Details Behind Upcoming IG Report – The FBI and DOJ Handling of Clinton Investigation – Six Part Video Report…

The 17-month Inspector General review of the DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email is soon to be made public, perhaps as early as tomorrow. This IG inquiry is specifically looking into whether the FBI investigation was corrupted by political influence in their determination of the Clinton outcome. The preliminary investigative outcomes speak for themselves.

This series of video reports provides background on the potential crimes, the subsequent coverup, and the corruption that infested the 2016 Department of Justice and the FBI.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


The video below is the final installment of six segments. This report covers the Clinton and Abedin email that were discovered after the investigation was closed in July 2016. {Go Deep} The emails along with the fact that they were on Anthony Weiner’s laptop was kept secret and not investigated for four weeks (Sept 28th, through Oct 27th) by top officials at the FBI. Who stalled the investigation and why? And what was in those emails. That’s the focus of this segment.

Part VI


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359 Responses to Details Behind Upcoming IG Report – The FBI and DOJ Handling of Clinton Investigation – Six Part Video Report…

  1. spren says:

    The powers that be are just seeking to find a way to broom all of this stuff. It’s so freaking sickening. How can any of this that has come to pass be glossed over?

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    • Jan says:

      Because the MSM can’t handle the truth. They are so totally invested in OVomit & Hillary, they cannot tell the truth because it means they are wrong, morally bankrupt & as corrupt as any Senator, Representative or lobbyist. When you get in bed with snakes…

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      • Anon says:

        You are confused. It’s not that they are wrong, it’s that they are peddling a bill of goods. They are in on the scam.

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        • Matt Musson says:

          Absolutely. Everyone knows what happened. But, half the country refuses to admit it.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          What is interesting to me in all of the weeks and past months talking about the questions surrounding the corruption of the Hillary investigation and the cover up by the FBI is the fact there is still another active investigation of the Clinton Foundation itself still going on! Isn’t it funny how no one is talking about that anymore? How about the LasVegas Massacre? Could it be that is the intent of the ones doing the real investigation? I like to at least hang onto a shred of silver lining that when things do finally reach a climax, that maybe the expected outcome is going to shock and totally leave us with what we weren’t expecting at all? Just a thought that just simultaneously occurred to me while reading some of the comments here! Funny how reading others thoughts can do that!

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    • cali says:

      @spren: Two of the diversion agents were removed and impeded the investigation into the Weiner/Abedin content of the laptop that then was hidden away for nearly 4 weeks by Andrew McCabe.
      These two slow walkers were none other than Preet Bharara and Schneiderman in collusion with Lynch and Hussein.

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    • paulraven1 says:

      It can be glossed over and it will be. The only person who can stop that from happening is Trump.

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    • yy4u says:

      They think they are protecting us. Some in the Deep State think we are deplorables. Most of the GOP doesn’t agree, but they do think we are too ignorant to know what’s good for us. We have the right to vote and they’re okay with that unless we do something stupid like reject Jeb! or Marco and elect a businessman who doesn’t know how the game is supposed to be played. They don’t trust us. They believe we can’t handle “knowing” that our FBI and DOJ, CIA and IRS are totally corrupt. So they are telling themselves that they need to invest in keeping the worst from us while THEY the knowledgeable “fix” the broken system from inside. We wont let it happen again they tell themselves. But we just can’t let the riff raff think they can’t trust us.

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    • Who do these people think they are, anyway?

      In the crosshairs or by the short hairs–pick your metaphor–Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, et. al. must realize they are in profound legal jeopardy and should have lawyered up by now. But one has to wonder what sort of legal advice must they be getting?

      At a time when they should be clamming up, they are out there nearly every day talking trash about President Trump, the guy they obviously hate and evidently worked so hard to frame. While closeted in the Obama Administration, they failed to achieve their initial objective with Operation “Crossfire Hurricane,” i.e. to 86 the Trump campaign. Now that the false narrative of the post-election “insurance policy” has blown up in their faces, they’re all doubling down and celebrating with one big, peculiarly exuberant coming-out party. It’s weird, and counterintuitive.

