best solutions come when u don’t have to solve something … whooo. That just came out there but it is quite often true. Not always though, there is a piercing focus from appropriate pressure – but it has its vulnerabilities as the peripheral must wait to be processed).

    One example in which this (independent parallelism) is usually not good is, say… story telling. Stories are not usually told in disjoint/non-related parts…
    That would kind of betray the point of a story. It would be non-canonical to have multiple unrelated story tellers (see: the movie crash) and though the space would be affine (this means u can start anywhere and it looks the same, and this is actually a special thing (for anything to possess) for stories and can never really be done but when it is approached it is unmatched), it would just appear like nonsense to us humans. We aren’t built to process (information) that (way).

    But when we talk about “getting stuff done” it is perfectly fine and, in fact, beneficial universally usually to separate what is dependent upon what.

    If u find a way that gets u there where u don’t need to know right now maybe u should consider that way.

    I don’t know if this applies to the current discussion about subordinates honestly I haven’t thought about them much in months, or at least since a certain testimony, but if it does u might consider it.


  13. Joshua says:

    Allow me to replace your message Gerry.

    *open chevron*

    From: The Mechanics of Deception- a long and involved read.

    *close chevron*

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  14. Loyal to Trump but Tired of Fighting Family says:

    I am convinced VSGPDJT saved our country. There’s almost nothing he could do that would destroy my support for him. But the same can’t be said for others in my family. And that’s the problem with the witch hunt, and why Sessions being MIA is such a problem. Trump is losing little bits of suport from some people who are put off by his personality, including my husband. And it makes me sad.

    Here’s the issue. The longer this drags on, the more people are worn down from hearing about Russia. At some point the public expects the President, who is the most powerful person on earth, to be able to conclude the Russia investigation if he really is innocent. Instead we find out that not only wasn’t our AG cleaning house, some of it was actually taking place on his watch (up until last November)!

    The longer it drags on, the more people assume there must be a “there” there.

    I think there’s real danger to the President in allowing the Mueller investigation to continue. It is slowly eroding support by people who don’t read TCTH. They just hear bits and pieces on the news and the steady drumbeat is hurting him with some. He needs to bring it to a head very soon. Before the elections. I’m afraid the elections will be too late.


  15. ADDgolfer says:

    My first Presidential election was Nixon’s 2nd term. Never have I seen a President as bold, brave, hard working, and astute as our Lion, President Trump.
    I’ve not seen him look tired, discouraged, uninfluential. He is every bit a Superman, any Earthly mortal can be. (I sometimes feel sorry, not often but sometimes, the other side hasn’t experience what we have) That said…

    AG Jeff Sessions?

    The President has to know, one way or the other, is Jeff with him, does he have his back?
    There is no way, during the campaign and transition, they hadn’t discussed, formulated ideas, of how the corruption process would begin and move?
    Is Sessions that good an actor or Trump naive?
    I don’t see Trump as naive, certainly not longer than a DC Gov’t millisecond.

    Unsure if a similar analogy has been made?

    Wouldn’t the discovery of Sessions turning his back on Trump, helping the opposition, have a similar effect on Trump, as when Robert the Bruce did just that to William Wallace?

    Yet we haven’t seen any sense of discouragement, then or now. Trump’s campaigning multiple times a week for crying out loud.

    I’m going continue to stand fast on Jeff Sessions and my trust in Trump, until that time comes, I can’t
    Just my $0.02


  16. jeans2nd says:

    We sit here and, in over a thousand comments, argue over the merits of AG Jeff and Chris Wray.
    We all realize Chris Wray is a corruption monitor. But what has AG Jeff been up to?

    Last week, AG Jeff was continuing his American LEO Moral Tour, painfully delivering several more moral speeches and passing out more money to LEO depts.

    9 Aug 2018 found AG Jeff in Macon, GA, where AG Jeff delivered yet another “we gotcher backs” speech and passed out more millions to LEO departments.

    In his Macon, GA speech, AG Jeff remarked how the early release and inmate reform programs were failing and not worth continuing, and noted the need to incarcerate inmates for the punishment of their full sentence.

    And what was Pres Trump doing on 9 Aug 2018?
    “President Trump’s Roundtable with State Leaders on Prison Reform, August 9, 2018”

    Perhaps AG Jeff should spend a wee bit less of taxpayers money touring the country and pay attention to what is going on right under his nose and behind his back.

    “Attorney General Jeff Sessions is willfully blind” deaf and dumb.

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  17. Oldbastid says:

    I really want to believe that Sessions isn’t asleep at the switch, but the longer this drags on and he leaves Rosenstooge in charge with more conflicts than any other player, I I just can’t be that gullible. God I hope I am proven wrong. I hope that more than anything


  18. Oldbastid says:

    I have been watching and waiting to see this in so many different blogs and websites. Why has there not been a legal ethics complaint lodged against Rosenztein for his many and proven conflicts of interest? He wrote the letter requesting the firing of Comey. He would be a witness. He was involved in the Uranium one investigation. A possible principal. He is a long time associate of both Comey and Mueller. I don’t see how he isn’t forced ethically and or professionally to refuse himself or resign.


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