IG Leaks – Media Frame Clinton/Obama Defense: James Comey as “Insubordinate”…

While no-one has yet to see the actual Inspector General Mike Horowitz report outlining how the DOJ and FBI handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the media are beginning to shape the narrative.

In a summary of Bill Priestap’s testimony, via The Hill, the narrative begins by focusing on James Comey:  “Priestap “completely” backed up everything that Comey said, according to a source familiar with his testimony.”  The narrative construct gains clarity with a report from ABC highlight James Comey as “insubordinate”:

(Via ABC) The Justice Department’s internal watchdog has concluded that James Comey defied authority at times during his tenure as FBI director, according to sources familiar with a draft report on the matter.

One source told ABC News that the draft report explicitly used the word “insubordinate” to describe Comey’s behavior. Another source agreed with that characterization but could not confirm the use of the term.

In the draft report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz also rebuked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s personal email server, the sources said.  (more)

Given the nature of the recent explanations as provided by the attorney for Andrew McCabe; and accepting the prior repeated assertions of FBI Director James Comey: “that was not my understanding”, we can begin to assemble the preferred narrative direction.

It would appear the media, and swamp proletariat, are attempting to cut off any potential damage to the Obama administration by placing a firewall atop James Comey.

Whereas Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was a rogue element manipulating his subordinate officials entirely on his own; while FBI Director James Comey was oblivious to the corrupt conduct undertaken by the officials in/around/under his authority, and insubordinate to the customary procedures, professional responsibilities and chain-of-command.

That appears to be the current advanced narrative.  Meanwhile we await the actual substance of the IG report into how the DOJ and FBI conducted the Clinton classified email investigation. .

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375 Responses to IG Leaks – Media Frame Clinton/Obama Defense: James Comey as “Insubordinate”…

  1. DanO64 says:

    After thinking this out I’ve come to the conclusion the news today doesn’t mean squat. Next diversion.

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    • MTK says:

      I agree.
      I line my birdcage with the news of the day. Only problem is my parrot can stop saying…

      “She’s guilty. Ark…Guilty, guilty, guilty…Ark I am not deplorable, I’m pretty bird.”

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    • I always keep in mind the President’s tweet from a few weeks back saying that if he has to…he will use his Constitutional powers when necessary.

      The President has been pushing the Spygate theme hard…he will not let that get swept under the rug. Declassify.

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    • Howzie says:

      Do not discout….The Schmooze.


    • How can you even say that? Just last week, a local news team reported for around 45 seconds on Trump meeting with Kim in Singapore. Including a photo of the digs where the meeting will take place. Then on to a story about a monkey that went bonkers in Home Depot. This report lasted five minutes and offered up an interview with one of the HD employees who was scratched and bitten by the monkey. So how could you possibly say mean things about the news? Any time a monkey goes ape, they are right on it!

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  2. jello333 says:

    As I said in one of the other posts, WHO could Comey have been “insubordinate” to? Unless I’m mistaken, only Barack Obama and Loretta Lynch. So that means Comey has two choices:

    1) Admit that he was, indeed, “insubordinate”… meaning that he did it without approval or knowledge of Lynch or Obama.

    2) DENY that he was “insubordinate”… which will require that he state explicitly what Lynch and/or Obama told him to do.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I highly doubt we’ll get choice #1 from Comey. So if it’s #2… this is gonna get real interesting real fast.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Sally Yates was in the mix also.

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    • MTK says:

      Like it… to which I’ll add

      If he was insubordinate, would that be insubordinate to Lynch’s loaded statement, “Will accept the FBI recommendation on how to proceed.” Knowing that his recommendation statements where comb over with a fine tooth comb weeks before with back channel communications to DOJ.
      How could he be insubordinate. Is Lynch prepared to attest that his recommendation should have been different?

      Second, knowing that obviously HRC private email server was clearly a major violation in of itself, if he was insubordinate to the customary procedures, professional responsibilities and chain-of-command and it was not an insubordination to political considerations.
      What does that say about the FBI recommendation to close the investigation?

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      • MTK says:

        To which I will further add…

        Knowing that his recommendation statements were comb over with a fine tooth comb weeks before with back channel communications to DOJ.

        Certainly suggests legally at least much effort went into shielding, framing and assessing legal jeopardy. So where is his insorbination in defying consul’s advice to stick to the customary procedures, professional responsibilities and chain-of-command.

        Which naturally raises the question if legal consul was not raising objections that he was ultimately going to be insorbinate to the department, “What can consul cite that reflutes the implications of impropriety that his actions where not politically motivated?”