      These are all men who were entrusted to keep the nation’s secrets, but they appear to have spent much, if not most, of their time on the public’s dime digging through everyone else’s dirty laundry while concealing their own, ahem, funky underpants. In another time and place, we might even have said that all this unrestrained, pre-indictment gab and blab was kind of queer. I, for one, am at pains to draw any other analogy that could account for their behavior.

      Brennan, in particular, reminds me of Cloris Leachman’s Frau Blucher character in “Young Frankenstein” who dramatically admits of the late doctor Frankenstein: “Yes! He was … my boyfriend!”

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  2. Hillyard says:

    Unless I missed it, the biggest piece of the entire email scam is Obama was no doubt also exchanging emails with Cankels and some had to be on the unsecured server and on Weiner’s laptop. Funny how such a detailed investigation, by the I’m not a weasel Comey, of the email situation seemed to miss that fact. Is it possible Barry didn’t have intent either or is Susan Rice going to come out and say an internet video said they too could disregard the law related to the handling of classified information.

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  3. DanO64 says:

    The stink is rising over Washington D.C. this morning. Let’s get this show on the road. Release the frick’n Kraken.

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  4. scott467 says:

    “The 17-month Inspector General review of the DOJ/FBI investigation of the Hillary Clinton email is soon to be made public, perhaps as early as tomorrow.”


    Or they are baiting the shadow gov”t / deep state to trigger another false flag event, then wait a day or two for the narrative to subside, and then drop the IG report.

    School is finally out for a lot of kids, so a school shooting will be harder to pull off, far fewer potential targets.

    I would anticipate something like a plane crash, that’s one of their favorites. When the number of false flag events perpetrated by the shadow gov’t becomes known, there won’t be anybody calling for leniency for these animals.

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    • Scott- my greatest hope is that this report actually causes a response, that it is just not another colossal waste of taxpayers money. Why isn’t McCabe in jail yet? I bet he’s already started collecting his miserable pension.

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    • CrawfishFestival says:

      Top Generals have stated EXTORTION 17 was worse than what occurred in Benghazi, and worthy of Executions.

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    • singular says:

      Scott, I think you are right about all of it and about a false flag, and it may be a very shocking one. They know they need to completely change the narrative and focus.

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      • Hangtown Bob says:

        How about Cankles turning up dead from her long-noticed “mysterious illness”? That would put quite a impediment into any future indictments re: Clinton Global initiative, Benghazi, U1, unsecured server, etc, etc.

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        • scott467 says:

          “How about Cankles turning up dead from her long-noticed “mysterious illness”?”


          The first problem with that scenario is the same problem they had in the old West, you need to prove that it’s actually her / it.

          And considering the infinite lack of credibility of our government (the EXACT SAME government that protected her all these years), and the lengths they are clearly willing to go to obstruct justice and deceive the American People, what could the government possibly do to prove it was really Cankles who was dead?

          Does anybody think they don’t have (or couldn’t find) a body double?

          Does anybody think Bubba and Web Hubbell’s daughter couldn’t fake a funeral? WJC can turn on the ‘Ron Brown tears’ faster than a Hollyweird starlet.

          Major problem proving she’s actually dead.

          Then they’ll pull a Scalia. No autopsy and cremate asap, to further enhance the government’s and law enforcement’s credibility (as they did with Scalia).

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        • scott467 says:

          ” That would put quite a impediment into any future indictments re: Clinton Global initiative, Benghazi, U1, unsecured server, etc, etc.”


          It wouldn’t be any impediment at all.

          Exposing the largest crime syndicate and treason in the history of America (and almost certainly in the history of the world) doesn’t end when devil-woman takes a dirt nap.

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  5. Tim Godfrey says:

    I have a question that maybe someone here can answer regarding the “30,000 missing emails”. If it’s true, as we were told, that the NSA captures every text, phone call and email of American citizens, why can’t the 30,000 emails be retrieved from the data base in Utah (or wherever they are stored)? Maybe there’s an obvious answer that escapes me. Thanks in advance.

