With Cat Out of Bag NBC Attempts Surveillance Obfuscation – Phone “Wiretaps” Becomes Phone “Monitoring”…

It was not unexpected to see NBC shift their earlier reporting on the surveillance of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen and attempt to walk-back the most troubling of issues. In a correction to earlier reporting NBC changes the story from federal authorities (ie. Robert Mueller and the corrupt FBI group) “wiretapping” the phones and communication devices of Cohen, to federal authorities “monitoring” the phones and devices of Cohen.

NBC – CORRECTION: Earlier today, NBC News reported that there was a wiretap on the phones of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal attorney, citing two separate sources with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen.

But three senior U.S. officials now dispute that, saying that the monitoring of Cohen’s phones was limited to a log of calls, known as a pen register, not a wiretap where investigators can actually listen to calls.  NBC News has changed the headline and revised parts of the original article. (link)

The reason for the imprecise shift is obvious. If everyone understood how Robert Mueller’s investigation was merely an extension, an “insurance policy” per se, of the prior originating FBI Counterintelligence operation against Trump, then people would begin to ask uncomfortable questions.

Whether the FBI was actively listening in-on Michael Cohen’s calls; or whether the FBI was merely monitoring who, what, where and how, those calls were taking place, doesn’t diminish the reality that Robert Mueller was –and is– conducting wide-scale surveillance on President Trump and any entity associated with his administration.

That reality, accidentally released by the initial NBC reporting, is considered an uncomfortable risk to the Mueller investigation. The last thing Team Mueller team want people to understand is how they are simply continuing a political investigation that began two years ago under false and unlawful pretense.

The information resources originally deployed by a politically corrupt FBI Counterintelligence unit to conduct surveillance on candidate Trump (2016), and President-elect Trump (2016/2017), are the same information resources currently underpinning the politically corrupt Mueller investigation; May 2017 through today – with the exact same motives and intents. This is the “insurance policy” described by FBI Agent Peter Strzok.

The original Mueller instructions were hidden from the public by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Those originating instructions were carefully kept under wraps -via redactions- by Robert Mueller’s political operatives in a response pleading to a dismissal request by attorneys for Paul Manafort. (pdf below)

Mueller needed to reveal the hidden origination instructions in order to prove the validity of his case against Paul Manafort. Unfortunately for Rosenstein this filing by Robert Mueller also meant the public found out about the secret instructions.

Remember, Rosenstein presented one set of guidelines to the American public, and another set of more detailed instructions to Robert Mueller. If there was nothing sketchy about the instructions, then why would Rosenstein have to hide them?


And when you accept that Mueller’s investigation was simply a continuance of the politically corrupt endeavors of the FBI, via Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Bruce and Nellie Ohr et al, you begin to understand the likely reason why Rod Rosenstein reauthorized the final FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant for U.S. person Carter Page and the Trump campaign officials.

Robert Mueller’s team needed to assemble the same framework previously built by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. However, Mueller’s team needed some form of arms-length distance from the clouded and corrupt motives of Strzok, Page and crew. Ergo access to the underlying architecture of surveillance originally used against candidate Trump, was needed to build the same process for President Trump. Same/Same but giving the appearance of something entirely different.

Once the value within the campaign surveillance authority was extracted for the new deployment of Insurance Policy 2.0, the Page FISA warrant was no longer needed. It was allowed to expire. Mid-2017 the Mueller crew was moving the net to the larger Trump administration.

NBC accidentally exposed this aspect with their initial report of Michael Cohen being “wiretapped” under the federal authority granted to Robert Mueller by Rod Rosenstein. Hence, a walk-back was needed not only to clarify details but to also cloud the larger issues. That larger issue is that Robert Mueller’s team is simply carrying out the political objectives that originated within the FBI small group in 2016.

…If only someone familiar with such surveillance and monitoring *matters* would have advised Michael Cohen to, well, uh… oh, say: get a ham radio, then this surveillance of Team Trump might be more difficult for Robert Mueller, Aaron Zelby, Andrew Weismann, et al.


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391 Responses to With Cat Out of Bag NBC Attempts Surveillance Obfuscation – Phone “Wiretaps” Becomes Phone “Monitoring”…

  1. scott467 says:

    “And when you accept that Mueller’s investigation was simply a continuance of the politically corrupt endeavors of the FBI, via Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Bruce and Nellie Ohr et al, you begin to understand the likely reason why Rod Rosenstein reauthorized the final FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant for U.S. person Carter Page and the Trump campaign officials.”



    You are going to have to explicitly condemn Mueller and Rosenstein as the blackest of black hats, if you want to rally the troops against them.

    One week Mueller is a white hat playing a black hat, the next week Mueller is a black hat playing a white hat. Same with Rosentraitor.

    Like with Sessions, if anyone comes out against them, they get shouted down by half the treepers, while the other half disagree.

