Details Behind Upcoming IG Report – The Clinton Email Investigation Recap, in a Video Series Format…

The 18-month Inspector General review of the DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email is going to be made public tomorrow at 3:00pm EDT.

This IG inquiry is specifically looking into whether the FBI investigation was corrupted by political influence in their determination of the Clinton outcome. The preliminary investigative outcomes speak for themselves.

This following series of video reports provides background on the overall issues, the potential crimes; the subsequent coverup; and the corruption that infested the 2016 Department of Justice and the FBI.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


The video below is the final installment of six segments. This report covers the Clinton and Abedin email that were discovered after the investigation was closed in July 2016. {Go Deep} The emails along with the fact that they were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop was kept secret and not investigated for four weeks (Sept 28th, through Oct 27th) by top officials at the FBI.

Who stalled the investigation and why? And what was in those emails? That’s the focus of this segment.

Part VI


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423 Responses to Details Behind Upcoming IG Report – The Clinton Email Investigation Recap, in a Video Series Format…

  1. Howzie says:

    No way so may marbles should rely on a IG report.

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    • DanO64 says:

      Agree. There are also several investigations underway.


    • elinks says:

      You are so right Howzie!! We should not be surprised when the report comes out and is heavily redacted. We won’t be able to decipher the contents and all the usual suspects will tell us that Huber in Utah will file the criminal charges. Unfortunately that wiull come after the mid-term elections and the Dimms will not let the cases proceed.
      I hate to be so pessimistic but the Deep State is still in charge; Sessions is recused, Rosenstein is still in charge (let that sink in) and Ryan is sitting back waiting for the clock (and the HOR) to change. gloom, dispair and agony 😦

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      • Fe says:

        Oh my goodness. This post is filled with doom and gloom. Have some faith.

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      • Dixie T says:

        Sessions said today to a reporter at The Hill: “If after reading the IG Report people need to be fired, then I’m prepared to do that.” (Not one word mentioned about people possibly being “indicted.”

        Has Sessions seen the IG Report yet? Is Sessions the “boss” of the DOJ Inspector General? I do not know the answers to these two questions. But they concern me, greatly!

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        • Shirley Goodwin says:

          No, Sessions is not the boss of the IG. The intent of the IG is to be outside the control of those they are investigating. Unfortunately they only have the power to investigate and make recommendations. They cannot fire or indict anyone.

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  2. senda72 says:

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  3. Bill Dunn says:

    Some of these oath breaking, crooked SOBs
    have got to PAY!
    They cannot be allowed to walk ,or the greatest country in the history of this planet
    has been brought down !

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    • Hun Driver Widow says:

      Our system of justice and the rule of law is at stake. Those known to be guilty have to be charged, prosecuted, and do prison time for the rest of their lives.

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      • Bill Dunn says:

        AMEN. Hun Driver Widow !

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Hun Driver Widow, no way prison because too expensive and they could actually continue their nastiness from prison. No traitors have always been hanged or shot and that means there will be no more misery caused by them. I have said this before and I repeat: after hanging (cheaper than using ammo) pitch their bodies into a BIT DEEP HOLE and after covering with the dirt, place this sign on the site: DANGER – TOXIC SOIL. We have so many traitors but we have enough trees and rope necklaces to get the job done.

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    • cjzak says:

      Don’t hold out for any consequences beyond a slap on the wrist and a shame on them which won’t bother them at all. If someone does shockingly get after the real guilty ones at the top of the steaming swamp, I will gladly admit to being wrong and way too cynical, but I’ve been waiting since I was naive enough and thought O would be revealed as ineligible and charged for fraud and deceiving the voters. But, in spite of a mound of question marks and the sealing of all his past records everywhere by our legal system, this illegal Pres.was elected and proceeded to try and ruin America.