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    • PS says:

      Because they don’t want to publicly admit that our 4th amendment was ripped to shreds by the Obama administration; that there is no electronic privacy, the government monitors everything on everyone, and can and will pull it back for political purposes.

      I don’t think the public is ready for that.

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      • Perot Conservative says:

        And they discovered the backup system for Platt or whomever didn’t delete their backups for Hillary. And Huma’s laptop?

        Besides, will we simply see justice for the illegal server, illegal document destruction, all prima facia illegal?

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      • Ted Nougat says:

        I started to post this earlier, but got side-tracked by cooking dinner for my wife. We think alike – Maybe they’re trying decide how to manage the fallout when it is revealed to the American people that they are spying on all of us, all the time, and that this has happened to Trump, and to us, with full participation and knowledge from leaders of all the Tech/Internet and Communications companies. You know, those people to whom we all pay for service each month.

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        • singular says:

          Ted, my friends, especially the tech savvy ones, have been aware of it for a long time, but honestly, I don’t think they realize the implications. They just say they have nothing to hide.

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    • icehole3 says:

      According to Q if anyone wants to believe it, Trump has everything.

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    • Tim- that’s exactly what I’ve been wondering for ages!

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      • Tim Godfrey says:

        Seneca- Apparently none of the investigators are aware of Occam’s Razor (either that or we’re just too simple minded) OR possibly PS is on to something. I would however love to see Icehole3 (Q) being spot on.

        The answer to your question Perot is blowing in the wind. (For now)


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      I would think a legitimate predicate of National Security would be required to pull those.
      Remember the OIG is reviewing the FBI’s HANDLING of the Clinton email investigation NOT redoing the email investigation itself.

      What if the OIG found documented evidence that FBI PEOPLE covered up evidence they found in their investigation?
      What evidence? That HRC, Huma, Cheryl, etc KNOWINGLY trafficked in highly classified info and PURPOSEFULLY deleted that evidence.

      In other words, the FBI covered up Hillary’s cover up
      In that case the intelligence community would have a National Security reason to pull those emails and find out what Hillary compromised.

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      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        In other other words…….
        Comey lied when he said they found no evidence that Hillary “intended” to email classified info and in fact they had found that very evidence.

        Since she bleachbit and/or destroyed those as “personal emails” (to obstruct justice) the intelligence community would ABSOLUTELY NEED to pull those emails

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  6. Sedanka says:

    Hillary looks like a balloon in that video.

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  7. Fake Ruby says:

    The postponement is definitely a bad sign. Gowdy’s suspicious public statements are a sign as well. “A sign of what?”, you may be thinking – a sign that the Deep State has got this thing back under control.

    Gowdy’s announcement that he is leaving politics should have been an early tip-off, because if The Big Ugly was really going to happen, then hard-ass types like Gowdy always tries to portray himself would obviously be needed on our side.

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    • beach lover says:

      I think you might be on to something here. It was amazing watching these videos again and seeing the difference in Gowdy’s questioning in the past. If there is red meat in the IG report, I think he would be on it.. his reputation as a pit bull would be too strong. Something turned him. Why he is coming out publicly and in such a contrast is baffling. He has looked disgusted at the process lately but that doesn’t explain his latest behavior.

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      • JAS says:

        Gowdy lost me at Benghazi….

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      • beach- as I watched Gowdy in the videos, I thought the same thing. Then again, that’s very typical of a good lawyer- they can argue either side of an argument to great effect.

        And most lawyers WILL argue for either side, good or bad, because that’s what they’re paid to do.

        The best criminal defense lawyers that I have worked for started out as prosecutors.

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        • Jedi9 says:

          There was something more in his behaviour that certainly changed my perception of him, and the fact he stated by admitting he was a bad politician on live television was very strange to hear! Something has definitely changed in his persona and he knows something, enough that he has to lie. I saw it in his eyes! DC robbed his soul and he knows it.

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          • Donna in Oregon says:

            I remember how Sundance described what happened to Page, Strzok, etc. They are sat down, told to get a lawyer and given a letter that tells them how screwed they are.