    • mimbler says:

      If it is #2, I’m betting it will be a “he said, she said” claim with no proof on either side. And Comey did the deed so he has the weaker case.

      But, you are right, it is already interesting. To me it is win/win/ Comey down: good or
      Lynch going down: good Both implode: even better!

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    • Dragging this IG report out for so long is not a good idea. I am not sure why everything has to be “comprehensive”? Immigration, Military Spending, Obama Care. Can’t things be done in smaller pieces of legislation. Can’t the IG break up his report in smaller segments of wrong doing. Get on with it.

      Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. Ecclesiastes 8:11

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      • Sunshine says:

        It is a good idea. Don’t forget Prez Trump’s upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un. It’s important that IG report doesn’t overlap Trump’s success re NoKo. Everything in due time.


    • singular says:

      My thought is, and I admit I cannot prove it. Comey was following orders, but they can’t have that known to protect Obama, Lynch and Valjar.

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      • jmclever says:

        Except for that one time when the small group removed Obama’s name from a report and replaced it with “senior US official.”

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        • Jan says:

          That was the “rewording” in the memo/speech/statement of Comey when he exonerated Hillary on July 5, 2016. Plus, there seems to be more media emphasis on Comey’s re-opening the Hillary case for a day or two in late October (Weiner laptop) REALLY cost her the election. Actually, it was McCabe who sat on the new evidence for a month. If the FBI was going to do the quickie 2 day–nothing new–and had they done it in early October, everybody would have forgotten about that bad news, so maybe it’s McCabe’s fault she lost the election???? Nah, she was Hillary Clinton…that’s why she lost.

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    • In truth Comey was insubordinate to Trump. We all saw that (all of us who had our eyes and ears open).

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  3. fleporeblog says:

    Don’t take this BS from ABC as the gospel according to Saint Comey! What was revealed last night is the key to their ultimate downfall that will land many of them in jail for a VERY VERY long time.

    DECEMBER 2015!!!!!!

    They can try all they want to stop this at Comey. You can’t reconcile the date above and what was written by Strzok about their plan. Peter Strzok is still employed. Peter Strzok brings them ALL down including Brennan, Yates, Lynch, Clapper, HRC, BHO, Rhodes, Rice, Powers, Kerry etc.

    It is over folks! This kills every excuse they have come up with to this point. I have no doubt that it wasn’t just PDJT they were spying on.

    At this point, no one is to get immunity. I don’t need these POS showing up to plead the 5th. I need them to be scared out of their minds about what is to come.

    They need to have their bodies eating them from the inside. No ability to swallow food because their bodies are being feed on their own fat.

    They need to take such dosages of medication, alcohol etc. to try and get a few hours of sleep because otherwise they won’t be able to sleep due to the nightmares their minds play for them when they are awake and when they get lucky enough to close their eyes

    That gun on the nightstand is starting to smile like it is nobody’s business.

    It is over folks!

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      What does this line mean?: “Obviously you can’t know anything about the cpc issue yet.”

      What is the “cpc” issue? Does “can’t know anything…yet” refer to a matter that is compartmentalized/ “need to know” and thus off limits; or, something where information is not available yet to anyone; or something she isn’t supposed to know because it would reveal their chit-chat? Or something else?

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    • Matt Transit says:

      I totally agree, flepore.
      But you must rememeber, for anyone to be so restless and torn apart from the inside, they have to have a conscience.
      I don’t know if anyone of the POS’ you listed really have a conscience.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I think they have EGOs that will cause the same outcome.

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      • ImHopeful says:

        Sleep loss due to fear and anger, I’m thinking. These are people used to wielding power as a weapon over others, they are used to being on the “inside”… being trusted with top secret materials, able to sic investigators on practically anyone. Power, prestige, and in some cases wealth.

        Now, they are on the outside. You bet they are losing sleep. Not because they have any sort of conscience, likely not a hint of guilt. Rather, anger that it has all been taken away. Fear of not being in control, of what (I hope) is to come.

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      • singular says:

        They probably don’t have consciences, but they may have a healthy fear of being hanged.

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    • Flep- I sure hope you’re correct!

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    • Tonawanda says:

      I really hate to say this, and it is just a random thought, but: with the emoticons used I wonder if this is just code language between boyfriend and girlfriend.

      I was a skeptic that these two were lovers, but I saw an unmistakable flirt from Strzok to Page in one message (about being “partial” to girls like Page who read certain magazine articles).

      “Onconus lures” POSSIBLY could be a double entendre, with a wink followed by a smile and the suggestion of a “pretext” for a personal call.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I give you credit spinning it that way but there is no way you can spin it and the timing of the release from the IG and Prosecutor Huber.