      I never believed anything like that would be allowed by our justice system, which at the time I foolishly trusted to do the right thing for our country. Still waiting for that justice part to happen to the ones responsible, the guilty parties, who ignore the laws of the land and are allowed get away with it in-spite of all the evidence that has been gathered against them. Maybe this time the hammer will strike in a big way, but I’m clamping down on my hopeful side because of the history of all this so far. The swamp protects itself.


      • auntiefran413 says:

        I can’t like what you’ve said, cjzak; I can only partially agree with you’ve said; but I can certainly feel your frustration and hope. Please, God…bless America!

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  4. All I want are indictments. Nothing else matters.

    None of the names, texts, dot-connecting or “proof” means anything if there are no indictments.

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  5. DanO64 says:

    To me it boils down to: Mr. Horowitz, did we keep our Republic? Asking for Ben Franklin and sixty five million friends.

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    • Oldschool says:

      For me, it boils down to Trump

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      • DanO64 says:

        It shouldn’t have to is my point.

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        • Oldschool says:

          ahhh, gotcha!

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          • litlbit2 says:

            If after the IG report, Sessions does not step up, RR canned and these corrupt people do not start being held accountable as any taxpayer committing crimes. Then after the November election it will be long enough to send all through the criminal process again allowing all the honest working folks with information to be indicted. It would no surprise to me for Gowdy, MCCain, RR, Sessions, Graham even all representatives leaving office to go straight to Gitmo. They could be called for donuts when we are ready.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      Horowitz’s role was most likely to review the IG’s work and act as a sounding board to ensure DOJ arguments against prosecution were sound. To think otherwise will only disappoint you.

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      • G. Combs says:

        Good Grief.

        READ the Inspector General Act (Updated in December of 2016)

        Also go to page 1 of comments and read CorwinAmber’s comment he was and Inspector General and has written many of these reports.

        The author of the above videos, John Spiropoulos, makes a comment below that on how the last IG report was put together and how he will tackle this report.

        And BTW Attorney Huber, who has been working with IG Horrowitz preparing indictments, reports directly to AG Sessions and NOT Rosenstink

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        • litlbit2 says:

          And today Sessions backs up RR. Oh I feel so much better Sessions got this🙈

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        • Molly says:

          And BTW Attorney Huber, who has been working with IG Horrowitz preparing indictments, reports directly to AG Sessions and NOT Rosenstink

          Huber is NOT preparing indictments. He is reviewing, evaluating and will make recommendations in a report. Read the first paragraph on, Page 4, of AG Sessions’ appointment letter. 😉

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          • Padric says:

            The letter you cite has nothing to do with whether or not Huber is preparing indictments. That letter is in response to a request for a second special counsel. What the letter does state, however, is that Huber has the ability review the findings and then to refer issues to the IG that warrant investigation if they aren’t being looked into already or more info if they are. The investigations referred to in that letter are Horowitz investigations. In essence, Sessions is explaining that there isn’t a need for a second special counsel but there may be in the future.


            • Molly says:

              I am very aware of what the letter represents. I was simply USING it to point out what Atty Huber’s role is …as cited by AG Sessions; but in hindsight, I probably should have posted the specific paragraph in a JPG as to not confuse the issue.

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              • Padric says:

                I think I should have been clearer myself. My point was that Huber’s role is not just to advise and report. Rather Sessions was stating that he had the ability to refer other issues to the IG if other issues were uncovered by him thereby circumventing the need for a second special counsel.

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    • CopperTop says:

      DanOs on fire tonight!

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  6. Jenny R. says:

    Looks like we have another scandal connected to the last admin. and the Clintons:

    They seem to like hiding/destroying info.

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    • Dixie says:

      And yet the accumulation of recent congressional testimony has made it clear that the Obama administration itself engaged in the wholesale destruction and “loss” of tens of thousands of government records covered under the act as well as the intentional evasion of the government records recording system by engaging in private email exchanges. So far, former President Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Attorney General Lynch and several EPA officials have been named as offenders.

      And DJT gets lambasted for tearing up a letter from Schumer which probably wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on?