            Obama attacked Chief Justice Roberts at his State of the Union speech. It was reported at the time that no President had gone after a Chief Justice at an SOU before.

            After that it seems that the USSC was compromised somehow. I can’t put my finger on it but USSC/Robert’s decisions on immigration and Obamacare were handled in an odd manner. Like Robert’s was searching desperately to support the Obama agenda.


    • Rusty says:

      Yep anyone thinking this will be damning to the FBI is delusional

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    • GweninKC says:

      I could be totally wrong and maybe I’m choosing to see sunshine instead of shadows based on wishful thinking, but I think you’re wrong about Gowdy. I think he was truly enraged and offended at being held at bay and unable to do anything about the Benghazi mess and I think he can’t wait to see justice done. I hope that’s the case, anyway. I’d love to see him actually in a position to prosecute these criminals!


      • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

        I understand where you are coming from. Gowdy has been one of the few that has actually brought important information forward- he wrote the Nunes memo for pete’s sake!

        I went back and reviewed everything he has done over the past year: his examinations at all the committee hearings, documents written, news appearances and what he said on Martha/GMA was not only a 180 degree turn but it was GIBBERISH bordering on INCOHERENT. It literally MADE NO LOGICAL SENSE

        I just don’t believe given a year and a half of saying one thing that now he’s playing the greatest game of rope-a-dope and trolling the media.

        Personally I think he was told/shown information that indicated that prominent Republicans were very involved in starting the whole Trump/Russia collusion narrative.
        Would sure explain his suddenly saying fellow citizens and Trump should be happy the FBI were spying–” a good thing” if it was a Republican fueled idea.

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    • roubaix says:

      Today Sara Carter talked about a late Friday dump of the report. Next Friday, the day before Trump visits the leader of North Korea. I wonder which story will get more attention?

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  8. Dani TX says:

    Byron York

    Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on IG report, originally scheduled for June 5, has been moved to June 11. That means no IG report this week.
    5:04 PM – May 31, 2018
    1,515 people are talking about this

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  9. Ellie says:

    I have had a theory for a long time that the whole “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative was created to put tension between Trump & Putin. If they destroyed the chances of them ever having a fairly congenial working relationship which could lead to Putin revealing all the favors Obama & Hillary did for him. Perhaps Russia has Hillary’s 30,000+ emails since (I think) her and obama sent emails to each other while she was in Russia, which might have allowed the Kremlin to hack into her server.

    Or perhaps it was simpler than that: perhaps Carter Page was the only person associated with the campaign that had a previous FISA warrant on him so he was the easiest way for them to surveille Trump.

    Either way, isn’t it astounding that after months of surveillance, Trump & his campaign members turning over million of emails, and hundreds of hours of testimony, the only things they can come up with are some irrelevant meetings fringe campaign members attended (meetings that apparently set up by the cabal themselves). Who could have thought that, of all people, Trump has led a 70 year long life relatively scandal free life. With the one exception being a one night, one time affair with a hooker.

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  10. Pizzacorner says:

    Just want to comment that the 6 Part series was very well done.

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  11. Non=combative. says:

    The DS is trying to finagle a way to make sure nothing goes beyond to door step of Comey and McCabe…


  12. Kris says:

    I just can’t watch Comey testify (lie his freaking head off) again!!!! Makes me sick to my stomach. Appreciate all your work Sundance but this has been going on for almost 2 years and they are still walking around spewing their lies!!! I just hope the IG report is not a repeat of this egregious injustice!!!!

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  13. Once again Sundance has done a service to our President and our Country by his never ending vigilance and dedication to the truth. I think that just as with President Trump, whom I believe was sent to us through Divine Intervention, Sundance too has emerged as a most necessary Patriot for our times.

    His painstaking research and meticulous writing are without peer in the blogosphere, and I am so very glad that I discovered the Tree House when I did, which was about 6 months ago. Ever since then, I have come here on a daily basis (to be honest, more than several times a day) to stay abreast of the Real News and the comments and insights of other readers.

