Kudlow Part 2 – The Trade Confrontation and MAGAnomic Growth…

Larry Kudlow has fully immersed himself in MAGA.  The evolution from supporter to believer likely comes from the increase in proximity to President Trump and the resolve therein.   Good stuff.

In this segment the Chairman of the National Economic Council discusses the background of the U.S. -v- China trade reset and the long-term goal of open global markets with Zero tariffs, Zero non-trade barriers and Zero subsidies.


Everyone has a role to play…

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70 Responses to Kudlow Part 2 – The Trade Confrontation and MAGAnomic Growth…

  1. cthulhu says:

    Glad you got Kudlow’s picture in this post. Now that he’s on the MAGA bandwagon, he deserves to be recognized.

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    • solomonpal says:

      Upgrade his picture to an otter.

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      • Glen2 says:

        I don’t understand why it’s a koala? They spend most of their time sleeping. Sure they have teeth and claws but aren’t generally aggressive. Is that the message about Kudlow? I don’t get it. Can anyone explain? Thx


        • cthulhu says:

          Kudlow is a sweetheart, meant to explain basic facts in a non-confrontational way. The other Wilburines might ‘accidentally’ rip your face off, particularly Secretary Ross. Secretary Wilbur Ross has not only been around the block — he’s been around all the other blocks in the neighborhood, many of them before you were born. He is smarter than 99+% of the other folks out there; he is more experienced than 99+% of the other folks out there; and he is more focused and ruthless than 99+% of the other folks out there. I couldn’t be happier that he is on our Team Trump working for us, ’cause I’d be a nonstop underwear laundry if he were working against us.

          On top of this, he is older than dirt and seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself. However much I appreciate his efforts, I have to let him be lest I spoil the zest he brings.

          I’m assuming that you’re new here…..

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        • ggm says:

          G’day from down under. Koala’s are mostly docile (they’re usually “stoned” from eating eucalyptus leaves). But when they fire up (or mating) they can be as viscous as any wild animal. I’ve seen koala’s fighting each other more viciously than feral cats.
          Check this out :

          And they make the most evil noises. When I’m out camping, the weirdest and scariest noise you ever hear at night are koala’s fighting (or “mating”). The noise is a cross between wild pigs fighting and a dying animal. Watch this to see how evil they can be :

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      • dd_sc says:



    • Does Pompeo have a mascott?


    • Does Pompeo have a masscott?


      • Coldnorth says:

        Conservativedriver…if it were up to me to choose one for him, would be a Badger or possibly the Honey Badger. He scares the crap out of me. I can’t imagine being on his bad side…very unpleasant to be sure!


  2. Kuddles is definitely on board with the MAGA agenda. Love it!

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  3. wendy forward says:

    Sweet guy, I’ve always liked him and glad to see him on the train.

    Koalas are precious but they can bite!!!!

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  4. Ausonius says:

    Free trade that is not fair trade becomes slave trade: Chinese slave-labor factories (in part at least) putting Americans out of work over the last 25 years with the acquiescence of our own government and with the glee of crony capitalists paying off both parties.

    Fair trade can be free trade, but only if both sides are playing fairly!

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  5. bullnuke says:

    Kudlow Bear was a brilliant addition to President Trump’s economic team!

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  6. fleporeblog says:

    Larry Kudlow is awesome in his defense of our President! The Chinese realize he isn’t bluffing anymore. Look what they decided to do to one of their own for speaking out against them!

    From the article linked above:

    Chinese officials arrested a government critic in the midst of a phone interview he was conducting with Voice of America, the U.S.-backed outlet announced Thursday.

    Professor Wenguang Sun was discussing “throw-money diplomacy,” a derisive term for the Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative to expand regional influence through infrastructure loans to neighboring countries. He was participating in the Mandarin-language program just days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo pledged that the U.S. government and American companies would offer alternative sources of infrastructure funding in the Indo-Pacific Region.

    Sun wrote an open letter criticizing Xi’s plan to expand infrastructure spending in Africa, following the autocrat’s recent trip to the continent.

    “What? Did I say something wrong?” the professor could be heard saying when the police entered his house, according to VOA. “Did you hear I say anything wrong? So many Chinese are still poor, and we shouldn’t throw our money in Africa.”

    VOA believes that he is under house arrest. “Subsequent efforts by VOA to re-engage with him for this interview have been unsuccessful,” Serchak said.

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    • Curry Worsham says:

      Totalitarianism in real time. {shiver}
      Notice he said: “Did I SAY anything wrong?”