    So nobody knows what to think, and nobody is going to stick their neck out anymore, besides people who don’t care if everybody gang-tackles them (here am I, lol!), nobody is going out on this limb, until you make it clear who the bad guys are, and we have a GREEN LIGHT to (appropriately) vilify and go after them.


    • jb says:

      Geez . . .

      “What to think” is not the issue . . . “HOW to think is!”

      You are making demands of Sundance?

      Oy vey!

      The first order of matters in military order is?

      DO NOT to tell the General what to do!

      And consider – just try, since so few commenters on this site seem able to do so – just try to imagine that maybe Donald and Jeff Beau and Huber and Horowitz are way past “what you know.” I’ll try it again . . .

      Patience. It is a hallmark of one in the Faith.

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      • scott467 says:

        “You are making demands of Sundance?

        Oy vey! ”


        Vey all you want, makes no difference to me, lol!

        I didn’t make any ‘demand’, I relayed an observation up the chain of command. You want to win, or do you want to ride this out on your couch?


        “The first order of matters in military order is? DO NOT to tell the General what to do!”


        Again, what are you so afraid of? This isn’t the Temple of Sundance, and we’re not supposed to be worshippers.

        A much better analogy is troops, and troops relay observations up the chain of command. As for generals, most of them would learn something if they spent more time listening to the men on the ground. Many of the generals haven’t been on the ground in a long time. Or ever, in the case of Hussein’s bureaucrats.


        “And consider – just try, since so few commenters on this site seem able to do so – just try to imagine that maybe Donald and Jeff Beau and Huber and Horowitz are way past “what you know.” ”


        Thanks for that, it never occurred to me, lol!

        We can apply your EXACT same admonition to everyone here, shut down the website and go home!

        There’s no reason for any of us to say anything by your reasoning!

        Now look what you gone and dun!


        “Patience. It is a hallmark of one in the Faith.”


        Snark too, I take it?


        And which ‘faith’ are we talking about here?

        Faith in Sundance, or something else?

        Because you really can’t be sure without asking sometimes around here!


      • scott467 says:

        ” “What to think” is not the issue . . . “HOW to think is!” ”


        I’m tryin’ to get my mind right, boss!

        Lack of initiative is a big part of what got us in the mess in the first place. Nobody did anything or SAID anything, ABOUT anything, for DECADES.

        Apparently it was a LOT easier to give in to political correctness, keep one’s mouth shut and duck for cover.

        As for not knowing what DJT, Sessions, Huber and Horowitz know, did it occur to you that maybe they’re counting on the public being outraged by all the outrageous conduct going on? How’s that going to work out, if we all sit back with a zipped lip and wax poetically about ‘patience’?

        For that matter, for evil to succeed, all it takes is for good men to remain silent. Or be chastised into silence by the self-appointed Praetorian Guard. That’s EXACTLY what I was talking about in my original post.

        MOST people are not going to stick their neck out and take a stand, because MOST people don’t like being jumped on when another treeper comes along to scold them and wag their finger.

        I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me, I like the contest. This place is as soft and tame as it gets compared to what I was used to before I came here. I had to tone it WAY down — you have no idea the amount of restraint I exercise here, lol!

        I can think pretty well. Not near as well as most of you guys, but obviously I don’t have to tell you that. I will have you know, however, that I once figured my way out of a Chinese finger puzzle — so I got that goin’ for me.

        I kid you not.

        And I appreciate a good throne-sniffer as much as the next guy. Everybody knows groupies and ‘yes’ men are hard to come by. But I don’t think Sundance really needs me for that. In fact, it would be a real let-down if he did.

        I don’t ask for much, just a good fight now and then, maybe a bone to gnaw on and a leaf over my head when it rains, but I can take care of that myself. I’m thrifty that way.

        In the meantime, while you cool cats are strokin’ each other, nipping any initiative in the bud and stamping out tenacity and fortitude wherever it rears its ugly head, if it’s all the same to you — or even if it’s not — I’ll keep pointing things out and relaying observations up the chain of command, whenever my ‘thinker’ thinks well enough to think it might be important.

        And it can always be ignored — which I hear is what all the best generals do 😉


    • Arthur J Middleton III says:

      I won’t trust any of this until I see the unsealed indictments and Hillary is at the top of the list… It all just seems so farcical it’s hard to come to any other conclusion that everyone who was in Washington D.C. in an official capacity prior to January 20, 2017 was either a criminal or a lackey of a criminal.

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      • bobdog says:

        This is what happens when a former president of the United States and his Secretary of State deliberately politicize federal agencies. Their corruption continues to this day.

        And like Rollo Tomasi in LA Story, it looks like he’s getting away with it.