    I too want to puke when I watch the videos of the freak Comey and the rest of the Swamp Devils, especially the Queen of Pain, Hillary herself, who is truly one of the most evil women in history. I knew that the Hussein cabal was bad, but I don’t think anyone realized until Sundance laid it out, just how truly treasonous these people are, and how much they hate our Country and most of its people. It boggles the mind to think that Hussein actually got elected and that we dodged a bullet with the Hag.

    So here we are on another Friday, waiting for the Horowitz report, whose contents will come as no surprise to the Treepers. We have had the advantage of Sundance’s work, being presented to us better than any other media, and we know what’s coming, more or less.

    My questions are, will it matter in the end? Will justice be done? Will the guilty finally be punished for their treason? Or will all of OUR money have been wasted on just another report that outlines the facts that we already know, presented in a way to give plausable deniability to the traitors?

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    • Lu Calico says:

      Doe Sundance know the IG Report will not be released next week? Delay, delay, delay, stonewall, stonewall, stonewall, delay, delay, delay, distract, distract, distract and he enables. Bla…bla…bla.. He is part of the problem.


  14. Tick tock, tick tock….still waiting. Meanwhile, I’ll rewind my clock. Hope the spring doesn’t break.


  15. Gaffer says:

    HRC directed staff to remove classification markings from classified materials and email them to her on unsecured email system. Proof positive of intentional, willfull crime. See / Sullivan at email chain of 17 June 2011 ~ 8am.

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    • CrawfishFestival says:

      Everyone on hrc’s MASSIVE EMAIL CHAIN that fbi’s Comey referenced – never had security clearances to view, receive or send classified information, TOP Secret Information and SAP Information.

      All should be held accountable…..GTMO.

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      • KBR says:

        Including her maid.

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      • Donna in Oregon says:

        Why does no one say Hillary Clinton sold that information? Removing the seals to prepare for transfer. Isn’t this more like preparing for transfer?

        Was Mrs. Weiner copying Secret and Top Secret documents off the State Dept server and then sending these documents to Hillary’s personal server after payment to the Clinton Foundation was received?

        No one talks about that possibility and I keep wondering why.

        The Department of Defense has investigators. Maybe they weren’t compromised like the FBI/DOJ/IRS.


        • Perot Conservative says:

          And a mystery man, a long term Federal employee, delivered a pile of information to the FBI headquarters about her illegal server. I haven’t seen Sundance cover this wrinkle.

          He called it in, but never received confirmation, so he dropped in on the investigation team in charge and provided his CV and Federal ID, printouts, screen captures, ip address?, thumb drive, etc. It’s on the FBI Vault website?

          So her reckless use was an open secret.

          FBI agents are saying they will come forward, they just want protection / to be subpoenaed… maybe OIG is waiting bc he already has 90% of the story? The Big Ugly?


    • Gaffer- that isn’t the only willful criminal conduct. Look what the Dems got away with in the Imran Awan scandal:

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  16. Dimbulbz says:

    Thank you Sundance for the great summary. All of this is pretty straight forward – And yet… Clearly, that IG report is being slow walked. Now its by Jun 11th. Will it become the end of June, Then July, then….? They have been delaying it now for what, four months? Look for some important news to break, or someone to drop dead, or retire, that will push this IG report back even further. This plot has been used to death. I am not that worried about the November Elections. I’m worried that this slow walk will take it past my lifetime. If they push it out far enough everyone will say that it’s just old news and we should just “move on”. (that excuse has never been used before..)

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  17. Cheesehead54016 says:

    Had watched the orher five previously. How can any reasonable prosecutor not find criminal intent???? Comey is as big of a criminal and has same or more Lack of Candor as anyone in this whole thing. Even more so in my opinion. Prosecute and bring back the integrity of our justice system. The vast majority of Americans demand it.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Well, if Americans actually got off the couch and marched into Washington demand answers then maybe that might send a loud message to put pressure on getting to the truth and demanding justice!

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  18. Ned Zeppelin says:

    I keep hitting the refresh arrow on the USDOJ/OIG All Reports webpage. It is updated through yesterday and a new report was added yesterday, “Semiannual Report to Congress. . . .”(May 31, 2018). I will update as soon as the report shows itself, hoping for a weekend of fascinating reading myself.

