Concerns With Fraudulent Justice Department FISA Application Highlighted by New Page/Strzok Text Messages…

Sara Carter has a new ‘exclusive’ report from congressional sources who are sharing new text messages with her surrounding the timeline of the Justice Department’s National Security Division compiling the FISA Title-1 application that was eventually authorized to conduct FBI surveillance on Carter Page and the Trump Campaign.

A note of caution within the story as outlined by Carter, there’s some granular details -subject to interpretation- that she appears to be misconstruing. Additionally, it is important for emphasis to remember the Main Justice side of the scandal stems from rogue officials within the DOJ national Security Division [DOJ-NSD].

According to Carter, Peter Strzok was expressing frustration about the FISA application being challenged. DOJ Attorney Lisa Page, assigned to Andrew McCabe by the DOJ ‘small group’ leadership, was explaining to Strzok who, how and where the slowdown was coming from.

Sara Carter – […] Text messages obtained by investigators reveal that FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his colleague Lisa Page were discussing the FBI’s difficulty in obtaining the warrant to spy on Carter Page, who worked for a short stint with the Trump campaign. The FBI obtained its first warrant to spy on Page on Oct. 19, 2016, and there would be three subsequent renewals every 90 days for the warrant on Mr. Page.

[…] In one of the September 2016 text message chains, Strzok tells Lisa Page about an argument that occurred with former DOJ prosecutor David Laufman. Laufman, who was then chief of the DOJ’s National Security Division’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, oversaw the probe into former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server, as well as the alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. Laufman left the DOJ earlier this year citing personal reasons for leaving his post, according to news reports.

Here’s where Sara Carter gets “BOMBSHELL” sideways:

In the text message, Strzok complains that Laufman told him the hold-up for the application “EDVA is/was the delay.” The EDVA is the Eastern District of Virginia, a court that had issued several FISAs in the early days of the investigation, congressional investigators said.  (read more)

There is no Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) within the FISA Court (See Here). I believe Sara Carter, and her congressional sources, are misinterpreting the text message; and/or Carter’s congressional sources are manipulating the messenger (more likely).

The slowdown from the “EDVA” does not pertain to a court. The slowdown text message “EDVA”, as outlined, pertains to a person, Dana Boente.

Dana Boente was the US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. Dana Boente was likely not ok with the entire sketchy presentation of the underlying evidence, the Clinton-Steele Dossier, assembled by Strzok and crew for the FISA application; and, in hindsight, Boente had every reason to be concerned about it.

Boente’s professional integrity would later be on display when President Trump selected him to run the DOJ in the interim phase when Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not yet confirmed and holdover Deputy AG Sally Yates was fired.

Washington (CNN)  – The United States acting attorney general — for the next few days, at least — is a little-known, but longstanding federal prosecutor.

Dana Boente, the US attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, was sworn in as acting attorney general at 9 p.m. Monday evening after President Donald Trump fired the former acting head, Sally Yates, for her unwillingness to defend the administration’s executive action on immigration. A few hours later, Boente issued a statement rescinding Yates’ order, instructing DOJ lawyers to “defend the lawful orders of our President.”

Boente’s tenure as the head of the Justice Department will only last a few days, pending attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions’ approval by the Senate. But Boente has instantly been thrown into the winds of a revealing political storm just 10 days into his presidency.

Boente has served the Justice Department for 31 years, according to his official biography, and has been the permanent US attorney for the Virginia court since December 2015. He served in the same role from October 2008 to September 2009, and as the US attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana from December 2012 to September 2013, at which point he was appointed to the acting US attorney role back in Virginia.
“I am honored to serve President Trump in this role until Senator Sessions is confirmed,” Boente said in a statement produced by the White House in announcing the appointment. “I will defend and enforce the laws of our country to ensure that our people and our nation are protected.”  (link)

After a short time as acting Attorney General Boente then took over the DOJ-NSD within Main Justice.  However, he resigned in October of last year, and then in January 2018 he was hired for a very important role inside the FBI.  Boente went to help another white hat, FBI Director Christopher Wray, fix the chaos.