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    • jahealy says:

      You know, I think we should just lock them all up, starting with Obama and moving on down, including Hillary, and sort out the details once they’re all in orange or striped jumpsuits eating baloney sandwiches, getting midnight bed checks, and using their cell toilets as the guards look on and chuckle.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        What one would like to do (I can think of some harsher things than a prison cell for life, but that’s me, and I want more than just Barry and her ladyship), and what one can do are often two different things — they have to be charged before they can be tossed.
        Let us hope it comes to pass.
        I think we have passed the Rubicon. The people are getting edgier by the minute. I can understand this: I too want my pound of flesh, if only for the memories of others who have given theirs thanks to these people (ALL of them). Plus, these demons now know that the people are on to them; they have been thwarted — they cannot be allowed back into power ever again because they will destroy the people themselves. Eventually, something will have to happen. I can wait for it, but it will eventually have to happen imhao.
        Beware the wrath of patient men (and women).

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  7. High Atop Trail Creek says:

    Question for the lawyers: Assuming the cast of characters (FBI, DOJ, CIA, etc.) were engaged in provable abuse of office (power) up to the election, would they then, if they continued such abuse, be committing sedition after the election? Perhaps after inauguration?


    • DanO64 says:

      Good question. I understand that both the President and Attorney General have already been brief/seen the report and a final will be briefed tomorrow. Knowing that, would RR be in Canada representing the United States on official matters if he was in any way in bad grace with the President? IMO a few opinions just might change tomorrow.

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      • High Atop Trail Creek says:

        Dan…wasn’t thinking about RR so much as the other major players. Brennan in particular. My sense is that Comey, et al were initially trying to protect HRC and then that morphed into the Russia dance as a purely political dirty trick operation initially This, I propose, may have led these people into a very weird place that they were not intellectually prepared to go, but went anyway (HRC would win and this would all go away). Trump won and they are in the “Oh, Crap” mode. At this point they are “in for a penny, in for a pound” frame of mind.
        Would still like to get an attorneys view on when does abuse of power shift to sedition.

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      • Well, Comey was out West presenting on the FBI when he was fired, so you never know.


      • donna kovacevic says:

        We do NOT want that Bozo RR here in Canada. What is going to do here? Collude with Trudope? Send them both to Syria or Putin for that matter.


  8. Subterfuge says:

    Enuf said! Videos clearly state how it all played out, who the perps are and their crimes. We now need the President to order the Justice Department to release all documents to Congress to expose these criminals for who they are!

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    • G. Combs says:

      That is NOT how it is done.

      The inspector general (Horrowitz) when he uncovers crimes refers them to the DOJ. AG Sessions has already appointed attorney Huber to deal with these referrals.

      ALSO if you read this you will see this information will NOT be release to ANYONE except to a grand jury and then in a court of law.

      From the Inspector General Act

      Horrowitz will refer any violations of Federal criminal law to the DOJ (Huber)
      “(d) In carrying out the duties and responsibilities established under this Act, each Inspector General shall report expeditiously to the Attorney General whenever the Inspector General has reasonable grounds to believe there has been a violation of Federal criminal law.”

      As AG Sessions has told congress time and again. He WILL NOT discuss ongoing criminal cases or even mention that the cases exist.

      On page 25 are SPECIAL PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE you can see this law refers to keeping ongoing civil or criminal investigations or proceedings SECRET!

      “[…]SEC. 8E. (a)(1) Notwithstanding the last two sentences of section 3(a), the Inspector General shall be under the authority, direction, and control of the Attorney General with respect to audits or investigations, or the issuance of subpoenas, which require access to sensitive information concerning—

      (A) ongoing civil or criminal investigations or proceedings;
      (B) undercover operations;
      (C) the identity of confidential sources, including protected witnesses;
      (D) intelligence or counterintelligence matters; or
      (E) other matters the disclosure of which would constitute a serious threat to national security.