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      • Ausonius says:

        Why on earth any freedom-loving AMERICAN company allows one cent of profit to go to China is – and has been – beyond me! Yes, Google, Apple, and hundreds if not thousands of other companies playing footsie with the Chinese in any way, I am talking about all of you! China is NOT A FREE COUNTRY!!!

        The answer to the question of course is money: send jobs to China to be done at serf-like wages rather than find a way to manufacture the item here, even if it will diminish profits. Capitalism needs its balance at times, and for nearly 30 years it has been out of balance because of the globalist free-traders.

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      • We should send Bill Maher, Whoopi, Fochaunatas Warren, Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Schiff and many others to China for an all expenses paid 12 month vacation!

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        • FriarBob says:

          Send them that way and they’ll be wined and dined and continue to have the wool pulled over their eyes. (Willingly, I might add. But still fooled.) Send them in secret, put ‘subversive’ materials in their luggage, let them encounter the actual dragon. I’m sure the panda will re-emerge the minute they scream about “do you know who I am?” but even a short brush with reality will at least reduce their ability to willingly ignore reality.

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    • GB Bari says:

      It depends on who is defining “wrong.” Unfortunately that scary episode is one small real-time illustration of what the Left in this country is working 24/7 to achieve – the ability to have unrestricted ability to silence their opposition. They’ve already been successful in the UK.

      Anyone who is still on the fence whether to vote Republican or Democrat this year and every year forward needs to read this story again until the realization sinks in.

      There’s not much daylight left between the authoritarians who yanked Professor Sun off the phone and the current and emerging Democrat Party.

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      • Jan says:

        I am a young 66 yr.-old who remembers civics, history, current events the way many on this site do. I do recall that I did not know anything about Lenin, Marxism, Communism until college, as I don’t recall watching or reading about McCarthy hearings in Congress on Communism in the mid-to late 1950’s. Growing up in the Midwest, your only connection to Communism was practicing going to shelters or safe areas in the school in the event of a nuclear explosion launched by our “enemy.” I remember Cuba & JFK & the Soviet Union and Kruschev banging his shoe on the table. But I didn’t understand anything until I learned about how Communism came to Russia in college. What happened to Professor Sun is the essence of the battle we now have in the US. You get censored if you do not toe the party line of the unAmericans–Dimms, “left”, progressives, the Swamp, GOPe, RINOs, et al. “Democrat socialists” is now an acceptable term and that’s where Chuck the Schmuck & Pelosi are all headed. Communism/socialism which use to oppose taking in more diversity is now temporarily amended to want all diversity so they can take out you and I because we do not want to live with a government that dictates what we’re entitled to or compelling me or you to turn over all our personal property/real property to someone “deemed more deserving by my government.”

        This story is our new tomorrow reality if we allow Dimms to take our local, state & federal governments. A candidate for the NY attorney general office is running on arresting ICE and prosecuting them. Soros is funding local DA elections–to make sure illegals, Antifas, socialists, etc., don’t get prosecuted. Keith Ellison is running for Minnesota AG…Why? He says he will from day 1 challenge each and every thing that the Trump Administration does or doesn’t do. In lieu of any other policy, this is the emphasis of the unAmericans, to challenge everything in the Courts until they can get back their power in Congress and the White House. Is Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court important? If McTurtle gets it done before the Supremes go back into session (Oct. 1) or before the 2018 election, I will have to cut him some slack. Kavanaugh AND every Pres. Trump appointment to the judiciary is one of his great achievements if McTurtle comes thru.

        I never thought I would see the day when socialists/communists completely took over a political party in the USA. Do I now say, “Thank you Hillary for screwing Bernie Sanders” out of the Democrat nomination for the 2016 election? What a conundrum!! Our battle has just started….if you want your kids and grandkids to have a life in the America we all grew up in. Were we naive? Absolutely! Are we wrong? Absolutely not! But we need to rally sooner, rather than later!!

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    • Bud Klatsch says:

      Ha, how long would Acosta last in China? Be careful Acosta.

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    • Did anyone check Maxine Waters house?

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  7. Joshua says:

    Lest the NYT ‘forget’, (non-tech) wages ARE increasing (as per SD’s poingant updates … unless I am missing something).

    There are obsessed with one thing and one thing they shall see.

    Leave it up to them to miss the forest through the tree.

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  8. BobBoxBody says:

    Don’t let the goofy little koala face fool you. They have claws and they can use them.