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      • rvsueandcrew says:

        If that’s what it is, it’s pretty lame flirting.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        Yeah … and rumored talk of wanting to kill the president was advanced foreplay?

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      • Smack says:

        Nah…the “affair” was just a convenient excuse for them to have used non-traditional means of communication if the question ever arose. Also, Page is a nobody, wallflower attorney…probably buried in books and chained to a desk her whole life. Somewhat homely too. All it took was a little attention from Strzok and some acknowledgment of her legal skills to convert her into a willing and usable asset. He honey-potted her.

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        • Patriot1783 says:

          Yes. And likely reason why she was so forceful with her last text to him (after she was clued in) stating never to communicate with her again.


        • The Phantom Stranger says:

          Bingo, we have a winner. Strzok handled Page like a spy seducing an asset he needed something from. Has either Page or Strzok divorced their spouses since this scandal broke? The answer is no.

          Page was a vulnerable woman likely taken advantage of for her position at the FBI. The CIA profiles people and assesses their vulnerabilities. It’s how they often crack important people in foreign governments.


    • formerdem says:

      Good Lord, Flep, I’m going to have to start saying rosaries for them! No, I just want them to Repent, Apologize, Explain Everything, Go To Jail Nicely, and Teach Literacy Classes while There, grateful the while for not being Shot. That’s all.

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    • Larry Worrell says:

      I hope you’re right with the great metaphors. Love it.

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    • This baiting of “vulnerable marks” is the FBI’s go-to strategy for catching homegrown terrorists. They find the mark on social media, pump them with Islamist hate speech, try to sell them some bomb material, help them choose a spot, then bust them and look like heroes. In truth the FBI co-Intel are entrapment artists. Using Halper to approach Papa et. al., plant some “evidence” in their fertile and feeble brains, then surveil/follow the evidence to implicate everyone it touches… Hey, isn’t that what they were doing in Fast & Furious too, except with guns?

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  4. Johnnydub says:

    Manafort, probably, and he’ll take the scummy Podestas with him.

    Flynn, in the other hand, will be exonerated and a falsification of evidence charge added to McCabe’s charge list.

    Now toddle on troll.


  5. Suzanne says:

    I smell a white wash with nary a criminal charge in sight. And I still want to see the copy of the warrant that was submitted to the FISA Court

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    • NoJuan Importante says:

      That’s the feel I have. Up to now I have been thinking there might be some serious investigations going on internally, but now I’m thinking its the FBI and Justice version of the “thin blue line.” Very unlikely to prosecute their own. Sorry to say. You’ll have to drag it out of them. I would have to say a special prosecutor probably was the best idea but that has gotten no traction because everyone figures Rod and Jeff and Huber are all over it. Don’t hold your breath. If there is any retribution it will be at the ballot box.


      • Apollo says:

        Special prosecutor was the best shot, other than a better AG at least.

        (Note: Trump cannot fire Sessions because the Senate will not confirm a replacement, and stays in session to prevent recess appointments.)


  6. Linus in W.PA. says:

    So, perhaps some new info shows that Comey was ‘insubordinate’ in his moving ahead with some of his public statements, or his ‘reopening’ of the case due to Weenie’s laptop.

    That is such a super small piece of the whole puzzle that I don’t think we need to let this get us down.

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    • jello333 says:

      The most important thing to consider is WHO could he have been “insubordinate” to? Pretty much the only people he answered to were Lynch and Obama, right? So assuming Comey DENIES he was insubordinate, well… guess who that points to…

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      • Dutchman says:

        Suggest theirs value in looking at who ISNT ‘leaking’, about IG report.
        Abc states unauthorised (leakers) for their storh only saw PART of the report.

        So, these are ‘Principles’, who were,allowsd to see the part that pertained to THEM.

        Comey is talking to the media, trying to soften ground/ spin.

        Aint hearing much about Lynch, which is been the case all along.

        This is an IQ test, for these crooks. The DUMB ones protesteth to loudly, Comey, Brennan, Clapper.

        The smarter ones KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT, like Lynch, Obummer,

        But eithrr way, those who can make a deal, do. And the only deal is to point fingers, up the chain.

        Already got McCabe, wanting to talk to Monti. His lawyers publicised his attempt with Grassley, you can BET they are ‘selling his story’ to prosecutors as well.

        They are all worrying about the same things; WHO is fingering ME, and WHO do I finger?

        To not finger, and ‘take the fall’ is actually the ,….HONORABLE thing to do, ironically. Its taking responsibility for your own actions.

        Take a look at our ‘lineup’; see any honorable individuals?