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  19. Martin says:

    Pay for Play has never been so expensive…

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  20. RoninInCA says:

    There has been something that I feel has been somewhat overlooked in this whole mess.. Did HRC have Originating Authority? James Comey did.. An he seemed to brag about it in one of his interviews.. I believe it was the Bret Baire interview.. If HRC had Originating Authority? She has no defense for what she did.. IMO

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  21. Carolyn Blakeslee says:

    What about Benghazi? Fast and Furious? …


  22. stringplayer55 says:

    I just noticed something in Comey’s public testimony that I had never paid attention to before. At about the 4:30 mark of the first video, Comey states:

    “Hopefully we haven’t gotten to a place in our public life where everything has to be torn down on an integrity basis just to disagree.”

    I find that an absolute hoot given Comey’s claims during his self-indicting book tour that Trump is an unethical liar “morally unfit” for office, that he believes that the country faces an “ethical leadership” issue with Trump as President, and feels it necessary to take personal potshots about Trump’s “orange” skin color, the length of his ties, and the size of his hands.

    Hey, Jim, nice sound byte. Too bad that you don’t actually believe what you said. I can’t wait until “orange” is the color that you wear daily for the next 20 years.

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  23. johnny5 says:

    THE SERVER WAS TO COVER PAY FOR PLAY AND CRIMES. VERY SIMPLE. All this talk about why clinton does this. lmao she is a career criminal which has no end to what crime she will commit for profit. add power and access to children you have a damn disaster. these people must pay with their life. quite simple.

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  24. I’ll believe it when I see it…..and I hope to see it soon. However if it is being timed for maximum impact on the 2018 elections I can wait a little longer….

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  25. Camilla Stephan says:

    All the information on the videos is public, verifiable and therefor indisputable, hence there is enough info in the public realm for indictments against Hillary, her cohorts, Comey, McCabe and the rest. Greg Jarret has recited ad nauseam all the violated statutes- IG report or no IG report! Yet we all wait for the IG report as though it was the end all and be all, HOPING indictments stem from it, and assuming that if Horowitz’s report ends up being another whitewash, that we will have to accept that as we did Bengazi, IRS, and on and on. Hogwash! IF he opines somehow that notwithstanding the indisputable, that there is “no basis for indictments”, many people know otherwise- including FBI agents who know the truth who want to testify, and legal minds like Di Genova, Rudy, G Jarrett, Andy McCarthy and more. I sincerely hope that behind the scenes, PDJT has his own investigation in the making that will summarize the facts and the statutes violated, and indict each and everyone who has broken or subverted the law. We cannot let justice hinge on an IG report if it somehow winds up being a whitewash. A white wash will not change the FACTS. It is not an overstatement to say the fate of the free world rests on pursuit of real and equal justice under the law. To accept less sends the message loud and clear that citizens of even the “west” have to accept that our governments are corrupt, that politicians are free to use the powers we invest them with to do what works best for them ( to enrich and entrench them) and that any outsider dare not threaten their preferred status quo, regardless of the results of elections. Enough of us know! At no point have we ever had leader who does as well, and who isn’t afraid to upset the apple cart and we must not let this opportunity go to waste!


    • Cheesehead54016 says:

      Agree. If need be the silent majority will become less-silent as was case in Nov 2016……and not only via an upcoming vote but instead with action and it may not be peaceful.

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  26. Lindenlee says:

    If, with this amount of indisputable evidence of fraud, treason, and complicity, these matters are not properly charged and prosecuted, the Deep State and its associated criminals will feel that they have NOTHING TO STOP THEM in their quest for power and money… NOTHING. The vigor with which their plots and evil plans will accelerate will be astonishing, up to and including assasi ation of our President and/or his family.