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  9. Joshua says:

    Lest the NYT ‘forget’, (non-tech) wages ARE increasing (as per SD’s poingant updates … unless I am missing something).

    There are obsessed with one thing and one thing they shall see.

    Leave it up to them to miss the forest through the tree.

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  10. Curry Worsham says:

    Somebody said in an earlier post that PDJT needs “a few good men”.

    Well, here’s two of them…

    “God bless ’em.”

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  11. fleporeblog says:

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    • kiskiminetas says:

      They are definitely full of it and much of fox news is too. I have said it before much of what they say is nothing more than carrying water for the uniparty and deep state. You know they make their money off of them.

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      • PVCDroid says:

        I’ve notice more and more. This past week at Fox was all about Russian meddling, past, current and future. They’re dangerous and we need more conservative voices. Cavuto and Regan on Fox Business must have gotten the narrative memo too.

        In the meantime, the elite are mocking and laughing at us and so proud at what they’ve gotten away with. It’s appalling. I never would have guessed their were this many dishonest people running our government.

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        • GB Bari says:

          The Left HAS to be dishonest. If people really understood the Left’s endgame hardly anyone would vote for or support them.

          The moron college students extolling communism have no clue how bad it is. They believe it’s the sugar coated utopia their Leftwing professors have described.

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    • Coldnorth says:

      Fle, you are just Awesome…I come here to get the real “News”, and you are posting it faster than I can keep up…..especially with your “Bang on analysis”.
      Love you, please keep up the Good Work
      You are blessed!

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  12. Cheri Lawrence says:

    Love this team! Positively optimistic all things MAGA! NYT the fake gloom and doom goons, hahaha! As Kuddles says God bless em’ and God bless America!!

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  13. jeans2nd says:

    Never forget, Pres Trump cut Pres-For-Life Xi a break with ZTE. PFL Xi did not reciprocate.
    Lest anyone doubt, that is one of the worst things one could do to Pres Trump.

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  14. Angel Martin says:

    At some point, one of the die-hard former free trade supply siders needs to make a “you were right, and we were wrong speech” about free trade – specifically NAFTA, and massive chinese imports.

    Kudlow would be the best person to do this, given that he has often praised James Baker for making a similar speech after the 1992 election (regarding supply side tax policy).


  15. USTerminator says:

    If there is ever a good time for a trade war, is when you have strong economic (4+% GDP). Trump knows fully well so that is why the confrontation is delayed from 2017 to 2018. This is calculated and you will see that the high GDP the more hard stand PDJT will take on trade

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  16. GB Bari says:

    Larry K. has passed his tests and is now a fully certified MAGAnomics Professor!

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  17. Octavia says:

    It’s the end of China trade as we know it.

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    • GB Bari says:

      We certainly hope so!


    • Joshua says:

      Hi Octavia, hope u and yours are well !

      Imo (as always),

      He is basically gonna (finally) ‘show’ the world what works best…. as I am gathering, from the undertow.

      The left arm feels better unbound. Free swinging

      To do this within terms would be earth shattering g.

      … as if they needed a clue.

      Some people are not gonna like this.
      Not I am not a conspiracist.

      — that is from google translate

      — I typed it into another and it was marginally better

      They can’t keep up.
      They were allowed to keep up.
      They are on notice.
      The bars are being dropped and the true lion is being let loose.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong; Econ is not my strong suit.

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  18. MVW says:

    Larry Kudlow knows how to take the lumps out. Smart and diplomatic guy.

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  19. MikeN says:

    You ignore the impact Kudlow has had. Trump is no longer talking about protective tariffs, and is instead talking about zero tariffs.
    This is at odds with the NAFTA negotiations where primary sticking point is they want to keep tariffs on China.
    It is at odds with trying to keep factories in the US, if the goods will come in tariff free.


  20. Reloader says:

    President Trump will not back down from his plan to hurt the Chinese. On this, I think most, if not all here, can agree. He will crush their economy, if they do not give in. Has anyone here given thought to a possible timeline for China to resort to all-out War? With Russian assistance, since DJT is crushing their energy economy, as well?

    Four years from now, when their economy is seriously crashing? Six years as VSGPDJT is about to leave office? Eight years, well into the administration of whoever we (We, –Americans) come up with next?

    I have read General Sir John Hacket’s “Third World War” and the follow-on that he helped write, “Systemic Shock.” Well-researched accounts of really bad stuff.


    • Joshua says:

      I have not read any of the interesting references u have posted.

      I know very little.