      (2) With respect to the information described under paragraph (1), the Attorney General may prohibit the Inspector General from carrying out or completing any audit or investigation, from accessing information described in paragraph (1), or from issuing any subpoena, after such Inspector General has decided to initiate, carry out, or complete such audit or investigation, access such information, or to issue such subpoena, if the Attorney General determines that such prohibition is necessary to prevent the disclosure of any information described under paragraph (1) or to prevent the significant impairment to the national interests of the United


      • Dutchman says:

        Thank you for this post. I only have an idiot phone, to post with, been WANTING to do this (post relevent sections of statute) but can’t ‘copy/paste’, on this damn phone.

        Like minds,…


  9. MAGA Scoop Twitter LibberTea says:

    Really hope the IG report is still relevant after DOJ/FBI got their hands on it. Would love to see the ORIGINAL IG Report before the redactions!

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  10. Ospreyzone says:

    It gives me no pleasure to say this, but I must.
    Rosenstein is in full control. There will be no other criminal referrals beside McCabe. To think otherwise will only cause your blood pressure to erupt. There will be lots of talk and spin, but you will be able to count the indictments on 1-finger.


    • elinks says:

      The only person we can depend on is PDJT. I pray he gets up on Friday and orders the Justice Department to release the FISA applications, Electronic Communication and IG Report with no redations whatsoever. The American people deserve transparency, and his presidency depends on it

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    • G. Combs says:

      “…Rosenstein is in full control….”
      NO HE IS NOT!!!!

      AG Sessions appointed Attorney Huber to work with IG Horrowitz and NOT Rosenstink.

      As I said above Horrowitz, BY LAW must refer any crimes found IMMEDIATELY to Huber and Huber reports DIRECTLY TO AG SESSIONS.

      Sundance discusses all that here:

      ALL Rosenstink is doing is being an errand boy taking THE LEFT OVERS to President Trump. This IG Report outlines procedural violations but NOT the Criminal violations that have ALREADY been referred to Huber and put before a Grand Jury. That information RIGHTLY has been removed and is not available to Congress. Given that Congress leaks like a sieve I am not unhappy about that.

      Hopefully we will see more Indictments unsealed soon.

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  11. peace says:

    according to Sessions, “Sessions also made clear that he is open to firing more employees if the Justice Department inspector general’s soon-to-be-released report warrants it.

    “I think it will be a lengthy report and a careful report,” he told “Rising” co-host Buck Sexton. “I think it will help us better fix any problems that we have and reassure the American people that some of the concerns that have been raised are not true.”

    It will be interesting to see what concerns the American people have are not true. Offhand, I can’t think of any. Smells like some events might be covered up.

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    • JX says:

      If Sessions sweeps this under the rug then he needs to be impeached immediately and charged as a co-conspirator.

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    • Jon B3keys says:

      When Sessions said “…some of the concerns that have been raised are not true.” , I felt like choking him …

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      • Mike says:

        Bingo Jon

        Very disturbing comment. I fear Sessions is compromised. I can NOT see how anyone can have ANY confidence in Rosenstein. And why in the hell has Sessions allowed RR to brief Trump?

        The key will be if the IG makes any criminal referrals. If there are none, then the “justice” department is sweeping this under the rug. Firing traitors, who keep their security clearances and get six figure jobs with Clinton donors, ain’t gonna cut it.

        I sincerely hope if the IG report is whitewashed, Trump declassifies everything Nunes wants to see.

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    • PS says:

      My concern is that everyone involved in the Obama administration is going to get off with a slap on the wrist. Please make that concern not be true.


  12. Not to plug Q one way or the other, but it occurs to me as we watch Hannity that Speaker Ryan is refusing to hold DAG Rosenstein accountable for Obstruction and Abuse of Power … provided the reports of Rosenstein threatening to essentially FISA the emails and communications of both Members of the House Intelligence Committee and their staffers.

    Was Q’s repearted reference to [RR] NOT “Rod Rosenstein”, but INSTEAD BOTH Rosenstein and Ryan, with Ryan running cover?