Dana Boente is now the FBI Chief Legal Counsel (link)…. a very important role when you recognize the scale of the corruption involved, and that former FBI chief legal counsel James Baker was one of the ‘small group’ conspirators who was removed from his position.

Remember, Baker is holding down a chair somewhere within the FBI as investigative action by IG Horowitz and Prosecutor Huber continues.

Another key official still in place is Bill Priestap, FBI Deputy Director in charge of Counterintelligence Division, aka. Peter Strzok’s former boss.  Priestap plays a part of this angle from his prior on-the-record statements to investigators that backs up the issue of the DOJ-NSD rushing to use a sketchy dossier to gain a fraudulent FISA warrant.

Remember this from inside the Nunes Memo:

It is not a matter of opinion if the FISA application was rushed in October of 2016, because it was rushed as admitted by Priestap and confirmed by the concerns of Dana Boente.   The underlying evidence supporting the FISA Title-1 application, the Steele Dossier, was entirely uncorroborated.

Even on January 11th of 2017, three months after the DOJ-NSD used it for their fraudulent FISA application, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper admitted the Clinton-Steele Dossier was still not vetted, and the intelligence community had not judged it to be reliable.


Hopefully everyone can see how tentacled the DOJ-NSD side of the conspiracy is.  It’s the DOJ-NSD side that will likely lead to the White House; it’s also due to the issues within any investigation of the DOJ-NSD where a Special Prosecutor might be needed.

Example:  The person who was in charge of the DOJ-NSD during the lead-up to the fraudulent and manipulated FISA application was John P Carlin.  Carlin was Robert Mueller’s former chief-of-staff…. etc.

You can see how the conflicts quickly arise.

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292 Responses to Concerns With Fraudulent Justice Department FISA Application Highlighted by New Page/Strzok Text Messages…

  1. WSB says:

    Now Greg Jarrett is now saying on Hannity that the Rosenstein memo to Mueller allowing him to investigate Manafort was A WEEK LATER than the raid of Manafort’s home.

    CYA much?

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    • Johnny says:

      That really stinks big time. If he wrote the letter a week after they raided Manaforts home, then what was the legal reason for the warrant??

      Questions Questions

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    • covfefe999 says:

      OH my gosh, for real??? That’s awful! Well, awful behavior. But good for Manafort.


        • covfefe999 says:

          If anyone thought Rosenstein is a white hat, even after signing “one or more” FISA warrant applications and appointing Mueller to engage in the witch hunt, this latest piece of info might change their minds.

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          • cozette says:

            Mature observers have long realized that there are very few “white hats”. President Trump is, so are Sessions and Wray. As to the rest, it’s a question of leverage. Who has been flipped? The Art of War speaks about the necessity of spies and how to use them; agents, double agents and triple agents. Since I have no control over this aspect of the war I pray and enjoy the show while focusing of those things I can do like calling to back up Trumps tweets for Congressional action (confirmation of his nominees) and defeating ALL Democrats this year.

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        • John says:

          I can explain.A simple problem of special relativity.

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      • kiswa15 says:

        Why “good for Manafort” ??
        Paul Manafort is as shifty, crooked, dirty as they come. He and Gates ran hundreds of shell LLCs, laundered millions of dollars, and were under investigation for years. He lobbied with Davis (McCain’s chief of staff) for Russian aluminum.
        He lobbied with Tommy two-toes.

        A Ukrainian Prime minister is set up on bogus corruption charges during an election, she loses and ends up in jail. When she gets out there is a push for an investigation into bad stuff during her trial and the charges themselves. So the Ukrainian government still run by the guy she lost the election to hire Skadden Arp, specifically Greg Craig and a lobbyist Paul Manafort.
        Craig’s team of Skadden attorneys include Van Der Zwann whose father-in-law is Khan, whose business partner is Depraski who is connected to the Clintons, the Obamas etc. and who paid for the pee pee dossier. The same dossier that Manafort’s lobbying partner and McCain’s chief of staff Davis went and picked up in London (allegedly).
        Craig’s report basically said that bad stuff happened in the trial and your rights were violated but the charges were still good.
        The former prime minister’s attorneys weren’t happy with Craig’s report to the Ukrainian government and they wanted to talk to two Skadden attorneys involved here in the US but the then FBI director, James Comey said no.
        Fusion GPS has not shown up in the Ukrainian prime minister frame job but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Simpson and co. have written a lot of dossiers and were involved in a few elections, it’s what they do.
        Somewhere in this there was money made…a lot of money.
        Move forward to 2016 and you have in addition to all of the illegal surveillance and unmasking and leaking you have this attempt to set up then candidate Trump with “Russian collusion” first with Papadopoulos and all his attempts to set up meetings with Russians and then with Manafort and the infamous Russian babe ( who couldn’t get into the country until Lynch let her in) and Don jr at Trump Towers.
        Same players, different law firm, same game, different election and all of it leads to the White House.

