President Trump Proposes Additional $100 Billion in Chinese Trade Tariffs…

As CTH has continued to remind, on the issue of confronting China’s trade practices, President Trump will not back down:

WHITE HOUSE – Following a thorough investigation under section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) determined that China has repeatedly engaged in practices to unfairly obtain Americas intellectual property. The practices detailed in the USTRs investigation have caused concern around the world. Chinas illicit trade practices ignored for years by Washington have destroyed thousands of American factories and millions of American jobs. On April 3, 2018, the USTR announced approximately $50 billion in proposed tariffs on imports from China as an initial means to obtain the elimination of policies and practices identified in the investigation.

Rather than remedy its misconduct, China has chosen to harm our farmers and manufacturers. In light of Chinas unfair retaliation, I have instructed the USTRto consider whether $100 billion of additional tariffs would be appropriate under section 301 and, if so, to identify the products upon which to impose such tariffs. I have also instructed the Secretary of Agriculture, with the support of other members of my Cabinet, to use his broad authority to implement a plan to protect our farmers and agricultural interests.

Notwithstanding these actions, the United States is still prepared to have discussions in further support of our commitment to achieving free, fair, and reciprocal trade and to protect the technology and intellectual property of American companies and American people. Trade barriers must be taken down to enhance economic growth in America and around the world. I am committed to enabling American companies and workers to compete on a level playing field around the world, and I will never allow unfair trade practices to undermine American interests.  (read more)

President Trump will not back down from his position; the U.S. holds all of the leverage and the issue must be addressed. President Trump has waiting three decades for this moment. This President and his team are entirely prepared for this.

We are finally confronting the geopolitical Red Dragon, China!

The Olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace and war. The symbol in any figure’s right hand has more significance than one in its left hand. Also important is the direction faced by the symbols central figure. The emphasis on the eagles stare signifies the preferred disposition. An eagle holding an arrow also symbolizes the war for freedom, and its use is commonly referred to the liberation fight of righteous people from abusive influence. The eagle on the original seal created for the Office of the President showed the gaze upon the arrows.

The Eagle and the Arrow – An Aesop’s Fable

An Eagle was soaring through the air. Suddenly it heard the whizz of an Arrow, and felt the dart pierce its breast. Slowly it fluttered down to earth. Its lifeblood pouring out. Looking at the Arrow with which it had been shot, the Eagle realized that the deadly shaft had been feathered with one of its own plumes.

Moral: We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.

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284 Responses to President Trump Proposes Additional $100 Billion in Chinese Trade Tariffs…

  1. cwf60 says:

    We have been playing by everyone else’s rules to the detriment of the American people. It is refreshing to have a president with the intestinal fortitude to stand up for our country. You know he is doing the right thing by the reaction of the deep state.


  2. thedoc00 says:

    The dirty part of the story not being told is that our agricultural sector was already seeing the impact o price pressure from China and that majority of the US Agricultural Sector is dominated by the large food companies, NOT the “family farmers”. Plus the consumer was already being screwed. So, China’s actions are more adding to existing pressures.

    Also, with cost of US farm products dropping what is keeping the Food Industry from selling more in other countries or even here in the USA. There is not enough evidence that China is the root of some of the cost changes as per current reports those pressures should be a downward movement in prices at the grocery counter. My personal suspicion is that the large Food Companies will use this “crisis” as the majority of the Waal Street used the fake financial crisis in 2009 to drive out all the small players, clean up balance sheets and drive down cost of US labor or move off shore to exploit NAFTA as well as other “Free Trade” Agreements.

    By the way, the big tech investments purchased by Obama’s bailout spending spree went off shore.


    • thedoc00 says:

      China will always drive any Trade disputes and WTO court cases to becoming a Trade War. It is a weapon US Politicians, Wall Street and Media will gleefully hand China every time to bash Trump and for short term financial gain. Winning at Long Economic Warfare is part of China’s strategy, while financial gains over the next few moments remains Wall Street’s objective.

      Bottom line is that there are NO alternatives to a “Trade War”.


    • Ventura Highway says:

      Correct, China already assigns huge tariffs on Ag, cars, all kinds of things. I took 4 bottles of wine there for a friend and it cost me 60 bucks to get them through customs. They cost 80 dollars US, so about 75 percent duties.


  3. snellvillebob says:

    The more I read about this the more I suspect that large international banks and investors are buying US companies and transferring their technology to China. They will of course be using portions of these gains to buy protection from the US Government like the Chamber of Commerce. They can even make donations thru their now owned American companies. I remember reading about Chiang Kai-shek saying during WWII that the Japanese will eventually leave but it is the communists that are the enemy within that he really feared.
    This is going to be a battle against both China and the globalists who really like the fact that Xi Jinping was just given Mao status over their government.


    • thedoc00 says:

      Its not the banks but the businesses themselves selling off their Intellectual Property for near term monetary gain and a simplified business model to generate corporate profits with not a single care for the impact on the citizens of the US. US businesses are operating under the assumption that the Communist Chinese Government will act rationally according to actual business rules or norms and that they can be “financially controlled”. For some unknown reason our financial elite believe China will show the same “fair play and forbearance” as the USA did when in the same position post WWII. The elites in the US media, politics and finance just cannot bring themselves to believe China is pursuing quest for dominance via economic warfare using the Wests own courts, laws and capitalism against them.

      This is going to be a brutal battle if Trump is not forced to back-off by the very people he is trying to save.


  4. “The Wall just got 10 feet higher.”
    “The tariffs just got $100 billion bigger.”

    So much of what Trump says and does is the reflexive response of a dealmaker. He answers a question with a question, and never firmly commits to anything while negotiating

    I’m convinced his response to the setup question in the final presidential debate, “Will you accept the results of the election” with the non-committal “I don’t know; we’ll have to see” is a well-worn response to the soft close “if I could, would you?”

    “If I could get you this car with your trade, $2000 down, and $350 a month, would you buy it?”


    “If I could get you this car with your trade, $2000 down, and $350 a month, would you buy it?”
    “I don’t know; we’ll have to see.”
    “Alright … how about your trade, zero down, and $299 a month?”
    “I don’t know. Maybe. That sounds a little better.”
    “Fine! Your trade, $275 a month, and free oil changes for a year!”
    “OK. Deal.”


  5. jmclever says:

    If China isn’t careful, they could see tariffs in the exact amount of the annual trade deficit…or more!


  6. Name Redacted says:

    It is interesting that local news outlets have picked up this story as though a trade war is an attack on the US economy by Trump.

    To prove the horrific costs of this “war”, a local station mournfully announced that soybean prices had fallen recently. They can be excused their ignorance as they are only reading copy prepared by other ignoramuses who never understood the relationship of supply, demand, and pirce.


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