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      • lizzyp says:

        What I read earlier was that the insubordination and defiance had to do with the October announcement, because Lynch and DOJ were telling him not to say anything because of the ‘long standing policy of not doing anything that might influence an election’ and it violated their policy of not discussing an ongoing investigation. Since we know the report is hundreds of pages long, and has taken 18 months or so I suspect this is just one tiny little cherry picked bit that the Left is using for spin.


    • lizzyp says:

      This is where I’m leaning as well. I think this leaked tidbit was from the Left, trying to implant the notion that if Comey gets in trouble for whatever the report says, what it really comes down to is that he was insubordinate with respect to the October announcement and that HE IS THE REASON HILLARY LOST!!!!! The left will focus on that, he’s back to being universally despised and the rest will be ignored by them.


  7. redthunder238 says:

    I totally agree. I don’t think the country is dumb enough to fall for it. I think they only lose votes from here on out. The “Never Trump” bs didn’t work.

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  8. Jackson says:

    Your other story names the source for this quote as Raja Krishnamoorthi, D-Ill. He was (per that story) one of only three members to attend the Priestap hearing.

    His quote: “Priestap “completely” backed up everything that Comey said” is so predictable that it sounds like Adam Schiff might have written it for him before the hearing. But there *is* a lot wrong with these two stories:


    The Dems are successful at shaping the narrative. And the contrast between the black and white teams is getting ever more extreme.

    Team Black Hat is breaking into peoples cloud storage, forcing them to turn over their cell phones, and going through messages they may have thought were encrypted. Team Black Hat, in general, has indicted a bunch of people, and has five or six guilty pleas (to process crimes, but still guilty pleas).

    Team white hat is *still waiting* for a *report*. LOL. It’s incredible, and shows you just how stacked the deck is in favor of the Deep State Operatives.

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    • RattleheD says:

      “Team white hat is *still waiting* for a *report*. LOL. It’s incredible, and shows you just how stacked the deck is in favor of the Deep State Operatives.”

      And people still defend Sessions. Completely insane.

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      • bookman says:

        How many times do posters have to be reminded that Sessions HAD to recuse on anything associated with the Trump campaign? And as we have learned, the counterintellegence investigation was targeted at the Trump Campaign.

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      • WSB says:

        Huh? A D alphabet House rep you are blaming on Sessions?


    • Jederman says:

      Team Black Hat has the high ground and the momentum. Team White Hat has a bunch of great information but – so what.


    • GloriaA says:

      This corruption scandal is convoluted with twists, elusive professors, FISA warrants, various intel agency’s, multiple agencies and daily bombshells in the news causing confusion for many people. The longer the FBI/DOJ stonewalls, Congress conducts hearings and the IG report gets postponed Americans begin to loose our patience it’s difficult to stay outraged for 13 months. To what end? At some point the momentum will be lost and the black hats win. After 13 months of disappointment waiting for justice and the IG report have to admit this battle may be lost.


      • GloriaA says:

        The catalyst to bring these criminals to justice is the OIG report but after so many delays we have an accountability problem. Non of our bureaucracies seem to be functioning effectively…….to our detriment.


      • The Phantom Stranger says:

        I suspect the IG report has been carefully structured to ensure the least possible collateral damage outside the few people the Deep State are willing to throw under the bus.

        Comey has few friends left in DC besides people like Brennan and Clapper. He’s likely to be thrown completely under the bus but the DOJ will pussyfoot around prosecuting him for anything beyond the leaking. It will be a quick plea deal that admits guilt but shuts off any further investigations into Comey.


  9. Donzo says:

    We are about to charge up the hill and people here of all places are starting to go all wobbly.

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  10. MVW says:

    Strzok will be thrown under the bus. Underlings get the blame, the top tier in the 2 tier DOJ justice skates.


  11. f.fernandez says:

    Doesn’t explain all the State Dept unmasking. Weak effort by the swamp

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  12. Bassplayer says:

    This is actually a smart thing when you consider this is an investigation into only the FBIhandling of the Clinton email case. This is not spygate, unmasking or any of the other scandals that directly connect with those higher than Comey. Up up up the ladder we go, one fish at a time.

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    • Koot Katmando says:

      Yep it always the next thing.


    • glissmeister says:

      Insubordination can mean many things. I was stunned at how the Clintonistas were treated by Comey, how they slathered immunity all over them, how they allowed them to retain or not surrender evidence, destroy evidence, do things that NOBODY else would be allowed to do. It was as if the key job of the Comey investigation into Clinton was to so thoroughly damage or taint evidence and grant immunities in a way that would “permanently throw the case” irredeemably to prevent what was gathered from being used in future prosecutions. I think the Clinton-FBI-DOJ story is the apparent conspiracy to facilitate the ruination of evidence, promiscuously immunize apparent lawbreaking.