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  13. ladypenquin says:

    Using “Signpost” analysis, why we can believe that President Trump is going to do what we all believe and want him to do:

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    • Dutchman says:

      I really think this news story, about Rosie ‘threatening’ Congressional staff, is overblown, and will come to nothing.
      Its open to interpretation.

      One interpretation is he WAS threatening them, abuse of power.

      The other is he was just stating what HIS and his dept.’s viable legal options were.

      Its like with the phone calk Lynch made to NYPD; Did she say “Give us weiners laptop, and shut up about it, OR we will open a civil rights invedtigation on the eric garner case!”=obstruction.

      Or, did she say “Give us the laptop, and stop leaking to the press about it,….

      Oh, and while ive got you on the phone, a COMPLETELY unrelated matter;
      Just wanted to give you a heads up, we are seriously considering opening a civil rights invedtigation into the eric garner case. Haven’t made our final detirmination,. Yet, but wanted you to know. Its still obstruction, but PROVE it.

      Any criminal court cases come down to;
      Admissable evidence.

      Burden of proof.

      Reasonable doubt.
      People who dont understand that, were shocked by O.J. verdict.
      People eho understand this, predicted the O.J. verdict.

      Personalky, I dont think we are gonna see trials, just guilty pleas.
      But we’ll see,…

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      • ladypenquin says:

        I’ve let the Rosenstein stuff run like water off a duck’s back. Another squirrel over here moment. Eventually, we’ll have answers, not all at one time, but a good many questions will be answered. The IG Report is a starting point, not the end point.

        Personally, I’d have been delighted if DOJ took Congresses’ communication devices – we’d find all the K-Street collusion, foreign country collusion, foreign monies invested in election outcomes, nuclear secrets given over, etc. etc. Would be a gold mine of true criminality on the part of the majority of Congress critters who have betrayed the American people.

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        • G. Combs says:


          I was thinking the EXACT same thing especially after hearing about Wolfe.

          I would LOVE to see Adam Shiff’s office staff phones (ALL of them) and a whole lot more end up in the hands of honest DOJ attorneys

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          • ladypenquin says:

            I have no doubt that those devices would yield significant information: conspiracies to commit crimes, actual criminality, interfering in elections, voter fraud machinations, AND subverting the presidency of Donald Trump. Congress and the media squealing all the time tells us they have a lot to hide. They like to ride that high horse of ‘separation of powers’ and Congressional ‘oversight’ cover, but their own sleaziness betrays them.

            Regardless of whom gets outed in the DOJ/FBI and the media, Congress critters need to be exposed – and prosecuted.


      • litlbit2 says:

        Ya got a go with the past, Hillary still eating caviar, Billy-bob still putt’n and Zeros on a world tour, with Sessions in the waiting room, with the guilty and MSM 24/7 get Trump.


      • Brent Hull says:

        If Rosenstein was pointing out what would happen if he faced a criminal contempt of Congress charge he is making a fair and correct point, however, the power yin to this power yang some staff member finding their pair should have mentioned is that all of Rosenstein’s and DOJ’s email on this matter would also be subject to subpoena


      • Questions:

        Why did Rosenstein NEED to announce his powers, if not to intimidate all who force disclosures required for Congressional Oversight?

        Who is ensuring that Rosenstein and the SC he oversees are not abusing their power or violating either the law or DOJ regulations and procedures?


    • Minnie says:

      Excellent share, thank you!

      “Trump is working to prosecute them. All the signs are there”

      Most excellent, clear hypothesis.

      Mr. President does nothing without a plan.

      Trust President Trump!


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      • ladypenquin says:

        Agree, Minnie. My hubby is an engineer, and pretty much his view of everything is defined by order and logic. He understood signpost analysis immediately. 🙂

        Thinking logically about this keeps leading me to the same conclusion. POTUS knows, and this isn’t going to be swept under the rug. Everything else is speculation and leads to stress.

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        • G. Combs says:

          Yes that signpost thread was quite clear. The cornered rats are fighting back too hard.

