Peter Strzok Testifies To Joint Session of Congress – 10:00am Livestream….

The FBI counterintelligence official at the center of the Clinton and Trump investigations is scheduled to testify today.  FBI Agent Peter Strzok will testify publicly before a joint House Oversight/Judiciary Committee.  Testimony begins at 10:00am EST

House Committee Hearing LinkPBS Livestream LinkFox News Livestream

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2,573 Responses to Peter Strzok Testifies To Joint Session of Congress – 10:00am Livestream….

  1. wyntre says:


  2. Non=combative. says:

    Watching a mostly pack of swampy liars asking another swampy liar questions that he has predetermined canned answers too. Kudos to the few interrogators who actually want answers to questions but knowing before hand those questions won’t be answered. They know this from 11 hours of staged BS behind closed doors. I give Louie Gohmert both a grammy and an oscar for his outstanding performance.


    • Peter Strzok is the third wheel on the Bill and Hillary tricycle, with family relationship in many of the power brokers families in Washington DC. I was very surprised at his demeanor at the ingestion in. Congress. It seemed to me that he felt for sure he had to fix in, he came across as a complete idiot.


      • Bob Page says:

        Look closely at his forehead in some photos.
        It appears that he has horns on either side.
        Looking much like satan would.


  3. Dave says:

    “someone needs to ask if he leaves the light on…” You mean the dome light? “what is Page’s favorite position…” Any position as long as it’s in the back seat! I’m getting punch drunk, Treepers! Sorry!


  4. LULU says:

    Jim Jordan on Lou Dobbs. Ecstatic that it was finally established the Bruce Ohr (DoJ) got the Russia dossier from his wife (employed by FusionGPS to work on dossier) who handed it over to the FBI.

    If Jordan is happy, we should be happy.

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    • Nigella says:

      As much as I like Jim it’s hard to be happy about today… I was sickened

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      • Oldschool says:

        Didn’t watch because I will no longer engage in having crap shoved in my face. We aren’t the forgotten man any longer, but we are the ignored man.


      • benifranlkin says:

        u missed the whole point…need to establish the plot to take down Trump started in Dec 2015…we r getting close…all the rest is Strzok obfuscation


        • covfefe999 says:

          So the man they claimed could never win, whose campaign was a “joke”, was such a threat that they began their takedown attempt even before the first primary.


          • TimesUp says:

            Of course we all know that the takedown attempt was only initiated against one Republican candidate competing in the primaries at the time (Trump) and that it is positively, certainly impossible anything like it might have been initiated against other competing candidates.

            Nah, I didn’t think so.


  5. For Eyes says:

    So the IG did not go through all of Strzok’s devices and personal messages??? And asked Strzok to review his own and turn over anything important???

    Maybe we have put too much faith in the IG. There is still hope in this community that the next report will be The Hammer.

    The White Hat team at the top of this effort (downstream from Trump) is weak. Sessions is asleep at his desk. Rosenstein is antagonistic. Wray shows few signs of being a White Hat. Now we have a weak or careless IG indication.

    These hearings are close to pointless unless the facts are converted into indictments. I fear we don’t have the team to do it.

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  6. Blue Moon says:

    That Peter Strzok is one scary, spooky man. Have to give him credit though-he sure was briefed good. Jeff Sessions needs to go along with RR. This is a conspiracy and something has to be done about this SOON. Sessions is not up to the job. That is a fact. And Wray, he reminds me of a little shy boy in elementary school. Has he done anything at all? We can only keep PT in office for so long. If this isn’t cleaned up now then kiss this country goodbye.


  7. CNN_sucks says:

    The enemy is RR. Wray and Sessions are the enabler. These two are uniparty plant. Uniparty has confirmed because they will carry the water. PDJT exposed the bias and the corruption of the uniparty, federal agencies especially DOJ and the FBI. We got to help PDJT to drain the swamp.


  8. IMO says:

    Holy crap! Rep. John Ratcliffe completely exposed Peter Strzok and destroyed his narrative & lies! – greatawakening

    Rep. Ratcliffe ripped Strzok another azzhole

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  9. Jeb says:

    Any person or piece of “information” that is not in full support of DJT is obviously part of the deep state.

    The fact that the FBI leaked the Russia investigation to the press in 2016 proves the FBI’s corruption.


  10. dawndoe says:

    Why did Gowdy pass on the vote to table the subpoena for Steve Bannon to appear?


    • TestName7 says:

      I was able to watch that portion live on tv, wondered the same myself for a second, and after seeing gowdy’s face and posture/rock-back in his chair I concluded the same as this poster:

      I felt this explanation was further supported when the vote tally came in and, despite a number of additional members being called to the floor, the margin was not close; like 39 to 31 or something.

      I figured Gowdy probably had the math worked out beforehand, but was of course keenly aware of the tactic employed … hence his facial expression.

      Some (ex-?)congressman later that eve said on tv that they likely new ahead of time about the roll call as clerks are not normally present for these things – or maybe they were expecting “maneuvers” – which would afford for the “math” being done before hand, as Gowdy knew immediately his response upon the invocation and sat back silently, uttering nothing other than “pass” when asked.

      Anyway, I don’t think it’s a super important issue, even if the above explaination is incorrect, but it is an interesting question for us unfamiliar to the sausage making and there is a little insight to be gained there I suppose.


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