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  2. So, as I work the “dawn patrol” on airport security, two questions come to mind:

    First, what are the odds that some of these sealed criminal indictments are going to target key players on “Team Muller” . . . perhaps even Robbie Rotten himself?

    Second, how likely is it that Caputo, Manafort, Cohen, etc. are part of a long-game “Batman Gambit” by Trump & Company (which every member of his inner circle would’ve been read in), specifically to draw the ENTIRE corrupt swamp network out into the open (and plainly expose them for what they are)?

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    • Arthur J Middleton III says:

      Let’s get them unsealed and find out.


    • As stated in an earlier comment, I reminded fellow Treepers about all of the Generals and Admirals who were very early on the Trump Train during the campaign. I suspect that Trump’s relationship goes back even further.

      Many of the Generals and Admirals were angry about how several of their brothers in arms careers were wrecked under the Obama administration. I can imagine that they have been waiting for the day to bring justice to those who are responsible.

      What would the Greatest Sting of All Time look like that has been planned and orchestrated by men of such caliber? May I suggest that none of us would know everything until they wanted us to know everything?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Exactly . . . the coup-conspirators won’t see the cuffs coming until they’re already on. Combine that with the Batman Gambit, and it’s going to get real interesting once the excrement makes contact with the air current machine.

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  3. carshop says:

    I too am confused as to why Rosenstein was a whit hat first. His conduct lately seems to be the blackest of black hats. It is tough to navigate and I’m not taking anything away from Sundance. This site is the place for the most comprehensive accounting of the timeline and activities.


  4. Jeff P. says:

    The great part about being a Spook is that you get to LIE FOR A LIVING! Has this escaped CTH readers or am I just blind?
    We must always remember when dealing with Spooks and Liars that we can believe only what we can Physically SEE is TRUTH. Words are just that words, to be manipulated and fashioned into Pretty chains of poetry that ease the mind and spirit or Beguile the un-aware and steal their very souls.
    Please remember that we are dealing with Paid Professional LIARS that have undergone intense training to keep secrets from an unsuspecting Public that thinks our Government and it’s agencies are about PROTECTING AMERICANS. They are about PROTECTING ALL THE LIES THEY HAVE TOLD SINCE THEIR INCEPTIONS years and years ago. Satan has been around LONG before mankind hit earth, he has ALWAYS had a head start against us. But WE HAVE GOD if we so choose to utilize him and just follow a few simple laws, 2 really.
    Anyway back to the point, yes I tend to ramble, Liars and Liars, please remember WHO we are dealing with. Infighting does Nothing for our cause.
    Agree to disagree and move on, do not let Semantics divide our Troops.
    Thanks, love you all.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      Jeff P., many of us are well aware of the covert activities at the FBI, DOJ and NSA. They are trying very hard, with the help of Rosenstein, to keep the lid on things. Very hard to do on a boiling pot that doesn’t have a pressure vent, and this one surely doesn’t. Try as Rosenstein and his goons may, there are people within these agencies that are working against Rosenstein and his goon squad, and as we’ve been witnessing, the truth is coming out, something that Obama, Hillary, Lynch and Comey never wanted to see the light of day. As the pressure continues to rise on that boiling pot, it is eventually going to blow the lid off, and the ones trying to keep it down are going to get scalded…….BADLY.


  5. hillbilly4 says:

    All this posturing, white-hat-black-hat, subterfuge, shenanigans, he-said, you-said, they-said is a bunch of crap. These are grown men and women who took an oath in order to serve their country. They are but mere civil servants – no loftier in their jobs that the newest mail carrier. They ALL should be prosecuted for violations of law and of oath. Including Mueller for his Comrade Partisan attacks on the President and people around him. The party-aligned attacks are political payback upon the Deplorables electing the Most Deplorable President ever. Whom 63 million people intend to protect and support. ‘Vive les deplorable’.

    I have been supportive of Sessions, but there has come a time when he must step up and declare this boondoggle of a circus-show over. Nothing has been revealed as illegal, corrupt or impeachable. It is time for this to end. We demand an end to this charade by Mueller, The Grand Inquisitor.

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  6. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    “Don’t call it an investigation. Call it a matter.”
    “Don’t call it a wire tap. Call it a pen register.”


  7. Dixie T says:

    And NOW today we read that Virginia Judge T.S. Ellis, who is presiding over one of the Manafort cases, totally RIPPED APART Robert Mueller’s Prosecutors, in Court!!!!!! He has “ordered” the Mueller Prosecutors to deliver to him (Judge Ellis) and UN-REDACTED copy of Rod Rosenstein’s memo of “guidelines” to Robert Mueller—-and the Prosecutors have 2 weeks in which to supply the ordered document to Judge Ellis!!!!!

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  8. Jimi Helms says:

    Makes you wonder, who’s cheating who, who’s being true and who doesn’t care any more. What a bar scene!


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