      These are examples are depravities of trustee duty. I pray the IG pulls no punches in detailing the willful process sabotage conducted as brazen cult-lawlessness by this failed generation of pharmacologically stewed federal trustees in the grips of prescribed drug-induced conflict avoidance for “the(ir) greater good.” These people are sick.

      Opioids are not the most dangerous drug problem in America. It’s the prescribed drug induced problem — pernicious side effect of conflict avoidance in persons of high station carrying significant trustee duty. When failure to avoid conflict becomes the crime, trustee duty evaporates and due process becomes something unjust and criminal.

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  13. Mercenary says:

    They were spying on everyone. Remember Sharyll Atkisson. The question is who was it, and how big was the group? Sharyl has talked about this before as well – that their main concern is all of their spying being exposed.

    I wonder just how many reporters they spied on, and when it began.

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  14. Paul says:

    Exactly…through all this I now take a deep breath and wait a day or two


  15. truthbomb says:

    The new spin is actually worse. It pins it on Comey, but pins what on him? Treason? Illegal spying? No, just your common everyday “insubordination”. Nothing to see here.

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  16. Knight56 says:

    I find it offensive that we have to have all these leaks to allow the MSM to form “our” opinions rather than just releasing the report and let us form opinions based on what we read. I’m sick of MSM and the leaks and the entire joke we call DC. Trump should put his foot down and tell them he wants to see the original IG report, on his desk, at 7:00 am tomorrow. End of story.

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  17. Justbill says:

    So yesterday it was announced the IG report was delayed until next week. Now today it’s rumored to be delayed again from next week. At this rate, why don’t they just save everyone a lot of time and money and just delay the damn thing until he’ll freezes over.

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  18. 4sure says:

    “In the draft report, Inspector General Michael Horowitz also rebuked former Attorney General Loretta Lynch for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s personal email server, the sources said. (more)”

    Eighteen months and 500 pages and all we have is Loretta was rebuked and Comey was subordinate. I cannot find any federal criminal law violation covering either “rebuked” or “insubordinate” that would be submitted to the US Attorney Huber..

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    • Shadrach says:

      No, that’s all you learned from a leak.

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    • Bill Dunn says:

      What about the thousands of sealed indictments?
      There is not much being said about them anymore, just wondering.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Many on reddit believe this is proof of some impending epic takedown.

        Others point to subscript on the court stats which show that the 29,000 includes other items like search warrants, other gov’t proceedings, etc.

        Stats appear evenly distributed around the US, many in Southern California.


    • lisabrqwc says:

      “Sources say…” I’m not buying it. Nope. ABC is one of the mouthpieces for the Derp State.

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  19. Sound An Alarm says:

    Looks to me like the democrats/DOJ/FBI are winning
    1. We still haven’t seen the unredacted FISSA Warrant that we believe used the Clinton/DNC dossier to start the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. This, if revealed, would prove the whole investigation was built on a lie.
    2. The DOJ/IG draft has only been given to a few top DOJ/FBI people and still leaks are given to the FAKE NEWS media (ABC) today. Gives them 2 weeks to leak and set the narrative of the report coming.
    3. Very important texts from Page and Strzok & others are not being released or being slow walked or so redacted things needed to be seen are hidden in the name of national security.
    4. The needed 2nd Special Counsel is not being appointed that is needed to find this stuff out.
    5. Mueller is wide open, unchallenged and unhinged and sooner or later can stumble on something to make something big out of to use against POTUS.
    6. Looks to me that POTUS must do something radical to change the playing field and take the offensive. Examples::
    1. Tell Rosenstein to give the unredacted FISSA Warrant to The House Intel. Committee. Give him a few days and if he doesn’t fire him and then appoint the next assistant and tell him to do it. If he doesn’t then repeat.
    2. Tell Sessions to appoint a 2nd Special Counsel. Give him a week. If he doesn’t then suspend him and give his acting AJ the same order. If he doesn’t then repeat.

    OK. Will the democrats hollar? They’re gonna hollar no matter what you do. At least this way you have the truth of it all in your hands finally. That is the battle.

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    • marko says:

      excellent idea and one ive posted as well..either they do it or POTUS shit cans them for insubordination.


    • Maquis says:

      Special Counsels are DOJ versions of Congressional Commissions. Where malfeasance goes to fade away. We need proper DOJ investigations and prosecutions.

      Military Tribunals are my most preferred option for prosecutions. At Gitmo. We may need Military Intelligence to press on with necessary investigations as well.

