President Trump Welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to The White House…

Remarks by President Trump and German Chancellor Merkel earlier today in the Oval Office.

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23 Responses to President Trump Welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to The White House…

  1. famouswolf says:

    Well, Donald doesn’t often look like he just ate a sour lemon…

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    • scott467 says:

      “Well, Donald doesn’t often look like he just ate a sour lemon…”


      I was thinking he looks like the cat who just swallowed the canary, lol!

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    • Mark says:

      That doesn’t look like a “sour lemon” face to me. Better look at Merkel’s face because if it doesn’t scream “HESITATION and CONTEMPT” on that face of hers, while getting ready to shake President Trump’s hand, then I don’t know what you would call it.

      President Trump looks like he’s got a surprise for Merkel’s Germany and she ain’t going to like it. He knows he has the winning hand.

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      • Madhattan says:

        Look at mutti’s middle finger . She learned that from barry ? Lucky there are no flies about to land in her

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          We’re counting the days until she’s gone.

          The AfD need a Deplorable “Trumpian” as their leader and candidate. For the deep state is DEEPLY entrenched over here, and not just in Germany.

          But not to worry, folks who might think Germany could start WWIII. Our planes won’t stay up, our transporters likewise, our choppers don’t “chop” correctly, our tanks can be penetrated, our rifles don’t shoot straight after they warm up (two or three rounds), and on, and on, and on. Thanks (not), Uschi von der Leyen (or loosely, from the lying…).

          Sad to say, Merkel’s learned the trade of AgitProp (agitation and propaganda) well. Göbbels would be proud. But, bit by bit (bitte ein Bit), the people are seeing the farce that is German politics. The YSM here, as everywhere else, are scrambling to cover for her. But the “Energiewende” and the “Fluchtis” (Fluchtlinge, refauxgees) can’t be hidden. Especially with stabbings, rapes, and robberies EVERY SINGLE DAY!.

          More “fluch” than “flucht” (more curse than flight)…

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      • famouswolf says:

        Y’all sound like I’m being critical of DJT. I’m not.
        In the one photo he definitely looks displeased, however.
        Just sayin’ and it ain’t important anyway.
        So y’all need to get a life and dry up yourselves.

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        • Mark says:

          And you sound like you read far more into my statement than what is there. I simply said it doesn’t look like a sour lemon face. Having disagreements about things is normal and healthy.

          And if it “ain’t important anyway” then why did YOU ASSUME that I thought you were critical of DJT? If others DID criticize you, then address them.


  2. scott467 says:

    President Trump Welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to The White House…


    Great, now we’re gonna have to get that chair fumigated and recovered.

    Hand her the bill on the way out, no reason the American taxpayers should pay for that.

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  3. Sunshine says:

    If the Germans are looking at this, they’ll see how diminished she is.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      We already know… Too bad the globalists only allow folks like “Mutti” and Martin Schultz
      (the bearded egg) to compete for the Kanzler/in spot. It’s not a freely-elected position like President of the USA is…


  4. fleporeblog says:

    This was the appetizer to the beating our President laid on her and the damn EU! I wrote this in the press conference thread in case you don’t have time to view it.

    I honestly believe Angela is going to be crying in the fetus position on her plane ride home! Our President took her and her country to the woodshed during that joint press conference.

    1) You can bet your bottom dollar that as of Tuesday, every EU Nation will no longer be exempt from the 25% steel and 10% aluminum tariffs.

    2) If they are stupid enough to retaliate, our Lion is going to implement immediate tariffs on their automobiles to reciprocate ours (10% {what we pay} rather than the sad 2.5% they currently pay).

    3) I LOVE that he referenced Poland and the fact that they contribute more than 2% of their GDP to military spending while this POS agreed to increase their GDP to 1.3% by 2019.

    4) Angela better call Barry and tell him not to return from Africa because our Lion is going to tear up that Iran Deal on May 12th.

    5) He told Angela and more importantly Iran that they will NEVER have nuclear weapons and you can take it to the BANK (remember earthquake from a few days ago at the only Iranian nuclear facility).

    6) Amazing that Germany went from complaining PDJT was afraid of sanctioning Putin to now asking for certain German companies & Russian Oligarchs being exempt from the most recent sanctions.

    The WINNING in the last 24 hours has become so enormous that my head is about to blow.

    Mr. President please continue to win even if I am no longer here 😇

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    • Sunshine says:

      Looking at her posture, she was definitely submissive. WINNING.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Flep (and others) WE DID NOT VOTE FOR HER. That’s not the way it works. She is a globalist puppet (and not just Coudenhove-Kalergi), and not directly elected. Kind of like a crooked horse auction. Horse #1 and horse #2. Heaven forbid that you look at their teeth (or anything else). Both “glue factory” material, but they’re picked by the oligarchs, and forced on us.

      ALL of our prices are going up, because “energy” is ever more expensive. Someone still wants to ruin Germany, and the only ones being ruined are us, the folks doing all the work and paying all the bills. Thanks to Druggie, er, Draghi’s zero-percent interest, most of us in our “senior-discount years” are watching our retirement fizzle away, and our pension-purchasing-power dwindling down towards nothing… I shudder to think what the situation will be for my son in 40-or-so years, let alone his children…

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      • fleporeblog says:

        Cuppa Covfefe there was no way you would have voted for that woman! I am learning more and more about European Elections based on the recent one in Italy 🇮🇹 where my mom and dad came from, Germany 🇩🇪 election and the UK 🇬🇧 election.

        They have to form a coalition with their powers to reach a certain number to be able to become the PM.

        I do feel terrible for you and your son because what she has and continues to do to your country is sickening.

        I will pray for you, your family and friends!

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          Thank you flep, and GOD Bless you. Your comments are always informative and uplifting (which we really need some days, for sure). Sometimes I’d like it if we could move back to the USA, but Øbozocare and other issues make it impossible right now. Then again, I’m not sure anymore if I’d even move across the street 🙂 (though it would be a good excuse to get rid of a lot of, erm, “treasures” that have accumulated over the years 🙂 ).


  5. Bendix says:

    Macron managed to come off so much better than she, it isn’t funny.
    I got the sense of a leader open to new possibilities that would both benefit his country and ours, and western civilization in general.
    God only knows what she thinks she’s doing, and who she thinks she’s doing it for.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      She’s doing it for Soros and the globalists – she’s sure as shooting not doing for us, the folks actually working and paying for her (and their) folly…

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  6. Rynn69 says:

    Never trust a globalist….

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  7. Everything is done for a reason. Merkel, right after Macron, with no pomp and ceremony, speaks volumes. I wonder, WHY did she even come? What does Trump have on her, that she would jump on a plane just for a meet,greet,gone?…………Why, did,she,have,her, head in her hands that one time,(at the g-20 I believe) in front of everyone?


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