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        • Logophilus says:

          I don’t think covfefe999 was defending Manafort. Likely just thinking that the timeline would be useful for Manafort’s defense team (thus “good for Manafort”) — maybe try to claim that any evidence seized in the Jul 26th raid was illegally obtained, and therefore inadmissible, because Mueller had no authority to seek evidence related to Ukraine until AFTER the Aug 2nd memo.

          Of course, we don’t know that there wasn’t another valid reason for the search warrant.

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        • churchmouse says:

          Paul Manafort did sterling work in getting then-candidate Donald Trump the necessary delegates at the GOP convention.

          Without his efforts, HRC would be in the White House now because Ted Cruz probably would have been the GOP candidate.

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        • Jan says:

          what’s increasingly scary about this whole scenario is that we’ve had a couple of inklings that most roads lead to Hillary and many of the same roads lead to OVomit, but we haven’t even talked about the unmasking yet and where the OVomit Administration was using all this information and who was leaking where and where the CIA, DNI, NSA fit in this because I guarantee you, they’re up to their eyeballs in this. How long is it going to take to get this kind of information?


        • dallasdan says:

          Without defending Manafort’s prior behavior, any win against the deep state resistance is good, regardless of whom it benefits.


    • Yancey Ward says:

      No problem- just suddenly release another super-secret memo with the corrected date of July 2 2017 along with a story about how Rosenstein was distracted and may not have understood what month it was.

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  2. Hillyard says:

    There was a report on FOX re Mueller informing PDT’s legal team, PDT was no longer being criminally investigated. Great timing in that Mueller would have looked totally corrupt if he would have kept his scam going with all of the IG information coming out.


  3. Pam says:

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Stupid lib doesn’t know when it’s good to keep her trap shut. She’s just digging a deeper hole for herself. 🙂

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    • Stormyeyes says:

      Saw her say she was “drafted” to run. Interesting term………………….

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    • Peter Rabbit says:

      What has not been disclosed is how much was spent on the “campaign” prior to her state race and how much remained. Apparently, excess funds can then be used by the candidate for her/him-Self. Good way to conceal a large payoff. Am reminded of the similarity to the plot line of “The Producers” starring Gene Wilder and legend Zero Model, one of greatest comedies of all time. But no great music or laughs in the story of the McCabes.

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      • Watcher says:

        Why she is opening her mouth.
        INSPECTOR GENERAL Probes $1.25 Million McCabe Received From Clinton Insiders During FBI’s Hillary Investigation

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          I’m still scratching my head over Webb’s discovery that McCabe owns or owned a house right down the fancy little road from Cankles in Chappaqua. THAT is freaking me out more than the money. Server actual physical location being mentioned as a possible connection (the house looks more like an FBI encampment than a real home). Which would also explain the fire in the Secret Service outpost, and the recent renovations including burying the pool on the Clinton property.

          Starting to think somebody leaked the private server existence at some point – whatever the reason (accidental, malicious, knowing or unknowing), and the curious fact of the Obama administration being behind release of the email scandal was in fact the Obama administration trying to get ahead of the story and control it. They thought “stupid careless Cankles” was the easy way out, and Cankles was probably good with that story.

          Whole thing is getting mind-blowing.

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          • G. Combs says:

            Wolf, remember the Clinton’s have servants and are NOT known for treating them well. Hillary’s maid was often told to print out classified documents so Hillary could read them in hard copy. If the maid knew ALL the servants knew.