      I understand why the Special Counsel was enacted, but like Peter the Great, we haven’t found an honest non-corruptible servant to fill such a role. They’ve always disappointed, grasping, at best, vague made up crimes for peripheral actors.

      The lack of accountability, of transparency, of a sense of urgency, combined with too much power in a single individual, and the vulnerability that creates for malevolent actors to influence their fidelity to the Law and the Republic, make SCs a dicey proposition.

      They are anything but a panacea. It’s akin to playing Heads or Tails, with an armed Nuke.

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  20. Brant says:

    Another possible reason why only three. Is there a rule that in any meeting/testimony, the minority party can’t outnumber the majority party? And there has to be at least one of each party? And republicans wouldn’t want there to be a tie of any vote? So, all the other republican members have a “doctor’s” excuse why they can’t be at the meeting. They send 2 and dems can only send 1?

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  21. Timolin says:

    Their story has been changing all the time, and will keep doing so. All that has come out over the last two weeks is leak and hearsay. The delay has been successful, and now it seems certain this will extend to the midterm elections. SUNDANCE has done a fine job and will not relent. We must maintain resolve. The momentum has shifted our way and a sudden breakthrough can still happen. Fight. Communicate. Think.

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  22. Concerned says:

    Are we watching Treason in slow motion. And, the CPC, (i.e., Counterproliferation Center) is the next target.

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  23. SR says:

    There will be leak everyday for next 2 weeks . The fake msm and people listen leaks more than full report. These leaks would keep interest builds up in report.

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  24. Chilidog says:

    Wow. Comey was “insubordinate.” Sounds really scathing. Don’t worry guys, the next report will be the one that takes them all down.

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  25. CopperTop says:

    If McCabe gets immunity so that he tells all in a public forum what in tarnation would DJT be thinking? It would be every opportunity for a democrat asking why McCabe didn’t think he should win the election as ‘so stated in your text’. Every second question of the entire testimony. And that’s ALL the media will cover. LUDICROUS.


  26. Chilidog says:

    Wasn’t the whole point of this investigation to determine the FBI’s role in Hillary losing the election? It seems likely that any wrong doing uncovered will be presented through the prism of it’s negative impact on the Clinton campaign.

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  27. Let's Pop Smoke says:

    My gosh…one little leak from a Dem to the MSM and people here are ready to jump off a bridge. Man up! This is a fight to the end and we don’t throw our weapons down and run because of something so insignificant as this!

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  28. WeThePeople2016 says:


  29. NoJuan Importante says:

    Unfortunately, the Patriot Act just opened too many doors to spying; that’s a really sad thing to say. Criminal prosecutions are going to be hard to come by. This issue has some legs at the ballot box, that’s about it; in fact prosecuting people may hurt at the ballot box. and that’s assuming you can get the message out. Declassify is the only way.

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  30. singular says:

    Sundance, usually love how you express yourself. Agree with “swamp”, but do we have to use the Marxist “proletariat”?


  31. fractionalexponent says:

    That picture of Comey holding, comforting, hugging McCabe in their jail cell. Wonderful! precious! Tee-hee-hee! I’m gonna print it, frame it and hang it over my workbench

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Non=combative. says:

    So Slimy Andy McCabe wants immunity to rat out Creepy Jimmy Comey who will want immunity to rat out Loathsome Lori Lynch who surely will want the same deal to rat out Mullah hugger Barry Obama..

    No where to go from there.

    Liked by 2 people

    • nimrodman says:

      Negotiate not for total immunity but for reduced sentencing.

      You don’t get off scot-free, we’ll reduce your sentence IF you have the goods and give them up AND IF it all proves out.

      Otherwise, we’ll convict you on what we’ve got.

      Liked by 1 person

      • singular says:

        No deals withinsurrectionists. For heaven’s sake, they tried to overthrow the lawfully elected U.S. president.

        Liked by 2 people

        • nimrodman says:

          “No deals with insurrectionists”

          Well, holding a noble absolutist view like that may be cause for some degree of self-admiration …
          … but I’d contend it depends on what cards you hold.

          The “deal” would be in order to nail a priority “higher-up” (Lynch, Holder, Obama).

          If you already have the cards to nail the higher-up, fine.
          You don’t need to offer any deal.

          But if you don’t … then there may be merit in offering the small fry some degree of leniency.

          IF that allows you to get the higher-up.

          This presumes you have the cards on the small fry. If you do, you can fry them if they don’t cooperate. Then it’s up to them. Assist in nailing the higher-up or go down with the ship and take the fifth.

          So, absolutes are fine.
          Depends what you’re after.