          It is tought to wait but Trump and Sessions want to do a clean sweep.

          These ARE POSITIVE SIGNS to go with those negative signs:

          1. Mass Arrests in Saudi Arabia During Anti-Corruption Probe…

          2. A Treeper earlier on the Presidential Thread mentioned the massive number of arrests WORLD WIDE on human trafficking. I think the human trafficking and worse is what is going to HANG the elite because it is not at all tied to a political party.

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  14. testpointwp says:

    “You cannot call us weasels”. James Comey, congressional testimony.
    Let’s give that hypothesis a spin.
    Mr. Comey, you are a weasel.
    So much for that hypothesis.

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  15. bsdetector4u says:

    At the risk of being repetitive, I am posting my poem again on the eve of the IG report with some revisions to the poem and added lines. Thanks also to fellow Treeper, Sunshine for suggesting the addition of line breaks to make it easier to read.

    ‘Twas the night before judgement and all through the town,
    Not a swamp rat was sleeping, nor were the clowns.
    The IG report was ready to share
    And cries for swift justice would soon fill the air.

    The rats had conspired, but couldn’t prevail,
    Now tortured by visions of trials and jail.
    The forgotten man and woman too,
    Were about to find out the extent of the coup.

    Nunes’ on the cusp of getting to know,
    The names of the traitors – the lowest of low
    From the NSA, FBI, CIA and DOJ as well;
    Obama and Hillary’s minions from hell.

    Deep from the swamp there had arose such a clatter,
    “Trump’s gotta go, our lives have been shattered!”
    Your lives have been shattered? Ha! Look at you chumps,
    You’ve plotted and schemed to depose Donald Trump.

    You’ve tried your best with your sordid attacks,
    And connived to elect Hillary to cover your tracks.
    The banksters, CoC, the Uniparty Cabal,
    You’ve all had your chance, now you’re ready to fall.

    You’ve been wrecking our country for many a year,
    “We’re a service economy!” Yes, that’s what we fear.
    For so long we’ve been told it’s what’s best for us all,
    President Trump woke us up to the extent of your gall.

    He promised to change the way DC was run,
    He cut regulations, energy dominance begun,
    Brought factories back, got tax cuts for all,
    Funded the military and started building the wall.

    So, pardon me please if you think your way’s best,
    It only helps you to feather your nest.
    Your days in DC are numbered, the truth will come out,
    the public will discover what you’re about.

    And the mainstream media which is a Marxist’s dream,
    Will soon have to answer for their complicit regime.
    Corrupt to the core, they’ve been fulfilling their role
    As fake news purveyors and internet trolls.

    You see Trump had a plan while you were busy with yours,
    And he put it in place behind spy proof closed doors.
    Little did you realize, Huber and team went to work,
    Gathering evidence aplenty, just like clockwork.

    Many thanks to our patriots, to Admiral Rogers – the best!
    To Nunes, Grassley, Horowitz, Goodlatte, and the rest;
    To Sundance and crew for the excellent work that you do,
    You constantly inform us – my hat’s off to you!

    And to all of the others that dig for the truth,
    And shine light on the traitors, you’re exceptional sleuths!
    Here’s what I say as the end is in sight,
    “A great big MAGA to all, and to all a great night!”

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  16. CopperTop says:

    This seems ho hum…until you see it’s the same road map for the Steele Dossier. Suspicions arise in Britain. More money than people can count is spoken in the same breath as Russia and sanctioned Banks are involved. A respected person (in this case whistle blower on Cam/analytic vs ‘agent’ Steele) goes across the pond to talk to Congressional person with DNC (Schiff)…the law men are befuddled by bombast and assume that this equals lying in general to create criminal conspiracy ….watch…it’s NEXT. GHCQ has predicate to start listening to whomever in Maryland because they are not required to go to our FISA court. Lovely mate. Tally ho and such.


  17. Rhoda R says:

    This report isn’t about Hillary, it’s primarily about Comey and how he, the FBI and (possibly) the AG dealt with the illegal server.