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  27. Mickturn says:

    I just watched all the presentations. It is clear to anyone that is fair minded this so called investigation was a total SHAM to clear Clinton so nothing interfered with her ability to be POTUS! Of course, now, we know all this didn’t work, the American People rejected Clinton for all the right reasons. NOW it’s time to reconstruct this case and empanel a GRAND JURY and put all of those involved in JAIL. The immunity agreements are meaningless as all of them LIED about everything!
    I want to see Hitlery ROT in PRISON. We’re all sure Bill will move on though he should also be in Prison. Now on to the other Illegal acts especially the Clintoon Criminal Foundation. As a side note, I think the personal server Hitlery set up was multi-purposed. 1. To keep her crooked foundation (selling info) deals out of FOIA requests, especially where she likely gave the server password to our enemies selling classified information to them. 2. Hide all her illegal actions on every other front. Intent has NOTHING to do with this CRIME! The Big Ugly grows Bigger and Uglier by the day! The Honeywagon is backing up into the Huge FAN!

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  28. Mist'ears Mom says:

    If I hear (expletive) comey say he couldn’t prove “intent” to “knowingly” break the law one more time I’m gonna puke.
    The fact that they (all of them) set up & used a private server and everything else from there on that they did is prima facie evidence of intent. They all knew that it was illegal, they work in government with classified docs & national security everyday but it doesn’t matter that they didn’t know anyway.
    They did it- that is “intent”, intent does not have to be willful or unwilful, if you do it you are guilty if its something that shouldn’t be done.
    I know I was found guilty of willful intent when something I did I didn’t even know I was doing was wrong. Not knowing is not an defense-
    The missing emails, private server etc. is a mere cube in Clinton crime iceberg.
    That woman and her family are corrupt and evil to the core. She has a history of criminal acts that get covered up-
    Those 6 videos are an excellent history of this debacle-I just pray something comes out of this!

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  29. Concerned says:

    It has been said that reading body language can tell you allot about the person. Think back to when Hillary Clinton was under investigation, by the FBI. What did Hillary Clinton’s body language tell you?

    I am arrogant, and I know that I will never be prosecuted.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      I believe when she was interviewed by the FBI, with Crooked Strzok, and some straight arrow FBI leaders, she said “I can’t recall” doxens of times, and said a fall she had may have been the reason. Said interview not recorded.

      Flabbergasted, the strsight-arrow FBI agents were going to use their Craft Tools to get a copy of Hillary’s medical records for validation.

      Before they hot them, and Comey possibly tipped off, Comey publicly exonerated HRC.

      One senior FBI manager resigned in disgust. He will be one of the three who will testify shortly.


  30. Flight93Gal says:

    Per Comey statements on this disgraceful video:

    “You may disagree with us; you may etc. etc. etc. BUT you cannot call us Weasels!”

    Well…here is my response:


    Am I making myself clear?

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Donna in Oregon says:

    Recently we’ve been talking about Gowdy, which brings back Benghazi. It ain’t over folks….

    Benghazi Smoking Gun.

    Who gave the terrorists the inside information on Christopher Stevens and the CIA operators in Libya?
    Why Hillary Clinton of course. How do we know this? We have one example below. Where are the others?

    Hillary give away information on Christopher Stevens and the CIA operators in Libya.
    Terrorists would know where to hit and when. This is one of 40 emails
    IG McCullough inspected at the request of Republicans on the Intelligence
    Committee in 2015.

    McCullough is late reporting Hillary Clinton’s National Security failures.
    He was put into his position in 2011….. The Republicans discuss with him in 2015. A bit late.

    May 22, 2015: One email released to the public on this day by the State Department without any redactions will lead to controversy and investigation.

    The email was written by State Department official Tim Davis on April 10, 2011, and forwarded to Clinton. It contained very time-sensitive information on evacuation plans by Special Envoy Christopher Stevens in Libya, as well as the latest US military intelligence on the Libyan civil war violence threatening Stevens.

    Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough and State Department
    Inspector General Steve Linick jointly send the FBI a “security referral,” asking
    the FBI to investigate Clinton’s private emails and server. This grew out of McCullough
    and Steve Linick reviewing some of the over 30,000 Clinton emails
    handed over to the State Department in December 2014. (The Los Angeles Times,
    3/27/2016) (The Washington Post, 8/14/2015)


  32. Comey is a liar and thinks he’s the smartest person in the room and that we should all just take his word for it.

    I want to hear his neck snap when he is executed for treason.