          Liked by 1 person

    • WSB says:

      Good assessment of the trail. Let’s add one Sally Yates and reduce to plea deals. Life vs. Death penalty.


      Liked by 1 person

  33. Dutchman says:

    We’re watching a football game, from the stands. Because its the Superbowl decision was made to NOT cancel the game, on account of weather. This, despite several days of solid rain, and game day being pea soup fog.

    Having spent thousands on plane tickets, motels, etc. we fans are detirmined to attend the game.

    We can’t see sh*t; every once in awhile, momentary clearing of fog, we glimpse a play. Was that a touchdown,….or a touchback?

    Oh! Completed pass, but players so covered in mud, not sure if it was ‘our’ side, or the other.

    And so we grumble, and criticise: the ref, the quarterback, coach and players.

    We ARE entitled to our opinions, all of us, but thats ALL they are. NONE of us REALLY ‘knows’ whats going on.

    We are somewhere in the first quarter, not sure what the score is, or who’s got the ball.But, many of us are SURE we know whats going on, some are SURE we are winning, others SURE we are losing.

    Liked by 3 people

  34. Heika says:

    Unfortunately – the Inspector General’s report on Hillary and Comey is complete, but it is now with – DOJ/FBI officials. The ones who committed felonies, for review and, “redactions.” Just let that sink in. That is the degree of contempt they have for the public seeking ‘ transparency’ and ‘justice’.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Perot Conservative says:

      This is just the first entre. Consider it a banquet. Multiple unfolding investigations.

      We just don’t know if its Golden Corral or a Las Vegas smorgasbord.

      Here are the Investigations I have, shorthand.

      I. Horowitz / Huber
      1. McCabe Firing (Short) – FINAL
      2. Clinton FBI / DOJ Process – DRAFT
      *3. State Department
      4. FISA Abuse
      5. Clinton Deleted Emails – reopened
      6. Uranium One / HRC Process – should we have dug deeper?
      7. Presidential Election – SpyGate
      *8. Mueller Special Council

      II. Arkansas, Cody Hiland PAttorney
      9. Clinton Foundation – Grand Jury Impaneled

      (Pay to Play, taxes, personal gain? focus while HRC SOS. $140M.)

      III. Limbo – Plea Deal Reached?
      Awan brothers / DWS laptop / DNC

      Liked by 3 people

    • bookman says:

      They can’t change it. They just get a preview of the materials that pertain to them.

      Liked by 2 people

    • WSB says:

      I hope every single one of those amendments is considered Obstruction of Justice.

      Will be nice to see the original draft that PT has already seen

      Liked by 1 person

  35. Fools Gold says:

    I’ll wait on the IG reports, read them myself, and formulate my own opinions (and those in the tree) while having some cold brew and watching all the actors on TV playing their roles and versions while our MAGA president does things previously thought impossible.

    Thanks anyway Sundance.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. william elbel says:

    I usually only lurk on CTH and don’t comment much but having CTH repeat the nonsense about IG report today saying Comey was “insubordinate” which is meaningless and can be only be part of laying the groundwork for Obama did not tell Comey what to do.

    Is it too forward to ask for a delete f this particular CTH posting and rephrase it?


    • WSB says:

      william, what part of “the press is formulating a narrative” did you not read up top?

      “In a summary of Bill Priestap’s testimony, “”””””via The Hill”””””””, the narrative begins by focusing on James Comey: “Priestap “completely” backed up everything that Comey said, according to a source familiar with his testimony.” The narrative construct gains clarity with a “””””””report from ABC””””””” highlight James Comey as “insubordinate”.

      Liked by 1 person

  37. Kent says:

    If Comey were ‘insubordinate’…which he wasn’t…it was only as a cover to cover for those higher up the chain of command than himself who were in turn covering for those higher up in the chain of command than themselves…
    This leads to the top and those most trusted by those on top of the chain of command.
    They had convinced themselves of their invincibility….

    And their chickens will come home to roost………..

    Brennan is at the core of this…brennan is the key

    Liked by 1 person

  38. jmclever says:

    Seems to me that the Strzok-Page texts paint Comey as involved with the insurance plan. Plus it was Comey’s memo shenanigans that got the SC appointed which is insurance policy continuance

    Liked by 1 person

  39. jmclever says:

    What about Rice’s email to herself about the meeting ensuring that everything was by the book? IIRC Obama, Rice and Comey were at that meeting.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. How can one be “insubordinate” when one is merely carrying out THE PLAN hatched by Obama and Hillary?

    Liked by 1 person

  41. nimrodman says:

    “Insubordinate”, great.