  18. The panic is real:


    • FanGirl says:

      Aww he’s just mad the Dims didn’t call him into their talking points meeting… guess he’s taking it out on twitter.


    • FanGirl says:

      ETA: They have the advantage of knowing what they have to defend.


    • Dutchman says:

      I LIKE that HE doesn’t know, which means NONE of them know.

      “Whatever it says”

      They are scared schiffless!

      The only people who have seen, have only seen part, hsd to sign pretty scary NDA, particularly with recent leak invedtigation bust.

      Also, not sure ‘principles’applies to FORMER employees.

      Sleeping good tonite, Loretta?


  19. Dutchman says:

    Ive had a theory, for some time, about hillary email invrstigation.

    I dont like it, and you wont either, but I think it fits the facts.

    When someone has their initial security briefing, aftrr getting their clearance, the security officrt puts a paper in front of them, and instructs them to read along.

    Then he/she,reads out loud; it spells out, in great detail, their legal obligations, and penalties for violations.

    It explains they don’t have to intend; accidentally leaving documents unsecured, briefcade in taxi, doesn’t matter.

    Explains doesnt matter if no unauthorised person actually sees material, leaving it where it COULD be seen is violation, etc.

    Then, they are told to sign snd date, security officer signs and dates, and its put in personell file.

    That way, if they ever commit violation, their lawyer cant say to jury “my client didn’t know”; it closes that off, as a defence.

    Yes, judge can instruct jury thats not relevent, but all you need is one juror with reasonable doubt.”if the gloves don’t fit, you must aquit!”

    My theory is, EARLY in the invrstigation, FBI agents would have gone to State Dept. Personell office, pulled files on hill, huma, cheryl and jake, etc. and found NO forms!

    You might think well, couldnt they just have security officer TESTIFY he/she gave them security briefing?

    Sure, and any 3rd year law,student can deal with that;

    “Mr. Security officer, how many of these initial briefings have you given?”

    “Oh, ovrr 200, I’m sure”

    “And EVERY time, you’ve had the employee sign a form, just like this one, yes?”

    “Yes, thats right.”

    “Then WHERE is the form, for my client?”


    When they discovered the forms were missing, (removed by hillary ‘friend’ in State Dept. obviously, but PROVE it) they knew they had a case that “No reasonable prosecutor would attempt to prosecute” .

    From that point on, they went thru the motions, wrote the exoneration memo months before interviewing Hillary, etc.

    Hillary and Cheryl are LAWYERS, and they understand criminal cases come down to 3 things;

    Burden of proof.

    Admissable evidence.

    Reasonable doubt.

    Anyway, thats my theory, and it stinks, but it seems to me it does explain some things.

    You may throw tomatos, now.

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    • Mike says:


      According to the FBI 302s of HRC’s interview, when asked about her previous training on handling classified material, she said, “I fell down. I hit my head. I don’t remember.”

      It has been reported that when the FBI investigators wanted to subpoena her medical records to confirm this, Comey and Lynch would not allow the subpoena.


  20. Fake Ruby says:

    Yesterday’s report – based on absolutely no evidence – that Michael Cohen is going to flip on President Trump is intimately liked to today’s scheduled roll-out of the OIG report.

    Every time that a potential bombshell is scheduled to be released which may impact the Russiagate hoax or its inquisitors, the Deep State and the MSM gin up a story which they hype into the news cycle hoping it will lead to our president firing Special Counsel Mueller – the path to impeachment from there having been well-laid already publicly.

    It is a trap.


    • Fake Ruby says:

      My previous:
      intimately liked to today’s scheduled roll-out of the OIG report.

      Should read “intimately linked


  21. Anon says:

    Why don’t they re-interview these people and catch them in a perjury trap. That would invalidate their immunity agreements. With an IG report showing any improper activity whatsoever, Sessions could reopen the investigation himself.


