DOJ Inspector General Updates: Testimony Postponed, FBI Response Letters, Page/Strzok Personal Communication Not Captured…

In broad measure the DOJ-OIG investigation into the politicization and weaponization of the DOJ and FBI has three basic frames of reference:

♦The internal investigation of intelligence leaks to media by FBI and DOJ officials.
♦The internal investigation into the politicization of the Clinton email investigation, and the results therein. This is the central investigation.
♦The internal investigation of politically motivated abuse/fraud upon the FISA court.

•The first outcome ended with an OIG report and criminal referral of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for his leaks to media. •The next outcome will be the long-awaited IG report on the Clinton investigation. •The last IG release in this series will encompass the DOJ-OIG internal review of applications to the FISA court.

Today, there is some new information: the congressional testimony of Inspector General Horowitz has been postponed due to new discoveries in relationship to the Clinton investigation. It is our suspicion the ‘new investigative review‘ specifically pertains to the how DOJ and FBI officials handled the issues stemming from the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop; and how Andrew McCabe took specific action to hide the content therein between September 28th, 2016 and the eventual re-opening of the investigation on October 28th, 2016.  In essence the background of the “non-investigation”.

Those new IG discoveries would most certainly encompass FBI and U.S. Attorney contacts from New York to Main Justice and FBI HQ in Washington DC; and include what actions each of the participants took therein.

Additionally today there are some responsive letters to congress which deserve to be highlighted.  As many people are aware, much of the information we can assemble to understand the location of the investigation(s) comes from these public letters and the content therein.

On January 25th Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley sent a lengthy letter to the FBI asking about multiple investigative issues including, the Clinton investigation, DOJ Special Counsel to Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page, and FBI Agent Peter Strzok. [SEE HERE]

An alarming response letter (full pdf below) from the FBI to Chairman Chuck Grassley today tells the senator most of the answers to the questions presented will soon come forth within the IG report.  However, the FBI also tells Grassley the internal investigation of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok did not encompass the collection of their private devices used in their communication:

(screen-grab link)

This is very frustrating.  Why wouldn’t the FBI look at the personal devices of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok and their use of GMail for their communication?   This is particularly troublesome because we know from the last batch of text messages that Page and Strzok were intentionally manipulating the method of communication in order to escape review.

Their efforts to hide their communication was clearly outlined in the prior public releases of information.  Why wouldn’t the FBI Inspection Division and Office of Inspector General demand access?

Chairman Grassley asks these exact questions in his reply to the FBI:




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340 Responses to DOJ Inspector General Updates: Testimony Postponed, FBI Response Letters, Page/Strzok Personal Communication Not Captured…

  1. AMillionDChess. says:

    So much for so call indictments any minute now. *** Turn tv on to watch Snooky & the dumbing down of America*** Shrugs!


  2. darthawk says:

    The Judge handling the Flynn case issued an Order compelling Mueller to provide ALL exculpatory evidence, and insisted that such obligation exists even after Flynn entered a guilty plea. Page and Strzok’s non-governmental e-mails would likely contain potentially exculpatory evidence. How will some Mueller attorney try to claim that despite the Judge’s order they decided to ignore a source of potentially exculpatory evidence? I would expect that the Judge’s reaction would make Judge Ellis’s slap-down yesterday of the Mueller team seem mild. Willfully ignoring a Judge’s Order is a good way to wind up in Contempt of Court.


  3. ivanthenuc says:

    The noose is constricting tighter and tighter. Each time they try to wiggle away they confine themselves more fully. The wheels of justice may grind slowly, but they grind thoroughly.


  4. Pat Frederick says:

    i believe the IG has the private communications.
    Remember when the FBI reported a missing bunch of Strzok/Page texts and then lo and behold, the IG produced them?
    I think this is probably in that same vein…not gonna say he has them yet…but as thorough as he was with the first section of his report (McCabe) i would count on him to have these too.
    and the texts released were only from one source (Page)—I imagine there are juicier bits to come from OTHER employee’s devices…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kiswa15 says:

    Maybe the FBI didn’t look at their personal devices because they already had that information.
    Rosenstein signs a FISA renewal on Carter Page July 17. Two hops from Carter Page could put you back in the FBI and DOJ.
    He was an informant and witness in 22 prosecutions. Who were his contacts within the FBI?
    Strotz? Page? McCabe?


  6. Bill Henslee says:

    What I would like to see is the communications from the NYPD to the FBI about the emails. And I would like to have the NYPD officers testify under oath about what they found in the emails and any documents that support their testimony.

    Rumors abound, including the cryptic comment by Rudy back during the blackout that ‘something big’ was coming. I bet Rudy had a lot of info from the NYPD due to his contacts there.


  7. Ned Zeppelin II says:

    Let’s not firget the likelihood that Strzok and Page are and have been cooperating and provided this material directly to Huber, The IG & Co. Hence no documents of this nature sought by the FBI or needed. Wray’s response is chaff designed to camouflage the facts and sow the seeds of doubt inthe Bad Hat Camp.


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