    Now the media is on 24/7 spin cycle on what is the meaning of “subordinate”.
    At least it replaces the 24/7 spin cycle on what is the meaning of “spy”.

    I’ve learned to be thankful for small graces.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. LibertyONE says:

    Commiey “insubordinate” to authority, procedures, policies. NO way, he WAS part of the cabal and was subordinate to it as were ALL the other corrupt evil doers. After the IG report is redacted, sliced & diced by the involved usual suspects it won’t be, very sadly, worth the paper it’s written on. Don’t hold your breath that justice is coming!


  43. Hampshire says:

    (Warning ) A Pessimistic and Speculative View

    The Spygate/Hillary/ Deep State coup defense has likely already been written to its conclusion and is simply being played out by the chosen actors exactly as it was scripted to play out long ago. Self aggrandizing Comey continues to look confident in the knowledge that he will never be charged or implicated for any indictable offense and is having loads of fun in Canada selling his crappy book and informing the nation’s media that “the world is less secure since Donald Trump won the U.S. election and that G7 leaders cannot trust anything the President says” just days before the G7 Summit meeting in Quebec begins.

    Meanwhile the latest farcical leak about “insubordination” is also released as written long ago. Insubordination is a firing offense and Comey has already been fired so nothing to see here anymore. Those above Comey like Loretta Lynch are now “innocent” and are in fact poor victims of a rogue insubordinate employee who acted alone. His subordinate McCabe was also “insubordinate” to his poor victim boss Comey who had no idea what “Andy’ and his crew were up to.

    McCabe will be granted immunity and then have no evidence or testimony that can be used to indict Comey or any of his own “insubordinate” team members like Strzok who also acted alone of course in many of his actions. The “Greatest Scandal in U.S. history” will end in a wimper but plenty of condemnatory “insubordination” letters will be placed in several present and former employees’ files.
    Meanwhile Mueller has asked again for the phones of past and present witnesses in his “probe” in the hope that previously hidden conversations with evil colluding Russians can be found on WhatsApp, Confide, Signal and Dust. Madness.

    Liked by 2 people

    • nimrodman says:

      “Those above Comey like Loretta Lynch are now “innocent” and are in fact poor victims of a rogue insubordinate …”

      Comey is the “lone gunman”
      (… to crib from a prior well-known event)


  44. Piggy says:

    Comey has always been the intended fall guy. Hills and her orcs blame him for her loss. She blamed Matt Lauer and we know how that turned out. It appears Brennan started this and would’ve left an out for himself which would be Comey.

    All should go to jail.

    Liked by 2 people

  45. Red Shannon says:

    Here’s the bad news:
    The American public will be so inundated with the sheer volume of corruption that, when all is said, the severity of each charge will become diluted in the collective consciousness. There is the danger that grand juries and prosecutors will be reluctant to mete out the full extent of the law simply because, as a nation, we have never been this deep in the pig pen before and the cleanup job will seem insurmountable. And there will always be pressure from the leftists, who have no qualms about accepting immorality and high crimes.
    Here’s the good news:
    God gave Barack Obama a chance to turn our troubled nation around, setting him up with a Senate, a House, a fawning media, unprecedented support from the entertainment industry and a nationwide desperation to do something—anything!—to set America right again. He squandered it all and , in fact, sent us deeper into the cesspool.
    Then, the desperado Trump was given a shot. Admittedly, it took some miraculous divinity to overcome 17 primary contenders and eventually, the Clinton Machine, but watching how every liberal attack somehow turns into a Trump victory, does anyone really doubt that God, who hears our desperate prayers, is involved. And if he is involved, you can count on the virtue of justice being done. So tread lightly, and exercise another virtue: patience.


  46. Kevin Jullion says:

    What is the estimate count of CTH regulars and lurkers? Can we start a Twitter hashtag blast to #ReleaseTheIGReport? #ReleaseTheDamnReport


  47. I view the “insubordinate” nonsense as analogous to the “bias” found in the Strzok/Page texts. It’s praising with faint damn, pablum fed to the marginally engaged (which is most people) to make them think they have heard the worst of it, so now they can go back to sleep while the media spikes every other piece of bad news contained in the entire 600 pages. “No need to read it, we have already read it for you and we can tell you that the worst thing in it is that Comey disobeyed his superiors. Bad Comey, no biscuit for him.”

    None of that matters if Huber is on the up-and-up. The Democrats are welcome to their media fantasies so long as there are actual court proceedings dealing with the things that the media doesn’t want to mention. If the worst fears of the Sessions/Huber doubters are realized, then the Bad Guys won. I don’t think we’re there yet.


  48. John says:

    They have no guilt because they r the elite and justify their actions


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