            All it takes is ONE servant complaining to a friend with a bit more knowledge of US laws or a servant with curiosity about US laws on handling classified documents.

            Look at this timing:
            April 23, 2015 — Petraeus pleads guilty to charge of mishandling classified materials.

            Jul. 10, 2015 — FBI formally begins an investigation into Hillary Clinton violated federal criminal statutes.

            From WIKI, Paula Broadwell, David Petraeus Scandal over classified documents.

            On November 9, 2012, Paula Broadwell was reported to have been involved in the extramarital affair with Petraeus so he resigned as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

            The FBI did an investigation.

            April 23, 2015, Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials. He was given a two-year probationary period and a fine of $100,000.

            Clinton e-mails time line
            “Nov. 2014 — The House Select Committee investigating the 2012 attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya requests Clinton to release her emails. She shares emails from both her private and official .gov email accounts.

            Jul. 10, 2015 — The FBI formally begins an investigation to determine whether Hillary Clinton violated federal criminal statutes by storing or transmitting classified information using her private email server.”

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      • Proud Deplorable says:

        You can believe the numbers or not (I don’t have an opinion on the matter), but there is a campaign finance report. It says the expenditures exceeded the income by a dollar. Here’s the link:


        • Hoosier says:

          The money was laundered. It is in McCabes Cayman account. I bet if someone wanted to do a deep dig into where the money went it will be found to have been split something like 80/20 in McCabes favour.

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    • Logophilus says:

      Jill McCabe is not the issue; she didn’t do anything wrong by running for office or accepting support from fellow Democrats — so the SIZE of the PAC contribution is irrelevant. The issue is how it reflects on Andrew McCabe’s integrity with these 3 points: a) ethics form (non)disclosures regarding potential conflicts of interest; b) Hatch Act (fed govt employee involvement in partisan campaign); and c) non-recusal (until the last minute).

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  4. vic buehler says:

    is the jig up?

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  5. OH OH OH…. MUELLER needs to be charged with ???
    Rosenstein needs to be charged with ???

    fraud, forgery, ?? lying ?

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  6. Cathy M. says:

    I read Sara Carter’s article earlier today & also noticed the EDVA FISA could not be accurate.
    I hoped that SD would provide his take on this.

    I had a different take on Sara’s “The EDVA is the Eastern District of Virginia, a court that had issued several FISAs in the early days of the investigation, congressional investigators said”.

    I surmised that S. Carter assumed that the prior surveillance warrants were obtained from the FISC (understandable since the subsequent ones were). Therefore, I believed that FBI & DOJ AUSA had previously obtained “several” Title III surveillance warrants through the U.S. District Court/EDVA on a suspect, maybe other than Carter Page.

    Then later, the FBI / AUSA sought a Title III surveillance on Page based on the “sketchy’ Steele dossier. They had received T IIIs from EDVA before, therefore trusted. EDVA AUSA Laufmen responds- “You’re joking, right? Come back when you have some corroboration” & escorted them to the door.

    Not to be defeated, Strotz & Page then decided- National Security threat. FISC!

    But SD’s take works for me too. 🙂


  7. Sgt Stryker says:

    An alarm just went off in my brain!
    What if…the “DNC hack” was carried out by the USIC….to be used as the public beginning of muh Russia.
    Brennan/Clapper could have used their “black” friends to do the dirty.

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    • rf121 says:

      DNC was not hacked. Inside data was obtained and released to Wiki. Assange about named SR as the source after he was killed.

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      • Vic says:

        After SR downloaded the data and it became known within the DNC, they had the CIA create Guccifer 2.0 and hack the data. Using tools from Vault 7 there were able to leave Russian footprints. Then hired Crowdstrike to come to that conclusion. They were worried what else the FBI might find so the FBI wasn’t allowed to investigate (as if that was their perogative.) That’s what I think happened.


        • G. Combs says:

          And that is why Seth Rich had to be disposed of.