      They make lots of toys that/and shoot.
      They have for decades feigned secrecy on one hand and idiotically outlandish theories in the other. If u don’t believe me u might secure a few months of constants hours and reading sur lá archive x. If u don’t know what that is already don’t waste ur time.

      As far as I can tell it’s a broad shotgun approach (many can send a 10^20 photons per second into space and catch one). We have powerful computers too but we do not boast. They haven’t put men on the moon so this is an understandable and monumentally achievement …. to achieve… Their vessels might be improving but do not be mistaken by the charade. Computing power is important but it is not the bringer yet.

      Yeah. So what im saying is:
      I guess,
      Bring it on

      Ps: their main advantage is they have central planning and that central planning fears threats – they are few in view. This is an advantage to us we natively do the same however our central planning is defunct and actual voting populace is deceived and votes like it had a labotomy….

      Do u disagree?


    • Joshua says:

      You sound like u really need to hit something.

      May I suggest a pin up of a president, former or otherwise?

      I seem to recall hearing anectodes of therapudary and overcoming. Sounded worth a try. Don’t worry no one is “watching” you.


  21. James Street says:

    Larry Kudlow talks about all these great trade deals with all these nations they are working… and glaringly missing is any mention of Canada.

    Canada is screwed. Trump does not forgive betrayal.

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  22. James Hilton says:

    ‘The New York Times does worry about income inequality, god bless them’. Larry Kudlow completely ignorant of the fact that Neo-Marxists, with their equality doctrines, have taken over the mainstream news media. So concerned about communists in China that he can’t see them swarming around him back at home.


    • laurelmarycecilia says:

      FYI Undoubtedly, that was sarcasim on Kudlow’s part…….. Kudlow is as aware of things as you and I are !!!!! Having followed him for years, I know that his style is sarcasim in a velvet glove………..

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  23. Donna in Oregon says:

    For the first time since 9/11 I don’t worry about the economy.

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  24. Pyrthroes says:

    Regarding “income inequality” aka a country’s “wealth gap”, suggest brushing up on the econometric Gini Coefficient pub. 1912. In behavioral economic terms, this relates to Pournelle’s Law (1963), institutions’ “cockpit syndrome” adapted from German sociologist Robert Michels’ “Law of Oligarchies” (1911). For the psycho-social roots of these phenomena, see Auguste Comte (d. 1857) and Emile Durkheim (d. 1917) on advanced societies’ abiding “anomie”, foreseeing Freud’s 1930 “Civilization and Its Discontents”.

    For well over a century, savants and real scholars –in contra-distinction to contemporary poseurs–
    have viewed the human condition in terms of “existential realism”, a holistic approach gauging individuals in context of prevailing mores. Durkheim in particular presciently foresaw a looming “dependency society” beset by biblical accedia (lassitude, affectless ennui, “sloth”), inducing societal breakdown due to impersonal yet all-pervasive States’ intrinsic failure to substitute for community, home-and-family, workplace ties.


  25. Vincent Piotet says:

    A businessman befriends politicians & gets results.
    He returns America to Common sense.
    He fights WW corruption.
    Elect honest men.

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  26. Vincent Piotet says:

    Its hard to coordinate liars.


  27. Vincent Piotet says:

    Referring to the 4AM news coordination of the MSM (sorry if prev post is confusing!)


  28. Vincent Piotet says:

    Remember, we used to think that China’s economy would dominate us in a few years !!!

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  29. railer says:

    Kudlow has been aligned with the “free trade” absolutists, who are simply useful idiots for the globalist corporatist cabal that is being enriched and stripping our prosperity and liberties daily. At heart, he probably believes in that prosperity and those liberties, but the crowd he runs with are focused on other things, not those. Trump has brought the guy back to those understandings, and has likely convinced him that all these things are possible: Truly free trade, prosperity and liberty are all achievable… together. And they must be together.

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    • 6x47 says:

      Free Trade absolutists are ideologues with no grounding in reality.

      Yes, free trade is good. But it doesn’t exist in the reality, and what we have with most of our trading partners is something more akin to mercantilism with the United States on the losing side of the equation.

      Calling those “free trade” is like calling a pile of dog feces ice cream. Yes, ice cream is good but that steaming pile isn’t ice cream even if you do put it into a sugar cone.


  30. Doug says:

    Larry Cuddles Kudlow! Nice!


  31. D Rogers says:

    $60B in US imports to china means nothing to us as percentage of GDP. Bigly deal. Leverage…


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