Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Chairman Devin Nunes…

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) Chairman Devin Nunes appears on Sunday Morning with Maria Bartiromo to discuss ongoing aspects of ‘Spygate’, ‘FISAgate’, and the Mueller maneuvers to protect the DOJ and FBI institutions.

Bartiromo asks Nunes if he thinks Mueller will ever wrap-up; Nunes responds no.  CTH agrees.   The Mueller investigation could likely continue for at least four years, perhaps eight years; because only while the political investigation exists can all of the corrupt political entities hide behind it.

As soon as Mueller finishes, all of the corrupt DOJ, FBI, IC and Obama administration officials lose their ability to hide behind ‘an ongoing investigation‘.  WATCH:


There are three basic purposes for the Mueller Special Counsel probe:

  • To collect and distribute to media, surveillance information on the Trump administration, made available by the fraudulently obtained Title-1 FISA warrant(s).
  • To exploit the FISA authorized surveillance to target the Trump administration, or any specific official therein; as a tool to block any policy adverse to Team Mueller’s political interests; and/or remove any specific official deemed a risk to the ongoing progressive efforts.  Hopeful goal, impeach President Trump.
  • To protect the activity of the corrupt Obama and Clinton teams, and all officials therein, in 2015 and 2016.  ie. hide the 2015/2016 use of FBI/NSA database metadata exploitation for political opposition research; and hide the 2016/2017 weaponization therein (‘the insurance policy’).

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206 Responses to Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo Interviews Chairman Devin Nunes…

  1. roubaix says:

    Will the SC continue releasing transparently political indictments in the weeks leading up to the 2018 election? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

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  2. Carrie2 says:

    No way can we let Mueller or anyone like him to continue beyond NOW. This “hunt to nothing” has already cost us quite a few millions/billions and all for nothing. Mueller is a part of the evil tribe and needs to stop and think about how he has put himself in jeopardy bit time, along with those many others. Nunes may think it could go on for many more years, but no way will we permit this ludicrous nothing to continue.


    • Jedi9 says:

      So does this mean the people will march into DC demanding to end this witch hunt? Please let me know when they get organised and plan such a march, or event because I think I will make a special trip from Asia just so that can participate! I am on stand by! Let me know I am waiting!


      Signed a citizen who wants to do something!

      PS. I really want to do something!

      PSS. I really want to take action!

      PSSS I really really want to march into DC!

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  3. jeans2nd says:

    At 04:39, Rep Nunes asks about FBI paying informant-spies.
    At least one of those informant-spies, Stefan Halper, was paid by Dept of Defense.

    Ziiggii has all the details; DOD Dana White confirmed the payments to Halper, thus confirming Ziiggii’s research. In Ziiggii’s twitter feed iirc.

    Too bad we were not permitted to read Rep Nunes’ Mar 2018 report. Confirms why so much of Rep Nunes’ report was redacted. Cannot allow those Deplorables having too much info. Esp those Ohio Retarded Trump Deplorables.

    Hope Ziiggii returns from vaca soon to re-confirm his research. Rep Nunes may want to bring in the Armed Svcs Cmte; there is a bit more Swamp wading to do. Heaven help us.

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    • Dixie says:

      I hate I missed Ziiggii’s report. I read Sundance every day and try to read all the comments, but just can’t keep up so sometimes miss significant facts. The speculation here is running rampant and cluttering the threads. One thing I always try to remember to do before I hit “post comment” is to answer the question, does this add anything to the conversation…..most of the time it doesn’t so I delete more than I post. Wish others would do the same.

      Just so you know, this is not directed at you. Looking forward to Ziiggii’s return to get caught up.


  4. glissmeister says:

    Executives have trustee duty. Amidst the duties of RR and Mueller, there may be an essential duty not responsibly attended to. Both have a duty to abate misleading practices. Both have a fiduciary duty to not allow the mission to become a shill for paying salaries to lawyers when THEY KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN there was no lawful predicate basis for the investigation. There is also the question of continuing such an investigation. Implicit therein another question; are we looking at an apparent conspiracy to line the pockets of the lawyers employed thereby and to coverup the fatal error to sustain those salaries and benefits. There is also the issue of failed executive candor, breach of trustee duty and bad faith in conducting a coverup of the misuse of government resources, potential criminality and breach of professional responsibility. There is also another question of providing contributions in kind to a political party championing the obstructions to conduct and sustain a coverup, aiding and abetting the said coverup and using taxpayer funds and government resources to do so in an unlawful or knowingly improper manner.

    Fraud and self-dealing is a serious concern wherever there is fiduciary or trustee duty. Can it really be excused because one or both of the executives use the argument: “because I say so.”

    Could this be what is most wrong about the emerging RR/Mueller scandal?

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  5. AloftWalt says:

    When, I ask, will the house of cards collapse and people go to jail for sedition? It’s beginning to look like all of the deep state’s corrupt practices will be swept down the rabbit hole. I hate to say it, but if things don’t turn the corner after the midterms, I’ll have lost faith in the integrity of even this current administration. Is SD still a firm believer that J Sessions is a white hat willing and able to root out and quash the graft and corruption within the FBI and DOJ?


  6. Kris says:

    The request to unclassify HAS to come from Congress, otherwise, there will be an outcry of obstruction!!! What are they waiting for??? Excellent video by Praying Medic Go to 28:35 on the video.


  7. unconqueredone says:

    From SD above: “Bartiromo asks Nunes if he thinks Mueller will ever wrap-up; Nunes responds no.”
    In May I contacted my Senator Pat Toomey to ask that they would please require Mueller to produce results or discontinue the “investigation”. Mr. Tooemy responded in part (and not out of context): “…I have every confidence that Robert Mueller will execute these responsibilities with integrity and professionalism.
    I look forward to reviewing the findings of Special Counsel Mueller…”

    So no, there is no reason to believe the establishment Republicans want him to go away either, therefore he will continue as long as Trump is in office OR until we fire those who allow this charade to continue.


  8. wolfrom1 says:

    PDJ has to think of the bigger picture. The time has to be right before he steps in or there will be rioting in the streets
    Only he has the knowledge of when. This is a definite constitutional crisis and must be handled with care.
    I have never seen a journalist as prepared as Maria.


  9. jello333 says:

    “Bartiromo asks Nunes if he thinks Mueller will ever wrap-up; Nunes responds no. CTH agrees.”

    I agree, but only up to a point. I think Mueller and his ilk would LIKE for it to go on forever, and if it was only up to them it probably would. But as soon as their “usefulness” is gone, the whole clown show will be stopped. Right now, I think there are a couple reasons Trump himself doesn’t stop it: 1) There still remains a slight bit of danger that Congress would try to use it to start screaming Peach 45 more than they already have. 2) There are times when the actions of Mueller et al are actually HELPING our cause… and could easily lead to much more. I’m still thinking there IS something of a “sting” action going on… not sure exactly what, but it feels that way.

    So yeah, in my opinion this will go on as long as, and ONLY as long as, Trump and the people on his side ALLOW it to go on. I give it till just after the mid-terms.


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