  33. jbrickley says:

    Lock Her Up! Its long overdue. In fact, lock up Obama, Lynch, Rice, Jarret, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Brennan and any others in the loop of conspiracy and guilty of grave crimes.


  34. Fools Gold says:

    In the grand scheme of things having access to electronic classified material and putting it on a private server is the only way to sell it to foreign nationals who have hacked the server with HRC’s permission without using paper. whats a good secret worth to you?

    And by the way What’s on that wieners laptop?


  35. doug says:

    Watching that series and seeing Jimmy the Weasel’s act throughout, knowing what we known now makes me want to throw up. Then I want to punch the living crap out of that FREAK.
    He is such a loathsome slimy piece of s**t.
    It’s bad enough the insults of his lies but his sanctimonious posturing is nauseating.
    He’s NOT going to get away with it.
    He can parse “gross negligence” and carelessness but the OIG/Huber and FBI Director Wray see it different and THEY are the ones that count now.


  36. Lu Calico says:

    Delay, delay, delay, stonewall, stonewall, stonewall, delay, delay, delay, distract, distract, distract. You can wait for the report another week and it will be a bunch of nothing. The DOJ is run by the Deep State. Sessions sold out.

    If you want to support our President Trump, stop with the bla..bla…bla… and call them out.


  37. When you go back and listen to the debates of 2016, it becomes apparent that Clinton was laying the groundwork for “Russia Collusion” even more so in the second debate. Listen from 40 minutes in


  38. 2015 – September: An FBI special agent reports to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that at least one of its computer systems has been hacked by an espionage team linked to the Russian government. The agent is transferred to a tech-support contractor at the help desk, who makes a cursory check of DNC server logs and does not reply to the agent’s follow-up calls, allegedly because of a belief that the call might have been a prank.

    2016 – March: Clinton presidential campaign chairman John Podesta is asked to change his email password in an apparent phishing attempt, believed to be spearheaded by Russian hackers. They gain access to his account

    2016 – May: CrowdStrike determines that sophisticated adversaries—denominated Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear—are responsible for the DNC hack. Fancy Bear, in particular, is suspected of affiliation with Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate

    So, enough of my pasting, and rambling. Papadopolous is an FBI informant


  39. Donna in Oregon says:

    There were 5 methods deployed against President Trump. Here is one that we have not discussed in quite some time with all the spying and canoodling.

    The call between General Michael Flynn and Russian Amb Sergey Kislyak.

    Unmasking. Leaking. Felony.

    When Susan Rice talked about why she unmasked people she used this excuse: Page 5. c.
    c. The identity of the U.S. person is necessary to understand the
    foreign intelligence information or assess its importance….

    Fairly certain Obama’s other hacks will use Page 5 d.
    d. The identity of the D.S. person is reasonably b~liev d to contain
    evidence that a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed,
    provided that the dissemination is for law enforcement purposes.


    So what was the crime Susan Rice? Would love to know.


  40. Anyone keeping up with this who thinks no crimes were committed…. needs to be COMMITTED.
    What we are seeing with the requests and delays for information is merely FOOTDRAGGING – The GUILTY in the intelligence agencies trying to ride out this scandal until this November, in hopes the Democrats can win the House. If that happens, all these investigations will be closed and no one will be punished for their crimes.
    CAN AMERICA SURVIVE IT’S OWN GOVERNMENT IGNORING THE LAW AND USURPING POWER TO EFFECT A NATIONAL ELECTION? No… it cannot and will not. This should scare the heck out of anyone who cares about the Constitution.


  41. DOlson says:

    Did Hillary intend that her emails be compromised? Did any of her pay to play customers have passwords giving access to her server? We know she respected the hacking ability of foreign governments and yet she did not hire a team of security experts to protect her private server. She found it very important to hide from US prying eyes. Was she selling more than we know? Access to secrets? If her business was above board, why so much effort to cover it up?


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