        • LivLovely101 says:

          Per Seth Rich’s girlfriend:
          SR was trying to streamline the voter registration and voting process by designing an App. As part of his research, he had to download voter registration data publically available, and also data from the HRC campaign (from her website, satellite offices etc.)

          He found numerous anomalies and evidence of obvious DNC voter fraud; and sadly, the rest is Arkancide History.

          I also recall reading that Crowdstrike’s or Fusion’s (cannot remember which) specialty was ‘Russian hacking’, i.e. leaving a big electronic Ruskie footprint- even using small town Ruskie dialects.
          They have worked for our Intelligence Cartel using their “very special set of skills”.


  8. Clinteastwood says:

    Sundance, what needs to happen before we start seeing indictments unsealed? Horowitz’ report becoming public? Followed by Huber’s public speech describing the indictments? Seems like the IG and Huber should have all they need to get this ball rolling. Are they timing the unsealing of these indictments to have maximal effect on the midterms (in which case we’ll be waiting several more months)?

    We must be underestimating the destabilizing political effects forthcoming from these indictments. Can’t really blame us though. It’s hard to comprehend what taking Obama’s presidency down might look like in the streets.

    It’s going to take a watershed moment, so again iI ask Sundance: What do you see happening to trigger the tsunami? What more do Sessions, Huber, and Horowitz need? Do we need some MSM hyperfigure to switch sides and suddenly agree we’ve been deceived on a massive scale? It’s hard to imagine a media figure with enough credibility to convince half of the electorate how wrong they’ve been.

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    • noswamp says:

      At this stage you never know, it just takes one MSM bigwig to jump ship, then all the rats will all start jumping. Don’t hold your breath though.


    • G. Combs says:

      “Sundance, what needs to happen before we start seeing indictments unsealed? “

      The Inspectors General — ALL Forty Seven, and their DOJ teammates need to finish getting filed all the sealed indictments pertaining to the Obama Admin and supporters.

      MARCH shows a major increase in the number of sealed indictments per month.
      ⚖️ 6,034 sealed indictments new from 3/1/18 to 3/31/18

      ⚖️ 24,544 new sealed indictments entered from 10/30/17 thru 3/31/18

      Since October of last year a YUGE number of SEALED indictments have been laid before the courts.
      ⚖️ In 22 days in November — 4,289 sealed indictments
      ⚖️ In the next month, December the number MORE THAN DOUBLED to over 9000, an increase of over 4,700.
      ⚖️ By January 28, 2018 there were 13,605 sealed indictments. Again an increase of over 4,600 in a month.
      ⚖️ And another treeper reported over 18,500 sealed cases were filed as of March 1.

      The normal number per year is between 100 and 1100.— 1,077 per a 2009 report

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    • dallasdan says:

      Don’t be surprised if the opposition strikes first with a charge against the President made by Mueller (contravening his alleged advisory that the President is not a target of his investigation), another outrageous personal attack against the President of a family member, or a false-flag, mass casualty event, any of which is designed to deflect the public’s attention from the IG report. Desperation, when severe, knows no limits, and the deep state is fighting for its miserable life.


    • nbkilgore says:

      clinteastwood, my belief is the questions you posed have also been posed by IG, AG, ADA Huber and Wray. They see what what we see, so they will most likely do a Phase one mini shoch and awe, then gradual out of sight/out of mind indictments, then another mini shock a month before midterm and from there the shock will no longer be felt, but the indictments will truck along without leaving a dust trail. Q “we see all, we know all, we work for you and we listen to you”, where we go all……


  9. Karl Kastner says:

    I’d like to hear analysis of the timing and content of these Page/Strzok text message “releases”. They are being deliberately trickled out in stages. Each “new” exchange revealing additional aspects of corruption and sometimes additional players.

    Is this approach intended each time to spark new public discourse? Gradually softening the entrenched opinions of never Trumpers? Kind of a reverse shock and awe technique. Like sprinking salt on cement rather than breaking out a jackhammer.

    Who is dictating the timing on these? How are they first delivered to the media each time? How many more will we see before the IG report? Will we ever see them all?

    I would like to buy the publishing rights to a Strzok/Page book. Their royalties will come in handy at the prison commissary.


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