  22. zucccchini says:

    Now we know what happened to Trey Gowdy. As with the Congressional Oversite Committee staff getting threats to character assassination and family, internal revenue….so probably has Gowdy. These horrid people ruin lives. Somehow they must be rooted out and Trump will end up having to do it. Speaker Ryan and Gowdy both have been compromised with bullying and threats. What can be worse, Trump firing the whole push including Sessions and letting the chips fall where they may. Or letting things play out as they are and good people bowing out like flies getting sprayed to end up with the same HORRID nasty people we have now. I am for firing the whole push down to the sixth floor of the FBI building.


    • mutantbeast says:

      Trump needs to declassify everything. Congress has no guts, the DOJ is a bunch of left wing hack lawyers, Only de claassying will expose them.


  23. Clinton e-mail probe Chief Investigator, Peter Kadzik, next in line for prosecution?

    An item missed in the pre-publicity buzz surrounding today’s release of the IG’s report is Peter Kadzik.

    Kadzik told Congress that he was in charge of the Clinton e-mail probe for the Justice Department.

    Kadzik is best friends with John Podesta. Podesta is former Campaign Chairman for the Hillary Clinton Campaign for President. Podesta also lead the Obama White House transition effort.

    Podesta recommended that a “fantastic lawyer” who “kept me out of jail” be appointed to the Justice Department. That person was Kadzik.

    The investigation of Kadzik began Jan. 12th last year:


    • Concerned says:

      Who has actually, been prosecuted? Treason treated with a simple demotion, investigations without anyone being prosecuted.


  24. Chilidog says:

    Today’s the day. We’re finally going to learn how much responsibility Comey bears for Hillary’s loss. My prediction: a lot.


  25. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    Just heard (for what it’s worth) from Napolitano who claims from a “sneak peak” that Comey should go out & celebrate tonight. Comey violated procedure but not for political reasons. So….. no intent? That sounds familiar.
    Napolitano did sound surprised tho.
    Would not surprise me one bit. DOJ & FBI MUST be saved at ALL costs. Even if the Rule of Law must be sacrificed.


    • JoeUser says:

      I used to like Judge Nap, but nowadays I think he’s just a shill. Happened around the time he was fired from Fox and rehired.

      So, I trust him as far as I can throw him, and I’m not even going to attempt the effort.


    • Sharon says:

      “Even if the Rule of Law must be sacrificed…..”

      This nation has not been a “nation of laws” for a long time.

      If it had been, the IRS abuses would not have occurred.

      The immigration laws would have been enforced and there wouldn’t be tens of millions of illegal aliens sucking off every gubmint teat around.

      obama would not have had the unfettered run of “rule” (his staff members’ choice of word – not mine) he did.

      The Rule of Law was sacrificed a long time ago.

      Liked by 1 person

  26. mutantbeast says:

    The early gist Im getting on the IG report looks like Whoreo witch is white washing the crimes of Comey and McScab. Changing the laguage to make it look like Comey did with the initial Hilldebeech Email report. Seems like Whoreowitch is a swamp creature after all. Never trust anyone appointed by Obama.


  27. thedoc00 says:

    I have said this before a few times. Until mid-night on 18 January 2017, President Obama has the authority to declassify and destroy anything within the US government as well as the authority to delegate those same authorizations. They essentially had months to “legally” declassify, destroy and remove for future use any information they desired. That includes records and logs recording all actions taken. Do not be surprised if there are major gaps in records and that NO evidence exists to take down major players in Obama administration for their crimes to subvert the Republic.

    At this point, it may actually be worth offering immunity and pardons as well as declassifying all materials to get the whole truth into the public light, accepting there will be NO perp walks and only full public disclosure as the only method of punishment at this point in time.


  28. It just occurred to me: Rosenstein’s executive summary and recommendations are equivalent to a motorist on one of those TV cop shows pulled over for erratic driving, telling the officer that big bag of weed and the warm crack pipe in the cup holder don’t belong to him.

    Ol’ Rosey is looking at a huge steaming pile of incrimination, and blandly asserts, “that isn’t mine”.


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